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? Mt West WhJtner ?tmi
JLKD?KaO?, s. Ca
ff. W. SMOAK. Bditor ?nd Bm. Mgr
1? ML GLENN.....City Editor
PHELPS SASSEEN, Advertising Mgr
r. B. GODFREY,_Circulation Mgr.
?J?ter ed ?a second-claaa matter Ap
r? 18, 1914, at the post office at An
der son, Sooth Carolina, ondor the Act
ot March 8.187?.
'Member of Associated Preis and
Iteceiving Daily Telegraphic Service.
?dltoriat and Business Orno?..'... .Ill
Job Printing .?93-L
Ons Teer .11.6o
?ix Months . .76
One Tear .16.00
Mg Months. 160
Three Months .?.. 1-86
The Intelligencer la delivered by
carriers In the city. If you fall to
gat your paser regularly piesse notify
u?. Opposite your asme on the
label cf your paper ls printed date to
which your paper 1* paid. AU checks
ead drafts should be drawn to The
Anderson Intelligencer.
ri o
? Dp ybu And a blt of dust?
ir an it up! Clean it up!
, Dev you uae a blight of ruat? -
Rub it up! Rub it up!
If 'the paint ia getting old.
. ow and fresh la being'sold.
For the town baa been told
. . In a slogan clear and bold
Hho'aur?ly, aurel;- must
viogn U, up-Paint it up!
Are nome buildlnga on tho blink?
Clean 'em up-Paint 'em -up!
Are tho nebea in a heap?
Do the pavings need a sweep?
i,vu the kind to keep?
you really want to sleep
ilk, a reaty, easy wink, i
Clcau^'em up-Paint 'em up v
Aro (he window .glasses gray? .
Wash 'em up-Wash 'em up!
- Has the rubbish"gone astray?
- . Durn lt up-Burn lt up!
Buy a little spade nod rake.
'Jive tb? muscles nil a Hhake.
tin* lawn anti garden'u na!;e,
\SVver mind .^?e pain'and* ache; . .
A HWt Tit A ti V.OY.
sad news of Ute tragic death
tho eon - of Mr. and Mr?, Cochran, j
yesterday wu? received with genuine]
sympathy anti Borrow by everyone: A
more ead and tragic death has never j
trod in, thia city, and one which
carries with it more of eorrow. An
only BOO. bright, vivacious, kind,
loyal and gallant, with u future full
of the brightest prospecta, an east
with the brightening dawn of a
useful und honorable career, to be
ended KO suddenly and without warn
ing, la-oue of the unexplainable trr.g
odbff..of Hie. That there were no
i?r}n thia would be u belief that
.wfmld deat^roy the raith In Him who
urfer 'little children to .como
and forbid them not, for ot
?ic Kingdbm of Heaven.^ To the
geJ?t, stricken parents thia- tragedy
:-.ix% mare than we can understand.
\a the presence of their grief Tho
.i^gencer would uncover antt*
WmWr. onr heartfelt sympathy.
Hera's to laughter. irte sunshine.of
iV.e soul; tb?'-happioe?? .nt'iho heart,
P?fc?e leaven of,'you th. ?ho privilege of
fftclty, tho echo ot innocence. Uje
'?' ';^*Pfwro ?* *,1<v hutible, the weafTli
HHHMfi^noor. the bend of the
. iH?re?*\U dtspiels dejection, ban
iahea nd mangles melancholy;
i i c of wo.-, ?.lie destroyer
:>.re?alou. the enemy pf grief: lt
the !?.:: 'o? r ; . Hm rijpipi? 6? the
; < ?int of tho .gold
;.;m ^ ?t '.UM
? ?H.' 'floitno wither, dimple*
would disappear ?nd smiles would
?es R's-a-.glow, of a clean
: . .iv) Voice of r.' pore aoulf
Held (111).) Newa
g ago a man came
d ato?***; bis rAper
: of H.
nt ap
lund lind ?ii: what (?-tb? maller, and
?the first Hiing a eonniilssion Juveati
gtUes ia tile man who made the hol
ler to ace if the holler waa a reason
able holler. So we appointed a com
mission eonsihliug of ourselves to in
vestlgate this man. We Just followed
the man's career ever since we kcew
him. The first thing that happened
tu that man was that he was bom,
but he bad nothing to do willi lt. How
ever, we mentioned him. ultlinught his
parent? were entitled lo the pr?dit.
When he was in his early twenties he<
got married. We mentioned that. Itt*
eluding Die name of ?he bride, the
preacher, etc., In fact we mentioned
everything but the preacher's fee?
which was not worth mentioning. We
never mentioned the fact that he
never won any premiums at the coun
ty fair, because he never exhibited
anything. We never mentioned his
name in the list of committees, be
cause he never attended anything. We
never mentioned his name In the list
of donors, because he never donated
as much aa a doughnut. We cer
tainly have been treating this man
shamefully, but we will agree to run
a nice obituary when the time comes.
The Intelligencer hates to have our
hopes raised by rumors of peace and
then have them smashed again. Wo
j wish the rumors if they are not to
mean anything |would cease to arrive,;
! with . <mch) regularity. To say the
?least it is most unkind to raise hopes
for naught, hut maybe they will sa
permeate the world after a while that'
?even the warlike nations at war will
' recognize in them the desire of tho
world.for peace and-.it will come. "So
mote it be, Amen."
' The Intelligencer would commend
to the citizens of Anderson thc ancient
oath, ' as a guide for p'roper civic,
pride and as a memory gem for young
and old this blt of thought cannot bc
excelled.. Tills oath was taken by the
young Athenians when ihey assumed
the responsibilities of citizenship, and
if followed in this modern time would;
mean an enlightened and live civic
pjrlde and a growth in virtue and
Tho oath runs:
. We will never bring disgrace to
this, our city, by any act of dishonesty
orjcowardlce, nor sever desert our
suffering comrades lu . the. ranks.
Wo will fight for the ideal and for
[the sacred .things, of the city.
. J"We"will revere mid obey the city's
law? sud do our beat to excite a like
respect and reverence in those above
us who are prone to annul and aet
them at naught.
We will strive unceasingly to quick
en tile public reuse of civic duty, and
tims in all 'tht?he, ways wc will trans
mit this city, not only not less, but
greater, better aud moro beautiful
than it was transmitted Lb
The new electric sign, in the trout
window ot Uie Farmer's National j
bank ls attracting considerable at
tention. The sign ls equipped with a
series of, letters so that any wording
desired may be used. Last week lt
waa saying, "Taxes now duo. pay at
this bank." Wo aro thinking some
qt borrowing it and putting lip' the
words, "Subscription now due. pay at
this office."-Aurelia, Iowa, Sentinel.
Several Important Metters
tied At Meeting Yester
NEW YORK, April 2p"-At the an
nual meeting of the Associated Press
today, the following directors were
elected for ?tfms of three years:
Victor F. Lawson? Chicago News; W.
If. Cowies, Spokane-Review; D. ff.
Town. Louisville Herald; R. M.
Johnston, Houston Post; Reman
Rlddor. New York. Staats-Zeitung.
.Members of the association unani
mously voted to- rescind the by-law
giving thc board of directors power
lo order a member to discontinue in
tue, "ervlee. ,=?0* a competing > sssoeia^
iton, ?ttp?iw^entj; ?Mw J#!f
^ec^brrow* of ?tue reauW *eT tho^t?teM
to chango the. .by-laws relating to
.. =-, -of i-^tion^W||l
COLUMBIA, April 20.- leonis Ap
pel t, of Manning, senator from Clar
endon County and editor of the Mau?
nlng Times, lies dangerously 111 at a
local hospital ''here after undergoing
a delicate operation last night. There
is hope for his recovery; but lt ls
impossible for him rte regain his full
physical atrength.
Hotneketpern Club of HsauBoai
Scheat Will ?fe* Kr ld iv.
Hie Homekeepera Club of the Ham
mond School district will meet with
Mrs. , Theo. Watson Friday. afternoon
at S o??lock.
.t?oioe R. r?tatlou" is tho topic for
discussion at this' meeting. This la
one of.?he livest clubs of the kind in
: (ff-?ff
From Co|. S&ibting That Wreath
Be Placed At Unveiling
Jackson Memorial.
Requesting all the ladies nf Ander
son who are interested in the mat
ter of honoring the memory of (len.
Burnard E. Leo to meet at the quar
ters of the local chamber of commerce
today nt 12 o'clock. Col. J. C. Stab
ling, of'Pendleton, has addressed the
following to The Intelligencer:
All the ladlee who desire to take
part in honoring thc name of General
Burnard E. Bee, who gave the
nume of "Stonewall" to General
Jackson nt the tim brittle of Ma
nassau have special invitation to meet
a delegation of Indies f.-om Pendleton
and Clemaon College in tho rooms of
the Anderson ("humber of Commerce
on Wednesday at 12 o'clock noon for
tba purpose of discussing or laking
action ?H to the propriety of organiz
ing a general Barnard E. Bee memor
ial association for the purpose of of
fering a Hiiitablt banner or wreath at
the laying of the cornerstone of |he
bronze monument of Stonewall Jack
son during the Richmond reunion.
June 1-U.
In forwarding the movement as set
forth in a resolution adopted at the
meeting of the veterans in Anderson
court house on colebratlny ade
Hampton's birthdny anniversary, thc
following Interesting correspondence
was read. It Indicates that the vet
erans have oponed the way and ure
now. ready to turn this whole matter
over to uSi organized body of ladies.'
The correspondence ls as follows:
"Chairman General Committee,
"Reunion Confederate Veterans,
"Hiqhniond, Va.
"Dear Cuptain Lamb:
"1'crhap* there are comparatively
few people ?hat are aware, of thc
fact that the remains of General Barn
ard E. Bee. who pave General Stone
wall Jackson the name of ".Stonewall '
resta in tho Episcopalian church yard
at Pendleton, S. C., and that Hier?
arej a LOW votara08 still living who
heard the ringing command hy Gen
eral. Bee "Hally men rally, look at
Jackson standing fonder like ti stone
wall." *
"The gallant Beo foll mortally
wounded in a few moments after
making tills heroin charge at Ur.,i
battle of Manassaa. ?/
' Vow on behalf of the ladies of this
community and the state, and Camp
No. IOOCI United Confederate Vete
rans of Pendleton, S. C.. respectfully
request an opinion of yourself, pr
>.( ur Jackson corner stone committee
of the prop'-loty of allowing space
for suitable wreath or banner In hon
or of GoneiHl Beo expressing the
fdrcrolng command that has rune; ont
v.-?th thrilling enthusiasm ofer ill
and dale tho world OVCT for half a
century, and ls destined to go down
In history of all ag08 to come.
"Yours truly,
"Commander Camp Corporal Tulley
Simpson Nc. 100C V. C. V."
"Capt. Lamb replied as follows:
"Col. J. C. Strihllng.
"Commander Talley Simpson Camp,
No. 1006. ll. C. V.
Pendleton, S. C.
"My Dear Slr:
"Your suggestion as to the proprie
ty of allowing space for a suitable
wreath or banner In honor of Gea.
Bee on the day of laying the corner
atone of the monument to "Stone
wall" Jackson ia a fine ene.
"I havo referred , your letter to
Dr.. J. P. Smith, who has charge of
these ceremonies, and I have no.
doubt but what his views will coin
cide with my own.
"Very trulyyours.
"Gcaaral Chairman."
Dr. Mye^-flerhavul Will Speak en the
War at ('humber of Commerce.
Indications nre ?hat there, will be a
large attendance tomorrow night at
the lecture ?J be delivered at the
chambe.- of commerce by Dr. Myer
Gerh-rdt. Uto well known German
scholar, who la touring this country
for the German information bureau of
New York.
Dr? Myer-Oerhardt will apeak cn
"German's Side of tho War." The lec
ture will begin at 8 o'clock, and *.he
general public is cordially Invited.
i ? " ,
Piimrleier of The Baalei.Knlarge? end
: ii. l'ainia Up Hts Place.
In keeping with -th.? paint up end
clean up movement which ia sweeping
over the city thia week, the manage
ment of Abe Berber, ,shop Is
having Ida Visco treated .to a fresh
coat of white, inside "and out. The
new shower baths have b?on added in
the rear, making three lr. nil for thia
place. It ia one of the moat attrac
tive places of the kind in Ute city.
Waa Confined tn tho HosnFtar For Sev
v erat Weeks?
Friends' of Mr. James Douaenberry
wero delighted to ace bim on Oio
streets yesterday after an extended
Illness, during which time bc arma con
fined tb tbe Anderson County Hospi
Ha travels fer the well known ftr*n
of Ligon and Leds? her, and ls one
of the moat popular young men of
the city.
Will Deliver Address At S O'clock
Session Tonight-Hundred
Or More Delegates.
_ # i
> c
? - o
<i Wednesday, !tr?10 p. BI. O
) Meeting Lxecuth? I oin millee, o
o 4:00 p. ni. ,J
o Devotional-President, o
o Organization. o
o .M?IILU i last meeting. ?
o BnroUmeut or Delegates. o
o Announcements. o
o Adjournment. Q
o :rto-reception t? visitors. o
o s rut) O'clock m. Session. o
?i Devotional-Dr. W. ll. Frazer, o
0 Address-Ex-Gov. M. i?\ Ansel, o
O o
The Presbyterial of tho Piedmont
District convenes ct the First Presby
terian church this afternoon at 3:30
ydoek. i" ;
All morning the delegates will bo
arriving and it UV expected thr.t by
this afternoon the.re will be one hun
dred or more delegates; from every
church in the district.
A ?hort^business sosr.ion will bo
held tills afternoon and nt 6:30
o'clock there "will be a reception to
the visitors ut the manse.
The address tor the evening will
he given by Ex-Gpy. Ansel, who is
too ?all known In Anderson to need
in introduction. Thc meeting will
continue through tomorrow and part
or Friday.
Will .licet Nrxt Saturday .?' Noon st
('humber jjf Commerce.
Tho Anderson County Hnmokceperat
Club will meet next Saturday at noon
at the chamber of commerce. This
organization is composed of the llomc
kaepcrs flubs ot .Mountain Creek.
Lebanon and Hammond schools dls
Mutters pertaining to the kitchen
and modern Tabor" "savins devices In
tho kitchen will be discussed. Thero
are about 40 members o'- thc comity
club. Any lady in'?w; < itv who might
be Interested th /fha subjects lo bc
discussed will be cordially welcomed
at the meeting.
Council Committee Went to Urn-mille
to Look ut Trash Humer.
Til es?nltary committee or city
council and several members cf the
board of health Wont to Greenville ;
yesterday afternoon to inspect the
garbage Incinerator of Oint city, with 1
A view of securing data for presen- 1
tallon to council at a meeting in the 1
aear future.
Thc cemmitteo waa instructed to 1
lather data- v.ith referente to an in- 1
rinerator. The board" of health has j
irccnfmended t'nat ono be installed ?
In Anderson.
Representative is Visiting Local Re- '
preventative For Fcv* Days.
Mr. H. E. Stahler of Atlanta, re,,'
[iresenting the World Film Corpora*' 1
ilon, one of tho biggest concerns of
kind In the world, la a visitor in
the city, coming.here for the purpose
;fi conferring with Manager C. . H. j
Bleich.-ot Tah.Anderson theatre.:who
las been shown and will continue to
diow this concern's films. . ,
Mr. Stahler talks Interestingly' >of' ;
he great (Urns which this concern ,
viii soon haw? on the circuits.
The School end it? Relation to Gov- .
When a child reaches the age of .
tlx or seven years, be usually enters '.
he public schools of his community
md becomes subject to the rulos of ,
he school, lue child ls born under
government and ts educated under
t. We are under it at home, in school,
ind In after life.
LAW and order are everywhere nec
essary to the- peuce, and . safety of
he people. But bow can vre get Ut
t? The only feasible way ls to adu
late the present and coming ?enera--;
We might ask the question. "For
vhat does a achoo! exist?" Dora it
?xlst for the study ot tho text hooks
?my. I say not. for if wc narrow down
:o that, we very eau? find that failure
n tho cause is Just ahead. Every
H hool. In my opinion; should, if they
?ve not the text, teach the principals
it our government,.'.in order, 1st that
jy knowing hia country better h?
nay learn to love it moro. Tho fir*?..)
lu ty of the school ls to teaCh J, ta j
>uplls to love "God, home, And nat loo I
and." v j
2nd. That the child may learn that J
Lhere exists such a- thing as just
mthorlty ; that obedience to it la right
ind .maply; that we faust learn to
co\ bm by learning to obey.
3rd. That he may know his rights
IS a citizen, and knowing, dare main
tain. He should also be taught to
know his duty as a citizen, and know*
ing sven aid him In Intelligently per
forming IL
jifflTne pupil nhould be taught to un
iorstand tho saofedncsa of Buff rage,
and therefore, .atd in securing honest
Mettions and honest discharge of of
ficial duties.
[a attached to ."umbers of our public
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"Ii* Stow _?*?A m Guda**
enterprises should he, especially in
voked upon him.
There is no child too young to !
learn something of geography, of his- ?
tory, aud especially of civil govern-,-,
These three subjects aro aa oloscly: j
related, that lt ls usually easier to ,
teach them together. All thc pupils
who are not prepared for thc text
hook should at least on afternutc
days, be Instructed by the teacher in
a o-jries of familiar talks, beginning
with the family, and proceeding slow- !
ly to tho school, then to the township, .
the county, the State, and the United !
In this system of oral work, which ;
is the best formal preparation for thc
study of respecting our government.
Now, we may leave the subject
somewhat, but lt ls very important
that wo lay stress on the rights and
duties of a child to a parent.
The children within the school.age
are thc niemberh of the school, and
aro the most important members of
the district.- It is for their good that
the school exists. The State has pro
vided schools in order that Its chil
dren may be educated, nd thus be
come useful men and women and
good citizens. \
have Important rights and duties. It
Ia one of the highest rights, of every
child to attend the full session of thc
pjnblic school. Whoever prevents him
from exercising this right commits
an offense against the child and
against' the State. The people are
taxed to maintain a system of public
schools for the benefit of every child,
and so every child has a right to nil
that hus been prepared for him.
As it is a right it ls also a duty of
all children to attend the full ses
sion. They should be urged- and
prompt in attendance, aud should
field prompt and cheerful obedience!
to .tho school government.
Since the parent and State haye
provided .uch a system for tho bene-'
Ht of their children, then each "child
mould think of the sacrifice rudd
their parents for them and should
sypr strive'to build worthy" of their
?>ar?nts hopes.
Duce Again, *QLive al nome and Board
at the Same Place."
Make your farm feed itself thia
re&Ti Vr. Farmer. Every passing
week only adds new evidence that
.here is safety in no other plan.
There is every prospect that on oc
30UM of the advance in cotton prices
\si compared with last fall's''low lev*
als, farmers by the tens of thous
ands and perhaps hundreds, of thous- i
inda will plant as big an acreage of |
cotton as eyer. The negro tenants j
WBOw no other,crop; aaa the line of
least resistance is to continue cot
.00. Moreover, thousands'or supply
morchanu will insist that their men
raise cotton and buy supp.Ues iron;
Ehe store.
There ia also grave, danger-that the
icreage in tobacco and peanuts will
I? excessive. Farmers who raise pea
nuts tor their hogs and "market their
srops on th? h/voi" win get thar
profits Hll'rlghA, but we hear from
many sectims the fear Of si?' overpro
iuctloh of market peanut* this year.
And as for tobacco, w? 'fear that
overproduction there is ?1 ready asaur
?d? The; old, Vrhacco. sectiof*s realize
that prices are already low, and are
not likely ; to. InweesR s^rfag^,. -hui?
many new -socUc-ns are going {?,.-rigk
planting tobacco instead of cotton.
Tire new sections sold tobacco early
last year before prices slnmpod. and
iio not realise how badly prices did
In view of all these things "we re
peat that the onl/ safety this year
an? next Hes in "living at home and
boarding, at the same place."-Tho
Progressive Farmer.
>!? .."__^-Lj."jsg!-_tia
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Old rooms MADE clean
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