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The Abbeville Bulletin.,
-A.bbevi.lle, S. 'Oj
Thursday, August 17, 1865. j
OtlTJPnTT AW mtrn 1
waova vr inl uuv?knuk.
Noticd' having been previously given*
.that Ilia Excellency 13. F. Pi;any, Provisional.
Qpternorof South Carolina, would
on Salesday (yesterday) address the citizens
"bf Greenvfllo District in reference to
1??? intervio+v wiih President johnston,
a respectable representation of the citizens
asserable'l at the Court IJou?e.
His Excellency alluded to tlie fact that
he had nlreilrfjf addressed a meeting of the
citizens of the District since his return, and
would thero'oro be compel leu to repeat
much of what be bad said. On his arrival
at Washington Cilv, ho immediately
notified President Johnson of his arrival,
but, owing to tlu? miscarriage of his note, !
received no reply frum the President until
a day had intervened, lie then received
information that tho President would receive
him and other members of a deiega
tion from South Carolina at a specified
hour. The time having arrived, they went
xn tiic White 11 .Miso and met with a cordial
reception.. Their interview with the Pre?.
)dent was a very pleasant one. Gov. P.,
in tho eoflive of his remark5, told ihc'Prcsident
that lie knew the opinions of the
peop'e of South Carolinathat they had
been llie most rebellions of all the Slates j
? that they were "the very head and front"
of the oll'-ndinj:; but, that, having had an i
Hi'iuy vi hi -iinut m?4 uit'jr sixrngi'i .
witli t'uu L'troii, and having found it a ;
ia>k, lln*y had entirely abandoned j
tlio position, and wore now disposed . to j
come l>ael< and be a loyal people". They
.were willing to accept the provisions of the- <
Oiuuesty proclamation. The iuslitution of
triaver\T being gone, the people's mind*
were wonderfully changed in regard to it.
During the war they had ibund slavery to
tow a burden. The President expressed j,
hirnsi-lf a.? gvaiilivd at this information.
CJov. 1'. also slated to the President ! i
.that the State. Convention would so amend j i
the Oonstitu:i 'ii as to ajjolisb slavery, and ! <
.that the portion cf South Carolina in re- ,
gard to the election of IJIeclors of Prcs?i- |
dent and Vice president, and of Covernor,
a* well aj t!ie;r system of Parish represcn- <
ration in ilie Senate, would no doubt be i
ititirely clringed. South Carolina was
tlie 011I3 State in the Union in which these
elections were withheld from tho people ;
and the>6ystem' of Pariah representation,
which was jixst at tho time of its inauguration,
was now decidedly unequal, and
should be abolished. The President concurred
lp these views heartily, and totaled
that lie would l>e highly pleaded to see
South Cuivlina side by bide with tho other
States in these matters.
In reference to the doctrine of State ''
rights, the President expressed himself as j t
being as much opposed to the centralize? j {
tiou of nnnnr ill tlifi (rnnnral fi(ir?riim.'nt I .
as ho was to thy dootrino of sooessiou. [
The qnestiou of negro suffrage should lie (
]eft entirely to the Statea?Congress b:.u i
no right to interfere with it.
Gov. P. having maie some remarks in !
.ruferenee to poxtul arrangements, the Prvsi- (
ileut informed him that the Postmaster- {
.Geueral was working day and night for
the purpooe of fau.litating these operations.
The Governor's interview with the Sec- ^
retary of Siata whs also an agreeable one,
*nd some pleasantry was indulged in with
regard to an unfiiundly view that bad been ,
taken by a few oi tlio people North with
reference to th? speech made by Gov. P. ^
.at tbo Court House on the 3d of July last, ,
and in which the Secretary said that, con- j
.bidoring the stand point, he could eee noth.in^
an interview with the Secretary of
,the Treasury, the Governor was handed a <
list of appoint men t6, aud was informed ]
,lhat the Administration bad determined 1
.upon making no appointments in a hither- ]
to disloyal State except when approved by t
,the Provisional Governor thereof All
applications .for pardon must also receive ^
the approval.of the Provisional (Governor ,
.before any action wpuld be taken upon it .
by the. President. 'ffV <
tie regarded ^'resident Johnson as one i
,of the ablest and finest looking men. He
is polished and gentlemanly ; bland, courteous,
simple, dignified; in appearance |
prepossessing, and of striking manne$.
The Governor stated that be wad inform' 1
,ed that the military authorities at Charleston
had--tak?n exception* to his manner of <
reconstructing tfie Government. Tbey allege
that he has superceded his authority, <
aiid refused to. allow those re-appointed by
tbe terms of hia prcclamation fo exercise 1
tho functions of their office.' Other States
.he baid, had made appointments in their i
own way, and when he told the Resident
.that he had issued his proolag)atioQ, and 1
had ordered that every civil officer of the
State who hail held the position at the *
time of the suspension of civil power
should take the amnesty oath and: readme }
his official position, t.b? PfeiaWoDt;:i^id?pot
lubuko him nor object to his course.. "Tn ;
fact, the Preydent not only expressed himbolf
(linPiturrliltf oahuf!o/l tiitl I 1
ovi* htivtvi.gut; UUI UVUipilUJCUlCU i
liiin for tbe expeditious measure*,/ u?ed.
, When be mentiondcj; that the ^onvtfntiori
would meet on tlie 13th of September, and
that tlie State Legislature wculd irftsSiioon
thereafter and orJer the election ..-a,F Congressman,
mid ib it tlie Congressmen elec-"'
ted would take tbeif seats on therflrs| Mon
day in next I>ocombfer, the President erin.
t -?? . ^ -
ceu union jjrnvimwxioii aiiu - expressed a I
wish that aiiuSo^l^rii iBtaiM roiglit be |
represented at that lime itt '^e National
Congress, lie to# tho'^"rcfiident, while "
ppeftk'mg in reference to thete-fre appointments
tp office, Un?t there were not enoogji
of Union meoW Booth Cat&H** t? fill
lt .as _-llf-SiK.ua *..? * -siM'
uuroe ouicl'3, anu nrgco ?yi3 a? H reason i
lor his couto^v^'* %
In, regard to the * matter of expea&es, the
'President ?^,ted that tho .actual expenses
of tho Provisional Gorerixii' would bo paid ,
hi> fha oro nf
V> I;
filatw"; bot tbar, in order defray the
expenses of the Conves^iOP. which are to
. b? paid by the legislature, the propefty of .
the State roust be collected and sow.
The management of ih'tf freed men belong*
ex$ltwSw1y to the trfilH*ry
m?nt; they will have to reguFatt alt tfii
rositert porUSotagthereto.?. Bai' the Gov*"
jjiuux Duggcsusvi mow WUUW49- vautm9|B< f
should be between the frSe<lroan and 7
She party ^eW^^ enlploy^bim^ftd the^e j
j.na innr^ iu* leeow una inc neijMw*.
I. . s-; " . v.. '
XV, 7 . - '
Families should bo kept together, and one
part be made to labor for the^ipport of
(lie other. He np^nled to tho citizens to
treat thorn wilh kindnos.% and to avoid
difficulties with them. Tho frcenmen must
l .arn that their freedom consists in working
for themselves .and families. VYhero they
will uot work, they may be dismissed. But
none who are willing to work muat bo
lumen on now. muumnn treatment must
certainly be avpided. If a frecdma/i wishes
to leave, his former ovfrner ho may do
bo; provided ho loaves no incumbrance behind
hiin. .
Ilis Excellency also importuned the peo
ple#to regard slavery as at an end forever
?as a thing cannot be restored. lie
thought that in ten years time the people
.. v?>m .ijunii in. ib ouuiiviuii, iiiKi I'ougraiuhite
themselves Unit the institution had
<;ea eJ. It will make the peoplo Bclf reliant,
and iufuso a bettor spirit into them.
The}' will have more eneigy, and will work
for themselves, and enjoy lite as much as
they did under the old order of things,
lie exhorted the people to bo loyal and
peacenoie; 10 acquiesce in the circumstances
surrounding them. The Union?this
grand and mighty empire?is never to bo
disrupted. The tendencies of governments
are always towards centralization,
and not to disintegration. It yvill be a
glorious thing to be called aii American
The war debt (a bugbear lo many) is
not much to bo dreaded?'tis a mere baga
telle. Wo will pay the interest, and saddle
the'principal on posterity. The resources
of the country are abundant, and
niv I'lwajjci uy ui me country was wonderfully
visible to liim on his recent trip to
Washington City. The Noilh bail not
missed tho men sent oG* to the war.
He then made an appeal that the people
should bo cartful to send wise and prudent 1
mon as Delegates to the the Convention-?- '
men who will carry out tlie viows of Pies- 1
idont Joiinson*. They should bo willing '
lo give the flection of Electors of Presi- '
ilcnt and Vice President, and Governor, to J
ihe people. The Parish representation in
[lieSenate, as it now stand?, must be abol- 1
islied. As it i>~, twenty or thirty voters can '
1WI1U II iiiviuugi IU mu OCU.lLtJ. WtMlU 111 OIU*
ii* portions of tlie State it re?juiro3 thirty- '
Sve liuudreJ to sccu e the same privilege. '
Although appointed to the position of '
Cioveroor ot' the S ate, lie wished it to bo (
cuown that there was no one more im- 1
pressed with a sense of his doty to the laws
!,rtr ont? AnA Ml^rA ;Arti,v.,n #>r *i,? _ . f t
Wt uuj vuw IUV1V jvaiuuo VI lUU UJHjWljr UI '
.ho people. '
Iu conclusion, Ilis Excellency stated that 1
io bad been misrepresented in the report of (
lis rocent speech, lie was there stated to 1
:iave expressed himself as betng in favor of <
;iving the election of Judge, as well as of 1
Joverner, etc., to the people. IIo was op- '
losed to this measure; the Judge should 5
je elected by the Legislature or appointed. '
I'be judicial ermiiie is too sacr?d to be en- 1
langered by contamination with election- '
iering. Tho position of the Judge is far '
liflorent frOui that of a 'political ofllcer; (
le should b? apart from political prejudice '
>r any other bia;?. . 4
U'lic following appointments o? Federnl |
>fficcrs in South Carolina have been made ?
>y Ilia Excellcucy the Provisional Govw- '
ior.: C
n i m i t ? -
v^oi. unanes J. .JVtoni, Assessor of tlio j r
internal Revenue, and .fames (j. Gibbes, (
Collector, of the Third Collection District i }
>f tV- State, including the Districts of j
[licmand, Lexington, Edgefield, Abbeville, '
dewberry, Fairfield, Chester, Laurens, An- ,
Jer^ou, Pickens, Greenville, Spartanburg, j
LJnion and York. Tu ea h ono of these ,
Districts Sub Collectors and Assessors will ! ]
ie appointed by the Assessor and Collector (
espeetively. j
Col. J. H. Norwood, of Darlington, |
Assessor, and Col. Montgomery Morv-b, of ,
suinpter, Uolleetor, of the First CoJIectioo *;
District, including Ilorry, Georgetown, |
Wdhauisburg, Marion, Marlborough, Dar* j
ihgtun,<BareiKlon, Sumter, Kershaw, Chus- ,
erfield and Lancaster. * t
In the Second Collection Distriot, inclu- ?
ling Charleatc n, Colleton, Beaufort, Barn- ?
veil and Orangeburg, Messrs. ?. B. Saw- (
rer and* Charles Uabkell were appointed (
Collector and Assessor before the Provis-- ,
onal Governor received his appointment. ]
B. C. Pressly, Assistant Treasurer.
,N \V, Y. Leitch, Port Surveyor Charles- t
Fleetwood Lanoeau, Commissioner of
Direct Tax.
W. C. Croft, Collector of the Port of t
Ireorgetown. . }
Hon. Alfred Huger, Postmaster of
J. C. Janney, Postmastor of Colum- '
)ia. f
S. J. Douthit, Postmastor of Green- <
Mile. (
J. P. Welle, Route Agent, G. & C.
Et. R; .
Augustine Bacon, Route Agent G. &.
3.R. R. '
G. B. Roberts, Route Agent G. & C. ,
a. R. ' .* ' '
Dr. Robertson, Inspector of Drags, 1
Dharleston. *'
Jri-.*- ^ - *- *? 4
warier i. i'ooi, Koute Agents. C. '
[t. It. ; ; ;
Titos. Miles, Route Agent 8. C. It. R.
W. C. Meredith, Route Agent S. C.
R. R. 1
counsel. (
Seek not to walk by borrowed light, I
. Bat keep unto thine o\yn;
"Tfe what tkrin iln<>. wtUnlt thw mlfflil I
Arid truit tbyiwlf alotie!
Work for aorae good.'tkxr idly He
Witliiu the human hive,
And though the outward m&ti should die,'
Keep thou the heart alivo t
Strive not to bat>i?l> pain nnd doubt ;
(/iBMuro a uvivjr uin, fj
The puce tbdvi Mekest for, withou*, ' - Is
ouly found within., . ..I
. ' v h
If Fortan* disregard thy data, I
: By worth ber slightfilUtt, *
Nor blash aud bang the bead of baar*';
When thou hast doB? thy beat- m !
What thj exporienoi toneboa true, tv.\A i
Be vigilant to h?ed; ' 4 - * ' *1
The wisdom tbatiwo ftnfffli' ttf : ,
It +fyr v: i" . i 1
*" . On fovea and fi-uLaBhijk'fcoEf; , ' i
PlRUttUod thy r??tw oa &E5*, 1
;, - totm,
pe*?Ht*J to tew# th^IouoiS?
" 1 '
A number of complaints were recently
mndo by tbo collectors of lutornal rcvonuo
at New York against lawyers, claim agent8
and others for not taking out licenses as
required by law. Tbo delinquents in most
cases stated that they had already taken
out partnership licenses, which they claimed
exempted them ns individual members
of thoir respective firms, and maintained
that this proceeding 011 tlio part of the
collcctors was unjustifiable and not in accordance
with tho law of Congress. The j
matter was referred to U. S. Cnmmi?- 1
aioner Osborn for adjudication and the
following decision was rendered by lrm :
It appears that sections seventy-four and
seventy-nine of the act of Congress passed
June 30, 1804, nnd by virtue, of which
these proceedings are instituted, are the
principal sections or provisions of tho Interim!
Itevenuo law that rolato mat "lalTy
to these chur?rcs. TJlfi enntrm-ni-Jv 1,1-mioc i
chiefly with reference to the construction
of the two sections?what is the liberal
meaning of the phrnselpqjy used. Section
seventy-tour declares "That in every license
to bo taken out under or by authority of
this act, shall bo contained and %ct forth
the purposo, trade, business or profession
for which such licc-nso is granted, and tho
name and place of abode of the porson or
persons taking out the same; * * * *
and (except in the case of auctioneers and'
#U? ? ...I.I.I. .1 - .
|.u>ii...sjy liiv pinuc ui/ >\iiivu me iraue, uu?
sines', or profession for \Vliich such liccnse
is gra/ited'sliall bo carried on. Provided :
That a liccnse granted under tins net shall
not authorize the person or persons (exoept
lawyers, physicians, surgeons, dentists, entile
brokers, horse dealers and auctioneers),
r?r firm r?Mn*\nnt? r.i? !? 4' 1
.. wvi..|<.ii.(, u? i,ui jiuiu'.iwn ini'iHiuneu
herein, to exercise or carry on tlie trude,
business or profession specified in sueh li
uence in any other place than that mentioned
then in, or otherwise provided."
Now it seems to mo that this spcffon and
its proviso, relatns to tho contents of n li
icnse, and the p|.ico where certain tritdos,
business or profes-ions may bo carried on ;
kvhat classes "f business are restricted to
lie locality specified in flio license, nnd
ivhat classes ar* authorized to bo carried
>n elsewhere besides ti.o place mentioned
n the license.
I3ut section spventy-nine relates to the
;vay and manner in which certain trades or
business may be exercised or carried on,
simwr uy mu vumais or ny nrm, company
jr corporation. Here is the language of
.be section.?"Any number of persons,
jxcept lawyers, conveyancer?, claim agents,
3hysicians, surgeons, dentists, cattle broters,
horse dealers and perllers carrying on
tuob business in coparti ership, may transit
such busines- at tbe place specified in"
,heir license?, and not othetwisfc." - I hold
bat Congress intended by this provision to
lutborizu persons to transact business unler
a firm, company or' corporation other
:H*in oliipprtc - ? *'
....... ...V v?v< t'VVM VMIOOV-) DIVIillUIIL'IJ 111 Lilt'
lection, at thu.pla<e mentioned in the li
jense^ f?if uny other construction is to
ae given, lawyer-?, claim agents,* are
prohibited from exorcising their profession
>r business in the place specified in ihvir
ioen<e, and are licensed "lo do business
ilsewhore only. Now, it" we look at; the '
eventy thiid section wo fiaJ tlint Congress j
lot only, presenilis what I ho lk-cnsc shall
sontain, but grants authority for persons
md firms tq do busines?, thereby avoiding
be "neeesMly of u si-purafe enabling clause.
L'lierefore, il section seventy four prescribes
k?lu.t shall bo contained in a license, the
jlace where business haM bo done. \>hat
dansvs of bu ines.s are confined to certain
ooalilies, and what are un restricted, and ut
.he Fame time granting tlie riglit to do
jifhiness, then fci-.Wou seventy-nino' must
iavo a different construction, or be ail obrious
repetition ' of .section seventy-four.
The qualifying v.ords of section seventyline
axe "carrying on such business in copartnership,"
a.id such .words ''may transict
such bu.-ine-s at the place spee ded in
heir liu^nse" mentis tl?? uamnn r
" . ~ -"-J W
icting in copartnership are nutliorizcd - to
>o exercise their business' in copartnership
ixcept lawyers, claim Agents, <fcc., who' are
lenied that privilege, and ipust get ont a
separate license. Thy is the construction
[ give to the law, irreepectivo'of the vague
>\K|i<iaoa\lAMrtf ankt/.K *! ? ? ?
.n,norui.iw) ttiiiuii (iiu ucicuusuiis ciaim
idmits of another interpretation.
The recent municipal elections held in
he city, of -Richmond havo been declared
roid by the military authorities,'and the
\arflnnc nlortfA'l ? ????- - *
iwiuvMv wiwfvst uu?vucu ikuxu exercising
he duties of their respective offices. ^!|ie
billowing order from . M?j. Gen. Turner,''
:ommanding the department in which the
rity is located, will explain the rcasona: .
t Headq'bs District of Henrico,
Richmond, Va., Joly 28, 18G5.
Special Orders No. 72?Extract.
V. Where's satisfactory evidence hn?
jeeo furnished at these headquarter that
it the election held in the city of Rich-nond
on the 26th- inBtant, lor mnn;uipai
jffioers, voters were excluded on the ground
>f having lost tlieir residence by reason of
:heir absence as soldiers in the United
3tates army daring the rebellion, when uo
mch ground was taken as agsinsfc sqldiera
ibsent in . the rebel army; and yrbereas,
wiih but few ^zception^ all of the officers '
eieciea nt *Hia mun^'pal election have
beetf proraiiiont aad - coiwpicaous in inaii
jurating and austa'ning.the rebellion; sal
whereas, the.'msu? w,%a distinctly mado and
openly avowed at'said election, as between
those roan who had aided artl abutted in
ihe war agaio&'fte Uoited.States authority,*
and those who had, with their lite#-,-'
defended the flag" of oor country ; there
tor?, justice tt> the tk/jusnbd* tfho hitvd
fallen onthebattle-fftld or b?, disease in
ibeireffaru- to put down tfifc rebellion, and
to tboae who Mo no* ratureiftg te their
tbw distrkrt,^r four j*a^?a<r?v
ii>? toil, privations end danger?, ineur rod
lu flgbting treftAon, ddmandu ifcj*
Mrutia irtWr irrrra tit Wflh Artfitrihniinr.-'
throw this Government should not bo in- j
^Ikd into oflk? wd Vwi*4 ?Hib power. '
Hencaiij|>Hcrobjr)d?jfti>l tfmt ifce UnftaA t
l4?d"11uilfi8.'cib7 idiiil
this nit* ntf Ha siui) ''InsMnt^ rt' Mmll O.lli
M i- mmmmm
rP?E subscriber is Agent for tlio great Conpo
OI-' NEW YORK, Willi an aggregat
By tiiis arrangement one policy will cover an Ii
uudoubted solvency of tue Companies is voueli
This Company also Insures agaL
tlie Perils of Inland Transport
He is also Agent for the ACCIDENTAL INS
wliich a human life will be INSURED ig:iiiiBt c
a year a man can secure to himself or family,
to person. C3^~ 1 ',0 subscriber ia now prepare
Aug. 17, 18G5, 4-3u>] I.'
By llie Provisional !ovcrnor of
tlic, State of South Carolina.
WHEREAS. His Excellency PrcoiJent
Jolinpon liasjiesued his proclumn I ion,appointing
me, Ijciiiamin R I'errv. Provisional
Governor in aud for the Slate of South Carolina,
with power to prescribe such rules, and ;
regulations, as may be necesuury ami proper i
for convening ft Convention of the Slate, coin- j
posed of delegates to be chosen by tliat por i
tion of tho people of the suid State, who arc |
loyal to the United States, for the purpose of j
altering or amending tho Constitution, thereof;
and with authority to exercise within I In* |
limits of the Stale. Aall the powers nocrssary i
a:id proper to enable such loyal people l<> j
restore euid State to its Constitutional rela- i
tions to tho Federal Government, and to pre- !
sent such n republican form of S!ute Govc^i- |
incut-, ns will entitle; the State to the guaran- .
tee of the United Slates therefor, nnd ita people
to protection of the United Slates t>iriiiii*l |
invasion, insurrection and doim-stio yiuleni-i*. '
Now, thciefore, in ohedieiTtie to tho jirneltt- '
nintion of his Excellency, Andrew Johnson. ;
President of the United Stales, f, Benjamin F.
Perry, Prov sional Governor of the State of
South Carolina, for the purpose of organizing
r Provisional Government in South Caroline,
reforming tho State Constitution and restoring
civil authority in said State, under the Const itution
and Laws of the United Slates, do
hereby proclaim and dee faro that all civil officers
iti South Carolina, who were in office
when the civil Government of the Slate was
suspended in May la9t (except tho?o arrested
or under prosecution for treason) shall, on
taking the Oath of Allegiance prescribed in
the President's Amnesty Proclamation of the
$0tli <1:?v of May, 18fi5. resume the duties of
their offices ana continue to discharge tticin
und?*r th?- I'lovi.-ionnl Government till further
appointments are made.
And I do further proclaim, declare and make
known, that it is the duly of all loyal eitiz?-iiF of
the State of South Carolina, to promptly go forward
and tak?? the Oath of Allegiance to hrL'ui- '
ted States before sbme Ma^is'rate or Military
..rih. w..,i..-?i r:.. -?. >' !
UIIKCI U\ HIV i t"vi n i lllll'-UV WI1U IIIJIV IK* :
qualified for ndminiHteriii ! OntIrs; and such
are hereby' authorized t> {jive certified copies
thereof to the persons respectively by wh-itn
they were made, and saioIi magistrates or oltt
eers Bre her?by required t<? transmit the originals
of such oaths at as early n day as tuny Inconvenient
to the Depai tmcnt of State in the
city of Washington. >D. C. ?
And I do lurther proclaim, declare nnd
make known that the Mauagersof Election for
the State of South Carolira will hold an election
for Members of a State Convention nt
their respective precincts on the I'll 1ST MONDAY
IN Slill'EMBElt NliXT, according to
the laws of South Carolina in force bcf?nv the
^cce^ion of*the State and that each Election
District in the Slate shall elect as many membcrs
of the Convention as the said District has
Members of tlie House of Representatives?
the basis of representation being population
and taxation. This will give one hundred and
twunty-four members to the Convention. A
numberuufliciently large to reprcaeut every
portion of the State most full}'.
Kverv loval ciliztn who has tnt-nn ?1i? Am?
nesty Ontli and not within the excepted claspcs
in tlio President's Proclamation, will bo entitled
lo vole, provided he was n local voter under
the Constitution na it stood* prior to the
secession of Souih Carolina. Aud nil who are
withiu the excopted c'.asaea tuuot take t!u-Onth
and apply for a pardon in order to be entitled
to vole or become jnembcrti of tlie Convention.
The Members of the Convention thus elccted
ou the first Monday in September next, arc
hereby required to convene in tht city of Columbia;
on WEDNESDAY, the thirteenth dny
of September, 1865, for the purpose of altering
nuU umeuding the present Constitution of South
Carolina, or remodelling and making a new
one, which will conform to the great changes
which have taken place in lhe"Siute, and be
more in occordance with Republican principles
and equality of representation.
And 1 do further proclaim and make known,
that the Constitution and all Laws ib force in
South Carolina prior to the secession of the
State, itre hereby made of .force under the
Provisional Government, except wherein thoy
may conflict with flie provisions of this proclamation.
And the Judges ami Chancellors of
this State are hereby required UP exetfjao all
the powers and perform all the duties which
appertatu to their respective offices, and especially
in criminal cases. It will be expected
of the Federal militnrv authoritii?H now 5n
South Carolina, to len<f their authority to the
civil officers of tho Provisional Government,
for thfc purpose of enforcing the laws and preserving
the peace and good order .of the Slate.
And I do further command and enjoin all
good and lawful eitizens of the State to unite
in enforcing life laws and bridging to justicc
all disorderly persona, all plunderers, robbers
aud marauders, all vagrants end idle persons
who are wandering about without cmploj-ment
or any visible means of supporting themselves?
_ _
it ta also expected mat an tormer owncra of
freed persons will be kia?l to them, and not
turn off the ebildren or aged, to perish ; and
the freed men and women are earnestly enjoined
to* makexontraots. just and fair, for remaining
with their, former owner.
In order to faoilitule as much as possible tho
application for pnrj.>ns under the excepted
sections of che President's Amnestry Proclamation,
it is stated for information that applies
lions must be by petition, elating tbe exception
And accompanied with tbe oath prescribed.
Thia petition mast be first approved by the Proviaioiial
Governor, and tliop.forwarded to the
President. The headqaartera of the Provisional
Governor will be at Greenville, where allcommnriicalions
to him moat ba addressed..
The newspapers of this State will publish
tkla proclamation till the;?lectton for members
of . the Convention. ? _
Iq testimony whereof, I have hereunto set
my band and seal. J/one at the town of
f i~ s. l Owenville, this 20th- day of July, in
- the year of.oar .Lord- 1866. and of the
- . ind?:p?}Mienc? oj we- united states tfte
! * ; ninetieth. ' ^ Z
- \ - B F. PEJwtr. y!
Bj the Prfl?UloD?10ov?ra<Jr:#b*" *
"Whxtah . 'Pen n *, Pf i v ate Secretary. j>
' Auyu?t, 3, lbdo, 3,-61. . . ,
' "in iMfiki'ryy'r'ikfrjE* v<>;
?: - - -" i i *'< ?>: "ir.u/.-,'-.. i
ir i *i ^ ?. ' . "V L . ? ' .J
otrter?jga?<J wonW
JM. hi form th? publle lh?tjth*>* 5irt*tf-hVhda
Gcodfitook ofrPfliuu:??d y?rnisb;
*!k#. *v *?- * ;-.-': .,
* 'mi^kUfHkLmnf jummk -* .??'e^**.., >
lidnted INSURANCE COM PAN I ICS, composed
iBumnoi! of Forty Thousand Dollar*. and the
ie'J fvr by all of tlio Banks of Now York.
ttst Loss or Damage by Fire, and
aion, cither .by Land or Water.
ill acoiiknis in Lrnvelirfp. fur Fifteen Doltars
, FiVJI Tlloi'SAND DOLLARS, provided lie
Irc ii coniiH'Mml to lie up on account of injury
>H to iisko Ui?k-.
SI m WtlVir
W B IkljiJLiJUli 1,
Variety Store,
The undersigned would res- ]
pectfuily invito the attention
of Purchasers to his Stock of
Goods, consisting, in part, as
rv^ ?>A >U. &(a A A A I IV ^ |
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Hose,
N' EEW.ES, Slioe Tlirenil, Pcncils,"Hooks nn<l
Kyis. 1*1 us. Needles, Flax Throml, Comb*,
Knives a,nd Forks, ,
nm -i i t
jtrooicei; js^mves,
? Ladies Eu a in el let! l>e!t.?, llair Oil, u Vnricty
oi" Toilet Soap?, Knisins, Mackerel, Herring*,
Sugar, Oreen Tea, l'epper, Salts, Segar*. 1
ll<>|>e. Jars, IMteliers, 3ups an J Sauccrs, Table
and Chewing Tobacco, (
Liniicn Handkerchiefs, Ladies Worked Collars
Pai)er. Envelopes. Pens.
X / J. J . ~ 1
Jewelry, Tape, Osnaburgs, Tin Ware, FACTORY
TlIItl'AD, Extrnet Logwood, Horse ]
Shoe.*, Rusp<, Bustard Files, Shoo Blacking,
ifcc.. ito.,
Good3 Bartered for Country
Produce when delivered at my
Abbeville. Aug. 3, 18R5, 2-tf c
Government Claims and r
Application for Pardon.
r|^fIE subscriber lias maac arrangements with |
JL one of the most able And influen'ial legal I
firms io Washington city, for,the prosecution.
of Government claims and applications for
All applications for pardon under llie Amnesty
Proclamation must first be lodged with f
the Provisional Governor, and from thence |
forwarded to Washington ciiy for final action ]
by the President. The intervention of an attorney,
both at this 'place and Washington 1
city, will greatly facilitate the transaction and [
completion of ?nt>l> ImoinoM * ?
/* 7 C. J. KLFORD, 1
Attorney nt Ltw, .
Aug. 3, 18C5, 2--3fc. Greenville, S. C.
O" All papers in the State copy three titnea c
and send bills to C. J. 12.
important to the Traveling Public.
Ttiffir ifttfw inm
. . From Abbeville I
'TO (
Aro Detention at Either Place.
iBaa ^?? TPE subscribers would
3iey have tins day pill
into apurtiiion a Daily Line of Hacks from Ab- J
beville, .5. C., to Washington, Ga., Making t
Connection with the Trairs leaving both "1
places. ' , ' j
Passengors arriving at Abbeville on ttto 2.30 i
P. M. train will arrive at Washington next ,
morning iu tfnta for the 8.20 frain, and those .J
rrivine it Wiisliiirc'ton on lliftS.RCl-P. M. train
wOi arrive at Ablievillo ia time for the 10,80
A. M. train.
% Ig* Seats may be secorcd from the A^ent,
at lSarnttt'# Depot, on the Georgia Raitrpad,
and from the' Cojidactor* < H" tki Abbeville
Branch Railroad. _ tf , *?> &
IAS. W. ?0WtER.
Wil H? BCKK8. V.i c
: AM^yy ille, Jn^27, l BSfi. Srtf , ^
- Railroad Notice. * 1 *
NkwBKAar, May K>, 1B05.
apd after Friday next UieTrajna on tbia '
V/ Road but tyree ticnc3 a wick; vit . ?
Laavo Nefrberry on--. Monday*, Wedna^nys
0<i Fridaya.
r Leave Greenville on TneadaVa, ThUrxUyg ;
nil' 3ntni*<I nrn. (
iS-AH Freights will be Myriad octhePuatagef ?
Tr??n*,.?t regular Freight IUW?, (not double (
?ote?.) ? -
9 & ?&gp?&fcw& - t
r ftcliodl ;3Sf otipei. \1 % *
*T^HE Exercis,-* of my School tfffl ba *r*- '
>, JL sowed ob Mo&dny, "Sept*rat>er"4tb.'-' A
Terms ptrscasion of five mfltithf;
Advanced K>igli?h Wrciches/ -18 00 '
Pr&aw'V . SUOfa i J
i.U^L - . -MJIP
- XX- JL#
The undersigned would
rcsnectfullv inform fli?
[hat lie lias established a
fit the Old Stand of Gray it Hobertnon.
"Where the Most
Will be sold at the Lowest
Possible Bates.
The Groods have been
bought for Cash, in orier
Sfill t.liAm Taw ?
Though personally unacpuainted I IiaT? **
10 doubt. a good tunny will recognize me
is the Proprietor of the Bonnet Factory,
established in Nowberry.
The following is a part of tbo invoice
eccived at preseut;
GENTS' . .'
in norf ftf Sutdto PoctimaM
iml Cotton ; IKth, Men's and BrV?a
arge selection ; Drawers, Line^ Shirts,
jest quality; Congress Gaiters, all sizes
ind kinds; Shirt Collars, Linen and Pa>er;
Cravats, all colors and prices; Men's
ind Boys' Hose, a Superior Article; Sirs*
lenders, Icftlia Rabber and others; Handceroiiiefs,
Pure "White Linen and Col>red.
WW W A f
Such as Hair Oil ; Pomade; Eaa D# '
Cologne;-Rose Water; Essence of Sweet'
Vier; Essence of Rose; Windsor Soap,
Colgate Soap in Bars and others. .
Combs and Hair Pins.
_ - _ J ' *<+ m'1 -J
Ladies bcgt Rolondo Combs, with and
without seta?something new ; India Rob- -'
>er Dressing and Fine Combs?GoodjaerV
?atent; India Rubber Hair Pins, the Beat
n the fclprket; Pocket Co tuba; Ladies '*
Belts; Envelopes and WriiiDg Paper
tooth Brushe#. .,c
Pocket Knives; ^Pencils;NeecSle# of ^
svery description, very cheSp; Sp6o1 Cbton,
tb e very best ? Flax thread; Begin( '
i large quantity. Smoklnar Tobacco and ? .
Ipes. ' ' '<*' ' * * ' "
.. . . ' * ' 4' " .
. / i ' .
, tVhtcTi we will soil iery Urtr. Cheo?$^
^packers';. Mackerel, by the -
miibii ,"xxarruig, OIRPCO, ?UV?f
3heBjMfeat in tbe iinfiliii( P>fcmii> Tlffi I
ipewar&tttf leany
Ware,Baking :

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