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li SenhnelR
p Bates Reasonable
m 11e Cro lollar a Yr t
i Advane.'.
('. TE. nomPNsON. Ei on.O
6URSDAY -9 1911.
A blue pencil mark across this
means that your subscription to
this paper has expired and unless
you renew within two weeks it
will be discontinued.
We want a good live corres
pondent in each community in
the county to write the news for
Aie Sentinel. And we want to
emphasize the word "news."
Ideas as to what news is vary,but
ours are it consists of that class
of events and happenings which
is out of the ordinary and usual
trend, somlethlinig which wvold
he really ilformatioln to the pub
lic atilarge.
The plblie generally is, not.
in1terestted ill such as "John
Smith Called on Miss Sallie
Jones last Huinday," or "Bust er
Brown has hlought himself a
new huggy," or "Richard Hov
took su1p)er with John Doe Sat
urday niight." Such as this
usually happens every day or
Week inl every comilunit y.
The kind of news we will b
.ad t 0 gt and publish is such
as daths, imarriages, seriouis
ac etc. WeiO will he glad,
also, Io p iblish the views of any
of our c rrespondents or citi
zens thot hts and expressions
on religio, s, social, moral or
bjects which tend to
build up and strengthen ouir
We beg, therefore, that our
( ~ corr'espondents will keep these
suggestions in mind and wvrite
us the news.
Prormptness shall be our (chief
Miss Canada resuses to b)e
Uncle Sam's affinity.
The fair is over. Now read
the Sentinel and be happy.
We want to publish some
news about the schools in the
county. Will not the sulperin
tendents or teachers of each
school send us a short article?
W ho says Pickens county is
not growing when taxable prop
erty increases in one year two
hundred and fourteen thousand,
five hund(1redl anid fifty-seven
sawv and Order League
loing someI effective
this 'ouinty judging
rom e small amount of crime
being committed. We have
not tried a single criminal case
in the court of sessions since
last February. In fact, our
June term of court only lasted
one day and the fail termi was
called off altogether.
The first (lay the new man
agement took hold to begin
operating the Sentinel the editor
and printer's couniselled together
and inaugurati'd three rules to
be observed in the conduct of
the affairs of the oflice, to-wvit:
No Drinking,
No Smoking,
No Swvearing.
Thel~ Snitinel2 promiuses to im- (
pr'ove. Last week we hadi a I
/ ) roat (deal of straightening out (
to do, new advertisements to
y put in and other hindrances, i
S and could not give as much J
reading matter as we would ]
r liked to hay given. But not- i
withstanding these drawbacks 'l
the paper ca e out on time and j
was In the p stofflee Thursday j
Supervisor J. B. Craig has
)urchased for the county a rock
rusher and a large gasoline en
ine to run it with. He expects
o utilize this machinery in fill
ng mud holes, building con
rete piers and macadamizing
he roads. He has also pur
hased a quantity of corrugated
,alvanized piping to be used
,cross the roads in gulleys and
mall streams and for culverts.
Rev. and Mrs. C. A. Waters
Lave moved to Dr. Bolt's house
in Glassy Mt. St.
Miss Anna Irvins was visiting
dfrs. W. H. Johnsin on Hamp
on Avenue last week.
Mrs. J. L. Bellamy and
laughter, Miss Eloise, of Atlan
a, are on a visit to Mr. and
Irs. C. M. Bowen.
The Twelve Mile Baptist As
,ociation convenes to-day with
Iountain View church, and
,vill continue in session until
Last Monday was saleday but
lothing was sold. The crowd
was qiuite small in town as the
people had waited to cole to
blie fair.
ReJ. J E. ioster after filling
his ai)poinltllelit at Mountain
View last Sunday spent the re
m11ainerei of the week visiting
the members of that church an(l
to attend the association w.'hicli
co0nI(1 there today (Tiur+
O~r. and -Mrs. ahnhn
the sin(cerv sympl VIathy of al
their friends in the long an
severe illness of the laiter, A1
the timie of going to press imli
provenient was noted in he
condition, which her friend:
will be delighted to know, am
they will join us in hoping fo:
her speedy recovery.
Sam N. Hyde, the man wh<
a few months ago killed his wif<
and her father and convicted a
the last term of court at Ander
son, has repented of his dee<
and joined the First~ Baptis
church ofthatf ity and will be
bap~sed soon by the p~astoa, Dr
Vfmes. He wvill be hung Oct
20th unless the governor inter
Announcement is made in thi
daily papers of the engagemen
and approaching marriage o
Miss Katherine Shields Douthit
of Atlanta, and Mr. Claud Pli
Gentry of this County. Mis
Douthit is a daughter of the lat
Jud~ge Douthit of Greenville bu
now living in Atlanta, wvhil
Mr. Gentry is one of our proc
perlouIs farmers near' Liberty
Tihe marriage is announcert t<
take place Nov. 1 next in thi
Pendleton street Baptist church
Greenville, S. C.
Mr. WV. H. Williams, of thi
Peters Creek section, wvent t<
Atlanta last week on an excuri
sion train. When the trail
rci.hedl Cornelia the trair
stoppedl to take on another car.
He was standing ini the aisl<
and the jar in coupling threw~
him across the arm offra seat
He was badly bruised, so muck
so that he hadi to be carried to i
bospital for' treaOtmen~t. He re
.'overeId sufficiently to) be
brought homte Friday, and hih
Friends ho pe for his speedyV re.
At the last 'l'ermi of court each
rear six memb lers of the grand
ury panel are dr'awn to hold
wver for the next vear'. While
ye did not have any fall court
his year this dutty w'as perform
d by ('lerk of Court Boggs the
irst (lay courvt wa.s scheduled to
on vene, and the following
lenlebes of the panel was
riawvn to serve for next year:
.F. H arris, J. P. .Findley, S.
. Keith, A. M. Mauldin, John
V. Thomas and 0. P. Field.
'he other twelve of the grand
ury for next year Svill be drawn
uat' before thn next term of
Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Hester,
of Atlanta were guests at the
The many friends of Hon. W.
T. Bowen were glad to see him
able to attend the fair and to
shake his hand.
Maj. G. M. Lynch was a wel
come visitor at the fair. Major
Lynch has many warn friends
at Pickens who were glad to see
Among the visitors at the fair
the first day was that substanti
al citizen Mr. J. F. Hendricks,
of Liberty.
Several of our friends and sub
scribers paid this office a visit
during the fair. It is a genuine
pleaure to have them call at
any time.
Mr. R. L. Davis has improved
the appearance of his house on
Main street by having built a
nice broad piazza across the
Mr. G. W. Lathiem, one of
the prosperous young farmers
of the eastern section if the
C )Ilt V, was al inlter'este(d viSi
tor at the fair.
Mr. W. 'N. Bolding one ( our
bes't aitd oldest citizens was at
the fair. He carries the mt ark
of a good many year 'n' is
T atten tioln Iif ( r11. d I is
called to the fact that this weeks
issue of The Sentinel is all home
print. WAe expect to continue
to print all the paper on our
own press aiid give all the n iews
The children of lion. and Mrs.
1. S. Legare accompanied by
their friend Mrs, Allen and sel
vants left for Charleston last
Thursday so that they minight
enter school on time.
'ig.Jones Bros. Big Show had a
three-day stand in Pickens this
week, and played to big crowds,
(lay and night. The show is a
good one, from every stand
p point-clean, attractive and #n
b tertaining. The trapeze-a m iain
- feature of the aggregation-is
as &rood as you will see with
bBarnum & Bailey; the clowns
furnish their quota of fun-mak
ing and kept the crowd in a
good humor. The dog and pony
feature is fine-in fact the whole
Sshow is worth more than the
price. Go out and see them.
Is the time to buy farm land
while you can see the growing
crop on it, Seeing the crop
you know what you may rea
s onably expect if you buy.
Now is the time to make ar
-rangements for next-year and
not only next year but for your
future home.
3 Now is the time to see my
liberal terms for a small home.
Nowv is the time to see some
cheap land I have as wvell as
some of the best in the county.
Farm and city property for
A. M. Morris.
may be Of priceless value, but
this we know, and that is,
wherev'er purchased they can't
exceed in
wvhat can now be seen in our
most excellent and inviting
stock. Don't miss calling in
to see our best stock of jewel.
ry in town.
JH. Snider,
FJILkE, r uy
Fall C2Annol
T HE mien who do the most talking, c
thusiastic listeners. The busines
are not necessarily the leaders in their
back them up with the right kind of go
this. We started in business fourteen
steadily increasing each year. The reA
"Honest 'Goods.w
Seasnable N4
Our stocks are now complete wi
most reliable merchandise, and c
your inspection of the same.
A Large and Co
Dry Goods, Coat 4
For Ladies, Miss
Tihe best stock of shoes in Pic kels Coul
We also canv a big stock
Stoves, Farming Implements, Bug
in the county. Call on us for anyt
* got it we will get it for you.
Remember in buying goods-Q
'Ne appreciate your trade and -
-li Folger, Ths
Sole agents for Walk-Over Shc
New Home Sewing Machines, Cha
and Mitchell Automobiles.
Clothing, Shoes, Hatsa and Gez
Our New iounte
AND been installed and we are
M quicker and better than eve
Our FOUNTAIN was mamt
Philadelphia, and is complete in ev
about it. All mnet-d parts are Gerni
11 containers are solid mar ble, hance t
tain on the market.
If you want the best and purest sof
We hope to see you early and oftei
October 3, 4 and 5.
a Keowee I
For sixty years thE
M .Estev church and
j little miore than most <
M long.
"If yours is an Es
M Write for catalog.
John H.'
o not necessarily have the most en
s men who make the strongest claims
lines. We make strong claims and
ods. Give us an opportunity to prove
years ago and our business has been
&son is, our mrtto hasalways been
fMenet Prices,
wrchandiee at
th all this season's newest and
ur prices are right. We ask
mplete Line of
9uits and Cloaks
es and Children.
iteey. fere are oil r Lines and tlie defy
Ai on:
(Every Pair Guaranteed Solid.)
of Groceries, Hardwa, ire, Furniture,
lies and W agons. The best selection
[iing you need, and if we haven't
vill treat you right.
rnley & Co. Re
es, Hawes Hats, Iron King Stoves,
e City Buggies, Mitchell Wagons
it's Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
in Has Arrived
preparedl to servec our customers
r before.
factured by Robt. M. Green Sons,
ery detail, solid marble-- no wood
ian steel silver plated. The syrup
he cleanest and most sanitary Foun.
drinks-drink with us.
, during the three days of the Fair,
standard of the world. 9
parlor organs cost very M
>thers and last twice as
:~ey you have the Best."
''eenville, S. C.

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