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The Pickens Sentinel
Some Things ou Know and Some K
You Don't Know About Our
Towns, County & People
-For land anywhere in Pick
s county see or write J. R
more. "The Land Man."
- -I am prepared to do your
danning now. Will can any
av in the week except Satur
day. All work guaranteed.
A. T'. Winchester.
-For first-class shingles, eith
er heart or sap, see or write me
for prices. Can deliver them at
Pickens or give you special price
on them at the mill which is 2
miles north of court house.
J. H. Earle,
aue31tf Pickens, S. C.
Mr. T. D. Harris made a
business trip to Atlanta last
Mr. Linton 11. Pounds, of
tlanta, was visiting in Pickens
,ast Sunday.
Miss Garnett Williams, of
Asheville, is the guest of Miss
Vesta Ashmore during the lair.
Dr. Long, Mr. J. F. Jennings
and Mr. Warren Smith of Lib
erty. were here Monday on busi
The swelterinrig public hail
ith delight the promised drop
111 templperature for this week by
the weather man.
Mrs. C. A. Waters left today
(Tuesday) to attend the State
Convention of the W. C. T. U.
at Manning, S. C.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Thomas
are the happy parents of a new
baby boy which the stork left at
there home last Monday morn
The stork visited the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Simmons of
the Pumpkintown section last
Sunday night and left them a
tivelve Pound'girl.
Mrs. G. F, Kirby left Wed
nesday for a month's visit to
PTrinit.% N. C. She has been
called to the bedside of a sister
who has been ill for some time.
Work on the Methodist church
progressed nicely last week.
The weather wvas favorable
and things moved. The brick
work is now up to the floor and
timbers are being laid.
The United States District
Court will Convene in Green
ville on the 17th inst. with Judge
H. A M. Smith presiding.
This will be Judge Smith's first
appearance at G re,efiville on the
Orphanage 'vork day was ob
served by thle Methodist and
Baptist Shjnday schools of the
town lyt'Saturday. When the
choffs met Sunday morning
was found that the results
'e for the Methodist school
ut $15. for the Baptist $18.20.
uire W. L. Jenlkins accompa~
dby his friends Mess. WV. D.
Garnett Hill of Clarksville,
were visitors at the fair this
k. They drove through the
ntry in an automobile in few
rs. Th Squire pret ends he
appy and contented in his
pted home but his friends
re noticed a longing expres
1 about him which betrayed
apt. E. WV. Ragsdale, guard
the convict camp, was in
'nSaturday and1 reported
he had twelve convicts in
arge. They are at work
ig changes on the road
Liberty to Easley, which,
completed will require
ng Southern railroad
twice between the two
.This wIll be a very
convenience to thep
r'e were several d
Where the story of the Magi
marvelous developn
home-seeker or the i
FERTILITY.--Land that
cotton, corn, hay, gi
the various orchard
to the acre on many
HEALTH.-High on the ur
where chills and fev
In the region of the
antees health and v!
HIGHWAYS. -Magnificent
Georgia's best asseti
In the direct path of
the Northeast and C
CUL TURE.-A splendid sci
es supported oy an (
The place to rear vo
200,000 Acres that
tracts of from fifty
from $15.00 to $50.04
to investigate. Six
lands will cost you I
Voine aUd let u% ihow you, or write
D.4. BILEV, Real Este
Comnc -eciig on Tuesday
a 20 days sale at my store at th
Cateechee. Thiis sale is no fal
thing in miy store is brand ne
bought everything lew. It i
more goods since I. opened ill
Cotuity con)sidering the size of i
'Why did 1 do this, Simply
1 sold and sold it as cheap as 1.
Again I guarantee every pc
contain 16 oz. and every yard 3
or your money back.
My motto: "Treat everybo(
full weight, full measure, satis
I will quote only a few pric,
my shelves during this sale, 14
Sugar has advanced and yo
5 lbs very best coffee eithe:
Try this coffee and if you dor
oath before a Notary Public
I have another grade of cofi
very good coffee and if you don
Dave Hall of Cateechee both of
I handle the "Blue Ribbon'
or bring it back and get your n
that will make the other fello
pare the grade of goods. I ha
The best meat of any merci
Now in regard to dry goods
this sale from oc to 50c that has
I have ready made suits f
before. The best stuff you ev,
pants for men from $1.50 to $4.l
prices during this sale.
I have shoes to fit anything
man 105 years old and socks a
During this sale the prices shall
shoes. Br.ng the whole family
you enough to carry the old wol
1 carry a full line of gents
everything needed by the femna
Now come one, come all a
during this sale if we dlon't trad
your paw and ask about the hal
During this sale any one t
lars will be given a nresent fre
To the one trading to th(
present, to fifteen dollars a still
a pair of $2.50 pants free.
To the first one at my stor
and trading to the amount o
present besides the one above n
everybody to try for these two
Bear in mind the (late Oct.
S" 'ickly a cash sale, nob goo<
Guag .iteed.
J. Alonz
Dry Goods, Groceries, Ti
a 'ill be glad to hav~e you insp
e. We wi try our111 best to
c West Is being repeated in
ent. An ideal spot for th
will produce in abundance
ai n, melons, vegetables and
fruits. Two bales of cotton
farms thIs year.
3at ridge of Central Georgia.
er are practically unknown.
famous pine balm that guar
graded highways-one of
i. A net-work of railroads.
the great trunk lines from
entral West to the Gulf.
iool system and good church
mthuslastic and loyal people.
ur children.
we can show you In
to two thousand acres at
) per acre. NOW is the time
months hence these lands
[O to 25 per cent. more.
your land wants to ERIC W. .i(ALY.
mie and Investment Co.,
to The
,Oct. 10th at 7 a. mi. I will begin
e I. L. Hu tckabee old stand near
ce to get off hand1 stock for evry
v. I opened upl) in Feb. last an'd
s a known fact that I have sold
>than any mierclhant in Pickens
Iy stock.
because I guaranteed everything
ould to live and let live.
und that goes out of iiy store to
feet, every can of stu t to be pure
ly right in a business like manner
action guaranteed."
Es that will move the goods from
lbs granulated Sugar to the dol
u will not find this price in many
Le green or parched to the dollar.'
't say it is good and will make
that it is not I will give You 5 lbs
fee 6 lbs to the dollar. This is a
't believe it ask Lando Mauldin or
whom are coffee experts.
flour. Every sack guaranteed
ioney. I can make a price on it
w close his doors if you will comn
rdle all kinds of staple and fancy
ant in my section. Try it and
:I will sell dress goods during
sold heretofore from 6Sc to 75c.
or b)oys at a price never heard of
er saw for the money. I have odd
i0. The knife will be put to these
from an infant to a man or wo
nd stockings to match the same.
not stand in the way if you want
and1 let me fit them up and1 save
m~an a new diress home.
furnishing goods and1 very near
e class.
nd let me show you wvhat 1 have
.it will give me pleasure to shake
rading to the amount of five (dol
e, a pair Of lady shoes if you are
amioundl of teni dollars, a better
better one and1 twenty-five dollars
e on the morning of the opening
[five dollars I will give an extra
entioned. So you see it behooves
10th at 7 a. m.
1s charged but every thing sol
o Brown.
omplete Fall Rtock orC
n andi Granite Warc, Etc.,
ect their lune, batlore bu. inig else
>lease, youi. We lalo) have a
To the People of
you as we are this Fall and Winte
largest stocks of merchandise in uj
tell you all about it. Below we gi,
mence stock.
Dry Goods, Notions,
We are showing all the latest weaves in L
yard All colors of Standard Prices at 5c
and 12 1-2C. One lot 12 1-2c. Flanellei
Our Milliner
Is full of the season's latest HATS at froi
$4.00, $5.00 and up as high as you want
In Our Shot
You will find Crossetts for Men $4.oo to
and a big line of work shoes that are ma(
You should see (r line of Children'!
It will pY you t(:
Before you buy your Fall Suits. We ar
The Miller make from_
Hardware, Stoves, Ranj
The Best Range
just received a car load of genuine 1
aStudebaker Wagons, one car of
also showing a big line of Tyson & Jones
Just r eceived ;
Copy Rij
We are going to offer you some gre
in touch with the Big Store.
Leaelers In
W\e halve just receivedl a good lI
we absolutely guarantee to give yo.
and prices. Before buiying come ant
we have the best Stoves and Ranges c a
LISTEN: TLhe~ time for turning your land.
for another year will soon b~e here. Remember
J. Oliver Plow has b~een given uip to be the best
market. We carry them in all sizes. Try one L
We also carry other repairs for the Vulcani Plom
A. Peek.
WVe have a No. 1 and a No). 2 Perfection Cu
we invite your' attention to. Try onie of them,.
them also.
Our Hardware line is comp1Ilet~e with good1s si
Farninug Imp~lenments, Best Qual ity of (Galvanih
b)er Roofinig, Luhricain g Oils, Iluilders Suzppli,
1Hames, Slip Harness, Collar' Padls. Tr'iaces, Brent
(GROCERIES: Our stock is alwvays comiplet
go ods that can he bou11ght. CIapitola Flour--non
Breakfast Bacon, Fish, both in tubs and bul1k, (
Hulls, Bran, Shorts. Now is the time to push t:
SLISTEN: We especially invite you to visit
c Fair and at all other times while in town.
ickens Hdw. & G
T. R. ALLEN. Mar'anem
Pickens County:
We have for your inspection one of the
>per South Carolina. We haven't space to
re you a few of the articles from our im
, Shoes and Clothing.
Iress Goods at 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00 per
the yard. Big line of Outings 5, 8 1-3, 1o
:tes at joc.
n- $1.00, 81.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $3.50,
to go.
$5.oo; Abbotts $3-50; Perfect Models $3.00
l( fOr service from $1.25 to $3.50.
School Shoes.
take a look at our
Depazqrtment $
showing some great values inl Clothing.
$7.50 to $12.50
$12.50 to $25.00
5es and Farm Implements.
on Earth for $27.50J '
.eo. E. Nissen Wagons; one car of the old
~iedmont and Rock H1ill Buggies. We are
Buggies with brass boxes. I
i fresh car of
,ht Flour.
at values this Fall. It will pay you to keep
Low P
~ .Ti CE.
. ick , . I., Sept1 91
An exam ination for te'acher.
will be held at the com-t hous.
^idhF~ay Octob~er 6th. Examina
Byr order of State Board of Ed.
Co. Supt. Ed.
J. E. Biogo w. E. FIND)LEY
tav Pickens, S. C.
ich aCastle Hall
~s, lb, cns Lodge No. 123 '
C.(lni of P.,
0 better. "terIh.I,.un ~ S " jay
~ottonl-s'et -n*. f'r . n ks .
bat hog. r'. or- a me~IjJIivite~d
our store 0 .

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