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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, October 05, 1911, Image 4

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TrIens.4tele. P'4ikens4 (' Ilitty.
etts, s. u., Nepltt'r 2:th 1911l.
ar the collection of Stile ttlid
Il1 be o1pea from
thti 1911 to leeiber s:lit 1911.
prefer t10 o n ti pi it It, .lti ua
1C~h I per ceit 44it1lit4n 'I'ITose
r pitylig Ili 'ebr try 1912, t'all
2 per eetit ud1tbllottl. I'hose who
liug Iii Mnareh 112. it) thle 11111th of saisl
1f Ilum (it) ", toy payl) ing Jti t li1tional I7 per
It.\41 I d 11ti4le thIie kalks will close.
-TIx polyeis owning property or pityltig
yothers, will polelime sitsk f1 titx revel(t
a townsip oriplieilal so.ol tistrit In
lie or they illy owli property. This li
ltlportinl as there fait so inily silechti
I dlistricts. Those who cilo 114t Wish1 to
to tile office cin wr' le it, Wot Iter t 1in41
ainher '20th, il I will I ntiish theiir witl
t11111 itti t le 1 anti they (*ni remiit (n! by
:ck, -inolicy ord4er oir registerel lettet. If
inps itar selit do ot sWill above (WO (uP
it, is I eitltiot I se thlIn. I 'liISoe do noot
aliid ine itlsh without registeritio. sniin. it,; It Is
-1.itble to get lost; if senI therwis it 1111.t hie
it Nentler's risk.
Levy fora titt tax ...... ......... MIlls
laevy for Constittitioinl sehloll taIx . :; 1ili
Levy for Ordiitary (o(it ltax . ...fi l11illS
Ievy for Slakitig le'iid ....... .........14 mi111 m
I Levy for Past .....It.l... . . mills
Levy for tChil, (thing... ...... ........ !:q mill
IeAvy filr. StIate Constable .... .. ...... 111111
'TOM I 19 millts
-SCilooL TAN.
Spvcin I'vvy for Svhensi Dilsrict Nil. 1. 2iil
peh w ~vy for 80hool b~isill Nio. '". 'liii
eSli al Ifl'evy for S h114311 Inst rit No. :t. .. ilis
SPlebini I,tvvy for Sehool lilsIrict Noi . ..2 I Ills
Speail levy for elioim l ilistrict No. ;,. I iiIlls
Spes hi I Levy for ehiiool I ilsirict No. ...:n11111s
Sp lt'c Do Ie b .evy for Sebenl l ilil nst rit N i.. Il n11111Is
SpeChil I evy for tihool lbisirict No. o,'ll tallIs
SI-e-ihtI Levy for silool Itistri't No. '
Sle i levy for Nehoti ljstrie N ., ..'" inills
Sle hI ILevy for 8eb1w.1 Districtl N I. I3.M ii
-Speeini Levy for School I)istric NIo. I1.. I minlls
SpehitI ILevy fhor Ni lit 1i I ristri-t N . 41. ..1 iills
Slic lit I llevy illr Sichiool ii:,triil N 11. . 1 . .71 t ills
Specti Iev for NhOO1 Districtl No. 1, :2 lIlls
iStevinli avy for 84ehool Diistrict N o. IS, :1 lmills
Sieclhi I.evv f-o N hool Diistrict No.:3-).... iiilils
Sl)jie(o 'AWt Iy lor N ht1o11o District No. '-,. : I Ills
SpeIn lI I LW.vyi for 1eh0ol lastrict N o, :2:1,. .44 Itals
Sl('lit ILevy for School listrit No. 21, 2 1nlls
Spechii I, tvy r or Svhool D~istrictq N\o.1,5.' I.nIlIs
SPeIl II vy fore lhool Dlistrict No.'l 21. :i Ills
Sin'rinl Iovy) for Nhool istrict NOi). :2 Is
Sliel I.e vyv for NehI si District No. .. 4 iilIs
N11 i t-l I Ni llt N i ol 1114 rict No. !i. : mills
,pIIl Levy f ol Nei-hool t ri'et t1 NI . i, : 4ills
1pe-kl I 'vy for Nr S 4isol llistrict No .1. ' .'l IIIs
1pe etts I,evy Il S41i' :0o IDist rict N o. .19. '! mills
SW AflJ Vie 1 Y 111 4 14-1 Distriit Noi . 1-.. .1 11111 Is
peeii evy 'or Nr 1hool Iistriet No. 5-i2. i mIlls
NIl4lCht Ievy f'or Nihool listrlt No. r:,... I 1n111
Le'v& fo inirest oil h ns It. It. 11on1Is
Ituiariveu toilMiki.. .....'n Iills
1 I 'M f 1O l ITtrSt 411 Il'ekens 1,1 it. in s
4.ntrlie itownstip... .2t:, 41ni11
L4nvy fori inte'rlsI on ilt' ins It. i, lininis~
L'ckn'.. 1. Il 4on tiship 44...... .......... 1 tuills
t. P 3a T . 4 I h I'D$ . .I y3' 111111. i ie t iz'
11)1 !"i4.4l' , ' u 'II)lo 4(-43 11.' 444 .4 , vi344' r
1r1 e:l Wkle-> I Vit-ait llol 'x - t ','1 11114er
1 lit V1 s X I, y k1se -. I 444441
etanan111tolionl li- Ta -. l "I it - iti~
isltul . -l' I 1h '114 ollowin 1 .%.u ... -Th t Jill
abi4le-ho414 i' l I34 .4 . .'r 1 41 o 11).1- W-. -1l't
4 ul4 ' .o I'i.'. ii'. 1 1. 1, 110111 4 i ll tina lty
43o3,43. 4. 4'\ -i.'*'! 3>l-''.1 i ro.tonintatio
S t3, \ .. . . . * , 1: \s l-,
3.43ui , 43lute . 34: .l p 30 *. in,4 441 en i n - ii 3.4 .33..
I u he:. 4-, 11 - .. : 3 I --.., Ji 4.l fill e
4I4t44 11' 44 I. ...., 144' 4 . V4313 Ill* jl.4,
ly e p ny---?in it . (l~it ileit. vhi l lioe
Ill- ilei n .111l' i. h at u h i t e a eit
n '4.1111. l r '1 1 4 4.!h 11 .1 10hnev , . ihell th
7n 1 n t.a i . 4 h 011 0",1.- 0 tilh l . r 11.esi o s4 n1 l
her ill in1 1 ,b : l 4 e.,nr34 4111a1n t i -
4'4 iet444 Ill w re. l4it \ 3' 4144C 34tIlIt. I443. fe t \ ee th,
I 14 ( II~l. 111111 . 143 4~j;ii' 14, Ily sitI 1441141 !fix'
heril i n Ill 4 u i 3' -.,-w mr3,, id 4 l Iu tuilC4 . 441(144.
COnv 4i4 , S111111 Ii' iDl 4 si. I by\ it li oi t' 14 1
Itlss 1ih1 .lvi 1141l s 1n1cd 1ot miore thi ii14 v
410 111rs. 44 lollriint , l l or lt I i iln44 lihnti th4jiri4
('41 ih3li4n4 1)4 Tax. .\ll 1ir...Os 44w4t4ing4
d! ogs o r r4 I ired I i I) lax i.i 1 It h 4. ent1
(4 i lu . Ices'tteItfully, *
4 (.' i Tenirer.
.E'Y. TALK. N(.). 2
Light andf Sight:
V I lllet 1 144 *l 'ing li \ 't'li -
tI ifi9'1 II t I I .Ui Iy s.11
I iI' jtf ill l'esulIts,
The Remedy
I'lmoval of the ca:use withi
n-iltable4 g2laIsses. Simple,11'
snt t'. '4A)t l ' by31 t i' Wayi
t':i ii 4 l
Nlaoic ofEmleo
N Grieenv ille,1 S. (ei . ul i
lost',t id w i li' Ili i);. tile itn
origina 1401I k ford , ofIinins 011u
Matk lin ant ()tt.hes.1 Thi prop-1it
rty is for sall or .rade anld tis~
die tiletiest plae ~ for a nico
hondug arotud Pens.gPrice and
terms resnal. Be. C H.ig,
Pikes F , C.lin ayr
N. 4c s eeygve hta
elc o il ehl a h i
wlli h i~yo ikno
'audy4ccer7h irn
feel quite sure you all hav
H-ap~py Jack Taylor p)erkc
ycur pocket any. We e
Saturday, October 7th t<
look good but will save
ace price of cotton has gone off so ra
In this sale we expect to cut I
vertise some new lines we have add<
Shoes o
This line is up-to-date in ever
le when it comes to Shoes. The BEM
fort, B1~ O
BEACON $4[.oo Shoe
"3 3.50 Shoe
i ".o ShoeC.
We have just receiv(.d a full
areaso a;ew iimoney, but we \V
Lion. ihe 32
g .ion Sloes
If you fil! to get a pair of these Sl
These Shoes have alv
W\Vorth $.50
We have a large line of Kangaroos t
world over
This Shoe gives theL foo t perfect case
Regular price:
Wehave one of the largest lines of I
mke prices too cheap to let go to
(VO ';td I:> 8
Thiiis line is ["'111 to t he *Hrimni, Extrar h
WVork Shirts wyorth 50<
Work Pa:
HI eava
a Good( grmale' of Drills wort 10lc. at,
Shirn 10u. ,h sau'le' c r. (GoodI grLPt
SJeans 2, 2'wile prie ! (c, A carlomii 0
sale pric G. D on ': ;,i! t o see this lini
n S..0, sil' :I ;;.75. If you think it
U otbin.
*O waint to let you know that wevt have tl:
rile wor'th i5.00) in gold. 8ale prico a
for75c Tae ahnn bosit~ 1101no
* 100 lbs, Sack of Salt 55c. B(est (1 rmh
WBest Pa rched Coffee 22 1-2 pouind.
* 7Packs Washing Powder 20c. 1 Par
your lamp full of oil and not rn it or
f'ull of oil, for onliy $1. 15.
F"REE.L--We wvill give eachi (custm
hgh as 1 .50 each . i f yon have a lam
AND) EGGS. Will payv the highest t
ten duii ng this sale, we arc
* -.-...
W e m e $Rtwe a es1a e e
BER 7,
had a good time at the County Fair watching
rm his dangerous acts, but this did not help
xpect to put on a performance that will last from
> Saturday, October 21 th, and it will not only
you money. ihis should appeal to you since 4
Lpidly. g
)rices without mercy. Our main idea is to ad
-d this Fall.
f AH Kinds.
y respect. In fact we bow our heads to no man
ON SHOE has snap, style, service and co n
Sale Price $3.50
Sale Price 3.00
Sale Price 2.75
ine of Lion Brand Work Shoes fcr men. They
ill not spare il knife on them.
le Price S2.98
Saler Price 2.85
Sale Price 2.65
oes you have missed the bargain of your hF. 6
is for Men.
ays stood the test of hard wear.
.Sale Price Sl.1O
Work Shoes.
hat are as solid as a rock. Worth S . o the
- -.. Sale Price $1.10
lies Comforts.
his caused many wvrinkle faces to wear a smile.
.~ .. -....Sale Price SI.15
lats e:ver shown in Pickens. \\'e exl(ect to.
l~rint. If you need a Hat at all (lon't fail to
see us.
envy COveralls worth $1.1 SalePric 85c
Ps from 75eHale JPrice~ 39c .
Xe. (Ceviots I10r. regula~r sale~ piie se. icikoriv
e .Jeanis :;5e, sale prlice' 25(*. An hother gradeI of
(Cheeks G I -Se, sale pice 5w. H eavy Sheet in~ Xe,
1'. We' are (Init(e sur we will sell ydut.
e have a solid 'case of All-wool Islankets worth 4
will be mold again it will pa~vyvou to purhaseV~.
.\ll f t ose gods ri an .New, b~ut we will
ent thIe pricres all to~ it-res 'or )i a Ivertisement( ~ .4
Boys Sultls from11 $1:3 2to C $5.00)
M n's Suit tu omi 86.O to $17.50.
O lIt is too soon to huiv a
V C0 t.Overcoatsha.we -0,i
emi inl stock. Pr'ice E... . 4.50 toE17.50
(' a <lt dy single barrel shut gun that shoots Iike j
3.50O. Peters and New Club Cun Shells. 2 boxe~s
cost oiu hut little.
1)E1}PA I T1 \LEi7NTI.j
a:k.. is ed I ,et ter S~oui p 50. 7 ('4Jl.s (.old1 I'i .
kages Soa 25'. ~2 ( ais (Gi od Sahnioni '2:,. -
tois Iso |0 strictly undera ;2i ilIgee.Wlian
eri. It sells e'very where for' $1 .50. Our z sal e p rice.
ner who trades $10, all at one time, the same dav,
best huggy whip, We have knives and whips as
yimaule, sp)end~ $I(0 with us and we will give you Ithe
mr ket price. NOpinig to see you sming i face( of.
Pickens B
R. L. Da%
9 All Il
malfe ro4
duced. S
All low
also go w:
Yard w!
5c the yai
A. K
West End
100 be::
and Mountain View chur
ral route and telephone 1
anc-: in~ original forest, <
Soutbuildings, onxe small
buildings; 60,O000 f t of
land lies well and is ini c
change for smadler place
suit piurchaser. For pri
I have farms in oli:
m e linow your wants in 1
P~()x 26)..
I Aet me~( w\rite your 1ire inst
We have on hi
of calicoes, ging.
cep dressos, V8(~ .
M ay ood t hi
this store at har
C(~ lle X Wilil1h RI
0O inyt hi.!)g th 0
m ild'
ie 45
ottling Works,
'is Proprietor
',lice Salo.
r Goods must
)m for our fall
All Goods re
hort ends and
will be sold at
cut Shoes will
ith this cut price
de Sea Island at
farm, 5-miles west of Piciens
en Twelve Mile camp grou
ch, on main public road, rt
line; 60 acres cleared, b.
ne old two-s tory house wi,
t want house ano~ small out
~aw timber on place.1 Th
splendid section. Will .e
or will cut into tracts to
ce and terms write or see
sections of the connty. 1
he real estate sine.
Pickens, .'
Bank liilding.
irance; i'll place you in groodr
an no ai big
aIpn~)ns, qu ilts 6
ngs to be ound
ly ga~d to see y;
; iciken~s or 0i,
we~v can tuirn i~

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