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1910, and
d this week.
We have received a very in
teresting communication fiom
someone in Greenville about the
Pickens men, women, boys and
girls who have gone there and
are making good, We would
be pleased to publish this article
but cannot do so until the
r furnishes us his or her
ate Meares. the talent
ghter of R. A. Meares, of
.Imen -awarded-a
in the Columbia
in New York city by
ters of ~the Confed
most meritorious es
n on the War Between
s. Miss Meares hqs
dent at this univer
e past year. She is at
gaged in teaching.
very tender and consi-.
munications ~have :been
about th eath of Mrs.
They were writ
wo of e fneighrs and
ends and speak in the
of her noble life
ian virtues. We regret
that we cannot Dub
letters for lack of
d appreciate the
ess oft
yi account a
- bales at the sad death of Mrs. Hiyes wa
it was esti- published last week, but somi
8,337 bales errors were made. She was 5:
this year, years old, and is survived by he:
sharks of husband and nine children, wh<
the state- have the sympathy of all theii
cast over friends.
cro his The Twelve Mile River Associa
to tion.
This body convened with th;
mae Mounta in View church lasi
e-Thursday, the 5th inst.. and con
wiltinued through Saturday.
the There was not a very larg
st rersnaino the churches,
ad serr-Trfs, however, should not
- or prevent people from doing the
a first things first. The first day
after the body was organized
sthe claims of foreign missions
nly was presented and a forceful ap
peal made by Rev. R. J. Wil
~is, of Greenville, who was
e representing this interest.
beral contribution was made
is work.
ee second day was given over
-rd and to sthle consideration of State
rketed. Mislag~s and the Laymen's Mis
ser to -mar- sionary lovement principally,
old .every Rev. W-E. Wilkins, of Green
-possible vifle, the secretary of the Lay
prices of men's Missionary movement in
- qt this state, was present and rep
the resented both of these interests.
Teassociation has not yetafilj
it~s apportionn f aorSta1te'Mis
ions b vwill do so. The claims
~ Laymen's Missionary
ement were forcefully pre
nted by Mr, Wilkins and a
ng committee was appointed
m'ush this phase of the work.
v. E. T. Snuggs, one of
hina missionaries who is
' country for a
,was present
- - 'on
to the
A. Burgess et -.i ,
Martha Hgsed et ah, -
In pursuance of a decretal order ma4e
in the above stated case by his Bonor
Judge R. W. 3lemminger at his chain
berb in Greevilie S. C. dated -Sept. 16th
1911 and on file in the Clerk's office Pick
ens county I will sell before the Court
House door at -Pickens, S. C. during the
legal hours for sale on Salesday in No
vember 1911 the following described rtal
(state t-ituated lying and being in the
county of Pickens and state of South
Carolina: All that piece parcel or tract
of land adjo&ning lands of Joseph eates
A. G. Burgess and cantaining twenty
gve (25) acres more or lo-ss.
Terms of sale one-half cash on day of
sale with leave to the purchaser to pay
all cash, and the balance on a credit of
Twelvt months with interest from day
of sale at the rate of 8 per cent per
ztnr um to be secured by a bond of the
purchaser and P mortgage of the premi
ssold. Should the our chaser fai) to
g.:mply u ith terms of said sa'e within
- ne hour therE-after said cltrk will re
sell thi- saule on tlte s ime or some sub
sequent salesday at the risk of the pur
Purchasers to pay for papers and for
tecording same.
A. J. Boegs.
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
State-of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
. D. Dacus et al Plaintiffs
Lucretia Gilstrap, D< fendant
In pustiance of a decretal order made
in the abov'e stut d c:se by his Honor
Judge Gi-o. E. Prince at his chambers
at Ande'son, S. C. dated -pt. ''0, 1911
and on file in the ee k's ofle- for Pick
ens county, I will well before the Court
Hous- door at 1-eke. s C 11 . S. C dur
i4-g :i legal houi s for sale on Salesday
in November i9: 1 the following describ
ed real es ate to wit: A (extatitr-t or
kAa iamit contauinig <.ne h111t14.d
and twenty five (125) acres more or l=.
f ituated in the above state and county,
b)unded by lands of Daniel Looper Sr.
Danit I Looper Jr. Anthony Dacus,
Thomas Looper, Jeremiah Loo r Sr.
(or lands forinrly owned 1,y them)
r Pegining on a rei o:. k S 22 E 14, thence
) S 294 E 15 (o wlhir uak. tiheice down
r the iieandeis of said brai c;. o a stake
N 6.4 E -9eh. 33 lirnks to ash the branch
line 13 ch 50inks to a ath, N53 W .12th
50 links to a snall hickorv.N 59 W 20ch
50 links to a post v;k ihence along said
road a6 ch, IOlinl.s ' the begintig red
Tet mns of sale cash. The purchaser
must comply with the- terms a ithmn one
hour af ter t he sale or the prn :in~ s will
be resold at the risk of the ferna.er part
IPurchaser to pay f-or allpapers and
Marding the same. - -
-A. J. .Boggs,
-Clerk-of Couit.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas. -
George WV. Hendricks et al
Ruth A. B. Roch-.ster t al
In pursuance of a decretal order mnade
in the above stated c se by his Honor
Judge Geo. E. Prince, at his chambers
at Anders< n, S. ( . dated Sept. 22, 1911,
and on file in the clerk's office for Pick
te s county. I wi:1 tell before the Court
House door at Pickens S. C.-during the
legal hours for sale oin Salksday in No
vember 1911 the followirig 'derdrib
real e-state t --- in:
First:-Ab --Wpiu acelor lot t f
and b ,sng situatenf ini state
and cour.ty afo.resL'd containing fifteen
and 34-10 .acres mn re or less, adjoining
lots 3, 5, 7, lienidriuks. Boggs. Houston,
a d Clemuson College and more fu'ly de
scr ibed by plat naade of same by J. P,
Attaway Survey< r, and known in said
plat as lot No. 4 and deeded to Mrs. J.
A. Hendricks by G B3. Cochran. admin
strator, .by deed dated December 7th
1906. and tsecordt d in Book "EE" page
Second: All that piece parcel or tract
of land lying an ~being in th State arid
t:Ou-.ty aforesaid containing Twelve (12)
aares more or it ss. bounded by lands of
Wi. R C, chrana on the North South and
West, on the East by lands of Aaron
Bocggs, according to a plat made by John
B3. Stribling on the 3rd day of Januuary
1994. and deeded to Mrs J. A. Hen
dricks (af terward Hendricks) by .J. H.
G. McDaniel S. P. C. by deed dated Jan
uary 27th 1902, an; Recorded in deed
Book "V" t-uge. 42.
Termis oif sal-; cash on day' of sale.
Tern s of sale mtu't be complic-d .with
within on: hour or the premises will be
ree.ol at tne ? tk of the former purchas
er. Purcnaser or Purchasers to pay for
all papiers andl the recording of same.
A. J. Boggs,
Clerk of C ,urt,
Pickens county S. C.
Clerk's Sale.
Sate of South Carolina.
County of Pickens,t
.lkComnmon PlIeas Court.
Wan. H. A mbe r, Plaintiff.
ddie A. Barrett et al befendants. t
rsuance of a decrejtal order made 1
bove stated case by his Honor ~
'etse dated June 5. 1911 and on 8
e 'lerk's oflice. Picke'ns countv
11 before thi~ Court House door 3
ns C. H., .4. C. during the legal ~
r usale on S .lesday in November, b
e following described real E state ~
lying and being in the county S
aforesaid, to wit:d
hat certain tract of land in the '
t Pic'sens, and state of South ~
on Ravens Fork of [email protected]'
er containing one hundred and ol
thrEe fonrth (lI1*)acres more in
greeable to a plat of the same o
E. C,. Ede:ns, Surveyor Sist c<
$97, and hath such shape,form le
sas are represented in said by
joining lands of Tlract No 2, 1~
lands, Larkmn Hendricks s
Commencing on Tuesda
1 20. days sale at my store at t
Dateechee. This sale is no fE
bhing in my store is brand nE
bought everything new. It
more goods since I opened u
Dounty considering the size of
Why did I do this? Simpi~
I sold and sold it as cheap as I
Again I guarantee every p
contain 16 oz. and every yard
)r your money back.
My motto: "Treat everybc
full weight, full measure, satic
I will quote only a few pri,
my shelves during this sale, 1
Sugar has advanced andy
5 lbs very best coffee eith,
Try this coffee and if you do
math before a Notary Public
I have another grade of co
very good coffee'and if you do2
Dave Hall of Cateechee both o
I handle the "Blue Ribbon
)r bring it back and get your i
bbat will make the other fell<
pare the grade of goods. I h,
The best meat of any merc
Now in regard to dry good
bhis sale from 5c to 50c that ha
I have ready made suits
before. The best stuff you el
pants for men from $1.50 to $4.
prices during this sale.
I have shoes to fit anythin;
man 105 years old and socks
During this sale the prices shal
;hoes. Br.ng the whole famill
y-ou enough to carry the old w<
I carry a full line of gent
1verything needed by the fem
Now come one, come all
luring,this sale if we don't tra
Four paw and ask about the ha
TDhring this sale any one
lars will'o ea etf
To the one trading to t
present, to fifteen dollars a. sti
a pair of $2.50 pants free.
To the first one at my st
and trading to the amo-unt
present besides the one above
everybody to try for these tw<
Bear in mind the date Oc
Strickly a cash sale, no gc
Yours i
I. Atom
Q Per Cent. of
y BONDS and
)From the Compendium of
Union 06ntral.......
SLifelr. Co. of Virgin
JI Aetna............ ..
- Miutual Benefit....
~- Metropolitan........
M Penn Mutual ........
Fidelity Mutual....
SMutual of New York
n Equitable ..........
New York Life....
n Safe I
We believe in South C
money in First Mortgage ]
9 Souitheasten L
*H. M'. I
SPICKENS,, - .- - - -
m others it being a portion of ti
imnbler home plIace which was conve
d to Anita A. Breazeale (nee Amble
~n the 16th d i~y of November, 1897, dee
ecorded in Deed Book "W" at page 24
~ickens county secoals.
2. All that piece.parcel,plantation <
ract of land lying and being situatedi
he county of Picker-s.state aforesaid,o
tavens Fork of Twelve Mile River cor:
aining one hundred (100O) acres morec
ess agreable to a plat of the same miad
y E. C. Edens, Surveyor,January 20t1
89'-Jt hi "such' shayie;'form an
iaii' r rfk'ne in htai'd pla
ndivhich isctta'ehedato'th4 deed from
ames,-dh AmtyIer .o 1. .O. Azpbler ,a
)inisg. Iards of tract No. 3, p.H
ood' lands tract No. 1. and oth'er's,'
eing a portion of the tract of lan<
hich J. H. Ambler Durchased frorn
.irgent Griffin, and which is now sub
Lvided into several racts, this tract be
tg known in the subdivision as trac
0. 4.
S. All that piece, parcel, plantatior
tractpof land lying and being situat
the county of Pickens,state aforesaid,
i Ravens Fork of Twelve Mile Rivei
mntaining forty four (44) acres more oi
ss agreable to a plat of the same mnade
rE. C. Edens, Surveyor, January 20
94,and hath such shape,form andmark
are represented in aid nlat_ it heing
r, Oct. 10th at 7 a. m. I will begin
he H. L. Huckabee old stand near
ke to get off hand stock for every
,w. I opened up in Feb. last and
is a known fact that I have sold
p than any merchant in Pickens
my stock.
r because I guaranteed everything
could to live and let live.
ound that goes out of my store tc
3 feet, every can of stuff to be pure
dy right in a business like manner
;faction guaranteed."
les that will move the goods from
4lbs granulated Sugar to the dol
ou will not find this price in many
er green or parched to the dollar.
n't say it is good and will make
that it is not I will give you 5 lbs
free 6 lbs to the dollar. This is a
i't believe it ask Lando Mauldin or
f whom are coffee experts.
" flour. Every sack guaranteed
noney. I can make a price on it
>w close his doors if you will com
Lndle all kinds of staple and fancy
hant in my section. Try it and
s: I will sell dress goods during
s sold heretofore from. 6c to 75c.
for boys at a price never heard of
rer saw for the money. I have odd
50. The knife will be put to these
Z from an infant to a man or wo
and stockings to match the same.
I not stand in the way if you want
r and let me fit them ip and save
man a new dress homb.
; furnishing goods and very near
Je class.
and let ne show you what I have
de it will give me pleasure to shake
trading to the amount of five .dol
e pair of laAP .An csb-oTi ar
he amound of ten dollars, a bette
11 better one and twenty-five dollar
ore on the morning of the openinj
of five.dollars I will give an extr,
mentioned. So you see it behoove
> presents.
10th at 7 a. m.
ods charged but every thing sol(
or Business,
Admitted Assets
Life Insurance Reports, 1911.)
,IFE..........78..76 per cent.
........... ......'7.22
.................. 2.17
arolina dirt, and invvest our
teal Estate Loans in this~ State
ife Insuranoic Co.,
.e a portion of the tract of land which
v- James H. \mbler lpurchased from Sar.
r) gerL ( riffin and which is now subdivid.
d ed into several tracts. this tract, being
7 known in the suhdivision as tract No. 2
adjoining land. of J. F. Ihnood tracts
>r Nos. 1 and :3.
n , Tt rms of sale--One third cash on day
n of sale, the remiainder in two equal
- annual ir staillo.eints, payable in one and
r two yeatr, fiom (lay cf sale, sale to be
e to the highest r( spot sible bidder, the
.deferred paymenzts to bear interest at
d the rate of eig'ht pez cent per ar num
t 1-ayable annkually, with privilege to the
m npurchaserito unticipar-..n~yment oi- to
- ,pay all cash. 11.c credit portion to be
-.secured by notoor ! ro., i f the purchas.
t 'er and a mortgag.- of thne premises sold.
I The termns of tl'us sale must be complied
with within one hc ur fr om sale or the
- premises will b.- resold at the risk of the
former purchaser or purchas.ers-Pur-.
chaser or purchasers to pay for all pa
pers and for Recording the sapie.
A. J. Boggs,
Clerk of Court.
Picka :i County.
ses , a nbeuifes the hair.
er Fai1s toRetrGay
THE men who do the most talking,
thusiastic listeners. The busin<
are not necessarily the leaders in the!
back them up with the right kind of g
this. We started in business fourteel
steadily increasing each year. The r
"Honest Goods -m
Our stocks are now complete w
most reliable merchandise, and
your inspection of the same. .
A Large and C
Dry Goods, Coat
For Ladies, Mis
The best stock of shoes in Pickens coi
We als carry a big stoc
Stoy "arming Implements, Bu
b~fhe county.' Call on us for an:
got it we will get it for you.
4 Remember in buying goods
We appreciate your trade an<
Folger, lTi
Sole agents for Walk-Over SI
? New Home Sewing Machines, Ch
and Mitchell. Automobiles.
Clothing, Shoes, Hatsa and G
Cler'k's Sale.
State of South Carolinia.
County of Picken~s.Do o
In Common Pleas Court.
Frank G. Allgoo.l, et a!, Puffs.'
J. Milton Looper. et atl, Defts.
In pursuance of a decretal ordter maade
in the above stated case by Bis Honor
Judcge George E. Prin ce at his chambers
at Anderson, s. C. dated sept 22. 1911,
and on file in the Clerk's office for Pick
ens county, I will sell befcre the court
house door at Pickens C. H. s. C. dur
ing the legal hours for sale on Salesday
in November,1911.the following describ g 0
ed real estate. to wit:7
1. All that certain pisce parc .1 or
tract of land situate lying and being in
the county of Pickens and state of j(-I
South Carolina, and containir.g thirty
six and five tenth (36,5) acres more or
less, and more particularly described as
follows, to wit: Beginning at an iron
pin in center of road, and running N well and keej
21l E. 47 chaine, :. beand in road, thence her we have
N. 154, E 4:80 chains to bend; tl.ence N medicines, ci
4 E. 5:35 chains to hend; thence N 31+ and quality g
E :2:11 to bend.thence N 49EJ4:13 te bend,
thence N 53 E 8:08& ,, to rock on side of
road, thence 8 51 E 8:55 to ash on bank
of branch, thence down said brancn toKE
rock; thence due west 16:20 ch to rock,
thence N 60 W10.44 ch to beginning pin.
The above described track of .Jand being _______
the northern portion uf a emi ain tract_________
of land represented by a plat made y
J. H. Earle, Surveyor, dated February
14th, 1911, the same being cut off froin
the CO 1-10 acres by a line run by said
J. H. Eerie surveyor, on the 1st day of We have ji
May, 1911. Reference being hereby We absolutely g
made to the aforesaid survey and plat and prices. .Be
of J. H. Earne, Surveyor, for a more we have the bei
complete description of the 36.5 acres
the land htire.by descrbed is a part of the LISTEN:
home place of the Ile Jeremiah Looper, for another yea
lymng on waters of Wolf (;reek waters J. Oliver Plowl
of 12 Mile rive - market. We c~
5. All that piece parcel or tra~ct of We also carry(
land situate and J. ing and being in ths A. Pedk.
above named county and state lying on
waters of Wolf Creek. waters of Twelve -We have i.
frile River, and contamning twenty three we invite your
and six tenths ('33.6) acres more or les; them also.
Beginig at an iron pin in center of
road and running S 60 E 10;44 chains
to rock thence E 16:20 chains to rock on Our Hardw
banks of branch, thence down- said IFarming Implei
branch to pine knot in center of branch, ber Roofing, L1
thence N 69 W 31 chains to rock on side' Ham es, Slip Ha
of road; thence up said r oad 8 chains to
beginning corner, and being the south- ~ GROCERIE
ern portion of a tract of land represent- goods that can I
ed on a plat made by J. H. Earle, Sum- Breakfast Bacoi
v~sor, on February 14th, 1911, the same Hulls, Bran, Sh
being cut off from a tract of 60 1-10
by a line sun by said J. H. Earle, Sur-! LISTEN:
veyor on~May 1st, 1911, reference is 'the Fair and at
hereby made to the aforesaid plat for a I -
more . complete description of the land .I
hereby conaveyed the land hpreby dc-Il
scribed is a part of the6'hde Oldedof the
late; Jeremiah Looper.I
Terms of sale cash--to the highest re
spionsible bidder-Purchaser or 1.urshas
ens to pay for all papers and recording
the same.
A. J. Boggs, I PA
Clerk of Court,
Pickens County S. C.]
Notice to Debtors and Creditors. Dry Good
All persons holding claims against the (i)and will be gh~
state of the late J. B. Freeman here. Weio
deceased, must present the same duly
ppven on or before the lst day. of FEATHET
4o. on 1911, or be debarred payment, and
all persons .indebted to said estate must We make
make payment on or before the above '-~ Feather Pillow
date to the undeasigned.(j
B.s. Freeman.
do not necessarily have the most en
kss men who make the strongest claims
r lines. We make strong claims and
oods. Give us an opportunity to prove
i years ago and our business has beer
,ason is, our notto has always been
i Honest Prices,
Ferchandise at
ith all this season's newest and
our prices are right. We ask
omplete Line of
Suits and Cloaks
ses and 'Children.
inty. Here are our lines and they defy
(Every Pair Guaranteed Solid.)
k of Groceries, Hardware, Furniti1
ggies and Wagofis. The best selection
rthing you need, and if we haven't
I will treat you right.
rney & Co.
toes, Hawes Hats, Iron King Stoves,
tse City Buggies, Mitchell Wagons -
mnt s Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
Ifso, use the _ _ _ _
Putnan' Ei
-Dyce, ae ~c
color sik'eGarne vr
wool and Bote
*cotton at
onie boil- n.Apr biteHi
ing, fast, Buh(n o a
*bright ~ s.
R and Piefo o o$.0
.E beauti
.ful W ontpoiet
-colors,. aehi go hr
Want to rem noegebfr.
hearty. The Yoremnetema-.-w
complete line'of drugs,dohret
erlicals, etc., strength
WeaGaratee ver
'Whe.re pureibristletHai
isPrciveeoo o ofoe and Rage $w-5c
uaateWteivo saifaton oth inomisety
oebuigc meandgie usai ro Weev
-tSoeadRne on te mret teoda.
Youl onbhr.eberin the aous--we
ias een ivenupo the best.tr lw ~ h
marantem nadie..tyoea4 ecnicd
"therear o Quhei CulntPos"l b .
Nost reei an Nood torfeStovend anges Plwthch
uarantee. to Tryie of thfcton Wet inguantey
fore ling comee with good suh as:.ebeiv
S: .stok s a w as otemaret wthoday.s o
rile boght Capitoe. Fremebeter Hams.
a sh beohgivn u.b the, blksCttrn-psoweo teal,
Wer espemiall inites y ton vand oubse onined
~1 ther es'or e iun low odbyM.J
Is-A d' . G. G&
[ae alinew an complete Fitgo stoc as:
rn, roarsTn Pad raie areCn, Etc.
Ldt:h you stock hir lway borpee wuith th belsto
l trbouhbt. Ctola Four-ne abetter. Hams,
, BEDh bohand PILLO adEbukARton-EeMa,
11p iothr 6i es' her n zn tw. 1-l
ilryorbs-ALL pleas 1ou. Gie s ave a,

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