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The Pickens SeRiel
SOM. "W iligKItDo am SomeO
YiO ot Ibot Our
TOWRS, Co"17 Poole8
-For land anywhere in Pick
ens, county see or write J. R
Ashmore. "The Land Man."
-For first-class shingles, eith
heart or sap, see or write me
for prices. Can deliver them at
Pickens or give you special price
on them at the mill which is 2
miles north of court house.
J. H. Earle,
aue31tf Pickens. S. C.
The weather was delightful
for the fair.
Mr. T. J. Bowen, one of the
substantials, attended the fair.
Mr. John F. Harris, of Green
ville county, was a visitor at the
Another landmark at the fair
was Mr. J. D. M. Keith. Heis
one of our best citizens.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Freeman,
ofWeenwood, visited friends
nd relatives here last week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M, Norris, of
Central, and Mr.*and Mrs. G. F.
Norris, of Cateechee, attended
the fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Morris will
occupy the former residence of
Mr. W. H. Johnson, on Hamp
ton avenue.
Mr. J. Bennett Hill, of Wal
halla, was circulating among
his friends during fair week.
Mr. Hill was a former citizen of
this county and ought to return
to his first love.
Mr. R. E. Bruce, of the Big:
Store, kept a man. busy filling a
tub in his store with fresh water
every day during the fair.
any thirsty ones appreciated
houghtful kindness.
y, boys, what about this?
ports reached here Monday
that Harold 'Holder picked 194
pounds of cotton one day last
week in six hours. What other
boy can do it?
Mr. Geo. A.. Ellis had charge'
of the corn exhibits at the fair.
He says he prefers that job to
the one he bdlast year. altho'
he as no very serious ob~jections
-to helping with a baby show.
It seems good to have the old
friends come home during fair
week. Dr. Webb,from Atlanta,)
and Q.-M. Serg't Luther Leslie,
of San Antonio, Texas, were inm
town looking as if time is deal
ing gently with them.
The 152months-oldehildefi
and Mrs. F. L. Finley, the mar
ket man, died Monday, after an
illness of several months with
bowel trouble. Interment was
-in the town cemetery Tuesday
At an election held last Sat
urday to fill a vacancy in the
city council caused by the res
ignation of Mr. R. L Hames,
the unanimous vote was cast
for Mr. J, I. Callaham, the
popular clerk at the Big Store.
The friends of Mr. R. G,
Gaines were delighted to see
him at the fair. Some months
ago his heath began to fail
which was brought about by an
overload of business cares, hut
since he has given themi up he
is almost himself again.
*&In the coupon contest at Moore
& MaldinCo.last week No.
913 gets the grain drill and No.
933 gets the pair of shoes. Par
Sties boldin.g either of the above
Knumbers will please call and get
their prizes AT ONCE. If they
a are not called for by Tuesday,
the 17th, another draw will be
Married, on the 8th inst., at
the home of the bride's father,
Mr. L. R. Dalton, Miss Peake
Dalton and Mr. Wesley Chap
man. Rev. B. C. Atkinson per
formed the marriage ceremony:
This happy young couple are
receiving the heal-ty congratu
lations and.good wishes~of hosts
of frigids.J
Marriedi',on the 8th inst. ,'M'~ir.
J. Walter Mauldin'sasb Misk
Maggte-iimi'~'h"< '
mony was performed by Judge
J. B.'Newbery at his residence.
SThis young couple have the con
'nratulations of their many
The army worm or cotten cat
terpillar has been general over
this county and has stripped the
cotton of the leaves. No dam
age to the cotton has been re
ported, and it is not thought
any twill result, as it attacked:
th~e plant too late to injure the
Mr. Harrison Dillard died at
his home at Calhoun last Sun
day, aged 76 years. He was an
o'd Confederate soldier and an
upright citizen. He numbered
his friends by his acquaintances
and was held in high esteem.
The funeral and interment was
at the Old Stone Churcb, near
Clemson. Five children survive
him, all grown and married ex
xpt one;
Rev. E. T. Snuggs, a returned
nissionary from South China,
will preach in the Baptist
:hurch next Sunday morning
mnd night. Rev. Mr, Snuggs
ias been a missionary for twen
;y years, is a native of England,
mut for the last sevep years has
)een in the employ and work
ng under the direction of the
outhern Baptist Convention.
Judge Newbery's services are
nuch in demand these days,
ast Monday afternoon a young
:ouple appeared in his office and
vquested a license to be mar
ried. After the license was is
med they decided not to post
pone the event any longer and
&e Judge tied the knot. The
.room was Mr. Ernest Bagwell
ind the bride Miss Lillie H41
ler. Congratulations and good
wishes to them.
Messrs. C. B. Haddon and T.
[? Jackson, of Clemson College,
ddressed the people at the fair
Last week. The former spoke
n agriculture and the latter on
ive stock. These gentlemen
reatly interested the people on
hese subjects and gave much
raluable information. They
tated that they would be glad
o visit the coanty any time and
alk to the people about these
natters. This is their business,
;> advise and instruct the peo
ple on the best methods of farm
ng and stock improvement, and
mny time a gathering can be
Iad these men will gladly at
Married, on Thursday after
oon at 4:30 o'clock, Oct. 5th,
L911, at the home of the bride's
Eather, Mr. W. F. Hendricks,
ir. Jesse M. Morris and Miss
rma Hendricks, both of Pick
mns county, S. C., Rev. W. C.
eaborn officiating. The groom
a the oldest son of A. M. Morris
>f Pickens, and possesses a kind
ieart and' a noble Christian
:haracter. He is. one of the as
sistants in the postoffice at Pick
ms. The bride is one of the
twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs.
W. F. Hendricks of the Qolenoy
section, and is loved by all who
now her. She numbers her
Eriends by the score, a lady in
Seed, possessing many charm
ng traits of character and
Christian graces.
- To one present but the imme
liate family of the bride, except
her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
Matthew Hendricks. After the
marriage the bride and groom
left for the home of the
groom's parents. Their many
friends join the writer in extend
ng to them congratulations,
wishing for them a long, happy
and prosperous voyage through
life! , * * *
Unavoidable Accident
Coroner Medlin re-assembled
the jury of inquest at Easley
last Friday to re-oonsider and
inquire -into the .cause of the
death of little Fay Smith, an
account of which was published
in The Sentinel last week. Af
ter mature consideration of all
the testimony produced, and af
ter hearing the statement of Mr.
Warren Smith, the driver of the
automobile at the time the sad
accident occurred, the jury ren
dered a verdict that the child's
death was~eaused by an una
voidable accident. This exoner
ated Mr. Smith.
All the farmers of Pickens
county and other business men
who :are interested in the wel
fare of the progress of agricul
tural interests are hereby called
to meec-at the court house on
Monday, the 23rd inst. to dis
cuss npaqis and plans to ena
blthg Mmers :to~ hold .thej
.Ths.nestingiis very impor
tant arid all are urged to at
tend. Plans are being made
whereby money can be secure d
for those who are obliged to
sell, to help them hold, and
these plans will be presented
at this meeting for discussion.
Prominent speakers, among
them Senator Smith, and oth
ers have been invited to ad
dre~ss the neeting. Everybody
J.e F HmNR Inn.
"~ty Farmers Union.
Many Interesting Features Abou
the County Fair-A Large
Crowd and Fine Show.
Many inquiries have oeei
made why nothing was pub
lished in the last issue of thi
Sentinel about the county fair
The reason is that our type i:
all set by hand, and in orde:
that the paper may be put 01
the press Wednesday the form!
must be made up by Tuesdal
night. The fair did not oper
until Tuesday of last week, an<
therefore we could not hav<
given anything except wha
occurred that day; and rathei
than publish it in fragments w(
preferred td give it all in on(
The attendance the first da)
was not as large as was ex
pected, but the second and thiri
days it % as an overflow.
The first day was given oyei
to horse-racing and other amuse
ments. Jones Bros. exhibite&
each day one of the best ani
cleanest shows ever seen a'
Pickens. They fully met th<
expectations of the people an
pleased every one who patron
ized them.
The Piedmont Band furnishe'
music for the occasion each day
and their stirring airs gave zesi
and enthusiasm, and was one ol
the attractive teatures of the
The lemonade and peanul
vendors, the itinerant jobber ol
wares and merchandise and th<
catchpenny devices were in evi
dence as usual on occasions likt
this, and carried away a greal
many shekels.
Ohe of the . most attractiv<
eatures each day -was the bal
loon ascension. This part wa.
carried out perfectly and with
out any mishap.. On the sec
ond day the balloon went be
ynd the clouds and out o:
Space will not permit a de
tailed account of all that was
exhibited and which took plac<
at the fair; but the agricultura
and poultry departments mus
not be overlooked. There wer<
ten entries for the corn priz<
and. twenty-three for the cottoi
prize. And the exhibits of corn
and cotton were very fine. .2
full list of these entries canno
be given for lack of space. Th
name of.jAhe winner and th4
prizes awarded are as follows:
W. E. Ridley, 600 pounds Ar
mour guano.
J. L. Nix, 1200 pounds Swif
D. B. Adams, 2000 pound
Navassa guano.
J. Benton Robinson, 1204
pounds Etiwan guano.
J. M. Arnold, 600 pound
Royster guano.
Alex. Cannon, 600 pound
Unedit guano.
J. D1. Stansell, 800 pound
Swift guano.
W. P. Stewart, 400 pound
Armour guano.
J. E. Aligood, 800 pounds Eti
wan guano.
Roark Powell, 400 .ound
Royster guano.
J.,= R. Kirksey, 400 pound
Unedit guano.
J. D. Stansell, -- pound
Royster guano.
J. N. Chappell, 800 pound
Wando guano.
While there were no prize
offered for the best corn ther<
were many and very fine ex
hibits. These elicited many-fa
vorable comments, and encoui
aged those who came wit h con
to continue in this most worth:
and profitable line.
A prize of $5 was awarded tV
Mr. Robert Mosely, however, fo
the best corn. Mr. Moselv live
on the. Keowee, about twent;
miles above here, and use'
Uneedit guano. He is a suc
cessful corn-grower and take
great interest in his farm.
A. B. Talley, blue ribbon fo
the best watermneloni. ---
Will Manly, red ribboli "fo
the best SyaterylAon.,
I. H. Simmons, blue ibbol
for the best brand of tobacco.
the best red peppers.
W. H. Chastain, blue ribbol
for best wheat -md oats.
W. L. Boggs, blue ribbon fa
best apples.
J. B. Manly, blue ribbon fc
best cane.
Courtly Durham, red ribbo
Drugs,. Stationery,
This store is the home o
of Family Remedies. The
edies, not cure-alls but AL
for your needs. A few sp
Rexail Orderlies--Un
and pleasant to takt
Rexall -93" Hair Toi
greatest hair preser
to i: dical science.
Rexall Litver Salts-TI,
for Calomel.
Rexal Dyspepsia Tab
the world for Indig<
These are a very small I
space wvill not permit us to
the other 294 are just as g
intended as the above. A
have a full stot k of Drugs
Stationery, School B
Cigars and
We have rece
nice line of
Solid Gold and
When in need of anythi
and see what we have.
A Chang
The time will
slippers and gauze
sleeves will have 1
the past, for a w\hi
want te tell every
ready to furnish t
right prices. EN
that this store has
square deal an d w(
serving you. Col
trading with us.
if you will give us
Bring us yor
Eggs. We are the
-ority 011 prices c
SEggs. Come to se
One-price Cas
....N ET R ALAND e
Where the story of the Magic
- marvelous developme
K home-seeker or the in
SFERTILITY.--Land that va
cotton, corn, hay, gre
the various orchard fi
to the acre on many I
HEAL TH.-High on the gree
where chills and feve
In the region of the f:
antees health and vig
Georgia's best assets.
In the direct path of 1
the Northeast and Ce
SCUL TURE.-A splendid schc
es supported oy an en
- The place to rear you
-200,000 Acres that i
- tracts of from fifty
1from $15.0to $50.00 :
r to investigate. Six
lands will cost you 10
Scome aud let us show you, or write yo
0. A. BMI LEV, Real EstaE
sis to be regretted. Our people1I
should be encouraged in stock
raising and stock-improvement.
There were many fine coopsI
of. the feathery tribe, .the prize- I
winners being. W. E. Hentdricks.
D. F. Hendricks -W. A: Math
ews C. G. Rouland, -E. H.!
.Craig, Rev. G. F. KirbTJ ,',
Cureton, 5. J. Trhpp, M. M.
Holder, B. Lewis, W.lG. Med
lin and W. M. Rosemorld. The
list of prizes and breed'of chick
ens will be given next week.
r Two Old Chums.
.Frank and Toni were two old
the long, long ago.
the fair for the.
Drug Co.
Toillet Arides.
F the whole Rexall family
re are 30) Rexull Rem
L cures, so come here
!cially timely, needful
equaled Liver Pills, small
ic- -Conceded to be the
7-r and beautifier known
5oc and $i.oo.
ie best substitute known
fefs--The finest thing in
>art of the tamily-but E
mention them all, but
)od for what they were
:k for them. We also
>f all kinds.
ooks and Supplies,
atly added a
Gold Plated,
ig along this line come
re Soon
soon come when
hose and short
:o be .a thing of
Ie at least, and we
body that we are
he goods at the
reryblody knows
always given a
Swant to continue
ne aud do your
iWe w'J 1help you
a chan .
ir Chick s a
recognmze 1 1
f Chickens andc
~h Merchants.
West Is being repeated in
t. An ideal spot for th
ill produce in abundance
in, melons, vegetables and.
uits. Two bales of cotton
arms this year.
t ridge of Central Georgia,
e are practically unknown.
Emous pine balm that guar
graded highways-one of
A net-work of railroads.
he great trunk lines from
itral West to the Gulf.
o system and good church
thusiastic and loyal people.
e children.
v6 can show you Inl
: two thousand acres at
er acre. NOW is the time
nonths hence these lands
to 25 per cent. more.
r land wants to ERIC W. HARD)Y. 0,
Sand Ingvestanent Ce.,
ed, revelled and, * * * and had
a good time together. But sev
eral years ago they separated -
one wvent away to Texas and
the other remaine d-and the
old world .wagged on, adding
years to days and1 cares to their
li~ves." The frosts. -of ' the i by
gnes wih'trs have decked' their
h'adf' witli gilver thieads and
furrcwei ti cheeks,but wvhen
they met at the fair the troubles
which the years had Ibrought
rolled away, the tire and spirit
of former days rekindled and
jubilant as of yore the warm
grasp of hands and friendship
was renewed. These two old
chums were Frank Looper and
T Parkins. May they meet
To the People o
you as we are this Fall and Wij
largest stocks of merchandise it
tell you all about it. Below we
,mence stock.
Dry Goods, Notior
We are showing all the latest weaves ir
yard All colors of Standard Prices at
and 12 I-2C. One lot 12 1-2C. Flane
Our Millin
Is full of the season's 4atest HATS at f
$4.00, $5.00 and up as high as you war
In Our Shii
You will find Crossetts for Men $4.00
and a big line of work shoes that are n
You should see our line of Childre
It will pay you
Before you buy your Fall Sui
The Miller make fro'!
Hardware, Stoves, Ra
The Best Ran
Just received a c1 ad of genuin<
reliable Sue akr aons, e car c
als shwin abig line of Tyson & Jor
Just receive<
Copy Ru
We are going to offer you somne g
in touch with the Big Store.
Fo sixty years 1
M Estey church an
9 lttlo more than mo
M long.
"If yomls is an
n Wrio for catalog.
John II.
SGra ml Opera House Ba
SVictor Talkin~g 1Va~c
Use Avery's Re
lar implements, both in regard to the detail
obtained by their users. By use of these]I
fectively covered. The regulai ity of depth
soil aid in preparing a seed-bed of uniforn
ated by two horses or mules. Cuts furro
nished with Avery's Steel Double Tree an
for thisplow. It is made especially for
-e are in a position to quote yo
f Pickens
iter. We have for your inspe
i upper South Carolina. We
give you a few of the articles
is, Shoes and C
t Dress Goods at 25c, 50c, 75c and
5c the yard. Big line of Outings 5 .
Ilettes at roc.
rorn $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50,
it to go.
6 Depart
to $5.oo; Abbotts $3-50; Perfect ModeE
iade for service from $1.25 'to $3-50.
n's School Shoes.
to taje a look at our
irg showing some great values in
I - -- -- -- -- - --$7.50
nges and Farm Imple
we on Earths for $27.5
e Geo. E. Nissen Wagons; one
i Piedmont and Rock Hill Bug'
~es Buggies with brass boxes.
Ia fresh car of
ght Fl
T-eat values this Fall. .ItI w
1 -Mo
:he stanard of~
Lpgrylr organs
t ot hr'a lm
0 M
versible Disc Plo

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