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Pickeus Soubel
Advertising Rutee Reasonable
ption Price One Dollar a Year
In Advance.
n4te4rd at Pickens Fustoffice as Second Class
THURSDAY, OCT. 19, 1911.
A blue pencil mark across this
means that your subscription to
this paper has expired.
The Lynching of Jackson.
*The lynching of Willis Jack
son at Honea Path last week
adds another stain to the fair
name of South Carolina. It
cannot be justified upon any
-ground whatever. -There was
provocation for it, but it was
not sufficient to justify the peo
ple who engaged in it to commit
murder. The provocation was
great, we admit; it was enough
to stir Anglo-Saxon blood; the
ilty culprit should have been
"-punished. but with all this the
people who killed him should
have. allowed their brains in
stead of their passions to control
their acts.
There is not the slightest pre.
-te or excuse, nor the most
heinous crime that can be com
mitted will warrant or .justify
the taking of human life by
mob law.
Under our law one charged
with the crime for which Jack
son was1 -will ost surely
- is speedy dooi if caught.
The legislature has made even
the attempt or assault with in
tent to commit such a crime
punishable with death unless
the jury recommends to mercy.
South Carolina is governed
and controlled by the white peo
ple. Her judges and juries are
white men, and they have the
mittd t~lieui~X~ incases
(of this kind riot one out of every
hundred escape the penalty of
the law. The legislature has
also made the law such that the
victim of such an outrage can
give her testimony in private.
They are no longer compelled to
- appear in the court room before
the cu '~public gaze and de
the horrible, occurrence.
The law has thrown around
them every safeguard and pro
tection that is. necessary to
shield their timidity, good name
and virtue: and there is no rea
~ - allow their pas
sions to contrTe~
Only last year a negro'~
. hung in this county for enter.
ing the room of a white lady
in the night and making an in
decent proposition to her.
Threats were made of lynching,
but cooler heads and better
judgment prevailed; and be it
said to the praise of our people
the law was allowed* to deal
- m, and he was legally
now none of the men
aed in the awful trag
onea Path last week,
e that they were
best citizens of An
nty., many of them
perhaps bmjrs of the church
and prfsig Christians. If
so, how can they reconcile their
church relatioris and professions
with . the terrib'le crime which
they have committed? How
can they relieve their con
-sciencet of this stain they have
gought upon themselves? How
ceiai they reconcile their conduct
with the teachings of God's word
when he says, "Thou shalt not
kill?" How can they longer
claim to be Christians, if they
oever clai'm A be such, when
thieir hamE a stained with
We ned control our pas
sions. We need to have respect
for the law. We need to teach
our children, our friends and
our neighbors to respect the law.
There was never a time in all
the past when we needed more
than now men, true men, to
preach and practice the precepts
and examples of the Christ.
Men, men, we appeal to you
to allow reason te occapy her
t e~-~as'on be crucified.
to you that you al
impulses of your
Iyour actions;
rthat the
you will
t; that
The Men Who Advertise. E
The attention of our readers r
is called to the advertisements
in this paper. If You Will
watch our columns from week
to week you will find many
things to interest you and ben
efit you. Befoie you start to
town look over the Sentinel and
select what you want. then
make your purchase.
The wideawake business men
will advertise; it pays, and they
know it. They are the ones
who keep busy and their goods
move. There is ':ot a better
medium in Pickens county to
advertise in than The Pickens
Sentinel. It goes into the
homes of more thazn fifteen
hundred people in this county,
and we are constantly adding
new names to our roll.
The money spent for adver
tising is the best investment the
business man can make.
A contract has been let to
build a dormitory at Wofford
College to be known as the
Carlisle Memorial Hall, to cost
The report of the Peusion
Commissioner at Washington
for the year .now ending shows
that $157,325,160 have been paid
from the public treasury in
Pickens county, according to
the last census, had 19.992 white
and 5,430 colored population.
Five thousand of these ought to
be readers of the Sentinel.
Justice John Marshall Har
lan, of the Supreme Court of
the United States, died in
Washington City last Saturday.
He was sick only a few days,
and was considered one of the
best constitutional lawyers of
this country. His last words
were, "Good-bye, I am sorry I
kept you waiting so long."
That Greenwood is fond of
being the meeting place of con
venitions is proven by the fact
that last year she entertained
the W. -M. U. Convention: last
week the Home Missionary so
cieties of the Methodist church
met there; Nov. 21st the U. D.
Convention, and Dec. 1st the
Baptist State Convention meets
The McNamara case now on
for trial in Los Angeles, Ca1.,
will be a picnic for lawyers. It
is announced that the trial may
last from six to nine months.
One entire day last week was
spent in discussing the eligigi
bility of one juror and was ad
journed over until the next day.
I~ mra ke a .month or more
tliure a jury.
The Pickens Association.
The Pickens Baptist Associ
ation met with the Nine Forks
Church about 14 miles east of
here last Wednesday, the 11th,
and continued in session three
days. The first day was rather
threatening and the attendance
of the delegates and visitors was
not very large but the next day
every church in the association
was represented and the atten
dance of visitors very large.
The body was organized by
the election of Hon. W. T. Bow-1
en as Moderator, Mr. G. R. May
field as Clerk -mnd Mr. R. T.<
Hallum Treasure:.
The claims of Home Missions,
Temprance and Sunday schools
was considered the first day.
The reports on these subjects
showed an increase and more
interest than for the previous
year. The Sunday school inter
ests was especially encouraging
and steps were taken to organize
a Sunday School Union to be2
held at some church every fifth
Sunday and Saturday before.2
A committee was appointed to
plan for these meetings and be
fore adjournment it was decided
to hold the first Union at Cross
Roads church the next fifth
Saturday and Sunday. The
secnd day of the meeting ws
clear and bright and a large
number was present. State
Missions and the Laymen's Mis
sionary Movement were the
most important subjects con
sidered, and they were both
represented by Rev. W. E. Wil- 0
kins, the Laymen's Secretary, I
who charmed the people with
his earnest appeals. These in
terests have a large place in the
hearts of the people of the asso- a
ciation, and they stand by them 5
with devotion.r
Foreign Missions was ably C
discussed by Rev. R. J. Wil- a,
iams of Greenville. h,
The matter of most vital con- b
tthe members of the as- *
nd at an unseasonable hou
inder the report on education
['his report was made by Mr|
r. C. Garrett who presented thi
laims of the institution in ai
tble manner. Pledges and cast
o meet a pressing obligatioi
vas taken amounting to quite
iice sum.
The reports and discussion!
ivere all of a high order an<
ihowed an advance ~over thi
previous year. Some splendit
sermons were delivered and lis
bened to with rapt. attention b:
Rev. C. A. Waters, Rev. E. T
Snuggs and others.
The -visitors and delegate
were generously and lavishl:
mntertained. They did not ex
pect less for the association me
n one of the best communitie
n the county.
Among the visitors were Rev
and Mrs. E. T. Snuggs returnei
missionaries of China, Rev. L
N. Chappell, Easley, Rev. W
D. Hammett, Rev. R. J. Wil
[iams, Rev. W. E. Wilkins
Greenville and.others.
The next meeting will b
held with Secona church in Oc
ober 1912.
-For first-class shingles, eith
er heart or sap, see or write m
For prices. Can deliver them a
Pickens or give you special pric
n them at the mill which is
miles north of court house.
J. H. Earle.
auz31tf Pickens. S. C.
Craig Bros. Co. want 30 bush
als white multiplying onions, a
1 per bushel, in trade.
-For land anywhere in Pick
mns county see or write J. R
Ashmore. "'The Land Man."
New Life
is ear.v j!firfsed in~ the j.-we.ler's art
arid te-otav thie.hig'h degree of p'erfec
tio a ttired is. nowhi-re mo'r. a p~arei
thani in the ii-aking oft
An array as is shown at this str r wool
hae been an in- possibility a demde e'g
For your own use or for pr eiie;::.m
iee our line of lockets. They cii' t>L
.quaed and prices ar extremely 1o.
Ease, .
Clerk's Sale.
tate of SouthCarol na,
County of Pickens,
[n Common pleas court.
oio A. rurge.4 et al,
Vartha Hogsed et al.
Ini ;oreuai.ce of a di, ein tal order mad
n the above sta..' ete by~ hi~s flonc
udge R. w. Memo~inger att his chaff
ers in Greenzville S. C. dated Sept. 16tl
911 and on file in1 th-.- Clerk's office Pick
ns county I will sa1; 1.efore the Cour
ouse door at Pickezas. 8. C. during th
egal hours for sale on Salesday in Nc
remer 1911 the following described rea
state sit u~at, d !h ii' and being in th
ounty of P-'ckens~ iand state oaf Sout)
arolina: AlIl ih.e piece parcel or trac
f land ad jo~ing Laas oif Joseph Rat&
i. G. Burg-ss and cantaining twenty
ve (25) acres mtore or less.
Terms~ or sale. one-half cash on day c
ale with leave to the purchaser to pa:
1ll cash, and the balance on a credit o
'welve morsths with interest from da:
f sale at the rate of 8 per cent pe
nnum to be secored by a bund of th
urchaser and mortgage of the prem;
es sold. Should the Durchaser fail t<
~omply w ith terms of said sale withi:
e hour ther-after said clerk will re.
ell the same oni the same or some suic
equent snlesday at the risk of the pur
Purchase~rs to pay for papers and fo
ecording same..
A. J. Boggs.
-Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
;tate of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
n Court of Common Pleas.
. D. Dacus et al Plaintiffs
~ucretia (;istr:.p~, Defendant
In pur suance of a deer etal order mad<
n the above stated case by his Hono:
udge Geo. E. Prinice at his chambers
.t Andeiion, S. C. date~d Sept. 20, 191:
id on file in the e- k's office for Pick
s coun:y. 1 wtill -ell before the Couri
'.us- Uoor at l'ieke' s C H., S. C. dur
ug :h ;-gal houns for sale on Salesday
n Noveimeri i..th- followmng describ
d r. -d ei- ate to1 wit: A crtaini tract 0:
atecl a f land co nt:tiuiing one hundrec
nd twe'anty fivv (:2t) acres more or less
ituated in the above state and county
unded by larnds of Daniel Looper Sr
ani-l Looper. Jr. Anthony Dacus,
'homas Looper, Jeremiah Looper Sr,
ir lands form(erly owned hy them:
legining on a re.. o:. k S 22 E 14, thence
294 E 15 lo white oak. thence down
he meandris of said branch to a stake
65 E a-h :3 lirnks to ash the baranch
i~ 1:3 ch -:Oinks to a ash, N 53 wV i2h
0 iks to a mr~n!l hickory N 59 WV 20ch
0 lnks to a pa)st oak thence along said
pad 3(ch, r0links to the begining red
Terms of sale cash. The purchaser
nst comply with the terms within one
our after the sale or the premises will
e resold at the risk of the fermer pur
Purchaser to pay, for all papers and
Will not buy a Dependable Piano.
Too Much Money
Does Not Necessarily Guarantee One.
Strikes a happy medium in Price--and insures the
maximum intrinsic value.
s This Piano is built according to strict specifica
tions in one of New York's most modern Piano Fac
- tories, and contains every feature possible in a sci
t e entificallv built instrument.
The One Artistic Piano .
in which you do not pay for name.
Guaranteed for a life time. Sold Direct From Fac
tory only by
John H. Williams '
Phone 682, GREENVILLE, S. C.
e Victor Talking Machines and Supplies.
Per Cnt of Admitted Assets 9
)From the Compendium of Life Insurance Reports, 1911.)
SOUTHEASTERN LIFE........78.76 per cent.
Union Central...... ................. 77.22
Life Ins. Co. of Virginia.....................72.48
):I A etna......... ........ .............................49.07
M utual Benefit .................................47.08 4
M etropolitan......................... ............40.30
Penn M ntual.....................................40.28
Fidelity Mutual......N...........26.4 3
NMutual of New York.........................24.54
Equitable .....................20.42
New York Life......................14.50 n
n Safe Investments.
WeT believe in South Carolina dirt, and invvest our
mnyin First Mortgage Real Estate Loans in this State
SSoutheastern Life Insuranlce Co., 9
M PICKENS,----- -- -- --SOUTH CAROLINA. n. e
- Clerk's Sale. jtwo years from day of sale, sale to te
Sate f Souh Carlinato the highest responisihble bidder, theS
Sate f Soth Crolia, .deferred p)aymlents to bear interest at 0
County of Pickens, the rate of eight per cent per annums
in Common Pleas Court.- payablb annually. with privilege to the
Win. H. Ambler, Plaintiff, purchaser to anticipate payment or to
Addi A. against pyall cash. the credit portien to be
Adi A. rrett et alDefendants- secured by note or bond1( of the purchas.2
In pursabove oftate dcsetayhi orrd er -nd a mortgage of the p emnises sold
t dnteaoesated June by 1911 andon The terms of thbis sale mnust be comiplied E
T. S. Sease dtdJn5.11adonwith within one hour from sale or the
file in the Clerk's office Pickens county premises will be resold at the risk of thet
I will sell before the Court House door formler putrchiaser or purchatses-Pur
at PickenseC. H., S. C. during the legal chaser or purchasers to pay~ for all pla
hours for sale on Salesday in November, pers an frRcrding the same. r
1911-the folloiving described real est ate forJ Bogs,
situated, lying and being in the county Cht rk of Ce-urt,
rand state aforesaid, to wit: Pickens County. t
a 1. All that certain tract of lal.d in the-- _ 1
.county of Pickens, andstate of South Clerk's Sale.
y arolina, on Ravens Fork-of Twel-e State of South rarolina, t
1 ile River containing one hundred a" County of Pickens..
. fifteen aid three Ionrth (!M) .cre, m'oreInC rtoCmmnPe.M
. or less av eeable to a pilat i'f the s:ame George Wt. H~endricks et alm
. made by E. C. Eder s, surveyor 31st ll~iils o
August, 1897, and hath subich shape,formn
and marks as are rep~resented in saidnaitc
rplat and ad joining lands of I racs No 2, Ruth A. B. Rocht ster t al t
J. E. Hagood lan<'s. Larkmn Hendricks I efentiants. h
and othets it being a p >iion of the .In pursoance of a decretal urdi r imade ly
Ambler home i-lace which was con.ivev- in the above stated cas,- b. his l!onor 01
el to Anita A. Breazeale (otew Amabler) Judge Geo. E. Prince, at hi- chamubers
on the 16th day of Novemno.-r, 18j7, deed at Anderson, S. ( . dated Sept. 22. 1911, l
.- and on file im the clerk s orliee for Pick- at
recorded in Deed Book "W' at page Z6' ens conty I will sell hIfort h-~ I ur ':1
Pickens county seCord1s. Eause door at Pickens S. C. during the Mi
2 All that piece.parcel,plautation or jlegal hours for sale on Salesday in No- at
tract of land lying and being situated in vember 1911 the following dercribed Be
tihe county oIf Picker:s.state aforesaid,on real estate to wit: rc
Ravens Fork of Twelve Mile River coin- First:-AII that piece parcel or lot cf to
etaining one hundred (100) acres more or land lying and being sii ua:t.) ini state ba
Sless agreable to a plat of the same ma~de and cour.ty afort said conltainiig fifteen t~
iby E.. C. Edens, Surveyor,January 20th and 34-10 i acres mo're or less, adjoining th
. 1891 and hath such shape, form and lots 3, 5, 7, Hendricks, Buoggs. Houston, og
marks as are represented in said plat ard Clemson College and more fully de- t~
and which is attached to the deed from scribed by plat nmade of w;'e by J. P, -r:
James H. Ambler to B. 0. Armbler. ad-i Attaway Su-vey, r, and known in said e
joining lands of tract No. 3, J. E. Ha- plat as lot N.-. 4 and :.eded. to Mrs. J. ,,
-good lands tract No. 1 and others. it A. Hendlrick< 1' ii B. 'C cran. admin
being a portion of the tract of land; strator, by ,!e- i dated December 7th by
which J. HI. Ambler tpurchased from 1906. and I LtJrdtd m? liook --EE" page y~e
Sargent Griffin, and which is now sub- 6-.h
divided into several 'racts, this tract be- Seconi.: .Al that ii ce piarce-l or tract hm
ing known in the subdivision as traat of la li mg: anI ben g in tih State and he:
No. 4. Cout ty 1.fs ~id containing Twelve (12) se
5. All that piece, parcel, plantation 1acres monre or 1ess. boundt d by lands of lat
or tract of land lying and being situatej W. R. (;.chran on the North Snuthi aid
in the county of Pickens.state aforeraid1. West, on the Eas:, by lands oIf A arensp
on Ravens F'ork of Twelve Mile River Hoggs, according to a plat mlade by .John era
containing forty four (44) acres more or' B. Stribling on the 3r d day of January the
les.- agreable to a plat of the same made 1'694, and deeded to Mrs J. A. Hen
by E. C. Edens, Surveyor, January 20. dricks (afterward H endricks) hy J. H.
1894and hath such shape,form andmark G. McDaniel S, P. C. by deed dated Jan
as are represented in said plat. it being Iuary 27tht 190:2, anlti Rec-ordied in deed .
a portion of the tract of land which Book "V" page 42.
James H. Ambler purchased from Sar-| Terms of sale; cash on da:y of sale. N
get Griffin and which is now subdivid- Teru s of sale must be celm; lied with
ed into several tracts this tract, being within ona hour or the pen m:ses will be's
known in the subdivision as tract No. 2 .resold at the risk of the for muer purchas- pr~
adjoining lands of J. E. Hagood tracts er. Purchaser or Purchat~crs to pay for No
Nos.land 3. al nn anth recording of mee al
all T)afl~rq
- ...w. .'.'-'* I..
* 65
Fall Aino
T HE men who do the most talking,
thusiastic listeners. The busines
are not necessarily the leaders in their
back them up with the right kind of go
this. We started in business fourteen
steadily increasing each year. The re,
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Seasonable No
Our stocks are now complete wi
most reliable merchandise, and c
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Clerk's Sile.
:ae of south Carolina.
ounty of Picker~s.
rnk G. Allgood, et a!, Puffs.
lton Looper. et al, Defts.
I pursuance of a decretal order made
the above stated case by His Honor
ge George E, Prince at his chambers
nderson, s. C. dated sept 22, 191l1,
s n file in the Clerk's office for Pick
scounty, I will sell befcre the court [.
se door at Pickens C.H. s. C. dur
gthe legal hours for sale on salesday
[ovember,1911.the following describ
eal estate. to wit:
1All that certain piece paircel or
t of land situate lying and being in
ecounty of Pickens and state of
th Carolina, and containir~g thirty
and five tenth (36,5) acres more or -
sand more particularly described as D
>llws, to wit: Beginning at an ironYo v
nin center of road, and running N well and keep h
~E. 47 chaina to bend in road, thence ber we have a c
51 E 4:80 chains to bend; thence N medicmnes, chen
.5:35 chains to bend; thence N 31l and quality gual
11 to bend,thence N 49Et:13 tc bend,
Lce N 53 E 8:03c :, to rock on side of
d, thence s851 E 8:55 to ash on bank K-"
ranch, thence~ down said branch toJ2 J
k; thence due west 10:20 ch to rock,.
nce N 60 W10:44 ch to beginning pin.
eabove described track of land being ________
enorthern portion of a ces Lain tract___________
land represented by a plat made by --___
. Earle, surveyor, dated February
, 1911. the same being cut off from ~ O
e60 1-10 acres by a line run by said
. Eerie surveyor, on the 1st day of We have just
, 1911. Reference being hereby We absolutely gut
e to the aforesaid survey and plat and prices. Befo:
JH. Earle, surveyor, for a more we have the best|
iplete description of the 36.5 acres
land hereby descrbed is a part of the ' LISTEN: T]
e place~ of the late Jeremiah Looper' for another year1
g on waters of Wolf Creek waters J. Oliver Plow ha
12 Mile river. market. We cari
.All that piece parcel or tract ofWeaocryot
dsituate and 1lying and being m the as ar t
rve named county and state lying on .Pek
ters of Wolf Creek. waters of Twelve
eRiver, and containing twenty three .We have a Ni
Idsix tenths (23.6) acres more or less; we invite your at
.nning at an iron pin in center of them also.
dand running S 60 E 10;44 chains
ock thence E 16:20 chains to rock on Our Hard war
:s of tranch, thence down said Farming.jmplem4
ch to pine knot incenter of branch, ber Roofing, Lub
ece N 69 WI 31 chains to rock on side Hames, Slip Harf
ad; thence up said r oad 8 chains to --
gning corner, and being the south- GROCE 'ES:
> ortion of a tract of land rep.resent- goods that ctibe
n a plat made by J 11. Eaih-, sur- Breakfast Bicn,
r, on February 14th, 1911. the same Hulls, Bran~ Shor
g c-uL off froum a tract of 60 1-10
line un by said J H. Earle', stir- LISTEN: W
r on May 1st, 1911, reference is the Fair ar atal:
ey made to the aforesaid plat for a,)
>coplete escrhtin e lad
*ied is a part of the home i~lace of the ' i
Jeremiah Looper.
erms of sale cash--to the highest re
nsible bidder-Purchaser or j urshas
> pay for all papers and recording
A. J. Boggs,
Clerk of Court.
Pickens (County S. C.
)tce to Debtors and Creditors.
lpersons holding claims against the(3
eof the late J. B. Freeman
esed, must present the same duly
n on or before the let day of
r.1911, or be debarred payment, and
,NLEY & CO.,
to not necessarily have the
s men who make the stron
lines. We make strong
ods. Give us an opportu
years ago and our busines
tson is, our motto has al
I Honest
wchandise at
;h all this season's new
ur prices are right.
mplete Line of
guits and
s and Children.
ity. Here are our
(Every Pair (
of Groceries, Hardw
ies and Wagons. Th
ing you need, and
ill treat you right.
rnley 0
s, Hawes Hats'
City Buggies
s Furnishing'
If so,
. 1a

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