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SOMhing !ou Know Some
Yon Doni Dow Abot
Towns, County & People
Mr. T. R. Allen made a fiy4
visit to Piedmont last Sunday.,
Mr. J. M. Garrett is attendin
the U. S. court in Greenville as
a petit juror.
Clerk of Court A. J. Boggs
went to calhoun last Sunday
on a visit to his ather.
Easley is making ready for U
gala week, beginning about the
middle of November.
Mr.' Hagood Bruce left last
Saturday on a trip to New York,
Philadelphia and Washington.
The Corner Stone of the Meth
odist church will be laid today
at 10 o'clock with Masonic cer
Mrs. I. M. Mauldin returned
from Atlanta- last Thursday,
after a pleasant week's stay
with a friend.
The Dutch weather prophet
of Columbia says we will have
no killing frost before the mid
dle of November.
Rev. J. E. Crim, principal of
the Six Mile Baptist Academy
has been elected pastor of the
Keowee church for next year,
Mr. and Mrs, Wesley Curtd
of Mile Creek, passed througl
town last W e' sday en-route,
e on at Nine Forks.
- The .letter of our correspond
ent on Easley,R 1, was received
too late for last week and would
be too old for this week. Copv
must reach us by Tuesday no
to insure publication.
The iow price of cotton is de
pressing business very -mucL
It is said very little tradingi
ibeinig done. Those who sell coi
ton do not spend but little of tb
money. They either pay it C
obligations or lay it away.
Treasurer J. T. Richey open4
the tax books last Monday ai
collected $118.14. Those wi
paid were T. L. Watkins, Mi
Nancy Wilson, J. Lenhar
Williams, A. L. Fortner, Vt
Ellison, R. M. Lusk and I
J. L. Valley.
- Dr. Ingram, who will be hi
the 23d inst. for a week, con
well recommended, and is
graduate of the Northern I
nois College of Chicago. A
one needing glasses will do v
to see himf, ashis work is up
date in every particular.
Rev. B. E. Grandy and
sons, Lloyd and Roy, have1
their hands full of work all
summer and fall,buildin~g hot
in the lower counties of
state. They have contr;
ahead which will keep tl
busy for several months.
Our old friends Maj. G.
Bowen and Mr. Reece Nimn
are doing a splendid busi
ginning cotton at Mr. Sila
Robinson's. They get cue
from Greenville county bec
they do good work and ch~
such reasonable prices.
Another splendid, up-to
plant is the ginnery, saw
grits mill of Mr. Thomas Jut
near Cross Roads church.
is a new plant and located
prosperous -section, and Mr
lian is kept busy trying to
the requirements of his cus
ers. Such enterprises as
show the progressive spii
the people.
While attending the Pi1
Association last week we
* many evidences of prosp
The cotton fields we'e whit
*well laden with the fleec
ple. The corn was abu
*and exceedingly good,
*farmers will gather a larg
of corn and a fair crop of c
Mr. J. L. Looper, whc
near Cross Roads churci
A - one of the best up-to-dai
neries to be found any'
The building is large a:
best improved machinel
methods for handling coi
ised. It is fire-proof. M:
1per is kept quite busy.
Theffiekens Chapter U
heldaive interesting ni
at the of re
afernoo - renice
was elece
Capt. J. T. Taylor has been
in North Carolina for the past
ten days. He with others who
are interested in the Cullowee
Copper Mine have been install
ing a new smelter plant. They
hope to resume operation of the
mine at an early day.
It is said that there is one
man who lives bn the Saluda
riyer, in this connty, who will
gather six thousand bushels of
corn this year. That man is
Mr. Henry Pace, who owns sev
eral hundred acres of very fine
land, ariong them being many
acres of the very best bottom
land. It was told to us that he
had saved sixteen thousand
bundles of fodder, and besides
7his fine corn crop will make sev
eral bales of cotton, peavine
hay, molasses, potatoes, etc.
His farm will yield him this
year at least $10,000. Why do
~pe want to leave Pickens
unty when they can make
ch crops as this?
Ceath of Mrs. S. A. Alexander.
In the death of Mrs. Sarah A.
exander another one of our
lidest and well known citizens
pas been removed from us.
er death occurred at her home
n Big Eastatoe last Saturday,
th inst. It was not unexpect
as she had been in declining
d feeble health for several
nths. She was one of the
3t known women in the coun
and numbered her friends by
r' acquaintances. She was
ut 83 years old and is sur
ed by two daughters, Mrs.
T. W. Folger of Central, and
- W. K. Boggs, and several
nd children and other rela
. The funeral services were
at her late residence last
day and her remains were
in the family burying
nd near by. She will be
for her many noble traits
- enerous acts. Always kind,
table and devoted to her
- y and friends. The poor
L. und a friend and helper
sr. By her upright and
. 'able life she won the con
e fid and admiration of all
n w ew her.
tender our sincere sympa
d th her loved ones and friends
ad wh left to mourn her de
to par~ - _ _
s-ge Klugh Dead.
y jeJ. C.Klugh died at his
hot Abbeville on the 12th
ins e was 54 years old and
is~ s edby his wife and six
chil He had been in fail.
es ing th. for~ two or three
ayea il for the last several
i-moiv 'as unable to discharge
ny ig This is the reason
ell - all court was held at
to- in any of the Coun
Stenth Circuit. His
his .ce would have expir
1ad en22 ber, 1914. The un
his expira rm being for more
ses than at the Governor cannot
the appoint successor but will be
ats electedthe next legislature.
em Sund ool Convention.
w. We a uested to announce
tons5 that th8 rty Township Sun
ess day Sch ssociation will hold
s F their Se nnual Convention
tom at Enon t Church on Sat
ause urday, 21st. inst. Ev
arge erybody d to attend this
meeting well filled
daebaskets. time is in store
aate for those and a profita
adble nmeeti ticipated. The
lan, foloig rogram
This 10:00 A. votional exer
ma cises, d by the pres
.Ju- ident, 1i .. Boggs.
meet 10:20 A. ress of Wel
tJom-I come, by uperintendent
this of the Su chool, Mr. H.
'it of D. Single
10:35 A. M.gonse to Ad
kens dress ot Wer
saw 10-45 A. lirollment of
rity. Delegates.
e and 10:55 A. M.~Y Sunday
sta- School Work Necessity,
dant by Prof. Wnorrison.
The 11:15 A. M.-T1) as Litera
crop ture, by Rev. ailey; Jr.
tton. 11:50 A. M.-Tb y School
lives as a Spiritual by Rev.
,has A. H. Best,
egi-12:10 A. M.-Ad ne hour
here. for dinner.
d the 1:10 P. M. Song er ser
d ti vice.
ton is 1::3CP. M.-The Child
. Loo- Nature, by ce W.
D. c. 1:50 P. M.-The of a
eeting Teacher, by . A.
sident, Waters.
Friday 2. chool of
Bow D.W ban
e 1 --The To
- tb ons.
Our Local Advertisers. r
When you are in town ask
for Corbin's restaurant and get
a squ ire meal.
Mr. A. M. Morris offers some
choice real estate for sale. It
is well improved and first-class
property. If you want to buY
see him for prices and terms.
Have you secured any of those
bargains and prizes offered by
J. Alonzo Brown? If you have
not you may miss the opportu
nity of a life time. He is selling
at prices unheard of.
We know you have traded
some with Mr. A. E. Mull, the
genial manager of Parrish, Sloan
& Co.'s store. If you have not
you do not know what you have
missed, for everyone who trades y
there once will go back.
Are you looking for a home,
a house and lot or a farm? If
so, come to Pickens and see H.
M, Hester or J. R. Ashmore.
They have many for sale or ex
change and will treat you right.
Those who deal in soft drinks
should patronize home industry
and drink Hot Tom. The Pick
ens Bottling Works make vari
ous kinds of soft drinks and
there is no need to order it from V
Craig Bros., the old reliables,
still maintain their title "the
one price cash merchants."
When you have produce, chick
ens, eggs and such like and want
the best price for them you know
where to go.
The Pickens Hardware and
Grocery Co. is comparatively a
new business in town, but they
have drawn such a large trade
until their name has become a
household word. They furnish
the bread and meat and many
other good things to appease the
The fall announcement of a
Folger, Thornley & Co., should
be read by every reader of this
paper and then passed on to
their friends. It contains much
information of interest to the
people. These men carry an /
up-to-date line of goods and
spare no pains to please the most
Moore, Mauldin & Co. cannot
only please you with the very
best grade of goods and prices
to match but they are selling J
some of the best farm imple- ~
ments on the market. You I
should by all means see their i
new guano distributor and grain ~
drill and disc plow.
Everybody knows the Big
Store. They know also that I
when they come to Pickens they
need not go away without get -\
ting what they want if they go J
there. And it puts a large smile
on the face of Big Bruce to know 1
he can please and satisfy his I
customers, and Ben never gets I
too tired to laugh and tell a joke.1
The October Eye-Opener sure
ly was read by every reader of I
this paper. If it is bargains you
are looking for now is your
chance to get them for they are
being offered by the Keowee
Supply Co. If you have not yet 7
secured any of these valuable(
bargains and want some of them 1
you must not delay. i
There is no scarcity of lands
for sale. No use for people to
1l3,ve Pickens county to purchase
good farm lands. Look at our -
advertising for fine farms offer
ed by Mr. J. F. Banister of Lib
erty, and Mr. B. R. Moss of Wal
halla. But if you just will go
and nothing else will satisfy you
then see or write Mr. D. A. Bai
ley, Hawkinsville, Ga. If you
are Georgia struck he can satis
fy you.
It is to be hoped that people'
will keep well but this is not ex
pected. They will get sick and
have to take medicine, and when
they do we ask you to go quick
ly to one of the Pickens drug
stores. The Keowee Pharmacy
and the Pickens Drug Company
are open day and till late in the
night, and pleasantly and with
dispatch fill your prescriptions.
They have many things wvhich
you need outside of medicine
and you should read1 their ad
vertisements. lar
A Dastardly Crime. fcc
News reaches us as we go to soi
press that a negro named Bill att
Whitesides committed the un- nis
mentionable crime on the daugh- foi
ter of a respectable citizen on
Saluda, about fifteen miles from
here, one day last week. He
was hid in the woods near the
house and the lady wvent to get!
some eggs from a nest neaIr
where the negro was, which w"as -
about 150 to 200 yards from t se w
house, when he seizedl and uvtr- tri
powered her. He made his es
cape and has not been captured. wi
To the Corn Club Boys. te1
Gather your corn according to tu
the rules sent you, and bring t
your exhibit to this oilimO No. ;d;
11th, at 11 a. m. Prof C. 1B. in!
Hadden, of Clemson C'olle:, is!
sending out report Ibbu ks to be
filled out to every boy in the
club. If you do not receive one to
right away write him and one Co
will be sent you. Su
R. T. H~iun. Co. Supt- 10
To the People
you as we are this Fall and
largest stoc ks of merchandis
tell you all about it. Below
mence stock.
Dry Goods, Noti
We are showing all the latest weave
yard All colors of Standard.Prices
and 12 1-2C. One lot 12 I-2c. F1:
Our Millirn
Is full of the season's latest HATS
$4.00, $5.00 and up as high as you
In Our Sh
You will find Crossetts for Men $4
and a big line of work shoes that ar
You should see our line of Chil
It will pay 3
Before you buy your Fall Suits. \\
The Miller make from___
Hamberger's -----------------
Hardware, Stoves, I
The Best Rh
Just received a car load of gen
reliable Studebaker WVagons, one ci
also showing ai big line of Tyson &
Just rece
We are going to offer you sonr
in touch with the Big Store.
Use Avery's R
implements, both in regard to the de
taned by their users. By use of thes
ively covered. The regular ity of dej
1aid in preparing a seed-bed of unifo:
Id by two horses or mules. Cuts furr
hed with Avery's Steel Double Tree:
this plow. It is made especially for
We are in a position to quote yo'
Trsees to Meet.
onnet:(st has been made that
annonne~e a meet in et o he.
ti et S of the Six 3 ile iaTj i-t
deIm~ on. the 25th inst . They
Imeet at the Academy at 110
ack a. mn., to ennsider mat
sof importance to the insti
ion. Everyone of the t rs
Sare urged to be present. and is
ther's who feel ani interest
i. schoo0l wvill be welcomediet.
An All Day Singing.
Ill lovers of music are in vited
ttend an all day singing at ---____
cord Baptist church next The Pi
day. Services will begin at y'ear in a
~clock and adjourn at will.
f. McD. Baker and Prof. R.
Bolding and others will lead
* . V
of Pickens County:
Winter. We have for your inspection one of the
e in upper South Carolina. We haven't space to
we give you a few of the articles from our im
ens, Shoes and Clothing.
s in Dress Goods at 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00 per
at 5c the yard. Big line of Outings 5, 8 1-3, 1o
mellettes at roc.
ory Department
it frorn $1.00, $1.50,'$2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $3.50,
want to go.
oe Department
.oo to $.0; Abbotts $3-50; Perfect Models $3-oo
e made for service from $1.25- to $3-50
dren's School Shoes.
ou to take a look at our
re are showing some great values in Clothing.
------------------$7.50 to $12.50
- ----- $12.50 to $25.00
(anges and Farm Implements.
inye on Earth fiMia0.
iine Geo. E. Nissen Wagons; one car of-the. old
~r of Piedmont and Rock Hill Buggies. We are
Jones Buggies with brass boxes.
ived a fresh car of5
ght Flour.
e great values this Fall. It will pay you to keep
9 in Low Prices.
eversible Disc Plow.
ERSIBLE DISC PLOWS are tar in advance of simi
tails of their construction anid the satisfactory result:
e Plows the soil is well pulverized and the trash ef
th of plowing and the thorough pulveration of th<
ymity, thereby insuring incereased crops. Easily oper
:w 7 to 11i inches wide, 6 to I 2 inches deep. Fur
mnd Single Tree. Your hard red land is not too har(
ground that is too hard for other plows.
1 a special irice on this Plow. See us about it.
(Prickly Ash; Poke Root and Potassium)
Prompt Powerful Permanent
fet* r u,:sal;il "to. P. ~lastigi n ue
-g felt very quickly hnother md- you tostaycured
Makes rich, red, pure blood-cleanses the entire
stem --clears the brain -strengthens dlgestionl and nerves.
A positive specific for Blood Poison and skin diseases.
Drives out Rheumatism and Stops the Pain; ends MalariS;
a wonderful tonic and body-builder. Thousands endorse it.
kens Sentinel-$1 per1 Lost-At Pitkens the las
avance- day of the fair, g black dog
with white breast. Any on,
finding him will please notifa
Dr. J. I
Pickens, Monday,
Your Eyes Exam
All N
I use the latest and most
science in making my examinat
Having just returned from C
graduate course in Optics, and
experience and knowiedge in f1
Pickens I
Drugs, Stationery,
This store is the home o
of Family Remedies. The
edies, not cure-alls but AL
for your needs. A few sp
' Rexall Orderlies- Ur
and pleasant to tak<
RexhIl "93" Hair To
greatest hair preser
to medical science.
Rexall Liver Salts-T
for Calomel.
Rexal Dyspepsia Tab
the world for Indig
LThese are a veiy smal
sace wvill not permit us to
the other 294 are just as g
rhanaut flsto~k of Drg
*Stationery, SchoollI
(p Cigars and
We have rect
nice line of
Solid Gold and
When ini need of anythi
@1and see what we have.
)OD, .. C.,
October 23, 191W
ined FREE.
Vork Guaranteed.
approved methods known to
iicago, Ill., where I took a past
new offer you the benefit of my
tting glasses correctly.
)rug Co.
Toillet Articles.
the whole Rexall family
re are 300 Rexull r em
L cures, so come
.cially timely, needful
equaled Liver Pillsl inai
Wc- -Conceded to be the
ver and beautifier-kn
5oc and $i.oo.
Le best substitute known
lets-The finest thing in.
part of the ai
mention the
o orwho s
ofa$ .
00oks and Supplies,
nftly added a
Gold Plated,
Sil ver.
ng along this line come

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