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twenty-one, was
from her
word that her
he must have a
her school
to do the work
the mother.
ce. The girl
in order to take
good girl has
She has nursed
the verge of the,
sacrifice have
. she could
ed on an aver
much better, but
It may be a
Is completely re
the daughter
y longer; on the
s that she owes
er twenty-one. In the
the daughter got
ended agricultural col
e has a bank account
and now the father
into partnership, and
get a full share of the
hter has had nothing.
g a pride In her own ability,
has purchased her clothes from
own little savings.
t fair?
-te.-4ather--nor the brother
appreciate the girls great
tion. rhey take it for.
she should do what she has
lingly and without pay.
the girl go away every one
exclaim at her "heartlessness
is it fair?
. girl be caled upon
e all the sacrifice? Is it no;
that she should have given up
long the realization of her cher
hers is one of several such cases
e come under my personal at
a Where ignorance is bliss 'tis folly
to- bewlser says the adage.
You do not believe It?
-It is vitaHy true.
There are times when the wisest
thing one can d~ ls to shut one's eyes
one- should see altogether too
m -There are occasions when one
can see all one ought to see by looking
the other way. For Instance:
Yon want to donc'mntrate your
thought. How will you do it?
There is only--ene way. Every stu
dent, every mental worker. must learn
that way or fail of success. You must
a r e to shut out th .
world about you-be i~!erfor
happenings.--andua-your mniid on
..terfear to hand.
Isit not so?
If you would specilize In your work
It would be folly to be wise to the
* , things outside your specialty.
The -ardox that Ignorance often
9 om Is strangely true.
those who are forever look
ble traits In the peo
udthem. If Instead of
failings of their friends
3Liek- for the ami
* . -would better serve
and themselves be hap
*lbautiful truth in the old
hgdwho kooks or the faults
weebyc g to love
- oeeght2e .ols con
see Ghershort
not see
not peer into the dark
for skeletons. It looks,
bthe sunlight and finds
eyes to the Imperfections
your eyes to their graces and
nythe good In your friends
will show you their good side.
ely Ignorant of their blemishes
ebleihes may disappear.
, -t is better to .be happy in
your Ignorance than miserable in your
wisdom.____ ___
Selfish Interest.
"You seem to be developing a great
Interest In conservation."
"I am," replied Sir. Cumrox. "If
they keep cutting down the trees
there won't n any woods for me to
take to when mother and the girls
get up these rounds of social gayety.".
--Washingrton Star.
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58 acres, 5-room house,Ievel, 1 [-2 miles of Liberte.c
78 acres, 4-room house, level, 1 3-4 -ihs of Liberty.
34 acres, level, 1 1-4 miles of Liberty
70 acres, 2 miles of Liberty on Southern Ky
30 acres 2 1-2 miles of Liberty.
~~re~-2 miles otffirty on the Southern Ry.
48 acres 2 1-2disfof Liberty on Southern Ry.
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Vwic --s ,
State of-SouthCarol'na.
County of Pickens
In Common pleas court.
John A. Firgess 4ni.
Martha U. gsl Et al.
In pur. niance of a dc i tal order made
in the above state.i ca e by his Honor
Judge R W. Memning-r at his cham
bers in Gjenvii.e S. '. ;ated Sept. 16th
1911 and t*n file i.. h. . erk's office Pick
ens county I wiii :1 ! before the Court
Bouse door at Piv'---s;. S C. during the
legal hours ftr s zie on alesday in No
venher 0911 th follo w ing described real
Estate ii Muated I, i.g and being in the
county of Pirkia Osand state of South
Carolina: All tl.i pie ce parcel or tract
of land adjo:ning innds of Joseph Bates
A. G. Burgess: ..d e.,n taining twenty
gre (25) acres wn - or less.
Terms of sale Gne-half cash on day of
;ale with leave to the purchaser to pay
ill cash, and the balance. on a credit of
rwelve montli with interest from day
Df sale at the rate of s per cent per
annum to be secured by a bond of the
purchaser and n omartgage of the premi
sessold. Should the ourchaser fail to
-ompitly ' ith terms of said sale within
ne hour ther, aft--r said cltrk will re
ell the same on the s-te or some suo
equent salesday at the risk of the pur
Purchasers to pay for papers and for
recording same.
A. J. Boygs.
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
tate of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
P. 1). 1)acus et al Plaintiffs
- a-.ainst
Leretia (;ilstr~p, Defendant
'In pursuance of a decretal order made
I the alove stat, d eae- by his Honor
Judge G, o. E. Privce at his chambers
at Anderson, -. C. diated Sept. 20, 1911
and on file in the cle k's 1ice for Pick
ens county, I will seli before the Court
Hous- door at Pickeis C -H . S. C. dur%
oag ihl lgal hours for sale on Sa'esday
in Novemher *9! 1 the following 'escrib
ed real e-.ate to wit: A certein tract or
parcel of land c-ntainir-' .-one hundred
and twent) five (i25) :*gr more or less,
,ituated il t he :if), si te and county,
b >unde-dy-l e.f ljani:-l Looper Sr.
teni, 1 Luiper Jr, Anthony Dacus,
Thoinst Looper. Jeremiah Looper Sr.
(or lands forierly owned by them)
Begining on a red oak S 22 E 14, thence
S 291 E 15 to white oak. thence down
the meandet s of said brarch to a stake
N 65 E 49ch. 33 links to ash the branch
linae 1:3 ch 50inks to a as~h, N 58 W ]2ch
50 links to a small hickory N 59 W 20ch
50 links to a post oak :hence along said
read :3f'ch, r0inks to the beginineg red
Ter mns of sale c:esh. ~The purchaser
must comply with the. terms within one
hour aft- r 'he sale o'r 'he pre mises will
be r. d at the risk of the f< rmner pur
Pruebcaser to pay for all paiers and
re~ ;rding the same.
Cl' rk of Court.
Clerks Sale.
S .'. .4 South Caro'li-,
C ounits of Pick'n'-,
I n i.:aa .'o-e I'.- . ; i .
:egai' s'
Iitie A hlt- 't : tal I). fentd.r :s.
In pw-lrsu ' ., . ei etal oird.r c.ade
in the abe -ta*..jted~ casi h his t Honor
'T S. . " eldated Juntie 5. 191!' and. -On
file ot ii h.- Cierk's ..01 'i Pekens county
I will sell beore the Court House door
at icikens C. II., 's. C. during the legal
hours for sale on Salesday~ in November,
19t-the following described real es'ate
situa'ed. lying andI being in the county
and state aforesaid, to wit:
1. All that certrin tract ecf Imd in the
county~ of Pic'.ns. and state of South
'arolina, on Ravens For'k of Twelve
.ile River containing one hund hed andJ
fifteen and three font th (11l52)acres more
or l'es a peeable to a plat of the same
made by E. C'. Edens, Surveyor 31st
August, 1897, and hath such shape,formn
and marks as are represented in said
pat arid adjoining lands o'f l'act No 2,
J. E, Hagood lands, Larkmn Ilendricks
and oth~eus it being a portion if tIe
Ambler home place a' h:ci: wa s convey
ed to Anita A. Bre'azeale ('-c' Auabler)
on the 16th d-ty of November, 1897, deed
recorded in Deed Book --W" o page 267
Pickens e' tnty secor 's.
2 All t'ea' jiece.parcel,planltation or
tract of land lying and beiner si:tuatedu ini
the county of Pickens,state aforesaid,on
Ravens Fork of Twelve Mil. R~ver con
taning one hundred (100) acres more or
less agreable to a plat of the same made
by E. C. Ediens, Surveyor,January 20th
1891 and hath such shape, form and
mark s as are represented in .cae plat
and which is 'at'ached to the deed from
James UI. Ambler to It. 0. i mbd'r ad
joining lands of tract No. 3, J. E. Ha
good lands tract No. 1 and others, it
being a portion of the tract of laud
which J. H, Ambler purchased from
8.irgent Griffin, and which is now sub
divided into several 'racts, this tract be
ing known in the sub'iivisieon as tract
No. 4.
S. All that piece. p-iircel. plantation
or tract of land lying andl being situate
in the county of Piciou 1s.st te a foresaid.
on Ravens F'ork of Tw~e'lve Mile River
containing t0: yjt r m (4:) acre s more' or
less. agreab.'--- : plat < f th: - an,p 'made
by E. t'. E rns. !"ate-yr, January 20)
1894,and hathi *mh 'l|:1 p,form :'.ndma'k
as are re-pr -s'nt.ed mn s'-sid p'in t it he'ng
a portion 'f the' t.r:en t of I :nd which
James li \mbler poa, ' dae fromi Sar
gert G, Il:; and~ whia-h is now sinbdivid
ed into several trae:s this tract. heir.g
known ini ihe.- suhtliv54on as tract N> 2
adjoining land! . f J. E. H ago".d tracts
Nes 1 and 3.
'. rms of sale-One thirud ca'dh on day
of sale, the remainder in two eqlual
a'rual installnents, payah- in one and
two years from clay of sal". sale to he
to the highest r< soonsible ideder, the
deferred payments to he'ar interest at
the rate of eig'ht per cenit ;-er annum
payabl.e annually. with pr;-vilege to the
purchaser to anT~ripate !---3 n-enat or to
pay all cash. at.e erec'jit portion to be
secured by note t' bond eof the purchias
er and a mortgage of the premises sold
The terms of this sgle must be complied
with within one h'our from saleor the
premises will l'e re ~ld at the risk of the
former purchaser or purchase
chaser or purchasers to pay for all pa
pers and for Recording the same.
A. J. Boggs,
Clerk of Court.
Pickens County.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
George W. Hendricks et al
Ruth A. B. Rochester et al
In pursuance of a decretal order mad<
in the above stated case by his Hono:
Judge Geo. E. Prince, at his chamber:
at Anderson, S. C. dated Sept. 22, 1911
and on file in the clerk's office for Pick
ens county. I will sell before the Cour
House door at Pickens S. C. during thi
legal hours for sale on Salesday in No
vember 1911 the following dercribe
real estate to wit:
First:-All that piece parcel or lot c
land lying and being situatea in stat
and courty afortsaid containing fifteel
and 34-10J acres more or less, adjoinini
lots 3, 5, 7, Hendricks. Boggs. Houston
anid Clemson College and niore fully de
scribed by plat made of same by J. 1
Attaway Surveyor, and known in sail
plat as lot No.# and deeded to Mrs. J
A. Hendrick by G . B. Cochran. admit
:strator, by deed dated December 7t]
1906, and Recorded in Book "bE" pag
Second: All that piece parcel or trac
of land lying an:i being in the State an(
County aforesaid containing Twelve (12
acres more or less, bounded by lands 0
W. R. COchran on the North South an(
West, on the East by lands of Aaroi
Boggs, according to a plat made by Johi
B. Stribling on th' 31d day of Januar;
1S94, and deeded to Mrs. J. A. Hen
dricks (afterward Hendricks) by J. E
G. McDaniel S. P. C. by deed-datcd Jar
uary 27th 1902, angaRcz.rded in dee(
Book "-V" pxagp .4
Terms ig al#; cash on day of sale
Termy)-'*of -sale must be complied wit]
%:thin on hour or the premises will b
resold at the risk of the former purchas
er. Purchaser or Purchasers to pay fo
all papers and the recording of same
A. J. Boggs',
Clerk of Court,
Pickens county S. d.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina.
County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas Court.
Frank G. Allgood, et al, Piffs.
J. Milton Looper. et al, Defts.
In pursuance of a decretal order made
in the above stated case by His Hono:
Judge George E. Prince at his chanmber
at Anderson, S. C. dated1 Sept 22, 1911
and on file in the le'rk's office for Pick
ens county, I will sell bef<.re the cour
huse door at Picicens C H. .-. C. dur
mug the legal hxours for. sale on Salesda:
in November,191 .the' f ollon' in'g descriu.
e real estate. to wit:
1. A 1 that certain j-i- ce parcel 0:
tract o~f land .Itu xte lymng anzd being ii
the coung~ of Picke-us antd State e
six and live t em h (hI.5) acr.-s more o
less, amil more pa ltemaiy tiesci ited: a
folow., t >w:t: lk-,:n:auxa at an i.41
pin in ce nie r 'f road, and running 2
2A1 E. 47 chains to bend in road. ihenco
N. 15.1 E 4:80 chamns to benad; ti.enice 1
4 .E. 5:5 chair s to benid; thence N 31
E 2:11 i) bend.thene,- N 4sEl:13 tc bend
thence N 33 E~ 5:0,:ie,, to rock on side c
r ad, thence S 51 E 8:55i to ash on1 banl
of branch, thence do~wn saia un.ince t
rock; thence due west 16:20 chm to rock
thence N 6' W10).44eca to zaegmo~g pin
The above described track of land beinj
the northern portion of a certain trac
of land represenL d by a plat made b:
J. [H. Earle, Surveyor, dated Februari
14th, 1911. the same being cut off fro.i
the 60 1-10 acres by a line run by saji
J. H. Eerle Survey or, on the 1st day o
May, 1911. Referece being hereb:
made to the ao:esw-l survey and pha
of J. H. Earle', Survey r, for a muor
complete descriptowe of t he 36.5 acre
the land hereby descrbed is a part, of Lth
home place of the 1.. ie Jeremtiahi L'oper
lying on waters ot Wolf G reek watea
of 12 Mile river.
5. All that piece parcel or tract o
land situate an~i lying and being in th?
above named coung; and s n e I: ing 0:
waters of Wolf Creek, weitera of 'Twelv
hile River, and containing twenty thre
and six tenths (2.1.6) acres more or less
Beginning at an iron pin in center c
road and running S 60 B 10;44 chain1
to rock thence E 16:20 chains to rock o
banks of branch, thence down sai
oranch to pine knot in center of branct
thence N 69 W 31 chains to rock on sid
of road; thence up said r oad 8 chains t
l.eginning corner, and being the souti
era portion of a tract of land represent
ed on a plat made by J. H. Earle, Su,
veyor, on February 14th, 1911, the sam
being cut off from a tract of 60 1-1<
by a line j un by said J. H. Earle, Suar
veyor on May 1st, l>1l, referencei
hereby made to the aforesaid plat for:
more complete description of the lan
hereby conveyed the, land hereby d<
scribed is a part of the home place of th
late, Jeremiah Looper.
Terms of sale cash-to the highest rE
sponsible bidder-Purchaser or rurshat
ers to pay for all papers and recordin,
the sanme.
A. J. Boggs,
C lerk of Court,
Pickzens County S. C.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
Il personrs holding c aims against t
stt of th1 -bite J. B Freema
deceased, mutsti resent the same dul;
pnven on or before the 1.'t day 0
Nov. i1911, or be debarred payment, anm
a:l pe'rsor.a indebted to said estate mus
mnke p'tyment on or before the abov<
date to the undersigned.
B. S. Freeman.
The Jelly.
Sometimes we interpret too literally
"I want to learn to make jelly," sak
the newly Installed housewife. "Is I1
"Oh, Lord, no, mum'" replied th4
cook, with supreme pity. "It's soft,'
Jacobs-Tuwed's second wife starte]
going in for spiritualism, but he soot
cured her.
Jacobs-He went with Iher and start
ed receIving messages from/his firsi
mufey-Lndon tts.t /
Pickens Boti
R. L. Davis F
All Tol
Summer G
make room
Business. Al
duced. Shori
Remnants wil
All low cut
Yard wide !
5c the yard.
A. K.I
West End
Acre fan
2vO between 1
and Mountain View church,
ral route and telephone line;
ance in. original forest. one (
outbuildings, one small tena
buildings; 60,000 ft. of saw
'land lies well and is in a spi
change for 'smaller place or
suit purchaser. For price al
rI have farms in all secti
me know your wants in the r
H. M. H E
Box 264.
Pickens Bank
Let me write your fire insuranc'
liable companies.
iLand tor Sale in
S50-acre farm in the town of Waihalla, 1
land incultivation, 15 acres in woods
oesix-room dwelling, two tenant housms
SFor terms and prices apply 1
- ~ Will not buy a D~ep
Too Much
i Does Nc t Necessarily
Strikes a happy medium in I
maximum mntrii
This Piano is built accor<
tos in one of New York's n
rtories, and contains every tea
LThe One Artii
in which you do not
DGuiaranteed for a life time.
tory only by
L John. H. V
$$Pone 682,. C
E J Victor Ta11eing- Mahin
Ttax 'Notice.
ifice of Cou;nt% Treasurer. Piciens County.
Pie ens. S. C.. September 25th 1911.
The boo:.1 tr the collection of -tate and
>u:ty taxe. will be open froti,
1_ . -.'il to; December3lst 1912.
T .. fer to do so can pay in .Janua
-.:. .v. i per cent additional. Those
h. preter t . yang in rebruary 1912. can
> so with 2 i r cent additional. Those who
efer paylnl: in March 1912. to the i5th of said
onth, can do .o oy paying an additional 7 per
nt. After sai~l date the books will close.
N. 1.-Tax ;..yers owning property or paying
x ror others. aill please ask fo tax receipt
easch t..wi.hip or special school district in
beit ne - - inev may own property. This is
ry inipoitai:t as there are so many special
hc;i 'ist:it t.s. Those who do noi wish to
me to tbe odcee can write me, not later than
eeenir 20t:. :nd I will furnish them with
e amu.nnt due and they can remit me by
eck, money order or registered letter, If
imps ar.: sei!t do not send above two (2)
nt. as I en ,not use them. 'lease do not
nid me cash w ithout registering same, as it is
tble to get lost: if sent otherwise it must be
senler's ri.sk.
vy for State tax...... ........5% Mills
vy for Constitutional School tax . 3 mills
,vy for Ordinary County tax.. 6 mills
vy for Sisking Fund ....... .........1-i mills
vy for Past Indebtedness............ ' mills
tvy for Chain Gang... ...... ........ 2% mill
!vy for State Constable........... 4 mill
Tot 9 mills
eciatl Levy or School District No. 1. 2 mills
Oecidl Levy for School District No. 2,...2 mills
Pecial Levy for School DWstrict No. 3....2 miills
cedal Levy for School District No. 4....2 mills
ectial Levy for School District No. 5. ..2 mills
eciai Levy for School 1> strict No. ,...2mills
oecia! Levy ftor School District No. 9.. 10 mills
eeial Levy for School Dlistrict No. i9,2. mills
eedal Levy ".,r School District No. 11, 7! mills
oeial Levy fo r School District No. 12, ..2 mills
ecial Levy ior School District No. 13,..8 mills
>ecial Levy for School District No. 14..4 mills
>ecial Levy for School -District No. 16.. . mills
>ecial Levy for School Distriet No. 17...7 mills
>ecial Levy for School District No. 18, 2 mills
>ecdal Levy for School District No. 19, 2mills
>ecial Levy for School District No. 21 ....2 mills
ecial Levy for School District No. 21.2 mills
ecial Levy for School District No, 23..2 mills
>ecdal Levy for School District No. 24,. 22 nills
>ecial Levy ror School District No. 24-. 2 mills
>ecial Levy for School District No. 27...2 mills
ceial Levy for School District No. 29. 3 mills
iecial Levy for School District No. 31. 15 mills
>eeiel Levy for School District NSo. 31. 4mills
>ecial Levy for Sohool District No. 38. 2 mills
>eclal Levy for School District No 41, , mills
)ecial Levy for School District No. 42 ... mills
>ecial Levl for Sehool District No. 49,..2 mills
)ecial Levy for School District No. 52, 3 mills
ecial Levy for School District No. 53,... niis
evy for interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
Hurricane township...... .. ... .....2 mills
evy for interest on Pickens R. R. lionds
Eastatoe townselp... .....24 nill
avy for interest on Pickens R. R. lionds
Pickens C. H. township.. ............ 2 millb
Poll ''ar, One (1) Dollar. E-very male citizen
-om 21 Do to t0 ye4.j is liable. excapt Confeder
;e soldler, who dt) not pay after 50 years. and1
iose excused by ktw.
Commutation Road Tax. $1.50. The last Let
;lature enacted the following law: "'That all
ble-bodied male person, from the age of twen
,-one and fifty years. both exclusive, in tie
ounty of Pickens, shall bs required annually
> pay one dollar and fifty cents commutation
r road tax, except ministers of the gospel ae
ially in charge of a congregstlon, persons ter
ianently disabled in the minlitaiy service of
2is State, and persons who served in the late
!ar between the states anid all persons actual
r employed in the quaratitine service of the
tate, and all students who may be attending
ny school or college at the time when the com
iutation tax hercinabove provided for shatl
ecome due shall be required to pay to the
ountv' reasurer of said county, betweeli the
th day of October and the Sist day of liecen
erin each and everv year, an aunual commu
tion o .oad tax ol one dollar and fifty cents
er head. and any failure to pay said road tax
ball be a misdemeanor, and the offender, upon
Dnvictio. shall be punished by a fine of not
ss than live dollars and not more than .iftf
ollars, ol imprisoned for.'Ut :A4L ihirty
Capitag"g.'Do, Tax. All persons owning
'~ requirel to pay a tax of tifty t0) cents
n each log. Respectfully,
County Treasurer.
Light ani Sight
Light renldfrs all things
visible, b y bringing pic-tures
of them 10 our eves.
JiTen if the (eyes areI [Cer
i'..we have tele:ir' andi c.1n
fo tale sight.
or patin results.
The Remedy
h'emioval of the' conse with
isnt it? And1(. hy the wayV,
sinlce voit waimt to be surie
of gte~ llng~ thle right glasses,
call onl
Consulting Optometrist,
Masonio Temple,
Greenville, S. C.
40 acres, i mile from court
Louse, 1-2 cleared, balance in
riginal oak forest, joining land
*f J. H. 0-. McDaniel, I. M.
lauldin and others. This prop
rty is for sale or trade and is
he prettiest place for a nice
borne around Pickens. Price and
erms reasonable. See H. M.
Iester, "The Real Estate Man"
~ickens, S, C.
TENANT: For good farm
on Ool- noy River. Can
make an attractive propo
sition to the right man.
Apply to
Marietta, S. C., or
Earle Mauldmn,
Greenvilie, S. C.
County of Pickens.
By J. B Newberry, Probate Judgt:
WHEREAS, Mrs. Nora Parkins snd
\T. A. Sheldon mnade suit to me, to grant
tern letters of Administration of the
state and effects of C. H . Parkins.
These are therefore to cite and ad
ionish all <and singular the kindred
nd creditors of the said C. H.
'arkins deceased, that they be and sp
ear before me, in the Court of Pro.
ate, to be held at Pickens on the 18t!.
ay of Oct. 1911 next after publication
ereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to
tow cause if any they have'. why the
did administration should not be grant
Giveni under my hand, this 29
ay of Sept. Anno D-omini 1911,
J. B. NEWBERRY. (seal
J. P. P. e.
Liberty, S. C.
ra.tiea at Cent,-al every Wednedaya.
ling orks,
oods must
for our fall
1 Goods re
:ends and
I be sold at
Shoes will
lea Island at
, 5-mles west of Pcfens
welve Nile camp ground
rn main public road, ra~
60 acres cleared, bal.
ld two-story house with
at house and small-at.
timber on place. ThisS
'did section. Will -
will cut into tracts to
aterms write or seeF
ens of the connty. Let
eal estate iine.
SPickens, S. C
; I'll place you in good ~
Oconee County.
5 acres of bottom and 20 acres of up
inster, six miles south of Walhalla,
'75 acres in cultivation. Will seil
allhalla, S. C.
ndable Pian~o.
Guarantee One.
'rice-and insures the
sic value.
iing to strict specifica
ost modern Piano Fac
ture possible in a sci
stic Piano
pay for name.
Sold Direct From Fac
es and Supplies

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