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Text. "'And yeus said, Make the men aft
down."-John vi, 10.
God Cres %or calendars. No use ris
at 2 a. to find fault with dark
ask why the sun has not
tis not time. Though all men
clamor and complain, the sun
not rise until the appointedtime.
Theres an exact second for that
event. Astronomers may calculate it
for this date 3000 A. D. God wcrks
tha The Almighty timed hour,
ute and d when th star
should .flash -to the wise dthe
angels sing to the shepherds. When
his Son came there was divineforder.
"Mine'liur is not yet come," be said
again and again. When the work was
done he said. "The hour Is at hand."
The calendaring was complete.
One April afternoon in Galilee di
vinity and humanity stood face to
face. A mighty miracle was near.
Five thousand people were going to be
fed from a lad's luw-b basket. There's
great coifusion. danger of an awful
panic. Cossack knouts beat back Rus
sian pesants at the czar's celebration,
yet 200 were trampled to death. Brit
ish bayonets pierced famine crazed suf
ferers In- India before relief corn could
be distributed. Christ calls a halt.
No tumult, with the throng trampling'
down the weak. '"Make the men sit
down." There's no hurry, no fussing,
no fever with the -Son of God.
The American Disease.
Hurry, justly or unjustiy. is called
"amerleanitis." - the American disease.
Our climate, dry and overplus with ox
ygen; competitive system. honor and
opportunity beckoning at every street
corner, the very Anerienn "atmos
phere ' breed nerveusness. oversolici
Ia.g em ature death. The
his shoulders, laughs.
t, is off to the
pipe. Frau says. "A cus
is In the shop." -Ach, hinimel,
waitr .John Mull is rosy cheek
blooded; Brother .Jonathan thin.
cadaverous. He iust ,--gir there
"Lawd. Purr-vuss," drawled
h friend as I dragged him
am down the steps of
ay and the.cpr door was snap
our faces, "is this the lawst
?" "No," I clicked; "there'll
other in a. minmute." I can hear
61g hearty British laugh yet. Who
tting this pace? Some invisible
evolent national spirit driving us
The whole structure of - Amer
Is a..rde for the prize.
I've seen the ranchmen on the plains
e blazing branding Irons and burn
mark~ of ownership on horse anal
.Hurry Is taking a fiery brand
- on the A - ,i
M ian's Mania For Speed.
ere's something in our climate dry
--'I that brings a necrosis of
ty. .e 80,000,000 charged
batteries. Attach one of us
adesk, a pulpit, a-,pen. uind we
shon ti the current is exhausted.
there are thirty porches in a row
there will be,at least ninety rocking
chairscal going furiously, while the
occupants -tell excitedly, possibly
shriy, of an entertalnment where they
ram thforks."' and the mud was
"knee deep." Stand at the ferry, the
railroad station, the trolley. terminus.
See the crowd surge on or dash off,
flghting going up stairs or.- down,
g and elbowing to get through
teway. What's the hurry? No
one The Niagara gorge is a
swift but It bears no vessels
of come~e.The autoist goes at a
- Iin the hope of getting
St need to go inas
a H of time as the speed
-.has adread of
To be a "has
-~ - Old 999," once
~b~t~e\,Iew York Central.
of espes. srecords, now
'train along the ludson.
State express to inilk
t ion! Thiat's the specter
- ut national- American
Oriiiental pielbre of the
El souadtry Is lotti' calu.
- ito on Llzuoljvould
te adfective
n -ene Iwas
t Jn tla"With our
o speed arenWe any better than
Samuel-Adains drove from Bos
$~ P-hlladelpl- in an old chaise
squeaked with patriotism?
"The Royal Road To"
I 's age of electricity snapping
d crackling. Electricity seeks short
circuits. h's the day of short story.
Dickens, Eliot'ind Hawthorne are for
gotten. Magazines are even abandon
ing the serial story. Sermons spoken
must be twenty minutes; those printed
must be tabloid. It's the bark of the
five inch rapId fire gun rather than the
- boom of the thirteen Inch ordnance. Ed
ucation Is rushed. Degrees are con
ferred instead of eairned-"Spanish at
Aa Glance." "Business Taught In Ten
Lessons." Colleges offer cross cuts to
diplomas. One correspondence school
has 200.000 students. The singular
thing is that with increase of hurry
there Is a decline of faith and attend
ance to reilgious things. An age of
hurry Is extraordinartly fickle. Hurry
Is not because of fullness, but of emp
tynes. THSe. fuss. fever. Is the sure
mark of human inferiority.
Blue Printed P'aas and Complete Speci
fications Furni~hed.
OFFICE: 117*Main S:reet,
For Infants and Children.
T The Kind You Have
if.IL...... ....-Always Bought
s-Wdatawfl uja- Bears the
nesandlest.Containsnei r
Opium.Morplhne normacral
tion, Sour Stoukhl,DiaI1
wormsouiosFeisFor Over
11:ssandLOSSOFSIUEP. F rO e
FacSimil Sip=a~r OP
Thirty Years
46 acres, 4-room- house,a little rolling.
57-acres, 4-room house, Level, i 1-2 miles of Liberty.
58 acres, 5-room house,level, i [-2 miles of Liberty.
78 acres, 4-room house, level, [ 3-4 1 'i-es of Liberty.
34 acres, level, 1 1-4 miles of Liberty
70 acres, 2 miles of Liberty on Southern Ky.
30 acres 2 1-2 miles of Liberty.
24 acres 2 1-2 miles ot Liberty on the Southern Ry.
48 acres 2 1-2 miles of Liberty on Southern Ry.
These lands are level and nicely located will sell on easy
-. F. t ANIST ER,
. -e OORS OPEN AT I &7R14.
Will Exhibit at
Easley, Nov. 3rd.
Special Train Will Leave Pickens at 3:30 P. IL,
ad Return Immediately After the Performance.
Have a a new and complete Fall stock of
SDry Goods, Groceries, Tin and Granite Ware, Etc.,
-nd wvi!l ~1.e l to have you inspe et their liite. before buying dse
he re. We will try oir best to please you. We also have a
we~ make a specialty or a l'. F ather Bedand two 2 1-2 lb.
Feather Pillows-A LL FOR $ c o. Give us a'tial.
-om 0f
Tax Notice.
)ffice ef Count% Tibasnrer. Pnexinns County. 1
PicLcx,, S. t'.. Septeniber 25th 1911.
The boo.., I r the ollectioT of 5Itata and
;ounty taxes %%il' be open frotu
(oct 'er -: itlil t. 1.eeember3st 1912.
T.e v.! . I:efer to do so can pay in .lanua
.vl2. w h per cent additional. Those
rhob preler pat .ng in February 1912, can
o so with 2 pl . cent additional. Those who
>refer payinfg I i March 1912, to the inth of said 3;
month, can do ->., oy paying an additional - per
ent. After sal4 'late the books will close.
N. .--Tax p.lyers owning property or paying
... f:r 4.tbers. v.ill please -.!s fo tax receipt
ii erel. town~ui or speciaL school district in ir
riiel t-e .ev may own property. This is
cry iiiyortant !ts there r.re so many special
ch >ol di trid . Those wno do noi wish to be
o.ne il use ott;-e can write ne, not later than
ace:n'er20th. Lnd I will Iurnish them with
he an.xunt due and they can remit me by
heck, inioney order or registered letter. If
taimp air: seIt do nct send above two (2) ]
exit, an I cannot use them. Please do not
end Ine cash w i thout registering same, as it is
inble to get lost: if sent otherwise it must be 4
.t senier's risk..
.evy for State tax ...... ..... ........5 5 Mills fs
,evy !or Conshtitutional School tax . 3 mills
.evy for Ordinary County tax.. mills e
sevy for Siskli:: Fund ....... .........14 mills (
.evy for Past latlebtedness........ i milfs
,evy for Chaiin iang ...-.........--. 2% mill 0
evy for Staite I-%nstable ........... I mill A
Totm 194 mills
pecial Levy fill School Dlstrict No. 1, 2 mills
;peiati Levy l'ar School District No. 2,...2 milis Sa
xpecial I Le., i r School District No. 3....2 mills
,pecial pevy for School District No. 4....2mills U.
pecial Levy for School District No. 5. ..2 mills T,
!peciai Lev) fox School D strict No. 8,...2 mills
special evy lor School District No. 9.. 10 mills o
special Le-y fot ;ehool District No. 10, 2,i mills
;pecial Levy for School District No. 11,7! mills t
specil Lev I- -r School District No. 12. ..2 mills
special Levy for School District No. 13,..8 milis P
special Levy for School District Ni). 14...4 mills f
pecial Levy for School District No. 16...6 mills
special Levy for School District No. 17...7 mills C(
Special Levy for School District No. 18, 2 mills
special Levy for School District No. 19, 2mills
Specia i Levy for Schooi District No. 2N....2 mills st
Special Levy for School Mlstrict No. 2,..2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 23.. .2 mills sC
Special Levy for School District No. 24. wu mills &
Special Levy ror School District No.2.. 21 mills
Special Levy for School District No. :2... 1 mills
special Levy for School District No. 29. 3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 31. 15n.ills t
Speclel Levy for School District No. 37. 4 mills
Special Levy for Sohool District No. 38. 2 mills
Special Levy for School District No 41, 3 mills
SpeckI Levy for School District No. 42...2 mills
Special Levy for Sehool District No. 49,..2 mills
Special Levy for School Distnet No. 52, 3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 53....4 ici.ls
Levy for interest on Pickens R. 11. :oids
lurricane township...... ...... .....2 nills
Levy for interest on Pickens It. R. Hloiils
iastotoe townseip....... . , .....24 inillis I
Lavy for interest on l'ickens R. R. lhonds
Pickens C. 11. township.. ............ 2 mill- I
l'oll Tax, Onte (1) Dollar. Every male citizei
from 21 Do to tD yetl Is liable. excapt :'oxfedter
ate soldiers, who du :ot pay after 50 years. and I
those excused lay klw.
Commutation Road Tax. $1.50. The last Leg
islature enacted the following law: "'l-hat all
able-bodied male persons froin the age of tweni
ty-one and fifty years. both exclusive. iln tie J
county of Piekexns, shall bs ret uired annually
to pay one dollar and lifty oeng- commutatiili a
or road tax, except ministers of the gospel ac
tually In charge of a congregsetion. persons her
manently disabled in the military service of e
this State. and persons who served in the late
war between the ,,tates. ail all persons actual
ly employed in the quarantine .-ervice of tie
State, and all studenits who lxty be attending
any school or college at the tix:p when the com- 11
mutation tax hereinabove pro-vided-for sha.l
become due shall be required to pay to the
County Ti toasurer of said county. between tile
15th (lay of October and the 31st day of Deceii
ber in each and every year. all annial comiun- a
tation or load tax of one dollar and fifty cents
per head, :and any failure to paf said roa't tax
shall be a mnisdemeaior. and the offender. upon
convictoin. shall be punished by a fine of not
less than 1:ve dollars and not more than fifty I
dollirs, or linpriAoinet for ir-t mnor than .thirty
Capaitation D og TAx. All persons oawuhig
don are a ;u irel ti < Iay a tax ot' fift .0' cents
oil emwh dog. Respectfully,
I ount 1TPeasurer.
m ile from court
house, 1-2 cleared, balance in
original oak forest, joining land
of J. H. G. McDaniel, I. M.
Mauldin and others. This prop- ~
erty is for sale or trade and is
the prettiest place for a nice
home around Pickens. Price and
terms reasonable. See H. M.
Hester, "The Real Estate Man''
Pickens, S, C.
TENANT. For good farm
on Ooirnoy River. Can
make an attractive propo
sition to the right man. 1
Apply to
P. B3. MAR T1N,
Marietta, S. C., or
Earle Manldmn,
Greenvilie, S. C.
County of Pickens.
By J. B. Newherry, Probate Judge:a
WREREAS, Mrs. Nora Parkins and
W. A. Sheldon made suit to me, to grant P
them letters of Administration of the J
rstate and effects of C. H. Parkins. al
These are therefore to cite and ad- A
inloiish all -indl singular the kindred
mnd c-reditors of the said 0. H e
Parkinis dieceasied. that ihey' be and up. '1
lear lefoa re mte, in the (t'outrt of Pro- re
3.tte, to be- litld at Pu-kkens on the 18th F
lay of Oct. 191l1 next after publication
hiereof. at 11 a ohck ini the forenoon, to
show causeC if aniy they have, why the tI
taid a-inunri-tration shlld not be grant- ti
Given uind, r my hand. this 29
lay of Sepit. A nno lDomini 1911, t
J. B3. NEWBERRY. (seal jg
J. P.P.C' b
Liberty, S. C.
Practice at, Central eve-) Wednedays. b
Citation. S
state of South Carolina, di
County of Pickens, it
Ay J. B. New bery, Probate Judge.
Whereas, C.:rlisle Newton and E. J.
Iester made suit to me to grant them
etterso'f Admninistra~tion withI the will
tnnexed of the Estate and effects of
S.4rah A. Alexander.
These are therefore, to cite and ad- 01
nonish all and singular the kinidred and c<
redttors of the said Sarah A. Alexa.nder I
leceased, that thbey be as.d appear before
ne, in the Court of Probate, to be held b:
Lt Pickens on ih-- 9th day of No's. 1I
.911 next, after publication hereof, at 11 as
>'clock in the forenoon, to show cause, a
f any they have, why the said adminis- g
ration shotuld not be granted.
Given under nmy hand this 24 d-xy of gi
)ct. Anno Donmini 1911. e
J. B. Newberry, k:
JT. P. P. C. at
Notice to Debtors and Creditors,
ALL pe-rsonis holding claims against
lie estate of the late C. N. Parkins must of
tresenit the sanme duiv proven on or be- at
'ore the 1 day of Dece~mber 1911, or be t
lebarred payment and all persons indebt
d to said estate must make payment t
an or before the above date, to the un-- de
Lerigned t
Mrs. Dora Parkins,
W. A. Sheldon, P
Admrt. P1
Promotes a inazuriant growth. T
Never Yells to Restore Gray
Hnir to stre oar Color.W
Clerk's Sale.
'ate of SouthCarcl'na,
County of Picken,
i Common pleas court.
)hn A. Fu-rgteS 4 - .!
artha L- d al.
In ; i.ur, ace of a dr err al order mane
.tie ;i sve state. en;.. tv his Hioner
id' ]. Memu:izg. r at his cham
r, i Gr.*.nvie S. C. v ted Sept. 16th
1: and.. ti lle 1 -ie' r- ; : office Pick
is cOunt. I wil; -ei -el ore the Court
oi-C door ar. P':ck - i C. during the
g;.l hours foru. saile t isailesday in No
-muiher 1911 the folo -.: described real
tate si uIsted 1 rin;. and being in the
)mn tI Pic!~ rs:.nd siate of South
arolina: All : i ;ee parcel or tract
land adjo'niug ir 1s c Joseph Pates
G. Burge-s and e- taining twenty
vi (25) acro s tiore . ass.
Terns of al - one-i.alf cash on day of
le wit l.-- to hei. pmn chaser to pay
I cash. id the ilaice at a credit of
welve months % ith intet est from day
sale at the rate of P per cent per
anum to be secured b% a bond of the
irchaser and . n..rtgage of ihe premi
ssold. Should the urchaser fail to
)mply % ith terms of said sale within
ie bouir ther, after said ch rk will re
11 he same on the s ame or some suar
quent salesday at 1 I-e risk of the pur
Purchasers to pay for papers and for
cording same.
A. J. Boags.
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
tate of South Carolina,
Countv of Pickens.
a Cour t of Common Pleas.
D. In)cZus t al Plaintiffs
: faintst
(.creti l (astrap. D. fendant
In purstuance of a deute::a order made
j the :a bove srat, d ease byv his Honor
udge G. o. E. Prince at his chambers
t Anderson. s. C. dat.-d Sept. fO, 1911
nd on tile in the ele k's < fice for Pick
ns coun y, 1 v ill tell before the Court
IoUs' door at Picker s C H , S. C. dur
g li , gal hours for sale on Salesday
a Novemlie-r 1911 thi- following describ
d real es-aut to wit: A certain tract or
arcel if land containir-g one hundred
nd twent% five (125) acrt more or less,
ittated in tle a lve stat- and county,
)unded lby lands of lDaniel Looper Sr.
)ani-l Looper Jr. Anthony Dacus,
"honias Looper. Jereniah T-disrrT
rr d -rorni - wned by them)
Wegining on a red oak S 22 E 14, thence
1 291 E 15 to white oak. thence down
he teandeis of said branch to a stake
4 65 E 49ch. 33 links to ash the branch
inie 13 ch 50links to a ash, N 53 W 12ch
0 links to a small hickory N 59 W 20ch
0 links to a post oak tha-ee along said
oad 3(eb, i.links io' the begining red
Terms of sale cash. The purchaser
aust comply with the terms within one
tour af ter t he sale or the premises wvill
se r.-eld at the risk of th~e former pur
Pur chaser to pay for all papers and
e- (rd ing the same.
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
aite of South Carolina,
County of Pickeris,
n Common t as niourt.
Im. 11. A'nbhlcr, Plaintiff.
ddie A. flarrett et al Defendants.
In pursu-ince of a decretal order made
1 the above stated case by his Honor
.S. Sjease dated June .5. 1911 and on
le in the Clerk's office Pickens county
will sell before the Court House door
t Pickens C. H., S. C. during the legal
ours for sale on Salesdlay in November,
11-the foilowing described real estate
tuated. lying and being in the cointy
nd state aforesaid, to wit:
1. All that certain tract (f lai.d in the
iunty of Pickens. and st ate of South
arolina, on Ravens Fork of Twelve
ile River containing one hundred and
fteen and three fonrth (1155)acres more1
r less agreeable to a plat of the same1
tade b~y E. C. Edens, Surveyor 31st
.gust, 1897, and hath such shape,form
ud marks as are reteresented in said
lt andl adjoining lands < f I :aet. No 2,
.F. H-agood lands, Larkin llenadricks
ad others it being a poertio~n e f the
nibier home telace whreh w.as e .nvey
I to Anita -\. rienzeaIle (-...- . ..ber)
i t he 16:t ht I . of N .it e > .18 d.-e~d
-cotrd1ed in Da ed Bok ': .a~ f
ickens countty secor s.
2 All that piece.parcel,plantation or
'act of land lying and being s' naai in
ae countv (f Pickens.state aforesaid,on
avens. Fork (.f Twelve MliIe R.ver con
utaning one hundred (1(0) acres maore or
as agreable to a plat of the same mtade
v E. C. Edeens, Surveyor,Janary 2E0th
9J and hath such shae.. f.om and
ark s as are re presented ini s~hed l~at
rid wvhich is atrached to the deed from
uines HI. .imbler to it. 0. \m ea'er :cl
>ining lands of trat, No. 3, J. E. I Ia
yod lands tract No. 1 and others, it
sing a portion of the tract of land
hich J. H. Ambler purchased from
argent Griffin, and which is nohw sub
~vided into several tracts. tIns tract be.
g known in the subdje~i iin as tract
o. 4.4
5. All that piece. p-arcel, plantation
tract of land lying and being situate
the county of Pic kens~state aforesaid,
ri Ravens Fork of Tlwelve 3MiIl River
>ntaining f':t l f I ) acre s mcre or
as agreable :i. -a tlat -- (the samte o ade
r E. C'. E n-, Sur wy or, January 20
194.and hath .-neh shat pe, form andmoark
Sare rep~resent..l in s-aid platt it being
portion oft then traict of bs rd which
tines H. \~ mbl er pur< hiased from Sar
ert Griffin and which is now subdivid
I into several tracts this tract, being
town in the subdlivis on as tract No. 2
joining lands of J. E. Hiagood tracts
es. 1 and 3.
Terms of sale-One third cashi on day
sale, the remainder in two equal
mnual installmente, payable in one and
ro years from day of sale, sale to be
the highest responsible bidder, the
ferred payments to bear interest at
e ratte of eight per cent per annmim c
yable annually, with privilege to the
rchaser to. anticipate payment or to
ky all cash. the credit portion to be
cured by note or bond of the purchas
an4 a mortgage of the premises sold
be tes of this sale must be complied
ith w . ' one hour from sale or the
em ieeWll be resold at the risk~o h
ormer purchaser or r.
:haser or purcha.-ers to pa ii pa
>ers and for Rcording the same.
A. J. Boggs,
Clerk of Court.
Pickens County.
Clerk's Sale.
3tate of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
[n Court of Common Pleas.
3eorge W. Het:dricks et al
Ruth A. B. Rocht ster et al
In pursuance of a decretal order mad
in the above stated cise b, his Hono
Judge Geo. E. Prince, at his chamber
at Anderson. S. C. dated Sept. 22, 1911
and on file in the clerk's office for Pick
enscounty. I will sell before the Cour
House door at Pickens S. C. during th,
legal hours for sale on Salesday in No
vember 1911 the following dercribei
rtal estate t., wit:
Fir t:-All that piece parcel or lot C
land lying and being situatea in stat
and cour-ty aforesaid containing fifteel
and 34-10 ) acres minre or less, adjoinin
lots 3, 5, 7, Hendricks, Boggs. Houstor
a d Clemson College and more fully d(
scribed by plat made of same by J. I
Attaway Surveyor, and known in sai
plat as lot No. 4 and deeded to Mrs. J
A. Hendricks by G. B. Cochran, admii
!strator, by deed dated December 7t
1906, and Recorded in Book "EE" pag
Second: All that p' e parcel or trac
of land lying an ' beim in th. State an
Counity aforesaid containing Twelve (U
acres more or Itss, bounded by lands c
W. R. Cochran on the North South an
West, on the East by lands of Aaro
Boggs, according to a plat made by Job
B. Stribling on the 31d day of Januar
1-94. and deeded to Mrs J. A. Her
dricks (at terward Hendricks) by J. E
G. Mcl)aniel S. P C. by deed datrd Jar
uary 27th 190,aa incorded in dee
Book "V" tpage 42.
Terms of sale; eash on day of sal
Terms of sale must be complied wit
within on3 hour or the premises will b
resold at the risk of the former purchas
er. Purchaser or Purchasers to pay fo
all papers and tie recording of same
A. J. Boggs,
Clerk of Court.
Pickens county S. C.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina.
-timfyfdr ricenr.
[n Common Pleas Court.
Frank G. Allgood, et al, Plffs.
J. Milton Looper. et al, Defts.
In pursuance of a decretal order mado
in the above stated case by His Hono:
Judge George E. Prince at his chamber
at Anderson, S. C. dated Sept 22. 1911
and on file in the Clerk's office for Pick
ens county, I w ill sell before the cour
house door at Pickens C H. S. C. dur
ing the legal hours for sale ont Salesdag
in November,1911.the following describ
ed real estate, to wit:
1. All that certain iece parcel o0
tract of land situate lying and being ii
the county of Pickenis and State 0
South Carolina, and containir~g thirty
six and five tenth (:i6i.5) acres more o
less, and more par ticularly aescribed aa
follows, t-> wit: -Beginming at an iroi
pin in center of road, and running I
211 E. 47 chains to bend in road. thence
N. 15+ ? 4:80 chains to bend; tl.enc3 I
t E. 5:35 chains to bend; thence N 314
E 2:11 to bend,thence N 49E4:13 tc bend
thence N 53 E 8:08ca, to rock on side o
road, thence S 51 E 8:55 to ash on ban]
of branch, thence down said brancn t<
rock; thence due west 16:20 ch to rock
thence N 60 W10:44 ch to beginning pin
The above described track of land beinj
the northern portion of a certain trac
of land represented by a plat made b;
J. H. Earle, Surveyor, dated Februar'
14th, 1911, the same being cut off frozi
the 60 1-10 acres by a line run by sai<
3. H. Eerle Surveyor, on the 1st day o:
alay, 1911. Reference being hereb:
made to the afom eaaid survey and pla
fJ. H. Earle, Surveyor, for a mor<
::omplete descripiun of the 36.5 acret
:he land hereby descrbed is a part of thi
some place of the late Jeremiah Looper
lying on waters of Wolf Creek water
f 12 Mile river.
5. All that piece parcel or tract o:
and situate ana lying and being in thi
tbove named county and state lying ox
wvaters of Wolf Creek, watera uf Tw'elve
M1ile River, and containing twenty three
tnd six tenths (23.6) acres more or less;
B~eginning at an iron pin in center of
-oad and running S 60 E 10;44 chais
;o rook thence E 16:20 chains to rock ox
>anks of branch, thence down said
Jranch to pine knot in center of branch,
hence N{ 69 WV 31 chains to rook on sidi
>f road; thence up said r oad 8 chains tc
.eginning corner, and being the south.
brn portion of a tract of land representa
ed on a plat made by J. H. Earle, Sur.
reyor, on February 14th, 1911, the same
being cut off from a tract of 60 1-10
y a line run by said J. H. Earle, Str
reyor on May 1st, 1911, reference is
mereby made to thme aforesaid plat for a
nore complete description of the land
mereby conveyed the land hereby dc
cribed is a part of the home place of the
ate, Jeremiah Looper.
Terms of s..le cash-to the highest re
ponsible bidder-Purchaser or purshas
rs to pay for all papers and recording
he same.
A. J. Boggs,
Clerk of Court,
Pickens ( ounty S. C.
Sotice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persons holding c:ainms against the
state of the late J. B Freeman
leceased, ruust p'resent the same duly
>rzmven on or before the 1,.t day of
Cov. 191l1, or be debarred payment, and
Ail persons indebted to said estate must
uike payment on or before the abcve
ate to the undersigned.
B. S. Freeman.
The ,Jelly.
Sometimes we interpret too literally.
"I want to learn to make jelly," said
he .newly Installed housewife. "Is it
"Oh, Lord, no, mum!" replied the
ook, with supreme pity. 'It's soft."
> Jacobs-Tuwed's see'onw~estarted
ng in for spiritualism, but he soon
-~e her.
Jackson-How? /~
qacobs-He went with her and start
om his first
Pickens Bottling
R. L. Davis Propria
West End Greei
I am now full up on a
Dry, Goods, Undel
Hosiery, Gents' Furn
Blankets, Quilts, etc.
shoes to suit all people al
es. I have the same old
: "Same Goods i
Less Moi
My prices SHAL be in'
with the low price of co
promise full value for yoi
ey, or your money bac
old customers know that
all statements GOOD. Th,
have never traded wi
come and see what I can
Acre farm, 5-mI]
2 between Twelve
and Mountain View church, on inai
ral route and telephone line; 60 ai
ance i original forest, one old two
outbuildings, one small tenant hou:
buildings; 60,000 ft. of saw timbei
land lies well and is in a splendid
change for smaller place or will c
suit purchaser. For price and term
I have farms in all sections of
>me lEnow your wants in the real esti
'H. M. H ES
Box 264.
Pickens Bank Buildin
Let me write your fire insurance; I'll pl
liable companies.
Land tor Sale in Ocor
land in cuivation, 1auares aewood
one six-ro dwling, two nnt hoases,m 15ars
For terms and prices apply to
B. R MOSS, Walli:
L ~ Will not buy a D~ependable
rToo Much M
Does Not Necessarily Guarant
PStrikes a happy medium in Price-az
maximum intrinsic value
' -~ This Piano is built according to e
tions in one of New York's most mod
rtories, and contains every feature pos
entifically built instrument.
*The One Artistic
in which you do not pay for:
Guaranteed for a life time. Sold D'
tory only by
John H.
P~hone 682, Gaie n
wo s,
Il lines -
I have
id purs
ton. I
ir mon
k. My
I make
se who
th me,
do for
Les west of Plas
Nfile camp ground
a public road, ru
res cleared, hal
-story house with 7
;e and small out
on place. This
sect ion. Will ex
ut into tracts to
is write or see
the county. Let
ite line.
Pickens, S. C.
g. .
ace you in good re
iottom andi 20 acres of up- -.
miles south of Walhleb,
in cultivation. Will sell
Lalla, S. C.
ee One. -
id insures the i
trict specifica
ern Piano Fac
sible in a sci
ect From Fac- 1
'~1 - _~

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