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The Piols Sentil
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Pardons and Paroles
From the Columbia State 0:
the 4th instant we clip the fol
"The governor has granted a
parole to Judson Chewning whc
was convicted in Clarendor
county in 1896 on the charge o1
criminal assault and sentencec
to life in the State penitentiary.
Since assuming office on Janu
ary 17 the governor has extend
ed clemency in 254 cases."
Nothing is said of the facts
and circumstances of the par
ticular case above referred tc
and we know nothing of them.
The governor doubtless consider
ed that he was warranted ir
Itnding clemency. and thE
ft ijns~ify his action, or
thiq we makeno criticism. Bui
the point we wish to call atten
to is the crime for which
s , an was convicted. HE
convicted of a criminal as
ult which under our law is
unishable with death unless the
'ury recommends to mercy. In
''e he accused was for
end to mn . save
Thiis law wasj made
it as it is to protect the
our women. Its viola
in cases , of attempted as
sault has met with swift and
sure death in many instances
in this State at the hands of
angry men without judge or
jury. Few who have been
charged with such crimes ever
s'e the inside of the court house
or have the privilege of letting
a jury pass on their cas e and gel
a verdict with recommendation
.-b mercy niid thereby save theji
As already stated we know
nothing of -4e li& E""o
'arfular case or the
reasons mioving the governor,
but it cannot escape commnent
that clemency in such cases
should be rare if at- all.
There is already too much of
the mob spirit among our people.
The laws delays are frequently
charged up against the. lawyers
d given asan excuse for deal
'th criminals
,and yet these ex
ay fi furthe engtb
eight in ta
when iecourts do conit they
are p ned or paroled. A pa
role isfA conditional pardon it is
true, but that will not, in every
case, s'tisfy the public con
science or atone for ravished
Men anid Religion Movement.
This is a new religious move
ment originating in the mind of
one nian in New York some
mon$Rgo, who made known
his tlfwoughts and plans to a
small company of his elose
friends, and they in turn be
coming interested, passed it on
to others. It is said that the
scheme, if such it may be called,
wa adbefore J. Pierpont Mor
gaand that he agreed to
fnnethe movement.
it man are >cns on the
accompuisines wvateprmt
ers designed it should, great
good to all mission efforts and
enterprises will result.
~~-,-ThBprime object of the move
-menti is to strengthern the
chumrches of every faith by
bringmtg into active relationship
thermen and boys of this great
*country. It has been discovyered
that the tendency of men and
is to drift away from the
dit is a regretable
act that religion
upon them.
ness an
will con
inst sirr and
sion to halt m
on their downward
bring them in vital tou
Jesus Christ.
Every Christian should hail
with joy this moN ement a,
give it all the help and en, ir
agement possible.
May it prove to be ~1ightv
movement in AmeKca, one of
pentecostal power!
May it sweep over this country
like a mighty -avalanche until
every man - and boy shall be
brought un r its power and
There was never a time when
such a movement was more
needed. When we think of t .e
carnival of crime rampant
throughout the country; the
great wickedness in high and
low places, among the great and
small; the seeming indifference
in religious affairs, the empty
pews, and callousness on the
part of people everywhere, our
hearts shudder.
May the great God of all the
earth make this a mighty move
ment among men.
A Confederate Monument.
The worthy effort of the Eas
ley Daughters of the Confed
eracy to raise a fund to mark
the graves of the Confederate
dead is to be commended and
every citizen should encourage
them with substantial aid. This
effort revives a long cherished
hope of the writer, and that is
to see a Confederate monument
on the cou'rt-house square in
No more worthy contribution
to the valor, heroism and sacri
ficing devotion of our noble sires
can be made than to erect a
monument worthy of their
deeds and names.
Pickens county furnished to
the Confederacy some of as
noble, brave and gallant men as
any in the army, and it wouuld
be in keeping witbttheir spirit
cithaprgedhing for their
ofsprignow to honor and per
petuate their memory in a sub
stantial way.
Almost every county in the
state have honored their brave
dead in this fitting way, and
why not Pickens? We have the
means, and surely we have the
men and women with sufficient
pride and respect for our Pickens
boys in gray to make the meager
gift. We somestimes boast of
our Souther n pride and chivalry;
we fairly chanit t1'e praises of
our dead heroes and get our
feelings turned wrong side out
when their valor is called in
questa - bt-th-sereiy va
porings, and are like the chaff
before the wind-soon forgotten.
If we want to honor our dead
and make impressions on the
coming generations, let us do
something worthy of them, and
put it in permanent form.
It has been the earnest wish
and desire of the writer to see a
monument to the Confederate
soldiers of Pickens county on our
court-house square, and there is
no better time than nOw.
We would suggest that the
Easley and Pickens Chapters of
JahrU. D. C. arrange at an early
day 'to have a joint meeting
and form a memorial associa
tion; from this meeting let def
inite plans be made to begin the
work of erecting a monument.
The editor of this paper will
gladly lend his aid and influ
ence and offer the columns of
the paper for expression of
views or any other purpose in
connection therewith.
We invite suggestions, criti
cisms or objections. Who will
be the first to respond? 'i
G.0. P.
A young hopeful in Pickens
was very much absorbed in a
cartoon of a daily paper a few
days ago. The cartoon was that
of a big elephant with large let
ters on the side,"G. 0. P.," rep
resenting the Republican party.
Turning to his father, he
asked: "Father, that is an ele
phant, and there are several
men on it, but what do the let
ters 'G. 0. P,' stand for?"
Father-"For the 'Grand Old
Party,' which the Republican
party is called."
Young Hopeful-"I thought
it meant 'Get Off and Push.'"
The boy kn~ows nothing of par
tyism, but the idea he formed
of the meaning of the letters
"G. 0. P." vividly pictures the
Republican party to-day.
President Taft is -trying to
guide the elephant, but the in
surgents are loading him so
heavy that he is calling out
"Get Off- and Push."
*he for The Sentinel
eek to
ed the
ors and the
uted fcr a. Con
ent in Pickens
e size, kind, place of
ocation and other details to be
decided later.
The editor of this paper
gives... .......... 85.00
Who'll be the next?
The funds will be deposited
in bank from week to week as
The beauty of this autumn's
toliage has not been surpassed
in many years. The hills and
dales are one glittering mass of
gorgeous color. The brown,
yellow, red ana green each
seems to be trying to outshine
the other in brightening the
coming of winter. Even the
roses are doing their very best
before they take a .long rest.
Surely. dull is the eye and heavy
the heart that does not glory in
the beautiful gifts of nature.
One of our best business men
remarked a few days ago that
in his opinion Pickens county
would make 20,000 bales of cot
ton this year. Averaging the
bales at 500 pounds ea,h, and
the price at 9 cents, would mean
that this cotton crop will net
The many nice. things that
are said about this newspaper
by our friends and patrons is
very highly appreciated. It shall
be our best endeavor to con
tinue to merit their commenda
The farmers have had one of
the most favorable falls for
gathering their crops this
season in many years. There
will be no stained or yellow
Farmers, get busy now sow
ing wheat and oats. This is
the way to raise the price of
your next year's cotton.
Wilson Sentiment Growingi
Chattanooga Dispatch to At
lanta Georgian.
Chattanooga will soon have a
Woodrow Wilson club, and that
the organization will be a roust
ing one to promote the- interests
of the present governor of New
Jersey, who is proposed for the
nomination as standard-bearer
for the united-Democratic party
next fall, is assured.
Leading Democrats of Hamil
ton county will have charge of
the organization of this club. It
is their pujpose to make it one
of tlje-est wires bearing "Wil
1son presidential eledtricity" in
the entire county. Local Dem
ocrats are almost universal in
their belief that governor Wil
son is the logical candidate for
the presidential chair and next
occupant of the white house.
Recently, there was organized
in Nashville a Tennessee Wood
row Wilson club, and Lewis M.
Coleman, one of Chattanooga's
leading lawyers and staunch
Democrats, was placed as a
member of the the executive
committee. The State club was
inaugurated upon the initiative
of the promoters, and not in re
sponse to any request whatever
on the part of the Wilson cam
paign committee.
The object, when the Chatta
nooga club is organized, is to
have every Democrat enrolled
on the list of members and to do
everything possible to further
the Wilson principles of Demo
eracy in Hamilton county, and
to at least insure a majority 4jta'
for the New Jersey man in this
Forming Wilson Clubs.
Roanoke (Va.) World.
Wilson clubs are being organ
ized all over the country, the
State of Texas being first with
19. In this work Virginia ought
to take the'lead. Mr. Wilson is
a native of this state and this
fact should make every Virgin
ian feel kindly towards him.
His career has been crowned
with many distinctions. As an
author and teacher he has, won
renown, his history of the Unit
ed States and his work as presi
dent of Princeton being among
his specially notable achieve
ments. His elect ion as governor
f New Jersey brought himt in
o politicial prominence and
made him the probable nominee
f the Democratic party for
president. Mr. Wilson has
tree characteristics which ap
peal strongly to people. They
are: Clean life, freedom from
professional politics and sym
pathy with progressive ideas.
'o have for their standard bear
r a man who has not devoted
Iiis life to office seeking and
freshing prospect, but the chief T
reason for the enthusiasm man
ifested in MAr. Wilson's candi- 10
dacy. WilFon clubs have been tl
organized in Arkansas, Cali- b(
fornia, Georgia, Missouri, Penn- ni
sylvania, Kansas, Oklahoma, fe
Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, til
West Virginia, Colorada, li1- a
nais, New Mexico, North Dakota IL
Mary.and and Michigan. Be- f&
fore the - present year expires b
clubs will te in existence SE
throughout the country, and h
their membership will be com
posed of earnest members of the S
party who are anxious to see
leader's attributes in harmony
with the promises of their plat
forms. Mr. Wilson fits into the 0
situation perfectly. He posses
es ideal qualifications for the 2(
post of leadership and gives as- u
surance to Democracy that un- a
der his command the victories c
which it has won in the past
year will continue. The drift g
of sentiment in the rank and J(
file is overwhelmingly for the f
New Jersey governor, and if the s:
wiles and schemes of old timers a
are not successful, he will be ti
nominated and in all likelihood iu
elected. The presence already g
of 50 Wilson clubs in 16 States
is conclusive evidence of how i
Democrats in the country regard fc
the matter. n
Predicts Wilson Victory. 0f
Birmingham Age-Herald. p
McLane Tilton of Fall City, h
who, it is understood, is looking n
after the politicial interest of tj
Woodrow Wilson in Ala! ama M
and other Southern States, it
reached Birmingham yesterday -g
with a prediction that the gov- tb
ernor of New Jersey will be -he h(
next president of the United er
States. cc
"I have known Mr. Wilson in
personaldly for a number of of
years," said Mr. Tilton. "and I in
believe that his great ability and t
worth are appreciated by the1 of
people of the county. Follow-g
ing a speech of Wilson's in Den-e
ver four years ago I wrote him
that he would certainly be the
next governor of New Jersey.
When he was elected the next. -
president of the United States.
"I believe that Wilson will jt
land the delegations of practi
cally every Southern State 1o
with the exception of AlabamaW
which will probably instruct its
delegation for Underwood.
Should Alabamians be permitted
to express their choice in a pri- c
mary, I feel sure that Wilson j
would make at very pretty race.
There is no doubt but that he is fe
popular with the people of the.10o
State, though not as popular, of'
course, as Mr. Underwood." .a
Strong In West. H
Spokane Spokesman Review. di
Hugh C. Todd, twice Demo
cratic representative in the State 1a
legislature fro:n Whitman coun- t
ty and the majority loader of
the house, spent yesterday in fl
Spokane, en route to Colfax. 1e
Mr. Todd on his 'trip through ~
eastern Washington is "feeling a
out" the politicial sentiment
In speaking of the politicial situ
ation throughout the state Mr,
Pickens [
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dd said: e
"The Democratic situation
oks good in this State. On
te national ticket it seems to
conceded that Taft will be je
minated, but personalv I
tyor Senator La Folette. For
te Democratic nomination I
,n now for Woodrow Wilson,
a Follette and Wilson are the
Lvorites of the progressives on
)th sides. From the effect the
4lection of the candidate will
ave on State politics I believe
7ilson will help us to carry the
tate ticket to Washington."
A Call.
The Law and Order League
E Pickens County is called to
ieet at Pickens Monday the
) inst at 11 a. in. We would
rge each member to be present
3 business of importance is to
me before us. We invite all
ho are interested in good
wvernment to meet with and
>in us in our efforts for law en
rcement. Any one who is in
rmpathy with the movement
2d find it impossible to attend
iemselves, will they not try to
tterest some one else enough to
.t them to come for them.
Other counties of our state are
ding it necessary to organize
>r the suppression of lawless
ss. In Dillon, the county seat
our baby county, the lawless
ement become so bold that the
ople realized that something
id to be done. A call was
ade to the citizens and more
an two hundred of the people
et and organized themselves
to a Law and Order League.
rhy should any one w':ait until
ings become desperate before
will join a move'ment for law
forcement. While we know
nditions in Pickens county are
)t so bad as in some other parts
our country, yet all observ
g people must admit that
ere is a disposition on the part
some in our midst to disre
rd our laws. A wave of law
sness seems to be abroad in
e land. In time of peace pre
tre for war,
A. H. Best, Pres.
E. H. Craig, Sec.
Clerk's Sale.
te of South Carolina,
lounty of Pickens,
Common Pleas Cour t.
.E Findley, Plaintiff.
T1. Rice, et al, Defendants.
[n pursuance of a decretal order in
e atore stated case made by Hon.
o. E. Prince, at chambers in Ander
n. S. C'., dated Oct. s-5, 1911, I will
i to the highest bidder on Salesday in
~cember, 1911, during the legal hours
r sale at Pickens, C. H,, S. C., the fol
wing~ real estate, to wit:
1st All that piece, parcel or tract of
rid in the County of Pickens, in Eas
toe township, adjoining lands of J. J.
rd. estate of Jordan Rice. William
irner and others and contain one hun
ed and forty (140) acres more or less.
2 All that piece, parcel, or tract of
id on waters of Cedar Creek bainning
a spanish oak, thence north to a rock,
ence east to a rock, thence south to a
e, thence, south to'the begining cor
r, containing fifty acres (50) more or
s adjoining lands of Milton Hester,
.J. Duffie, J. D. CrershaLw and others.
Terms cash. Puachasers to pay for
papers and recording the same.
A. J. Boggs,
Clerk of Court,
Pickens County S. C.
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