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The P ickous Sentiniel
Some T ou n how ad Some
Yoo Dot\ now At Our
S Tows Couty &People
Mr. E. S. Griffin, of tUreen
ville, was in the city Tuesday
on business.
Last Friday was the first win
ter day we have had. There
was ice plentv.
Mr. Frank Moffett, of Man
ning, spent the week-end with
Rev. C. A. Waters.
Miss Emily Bright returned
home last week to the delight of
her many friends.
Misses Cassie and Lillian Bolt,
of Anderson, were among the
visitors in the city last week,
Dan Blair blastea a rock out
of a well one day last week and
brought out weighing over 50C
Mr. Lem Looper, who has
been in the West for several
years, is on a visit to his father,
Hon. E. F. Looper.
Mrs. Mary M. Murphree, from
near Walhalla, was on a visit tc
her daughter, Mrs. J. L. Duck
worth, last week.
We are requested to announce
that Rev. J. E. Crim will preach
at Keowee Baptist church nexi
Sunday -at 11 a. m.
Married on November 1, Miss
Martha McCombs and Mr. Wil
liam Masters. Judge Newbery
performed the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Griffin
and Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Hig
gins. of Easley, visited the fam
ily of Clerk of Court Boggs lasi
Rev. C. R. Abercrombie will
n move from Six Mile to Ta
assee, in Oconee county. His
a rresp~ndents are aske&to note
- . change in his address.
~Mrs. James B. McMahan died
2~'at her home in Easley last Sun
day night, and her remaing
were interred the iday following!
in West View cemetery in thai
Messrs. G. W. Corbin, B. B.
LaBoon,J. P. Carey, Jr., J. C.
tUarey and Albert Garrett were
among those who attended the
State Fair from Pickens lasi
Coldhveather is coming, says
-Parrish, Sloan & Co., but they
hmve the necessary things t<
* keep you dry and warm. See
their advertisement in anothei
Married in the Big Store or
November 1, Miss Bessie Raine:
and Mr. William Guest. B. F
Parsons, notary public, in hi:
characteristic style performe<
the ceremony.
All the members of Griffi
Baptist church are requested t<
be present at the meeting of thi:
church next Saturday afternoor
at 3 o'clock, as business of im
portance will come up for con
Mr. J. M. Porter, who lives or
Miss Josie Freeman's placi
near Pickens, has a gourd meas
uring four feet and eight inche
around and weighing 41 pounds
He says his brother has a citror
which weighs 57 pounds.
The Easley people say "Pul)
for Pickiens," but they want the
,Pickens peopJ to pull toward
Easley next Fri ay night to see
"The Lady Miiistrels" and
"Marindy's Black Beauties" af
the rchool auditorium.
The entertainment at the Au
ditorium of the Easley Graded
School next Friday night will
be by local talent and for the
benefit of the Baptist church at
that place. It is a worthy cause,
a splendid play, and should be
'liberally patronized.
4 Married at Six Mile last Sun
day, Miss Mozelle Davis and Mr.
Abner Mitchell, Rev. C. R.
Abercrombie officiating. The
young couple are residents of
the Six .Mile community, and
havelmany friends who extend
The Big Store is full of big
things and little things and all
sorts of things to please and sat
isfy their numerous customers.
They appear before the readere
of the Sentinel this week in a
4 new style ad. and mention some
of the things they have for the
trading public, and at prices
which are sure to move theii
goods. You will miss some
thing if you fail to read their
advertisement in another col
J. Alonzo Brown was so well C
pleased with the results of his 9
former advertisement in the e
Sentinel that he comes again a
this week. He says he has
found out that advertising
pays. See what he says this
week in another column.
At the auditorium Friday a
night, the 10th inst., in Easley, y
"The Lady Minstrels" and
"Marindy's Black Gals" will e
drive dull care away. It is an
anti-fat and fat-producing (
laughter aggregation of black
things and good things. Don't i
missit. t
The Easley Daughters of the
Confederacy served dinner last t
Friday, the day of the big show 3
there, and realized quite a nice
sum. It was stated that they
are trying to raise a fund to
mark the graves of some of the ;
Confederate dead, A worthy I
and commendable spirit. I
The Hammond-Brown-Wall t
Co., of Easley, registered 2,137 9
people at their store on show t
day, last Friday, and gave free i
tickets for their ten premium
offer to all who registered. If
4hey had advertised their ten pre
mium offe: in The Sentinel they (
might have registered more than 9
twice this number. 1
Mr. Frank Smith, who lives 1
near Cross Roads church, went]
to patch some leaks on the roof
of his barn one day last week.
After reaching the top he lost
his footing in some way and
fell to the ground. He sustained
some very serious injuries and
will be laid up for some time. t
The extent of his injuries are I
not known, but it is hoped he
will recover from them.
The fourth page of The Senti
nel this week is paid for by the
Southern Shorthand and Busi
ness University of Atlanta, Ga.
This school is one of the best in
the South and has an able corps
of cultured, Christian teachers.
If there is a young man or
young lady in Pickens county
who wants a thorough business
course this the place to get it.
Some of the Pickens boys have
been there and are holding lu
crative positions. Two young
men from this town are in
school there now and are mak
ing splendid progress.
Another Fatal Accident.
. Riley F. Porter had the mis
fortune to have his right arm
cut off last Tuesday morning in
a cotton gin he and his brother
James Porter were operating 4
near Garrett's store. His hand I
was caught in the gin and was
torn off just above the wrist be
fore the machinery could be
stopped. Medical aid was at
once summoned and the arm
had to be amputateg.
Later-Mr. Porter died frU
the effects of his injury between
four and five o'clock in the]
afternoon of the same day.
His remains were buried at Se
cona the day following. He
leaves an aged father and a wife1
and several children. He was:]
a brother of Waddy Porter,]
who was accidentally killed
about a month ago by Mr. A. J.
Looper. The family have thea
tender sympathy of all their
friends in their sore affliction.
Sale Day
Last Monday was an unusual
ly disagreeable day and there
was not as large attendance
upon the public sales as would
have been had the day been fair.
There was- a very fair crowd
however and prices were good.
The low price of cotton did not
seem to dampen the ardor of
purchaers. The following is a
result of the sales:
In the case of W. H. Ambler
vs., Addie A. Barrett, et al., the
Home Tract of 11534 acres was
sold to W. H, Ambler for$3,500;
the B. 0. Ambler tract of 100
acres was sold to J. L. Ambler
for $1,516.00; the Boreguard
Ambler tract of 44 acres was
sold to J, N. F. Rigdon $1,310.
In case of, John A. Burgess,
et al vs. Martha Hogsed,et al., a
tract of 25 acres on Saluda river
was sold to J. A. Bates for $800.
In the case of P, D. Dacus,
et al vs. Lucretia Gilstrap 125
acres was sold to W. G. Roper
for $1,745.00.
In the case of G, W. Hen
dricks, et al vs. Ruth A. A. Ro
chester,et al 271-3 acres was sold
to G. W. Hendricks for $1,700.
In the case of Frank G. All- q
good etal, vs, J. Mitton Looper,
et tract of 35 acres was
su G. Allgood for $1,125.- a
00. aer tract of 23acres was 1
so .). Nealy for $1,100. I
4ces do not indicate
hart bd the eagerness of
the bW*iem did not imp I
ne very much that the people
rere were getting tired of Pick
ns County or had the Texas
nd Georgia fever.
Democrats Win.
As a result of the elections
eld Tuesday the Democrats
cored victory in several states,
>me of which had heretofore
een Republican and doubtful.
The Democrats carried Massa
husetts, New York, Maryland,
[ississippi, Kentucky, V:rginia,
Massachusetts and Kentucky
ad Republican governors, but
his year elected Democrats.
The signs of the times point
> a Democratic landslide next
The Marlboro Plan.
At a convention of the cotton
rowers and business men of
farlboro county held at Ben
Lettsville last Monday, a resolu
ion was adopted calling on the
overnor to convene the legisla
re in extraspssion as early as
ossible, and that this body pass
,n act to build warehouses to
tore cotton to enable the farmer
o get better prices. The gov
ror refused to do this on the
'round of expense to the tax
Being so well pleased with
he results of our 20 days sale
rhich has just ended,. we have
lecided to continue the sale
intil after Christmas. So come
n and get some more of that
ive and six pounds of coffee
o the dollar. Why give one
lollar for io and 12 lbs. of su
,ar when you can get 14 lbs. at
rown's store. It will pay you
o drive 15 miles to trade five
tollars at his store.
Remember he gives 16 oz.
o every pound and 3 feet to
~very yard. With every five
lollars worth of Dry Goods
ou get at his store he gives a
The best line of Shoes to se
ect from at a price never be
ore heard of. .
Plenty more of that Blue
ibbon Flour to go under the
~ther fellow's price. Try it
nd you will always come to
3rown for your flour.
'fell the little follows thlnt
going to make headquarters
t Brown's Store, near Twelve
die River, where he cau run
ut and bring big loads of
Kmas Tricks to supply their
rants and then run back un
ier a rock cliff. He has em
loyed Brown to wait on the
ittle folks in his absence.
When the other fellow tells
ou he can sell as good stuff
or the same money as Brown,
:ell him to wait till you go see
Brown, and then if you and
3rown don't trade you will
:ome back.
This is a free country. So
ome on, one and all.
Yours for business,
L Alonzo Brown,
Lurks in cheap, "self
fitted" spectacles. A full
realization of this'mnay come
too late to repair the dam
age done, and the comfort
of perfect vision may never
again be realized.
Get the best. They are
cheapest in the end. At the
same time you can learn
the nature of yonr trouble
and how to safeguard your
eyes in future.
We have brightened the
outlook for many. Let us
make your eyes glad at
Consulting Optometrist,
Masonic Temple,
Greenville, S. (C. a
vorth 15c a plug. It is
B~ring us your Job Work.
Ve Will treat you right.
Also Barn Roofing and
Cheaper than wood shingles.
W ill last as long as the house.
Lower Insurance. Will be
glad to call and show samples
and give prices. For particulars call on or address
Bargains In Shoes
We have a lot ot odds and endE
in shoes that we are offering at e
great sacrifice. Come and loo3
them over and if you can get a fil
for any member of your family, you
can save money.
Let th& Chickens and Egge
come along and all the money you
can spare..
One-price Cash Merchants.
Cold Weather Comiing
SAnd you want sour feet and body protected.
Keep your feet dr; with good shoes and we have them. Sam.
son Brand Shoe for men andl women from $1.50 to $2.50 as good as
ATTe Jefferson Special up-to-date hat. Stylish and
worth twice the price. As good as Stetson for $3.00.
(Mufflers and Sweaters a full line, and t-hey wisll keep you warm
and dry, from Z.5c to 75c. Trunks, Dry Goods, Groceries and
many other things a hich we can not now name.
If you are looking for genuine bargains Come to see us. And
don't forget to bring us your produce. Anything. Everything.
SWe pay the highest price. Yours to please.
S This space belongs to
Te man who furnishes Square Meals on .short
Open Day and Night to Serve You.
Fresh Fish Every Week.
Leave your orders or call and see'us.
State of South~arola a To the Corn Club Boys.
nCout of Comn, ricas. Gather your corn according t<
Hattie Gaston Garrett, et al, the rules sent you, and brmns
Pinintifrs, your exhibit to this office Nov
Fannie Gaston, et al. 1ta 1a .Po.C
Defendants, IHdeo lmo olgi
In pursuance of a decretal order made!snigotrptblksob
in the above stated case ly his Honor 'ild ott yr o nt
Judge Gen. E. Prince at his chamber at
Anderson, S. C. dated Oct. 25, 1911, and .I o ontrcieo
on file in the Clerk's office for Pickens rgta a rt i n n
county, I will sell to the highest bidderwllb setyu
before the court house door at Pickens, R.THLUMCoSpt
S. C during the legal hours for ,sale on
sasday in December 191.1 the followingSotwsGeriFamndP
drscribed real estate to wit:
All that pice, parcel, or tract of landca Lnd fo Sle
situate lying and being in Pickens COUP. n- ~ sz rc eie.Orlnsaef
ty containing eight (5) acre moie orti, n reutaestsfco.lame i
less according to a survey and plat of ~rt o lutae oke ody
sio mude by J. P. Attaway, Surveyor,FlwrPaerRatCman
l~evb mdefora1ortcrn at 11 a. . o.-.
i.1 f s'ipiol sidlad i bunenW~d you pend blk tob
Vvrgs~ Looer nd oldeflad ed oey fovro in tobcc
of al te cedt otin aybleinon R. CentrAL, C. aut.th
year rroSouthweot Gleorniatoabe sncure
lie h urhase andmortage a n pricnds omoe
en~se wthleve o hepo-trn ilii bsost yaoun fise
ne ;.s heeb ade f ahor toantiiae where
.1 tfei: s cr ito rtin to bner iby _______________________
Ft erusnt Loper aundm Holdratad an
beirgher tomply hthemsSae of outheyaroston
oftsahe thi o h our oratheonyofPc s
prmi oey for B.nferiPoat Judge.
Tellb~rmsod at the rialf tah forme da hea CarMislNwto and . Je
of c saeh redtopybei on e sty, me t t, me to gat the
yea h~r om ay fo a ll toabe scurd ltsam f A mraint the Wmi)
for b-nr eringh pshae n motanexe Ptesaeadfet
fa e~se it.avt the poar- These wile tsreoretyou cielsea
c s hir i Pi llck-es ouont. cipate Woh aladreglr h inrda
p:_ymthecredi potc t e r edtr fth adSrhm.Aead
ner lrom da ofl e Nat the ra e .ofth Ctofbat e, o en.l
e~gt ercet erautm SatPe o n teu9thCao dia yf o
Puchase ..O to c owt boue t9 Count afte puic ains, ref a
f l ro ld t thely risk of 'coc i the formeenoonea , CrilNetonso a s.
purcasrif anystey ae, uit te sai gadnt e
S. wil cnvice ou ttrnsoul notinistranwtte i
Purebser pa for ll ppeisand nun dofte my at b and efecs 24da
isth es b lu o cdt.ors ohe 19Saah1. Aead
deceasdtha B.e be dapeber
One~~~ plgoL'NNSmi teCutofPoae t eh.
It will pay you
to come here
to do your
S . You are always
fall shoppmg our stock and- get
you buy or not.
This department is full of snap and style.
They are cut and made by experienced
tailors, and will fit you perfect.
Ladies' and Misses' Coat Sweaters $1.25 TO
These sweaters fit snug and close, and
are made up with heavy fancy ribbed ef
fect. The colors are red and blue. Ev
ery lady and miss should have one of these
for the cold winter months.
TO $1.00.
Ladies' and children's undervests and
pants to match. These goods are made
up with a good heavy rib effect and are
very elastic and comfortable.
WOOL GOODS 25c TO $1.50.
all the new weaves and colors
for making its. These goods are
the real tailoring qua i as4 the newest
of styles. ..
See our silks for fancy shirt wvaists and
dressy dresses.
We have cotton suitings in all leading
shades, and weaves. '1 hey are good this
season for one piece dresses and light
weight coat suits.
WOOL BLANKETS $2.54) TO $6.00.
Now is the time to get your wool blank
ets for winter. We have all the leading
styles and colors.
Cotton blankets are good for those who
do not like the wool ones. These are
large size and are smooth and warmn. We
have the colors....gray, red and white. See
H eathnr
Leaders In
SCraig Bros. Co. want 30 bush
els white multiplying onions, at
S$1 per bushel, in trade.
S-For land anywhere in Pick- Furnsit u
ens county see or write J. R.
Ashmore. 'The Land Man." Sewing ]
TO RENT.-T wo-horse crop Cases, B
to rent. Man furnish his own come to
stock. Three miles from Pick- T
ens and five miles from Easley, LIBERTY
near the Pickens railroad.
R. A. BoWEN, We are in apo
-nov2tf Pickens, S. C. We sell the th<
'For Sale or Exchange.-I have the world. TI
three small farms for sale cheap. Our price is rig
1. 10 acres in Easley.T*
2. 46 acres1iimiles of Easley. JIL1y
)3. 85 acres1iimiles of Easley.
If you want a bargain see me
at once. I will exchange farm ______
land for goods or town property.
nov2-2t Easley. S. C. E
.WANTED - Intelligent youngn 6000
men and women. Journalism,
Short Story Writing and Mail- ~ o
Order Business. No get-rich
quick schemes. Only those wil- In Sonthii
ing to work can be successful
.A good proposition to the right
Sparty. If you are interested -
f and want to get into something Lands
that will pay from $12 to $2 from $8.0(
Ie week, write to-day yofum
S PARSONS, I in holy w:
1 Bureau of Journalism, Short For ft
iStory Writing and Mail-Order ofiePi
'.Business, ): bfreaira i~
____Williamsville, 1ll. ) eoei
The Pickens Sentinel-S1 rerI
welcome .to i
our prices
For men's shoes this
in value. We have all the
in tan, gun metal, vici, kid and pa
This well known line of shoes for ladies
needs no introduction to the public, as
most ladies know what a Queen Qualityis.
For boys and girls this shoe is the most
satisfactory on the ma.iket for school' and
dress wear. Buy one pair, means your fu
ture business.
$1.25 TO $4.00.
The Star Brand, -viz: Stronger
Law. Star Calf, uji
North Pole. If you wadt service buy,
of these brands.
BOY'S CLOTHING $2.00 TO $8.50..
Bought in large quantities, enabl
to sell you cheap.- With every suit
give one baseball'aifbat..ree.
We hav ese coats in all th,.
colors---black, mixed gray and:p pper
selt. They are real long an
proof. We also have a strong line
tissue rubbered rain coats--prices $5
to $6.50.
Wright's Spring Needle is the famous
brand for men. They are very elastidand
durable. We also have- the medium rib
with a light fleece in bleach d un
ched for 5Q0' a garment.
The Longley $3.00, The
Primrose $2.oo, The Red Oak $1-5o, The
Victor $1.oo to $1.25-.
re contemplating buyin1g
ano, Organ, .
fachines, Mattresses, Springs, Trunks, Suit#
and Bags, Rugs, Carpets, Art Squares,
sition to save you money on anything inouA *
is is a big assertion, but nevertheless it i
ht, and terms easy.
Music and Furniture Cm ay:I
rest GegatfrleLowPrics o
Term toHome Builders.
improved and unimproved at prices rafgX%
to $40.00 per acre according to location &~~
rovements. 1f you will only go see thscu~
ill think it is the land of pronisemeto -
it, and what it lacks is not much.
irther information address or call on.me at my
ens, S. C. I have a proposition to payyou
re there and return. Take advantage o
too late.
41. F. NARRI&

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