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tion at the steady gro'
fitting time to express
It has been a mal
to receive and shake I
event I have decided i
after their most liberal
In preparation of this evf
roof in this city.
Anniyersary Sale n
"Anniversary Cut I
Men's Business Suits,
fine all wool suits, bunched
from $15.00 and $18.00 lines
broken up in one and two
of a kind. Not this season's
cut-bunched into lot, to
close at - *$69
Me& Fine Web and Do
mestic'-Suspenders, 25c to
35c. qualities, at I7c
Men's Fashionable Four-in
Hand Ties- -7c. andt up.
There is an accumulation
of suits in this stock of
really excellent qualities,
not cut in the late styles.
(None of these are this
year's. style,) but we can
guarantee they will make
you an excellent everyday
business suit that will give
fully as much wear as one
that would cost you $12 to
$20. You will be well
dressed and for work and
every day clothes you will
get the benefit of the supe
rior quality in these goods.
The former value of these
suits which I hereby quote
at $12, $15, $18 and $20 is
absolutely not exaggerated.
Buy these on my recom
mend if you find colors and
styles .to ges you. -The
prices ire $#; .98, $2.98
and $169
I the 33 years that I
have done business in this
city I have never carried in
my stock poor clothes, be
cause no matter how cheap
they are sold, they are al
ways unsatisfactory and
never make friends.
Early last spring I made
a "clean up" of such spring
and summer accumulations
and take this opportunity
to make the anniversary
~sale a great attraction to
the men and families who
must -economize and who
must limit themselves to
very small outlays for their
clothing supplies for them
selves and boys, by now cut
ting down to rediculous
prices, the fall and winter
clothing accumulations here.
This calls attention to
men's suits that the anni
versary sale will offer below
$5.00 ~and down to $I.98.
They are the L. Rothchild
quality. All of good all
wool materials. Some of
these are stock worn and if
so your attention will be
called to the imperfections,
1878--33d Anniversary
;--one-third of a centur
th of my business. 1N
my appreciation of the
ter of considerable stui
iy the hands each and a
is its most fitting comn
among rich and poor.
purchases, that they ho
nt I have gathered on my counter
ow going on. Cut pri(
erices," During this Sale that will
but they are the greatest
values for work clothes that
have ever been offered be
cause they are good and the
price is small. Men's all
wool suits up from $1.98;
boys' and childrens suits
f -59c
Xlii's fine( 50c elastic web
Men's Half Hose, 25c
qualities at----- 1(5c
Men's Fine Hemstitched
Hankerchiefs, 15e grade-1c
and up.
Boy's two-piece School
Suits, absolutely all wool,
assorted patterns, worth
$5.00 and $6.50.
bunch to sell at.--- 89c
Half Hose of reliable makes
at 9c.
The sweater lines in this
stock are shown in full as
sortments, up from 50c to
$ 6.00. They are all colors,
and all the new styles, plain
collars also fancy patterns,
and fancy trimmings in the
new models for 1911-1912.
Each and every line is mark
ed with the Liberal Anni
versary Sale reduction, up
fom 75c sweaters at 29c
One Lot of Men's Under
Shirts and Drawers, silk
feece lined choice 81.75
qualities. Broken lines that
we are unable to duplicate
this season, but if your size
is here you will find a very
welcome saving. We shall
close this lot, each at89C.
Turkey Red and Blue
Hankerchiefs fast colors 1c.
$1.50 IIATS--15c
One lot of soft hats for chil
dren and boys. The Stock
must be entirely cleaned out
For left-overs after this sale.
These hats are worth $1.oo,
$150 and some $2.oo hats in
the lot Here they go_15c
One lot of men's $2.oo and
$250 Hats. Good styles but
more than we want to carry in
stock. The entire lot will be
closed at $1-39 and at-..980
One lot of Hawes' $3-00
Hats. All soft hats. They
are not this season's styles.
still may be exactly what you
want. Choice of the lot 1.98
~--1911 L F
i--of clothes selling in I
[y efforts to gain your 4
public's favor to me di
ly how to most fittingl
11 my many thousands i
temoration a 10-day sal
All who'll come will
ive partakenof this ani
s the greatest quantity and assorti
es are good until Saturi
dress men and boys better and fo
Gent's 15c, collars correct
styles, and turned down, at 9C
President suspenders---the
best that Sc can buy. Anni
versary Sale price._.---133c.
One lot of Mens and Boys
soft Hats. Regular 50c, 75c,
$1.oo and $1.50 qualities.
Broken lines, most of them ac
cumulated from previous seas
ons, choice of the lot- 29c
All Wool Pants.-$1.oo.
One lot of Men's All Wool
pants will be sold at $i.oo.
Each and every pair is worth
from $3-oo to $6.oo per pair.
They are goods that have been
in stock for several years.
They are out of style, but just
think what wonderful, durable
and elegant work pants or
everyday pants they will make.
There is no doubt, that we
could sell a great many more
of these at $2.50 than at $1.oo
because so many men think it
below their dignity to wear a
garment so low priced, but
here they ar......... Si.
Men's dark mixed, also
stylish stripped, retail at $2.50,
at _:....~-.- $1.39
, One-half Hose in Black, tan
and fancy mixtures or stripes,
worth 25 to Soc., at 29c. 19c
and - ol 17c
Men's All wolFlannel
Shirts, worth $1-5o and $2.0o
at ........... 98c
Men's fine trousers, in wors
teds and fancy stripes, worth
$4.50. Sale price _.-$2.69
$18,OO Suits, $10.89
High class Scotches, Serges;
Worsteds and Cassimeres,
made by renowned makers,
very stylish and beautiful fiting
all bunched into one lot to
close at ..-....... ...$ 0 8
Men's Suits and Overcoats
of Which we find only single
suits or but a few of a kind we
have bunched in lots. A
wonderful bargain is offered
for those that realize real
value. The qualities are cor
rect and guaranteed $7.87
Boy's fine two-piece, all wool
Suits for ages 8 to 17, guaran
teed worth 6.00 to $8.oo, up
from...---- $3.98
Men's fine all wool Pants
worth $5.oo at ..-.-$2.89
1911-1912 Suits and Overcoats
No trouble to find a suit or
[reenville. I lookibac
:onfidence is the cause
iring all these years.
r commemorate this ani
>f customers and good
e of unusual worth and
know by the unexpecte
IVversary's hospitality.
nent of Clothes for men, boys and
Jay, November 25th, 11
r less moneythan'has been possil
overcoat that fits and becomes
you in this big lot. They are
here in all the most fashionable
materials and weaves. Ele
gant suits of superior all pure
wool, cheviots, tweeds, cash
meres and worsteds and the
overcoats in the fashionable
touches of Fall and Winter
1911 and1912- Beautifuland
striking; perfectly tailored and
trimmed. Glothing of real
character made and cut as only
their celebrated maker knows
how. See his trade mark in
the garment. - $13.87
Boys' and Child's Sweaters
For little fellows two years
of age to the bigger ones up
to 15 years of age, worth 5oc
to $i.oo. Anniversary Sale
price 69c and-......$1.98
Mothers, Attention!
One lot of Children's Suits
for 3 years to 6 years old, as
sorted from various lines that
are broken up into single suits,
odd and ends in stock. All
are all wool qualities, children's
$4~.oo to $6.0o Suits.....78c
$15.00 Suits, $2.98
Men's all wool suits, Scotch
mixtures, not cut in the latest
styles; they will give full$15-oo
value for every day wear 2.98
$1.50 Shirts, $1.19
We regret to be forced. to
make reductions which not
only are a loss, but an Injustice
to the maker, whose reputa
tion stand for quality and
value; Anniversary says:
"'Nothing Reserved" ._$1.19
1911-1912 Suits $11.87.
High class garments of
strictly all wool, thoroughly
shrunken fabrics; the latest and
most pleasing styles for Fall
and Winter 19ii and 1912.
Beautiful tans, grays, browns
mnd plain blues. Hand tailor
ed. The noted maker's name
n each garment Dashing
materials for the young men
mnd more quiet ones for the
>lder. You cannot buy suits
>r overcoats for genteel dress
Eng at less than $22.00 to match
diese. During this sale u.87
Trousers-Men's all wool
dark mixed, also striped, retail
t $300oaL'-7
One lot of Children's Sailor
Suits of fine blue, pure all wool
serge, warranteed fast colors,
also some neat novelty mix
tures in this lot, which we sold
at $3-50, the sale will close
at .- ..-. . ..- -.. - 1 4
One lot of Men's and Young
Men's Overcoats, many very
high priced coats in* the lot,
kwith much pride and
of its success. I feel i
iiversary. I would m,
friends. It being a m(
value, scattering A BL
d dollars left in their I
childrengthat's ever been seen
I p. m. Terms: Spot (
)>e inithe past thirty-three years.
but a few of each kind, the en
tire lot at choice__......A.87
Underwear Department.
A Full line of underwear
worth from 50c to $3.00 in two
piece. Underwear worth $1.00
to $3.00 in the most known
brands. We Invite inspection
of all lines, which will be open
ed up and plainly marked with
the reductions of this sale; we
call particular attention to the
lines which this sale. will offer
in all wool underwear at 79c in
heavy fleece lined at 33c and the
Anniversary Special Derby rib
bed best 50c cash value at.....36c
Men's Fast Colored Hose, in
blue Burgundy and Heliotrope
colors, worth 15c, and 25c this
sale will close at 90 and.........5c
Men,s shirts for dress or every
day wear; good values at 50c
and 75c. Anniversary Sale
price....... --.
Large assortment of -boys'
knee pants for school or every
day wear All reduced Boys
Knickerbocker 3 to 16 at..16c
Raincoats .
Guaranteed Cravenettes-ear
ing the labels of America's best
known makers, also the Craven
ette stamp on every coat.
Worth $24 and up to $40 mark
ed in plain figures for this sale
up from..................7.98
Men's $10. Suits, $3.98
All Sizes.
The most awful Price cut ever
undertaken. Why! the pants of
the suits alone are worth more,
but we cut that deep to interest
the men who must economize,
This lot throughout are quite a
variety of patterns. Suits and
Overcoats.2 Pick them up
Silk Lined worth $30 at $16.89.
One lot of Boys and Children's
Overcoats Size 3 to 9 worth $8,
Mens Black or colored hose10~c
lifen's $i5. Overcoats $5.89
These are strictly all wool.
Jome in dark gray, and black,
mnd are wonderful bargains.
While not cut in the very latest
>f fashion, their style is un
loubtedly preferred by many
[Phe lot to close at........$5.89
i Furor In Overcoat Selling
One lot of Men's Heavy Wint
3r Ulsters, Men's black and
>lue overcoats, also some fancy
>vercoats, worth $12 and $15.00,
willi create a furor in' over-coat
selling in South Carolina this
winter. While they last....4
I9n-1912 Suits and Over
coats '$9.87.
This is a small lot and of more
Linusual value than any in the
stock, containing many single
suits, agent's samples which
will positively be closed out at
this unusual low figure to ex
pedite the sale. They are natty
dlesigns in blues, browns, tans,
grays. Every garment hand
somely tailored and of fashion
able material...............$9.87
hisis a
Dst like
AZE of
under one
40 1
U-. M
4 4
-; C.

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