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in the
-of he week
.16, 1911.
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A Hog for Every Man.
When the census was taken in
1910 there were in South Caro
lina 664,475 hogs and' pigs, .of
which 243,058 were classified as
"spring pigs." According to the
same census the number of
white rpeople in the state was
679,162. Thus it will be seen
that-there are not enough hogs,
by 14,687, to go around even
among the white people if each
person eat a hog a year. There
would be no satsage, spare-ribs
and back-bone stew whatever
e835,843 negroes.
-Fa*-tat week
og sho2- was impressive, as
ys is. No one who saw
big pigs and the little pigs
bted that Satbth Carol.na is
rdinarily well adapted to
raising of great hogs as well
of great men and, in our
on, hogs re necessary to
uction of great planters.
Probably there is not on~e
among the truly great in South
arolina that is not, in part,
-og-fed, and, if that be so, how
may we expect to see "grand
old South Carolina" occupy her
proper place in the iiation if
Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and
/Kansas pork is to enter largely
into the construction of our star
W When the census of 1920 is
taken there should be at least
one hog each for every man,
w'man and child in the state,
>~g the negroes. The Na
tional C'e~heheld,'m
Columbia in 1913, will greatly
to that eno.-The State,
This should stimulate the neo
pl fthis county to engage
more actively in hog-raising.
This is a corn co'mnty, and ;hogs
can be raised here more profit
~ ably than in many places in our
own state. The largest crop of
ce'---mbe gathered in this
' ear in its history,
cpin should begin to
irupply and im
.Every man
ne t, ear et him ar
-range to have two. next, and the
*maniwho did not -raise one this
year let him get one next year.
A hog of good stock can be made
to weigh 300 to 406 pounds at a
year old with very little expense,
and almost every family at least
can raise one. It beats buying
meat from the stores. Try it.
The Columbia State last
hursday published a list of all
eron in this state and in each
* cunity wh naid income taxes.
Ts' co:mty vs ' in the list
nor th nam~ anyone from
this coun~ity. Terason of this
is that thocs wx are liable to
the income tax are investing
their surplus in cheap Georgia
lands which removes it beyond
the jurisdiction of our tax offi
cers - _ _ _ _ _
A company of Laurens county
capitalists, it is reported. haye
bought 17,000 acres of land in
Chesterfield county with a view
of cutting it into smaller tracts
and selling to home-seekers
from the North and elsewhere,
This enterprising undertaking
is to be commended. We need
more settlers in this state and'
smaller farms. There is plenty
of room in this county for home
seekers, and our people should
begin to make efforts to induce
home-builders to locate here.
Col. John P. Grace was elected
mayor of Charleston at the elec
tion held there last week. He<
had wraged~ an aeresive cawm
in your
r corn and
barn and the key
in your cket beats having
your cotton in a warehouse and
your meat and bread in the
ther fellow's warehou3e and
barn in the West.
The lynching spirit seems to
be rampant over the country.
A negro at Lockhart, Miss., a
few days ago beat and wounded
a white man, and for this crime
a mob took him from the officers
of the law and lynched him.
When a mob forms it usually
does its awful work,
The South Carolina Methodist
Conference will convene in Ben
nettsville the 29th of this month.
Bishop John C. Kilgo will pre
side. This will be his first ap
pearance as bishop in this state,
although he is well knovn,
haying served in the pastorate
and as presiding elder.
The South Carolina :Baptist
State Convention will meet at
Greenwood, Tuesday, December
5th. All who expect to attend
as delegates and representatives
and who expect free entertain
ment are requested to send their
names at once to Mr. H. A.
Graham, Greenwood, S. C.
President Taft is now in the
White House again after a
swing around a circuit of over
15,000 miles and making 350
speeches to 5,000,000 people try
ing to boost his party 'and hold
the insurgents in check.
did *not reach Ky in
taqe, however., op fhe land
slide Th&re
Reports from Washington on
crop production for this year
indicate higher prices for the
coming year on all feed-stuffs.
Corn is 12 cents higher on the
bushel than at the same time
last year, Nov. 1: wheat 1 cent,
oats 8 cents, barley 29 cents,
rye 11 cents, buckwheat 7 cents,
potatoes 20 cents, hay $2.75 per
ton higher. Eveeything else in
proportion except cotton.
' P 'lpie and Freedom.
pe clip the following very in
teresting communication from
the Columbia State written by
Prof, V. E. Rector. Prof. Rector
was principal of the Six Mile
Baptist Accademny last year and
resigned to accept a position 'as
teacher by appointment of the
Unitedl States Government in
the Philippine Islands. The
letter will be read with interest
by many of his friends here.
Editor of the State:
Much is being written and said
about: what the United States
should do with the Philippine
Islands. Many good men in the
States seem to think that these
Islands should immediately be
given their independence and
allowed to establish a govern
ment of their own. After a
four-months stay in the Philip
pines, the writerdis of the opinion
that the Filipinos are utterly in
capable of self-government.
The peonle are living on at least
00 islands which are scattered
for a 1,000 miles through the
sea. The natives speak eight
istinct dialects. Often the
people on one side of the moun
ains can't make themselves
nderstood to the people on the
>pposite side. No one of these
ialects can ever become a corn
on language for all. Of 1
ourse English is being taught
o thousands of the younger1
eneration, and within a half1
~enturv, perhaps, English will
e used throughout the Islands.
Should the efforts of the Ameri
an teachers stop now, it is theI
elief of many that the Spanish
vould again become the official
anguage, and only a very smnall r
er cent. of the people know j
my Spanish. Most of the Fili- t
inos are yet ignorant, but they 1,
re making rapid strides along ~
~ducational lines.
The Filipinos know but little il
f the value of 'unified effort. ri
hey have very few organized t
dustries. Statistics show that d
ly 4 per cent. of the comn
erce of the islands is carried
n by native Filipinos. The
hin oi tr hA eymmfercial menr
with difficulty.
any roads are beingI
wires are connecting
ne important islands.
dded to these disadvantages,
he resources of the islands are
indeveloped, consequently the
)eople are poor. Every effort is
)eing made to develop the agri
-ultural interests. The wealth
>f the islands is locked up in
,he soil. The bureau of educa
:son makes it compulsory that
avery school shall have a school
rarden, and many of the schools
n carpentry and woodwork.
[In fact, the school emphases
aow is being given to domestic
science and industrial work.
The bureau thinks that the
people should learn to work as
well as how to wear shoes and
write English.
The poverty of the people
would make it impossible for
them to support an army and
navy of sufficient strength to
protect the islands from foreign
foes that could use them to good
advantage in relieving the con
gested conditions at home. Can
the United States, in the name
of humanity and in the name
of freedom and liberty for which
it stands afford to withdraw its
protection from so simple a
a people until they ar'e better
able to protect themselves?
Lucban, Tayabas, P. I., Septem
ber 25, 1911.
The demand for cotton this
year by fourteen countries out
side the United States is placed
at twelve and a half million
bales; with an estimate of an
additional two million bales for
several countries not reportink,
includiug- British Indi- This,
with the Americanu umption
places th- e6as of the. world
rn this year, as estimated at.
Washington, at about twenty
million bales. The figures are
in some cases fairly accurate:
in others they are palpable
guesses. The general result
may be approximately correct.
Last Thursday. at the request
of an attendant on the Farmers'
Union meeting -in Columbia,.
the editor of The State estimat
ad the world's needs for this
year at between nineteen and
bwenty million bales, but on ac
count of conditions in China and
[ndia it is impossible to do more
than roughly estimate until a
better system for securing in- i
Eormation in those countries is 1
iigurated. -
But what good does it do usi
to know th'at the mills of theI
world need 20,000,000 bales of
cotton to fill their orders this
year, unless we have approxi
mately accurate information as
to the number of bales India,
China, Manchuria, one or twoI
South American countries and
E'gypt, have produced or will
produce; or unless we knowl
what percentage of the goods
manufactured must be made in
American cotton?-The State.
For The Monument Fund.
In this column from week to
week will be published the
naames of contributors and the
amount contributed for a Con
Eederate monument at Pickens
Dourt House, the size, kind and
>ther details to be decided later.4
Previously acknowledged..$5.00
Sam B. Craig............5.00
E. E. Sutherland......... 5,00
To the Corn Club Boys.
We'had an interesting meet
ng last Saturday. Prof. C, B,
Eladdon, of Clemson College,
vas present and made an in
;tructive talk on how to select
seed corn. On account of the
weather some of the boys had
iot gathered their corn. The
>OYS were asked would they be
willing to postpone the contest
mntil next Saturday. They were1
manimous in their consent to
>ostpone, They showed true
;outhern manhood, -which is a
vorth more than big yields orj
>remiums. So everyone is ex
>ected to be present next Satur
lay at 2 o'clock p. m. with their
'eports and exhibits. Professor
Iaddon will be present to judge a
he corn, and will also give a
actuire. Be c:.reful in selecting
'our corn because I want to send
our exhibit to the Corn Show
aColumbia, which isto be held
ext mon -h. Invite your friendsj
come with you next Satur
ay. Yours very truly,
R. T. HAunt, Co. Supt.
ich man's tobacco, but
L Liberty Hardware Company, )
* We take great pleasure in announcing to our patrons
f and the general public that we will have with us
for the following days only
NOVEMBPR 29th and 30th ~
an Expert Optician, representing the celebrated firm of
A. K. Hawkes Company
Atlanta, Georgia
T'he largest and most favorably known optical estab
lishment in the South.
He will Test Eyesight and Fit Glasses.
That me have arranged this engagement and secured the
services of a man of ability and reputation, and that
we, personally, guarantee his work.
All examinations are free, and only regular prices will
be charged for glasses.
Yoa Can Save Money
And obtain the highest class of professional service in
this line by taking advantage of this opportunity.
Bear in mind the dates, Nov. 29th-30th.
Also at The Pickens Drug Company on Decem
ber ist and nd.
The Grain Drill
That is Best Adapted for Your Use.
Distributes Both Grain ind lFer
tilizer at One Operation, but
Throii Se paate Spouts.
This machine is guaranteed to drill all small
train to your satisfaction. Tr y it in your own field
and if you are not perfectly satisfied all we ask is
bat you return it and get your mon- y back. Isn't
hat fair? You run no risk of investing your money
in a tool that will not do your work. We stand be
aind every on.
This is the lightest combined Guano Distributor
Lnd Grain Drill made It is also the only niachin~e of
this kind with Grain Drill whit~h can be removed.
By taking out two bolts, you can take off the Grain
[kill, making a plain Guano Distributor. You will
be surprised and delighted at how easy this machine
runs, how well it does the work, and how light and
easy to handle it is. Let us show it to you and tell
you of other advantages it has, which are too numer
aus to be told in this space.
Pickens Drug Co.)
Drugs, Stationery, Toillet Articles.
This store is the home of the whole Rexall amnilyj
o f Family Remedies. There are 300 Rexull Rem -
edies, not cure-ails but ALL cures, so come here
for your needs. A few specially timely, needful
Rexall Orderlies-Unequaled Liver Pills, small
and pleasant to take.A
RexalI "93" Hair Tonic- --Conceded to be the
greatest hair preserver and beautifier known
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Rexall Liver Salts-The best substitute known
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Rexal Dyspepsia Tablets-T he finest thing i
the world for Indigestion.
- These are a very small part of the tamily--but
space wvill not permit us to mention them all, but
the other 294 are just as good for wh g they were
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Stationery, School Books and Supplies,
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Your E
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ness, Most everybod
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Cloaks--very latest st
Shoe Department.
county, in both Work
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S- Corn
>tice to Debtors and Creditors. Groceries
ALL Persons holding claims against -right
~estate of the late Sarah A. Alex-i e
Ser must presenti the~ same duly i
ven on or before .the 1 day of Jan.I
2, or be debarred' payment and al:
sons indebted t6 said state, must
ike payment on oig before the above
te, to the uandersigped
all Trading
our mind where you are going to do
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larried to Some Other Merchant
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it what the farmers expected and the
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d Gents' Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
0,000 Acres.
OfGorgia Land.
THE FARMER-20o,ooo acres of fine farming
land, that produces abundantly every crop known
to the Southern United States,,.at $i 5.00- to
$4o.oo per acre.
THE INVESTOR-A large number of' farms
from 1,ooo to 2,500 acres that could be cut into
small farms and resold at a profit in less than
twelve months.
200,000 acres of cut-over lands at from $2.oo
to $5.00 per acre. A fortune for the investor
who takes hold of them.
THE SAW-MILL MAN,-xoo,ooo acree-of yel
low pine timber in tracts ranging from Soo to
65,ooo acres at from $9.oo to $25.oo per acre.
Every day that you procrastinate means a loss to
These lands are in the most wonderfully devel
Ssection of the United States,. and are going to
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0. A. BAILe, RealsEstate and Investment C.,
plowing time is here and we want to call your atteri!
Win. J. Oliver Turn Plow on the market to-day. *To
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id only had one broken frog returned. The frog is
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1k Cutters
have got the best thing yet in a stalk cutter. The
ire about them is arrangement of the cutter part
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yes and Ranges
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:ens Hdw.. & Gro; Co.
T- R. ALLEN, Marager..

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