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The Pickens Sentinel
Advertising Bates Reasonable
Subscription Price One Dollar a Year
In Advance.
4 nre Pinaens F oieas Second ClaSu
Legal Notices irst insertion per Inch $1.00
For each subsequent " " " 50
Conmeial and other advertising for three
montos or longer wM be made at reduce rates
and prices can be had on application.
We are not responsible for the views of Cor
To insure publication in the
Ofe not later than Tudsday goon of the week
publication is desired.
PIes, S. C:
THURSDAY. NOV. 2, 1911.
A blue pencil mark across this
means that your subscription to
this paper has expired.
Oean Elections.
The election laws in this stAte
do not seem to be prohibitive of
fraud. They are like many
other laws on our statute books
-dead letters practically.
Elections in this state, from
the highest to the lowest offices
to be filled-state, county or
municipal-are, in many re
spects, controlled by the dollars,
The fellow who has the money
to disb out usually wins, Brains
and character and fitness for
office do not always count; in
fact, is ly considered, on
e -uently the
aenualified for ren
t service are
tered it'Thrballot-box.
statement comes from
eston that the election and
expenses of Col.
,[who was recently elected
or there,] were $8,50b, and
office pays $3,500 a year.
eritems of these expenses were
to be for "advertising,
challengers, wa en and re
e . al the
weakness of -our electiottl laws.
The laws should bemae th
it would not be necessary to em
YC7 "1allengers and watch
me - hey should be made
s& that -when a man procures a
regisr ~n certificate he could
TWa the polling precinct
alom ~ accompanied, no one
allu .d . speak to him except
-: a~2gers, and they only to
give istructions as to the proper
way fcr.j ta)cast .1s .T
oter, if unable to read and
write and to prepare his own
Sballot, should be aided in this'
Sby a sworn officer at the ballot
box in the presence of the man
agers, and any.-violation of his
*h privileges by the man
agers or the officer preparing the
ballot' should be severely pun
The ballot is and should be re
garded as one of the most sacred
' ts and privileges~free Amer
have, but in these days it
become an article of barter
~-~mof expenses in
Col. '&tate fent we~ wish
togW attention to-1fthat of
"refreshments." We would not
intimate, nor 'do we wish to be
understood, as casting any re
flections on him, but a multitude
of things could be covered by
this item of expense- Although
it is contrary to law for candi
dates to furnish money for the
.purpose of infiuencing votes or
treat for a like purpose, yet the
law is ineffective, and 'is disre
carded and evaded many, many
It is an open secret among
politicians that his friends foot
the bills before and durmng the
campaign and election, which is
returned afterward. In some
places there are the "heelers"
and "strikers" who follow the
candidates from place to place
during the campaign, and when
a few dollars are needed to do a
ox'rk it is forthcoming.
3iaso in some places a
on~ as "suckers." who
ca*.'endidates for all they
a,.. etimes every fellow
for thet same office is hit by the
same "sucker," who goes away
chuckling how he "fixed 'em."
The laws should be so strin
gent that no candidate should
be allowed to furnish money to
any man or pay for "refresh
ments" except for his own use.
Thi~ candidates should not be
allowed to spend money for any
purpose except his actual per
sonal expenses. The laws
should be made so strict that the.
"heelers" and "suckers" would
be put out of business, and every
man allowed to go to the polls'
st his ballot for the man
'oce, uninfluenced by I
a so made asto I
,ncourage honest, clean and fair
ections, that the voters may 1
ome to regard the sacredness i
>f the ballot.
Plant wheat, and when yon
have sown all you think you
should sow, plant more.
Poor ol&6farleston! She has
t:ce'd~a double summersau!t,
politically, going headlong to
Grace, yet'falling from grace as
she went.-Keowee Courier.
And yet when we think of the
fact that one member of his offi
cial family will be Vincent Chic
co, we are inclined to believe the
thanksgiving service held in
Hibernian Hall the night after
the election was improperly ren
dered. However, they can sing
"Amazing Grace."
A Double Tragedy.
An account of the killing of
ex Graham by Thomas Elrod
below Easley on Tuesday 14th,
was published in these columns
last week. At that time the par
ticulars could not be obtained,
but since we learn the difficulty
started between Gar Elrod, a son
of Thomas Elrod and Graham
about some tales concerning wo
men,the dispute led to hardword
thelie passed, and the boy was
cursed, so it is claimed, by'Gra
ham. Thomas took the boy's
side and about that time Elrod
claims Graham drew a rock and
he shot him.
Soon after the shooting Elrod
and his son Gar departed on foot
to make their escape.
They left their home on the
same afternoon and went across
fields and bottoms and came in
to the public road near Mr.
William's store. They stopped
at the store and had a $20. bill
changed and went on their way
one had a shot gun and the
other an umbrella.
Sheriff Roark was not noti
fied until Wednesday morning,
and by this time the -two had;
at least twelve hours th a'tt
of him. He wen .. Easley
and Mr. cinney and
the 'ided for the place of the
'~ ing. Aftor reaching it and
making inquiries they got track
of the men and pushed on after
them. They tracked them by
their tracks in the road and by
inquiring of people who had
seen them from the Williams'
Store across the Farr bridge,
into the Whitehorse road in
Greenville county, thence t
reached Cedar Mountain in
No.th Carolina he found the
men were about four or five
hours ahead of him and finding
telephone connection there with
Brevard called up Sheriff Shu
ford and gave him a description
of Thomas Elrod and asked him
to be on the lookout for, him.
Sheriff Roark did not know at
this time that Gar Elrod was
with his father as he had been
told at Marietta tbat a boy fill
ing the description had boarded
the train there going toward
Greenville, and the surmise was
that the boy had gone with his
father to the foot of the moun
tains and was returning to settle
up and wind up. the home af
fairs and would meet his father
late. But in this the officers
were mistaken.
As Soon as Sheriff Shuford re
ceived the telephone message he
notified the police of Brevard
and in Company with his deputy
Mr. Branch Paxon, began tO
watch and search for the men
About 4 o'clock that afternoon
(Wednesday) the train came in
from Hendersonville and thei
Sheriff inquired of the Conduc
tor if he had seen any man fill
ing the description of Thomas
Elrod. The conductor told him
he had about 3 miles up the
track. At this time anothe'
train was leaving for Hender
sonville and the Sheriff went
out on it and told Mr. Paxon to
follow on foot, that he would
get off 3 miles above and walk
back to meet him. The Sheriff
passed the men and before he
ould get back Deputy Paxon
had met them. He ordered the
old man to hold up his hands,
which he did, and the offlicer
>egan to search him for a'weap
on. While searching him the
older Elrod knocked him across
he face, got the deputy's pistol
nd engaged him in a terrific
flght. In the melee he called to
bhe boy to get the gun and shoot
The two men were still fight
ing and the boy grabbed his
Eather's gun and shot at the
fficer but missed him. About
his time the officer slung the
)ld man loose and recovered his
istol shoe the boy as he was
oading his gun-o shoot again.
The boy drop gun and
an hak to the office
Lnd his father began again to
)ummel the officer. In a min
ite or two the boy retired from
:.he fight stepped off a few paces
ind fell and in a few minutes
By this time the officer had
mucceeded, by beating the old
man over the head and in the
face with his pistol, in bringing
him into subjection. and started
with him to jail leaving the
dead boy in the care of someone
until help could be had. Soon
after the fighting and killing
Sheriff Shuford reached the
scene but too late to be of any
assistance. Sheriff Roark reach
ed them about an hour after
and from all he could gather
said it was a desperate struggle
between the two men and the
officer for life, [out the officer es
caped serious injury and suc
ceeded in landing one man in
jail and another in eternity.
An inquest was held over the
body of the boy and the jury ex
onerated the officer of all blame.
Sherriff Roark and Mr. Mc
Kinney secured conveyances
and brought the body of the boy
and his father back to Pickens.
The body was carried last Sat
urday and buried at George's
Creek church and the father
committed to jail.
The father, Thomas Elrod, is
about 62 years old. has a wife
-ind one other son.
I They came to this county a
year or so ago from Pickens
County, Ge'orgia.
We will be tried at the next
term of court, which meets here
the fourth Monday in February
for murder.
The Corn Club Boys.
The Boys' Corn Club Contest
came off Saturday, 18th inst.,
in the court-house. Prof. C. B.
Haddon was the judge.
J. Walter Lesley received first
prize. The premiumi was atCole
guano spreader and cultivatpr
cor?oinck1 .d'xne ted by Henah
Bruce-Morrow Co. His yield
was 97.7 bushels.
The other boys receiving pre
miums were as follo, s:
Sargeant Griffin, a grain drill,
donated by Moore & Matuldin.
Durwald O'Dell, 'a 2-horse
plow, donatediby Folger. Thorn
ley & Co.
C. B. Parsons, $2.50 h'at, do
nated by Craig Bros.
Osborne Williams, one year's
subscription to the Sentinel, do
nated by Sentinel Co., and, in
addition, $1 in cash.
W. A. Aiken, one year's sub
scription to the Easley Progress,
donated by the Easley Progress
Co., and in addition, $1 in cash.
W. R. Lenhardt, one year's
subscription to Progressive Far
mer, and $1 in cash.
Prof. Haddon complimented
all the boys very highly on their
The father of one of the con
testants stated that his twyo boys
this year made as much corn on
their two acres as he made last
year on his 2-horse crop.
There is no doubt but this is a
fine county to grow grain. Inl a1
few years the county should be
shipping corn and meat. There
is more profit in a diversified
crop than in a cotton crop at 9
Mock Trial at School Auditorium
The case that has turned the
county topsy-turvy will be tried
at the school auditorium Friday
evening, ~Dec. 1st, at 8 o'clock.
There is not a dull moment
during the entire trial. Every
actor is a star. It will ,more
than repay you to hear the
"Case of Smith vs. Smith."
The proceeds to buy books for
the library. Do not miss it.
Cannot b e expected to turn out
finished work, and
Connot be properly examin
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th ese nistrumenfs an d
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est discommort.
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