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The Picken Suinel
some Things You now am some
Yo DotL Iow bot Ofr
Towns, Couty & People
% AW
Mr. James H. Huat,of Dacus
ville, was among the visitors it
the city last Monday.
J. R. and John Foster, of the
Peters Creek section, were ib
the city last Monday.
Hon. B. A. Morgan, of Green
-lie, spent last Sunday in the
c ty with Mr. and Mrs. R. A.
i .)wen.
Mr. Arthur Jones, of Easley,
was in town last Saturday and
advanced his subscription fer
another year,
Rev. J. E. Ashmore, of Green
ville, will be the pastor of Cross
Roads church next year, and
will begin his labors in January,
Messrs. Frank C. Carey. and
Thurman Cochran, of Calhoun,
spent last Sunday inthe city as
I he guests of Mr.,and Mrs. A. J.
.ev. W. R. Corder, of Green
ville. has been called to the pas
,-ate of Griffin church for nexi
year, and will begin his work
there in January.
-N ext Thursday, the 30th inst.
will be Thanksgiving day. Do
iot forget to give thanks to the
gver of all good gifts. and alsc
re..ember the poor.
Mrs. T. J. Mauldin and MisE
leanor Knight left last Tues
Ity to attend the state conven
tion of thr.tDaughters of the
confedery at Greenwood.
Rev. S"G. Sloan has move4
-up the date of his subscriptioE
~to this paper, He leaves thi
rweek for Woodruff, S. C., where
he will make his future home
- The rains are interfering yern
;much with the farmers getting
in their smallgrain. It is hoped
t boy may have fair weathe:
plenty to enable them to sow
lar'ge quantity of wheat an(
Capt. J. T. Taylor was callet
to Atlarifa last week to the bed
side of/> son, A. B. Taylor
i who 5$ hospital there witi
r>?a. He recovered suffic
t~.fo be brought home las
Willie M..Stanseli and famil~
ecft last week for, Miami, Texas
He will locate near Mr. J, R
Bowen, who went from thi
:oanty a few weeks ago. W
- ~ Eincerely regret to lose our goo<
companied Miss Meda Bogs
home -last Saturday and spen
Sunday in the city. All o
these young ladies are student
or j F. C., Greenville.
M- N. R. Kennemore, fror
.i Aix Mile, one of the lead
in . -.d prosperous citizens o
the county, was in town las
Saturday with his friend, Mi
Lndrum Smith. They wer
on their way to seethe old hom
of Mr, Smrith and other place
and people he .knew in his boy
*Mr. B."D. Stewart ison avisi
to Iris father, Maj.J. M. Stewari
M~1r Stewart has a position~ i
W ashingt6n in the departmen
of printing and engraving
where the paper money is made
and this is his first visit to Piclb
ens for several years. Hi
friends were glad to see him.
John D. Edens, who wa
cuotured some time ago by th
efficers~lwas tried before Magis
tr ate Jameson of Easley and at
quitted of the charge of hanc
ling and transporting illicit I
quor. The trial was had mor
than a week ago, and the nex
-da he was before U.8.Con
missioner J. P. Carey for th
same ~offense and was die
charged. -
dr. Landrum S nith, f rot
ntear Los Angeles, Calif., is on
visit to relatives and friends i
'Ihis county after an absence c
rot ty-one years. He left hei
when quite young and cast h!
lot i-a the land of gold and soo
s:icceeded in establishing a h
cyntire business in growin
mn.He was born -in th
'co)nf' -- ar Cross Roads churci
and *e:r the last time he sa'
Pickens was when they wei
ining off the town and prepa:
ing to build the first cour
iuse. Re~isa/nephew of tlh
illiam th,
Mrs. Wm. Eayden, Of Ruther
fordton, N. C., is on a vtsit to
the fami-y of ex-Sheriff J. H.
R McDaniel.
The ginner's report just out
shows 11,269,986 bales of cotton
ginned upto Nov. l3thas against
8,780,433 same date last year.
Mr.Paul Boggs is again among
his Pickens friends. He has
accepted a position with the
Pickens Drug Co., where he will
be pleased to serve some of their
many customers.
Dr. Z. T. Cody, editor of the
Baptist Courier at Greenville,
will preach at Six Mile the first
Sunday in December, at 11 a. m.
Ii is hoped this will be a good
day and that he may be greeted
by a large congregation.
The many friends of Mr, R.
A. Bowen will sincerely regret
to hear of his illness. He has
been confined to his bed for more
than a week. It is hoped that
he will soon recover and be
among his friends again.
They are coming back-we
mean our good citizens who got
Georgia-struck last year. They
have found out there is no bet
ter place than Pickens county.
Mr. R. S. Porter, who went to
Lincolnton, Ga., "ast year, has
moved back,. and others will
follow his good example soon.
A pleasant call to this office
was made by Mr. C. M. Maul
din, of the western side of the
county. Mr. Mauldin is one of
the prosperous citizens of the
county, and showed his appre
ciation of our efforts to make
the Sentinel the best paper in
the county by advancing his
subscription another year.
Mrs. Thomas Bollin was
found dead in her bed last
Wednesday morning about 6
o'clock. She seemed to be un
usually well and cheerful the
day -before, and did considerable
work preparing to move into
town. At three o'clock she was
awake and well, or at least
made no complaint and falling
asleep again died without dis
turbing anyone between 3 and
6 o'clock. Her body was cold
iwhen found. She leaves a hus
band and two children. Her
remains were intered in the
cemetery at this place today
Death of Mr. J. P. Smith.
Mr. Jeptha P. Smith, one of
the prominent and leading citi
zens of the county, died at his
home at Liberty last Friday,
the 17th inst. 'He was about 59
years old, and is survived by his
widow and three children.
Mr. Smith was widely known
in business circles, having at
one time been connected with
Clemson College, and later be
came president of the Liberty
cotton mill. About three years
ago his health began 6, fail
him, which was caused by the
fstrain of so many busines cares,
5 and he was forced on this ac
count to retire from business
life and resign as president of
the cotton mill. Since that time
his health has been gradually
giving away,
He was.a brother of Dr. R. F.
Smith, Mr. W. C. Smith and
Mr. L. J. Smith, of Easley, and
of Mrs. Amanda Glenn and
-Mrs. John C. Watkins, of An
In his death this county loses
Sone of its best citizens and the
- Prebyterian church, of which~
i he - was a member, one of its
stronos5t pillars..
, The funeral services were
-held in the Presbyterian chureb~
- at Liberty last Sunday after
i noon, and were conducted by
Rev. B, P. Reid, his former pas
, tor, and his remains were laid
, to rest in the cemetery at thai
..The large concourse- of sor
. rowing fi-iends who attelided the
.obsequies testified to the high~
i esteem in which he was held.
-Sunday School Convention.
3 The fourth annual session of
-the Pickens County Interde
nominational Sunday School
Convention will be held at the
Presbyterian church at Liberty,
1 December 6th.
,fAn interesting program ha.1
e been arranged for the meeting
s and no doubt it will be a profit
2 able one.
.- Space will not permit us t<
publish the program in full, bu1
s Prof. J. M. Hancock, Rev. I. E
~Wallace, Miss Grace Vandiver
ex-Gov. Ansel and others wil
e make addresses, and this meanm
.a rich treat is in store -for thos<
who attend.
e Each Sunday school in thi
d county is entitled to send tw<
Extra Heavy Canton Flan
5C yard.
One lot small boys Over
coats, sizes 8 to 6 years
value .52.50.
Price $
'One Lot
IBoy's 25e CAPS
One lot Mfen's $6.00 WV
I Sal
IMen's $10.00 and $12.5
I Worsted and Cassimer Sui
I ,Sal
IOne lot Men's $20.00 a
Tailored Suits. This seas<
sizes to fit everybody.
I Sale
Men's 8 1.30 Wool Pal:
Look Foi
IVellow Frei
Keowee Supply Co.
"We make no secret of the
fact that we want and are de
termined to have more busi
ness," says Sam Craig. "We 4
don't conceal our ambition be
hijid well-rounded phrases, but
come right out and say we want
you to come to our store and 9
see whether we sell such goods
as you want, at such prices as
will save you money."
No firm is meeting with or
deserving of greater success
than the Keowee Supply Co.
This firm believes in the sys
tematic and judicious use of
printer's ink-hence their large
business has been built up, in I
no small sense, because of pub
licity. Aggressive, pushing, re
liable, trustworthy. accommo
dating, Sam Craig!has contrived
to make this store a place where
one can trade with pleasure and
Judge Newbery Kept Busy.
Judge Newbery is about one
of the busiestofficers in the
court-house. Until the first of
last Jul r he was not so closely
confined to his office, and his
duties were not so exacting, but
since the marriage license law
became operative the Judge has
not had.many idle days, And
as the year nears its end and the
Christmas holidays approach his
services are more and more in 0
During the first three days of
this week he has sent three
happy couple out on .the road
of connubial bliss and made
them rejoice with Eden glad
On last Sunday, 19th inst., he
joined in happy wdock Miss
Lula A. M. Powers and Mr. J.
F. Mauldin.
Last Tuesday he bound to
gether in indissoluble bonds the
lives and hearts of Miss Tilda
Findley and Mr. K. Kelley.
On the same day Cupid ac
complished another task and
hai' the Judge to tifethe chords
of 'love so they could not be
broken, and bodnd together Miss E
Minnie L. Dillard and H. P.
All of these young people live
in this county, and to whom the
Sentinel extends hearty good
Death of J. Silas Williams.
Mr. J. Silas Williams died at
his home near Peters Creek
church last Thursday, 16th
inst., aged about 67 years.Mr
Williams had oeen in declining4
health for more than a year,
and his death has been expected
for some time.I
He was a brave Confederate {
soldier, having served four years
in the conflict between the
states, and a substantial citizen.
He leaves a widow and three
children and a large circle ef
friends. His children are W. H.
Williams, Mrs. B. A. Foster and
Mrs. Thomas Sammons.
His remains were laid to rest
in the cemetery at Peters- Creek
church, of which he had been a
leading member for many years,
on the day following his death 4
the funeral services being con- 4
ducted by the pastor, Rev. Mr.
Raines, assisted by Rev. J. E.3
The bereaved family have the
sincere sympathy of their many
friends in their sore affliction.
Craig Bros. Co. want 30 bush
els white multiplying onions, at
$1 per bushel, in trade.
-For land anywhere in Pick- I
ens county see or write J. R
Ashmore. 'The Land Man."
TO RENT.-Two-horse crop
to rent. Man furnish his own
stock. Three tniles from Pick
ens and five miles from Easley,
near the Pickens railroad.4
R. A. BowEN,
nov2tf - Pickens, S. C. I
For Sale or Exchange.-I have
three small farms for sale cheap.
1. 10 acres in Easley.
2. 46 acres li miles of Easley.
3. 85 acres 11miles of Easley.
If you want a bargain see meH
at once. I will excha" ge farm'
land for goods or town property.
nov2-2t Easley. S. C.
For Sale.
One 15-acre tract of nice land
adjoining college lands in Cen
tral, S. C. Good 6-rooin house
and out-buildings Cheap. See
or wnte C. W. GARRETT,
Easley, S. C.
FOR SALE-Pure Blue Straw
and Golden Chaff Seed Wheat
at $1.76.perbushel.
2t - Central, S.C.
FOR RENT-Wheat and corn -
mill atnd ginnery. ~Call on
Saturday morning Nov. 2
open, will be the trade eve
ter what sort of Merchandi
er, you'li be certain to find
Embracing Sale and wit1
its prices clipped off. VI
list all the interesting iter
space. We merely hint ol
here. Economy beackons
Sale B
Saturday MornM
~REATLY Extra Specials
t THIS SALE. One lot Boy's $1.50 S
o Suits.
3 Price-$3.98
Yard Wide
) all-wool Serge,Se Is
Price $8.45
11-4 All Wool $5.00 Blank
nd $ 22.50 Hand
)n's newest styles,
Pric- $14.95 Bo'" l oo ut o
kal Prce-98cRed Wool Flannel, 15c kir
SALE which begins
!5th, when the doors
nt of country, no mat
se you need forwint
it included in this all
i a goodly portion of
re could not possibly
us of the sale in this
the scope of the sale
you to attend early.
uits 1
98c .
One lot Mi
and Gray $15.00
7c quality 5c
Ladies All V
h $4.00 I..
Price $1.98
lePie e son's very latest
______________up to $50.00, no
than $35.00.
dSale Pricec
S. . ThseS
Some Goodbye
Men's 50c ieavy' es
Shirts and Drawers.
Yard Wide
Poe M'I Bleaching
Best Grade
Print Calicoes. The'whole
sale price 5 1-2c.
- r.
sses Hand- red Browia
Sale Price $84
Tool FreneiS'erge $22
Sale Price $1.95.
an-tailored Suits, this s
models, no two alike, wortha
hing in the lot worth lesL
* 0;
Sale Price $2e5
tore That'sI
lways Bus

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