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yoM remembeiQtat adverTiement
-hieh the baby Usseculg for aIa
soap Whdch foats in te water and
"He wi not be happy unti he gets
JTha Is a true touch of human n:
prIn the tre O Yuth,) Man,
man-we an zeach te somethinA
Oat we Nny'wlrisid ushappy. )
one might draw a companion pic
tres a picture t the baby when he
fi hg a &soap adwrIte n
d it the 3 "HOes got It, but Is
not " -y.
antertruep ctur
of the Mainus al. We get
what we wat, butare not made hap
py thereby.
"It my buslnm were established I
rould be a-hay man," says one
"If I owned a good home I ahould
6i perfeey content and happy."
"f I had i big farm like So and Wo"
lighs the smaB owner.
"If I had a mllion dollars," wals
;tpe prosperous business man
'4 And so on.
w Whereas, none of these would be
happy over the possession of the things
they so ardently wish for. Why?
Because, in the 'rst place, there is
mra enjoyment in gettfng things than'
having them. The baby got his 107
1a getIng the soap, not In possession
Of It
Whateve. you wish for and get there
1B always something the matter with
t-when you get it-some By In the
ointment of enjoyment. And there is
a6ays something more that you want
- to get.
-You see, the problem of personal
happines cannot be worked out by
rthmet When you merely add to
*hat h mthing more of the
gine ons-you do
very slowly-learn
you cannot be happy
n- ousand dollars ten
will not make you blessed.
is not in what you have,
what you are.
is Inside you.
De yo aremsember in Victor Hugo's
-story of "Les Miserables" how for
easInspector Javert pursued Jean~
~aljn,- ho had stolen a loaf of
bread for a starving sister?
Well, here Is a modern Instance.
Javert put Jean Valjean into the
aleya and pursued him because of
Isstern sense of official duty, but the
ier-eeter In this modern story had no
Wfmin nr--.-- New York
ud is~ithe Javert of tiit~sai
~acob P. Heints Is the poor delinquent
wrhom Delmege hounded.
The story runs thus: -
Years ago Heints pleaded guilty to
Atealfifsomie neat from his employer.
an honest life, but has worked hard t
upport -his own family and also four
ecb~dren. of a dead brother.
wenf Delmege fol
lowed, sooner or later told about the
hfteft and secured the discharge of the
-nfortunate man.
-mscourged by his struggle against
jM9ents had Delmegear
~etdfor breach of the peace. The
tter admitted to the judge he had
the discharge of Heints three
er~dz times.
He~aid he thought it was "his duty" )
on know this man was lead
est ife?" asked the magIs
, said Delmege.
Wt~heronthencor grew indg D
penance or ~mercy? Must the door of GI
opportuikty be everywhere slammed
Sthis poor man's face? I will put
ou under bonds of $1,000 to keep the
peace as to this matter."
In default of bail Delmege went to W
Oh. just sudpz Blu4
Heints, like Jean Tsuean, was re
deeming his life. Ad every time he
fried to get his head above water Del
aege pushed. himidr
"The quality of mercy is not
The pitiless Javert of Hugo's story,
torn In his desire between the call of
duty and the call of mercy, had the ""
grace to drown himself.
This modern Javert, with no sworn
oath to support, showed no bowels of/
mercy and deserved none.
Sure Proofs.
Mabel-I am sure he must have loved
-her very dearly.
Maude-I should say so. He mar
ried her In spite of the fact that he
had been out in the rain with heral
one afternoon, was seasick with herr
and saw: her unexpectedly at home\
the morning after a dance.-Londop
Southwest Georgia Farm and Pe- b
can Lands for Sale.
Any size tract desired. Our lands are fer
tile, and results are satisfactory. Farmers are
headed this way to get on the ground door.
Write for illustrated booklet to-day.
FIeewers-Par-&er Realty Company, 'I
nov-2-3t Thomasvllle, Ga.
Liberty, S. C.
Practice at Oentrafevsry WedneOdays. Oz
Pickens, S. C.
Ofmee over*Pfekens bank. M
Your monei
dollar as usual
coats for men
to look and w
take advantag
$22 Wor
lars per each I
that sells the
25c Collaikni
Before the best vah
High Grade Suits and
Schloss Baltimore Clothes Beau
The latest styles dictates o
fancy and plain colors and black
Made to please conservativ
trade and also in all the nev
models of 1911-1912. Semi-body
fitting. The overcoats in al
wool Frieze cheviots, lambs woo
etc., in black, oxford, gray
brown, green olives, tan, plair
mixtures, stripes: three button
ed, out full and swagger and al
so button to the neck, automo.
' ollars. Overcoats or suite
-~ ., wortWr41.00 and $20,00 at
High Grade Men 's
Suits and Overcoats
Containing the wholesale tail
oring which has drawn armies
of America' s most careful dress
ed men (Olubmen and Styl<
leaders) to the wearing of read'
to wear clothing. In choic4
materials of unquestioned worti
colors to please the old or young
and)D please those looking tc
- panand unassuming clothes
of high quality as well as those
who glory in the present day's
varieties of colors and figures.
In this line of art-tailorec
clothing, nothing is left oui
Car Farn
1878-.33d Anni'
H. A TT AW AY,'r6"$
Printed Plans and Complete Speci
fications Furnished.
FFICE: 117) Mai Street, _ ~
Phone 3668.
Sties a
Talle This
One p tories, an
Pin Pill, entifically
Talie it Th
For Neuralgia, nothing is Guarne
Dr. Miles'
4nti-Pain Pills
Used' by thousands tJ
for a generation
hose who have suffered from
uralgic pains need not be told APhone 6
ow necessary it is to secure re-W
f. The easiest way out of Vic
uralgia is to usc Dr. M\iles'
.ti-Pain Piils. They have rec
eed sufferers for so many
ars that they have become a
usehold necessity. _________
I have taken Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain
Is for five years and they are th~e
te avieed:eulgim CA S~
he"pis nthe breast, toothahe.O nat
rhe and pains in the bowes and The indYu
ua them and they are all that is Bears the
. w. SEDGE, Blue Springs. Mo. Signature of
all drugglsts-25 doses 25 cents.
Never sold In bulk._________
LES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
r is good only for what c<
ly goes for four dollars.
at 98c, $1.98, $2.98,
ear as $12.00 to 25.00 cli
e of such an opportunity.
th of Mein
F made for us for this win
Wan's'Suits or-Overcoat
world over at 50c are unti
Dwn, until nextSaturday r
rry Ge
ies are pickediup by othei
which 1911-1912 correct and ap
proved fashions dictate neither
in variety of color nor variety of
cut, length,, shape or finish.
They are bearing in this Anni
versary Sale the plain figures of wi
$13.89 W
$25 Suits $9.98 0
Men's Suits, Raincoats and Over
coats of High Class all Wool
Worsteds, Cashmeres
Frieze and Tweeds.
Regular sizes, also sizes for tai
stout and slim men. Sizes 36 W
Ibreast measure to 48 breast Ju
measu;re- large selection of wi
pattsrns 'also plain black and If
blue. Worth $20,00 to $25.00 at me
$9.98. 50
$20 Suits $8.98 Tb
The AnniversaryjSpecial $8.98 Su
Men's Dark Mixed Blue and Ra
Black Suits. .
Of guaranteed all wool fast cre
black qualities. In this lot are in
many of the makes of the most st3
renowned wholesale clothiers, als
Come in single and double do
breasted sacks. Also in sizes all
especially designed for stout men ter
and for slim men. Sell regular- evi
ly at $20.00 at this sale at yo
SFree with Purchas<
ersary--1911 L.
Will not buy a Dependable Piano.
o Much MOrne
es Not Necessarily Guarantee One.
happy medium in Price-and insur
maximum intrinsic value.
Piano is built according to strict sp
e of New York's most modern Piar
i contains every feature possible in
built instrument.
3 One Artistic Piar
i which you do not pay for name.
d for a life time. Sold Direct Froi
tory only by
hn H. Williami
tor Talking Machines and Supplies.
Notice to Debtors ani
'OR ALL ersos holding
mdnf Children. reethe sa fcm
ye Always fought a bare yment and a!
oor before the above
Wr. .c
ur Job Work.
imfort it for can buy yoi
One dollar 25 cents.
3.98, $4 98, that are
thes do, is giving you i
1's andi
ter are included in thes
The Hats, Ties, Shirts
I next Saturday evening
tight at 9c, etc., etc., et
s. Get to Greenville b
en's Woolen Pants !
68c. loc
)f heavy, dark woolens for A!
nter wear now, all sizes, only Ha
n pair to each, none to dealers, I
tile they last
dds Made by the
Fast Selling of the
Past Four Days. don
)dd Suits worth $18. Hand nev
1ored pure all-wool guaranteed clot
eli known Baltimore makes. che
st one of a size but in the wa
io!e all sizes are represented. ma
one here to please you it I
sans several dollers saved for cles
nething else. acc
$6.98 !
e Anniversary Specia 17 te
its, Overcoats and . orh
den's stylish, guaranteed cut
venette raincoats, overcoats the
various models and lengths, cut
lish dark all wool materials, 'I
o black. Suits in single or suil
able breasted styles strictly wil:
wool, finely tailored. Pat- to e
ns and sizes to suit and please chil
ry condition of men and wo<
uing men until Saturday are
$7.98 i
of heavy woolens, sizes 4 ti
Cgreatest number of our pati
Sof $20.00 or Ove
~, jTHE DI
es the
o Fac
a sci
n ac-)
s. C. B
d Creditors,
.lim aint u
venl Oi or be- *1
ate, to ibe un- a
j, but this Anniversary Sale lets you buy as ml
Refiable, good, warranted winter Clothes, Suil
ill wool, that are made to sell for $12 to $25, i
nore than One Dollar for 25c. But you must
roy's Suits and I
'EST 1911=12 STYLES.
e most unheard of reductions, and amount to 5
-the Underwear, America's most choice fleece(
at 33c. The Anchor Brand Collar, the best I
a. (See bargains quoted in this advertisement
y Get Here
efore or on next Saturday. This Sale closes n(
[en's choice 25c Hose 13c. greatest values for work clothes pant
[en's and boy's winter gloves that have ever been offered be- M(
cause they are good and the coatb
len's winter pants 69c. price is small. Men's all wool M(
[en's white hemstitched suits up from M(
Akerchiefs, 1c. Han]
oy's all wool Suits $1,29. $198 Me
Clothes For Little Men's Winter shit
Money Overcoats $2
2 the 33 years that I have 33rd Anniversarv Sale Me
e business in this city I hai e Will Offer Them Me
er carried in my stock poor Down as low as $1.98 govE
hes, because no matter how Bo
aptheyarsctord, taa- Men 's Winter Me
ke friends. *uit 89c.
,ay last Spring I made a Me
en up of Snring and Summer - 33rd Anniversary Sale quaili
umulations and take this op- Will Offer Them
bunity to make the anniver- ~18UndE
r sale a gre it attraction to Dowiislwas - ec
men and families who must lo 'v eah
riomize and who must limit Latest and best 15c collars 9c. La
mnselves to very small outlays Men's 50c lisle thread Hose, Boy's
their clothing supplies for 33c. each
2ele do oys b nous pie3Men's heavy winter Sweaters,
fal and wnter clothing ac- Men's fine Maco half hose 19c,
his calls attention to men's President Suspenders 33c. Suits
s that the anniversary sale Men's Suits as low as the price 36 bre
offer below $5.00 and down of a single pant. mn
1.99. They are the L. Roths- 50c fleeced underwear 33c, Elij
dqatray.Allo good al-Choice 50c underwear 39c. pants
stock worn and if so. your 50c best style shirts 39c. in tw
~ntion will be called to the Men's and boys Caps 10c.
~erfections, but they are the Men's high class all wool
) 15 only, limited quantity (we have 275 pairs only) to divide amobi
ons. Only one pair to each, none to dealers, while they last -
r. Sale Closes Next Saturday, 10:30
ione 45 FOF
and Mountain Vie'
L. Bottling Works, ral route andte,
ance in original ft
. .Davis Proprietor outbuildings, one
- - -buildings; 60,000 1
IM M M M M M M M land lies well and
A. K. PARK, g change fr,smalle:
test End Greenville, )suit purchaser. I
SI have farms I:
I am now full -up on all lines Am nwyu a
rJ Gooa8, ullderWear, 1. M .
osiery, Gents' Furnishings,
lankets, Quilts, etc. I have
ioes to suit all people and purs- n THE RE
;. I have the same old motto:
Same Goods for M Box 264.
Less Money." Pic
My prices SHALL be in keeping Let me irrite your I
ith the low price of cotton. I liable companies.
omise full value for your mon- I
I customers know that Imak I
l statements GOOD. Those who
me and see what I can do for
ich for one
Ls or Over
hatare made
be able to
and 10 dol
I underwear
Sc two for
..xt SalturaY gt
Vns silk lined 0l wool Over
,n s 50c to $1shirts 25c.
n's turkey, red fast color
rerchiefs, le. -
n's $1.50 Shirts 89c.
n's large sized $1.50 under
ight's health Underwear
r'ade, $1.39.
n's $2.50 Hats 98c.
n's $2.50' dress and street
s. soiled, W~.
vs 75esweaters 49c. 3
n's$35 Swates $.7
u' 10alwolsetr
u' akwrte at 2
nvlyadKichkr pants
ts eor Over-s
fast mare, fmal s
eaen $15 do 1
de cot etadln
n'sc warrlnted all wool vr
n'los trkey8red fatcor
igh 79c.
famile, 5-mlsweto.Pca
bet5c'weersev Nl 4 c amro
hone15 lle 60o swaes claebl
ries, 89c. dto~t~ osewt
igs nceslenditd slectin.Wlle
rwpaearsit or rwil euit ractt
overic and nicerm want rs e
L's ihe drkalltt wooe.
sizs fr ge 6 o 2, i ns SuC
ikes Bot tan ulng
,reac insurane all plcwou oodlr

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