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-Th Pksn -Sentiniel
SONo Tidp s l d Some
Yet Delt i0 Dol et OU
ToWns, Couty & People
Mr. W. L Gravely has a cow s
which is the mother of twip 10
Mr. R. E. Boggs of Spartan
burg was in the city last Satur
day on business. d
The Sentinel went to Pres
one day earlier this week on ac
count of Thanksgiving.
Mr. Jas. W. Earle is improv
ing and remodeling his dwelling
one mile north of town. g
Married on-the 22nd inst. by
Judge J. B. Newberry Mr.
Wave Hester and Miss Viola b
Bently. b
Mr. Albert 3-bb sustained a
very serious injury one day last a
week by falling over a chair and
breaking four of his ribs.
Miss Vesta Ashmore left last
Saturday for Charleston where d
she will spend Thanksgiving -
week as the guest of Mrs. G. S.
Legare. t]
Married last Sunday, the 26th
inst. at the resident of -the of- i:
ficiating officer Judge Newbery, C
-Miss Emmie Bryant and Mr. ii
TI.omas -Black. a
Mr. J. J. Lewis who last fall
mved from this county and
located near Williamston, S. C.
was on a visit to relatives in and h
around Pickens the first of this t
E.. Brow hville,
He is Superintendent *ye I
Moun ' Mission Schools an)
his way to visit the
* ~ademiy at Six Mile.
Mr. S. B. Craig has beeni ap
pointed by Gov. Blease as a dele- (3
gate to the good roads conven- a
tion to'be held in Washington,
D. C. next week. He will leave c
here about the 8th of Dec- .
Ex Sheiff McDgeI has the,
sincere s -in 5f his many
r' in the serious illness of
his wife. Mrs. McDaniel has
been quite sick for several weeks c
zand very little hope is en a
tained for her recovery.d
If you have never heard a I
trial in court, you may hear one s
at the school house on Friday a
night. The shrewd lawyers i,
- and conscientous Judge with all
thle other officers will- be, there. 1
The case is Smythe vs Smith. d
Mr. Walter Mitchell has pur
chased the interest of Mr. S. B.
-Craig in the Keowee Supply Co.
S and,-will take charge December E
97Mr. Mitchell has moved his ~
family to town and occupy the 1
Farr house on Hampton Aye
heams and Royal Am- d
bassadors each will hold an open 3
meeting at the Baptist church
next Sunday evening, beginning s
at seven o'clock. They expect i
to take a collection to help raise r
their Christmas offering. All s
are invited.
There will be Thanksgiving ~
services at the Baptist church
Wednesday night, conducted by r
the pastor. The public is cor
dially invited to attend and pai- E
ticipate. The orphans will be '
remembered with an offering. 14
~ Hon. T. J. Mauldin left Tues- (
day to attend the annual Con- j
erence of the Methodist Episco- t
al church, South, which~ meets e
----atrBennettsville this week. Rev.
G. F. Kirby, pastor of the church e
at this place could not attend ona
ac count of some very pressing i
)duties here.
Lillian, the sweet little 2 year
child of Mr. and Mrs. James B. ~
Graig, died last Thursday even
ing from an attack of menin- ~
getis. The funeral was held ~
from the home on Catherine ~
street and the remains- interred ~
in the town cemetery.- Many ~
friends sympathize with them ~
in this sad hour of their deep r
sorrow. C
Rev. Mr. Gillespie preached at ,
the Presbyterian church last I
Sunday afternoon. He is pastor t
the Presbyterian church at (
rkville, but at present is en
gaged trying to raise an endow- f
ment fund of $200,000 for the
olleges of his denomination in 1
- State. The church at this ]
as been asked.for $600 to c
nd it will be given. (
- iga.ation of Dr.
1 church has d
t it is hoped I
n. I
Mr3. H. B. HenMdrks, Who
as been quite ill with gripd
Next Monday is Salesday and
iere Is spme valuable real estate
y go on the block.
The mock trial at the School
Luditorium Friday night prom
es to be one of the best enter
iinments of the season.
Mr. James A. Hendricks is
aperintending the work of re
lodeling Mr. A. M. Morris'
ouse on Hampton Avenue.
If you want to have a good
ugh and enjoy yourself, go
at to the mock trial next Fri
iy night, Dec. 1st and hear
mythe vs. Smith.
On the evening of the eighth
December a mirth provoking
lay entitled "Scenes for a Day
the Union Station" will be
iven in the School House.
Buster Brown and Tige will
a in Pickens, Dec, 20th, at the
:ig store. We are too crowded
> say more this week, but will
Ive a full write-up next week
bout these notorious characters.
Ther year 1912 is the last year
i which crosses of - honor will1
8 bestowed on veterans and'
escendents of veterans. Get'
our pplication blanks from
[rs. T. J. Mauldin and have I
em ready for January 19th.
A brass band has been organ
:ed here with Messrs. Sam
bristopher and T. R. Allen
tanagers, We are glad tohave
, and are sure it is a welcome
Idition to the progressivness of
ar town.
Death of John E. Holden.
Mr. John E. Holden died at I
is home on Keowee river on
ie 21st inst. of a complication
He was one of the most sub
antial and prominent citizens
E the county, and will be
issed by a wide circle of
ewas In his 63d year and
ves a widow and childr~en.
[e was a prominent member of
ie Methodist church and was
iso a Mason.
His remains were burid at
d Pickens the day folowIng
is death.
Mr. J. B. Rigdon Dead.
Mr. J. B. Rigdon died at his
ome. near Pleasant Grove
burch last Sunday morning,
nahisemains were interred in
ie' cemetery at Oolenoy the
ay following his death. He
ad been in ^failing health for
veral months but bore his
icknes with patience and res
He was 73 years old and
oves a widow and several chil
ren besides a large circle of
riends to mourn his death.
Tr'ly, agood citizen, a loyal
hristian and a brave Confed
rate soldier has been called to
is reWard.
le Six Mile Baptist Academy.
From the report of the Wo
an's Missionary Union at An
erson, as given by the Daily
fail, we take the following:
At the Wednesday afternoon
ession one of the delegates trom
ckens gave a short written
eport of Six Mile mountain
chool located six miles from
orris, S. C. This school was
ounded in 191(0 for the educa
ion of the boys and girls of the
ountainous districts of Pick
ns, and Oconee and the north
rn portion of Anderson county.
'he; plot on which the school is
xated consists of 10 acres of
he most beautiful land in South
!arolina, donated by the Pres
terian and Methodist families
Sthe Home Board of the South
rn Baptist Convention, as the
eople of that vicinity are gen
rally Baptists. The grounds
re valued at $2,000, and oue
uilding has been completed at
,cost of $8,000. At the first
ession 100 boys and girls were
a attendance. The great need
t present is for dormitories, one
Low being in construction for
he girls. The convention was
sked to take this new institu
[on under its special care and
ry to get the local societies over
he state to help in the equip
aent of the dormitory now in
onstruction at Six Mile.
A collection amounting to $90
as taken for Six Mile school
cated in the mountainous dis
ricts contiguous to Pickens,
)conee and Anderson counties.
Mrs. Maine Tillmnan, of Edge
ield, in an appropriate speech
>resented to the retiring officers,
irs. I. W. Wingo aEd Mrs. A.
2Crutchfield, beautiful bou
luets of carnations from the
onvention, and $10 from the
restern division for the girl's
' Six Mie in the
iame of dent,
day SchoolConvention.
The fourth annual Sunda:
School Convention of Picken
Dounty will be held in the Pres
>yterian church at Libert:
December 6th next.
A program of great interes
has been prepared which includ
very live topics for seriou
During the morning sessioi
Wddresses will be made by Prof
f. M. Hancock, Rev. I. E. Wal
ace, Miss Grace Vandiver an<
>thers. The afternoon will b
levoted to rqund table talks an<
m elementary confennce. A
he evening session addresse
vill be made, Rev. W. H. K
endleton and Ex Gov. M. F
In the afternoon, at 5 o'clock
he men of Pickens county wil
ave a demonstration at Liber
;y. In connection with th
'ickens County Sunday Schoo
aonvention held that day th
bristian men of the county ar<
oing to march through th<
;treets of the *An as a witnesE
o Christ and the study o
Iis word. Those saw th<
plendid parade of 1300 men ol
he State Convention at Spar
Oanburg last March realizE
hat it means to see christiar
nen in line; standing a solic
>halaux against evil. In Sat
'rancisco 10,000 men marched
hrough the streets of that great
ity, each carrying a Bible in hi
Pickers County is the firsi
ounty in the State to hold suct
t demonstration, and we wan1
t to be a credit to the country.
Let every minister, every
ayman, every christian mar
hat can possibly be in Liberty
>n Ihe 6th be there to add on<
nore to this great parade. It iE
oing to be a remarkable dem
nstration-do not miss it
ome and bring some man witi
rou. Entertainment will b<
>rovided for all that come. I!
rou are a teacher come. If yot
re a member of a B ble Clasi
~ome., If you are a christiar
~ome. Let us make it the big
lest thing of its kind ever seer
n the county.
Each Sunday School in Pick
ns county is entitled to sent
wo delegates, and in 'appoint
Lng delegates be sure and ap
oint those who will attend.
Each Sunday School wil
please take up a collection an<
~end'it 'by their delegate to pal
)ur county expenses.
Every pastor in Pickens coun
by is urged to be present and al
vho do so will be official dele
ates. Generally speaking pas
bors get. '85 per cent, of thei'
~hurch members from the Sun
ay School and 15 per cent fron
all other sourc:'s. Should thel
riot give more attention to thi:
nost prolific field?
Homes will be provided for al
delegates who will notify Al
bert F. Riser, Liberty,- S. C.
Let us all work and pray tha'
this maybe the oest meeting w
have ever had.
A Man Bird.
Through f'Le untiring effort
f the Greenville News arrange
mnents have been made for
demonstration of the activity o:
air ships in Greenville today
(Thursday). James J. Ward
an expert navigator of the ai:
~d clouds, has been secure<
and in his aeroplane will maki
hree flights in Greenvilli
Thanksgiving day and for the
two days following.
The railroads have made re
duced rates for the occasion an<
those who visit Greenville Thurs
ay will witness some wonder
ful feats in air navigation.
Stores Will Close.
On account of this being
Thanksgiving Day all the stores
banks and other places of busi
ness wil be closed. Let every
body take notice of this an'
govern themselves accordingly
Do not come to town to-da'
(Thursday) expecting to (10 busi
For The Monument Fund.
In this column from week t
week will be published th
names of contributors and th
amount contributed for a Con
federate monument at Picken
Court House, the size, kind~ an
other details to be decided latei
Peviously acknowledged..85.0
S m B. Craig............ .
H. E. Sutherland.......... ,
.Who'll be the next?
Not a cent was received las
week or this fund. Wherei
the chi skyV and patriotism c
Pickens cointy people~ Corn
on men, an& let us do somethin
worthy ofu srs
Never uss . .- Miles' Ati 1aid, Piml
for hea atjBeorjjart .
r Try It At(
We want you to try
Paste, as advertised ir
Post. If it does not s
to us and get your m(
and we want you to
promise or sign anyth
is enough
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head comfort, prom
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city. Remember we
Shampoo Paste to g
This same guarantee a
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When in need of anything
and see what we have.
Contract to Let. -9
The undersigned trustees of -
Wolf Creek school district No.
29 will let to the lowest responsi
ble bidder the recovering of said
school house on the 16th day of
December, 1911, at 10 o'clock
a. m.
Plans, and specifications, etc.,
made known that day.
Persuant to. an order by Hon.
J. B. Newberry, Probate, Judge
we will sell at the residence of
the late Mrs. Sarah A. Alexan
der Tuesday, Decembei, 12th I1
1911, at 10 o,clock a. m. the fol- .
lowing personal property: Two e
mules, one horse, two two Horse I
wagons, one one horse wvagon, t
one buegy, Fargiing tools etc.,
one Fresh Jersey cow, \bunch -
of yearlings, hogs, corn, fodder,
hay, shucks, tops, one bbl syrup, ]
and household and kitchen
furniture. Terms Cash.
-Carlisle Newton,
E. J. Hester,
D)r. J. L. Ingram, Eyesight
Specialist, of Greenwood, S. C.,
will be here for two days, Mon
day and Tuesday, Dec. 4 and 5.
Dr. Ingram fits glasses correctly
and guarantees all work to give
perfect satisfaction. Your eyes
examined free for these two
days, by the latest and most ap
proved methods known to sci-,
ence. Will be at' the Hiawatha
Hotel. Call to see him.
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his followers is ready here. -.Jewelry and
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asley, - S. C
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Ladies' and Misses' Coat Sweaters $1.25 TO
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TO $1.00.
Ladies' and children's undervests and
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WOOL GOODS 25c TO $1.50.
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Leaders in
Looks ig ~ o~
nIIT t Ybtf te one wo sowls i
has bad eyes. to
.Once the lines become zixed, They
b"en corree thuhfene toi s EOR THE
extent b~y relaxation of the muscles. fo
To banash the frown is when it firstt e
appears. 200
ky etting a pair or piroperly Iittel FRT
esha whre des veryoa'Every
you. Thes
~~ a3 cotinue tc
the ground
A. A. ODOM, PRES. wants to
Consulting Optometrist,
Masonic Temple, fm
Greenville, S. C,
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
ALL Persons holding claims .againsAS'
the estate of the late Sarah A. Alex- For Infants a
ander must present the same duly TeKn o a
proven on or before the 1iday of Jan.
1912, or be debarred payment and all Bears the
persons indebted to said estate, must Signiature of
make paymeatgo before the above
date, to the iunidersigned _______
Carlisle Newton,
E. J. ifester.
The Iarlit and,
. most seet
velcome to inspect
our prices whether per
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Low Prices.
WO Acres
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1, that produces abundantly every
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INVESTOR-A large number o farms
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ooo acres of cut-over lands at .from $2.00
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