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Text, "H. that sitteth in the heavens
shan laugh."-Ps. 11, 4.
Not many can stand ridicule. If
you're loved you open up and ripen in
the sunshine, if you're hated you
brac up like a pine tree in the gle,
but itfqoure laughed at you'll with
er -a dwit You 4slkg Aprlt 1.
Soge youngster may pin a card'on
yoncoat. Afrrmer found his lost wal
let on 0 street on April fools 07
Hundreda passed by, but all snffed
the. airar. walked around it with a
"you can't fool m$" &ir of wIsdom.
They dreaded being laughed at. Sir
Walter SCott said ridicule was the
dread of his chidhood. It broke poor
Keats' heart. There are young men
who'd. risk ruin and downfal rather
than risk ridicule. - Boys stop going to
Sunday school, men to church; if some
worthless corner lounger sneers. Had
.ohn Alexander Dowle been beatei in
the teets of New York and a couple
of his folowers. been burned at the
sake he would have returned to Zion
City dth a thousand converts and
$1,00,O. but the newspapers laugh
ed at bm. The result is history.
The Mockery of Sin.
*Consequenes are unpitying," said
George 1liot. A fearful sentence!
oul death is the consequence of sin.
That is what the old book declares,
The wages of sin is death." Man Is
an engine built to run threescore
years 'and ten. Sin cuts down his
timr one-half Sin is a cerebro-spinal
n that baffles earthly cure.
Sin is a boomerang. Strikes when the
danger seems over. Sin is a trail of
powoer we lay from our house to the
train track where the sparks fall.
.Thenwe forget. Some day the unex
pected happens. The spark and the
tral of powder do their work. Yes,
.conMequences are unpitying. The acro
bat who stooon his head at the edge
in the Yosemite, with
a clear drop beneath him,
the boatman who tries to see- how
he dan go toward Bucklhorn island,
the Niagara river above -the falls,
fair types of the man playing with
-Some day the rocks of Yosemite
ad the Maid of the Mist will laugh at
the foolhardy. Consequences are un
jitylng. Repeat it -over and over
-again as you would your A B C or
'our- multiplication table.. "The wages
sin is death." Wages! It Isn't
throwino dice;enos luck. It's
e r oanxious
anys the .word. Yes, and sin gibes .at
fools too.
The Laughter of the Almighty.
It's an awful thing to have God
mecklng at you. God's smile Is pleas
ure. God's laughter Is derisive. He
often works through natural agencies.
Captain Philip of the Texas said the
side which fires first shot in a Sunday
battle-has always been defeated. Cer
vera deliberately chose the hour when
the Imerican fleet were at worship
--~--...is_ rnnning fight. His battered
hulks still ;liesblea ong~ the Antil
- . lean shore. Every aslT iea
almahouse, Is God's laughter at m-en
-who defied him. Men laugh at pani
tary laws and typhoid gibes at them.
They laugh at social laws and ostra
dism taunts them. They laugh at
moral law and loathsome disease
plagues them. Did 1 say law was
* *gibing at them? Possibly the Lawgiver
that sitteth In the heavens was hold
__ing them in derision.
~'~G~d I Not Mocked"
Itis so easy to laghat God's serv
ants and their warnings. Men laughed
*--at Noah. He was the jest of his day
- the old dolt, building his ungainly ark.
Many a gibe he' endured. Then the
heat lightning of God's displeasure
flashed its banner across the darken
Then the fountains of the deep were
flood? No;' God's laughter!
-t goes through the streets of Sodom
a midnight. warning. Men laugh
the old crank, the old fanatic. Was It
fire and brimstone crackling In the
suiphurous atmosphere? No; God's
laughter! Is that a shriek In the pal
ace? No; the laughter of God! There's
shout of horsemen and rumble of
chariot wheels. "Kill men! Capture
women! Whet your swords!" The
chariots drag; the harses stumble; the
drivers curse; the waters are return
lng. Is that mocking? Who Is laugh
ing? Godt He that sitteth in the
eavens has them in derision. Christ
the Jewish rulers of the comn
of Titus and Tespasian and the
truction of the temple -and that
-rusalem will lie In dust and ashes.
uh! No one believes that. But the
ost dreadful siege In human history
of the mockery of him who is the
of judgment. All of God's pre
ons of judgment on individual and
n have come true to the let
ter. \ Men escape preaching and laugh
amsdyat the church. But they
can~ escape God that way. Preach
eraoften wish they could get all the
careless and indifferent to the gospel
call. Nut there Is to be a meeting that
every infidel will attend, and every
*impenitent sinner, every stingy, un
forgiving,. excuse aking church mem
ber will attend, and I hear the judg
ment of destruction. Men are craftily
~ mocking God, and he that sitteth in
the heavens is laughing at them!
Southwest Georgia Farm and Pe
can Lands for Sale.
Any size tract desired. Our lands are fer
tile, and results are satisftactory. Farmers are
headed this way to get on the ground floor
Write for filustrated booklet to-day.
FIowerS-Pa,*es Reay Company,
-~~~n ov--St Thomasv111e. Ga.
Liberty, S. C.
Practice at Central every Wednedays.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
. . Always Bought
PromsDistionnheerul of
hirn mpue nor~uical.
. Use
Fa~i~kSiatr~' Thirty Years
Exac Copy or mNU wOvpee
Phone 45.
icJke1rstIoln Works,
R. L. Davis Proprietor
O Acres---7 miles north west of Picken
2 ~ good 2-story 9-room residence goo<
utbuildings small tenant house 75 to ioo acres in cultivatiot
sme good bottom land 50, acres in pasture, school hous
n place, 2 miles from church, this is a good place among th
fot hills of the mountains and a bargain at $25 per acre o.
ood terms.
I have farms in *.11 sections of the conuty. Le
e know your wants in the real estate line.
Box 264. Pickens, S. C
Pickens Bank Building.
Let me write your fire insurance; I'll place you in good re
able companies.
Will not buy a Dependable Piano.
Too Much Money
Does Not Necessarily Guarantee One.
Strke ahappy medium in Price--and insures the
r Sriks a maximnum intrilsic value.
This Pino is bu ilt accordig to strc specifica
tion s in one of New York's most modern Piano Fac
tories, and contains every feature possible in a sci
entifically builh instrument.j
The One Artistic PianoA
in which you do not pay for name.)
Guaanted ora life timec. Sold Direct From Fac
Guaanted ortory only by)
s hn H. Williams.
Cotton i
prices all to smithei
T HERE is no use to bea
and- graphnell. Cor
November 23rd and lasts t
all in plain figures so that I
We have one of the bes1
lines of shoes to be found,
and quality, wear and com
fort are what we seek in this
stock. Our leader is the Bea.
con, in all leathers and toes,
and a regular beauty at $3.50.
During this sale only. $2.69
The old stand-by in a Wo.
man's Kangaroo, with and
without cap. Sells every,
where at $1.50. Durin.g this
battle at ----98C
Men's Brogans, solid as a
rock, the old $1.50 shoe sold
everywhere. D u r i n g this
Lion Brand, extra heavy
shoe. Sells for $3.00 to $3.50.
During this sale--$2. 5(
Plenty of shoes for the chil
dren and at a great reductiori
during this sale.
This is a line we want tc
sell. These Suits and Over
coats are of to-day's fashions
and fine quality. Whatever
plans you have made fo:
Winter Suits and Overcoats,
a visit here will interest you.
From the standpoint of fash
ion and Quality, the prope:
cut and elegance of the quali
tv of these garments will meet
your ideas.
Prices from $3.50 t~o $17.50,
which is at least a 331 pe:
cent. reductien.
SEND yur children; th
Cotnis low but<
November Clearance
py New Year,
told Weather
And you want your feet and body
Keep ycur feet dry with gr od sh
son Bm~nd shoe for men and women f
As-The Jeferson special u
worth twice the p; ice. As good as sti
Mufflers and Swe-sters a full line.
and dry, from :35, to 75c. Truxni
many other things a hich we can not
If you are looking for genuine bi
don't forget to bring us your prodt
~We pay the highest price. You
New Tin
New T
The old
formulas ar
way to the n,
- every fr.rmers'
one subject si
the fertilizer
that will furnish a balanced ration to tia
of the soiL To do this the fertilizer si
as Phosphoric Acid. Our note book
in farmers' metings and plenty of spa
that you hear. Let us send one toy<
A supyof these is furnished by7 request t
We will beglad tosend a spply delvere i
Must Make Your D
st confession is good for the soul.
some of your "filthy lucre" V
know our stock---there is no use t
)e a regular battle w-th high prices
imed, theialt, the wounded and d)
clean sweep of everything in the s
brated President and Warren
Brands. During this sale TI
15c to 75c
a Fancy Knit Ties, sells ev
erywhere for 50c. During
, this sale-- -39C
A full line of Windsors.
Strings and Four-in-Hands at A
50 per cent. discount. suit
Quilts and Blankets. for
Cold weather is here and bag
we must keel warm. We The
will do our part by selling you nan
good Wool Blankets, Quilts
and Confor4s at less than -
present manufacturer's cost.
Good all wool blanket, guar- C
anteed every thread wool, full
size and regular $5.00 quality.
During this sale--$3, 39 T
It e
:Splendid full size Comfort usu
:at ------ $1.89 It is
Fascinators and Scarfs, all is a
colors, good zephyr thread, at t
fast dyes-- --38c set
The Hunting Sa
SSeason is Here
We will do o..r part by sell
Sing you the guns and ammu-.
:nition. A splendid shot gun cers,
for - ------ ----------2.98
S Shells: Peters and New Bovs
- Club----- -- 35c to g
ously and as much attention gi
you for that lossage. You will
;omers for their past patronage:
s for a Big Trai
Tax Notice. |2I
Office of County Treasurer, Pickens County. ' Co
Pickens. S. C., September 25th 1911. ale
The books for the collection of otate and ty-ol
County taxes will be open from .coun
October 15th 1911 to December 31st 1912. 'to pa
Those who prefer to do so can pay in Janua- or ro
ry 1912, with 1 per cent additional. Those tuall
o so pi er pa cn iadditional. Those who , ths
prefer payinfg in .March 1912, to the 15th of said war
moth, can do o ayn ath additiona 7 per ly et
ta f .Tax payers owning property or paing a
in each township or special school district in beco
which he or they may own property. This Is Cour
school distcs aThose who do no wish to jbri
come to the office can write me, not later than tatio>
December 20th, and I will furnish them with Iper l1
the amount due and they can remit me by Ishall
check, money order or registered letter, If1 cony
stamps are sent dot end aboveeatwo (2) less
abn emee ah wthout registering same, as is days
at sender's risk, dogs
ey for State tx..S...........5% Mis on ei
Levv for Ordinary County tax. ...6 mills
Levy for Sisking Fund ....... ......1 mills
Levy for Past Indebtedness......... mills
LvfoStat Constable ... . ' mill
Tott. 19% mills
special Levy for School District No. 1, 2 mills e
Special Levy for School District No. 2,.. .2 milia WII
Special Levy for School District No. 3.. ..2 mills
Special Levy for School Dilstrict No. 4... .2 mills ca{
peci. Levy for Scoo Dstrc o5 . 8.2 il
Special ..evy for School District No. 8,.. .2 mills y
Special L.evy for School District No. 9,. 2% mills
Special Levy for School District No. 10,7%~mills E
Special Lery for School District No. 11, ..2 millsS&
Special Levy for School District No. 12, ..2 mills N
Special Levy for School District No. 14,..4 mills-Jj
pecial Levy for School District No. 14...4 millsi
Special Levy for School District No. 17,..7 millsIh
Sec ai Lev fo chool District So. 17,.7 2mills a
Special Levy for School District No. 18,..2 mIlls,
Special Levy for School District No. 19,..2 mills -
Special Levy for School District No. 23,..2 millsYi
Special Levy for School District No. 2,. 2 mills
Special Levy for School Districet No.2,. 2 mills
special Levy for School District No. 2,.2 mills ie
Special Levy ror School District No.29. 3 1 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 31.. m5rills
Special Levy for School District No. 2. 3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 31. 45 mills
Special Levy fcir School District No. 3, 2 mills W
Special Levy f.or School District No 41, 3 mills
Special Levy fsor School District No. 42,. .2 mills
special Levy for'Sehool District No. 49,. .2 mills
Special Levy for:School District No. 52, 3 mills
Seial Lev vo School Disrict No. 53,.4 mills
Levufr icner~ on hicke..... .... ..;~.2dll
Hurfr icnerest hipkn R. E. Bo
levy for interest n Pickens a B. Bc
kssta~eIO mills
OIZI 'Oft'
s Low, and You
: around the bush. An hon<
eens---all because we want
During this sale there will 1
ne in and take care of the ma
hrough December 2nd, and
ie who runs may read.
We have got the hats bu
would much rather have th
money. They are alright
style is right up to the minute
but we must turn them inti
cash. They run from $1,0
to $3.50. During this sal,
they will be marked 40 pe
cent. off.
Good grade Sheeting @ pe
yard---- ----54
Extra heavy Drills @ --8w
Heavy Chanbreys--- 8'
Fancy line of Checks @-- 51
Kentucky Jeans 15c, 20, 25c
as good a piece of goods as i
made at $1.00 the countr:
over. During this sale-78'
President Guaranteed Shir
-the best work shirt on the
market today. Sells every
where for 50c. During thi
sale to go at -----39
Our line of SUSPENDER!
embraces everything usuall,
made and worn. The Cele
y ilbe treated as court
uprices will make up to
Sale. Thanking our cus
ots ant e have themr. S5r
rom S1.50 to $2.50I ais gocd ;:s
p-todat a hat. Srviish a ti
d the bil keerp ar m
, Dry Gd0114,: o. . r ws an
i~gans Zome to see us,. And
Ie. Arnything, Everyti ing.
~to pleEs?,
~)AN & CO.,
kings If
ertizer . ' .
ew. At
meeting. /
ould be
crop and keep up the fertility
iould contain at least as much
has condensed facts essential
e to record the new things
)U before your Institute meets.
Severy institute held inseveral states.
0f charge to every Institute, Grange
-lz navring matter.
liars Do Doubl
We are putting on a rip-sn
o brag on our line. WH
and we expect to put them
ing. This great battle be
tore is anticipated. We ha'
Hand Bags, de
nice line, but it doesn't
us to handle them, so we
sacrifice our stock to
a them out. $2.00 to $8.00 PO
irunks: $1.00 to $12.50 for
ses; $1.00 to $2.00 for hand $1
3. Come in and oad up.
goods are yours when you T
ie the price.
bis is a line we tre top on.3
mbraces all th'ose things
ally carried in such a stock.
all standard ware, and it he
shame if you do not buy "1
Eae prices we are selling at. B;
Plain White Plates, per ye
.-............ -....35c ga
Plain White Cups and es
cers, per set--------.-35c of
Flowered Plates, dainty Ti
patterns, per set--55c 10
Flowered Cups and Sau
, per set ----- 55c do
Extra large plain White of
rl and Pitcher, worth $1.50
> at----.--... 98c -
t This S
ethem as if you came;:
always regret it if you dc
and wishing them a Merr
olicho do o 7epafeu yersan
bodyedo ale spers ndh yote
eney fortyferbtir ei tobc
tofCenral s. reC. a thel
y ne dolraifycethe commtton
adiled int myouar see
R.tel, ersnthoraed in thC.t
etse ta ba.and all pronacat.
poydin per pquntn wheich ofsu
rthlo 5c~ at thelieg.e Ith cos
ion' taChiaboepoIeorN. a
)rting sale and smashing
to rout with shot, shell.
gias on THURSDAY,
-e marked these goods
Grocery Line.
A big cut in eve!ything un
r this head. Coffees, canned
ods, soaps, washing pow
s-in fact everything has it
en knifed,
Good Green Coffee, per
und- - --.16c
Good Parched Coffee, per
und --22c
Ground Coffee, in cans,
.09OAize -..84c
tre- boxes Ma 10C
2 ee5ccanus
irde packages
Jakes Laun 2
)oxes Washin 25
>lugs of good (io~
bacco- -
)ne of the best things we
~ve to offer you is the
- its use you cannot run
ur lamps over. Holds five
lions and sells everywhere
- $1.50, To make it inter
~in ..se will g've you one
th US and filitfull of
e Can alone for-~-$l.O3
) pound sacks of good salt
)ur stock has been mar'ked
wn. You get the benefit
these low prices.
not attend the resat
y Christmas and a Hap
Clerk's Sale.
State of south Carolina,
County of Pickens,
In Common Pleas Court.
W. E Findley,
J. T. Rice, et al, Defend .
In pursuance of a decret
the above stated ca
Geo. E. Prince, at chambers in
soD. s. C., dated Oct. 2-5, 1911, I
sell to the highest bidder on Saleeday
December, 1911, during the legal h
for sale at Pickens, C. H., &. f>the f
lowing real estate, to wit:
1st All that piece, parcel or tracti
land in the County of Pickens, in
atoe township, adjoining lands of.
Herd. estate of Jordan nice. Wil.
Turner and others and contain one
dr d and forty.(140) acres more or
2 All that piece, parcel, or tract
land on waters of Cedar Creek beinn'
on a spanish oak, thence north to a
thence east to a rock, thence sont
pme. thence, sauth to the begi*
ner, containing fifty acres (50)
les adj ining lands of Mitton
W J. Dufrie, J. D. Crershav and
Terms cash. Paschasers to
all papers and recording the
A. 3.
Clerk o
One plug of
CliAMfPION tobacco
from;S. R. Kelly,
S. C will con,
is best

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