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The Pearl of the
Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C. as second class mail matter, under W& of Congress of 33arch 3,1879
41st YEAR PICKENS, S. C., DECE'eAHR 7, 1911.
Newberry Grand Jury Nullifies
Indictment-Special Charge
from Judge
Special to Tf- State
Newberry Nov. 29.-The grand
jury at 11:15 this morning re
turned the Felder indictment to
the court marking "No Bill,"
which means that they do not
think there is efiggh in the
charge to make it prper to send
it to a pettit jury for trial.
The grand jury's, finding on
the indictment had been.awajt
(.I with much interest, and ev
(ry time since Monday morning
that body made its appearance
in the courtroom with a bateh
of indictments the Felder indict
ment was listened for with in
tense interest by the large crowd
in the courthouse, but nothing
was heard of it until just before
the adjournment of court for
dinner this morning, when it
was handed in marked "No bill,
R. C. Counts, foreman." It
was the last bill handed in by
the grand jury, though among
t e first batch handed to the
j iry by the solicitor when court
opened Monday morning.
It is reporte3, though, of
course. it can not be vouched
for, that the grand jury atood
nine to nine at the beginning,
and that later two more went
over to the number in favor of
"true -bill," thus makine the
body stand 11 to 7, 12 being
necessar fy -fm " - 4"
idictment against Felder
was taken out upon an affidavit
sworn out some months ago by
B. Frank Kelley of Bishopville,
then member and secretary to
new winding-up commis
s:on appointed by Governor
B'ease to take the place of the
former commission, whic'1 he
had removed. The indictment
drawn by Solicitor Cooper some
-time last spring, shortly after
the affidavit was made, charged
'homas B. Felder of Atlant
j., who had assisted the at
torniey general in recovering for
* the tate a large amount of over
cha/ges of liquor houses that
had'dealt with the former dis
pensary board, with having at
tempted at Newberry in October,
1905, to bribe H. H. Evans,
then chairmen of the board of
control, one count says, with an
offer of $50.000 worth of stock
in some big liquor organization
that Felder was alleged to be
getting up at some unknown
place; the second, count makes
-~-- a similar charge but fixing the
offer at $250,000 worth of stock;
the third count fixes the offer at
"$250,000 in lawful money of
the United States.
After the indictment was
drawn, Governor Blease issued
a requisition on the governor of
adergia for Felder, and it was
tin the hands of Sheriff Bu
for service. He went to
tto arrest Felder and
-back, but he refused
on the requisition and
Brown refused to
hion he grand jury came
morning at 11:30
9 into com before prepar
for th'r final presentment the
ing 4 asked Judge Gage
orbeter ,te grand jurors in
b derifig this bill of indict
-ment could take into consider
s ation the probable expense to
the county and the moral effect
-,upon the community and society
T.he Judge replied that- if the
g rand jurors believed the testi
mony of the witnesses who had
gone before them and that the
prosecution was in good faith,
it was their duty to find a true
bill without regard to the ex
pense to the county. Proceed
ing, the Judge said that the
grand jurors could consider the
public facts on record, that
there had been several prosecu
tions in these dispensary cases;
that John Black had been
tried and convicted in Chester;
that James Farnum had been
tried and acquitted in Colum
bia, and that two of the witness
es who went before the grand
jury in the case of Felder now
under consideration had been
Stried in Columbia, the jury fail
* -jg to agree, and that the other
* tness had been indicted in
bprry, thge indictment hav
"This case," said his honor,
.ont of that "terrible ex
periment which the State was
induced to make some years
ago, and that was an honesi
effort, to mike respectatle q
nefarious business, that of sell
ing liquor to men. I trust,'
said he, "that the State ha
tried that experiment to it
heart's content. If you ar
satisfied," said the judge, "tha
the prosscutioris for a publi<
purpose. or to put it differently
if you are satisfied that the pur
pose is not for the public -gooi
and will not end in the publi<
good, you have a Wii4ediscretior
in the matter; you can returt
'no bill' or you can return the
bilto the solicitor, stating tha
ydaiwilI.nt mAe any finding
upon it until more satisfactor3
proof comes to your hands.'
Concluding this special charg<
to the grand jury, the judg
told them: "But, above al
things, gentlemen, you shoul
make one thing your pole star
and unless you olhat you wil
go wrong. Put behind yot
every personal consideratior
and look to the truth and th
truth alone, and plant your
selves firmly upon the truth
and go to that goal to which th<
-truth leads you. If you go a1
it with this spirit and with thi
purpose, you are bound to react
a right conclusion; if you go al
it with any other spirit and pur
pose you areboundtogo wrong.'
The witnesses who went be
fore the grand jury Monday
morning to give their testimony
on the Felder indictment were
H. H. Evans of Newberry L
W. Boykin . Camden, ani
ZjohlBell'Tod dt B-atesburg
Governor Bleasp was an in.
terested listenPr i ,ourt Mon
day morning when the Felde
indictment was handed out.
The grand jury read theil
presentment this afternoon ani
were discharged and court ad.
journed. Solicitor Cooper, be
Ing asked as to what furthui
steps. if any he proposed t<
take in the'eWder case, repliet
that he did not care to make ani
tatement at all in regard to the
The Herald and news says
"It is said the grand jury stood
ten for 'no bill' and eight fo:
'true bill' in the Felder case."
The Chicago Tribune says "The
Renewed South is the Land o
A new and powerful ally ha
declared itself for "the renewei
South." The Chicago Tribune
regarded by many as the great
est newspaper in the Unitei
States or the world, pledges it
self to the encouragement of the
great development that it see:
immediately ahead. Hereaftei
it willinot stint its publicity oj
htruth regardling our South
ern country that seems just t<
have been diacovered by th<
rest of the -nation, which re
gards .it as almost too good t<
be true.
The Chicago Tribune's par
in the wonderful exploitatior
and development of the West il
acknowledged by all who art
familiar with the matter. A
large share of the credit for th<
settlement of the lands reclaim
ed by irrigation belongs to it
-One of the most potent agen
cies that it has set in motioi
toward that end is the Chicag<
land show, founded by the Tri
bune in 1909; and it is quit<
possible that the Southern dis
plays at that very show thi:
year and last year have beer
directly responsible for the Tri
bune turning its energies towar<
"The Tribune has realize<
that the time has arrived fo:
the development of the South,'
says that paper, remarking tha
the most direct and powerfu
force in the upbuilding of a comn
munity is publicity that tells th<
truth. The Tribune's polic1
was declared and its positioi
defined in- a striking editoria
published in its issue of Nov. 15
in which it spoke of "the re
newed South" as "the most re
markable economic achievemen
now-under way in the iwesteri
hemisphere;" as "'this grea
phenomenon which Is iltustrat
ing once more the splend~
tical energies, the courage,
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try of the American people;' as
"the great, growing and thriv
ing new business empire."
"All this is not hyperbole,. and
vhoba studied the sit
uation, especialliatfirf st-hir,,
will realize that Senator Fletch
er's striking sumnary is more
than justified..... .It is time
for us to correct our foolish,
vague notion that the South is
still backward. It is rising like
a young giant from tbe prostra
tien of the civil war..... .The
renewed South is the land of
The Tribune's editorial was
I inspired directly by an interview
with Senator Fletcher, president
of the Southern Commercial
Congress, which had been pub
lished in its preceding day's is
Isue. Senator Fletcher is known
to be an earnest believer in the
South and its national import
ance, The congress which he
heads has two general objects
first, to make the South itself
appreciate its own resources
more intelligently; and, second,
to sweep misapprehensions re
Sgarding the South out of the
nation and the world.
In his interview, which the
Tribune gave prominent display.
Senator Fletcher pointed out
that the South excels in nine re
Isor'ces-coast line, navigable
streams, water powers, rainfall,
-wet lands, soils, growing hours,
forests and minerals. He recall
-ed how the South sustained a
Swar loss of three and a half bil
lion dollars worth of property
'and one-tenth of its pooulation
E"No people eyer suffered such
loss in history and survived,"
said he. "No more stupendous
Sproblems ever faced any people
in the world." But the losses
Shave been more than restored,
said he, and the property valua
tions are increasing amazingly
each day.
SHe poi'ited out that the South
is the source of the world's cot
ton supply, on which it has a
practical monopoly unpossessed
-by the West on its own grai
and meat supplies, svhich face a
-growing world competiti m.
SThe real awftkening of the
South is just- beginning, said
-Senator Fletcher. Out of six
hundred and twenty millimn
-acres of land in what is called
the South, not 25 per cent. is
1under cultiyation. The lands
-are the lowest-priced and most
productive to be found on the
[ In an area as large as the Brit-!
ish-Isles,Germnany,France, Swit
zerland, Austria and Italy all
combined, the South has a pop
ulation of twenty-eight millions
as_ against two hundred and
thirty millions in the countries
1Senator Fletcher described the
South's vast natural resources,
and its big increasing mnanufac-1
turing interests, $300,000,000 be
ing invested in cotton nills
alone. There are 3.000 miles of
coast line full of harbors. Of
the 27,000 mile.. of navigable
.rivers in the whole country, 23,
. 000 are in the South.
SThe great Appalachian syvs
-temn, with its natural storage
aught, and which has been
as borne the signature of
s been made under his per.
upervision since its infancy.
io one to deceive you jn this.
nd "Just-as-good " are but
and endanger the health of
ience against Experiment.
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yrups. It is Peasant, it
rphine nor other NI'arcotic
rantee. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhma and Wind
roubles, cures Constipation
es the Food, regulates the
healthy and natural slcep.
iother's Friend.
ignature of
re Always Bought
er 30 Years.
basins for holding excessive rain
Eall, can furnish ten-million
horse power, of which one-tenth
s now being utilized. The
outh's average rainfall is fifty
nhes,~'a iaTislfv et an
hirteen inches in the semi-arid
The South possesses six hun
red varieties of soil, and hun
dreds of thousands of acres of
incredibly rich land, capable of
Irainage and cultivation,
"Natural resources and oppor
bunities considered, it must be
conceded that the choicest field
f endeavor lies there:" said he.
"For stability, honesty and
Afficiency in governmental af
fairs-state, county and city
she sets the example.
"Social order. public spirit,
constructive effort and educa
bional advantages she enjoys in
a marked degree.
"Nationally she has been a
sort of political orphan. That
lay ought to pass. The South
rust play an important part in
he growtn of the nation. It has
baken on a new phase of mind
-a constructive, progressive
phase-and as it prospers and
levelops the nation is enriched.
people are cordially desired, and
the tide is setting that way. No
such upbuilding and advance
ment has ever been witnessed
esewhere as we shall see going
on in the near future in the ma
jestic domain of the South.
This growth of the South makes
for the glory of the nation."
All of these very glowing as
pects of the renewed South and
its resources are borne out in
cold facts and figures by the re
cent issue of the Manufacturers'
Record, which contains a special
article on Southern industrial
activity, noting that there is a
very decided revival of indus
trial activity throughout the
South, "not confined to any
one part of the South or merely
to a few lines of industry, but
sweeping over the whole section,
from Maryland out to Texas,
and covering almost every line
of human activity."
Western land operators and
colonization people are turning
their attention to the waste
ands and timbered tracts of the
-outh, says the Record: and it
forecasts the energetic exploita
tion of the South in the same
way that has been so effective
inl indlucing immigration to the
West, noting that in the South
ern states there are idle lands
capable of supporting millions
of people.
All of which makes us very
contented Southerners,ever more
content to stay at home and
take part in the new era that is
already here.
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