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A g Bates Reasonable
THURSDAYJiDEC.. 7, 1911.
The Felder Case.
The case against Col. Thomas
B. Felder, the attorney who
was employed during Gov. An
Sel's administration by the dis
Pensary winding-up commis
sion, has created widespread
interest and notoriety.
As will be remembered, he
was Indicted by the winding-up
commission appointed. by Gov.
Blease for attempting to bribe
H. H. Evans, the chairman of
the dispensary board of control
In 1905. An account of the
charges and the result of the
case will be.found on the first
page of the Sentinel.
There are some features of
this case which are worth con
sideration by the public. The
first striking feature is that it is
alleged that Felder attempted
to bribe Evans, a state officer,
in 1905. No intimation was
ever made of suoh Ian offer until
1911. Evans, the state officer,
andtht-one attempted to be
bibed, kept the secret in his
own bosoi until through the
efforts of Felder the meshes of
the law had begun to wind
around Evans. Then there were
charges of corruption against
Blease. in connection with the
Ald state dispensary while he
was senator. The charges be
to look ugly, and doubtless
caised thQsewen much annoy
ance.7T was then that the
prosecution of Felder followed.
The thing is weak on its face.
After the lapse of five years,
and long after the state dispen
sary had been abolished, a pros
ecution was brought against a
man for- attempting to bribe a
s4ate official. Why did not
e thing'known
in his
re d
ju: y , andhaving
failed to do this,.one or two con
clusion' are inevitable, i. e., if
ch attempt was made, he*
'no regard it seriously, or
thprosecution of FelderI
onuth and to vent jroa
Anotiher noticea' le feature is
that the- winding-up commls
sion was in session at Columbia
at the time the warrant against
Feldea was sworn out, and in
stead of applying to one of the
magistrates in Richland county
for th wdarrant, the commission
embers to New
berry, t e omn ' Gov. Blease,
to swear out the warrant. {
What conclusions are deducible
-from this conduct? Does it not
imply that if the ,testimony
should be eak4{
- to sustain the ction in
Richland copersonal
lease and H.
would be expected to
a conviction in New
hr prominent feature Is
dut and action of the
ryatNewberry After
:the bill in their posses-j
oor three days they re
tcourt and asked
gewhether they could|I
consideration the prob
eto the county and*
effect upon the corn
idsociety. The judge
only he could reply,
eybelieved the testi
hewitnesses who had
ethem, and that the
awas in good faith,
theiriduty to find a true
" He f-jrher charged them:
"If you arxsatisfied the purpose
(the prosecistin) is not for the g
public good NdI will not end in
the pul4li{.. you can return*
no bill." T1e:. he warned them
to "put benind them every per
sonal consideraution and look toI
thie truth and the truth alone."
What controlled the grand
in finding no bill no one
ows and possibly will never
obut there are some strong
iderations and conclusions
be deduced from their inquiry
fthe court, the instructions
.given and the final action in the
In the first place it can be sur
mised that the testimony wasH
not sufficient to justify thenm in
sending the case toa petit JUry;
iti may be they did not believe
the wjinesses who were swornI
before them. In the next place
it can readily be inferred that
they did not regard the prosecu
tion as, for the public goodA
Whatever may have controlled
them, one thing is certain, that3
they did not regard it as serious
enough for thy petit jury to con-*
s ider. I
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