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The- PickdB Se illel
Tsom Thing oDKnow ad Some
loYl Doti Dow Abont Our
Towns, County & Peoe
Only three weeks till Christ
Do your Christmas shopping
earlyand avoid the rush.
Mrs, A. J. Boggs is spending
this week with Mrs. Jones Frull
er at Grecnwood.
)TMr. R. W. Gillespie. who lives
near Pendleton.was in town last
Monday on business.
The Pickens Baptist Sunday
- School is planning for a Christ
mas entertainment for the bene
'It oi the school.
If you will reAd the advertise
ments in this paper you can
esily find out where to do your
Christmas shopping.
You do not. % ant to neglect
your Xmas trix. Read the
Sentinel and you will know the
best place to get them.
Ma!ried November 30th by
Judge J. B. Newbery in his of
h Lfice,Miss Jennie Looper and Mr.
Grover F. Freeman.
Rev. C. A. Waters, Capt. J.
T. Taylor and others are .at
tending the Baptist State Con
vention at Greenwood this week~.
Mr. T.G. Johnston,of Central,
was seen on the streets, here
last Saturday and was a wel
come visitor at the Sentinel of
Rev. W. C. Seaborn and fam
ily, who have been living in this
city for the past year,have mov
ed back to their'home near Pra
ters Creex church.
* The hard times and scarcity
of money caused the Keowee
ly Company at this plac'
-' in business. They made
ignment last Friday for
nefit of their creditors.
rried at the residence of
~r. N. 1.. Looper November
Miss almeDuncan and,
~Mr. TiAmanl leyJ. .
SLooper. notarYP lcofcaig
Rev. J. .E-* oster spent the
S week-enld W 'b~ members of
Shi ogreation at Mount'ain
View last week. .On Sunday
a he preached the funeral of
( Riley F. Porter, who recently
met death by having his hand
torn off in a gin.
M.C. E. Gray, proprietor of
he Oconee Marble Works lo
at Westmlnister, S. C.,
eetda very handsome
mionumentat the grave of the
late Mrs..Deborrah Mauldin at
the cemetery here.
Mr. George A. Lewis .and
wife left last week for Lincoln
ton, Ga., where they will make
IiF~ their future honre, He .made
arrangemenits, however, to keep
.himself informed about affairs
4 n his old home county by sub
scribing for the Sentinel..
Six Mile has recently had an
addition to its-citizenship of
wihich it may well be proud,
Mr. W. R. Garrett and family.
This staunch citizen has retired
from farm life and has moved
into this -good& town - where he
can be near his church and
spend his ~remaining days in
sc rvice and ease.
State Treasurer Jennings has
requested all the railroads and
corporations to pay their taxes
fore'the 15th inst., on account
depleted condition of the
st~reasury. I' would like,
'ie be appreciated if individ
uals and all other tax payers
\ho have not paid would do the
sak~e. The government must
be run and this is the only
soufrce or rever'ue.
Pon't forget Buster Brown
-and Tige. They will be at the
Big Store in Pickens on the 20th
inst., and give a free perform
ance. These are notorious
characters, have been heard of
and read about by people all
over the country for many years
and now you will have an op
portunity to see them.
Mr. E. H. Craig, of Craig
Bros., has just returned from a
visit to Santa Claus, where he
made arrangements for a large
supply of Christmas goods, and
these goods have begun to ar
rive in Pickens. As fast as they
4 can be opened up they will be
put on display and the people
will have an opportunity of get
ting choice selections for Christ
mas. See their advertisement
in, this issue, which will give
More About That Miroad.
"Gleanor's" art-cle on tlie
railroad prospect up the Oolenoy
valley sounded like sweet music
to the farmers along the propos
ea line, and many are hopeful
that before many years hence
this rich valley will be traversed
by a railroad.
Nobody will doubt the import
ance of railways, and every
body who has studied the sub
ject knows that transportation
is a big item in the process ot
supply and demand.
But to the farmer the country
road is the broad highway; it is
his trunk-line in transporting
his products from his acres to
the market; but we must have
one or the other. Which shall
it be -the railway, or the good
country road?
The railroad is important, and
it is just as important that the
county commissioners work the
country roads.
We feel sure' there is some
movement on hagid concerning
the road up this valley, as the
mud-holes have met and have
been holding a continuous meet
ng for some time. Occasion
Oly a weary traveler meets
with them, but they so out
mumber him that generally a
Loss of time to himself is all he
will tell you about. We had
pposed that the road commis
3ioners had the power to break
up these meetings, but so far
hey have not interfered.
So the farmers are hoping the
'ailroad will come, and if it does
we are sure the commissioners
)mployed to build it -will realize
bhat it is just as important that
it be as substantially built up
Nis valley as near some town
)r city.
We are glad the railroad is
:oming. Good-bye to the road
:ommissioners, if ther are not
already gone.
kttentton, Confederate Veterans!
No Crosses of Honor will be
onferred after November, 1912.
eleiving that there are many
eterans who have not yet ob
ained this valued trophy, the
?ickens Chapter, U. D. C., have
lcided to give them one extra
pportunity to do so.
Accordingly January 12, 1912,
Jen. Lee's birthday, will be cel
brated with appropriate exer
ises in the Pickens Graded
school, after which the Crosses
f Honor will be bestowed.
All applications must be in
he hands of the undersigned on
anuary 1st, 1912.
Every Confederate Veteran
who gives proof of his service in
ie war is entitled to a Cross.
The oldest lineal descendant
f a deceased Veteran is entitled
o a Cross upon proper appli
If a Veteran to whom a Cross
ias already - been awarded
~houd lose the same, he is leuti
bled to a second Cross upon ap
The undersigned will cheer
ully giye all needed advice and
uggestions to any Veteran or
descendant applying for a Cross
mder the rules governing their
bestowal, and cordially invites
every one entitled to this bad/
f honor to freely ask for -
advice and assistance.
The- efforts and hopes of the
Pickens Chapter, Daughters of
ile Confederacy, are earnestly
directed towards the proper ion
ring of every true soldier of
he Confederacy.
Let none entitled to this Cross
pass this opportunity of secur
ing it. Respectfully,
Pres. P. C. U. D. C.
Job Work neatly exectued
n this office.
rih man's tobacco, but
you can get it at a poor
an's price from S. R.
Kelly, Central, S. C.
Bring us your Job Work.
We will treat you right.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
signaure of /X4A 4
One plug of PENi'S
CHAMPION'tobacco bought
from S. R. Kelly, Central,
S. C will convince you it
is the best loc plug on
earth.- -
The attendance on the sales
last Monday was very small.
Miss Mary Prince, of Easley,
spent the week-end with Miss
Ruth Parsons.
Ne subscribers are added to
our la almost every day. Are
you one of them?
There will be e an afternoon
singing at 2 o'clock next Sunday
.at Mountain Grove church,
Washington Clinkscales and
Christina Mansell, colored, were
married by Judge Newbery last
Judge Newbery issued a li
cense to and performed the
marriage ceremony for and
thereby made husband and wife
of Miss Idell Smith and Mr.
Samuel Black at his office. last
Mr. Terrell Cisson died at his
home in the Cross Roads section
last Friday after an illess of
about a week and his remains
were interred in the cemetery
the day following, the funeral
beirag conducted by Rev. C. A.
Don't forget the play to be
given in the school auditorium
next Friday - night by the very
finest availaole amateurs in
town. You will get your quar
ter's worth by seeing "Uncle
Josh" and "Joe Gamin," to say
nothing of the "Dude."
Capt. J. T. Taylor attended
the.-Aneral of the little son of
Ote Mrs. J. W. Kendrick, at
Taylors, last Sunday. The lit
tle one, who was four years old,
was burned to death by having
his nightgown catch on fire as
he stood on the hearth.
Georgia is ahead of any of the
other states on governors. She
will hlave four in less than a
year. Upto last June Joe Brown
was governor and was succeeded
by Hoke Smith, Smith resigned
about a month ago to take his
seat in the United States senate
and was succeeded by John M.
laton, presidenkt of the state
senate, and he has oidered an
election during January to elect
"The Scenes for a Day in the
Union Depot" will be given un
der the auspices of the U. D. C.
of Pickens, on Friday evening.
Many characters of every-day
life will be portrayod, and it is
possible you might see some of
hem in the Pickens depot any
day, but go out and see for your
self. Help the Daughters by
the price of admission, and they
in turn will help you to enjoy
yourself, and also to build a
monument in the town.
Last Monday was the last
public Saleday of this year.
Only two small tracts of land
were sold. In the case of W.
E. Findley vs. J, T. Rice, et al.,
50 acres more or less on Cedar
Creek was sold to T. D. Harris
for $110. The other tract sold
was the'home place of the late
Kimsey Gaston, colored, de
ceased, containing 8 acres and
lying near town and was bid off
by Hon. T. J. Mauldin for $420.
Last Wednesday afternoon
the children of the second and
third grades, escorted by their
teacher, .Miss Miller, and some
other friends, went to the poor
house and carriedl gifts to the
inmates. That it really is more
blessed to give than to recteive
was proven in this instance.
The bright faces of the little
onesbamed with joy asthe
dond bestowed their packages,
and then lifted their sweet,
childish voices in a glad Thanks
giving song. The hearts of all
seemed to be happy-the visit
ing children, the afflicted ones
and the kind young teacher who
conceived and executed the idea.
Moore & Mauldin Co.
It' gives this paper great pleas
ure to speak of these interesting
business men, for such they
have proven themselves to be.
There is no more popular firm
in the county or one that is held
in higher esteem by the citizens
in general. A firm that can do
business in the same comnmu
nity .for a score of years. must
be of pul-e gold, and that's what
you will find this firm made of,
That fellow Moore-you know
him-is a piece of ingenuity
within himself. It is only a
q restioin of time when that littl
shack will place McCormack's
works in the shade. While you
watch Pickens grow keen an
eye on Moore and his grain drill
A Pickens boy by birth, he has
never~ deserted his native heath,
but ha hins fortanes with
those who hav Jpown him
always. He is not "the.noblest
mnr iof tem a," buth will
Try It At Our Risl4*
We want you to try Rexall "9," Shampoo
Paste, as advertised in the Satnrday Evening
Post. If it does not satisfy you, come back
to us and get your money, it belongs to you
and we want you to -have it. You didn't
promise or sign anything. Your mere word
is enough _
"93" Shampoo Paste
removes and prevents dandruff, increases
head comfort, promotes hair health and
beauty. It is escpecially pleasing to ladies
because it tends to make the hair soft, silky
, and fluffy aznd is easy to use. ,Price, 25
centsa jar
Rexall "93" Shampoo Paste is sold. in this city only at
rhe ?4COn StNor
* ,You cannot buy it at any other store in this
city. Remember we guarantee Rexall "93"
Shampoo Paste to give entire satisfaction.
This same guarantee applies to all the many
other Rexa-l preparations. You risk no t
money by tuying it
When in need of anything along this line come
and see what we have.
WXe have decided to close out ouia stock of Fall and
nd in many cases below cost..
This sale wvill last from now until Decemiber 24, and
if you have not purlchasedl your Fall Hat now is your op- 3.
portunity to purchase it at a big saving.'
My Stock Is All New,
p-to-date and this season's latest styles; but rather then a
arry any of them over until next season, I have decid-- er
ec to close out the whole lot at and below cost. e
Ccme early for the best selections. s w
Parlors at Folger, Rhornley Co.
Rural School Aid.
The county superintendent of
ducation has received notice'
from the state superintendent, a
J. E. Swearingen, that he has
approved the following applica- N
tions from the districts for rural
school aid, and has sent his
wrrant to the county treasurerIa
o cover the same. No high
':hool money has been received..
Following are the districts thatT
aave been given aid by the state, SITFOSATN
they ompling ith he s atenxd his followers is ready here. JTewelry an
c'hrisarnas are naturally associated and both
law by voting at least two mills are here for your delight,C
mtheir district: C
Name of Dis No. of rDis Amt
Crosswell........ 1 $ 100 00 nvrse ie olcino eer.Teet
Zion.................88 69 argitinuealfoyegadod, ae
Flat Rock....... 4 83 35 ueehiaprsnwotgtigasyuwl0
Johnston ........ 10 100 00 dltweyosei.b
Reunion.........12 100 00 jj NDE . 1
Mauldin......... 14 100 00
Far........ 100 E WseyNIT EVRYOD L
tonr....8 6 viwted91a n elsrete aer
CearRokver47 senafnrcletofjwey Thret
Bethehe . 20 639 inuerbfryeTALng 5n lml
Gare............ 24 100 44 Ealy O- kS
Kacusvl........2 1008 00
faynard.......2.1 63 2891PO ASPRST Ot
Aledr.Roc..... 37.1 74 076 sba ys
Hats.............22 497.17ete ie bcm fxd Te
remainneven.ft.r.the..y.t24uble h4
Eile..... Cree ..... 415 3 88 ncretetog ofe ORm
Ki ieo..........4 463 67 etn28rlxtono h n~c~
ala Moune'.2 618 96 TEBSTTM
Mivle ek........41 57 a
Total.................81620 41 TEBS A
Wanted-50 cords of good glse
dry pine wood, at $2 per cord. TEBS LC
dee7 Pickens, S. . gofrod lie'I
For Sale-T wo mules, about
7 ears old.
dec7 .LF.ITY1!onsutn theoetroscsis
Whn nEaly al no no asflonic asemprle, heol
E. rii inth WiteFrntnGeenle, Seom fCed.Te
for bareanncorneceneralhmerh-softentosome
Tohanahdte fownisdhenit-irs
Buster Br
At The Bi
Will give a free entertainment in I
>er 20. Everybody invited and t1i
ee Buster and his dog Tige.
We have a few Pattern Hats t<
iave cut the price almost half in t,
ill not last long at the price they
1.50 Hats . -5
2.50 Hats. -....-.. 1.50
3.50 Hats. .. . 2.00
5.00 Hats..... 3.75
7.50 Hats. 4.75
10.00 Hats -- - . 6.75
You can afford to buy an extra
We want to clean up our Coat
er of sizes and colors. We have t
hese suits were $8.5o--we will clo
Here is the best lot of all 8 Sui
izes are regular and we can fit all
A for...... ...
Here is a lot that will suit evei
t. These suits are $17.5o. We w
Do your Christmas Shopping e
.epartments many things that are
oine here to do your Xmas shoppir
Clerk's 8de~"
ate of south C lii. -
ountyof eens,
ofCommon Pleaas
n L. Ferguson and Maggie Ferguson,
E. Garrick, et a!,
. pursuanice of a decretal order made
the above stated case, by His Honor,Th
ige Geo. E. Prince, at his chamb,lf
Anderson, s. C.. dated sept. 22, 1911,
d on file in the cflerk's office for Pickp
county. I will sell before the Court
use door at Pickens, S. C; during the dN
ahours for sale on salesday in Jar- LI
ry 1912 the following described, real Ford
at owit:
certain tract or parcel of land con- eXpe(
ining ninety eight and a fourth (98t) .
es be the same more or less. The IAW(
i land lies in two tracts and is repre
nted by plats. No. 3 situated in the Th
'e and county aforesaid on the waters and Cap
Georges' Creek, waters of Saluda heavy 'y
rer, one tract con-aining (18j) acie e he
joining tract No 4, RI, E. Holconbe,
Rom and tract No. 1. Beginning on
roc online of No. 1, thence s 46E
e 20 L to a rock in old road, thece
4?1 E '7 ch S0 L to a rock at mill road,
nce along said road to rock on Ho!
t.e's line, thence N 72 E 26 ch 19 L.
a rock. thence N55 W 25chS50L to U
opar, thence N 27 W 13 chx 60 L to
rock Rt. 0., thence s 46 WV 12, 50 to a
rk., thence s 85 WV 4 ch, to a rock..
63 W 14 chi, to the beginning rock.
be other tract joinB tract No. 1 and
o. 4, beginning on a rock, on the
nch near t be Mill road, Thence down
id branch, North 50 W 1 ch l0 L to the
ek, thence down Said creek' 1t chx 601
to a rock, Thence 8 63 E 1 cl 86 L toa
: ck,thences7 E 7(ch50)L to rock at
ie cross ditch. thence along aid ditch
13 W9 ch 4Lt io aek on, iht line.
tact No. 1. thence S 234 WV. 2 to the
aginning rock.
Terms of sale: Cash on day of sale.
erms of Sale must be complied with W
~ithin one hour or t e premises will be quality
sold at the risk cf the former pur~ chang.
baser. Purchaser o purchasers topsy conven
r all papers and the recording of g
re. to morf
A. J, B3ogs' known
Clerk of Court. The cal
Pickens County s. C...a ei
tate of south Carol'na. goaed
Conty of Pickens, g,n
argaret H. Tally as admiinistratrix of Vanadi
the e state of J. E Tally, deceased, n~eto bu
Plaintff. I Ford
VS. to meci
ra vTalty, et al ~1O0,00
Defendents advertil
By virtue of a decree made in the aggeral
oestated case by the~ undersigned as depend
zdge of Prob'te for said County and Write f
hate, dated 4th day of December 1911.
id now on file in my office, I will sell In addi
the highest bidder on Salesday in.
nu'y, 1912. during the legal hours of
te the followiung described tract of land Ford M
II that piece, parcel or tract of land geies
ring and bein x situated in the county
s~ate afort said, adjoining lands of Detroit
irs. Elizabeth Thomas, Dr. W. M.Dert
'oder, WV. D. Sutherland. T. 0. Hook- Ford I
~.and others and containing fifty- fouRodt
:) acres more or less. Terms cah: ast
Fnles the terms are complied with with'. moVabi
ione hour after the sale the premises Seat),
il be resold at the risk of the formerEqip
urchacer to pay for papers and for re
>rdng hesam.3. B. Newberry, No FO]
Judge of Probate.
he Real
own and Tige
ront of our store at 4 o'clock, Wednesday, Decein.
e children have a special invitation to come
close and in order to clean them up quick we
vo. These Hats ar'e the latest styles and ther
are going.
$2.00 Hats -.- $
3.00 Hats -
4.00-, Hats -2.
6.00 Hats- - ---
8.50 Hats
12.50 Hats ---
hat at these prices.
Suit stock by January 1st. We have a good nu
en suits- of. Black and Blpe. - The original priee
se this lot for - .---- -
ts of assorted colors, .Blue, - Gray and Black, the
of you. This quality is $12.5o. We will sell thi -
.... . .......--.... 10.01
y one's taste. We can give you a perfect tailor
ill close for $15.00. All snappy colors.
.rly and avoid the rush. You. will find in all
sitable for Xmas Presents. It will pay youi
rs in ow PriCes.
Motor Cair with a record,
Sof theworddfeJoatse~
factory services.
Mode1T, the motor car which
~tations Without' any dsa
r in price and higher inqulty.
elightest weight 4-cylinder car in -the world, sizes
acity considered-60 pounds for every horse pow
reight is vauab!e in a motor car,- why do not
ry cars advertise the fact? There is a
690 f. e. bM D
With eomplete nu~et:s
For Magnto biInto motor.
Automati Brass Windshield.
Two 6-Inch Gas Lam~ps. Generator.
Three 01l Lamps. Born and Tool.
bel eve FORD Model T is fully teni per
than ever before. Not because there hay
Sin design, but simply because of added refin
s the same car that has given such splendi
than 80,000 owners. The same crr that is
from "Greenland's icy mountains to India's so
-of immediate adaptability to the wants of ajl men. Jadst.
ble, serviceable and enjoyable on the farm as it is -t*@eM
treets of the city. Surely you. see th~.eve ye -
they go wderever you see them. . .
sp these facts in mind; Extreme.sml4 ein
urn steel (scientifically heat treated) construction.
it into the motar. Ford planetarry spdr!
spring, suspension. Ford rear axle. ~ csi1!v
lanism. 20 to 25 miles per gallon of greoline,
niles on one set of +iNes. Every statement made -
sing is a fact, nothing of "glittering general@!as'T'
ion. You can depend upon our adve~tismesyaou
upon the FORD Model T car. Immediate- dehivery. 9
or catalog and other booklets. -
ion to FORD Model T Touring Car we have for immedi
ate delivery
del TTorpedo, 2pas- Ford Model T nk
,Completely $9l Town Car, 6
~d, F. O. B. V pletely Equipped, O
F.O. B. Detroit 7
4odel T Commercial Ford Model T Deliver arj
r, 3 passengers (re- capacity 750 pounds
d, F. 0. B. Detroit. Detroit
lD Oars sold unequipped. Allow us to giveo
I. Chipley Auto Ex

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