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For The-Monument Fund.
( Inthis column from week to
eek will be published the
names of contaibutors and the
- amount cotiiited for a Con
federate 'monument at Pickens
ouse, the size, kind and
to be decided later.
vk~iily acknowedged..5.CO
a B. ................. 5.00
H.0E. Sutherland.......... 5,00
Total........................$15 00
Who'll be the next?
Not a cent was received last
week for this fund. Where is
the chivalry and patriotism of
Pickens -copty people? Come
on men, and let us do something
worthy of our sires.
Euthymol -:- Toilet
Pau*.a, Daw~s Compeny. -
While elegant and de
lightful to use, they have
the advantage of being sci
entifically prepared by ex
pert chemists and are posi
tive and reliable antiseptics.
Euthymol Powder,
* d Destifrice.
9 the Habit
e wilbe-as careful with
your order as if you were
'our st~re.
. vered Po ty
Mmhe9 E' QaBtv Counts.
ndl your
.R. Kel
at the
to Let.
' ed trustees of
school district No.
helowest responsi
tie recovering of said
on the 16th day of
911, at 10 o'clock
. specifications, etc.,
that day.
norder by Hon.
3. B. ewrry. Probate, Judge
we willsell- at the residence of
he late Mrs. Birah A. Alexan
der Tuesday, IDecember, 12th
11,at 10 oclodk a. m. the fol
owing personal property: Two
mules, one horse, two two Horse
wagons, one one niorse wagon,
onie buggy, Farming tools etc.,
one Fresh Jersey vow, bunch
of yearlings, hogs, corn, fodder,
ha, shucks, tops, one bbl syrup,
adhousehold and kitchen
furniture. Terms Cash.
Carlisle Newton,
E. J. Hester,
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
Pl ersons holding claims against
teestate of the late Sarah A. Alex
ander must Dresent the same duly
*proven on or before the 1iday of Jan.
1919, or be debarredpaymenlt and all
personls indsbted to said estate, must
make payment on or: before the above
date, to the undersigndI
Carlisle Newton,
E. J. Hester,
- Admrt.
KPileens,8. C.
Old King Cole Wa
Saturday, December 9t1
present to bid you one
Do you'want to ci
dise as 14c cotton woul
Carolina wili your dolia
should bring sunshine I
The anirrounceem . of a sale of this ki~ L ing right it
the season, is mething very much out of therdtary,
aitions in the mercantile business that makrti
.We anticipated along with the rest of you, a r
eason; we hadevery reason to believe that the price of c:
round 14 cents, and with this in mind we took advantage
eals in rr erchandise at exceptionally low prices. We
rices lower than we ever bought the same merchandise
rice-of cotton did not meet with our expectations. We 1
tock of merchandise that this store has ever had. P.eopl<
aut buying. What was to be done ? This was the que
r onted this store. Something hqad to be done. The mer
ot be carried over, and in order to clean up now we will
handise and try in as far as it is in our power to bring th
on as near 14 cents as we can through the exceptionally]
we will make on this stock of merchandise from now ui
he time is opportune for a move of this kind, the people
uy and will buy if the right price is made to them, and y
he many friends and customers of this store will apprecia
sual offering just at this time. Without question, it is g
more to you than anything ever attempted in a business
tore opened for business. Twenty-five years from now 1
alking about this store's great achievement in 19i1. W
his opportunity to thank yo..u one and all for your gener
and the confidence that you have shown in this store durir
od of successful merchandise, and we ask you one and
tis a personal invitation to come to this great sale. GO:
'OMEFR YOU~ IN ELT-HN CASE. Respectfully
The end has come all too soon. We wanted very miuc
ould have been quoted, but that was intpossible, as the p
n having copy for this circular 1o days before this sale
tore is loaded to the ceiling with merchandise. It's going
est sale ever seen in these parts--a record breaker. We
reat preparation---extra salespeople, re-arrangement of
ing possible will be done to handle the crowds that will c
teir trading easy for them. Plain prices on the YELL)
fyou can't get a clerk you can wit on yourself. Just as a
swhat you always find here. Now, once more-REM
PENING DA Y, Saturday, December 9th, fifteen days be
-and we will keep things boiling every d iy for these i5
hem the greatest 15 days of bargains that this commui
nown. We are going to urge you to come. You will tl
ou are-here and get your eyes on the merchandise and pi
ig Decemb
.a a Merry Old Soul and So Is
and all a hearty welcome to ti
it down the cost of your Liviri
Id ordinarily? TO-DAY THE
r go farther than at this store
:o hundreds as it's the grandes
Your Money's
IN CO. We want satisfied cust,
pense of your good will.
the heighth of chandise that we can hon
but there are price you pay. HONES
~igs like this ask for your business. I
iost -sieessful not come up to your exp<
>tton would be than the meichandise, do
of many big be rcfunded cheerfully.
rnight say at
before. The. A.
iave the largest
are backward Present conditions are
stion that con- trade is not what it was I
handise must bought early in the seaso
sell the mer- to buy in advance to get
a price of cot- ticipating 14c cotton. WA
ow prices that such a thing-but that is
til Christmas- ness. These conditions
are ready to be sold and to do this we
e feel sure that present price of cotton.
e this very un- Your position and ours i:
omng to mean worked for 14c cotton an
way since this bought for the heavy tra(
>eople will be not here. We most crea
wanit to take you will find that you can
>us patronage, merchandise wants at the
g this long pe- in plain English-you cas
11l to consider going to work to your at
/IE WHETH- ly to be here when this ga
AR f'Y WEL- cember 9th, at 8 o'clock?
WDIN co. NOTICE-On account o
- of this sale will be CASH.
money will be cheerfully
Dry Goods, Dome:
Ii that prices
rinter insisted UnderWear, Mei
opened. The
to be the big -Groceries, Tina
are making
stock. Every- ware and Implel
>me, and n-ake
vertised--that Every department is c
EMBER THE entire stock is included in
fore Christmas figures. No sale ever hek4
days, making will remember it for years
ity has ever nore the call of low prices.
ank us once sale is coming to you just
ember the i
>reme at this store begi
.ould be more fitting that
cotton buy as much mer
VALUE, and nowhere in |
its many Bargain Fest
)ple of this.county.
Spools of Thread or 1
lith every purchase of $7.00 or over
>r r oc, or if you prefer, 10 spools of
:hread or calico at the time you mak
apecial Premiums to the 1
o the first ro people making a purchi
itiful present. These are gifts that
r Saturday, December 7thi, the open
The Great Si
big feature for the opening day.
chandise to be sold at 25 cents. Ea
worth three to five times the price:
ld rather have your money than the
uis great Sack Sale will be repeated
Yes, They Will Be Her
The news is spread broadcast. Jus
ole family-load in your neigbors and
at Thursday sure, and come every othe
ig in our power to make your visit a
h some dandy rememberances of the
er 9th, 8 A.
"Old King Cotton." He will reign su
q DAYS and we believe that no time 4
ie great feast of Bargain Festivities.
[g Expense? Do you want to make 9C
--this great Cotton Carnival with all
t opportunity that ever came to the pe
Worth, or Your Money Back.
>mers. We never want your money at the ex
Merchandise that is sold in this store is mer
estly recommend to you-no matter what the j
r VALUES-that is the policy upon which we
f for any reason whatsoever your purchase does V
sctation and you would rather have your money co f
not hesitate to bring it back. Your money will the1
gro 4
{ord to the Farmers.
known to all. The price of cotton is low, and
ist year at this time. Our merchandise was
2-- as long as six months ago-as we were forced
selections we wanted, and we bought heavy, an
~ho could foresee 9c cotton? We never dreamed T
the price to-day and that price is affecting busi- beai
must be met and overcome. Our stocks must is fc
must make the price of our goods to meet the
It is our loss, certainly, but it is your gain.
; identical you bought fertilizer, planted and -
d no y y ou face the present low market. We
Le that 1 5c cotton would bring, and that tra de is
.te this business by making such low prices that
afford to sell enough cotton to supply your A
prices we will make. These are the conditions mei
a nnderstand. Now don't you think that it is dise
Ivantage, and that it is to your interest financial- wot
reat sale swings the doors open Saturday, De- fun<
We believe that you will come. TI
f the very low prices that we will make, the terms
But if, for any reason, you are not satisfied your
stics, Notions, Ladies' Furnishings,
i's Furnishings, Shoes, Men's Pants,
rare, Stone and Glassware, Hard
mnents. . w
omplete. We never had a better selection and the wil
this sale. Everything tagged and marked in plain
I in Pickens can compare with this one. People
and will talk about it. You cannot afford to ig
Its your duty to save every cent you can and this
it the right time.
Date, Dec. 9thi
thean- hs. eg
Scom ts
we of5 e ewill sellveua
ill be appreciated by you. This
~ng day
ek Sale.
One great lot of sacks filled with
h of the sacks contain merchan- r'
sked. It you buy a sackad
oods, it will be cheerfully re
on Saturday, December 16th.
e for Miles Around.
hitch up "Mke"-come, bring the
friends-they'li thank you. Come
r day if you can. We'l do every
leasant one, and send you home

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