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14, ;1911.
* eincere?
and multitudinous
-er tho world for the
Amanity aresto be
and encouraged by
i and women every
the thought comes
ible force, "Are we
1eseefforts? Are the
re giving their time
and means and whc
.rously pushing the
eligious agenciesfoi
,ent of humanity-re
uly in earnest bAdul
. or are they playing
.-e role?
rinstance the greai
religibus forward
which is just no3
the country and if
the time and thoughi
of so many of the-best businesv
men, and in fact menof every
avucation, aretheseinen sincer(
i thI imdertagfind efforts
Would any 4fthem who ar
- o-thsis moement com
mit murde,.s in a lynching
be guilty ofa ery, or drunk
enness, or swearing. or any o
the other numerous'ahd damna
ble sins a-iist God and man
Tf so their efforts will comi
to naught. -
Would an '- these men whi
a.re engaed in this undertakini
ecoit of wealth, or inU
- - 6toren
eligious ser-v , ow
.: the poorest, the mean
est, the most degraded' outcas
or wretch in the world, eithe
vvwhite or bsk? If sottheir in
sincerity isknoi of God an(
their efforts *ill be fruitless.
A manganot render -~ri
an servic~ -unless he is ~hnis
pifnz U! saL) ~getovo
tin for' ti
nof -men every
red in i'eligious worl
sincerity. If wve d<
*engage in sucd
pure miives and
' to make mer
bring the world intc
- tGode we
The uise af ~the pardoning
wer by-Gov. Blease in some
looks sinconsistent. We
otcondemn, for he may
meo id sufficient ra
ai'cr ue h a Anderson soo
afte die ching of anegrofor
an ostr" on a respectable girl]
near oheaPath, heLs reported
to have said 'thsat rather -than
use~ the ofice of governor in or
derig out troops to defend a
negro brute and require them to
re on white citizens, he would
frm the office to which
whch> ad been elected, and
wou hav ht the first
traiai to Honea aLth and led the
We ma.ke no comment as to
e propriety of a governor of a
state like South Carolina
uteranlce to such words,
e we anything to say as
Ss violating his oath of office,
t would like to know and
oman explanation upon this
estion: Is a man who com
such crimes any more a
brute because he is black than
a~ mn of white skini If not,
wh pardon one either white or
back who has been convicted in
the court of the unnamable
The daily papers recently
brouht the news of Gov. Blease
oxIrdnng nine men and .turn
i~ng thema out of the penitentiary
in one day; eight of them had
convicted of killing their
w-a~ and one had been
don the charge of rape
'a ~ life imprison
had served
in 1909.
te by
, how
If the good'people were better
would the bad people be worse?
It is not our thoughts but our
deeds.that will count in the final
On the menu card of Thomas
B. Felder, Thanksgiving Day,
was "No Bill."
The average politician loudly
proclaims economy. but he gen
erally wants it limited to his
own pocket.
"T. B." must have greatly
enjoyed the Thanksgiving dish
given him by the Newberry
grand jury.
Gov. Blease, et al., hada dish )
of crow f'r Thanksgiving, pre- )
sented by the grand jury of )
Newberry county on a 'Felder )
plate marked "No Bill" )
Stole a Locomotive. ]
Gen. Greenville M. Dodge, ]
president of the Society of the ]
'Ainy of thse 'Tennessee, was
tal~kn; one Memorial Day in
Council Bluffs about. railroad
"The best piece of railroad
work I ever heard of,"- he said,
"was-performed in 1861, in Ma
Sryland. The Confederates were
in great need of a locomotive,
and their oRly hope was to cap
tuire one.
"So a small band of men was
selected from Lee's army and
pla6ed under the command of a,
tall Georgian who. had been
foreman of a quarry, and knew
a great deal about derricks and
"Well, that Georgian took his
men into Maryland; -they tore
up a section of the Baltimore &
Ohio tracks; flagged the first
b train ., with nothing 'but
Sro ,dragged a rocomotive 57
- miles up hills, across streams;
through woods and swamp, till
They struck a line bailtsby the
- When the presid'it of the
Baltimore & Ohioheard of this
bfeat he o noTB lieve-i:-RE
* tand personally inspect
I the route, and he said on .his
t ietuirn that it was sthe most
Iwonderfnl..iece of engineezing
- that had' ever before t een ac
- comphshed.
. Alter The war he sent for the
taltlGeorgian and, on *the
sTrength of that one exploit,
siiade *him roadmastyr of the
whole Baltimore & Ohio.
*1'Any man,' Mr. Garrettsaid,
'who can pick up a locomotive
with fishing lines and carry it
over a mountain, has passed
his civil service examination
with me. "-The Minneapolis
-State of South Cain,
County of Pickens.'
By J, B. Newbery, Probate Judge.
Whereas, J. P. Anders made suit toI
me to grant .him letters of Administra
tion with the will annexed of 'the Estate
anid effects of W. R Anders. {
-These are therefore, to dite and ad
monish all and singular the kindred and
creditors of .the said wV. R. Anders3
deceased, that they be and appear before
me,. in the Court of Probate-, to be held
'ceson the 28th day of Dec.4
-91 U t feublication hereof at'11
o'clocyr m o aue
it any they hav, w esad minis
Arton should not be granted.
,Given under tny hand this 6 daty of
Dec. ' Anno Domini 1911.
Dec 14t2 . J. B. Newbery,
J. P.' P. C.
.Land Sale
By agreement among the heirs of the
late Sarah'A. Alexander we will sell on
salesday in Jarnary 1912 at Pickens, C.
B., S, C. dyuring the legal hours for sale
the following described real estate:
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
lying and being in 'the county of Pick
ens, and State of South Carolina, on
Big Eastatoe, adjoining land of Mrs. F.
P. Folger and Mrs. M. E. Boggs on the
north and east, and Daniel winchester
on the east,lands of the Carolina Timber
on the South. and west by Silas Hinkle,
and others ard containing Seven Hun-3
dred and twenty acres more or less, and
krown as the Sarah A. Alexander Home
Place. Terms of sale: One third cash
on day of sale, the balance on a credit
of three years in e'qual annual instal
mants with interest from day of sale at
the rate of s per cent per annum, with
leave to the purchaser to pay more or
all cash. The credit portion to be se
cured by a bond of the purcifaser and aj
mortgage of the premises. Purchaser*
to pay for all papers and recording
A good and sufficient title in fee will
be made and delivered to the purchastr
on day of sale upon compliance with
these terms by the undersigned as the
heirs at law of David Alexander and {
Sarah A Alexander.
F. P. Folger,
Addie Hester,I
Sallie Newton,
M. E. Boggs,
Elhiott M. Ken~nemore.
Annual Meeting
Meeting of the Board of (ounty Com
missioners for Pickens County will beI
held in the office of the Supervisor at
Pickens s. C. on Thursday after the
first Monday in January nexct, the same
bing the 4th day of, January 1912.
AU persons holding claims against
Pickens County, nct previously present
ed to the Board, must file the same|I
with the Crkof board on or before
netso that
W. have-the best fin
have ever showI
I business. With plents
displayed, it will be a I
lection. Come in and
Maybe you. have A 1
ter the race. Notice 1
at our store of the five
I We have bought
~ Company's stock
them cheaper thai
sale will begin
I and will last until
sold, Watch this
e of Holiday Goods we
i and are now ready for
of help and goods well
)leasure to make your se
ask about
ittle girl that wants to en
he daily announcements
leading contestants.
y and~
d the Rush
the Keowee Supply
uf goods, and offerI
i ever before. The
the entire stock is
space next week.I
Mitchell "30" I
The Wonderful
You have probably heard a lot of
well cars in the Glidden Tour which w
ville, Fla. The.facts of the matter are
all were driven by professionals with I
prepared for this trip'and in tact went
start of the Glidden Tour.
The Mitchell was the only car tha
classes.. The Mitchell 4-4 in divisioh
Division No. 5 car from $2001 to $30C
It was the only car in its class that carr
Brown, of Athens, Ga., who drove the
with 3%X5 cylinders, is an amateur.
run started in New York. It was deli
Branch and when you think that he ha
an amateur driver and brought the cat
class, it reflects some credit on Dr. Br<
No. 26 which won in division No. -2 w
mechanician, Taking it all in.all.the p
den Tour was the most wonderful of ai
We have a stock of these Autom<
call and see them and let us give you:
.what the MITCHELL is.
Mitchell "25," &
"The Car You Ought
- at the
Silent as i
I Folger,1Tb
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and
Sole agents for Walk-Over Shoes,
bewing Machines, Chase City Buggies,]3
Auditor's Notice
The ticne for taking returns will open
January 1st and close February 20 1912
without penalty. The Auditor or his
} debuty will be at the following places.
to take returns.
Calhoun, Monday, Jan. 15 1912 (after
Central, Tuesday and Wednesday,
IJan. 16th and 17th 1912.
Cateechee, Thursday, Jan 18th 1912 Fall p1
(Forenoon.) tion to W:
Norris, Thursday, Jan. 19th 1912 (af- prove this
ternoon.) season and
ILiberty. Friday and Saturday, Jan. easiest par1
19th and 20th 1912 (noon.)
Easley, Monday and Tuesday, J tee every Or
22nd and 25rd 1912..
Easley Cotton Mills, Wednesday, Jan.S aI
2lth 1812 (forenoon.)
IGlenwood Cotton Mills, Wednesday, We ha,
Jan. 24th 1912 (afternoon.. .
M. W. Hester's Store, Thursday, Jan. new feature
25th 1912 (forenoon.) on sprmngs
ILoopers Gin, Thursday,Jan. 25th 1912 blades toj
(atternoon) cie n
Dacesille, Friday, Jan, 25th 1912chnad'
(forenoon) S o
Peters Creek. Friday, Jan. 26th 1912
} (afternoon)
IPumpkintown, saturday, Jan. 27 1912 We car
Holly Springs, Saturday, Jan, 27 1912 Range is as
(afternoon) - special atte
IMile Creek, Tuesday, Jan. 30 1912 our window.
(afternoon) -Come
Six Mile, Wednesday, San 81 1912|Groceries ar
Praters, Wednesday, Jan. 31 1912 right.
pEastatoe, Saturday. Feb. 3 1912.
Returns will be taken in office during
tewoetime, r v
the whole Respectfully, I
Auditor, Pickens County.
IAll persons indebted to me are
Irequested to settle before the 1st
day of January. All accounits W l
not paid by that day will be 11 1
placed in the hands of a magis
trate for collection. M
j Passengers $1,350.
Record Madeby the
talk about the wonderful record of the Max
as recently run from New York to Jackson
that all Maxwell cars that made any record at'
actory mechanicians. .They were all specially
through a rigid- course of training prior to. the
t had the distinction of winning first.. in two
No. 2 from $801 to $1200 inclusively ~wonfrst.
o was won by . C. Biown in No. g Mit-h1l.
e through with a perfect score. Dr. L. C
No. 19 Mithell which was a 5 passenger Six
He never saw -his car till.two days before the
.vered to him in -New York by our New York
d no niechanician and that he was absolutely
through with a clean score, the only one in his
)wn and a whole lot on the MitclteIL Mitchell
is also driveti by ai 'amateur driver -with no
erformance of the Mitdiell cars in the last Glid
iy of those among the entries.
biles on hand and will be glad to have you
a demonstration. This will prove conclusively
SPass en s 1,000.
to IHave
Price You Ought to Pay."
be Foot of Time.
Gnts' Furnishing Goods a Specialty.~
Hawes .Hats, Iron King Stoves, New Home
fitchell Wagons and Mitchell Automobiles.
owing time is here and we want to call your atten--1
m. J. Oliver 'turn Plow on-the marketto-day. To
-ask any owner We sold 50 of these plows last
only had one broken frog returned. The frog -is
t about a turn plow to get broken and we guaran
1e of the Wn,. J. Oliver Plows.j
k. Cutters
ye got the best thing yet in a stalk cutter. The
about them is arrangement of the cutter part
whch, when striking a solid substance, enables the
ove. This is an important feature about this ma
ill have to be seen to be appreciated.
es and Ranges
ry a full line oX these articles. The "Tip Top"
good as can be found. We also want to call-your
*ntion to the "Odessa" Cost Range on- display in
This is a beauty.
in and see us. We carry a complete line of.
d Hardware of the better kind and will treat you
mns Hdw. & Gro. Co.
T. R. ALLEN, Mar'ager.

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