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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, December 14, 1911, Image 4

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ve .
- svolse could aget
-her breath. One
doctor -sald, Toor
to. ~.aba jaurl
me M. a3res
nAmedyv ad,
her father.
&o began- to Ime
-as toolk
- bot
she W,
tome. to
Jie4~o6~1It 0odance Wr.
Cr oRem
- s slirid b thot aids o
others who know its value from
experience; Many heart- disorders
yield to treatment, if-the ftetment
-is right. If you are'bothered with
shot breath, fainting sp" -swell- 7.
ing -of feet or ankle, pains about
the heart and shoilder s
Aifation, ivdak and Kfigry
you should begin using Dr. Miles
Heart Remedy at once. Profit by
the experience of others while you
Dr. Mes' Meart Remedy Is soad and
guaranteed by all druggtsts.
Mf EDICAL CO., Elkhart, Iad
Stwof Sthdkarolins.
Cunty- ofT ens.
GomGiion Pleas.
J1 b iJ s Ferguson'and M4gie FegTon
- vs.
J. E. Garrick, et al,
- pursoa'nceof i~ tl order nde
in the alboe std cas, by His Honor,
-Judge Geo. E. Prince. at his chambers,
at An son,. C. dated 8Opt. 22. 19111
-ndon mif~k 'officP for Pt&
w .ill s l b'fore the Couri
ekens. S' C. durnng the
00 s: 3 s in Jac.
estate to ait
Aer trac or'arwe a d con
taining ninety eight and a fourth (98
ares be the same more or less. Nr
said land-lies in two tracts and isrepre
sente-byjlaSs. Io, 3situated i thi
state and county aforesaid on the wateri
of George' Creek; waters of Saluda
--river, one tfact containing (18*) acres
adjoining tract~No. 4, B.*E. Holcombe
Ct and tract No. 1. "igor
on .
15 ch gL t<
c h 60 LUt
W 12, 50 to
8 to arock.
t 'beginning roely
*d, Thence dowr
,W 1ch50 L tothe
cme creek 14 ch 6(
7 E 7ch 50L to -rock a
teice along said ditcl
ch 45-L to arock on the lin4
L dienceS834 W 2 to the
sale: Cash on day of sale
na be onplied witi
premnses willibe
'~t~riskt -o the former pur
Pscisir o purchasers topay
al papem and the recording oJ
-' Ulerk'o Court,
Pickens County 8. C.
~of-South Carolina.
ounty of Pickens,
araH. Tally as statrix of
~ sllydeceased,
Nora\. Taly~ et E
- -. .Defendabkt
By virtue .of a decree made in the
above staited -caseby the undersigned as
Judge of Probate for said County and
State, dated 4thday of December 1911.
and now on file in myofflee,lIwill sell
to the- highest bidder on Saleeday in
January, 1912. dnring the legal hours of
sale the followingl.described tract of land
- ~All that piece. pacl or tract of land
- situated in the county
-aforeoaid, .adjoining lands of
E. Klizbeth Thomas, -Dr. W. MK
PWna'r, W. D- Naitlierlaid, T. 0. Hook
erna others anid containing ~flity-four
(54) acres more or less, Terms cash:
tlness the termadrecorgplied-with with.
-inone hour aftei ihe sale the, premises
will be resold at the risk of the fornier
pichaser-togpay for papers and for re
eliding the same.
J. B. Newberry,
Judge of Probate.
Southwest Georgia Farm and Pe
ean Lands for Sale.
Al size tract desired. Our lands are fer
resutaae-saisfcto Farmers are
ed slwayt5'&on- e ground floor
Write for illustrated bolt to-day..
FI~weI.PaDker -Meatly Company,
nov-2-3t - Thomasv111e, Ga.
-Why deoyba spend your
money for inferior tobacco
-winaet can buyt9ENN'S
CWIPON*rem. R~. iel
~~~etral, S.t. at the
rcetbi comunon
- t ease se.
A reat Crow
THERE are a great many gr
that expresses just what
dictionary. We anticipated.a croi
attracts crowds and with the atten
wonder that they came in witi
in fact we did not like the idea a I
got busy and did it. That is all.
leaving our store showed very plai
are going to .keep on poppmg valu
we are quoting in this ad.
~'et grade Calicoes @ -
Good heavy Checks @ - 5c
Best heavy Sheeting @ Sc
-Best Hickory Shirtings @ --.. . ---------------9
Best grade Outings @-.-.-----.-.---..----------------------- --9c.
Indian Head.Suitings @ -.-------..--- -~ -1i2c.
Best Dress Ginpghams @ -9c.
Repellants and Waterproof regular 65c values @q>- 39c.
Regular 25c value Undershirts-...----------------- 9 c.
Regular 6oc valued Shirt_-_--.._-_...--------------39c.
Good value Ribbed underwear.-_.-- ......----.---.--43c.
Ladies 6oc Union Suits ....--3..........---- 9c.
Good grade- Pearl Buttons at 2C per dozen.
Good Needles, regular price:5c at 1e per paper.
ioc spool Silk at 6c.
-5c spool silk at 3c,~ -
ioc Good Ho Combs 3c.
~~~oeph Rodgers Razors regular $3.00 razors 98C.
- ~ Thimbles 2c.
s t xoc leather Shoe Strings at 2c per pair.
10 Per Cent. Discount.
On all Chattanooga turn plows and repairs is ten per cent discount.
20 per cent All Middle Buster plows, both steel and chilled.
~EST make Kelley Registered Axes, regular $1.10 value already
Uhandled 89 c. Kelley hand made Axes worth 75c for only 63c.
iamond Edge Guaranteed Axes 69c.
COLLARS, Hamnes, Traces and all plain hardware will feel the
.knife in the-same way as all other goods. Shovels, Hoes,
akes, Pitch forks and everything in the way of hardware.
. A Great Day
:d the Opening of
eats in that little heading above, but if there is any otl
the opening day of our Great Cotton Carnival was, we
vd, and nothing but natural that we should, Our every
tion of such remarkable values as we popped open to t
i a grand rnsh and whirl. This great -sale just at this t
ittle bit, but realizing the conditions we knew that som
But the buying throngs were mighty tickled with the va
nly, and right straight on until this great sale closes Sat
es that will be readily worth the reaping. As an evide
Lingering doubts to buy are banished.' The
crowds come. They se-, they were con
vinced. We are turning tbe mighty wheels of
merchandising with the powerful lever of small
prices. Come and look. See for yourself.
T HAT is all we have to say to you-come and look; if you need goods
Inow, if you ever intend to need them, it will mean a tremendous
saving to you to 'come to this great sale. We are each day adding great.
er attractions in merchandise and nowhere in Pickens, or in any of the
stounding towns will you find values like we are offering. We could
o o work and try to tell you in many ways just what splendid advant
ages we have to offer you-but what is the use? You have heard of this
great sale, hundreds have already been here, so simply come in and see
what it is doing. Remember we welcome comparisons and we are never
surer of pleasing than comparing our values with others. -
Evegdbody Sits Up and Takes Notice.
rE are not in this sale for the money, that is we dlo not expect to
Vprofit on one single piece -of merchandise; we' sirply want to move
the greater part of this stock between now and Christmas and we are
willing to make any sacrifice to accomplish 9ur purpose. Such prices as
we are making are necessarily ruinouis to any business, but .they must be
made, and we will take our loss with a smile. , The time may never come
in our history when we can do so much for the people, but the oppor
tunity is here now and you had better imbrace it while it is before you
with all its tremendous advantages. Christmas is only a few days off,
1the big Christmas rush is still to come, hundreds of people have delayed
buying untill the last minute. We urge you to do your trading as early _
as possible, as delay will not benefit you as the prices will not be any
lower, and by doing your trading early you will not only have better se
lections, but we can give you much better service. The question of ia
what to get for Christmas will be easily solved when yob come here and irn
any assistance our sales people can give you will be cheertully given. s
r the Date, Dec. 9t1
wordinthe E lggage
have failed to fiiit out In our
day and Saturday,-toobusiness
e public n Satodr yit isano -
ine was Rot sougt on-or part,
thinghad to be doneand we
ues, as the hundreds of bunde
rday night, December 23rd we
nce just note weli the prees that
Every pair of Shoes in the house is marked way dow
The best values you ever saw.
All 25C values in dress goods @ -1C.
All 50c values in dress goo'ds @ ----- --
All 67 values in dress goedM.
-All 1.oo values in dress goods @ -.
All 1.25 values in dress goods @)
Men's 1oc hose .... --..- --- ---N -C
Men's 25c hose ..-..-.--...- -- - - - - - 9
Men's 15~c suspenders S.
Men's 25c suspenders -.-,-..---,- --+4C
Men's 35c suspenders. ......-----------7C
Regular x .oo Dress Shirts------ 7
- Regular 75C Dress Shirts-..............---------------- ..
Regular Soc Dress Shirts ..-.-- .------------------39
Men's Hats 335% per cent discount.
Paris and Brighton Garters.--........--- ----- ----- - - 18
Best grade Ladies r oc Hose .-......--..--o --c
Best grade Childrens Hose.------.--------.-----8c.
Regular 20C quality heavy ribbed Ladies H9se-----.JMc.
Good quality all wool Ladies Hkose .:...........----- - k
All Wool, regular 36c values @ .----- - - -9
All Wool, regular Soc values @ ...--- - ---9
All Wool, regular 75c values @ ..--..
All Wool, regular $1.oo values @ ....- - - --80
We just simply haven't got time to tell you abe -t all the good things
have to offer you at this great Cotton~ CarnivaL. The pninter is rash
us for this copy and we can't ennumerate everything. But come and
and you will be convinced.

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