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he Pidens SonetiI
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c. rmZOB N, EDIAE.
THUESDAY.IDEC. 2,f 1911.
Let the egg-nofgo by once.
Rvemember. ast you celebrate
whose birthda hristmas is.
Let this a model Christmas
ordkr, good behavior and
and sober Christmas
SOmI the slogan of every
D not think you must have
our Christmas dram. Let it
ane It wfil do you no good.
Did you evernoticehow many
os shthings a drunken will do?
TheIn keep sober and be sane.
3Many a grave is filled to-day
t> result of the Christmas
tOUQ. One drink led to another,
and then another, with fearful
Will There be any killings or
murders in Pickens county next
week? There need not be. It
- can be avoided if people will
keep sober.
Boys, be careful with your
- It has been our sad duty
ro ord some fearful accidents
?rom the cageless handling of
''h w idows and orphans
trace their con
dit-ion to the Christmas wine
cup. Let it alone, friend. It
fires she brain, dethrones reason
andbreds_ strife.
T.ink the many accidents,
ui d disastrous calami
:ee ch may avoided by keep
3 uring Christmas,an
e- A father to the
ood -of a jfellow-man on
hands. 'And the thought
s narrowing that widows and
ahas are made in a moment
nie crazed and insane from
on drink.
n of Pickens coun
w happy and prosperous
. th a loving family, will
2nt- into eternity next w-eek
a result of the Christmas
mni Will it be you, reader?
,what citizen of the county
l stand before the bar of the
ourt next February to answer
c o the charge of murder? Will
.t be you, reader?
- tre our es
teem. contenisporary, the Eas
1-~ , that the stor of
the ap of his Satanic
.:ajesty in 'cinity recently
w-as all a Ii x. The thing that
*ade its ightly appearance
w.e. the gh t of the old dispen
sa- which the people of the
co.v ty el more than five
yes ago. t's harmless, neigh
her, and y u need not be afraid
Did Deiboerats Blunder?
The Demfecratic outlook for a
Rwee~pingvictory next year was
nxer brighter up to the opening
of e present session of Con
are-s. :They had made gains
)laid their wires so well as
ipress the people of their
-management and trust
-" will only
caught in
by the Re
expect to
.It is feared, nowever, that
her' made a serious blunder in
.Congress last week. Press dis
paches bring us the following
a.s of their supposed blunder:
1ave the Democrats in the
-.esse "thrown The fat in the
"A careful poll of some of
t~ best posted members made
cmaay, regardng the vote of last
'ciht on the "dollar-a-day pen
sia bill," which will cost the
zoarnmbat something like $70,
90 000 a year hereafter, in ad
n to the-amount alrbady go
*or this purpose, bro~Ikht-out
information t public
ling appropri ions have
-rably been ocked into a
ed. .hat 'ver and harbor
appbrift~asruined, and little
imce left to secure the adop
Sof their local, appropriation
m* sures calling for outlays of
.3,vs-fter. TRair- v'
eady heavily overburdened,
she people will not stand for an
additional taxation of $70,000,
DOO a year hereafter; in addition
make appropriations for the in
ternal improvements of the
Many Democrats who opposed
the measure wore a worried look
today when asked what the re
sult of voting this enormous in
crease in the public expenditures
would be.
Summing up the situation,
many of them take the position
that it will be useless to try to
pass either a public building or
a river and harbor bill now. and
these two measures are the
backbone of the South's internal
In Memory of Mary Bowen Rob
A year ago this Christmas time
Our. darling Mary left us
A year of eternal life for her,
Safe in Jesus' keeping.
We have missed her sadly
Missed the sunshine she ever
Missed her pleasant, cheerful
Missed the loving deeds she
God called her, it was His will.
But stil our tears of sorrow
And her memory is as dear
As 'tvh as this Christmas time
one year ago.
She'll be waiting on the other
Loving hands will greet us
there- -
Husband, father, mother, chil
dren, all
Will part from her, no, never
Lovingly dedicated to Mary
Bowen Robertson by her mother,
Mns. W. T. BOWEN.
County Sunday;.School Associ
The-Pickens 'County Sunday
School Association held its
fourth s~nual convention with
the Liberty Pr -sbyterian church
Wednesday,Dec. 6, and a goodly
number of Sunday school work
ers attended each of the three
A very apjpropriate and in
strucieagram had been ar
ranged, and was carried out
with but few changes. The
speakers were among the best to
be had, and they gav6 very in
structive and -intelligent ad
The convention had the pleas
ure of- having as some of its
speakers Prof. J. M. Hancock,
of Wesleyan College, Central,
S. C.; Miss Grace Vandiver, field
worker of the State Convention;
Rev. D. E. Wallace, president
Anderson County Association
and ex-Gov. Ansel, of Green
The Association is growing,
and new associationsof other
15whships-wille adlded, D. V.,
before the next annual con
A new feature of the Associa
tion was the Men's Bible Class
Parade. This parade was com
posed of men who are thorough
ly interested in Bible study, and
who were not ashamed to come
out on the Lord's side. This
parade was led by ex-Gov. Ansel,
accompanied by Rev. -John C
Bailey, pastor of the Presbyte
rian church. All stores and
places of business were closed
for this parade.
The following officers were
elected for the coming year:
President, Prof. J. M. Hancock,
Central; secretary ,treasurer and
chairman executive committee,
Albert 'F. Riser, Liberty; com
mittemen, W. A. Mathe ws, Cen
tral;.C. J. Ellison, Easley; J. T.
Taylor, Pickens; A. R. Dalton,
urricane; Joe Looper, Dacus
vile; J. H. Chastain, Pumpkin
town; A. T. Winchester, East
Superintendent home visita
tion, M. A. Boggs. The super
intendents for home depart
ment, the elementary and tem
perance were left for apooint
ment. The time and place were
also left for the executive com
While the Association- dwes
o debts, yet it needs financial
assistance from every school in
Eickens county.
Let's all work hard to have a
Larger~and better convention
ETr 112. _____
Pickens, S. C.
Office over PIckens bank.
e k. ni. 1Wm'aseim Ifwls~ for
i. DO
hav vr shov
Sbusiness. With pleni
Sdisplayed, it will be a
M lection. Come in ani
Maybe you have a
Mter the race. Notice
Sat our store of the fiv<
I Coe Ear
Craig Bros. Co. want 30 bush
els white multiplying onions, at' /
$1 per bushel, in trade. '10o be
--For land anywhere in Pick-' have
ens county see or write J. R, i as la
Ashmore. "The Land Man.''" useft
For Sale-T wo mules, about to ha
7 years old. and
Pickens. S. C.int
dec7 R. F. D. 1, Hol
If you desire anything in .the
jewelry line, I--have the best i
watches in solid gold anfd gold
filled that are made. Prices that ILadk
will pay any one to call and see. 1
H. SNIDER, Easley, S. c. if Ma
If you need anything in the Fant
jewelry line for Christmas pres) a
ents I have it. Bracelets,lockets, I
fountain pens of various styles t( Pen
and designs, cuff buttons, silver -I
ware of many. and all kinds- liI
H. SNIDER, Easley, S. C. .age86
FOR SALE.-I offer for sale the
ouse and lots known as the A
B. Cameron troperty, in the,
own of Pickens, and in a good
ocality. Reasonable terms can D. H. I
I have not visited Sani a Claus, 'ARC
ut Santa is at my store, to re- BUIL1
ain until the holidays are WIL 8
ver. He has all kinds of tov-s. I Blue Printed P
See him. He will save you fieat
oney. T. B. BOGGS,OFI:
dec14 West End Store. GaREY
WANTED-In Brevard, N. C., Ph,,,, 3d
good, sober, capable miller,
ho can grind good meal and 55acres ti
un a rye mill. One of the best east of Pick
niller's houses in the state,with tivation, ba
~arden attached. Applicants woodland;
ill please furnish references. Igood 7-room
WM. E. BREESE, or DR, R. mae prc
EIRSEY, Brevard Mills, Bre- you Immt
'ard, N. C. - dec14 t3 you want it.
WANTED. -About 50 bushels TER, Picken
eas, any kind, for spot cash. All peso
21-2t T. D. HARRIS. requested to
Al toys, vases. etc.. at and dyof Jan
Pickens Drug Co. pae nt
Job Work neatly exectued
n; this . w .eji
PP 9)
ne of Holiday Goods we
rn and are .now ready for
v of help and goods well
pleasure to make your se
l ask about
little girl that wants to en
the daily announcements
e leading contestants.
Id the Rs
IROS. 'C0.
Meers~haRR1l and French
ippreciated should
good looks as well Brie Ppes
sting qualhties and
ilness. Our aim is Ci - ars, Purses, Bill Books,
endle only the best Perfumes, in Bulk and I
you will find noth- Packages; Toilet Waters.
rashy in our 1
Ask to see our catalogue of
liday Line Nunnally's Candy
such as inFancy Boxes and Bask
ets and let us have your
's' Hand Bags, whee ine U.n.y.
icure Sets inl None Like Nunnally's.
y Leather - -_ _
s, SFountain EO E
loliday Pack- PH ARM ACY.
e* Where Quality Counts.
t T TA W AY, Annual Meeting
E'S PRACTICAL Notice is he reby given that the Annu;
[ETadMee ing.; . f dih B iard o'' County Cor
[IETad. missioners for Pickenfs County willi
DE - - hi in the (fhic. of the S.'pervisori
EPickens S. C. on Thuwsday after t1
IYO MOESfirst Monday in Janeuary next, the san
la'is and Complete Spt-ci- !! per th y ofln Jli uaya19
ions Furnished. Pickens Count y. nct pre riously presen1
117k Main Street, ed to the" Board, niust fi!-. 'he sari
Ls .with tne Cit rof the loarci on or befoi
LL,~ *the first day of Jan~uary next so thi
F68- they may be examinied and ordere
ptidl. -JOHN C. CAREY,
tree and a half miles Decl4t4 Clerk.
ens, 25 acres in cul
ance in pasture and Notice of Final Settlement an
splendid neighbood; -Discharge.
2-story house. Let NOTICE ;s hr I y give n that I
t1 this place for I can make a;pplicati'.n to J1. B> New berr
Sthat will interest ts- u of obte fo ckjer cou
~diate possession if the 15th day of Jan. 1911, at
Se H.M. HS-foer as isaid applicationrcan be hear
SS.C. fo e esave to make finaiS settlemen
s indebted to me are and obtain discharge as Admm,1istratri
settle before the 1st of *adstate.
iary. All accounts ec1tNadni .Stratri,
that day will be'Ainirai.
hands of a magis- j er e goin to bed taice ., Dr. Mner
.L. BoLT, M. D. Lxtv alt
1ino- us your Job Work
Mitchell "30" 5 Passe
The Wonderful Reco
You have probably heard a lot of talk abou
well cars in the Glidden Tour which was recentli
ville, Fla. The facts of the mitter are that all l
all were driven by professionals with factory me
prepared for this trip and in fact went through a
start of the Glidden Tour.
- The Mitchell was the only car that had the
classes. The Mitchell 4-4 in division No. 2 fror
Division No- 5 car from $2001 to $3000 was wo
It was the only car in its class that came througl
Brown, of Athens, Ga., who drove the No. 19 IV
with'3%4x5 cylinders,-is an amateur. He never
run started in New York. It was delivered to '
Branch and when you think ihat he had no meel
an amateur driver and brought the car through 1
class, it reflects some credit on Dr. Brown and a
I ' No. 26 which won in division No. 2 was also dri
mechanician, Taking it all in all the performan<
den Tour was the most wonderful of any of thos<
We have a stock of these Automobiles on]I
call and see them and let us give you a demonsi
what the MI' CHELL is.
Mitchell "25," 2 Passe
~"The CarYou Ought toHa
7 at the Price
Silent as the Foot
*Folger, Thon
Clothing, Shoes, Hats ad Gents' Fir
Sole agents for Walk-Qve.Shoes, Hews~s g
.Sewing Machines, Chase City Buggies, MitchelfW
Fall plowing tinr
tion to Win. J. O0ia
r orove this-ask any <
-, season and only had<
A SIHT OR ANT -. easiest part about a1
~ ad i fllwes s rad hre Jweryantee every one of the
1to view the display and feel sure they have
eG never seen a finer collection of Jewelry. mheres Aehv o h
are gifts' innumerable for yeung and ofd1, malenefateabu
e and femnale. Costly gifts and inexpensive,.nsrns hcw
Btecisapresent worth getting as you will
Le dmit when you see it. bae ogv.T
H-. SNIDER. chnadwlhvet
eEasley, St.esC
Stat ofSouh Crolna-Rane isave got ashe
13J.B.NebeyPrbae ude. ou n ow.tr aTsi
~l Whereas, onPsprinersmwdeichitwt
me o ganthimletersof dlade Coe give' and
tio wth hewil aneedof heEsateGrcie and ilhardwt
a fect oftevResnea
'roihalad sigatkindrdn
crtors of othe aoidna, . r
e. ineCourt of Prbaens, b el i k
191 Je. aftewery Pobliato Juer. at.
o'lc inWheres.P fornoon, tod shwcuset
me if ant him whtesai adminisr- T
trtion sihol thbe raned. f the Estate
Gi undet my W.R.Anderhs.6dyo
D Te areo theore 1911. ndad
Dcdtr fthe sadJ. . nder
ohaackso he 28t d o c.
ngers $1,350.
rd Made by the
t the wonderful record of the Max
run from New York to Jackson
Iaxwell-cars that made any record at
chanicians. They-were all specially
rigid course of training prior to the
distinction of winning firs: in two
ni $801 to $1200 inclusively won first.
n by I. C. Brown in No. 19 Mitchell.
with a perfect score. Dr. L. C.
[itchell which was a 5 passenger Six
saw his car till two days before the
im in New York by. our New York
ianician and that he was absolutely
with a clean score, the only one in his
whole lot on the MitcheI. Mitchell
ven by an amateur drder with no
:e of the Mitchell cars in the last Glid
among the entries.
uand and will be glad to have you
-ration. This will prove conclusively
rsgers, $1,000.
You -Ought to Pay."
of Tinme.
Iey& Co.
iiishing Goods a Specialty.3
atj ron~ n..toves, ew Home
agons and Mitchell Automotl.
ie is here and we want to call your atten
rer Turn Plow on the market tody. To
>wner We sold 5o of these plows last
one broken frog returned. The frog is
turn plow to get broken and we guaran
ANm J. Oliver Plows.
best, thing yet in a stalk cutter. The
them is arrangement of the cutter part
en striking a solid substance, enables the
is is an important feature about this ma
be seen to be appreciated. *
nd Ranges
ne ot these articles. 'The "Tip
:an be found. We also-want to
the "Odessa" Cost Range on di
a beauty.
see us. We carry a complete
are of the better kind and will
Hdw. & Gro..
ALLEN, Mar'ager.

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