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The Lickens Sentilel
Some Thbn V01 vn1ho and Some
You Doi t nokbot Our
Towns, Oty& PoOPIe
The Sentinel force will spend
Chlistmas day at-bome.
Squire M. A. Boggs, of Liber- I
ty, was seen on the streets here
Mrs. Wi nnie Ohlin, of Albany,
Oregon, is on a visit to the fami
ly of Maj. J. M. Stewart.
All the stores will be closed t
Christmas day. No business of C
any kind will be transacted.
Misses Inez Morris and May a
4 UMcFall, from Chicora college,
re here for tht holidays.
IMessrs. R. B. Foster and Earl
oster were in the city Tuesday
ing some Christmas shopping.
NLast week one of our stand
-s, Mr. W. J. Kelly, called on
s aid piid his subscription a c
voar ahead.
Our friend, Mr. R. H. Barkley <
paid us a pleasant call I uesday, a
and advanced his subscription a
to The Sentinel to 1913.
Mr. John D. Harris, of Green
unt, was in the city last
week the' guest of his brother,
Mr. T. D. Harris.
Willie and John Harris, who
h:e been attending the South- t
ern Business College in Atlanta, t
are at home for the holidays.
The Baptist Sunday School v
will have some Christmas exer- r
cises on the evening of the 25th s
inat, beginning at seven o'clock. e
Douglas Younge, who has
been taking a course in pharm
acy at the Charleston Medical r
College, is at home for the holi- ~
, ~days.
Miss Floride Cary, who has t
been teaching school for two or
three months near Piedmont, is ,
spending her Christmas vacation
at home.
-J. Mat. Murphree, frcom near 1
Waihalla, was among his- old
friends here last, week. Hfis is
looks betrayed a longing to come i
ack to Pickens. c
Miss Mfaud Ashmore came in
from Atlanta last Thursday.
She has been nursing constantly
the past fall ..and well deserves
a rest with her home folks. r
Craig Bros store is full of nice
things for Christmas. Their 5c
and 10c counters are very at
tractive, and there are dozens
upon dozens of dolls of various
In the distribution of our gifts,
let us not forget the great Giver
of gifts and the need of means]
to send the glad news that there<
is a Savior to the uttermost 1
-aarts of the earth.
M ir-and Mrs. 0. H. Johnson,
C~o have until recently been
nninig the Mountain View
hotel at Easley, have bought
property at Chester and will
soon move to that place.
Can-our city fathers do any
thing to relieve a saffering
people? Unless something is
done to -improve the condition1
of our streets and sidewalks, es
pecially, they will soon be. im
passable. -
Rev. B. E.Grandy is athomfe 1
for a few days. Besides his con
tracts in the southern part of1
the state, he has closed one at
Seneca.for building of a three
story store and also two others
at Elloree where he will build a
large hotel and a store.
4Invitations have bTeen issued
- by Mrs. Mary Kennedy Moore
tb the marriage of her daughter,1
Miss Madolin, to Mr. Eric West1
Hardy on the afternoon of Dp
cember the twenty-eighth at
after two o'clock at the
vry sad death occurred .at I
ey last week. The pastor
e Methodist Church, Rev.
.Best, was preparing to
lie for his new field of labor t
had removed all his house- t
>' effects from the parsonage
en his wife took suddenly ill
'd diedin afew moments from
<z~eumnatism of the heart. Her I
[ tei.ains were carried to Darl- e
-ington for interment.
Notice to Teachers.
There will be a special teach- 1
ers examination on January 12,
1912, commencing at 9 o'clock.
The examination will be held in
the Court House.
LBy order State Board Educa
C/ 'So.pliain
A Joyous Christmas.
We bring greetings to each of
)ur readers for a happy, peace
ul, joyous Christmas. May
here be nothing to mar or dis
;urb the true Christmas spirit
nd felicity. May every heart
n that glad day go up in a joy
us refrain and join in sentiment
.nd feeling with the angelic host
of nearly two thousand years
.go when they sang "Glory to
xod in the highest, and on earth
eace, and good will toward
And why should we not do
his? It should be the highest
mbition of every Christian to
oin in this acclaim. It should
e considered the greatest priv
ege of any and all in this Chris
ian land to seek the full fruition
f such a condition.
The phrase expresses t -e fact
nd desire that all should recog
tize God's.goodness, the fullness
f His love-and His glory in the
ighest. To the uttermost de
.ee, in the highest strain, is the
mitless conception of human
hought. in the highest heave as
nd in the highest degree. Why?
3ecause in the coming of His
nly son, Jesus Christ, it meant
eace on earth; it meant that
;od was so much concerned
bout the welfare and happiness
nd blessings of mankind that
'He gave His only begotten
on" to bring them into peace,
nd love, and joy, and life ever
The peace which God brings
o man through Christ is not
nly the ideal, but the goal
oward which men are moving,
he holy city of God. Peace,
eace, who is it that does not
rant peace? Peace of mind,
eace of soul, peace of con
cience. That peace which pass
th understanding; which the
rorld cannot give nor take
.way. Oh, that that peace may
eign supreme and control the
onduct of millions on earth this
lessed Christmas day!
This peace produces good will
ward men; it brings the rich
t blessings God can bestow,
hich is manifested by His for
iing love, and will fit men for
e highest life on earth and the
lessedness of heaven.
No wonder .Isaiah exclaimed
a hcooked' thirough the misty
uture, " His name shall be
The Mighty God,
The Everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace."
['he one who rules in such a way
hat peace and love and joy
bide in His kingdom. It is in
xhaustible. There are no 'dis
urbing elements.
And as we come to celebrate
his Ohristmas day let us think
this Prince of Peace, the
~reatest' gift of God to man.
et us celebrate it with
ur gifts of love and peace to the
oor and to friends.
More than in any age past we
iave roason for celebrating the
~oming Christ into the wrorld for
nore than ever do we see the
ruits of that coming; we are
iearcr the Golden age. "Mighty
opes make us inen," said Ten
iyson, and assurances of a trans
~ormed world gives enthusiasm
nd strength. There are none
o poor, so unworthy, so feeble,
fut can show in deeds of kind
ess, expressions of sympathy,
?Iords of love, cheer, hope and
~ourage, and thereby bring to
he hearts of men this glad day
eace and good will.
Fair Notice to All..
After the first day of January,
.912, the subscription list of the
entinel will be revised,and sub
cribers who are more than . a
rear in arrears with their sub
~criptions will be chopped off
nless they pay up and renew
)y that time.
We are obliged to do this in
rder to comply with the require
nents of the Postoffice Depart
nent, which forbids a newspaper
o carryi unpaid subscribers for
nore than a year.
We further give notice that
ifter the first day ~of January
he subscription price of the Sen
iel will remain as It is, one
ollar per year, provided it is
)aid in advance. If the sub
cription price of $1 is not paid
n advance~ the price will be $1.25
er year. 'We do this to induce
ubscribers to pay in advance,
is our weekly bills for the blank
aper on which the Sentinel is
)rinted is heavy and must be
Remember the Sentinel is $1
er year if paid in advance; If
iot paid in advance $1.25; and
his will apply to all after Jan
ary 1, 1912.
Cupid Busy.
As stated last week the effec
of Cupid's arrows would becom
more and more visible as th.
holidays approached. This 1i
being verified almost daily, fo
there ape few days now tha
Judge Newbery is not applied t(
for a license and is frequent:
called upon to perform the cet
On the 14th inst. the Judg
was called u ion to join th
hearts and lives. of Miss Berti
Holder and Mr. Mace Medlin.
On the same day in the after
noon some young people wer
seen making their way from th
depot after the train came ir
from Easley toward the court
house. It soon transpired wv'ha
their business was, and in z
short time Miss Velma Hughe
became the wife of Mr. J.B.Mor
gan. Both of these young peop!
live at Easley and have hosts o
friends who join in congratula
On Sunday, the 17th inst., a
the home of the bride's parents
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Cater, Mis
Lola Cater and Mr. Charli
King were happily married
Rev. W. C. Seaborn performe
the ceremony. They, too, ham
numerous friends who exten<
hearty congratulations for
long, happy and prosperous jour
nev through life.
On Sunday, 17 inst., Miss Liz
zie Jewell and Mr. D. A. Bark
lev were happily married al
Clemson College. This ipopulai
young couple surprised many of
their friends in this step they
have taken for life, but showen
of congratulations and gooi
wishes for a long, happy and
prosperous journey is theirs.
Let joy be unconfined and
love abound; may .he work of
Cupid continue, for thus we art
promised it will be as in the day
of Noe until the end shall come
Married on Sunday, Decem
ber 10, 1911, at residence of offl
ciating Notary Winchester, Mr
Samuel Ellenberg and Miss Flo
a Gilsti-ap, all of this county
The happy couple have the bes'
wishes of their many friends.
School Will Close.
The graded school here wil
close Thursday for the holidays
and will remain closed unti
January 2d. Prof. and Mrs
Ballentine will spend a part o:
the time with relatives an<
friends at Leesville. The othe:
teachers will be at their respec
tive homes, Miss Miller will g<
to Laurens, Miss Martin to Don
alds, Miss McDonald to Bethune
and Misses Craig and Ashmor,
will remain in Pickens.
Are you satisfied with you
school? Have your childrei
made the progress they should
How many times:have you vis
Ited the school this year? Hov
many times have you spoken ti
the teacher about your child'
advancement?' After Ithe holi
days are over, let us yisit th
school more and learn Imor
about the work. The teacher
will gladly welcome you ani
give any information you ma'
desire, and gladly accept an:
suggestion you may offer along
the lines of advancement. Al
together for a better school!
May these, our teachers, spent
a most joyous Christmas ani
return to their work with re
newed energy and strength.
Folger, Thornley & Co.
This firm is known far an<
near. It is one of the oldes
business firms in Pickens, hav
ing begun business here whei
the town was quite young ami
small; and as the years hav
gone by they have increase4
their business, addin g depart
ment after department and lin
after line until' now they rani
among the foremost of the Pied
mont section. They are kin<
and accommodating to the
customers, and always keep
fresh, up-to-date stock of goods
Recently they have added auto
mobiles to their business, and ni
doubt will be as successful i1
disposing of them as they hav
been in other lines of business
Although many are cryig harn
times, they say their busines
has been as good this year a
they could have expected.
Commnends the Act.
Dear Sentinel:
In reading The Sentinel of th
7th inst., I notice the good an
charitable act of Miss Miller an
others, in visiting the poor hous
with gifts for its inmates. Thes
poor creatures are not criminalk
but unfortunates, demandmn
our charities. I hope that mis
Miller's act will gather for he
great popularity. I commen
her and those friends to God ft
reward, and to the rehigiou
world for example, BH
DeN1 .H
- The Kind You Havo Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
a &and has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
Al Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare.
gorie, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishmess. It cures Diarrhoa and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
. The Children's Panacea,-The Mother's Friend.
' cars the Signature of
The Kid 1. 011 Have Always Bough
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Christmas :- Goods
for Pickens county. Call and see and decide for your
We hav the goods for the little folks. Santa Claus
canfin afull supply for the Xmas stockings, such as
rDolls and Toyrs.
For the grown-nups and near grown-ups: Chinaware,
'Cut Glass. Toilet Sets, Xmas CandygFancy Baskets
andi Boxes. Srationery in Beautiful Pa~kgsdkae
tn Pens. Shaving Sets, Ladies' Hand Bags, Desk
Sets, Cigars in Small Boxes, Meerschaum Pipes, Ko
Which we arc very proud of, you will find the fol
Ulowing: Rings, Bracelets; Lockets, Locket Chains,
.XStick'Pins, Brooches, Tie Clasps, Cuff Buttons, Pen
- dants, Waist Sets, Belt Pins, Fobs-both Ladies and
IGent's-Beauty Pins, Collar Pins, solid gold and gold
filled. In gold filled goods, we have Watch Chains,
WCollar Buttons, etc., etc.
. S poons, Forks, Knives, Ladles, Carving Sets, Spoon
Holders, Suzar Dishes. Syrup Pitchers, etc.. .Many
(of these articles, are Sterling. Our silverware corn
U osed of Communit y, Rodgers. Wallace and Reliable
brands, all known and guaranteed by us and the man
rufacturer, and not tio peddler's kind. We can not
nme all we have. Just come and see.
1 A $2,000 .Chicken. . Notice to Churches.
jThere are quite a nnmbier of To the Pastors and Chur<
chicken lovers and chicken of the Pickens Association:
cranks around Pickens but none a meeting of the executive
so far gone ;e t o iV willing to laymen's committees held
pay 82,000 for a roo.4 er. And Pickens on the 15th inst., it
it appears to us the man who decided that this method
would do suich a thing has more taken to notify and inform
money than he can rightly use. pastors and churches if they
The press dispratches from At- sired to have a Layman' s]
-lanta say: sionary Rally, or Laym:
1The record price for pouliti y in meeting of any kind, in an'
Atlanta was prob~ably, paidl when all the churches during the o
Aa G. Chandler. Jr., gave a ing year, to notify one of
check for $3,500 for the chickens undersigned, and arrangemi
exhibited at the Southern Inter- would be made for such a mi
national Poultry show by Will- ing. J. T. TAYLOR,
iam Cook & 5ons of Scotch - J. C. GARRETT,
- Plins.N. jJ. T. ABERCRollBIE,
In the auditorium, at the back C. T. RoBINUM,
rof the stage, there were several Layman's Commritte
coops Saturday night, and on -
three of these were great sizns
-in white and red. The first, FATHER, MOTHEB
placed over a coop inhabited by E'
a big, iniposing looking Black GK DOH
Orpington, simply set forth the hatwl emd ap
statement: "Sold to Asa G. yowilpervthr
Chandler. Jr.. for $2,000." ygvn hmapi
The other, over t wo pens con- Krpo Insbl Bi
>tainina families of Orpingtons. glsefoaChits
one black, the other family Wteahpiweil
white, simply stated that Asa wtotcagaba
G. Chandler, Jr., was the pur- $oo ebsd poi
chaser. The price paid was $1,- Auiu pcal
500. TeGoeOtclC.
The firmi which made the sale AaoA.OoFe,
e o brnd an ha wn oer 3, iheCoutig Opadetpp
e 000 first prizewsll peserv their stc. MsncTmlG e
S stoyptok Invpurchased.
PARKRSs enatistma
~~O~ei~without chargea a beaul
S ~w~PrAlutninum spectacleroc;
toTheeGlobe OpticaloCo.,
is the originator ofp .nthe Oar ig H cae Sc r
onbred ndSs wst over 13,- & Couhin OptetryW
At The -
Will give a fiee entertainr
ber 20. Everybody invitei
see Buster and his dog Tig
We have a few Patterii
have cut the price almost I
will not last long at the pri
$1.50 Hats.- .- --.
3.50 Hats-.-. --
5.00 Hats- --
7.50 Hats- --
10.00 Hats..-. .--..
You can afford to buy
We want to clean up o
ber of sizes and colors. NV
a these suits were $8.50--w(
Here is the best lot of
sizes are regular and we c4
lot for-....-. _..
Here is a lot that will
- fit. These suits are $17.5o
Do your Christmas Sha
departments many things
come here to do your Xma:
Christmas at the Court Housi
.All the county offices will I
closed Christmas day and r
Jpublic business will be transac
quietly until the noon hot
Swhen he will do his full duty
the festive board. Of course I
does not expect to be alonei
the engage.nent of the bount
ful feast of good things, for h
good wife and all his childre
will share with him in the plea
tiures of the day. Before the hol
days are over he will v-sit h
aged parents at Oalhou~n an
cheer their hearts.
.Auditor N. A. Christophe
will also be at home with h
family and will spend a quiu
day. The day will be a we
come one with him as it will a
ford a rest from arduous dutie
He will use it to husband h
Jstrengthi for the task which,~
just ahead-taking tax return
DTreasurer J. T. Richey wi
spend the day in Columbi
-- Mrs. Richey went down la
week to remain through ti
holidays and he till join h
:hes there for one day only. I
-At says he will be in his office i
and day after ready to give you yoi
at tax receipt.
was Sheriff Roark of course w
be be at home to his friends.
the one expects him to leave tovw
-de- that'day, and he earnestly hop
the occasion will not arise f<
m' him to be called away. He do
r ornot care to have to make pr
cm- vision for another boarder th;
the day.
mins Superintendent Hallum sa'
ee-he has distributed the scho
funds among the teachers ax
made provision for them to e:
joy Christmas, and that ther
fore he does not think anythix
e will prevent him from spendir
a quiet, peaceful day with lh
Judge Newbery will be;
home. Prospeetive brides ax
Sfgrooms need not fear that t]
yes judge-will be out of town.
of you do not find him in his c
ocal fice he can be easily found
.ft. home and will have the nece
ive sary blanks for you to sign.
~iful Supervisor Craig will be
hed home. He thinks he has p
ase. in time enough looking aft
Dr. the i'oads and bridges of ti
A. county to be permitted to enj<
as., Christmas day with his fami
ists, without criticism. At least 1
ille, talked like he was going to ri:
it anyway,
The scrape men, .guards ai
mconvicts, and the old mules tc
-will have this day of rest. T:
convicts will be given a Chrit
mas dinner as usual.
The Real
Brown an
Big Store,
ent in front of our store at 4 o
I and the children have a speci
Hats to close and in order to (
talf in two. These Hats are ti
ce they are going.
.- 85c $2.00 at
..-81.50 3.00 Hats
- 2.00 4.00 Hat
- *.75 6.00 Hats
- 4.75 8.50 ats
- 6.75 L2.;) ats
m extra hat at these prices.
ur Coat Suit stock by January
e have ten suits of Black and I
will close this lot for
all 8 Suits of assorted colors, E
n fit all of you. 'This quality i
Mit every one's taste. We can
, We will close for $15.00. A
>pping early and avoid the rusi
5hat are suitable for Xmas Pres
Leaders in Low PBrices.
~. . The Stores Decorated.
e IThe decorations in all the
o'store windows in Pickens yery
forcibly remin~d us of the near
ness of Christmas. ~
s The Big Store has in one win
e dow a cozy, house-like fire place.
ttractively arranged. The
,t artist, ens is to be con
~e grtulated u ingenuity
n of his display, and
i knows a good thing, when it
[s comes to a capable and trust
n worthy servant.
s- The others are tastefully or
inamented with evergreens,
is fruits, etc., which are very sug
d gestige and tempting.
The Pickens Drug Co. has a
rfine display of <very tempting
is' and valuable !ne of toys, silver
it! and..2olfire from which a
'selection can be made to please
F. the most fastidious,
sThe Keowee Pharmacy knows
ihow to catch the younger set by
iplacing in full view Nunnally's
s. delightful candies. Every fel
11 low, of'course, is expected to
Igive his girl aboxo of~lian
st for Christmas.
eFolger, Thornley & Co., have
~r their windows flooded with all
[kinds of pretty and useful arti
ecles. It is well known that this
ir firm does not carry toys, but
when it comes to the substantial
things, they -are Johnny on the
0 The toy emporium for this
season in Pickens is Craig Bros.
~Tf you have not made your pur
>chases you should not wait an
as other day. A glance at their
"~ windows, and in -you go: you
it just can't help it.
The other stores of the city
rare keeping pace in decorations
ol with those already mentioned,
Ld but to elaborate on thsm would
consume too much space.
e- Moore, Mau!din- & Co., are
ikept so busy with their Cotton
.5 Carnival that their principle
is decoration -are display signs of
the great sale now on,
it Parsons & Ashmore, the new
id -fim, have not had time to dec
ie orate and will not be alile make
[f much display, as they have
f- been rushed every day since
at they opened their doors.
s- The other merchants have
fine displays, and to fully appre
it ciate the beauty of these displays
ia ersonal visit is necessary
ie House and Lot for Sale.
[y 1 I e. ik : to the hihiet bidder at the
leCcur. |-- .u eo Sala~day in January
91,'. ning the leg.d hours for sale, the
foli~wing leseribed real estate:
All Iihat lot of land in the town of
id Picken.'. ca JIagorod Stre-et. containing
0, one and a :';-third (lb; acre.= mare or less.
die 'Ha-: 6 i-oom dwe llng, barn, parture
with wader and cther imnprovetaents,
knowngS the J. WV. Sheriff house and
lot. ?~
Teross: One third cash, terms, On
bewaice. iM. c- smTH,
clock, Wednesday, .Decem;
al invitation to come -a d
-lean them up quickw
ie latest styles and bey
-....--.--- - - 12
.. 1.75
..... 2.75
- 4.50
. 5.00
1st. -We have a good'um
ILe. The original price of
lue, Gray and Black, the
$12.5o. We will sell this
give you a perfect tailor
I snappy colors.
i. You will find in' all our
ents. It will pay you to
holding his own, had
his speechi, an 1 there w
hopes of i recoVOery
wound, .oee~ Is said
very dge one0~
having gone
head from the frot
in there.
CJhristmas at the
The' Pickens CottonH
close Saturday at 11:30
and will remain closed
Wednesday- next. The
intendant and many of thel
ing operatives will spend so
of the hold~ ihre
~ riday evn eIdf"
School will have Chdsta 2
ercises consisting on~Ogs, reci-.
tatations and posbysome
speaking. A royal good tinme is
anticipated as prepprations have
been in progress Orsome time.
It is hoped tha' all the people
of the mill villeg~ will 'have a
joyful, happy Chyistmas.
All persons lIolding clis
against the City~f Plnkens *ill
please make oi an Itemized
statement and pretthe sae
for-paymenst, ~ same time
we shall beglad treceive Pay
ment on all back licenses and
city taxes. We ask you forthe
above favors so that we may b3e
.enabled to give y at a d
statement January 1, 19
Thanlino; you fr prom1ptn,
in the matter. w.e are
Yo'urs truly,
The City,Coiunca.
.-Per Sam Craig, Maor.
Mr. Aiken, of Greenvill.B a
inPcesti week,a
the Pickens Inn. Gus hi
friends wouldn't thinkof Calling
him anything else) is in the rev
enue service, and one of ,Ucle
Sam's most -faithful ts.lC
Mr. Aiken is a native of Tran -
sylvania county, North Odori
na, and the Old North StateyCn
never forget the services hexen
dered his people dungthethe
terms he served in the Stateleg- -
islature. He says he Is out of
politics, but the writer believ es
tha the Palmetto State wol
find in him a'championl of the
people's rights.
SubsribeafO The Sentinel.

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