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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, December 21, 1911, Image 4

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ONervous akow
desW many
e. .bav be
troube s On rge of a
u t importance to keep
in good con
tnerves are the source
Ko 2n t e.Stj ueblo,
Isuffered from
t a-I was unable
any work doctors
os I
Od r notaa do
entrfe pr dl
tasbaail -btwo
iT. hirshfew dogesih d2 *O
been fbr years an
Dr. Miles' Nervine
are troubled with loss of
appete,.poor digestion, weakness,
inabifity to sledp; if you are in a
Seneral down condition and
unable .obea your part of the
daily ^id of lff,- you need some
thing to stre nerves.
You miy not r ' e what the mat
ter with you, btit that is no reason
why arou should delay treatment.
Dr. Mies' Nervine
has proven its value in nervous dis
orders' for thirty years, and merits
a trial, no matter how many other
remedies have failed to help you.
Sold by all druggists. If first bottO
fails to benefit your money Is returnbd,
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
Clerk's Sale.
Ounty of Pickens,
n Coirtof Common Pleas.
jol ., Ferguson and Maggie Ferguson
J EGarrick, et a],
In pursuance of a decretal order made
In the above stated case, by His Honor,
Jud-eo. E. Prlioe, at his chambers,
at Anderso. S. C. ted Sept. 22,1911,
and on file in the k's office for Pick
.. I w I before the Court
- at ' en,-S. C. during the
oaleon sa-sday in Jan
12 the following described rea
estate to wit:
A certain tract or parcel of land con
taning ninety eight and a fourth (98)
acres be the same more or less. The
said land lies in two tracts and is repre
sented by plats. No. 3 situated in the
state and 'oit aforesaid on the waters
of GerejCreek, waters of Saluda
river, one act containing (18*) acres
~ t~piin ~tre&N. 4, R, 'E. Holcombe,
ce 8 46E
9 L
Miil road, Thence down
North 50 Wlch 50L tothe
cdown said creek 14 ch 60
oc, Thence S 68?E 1 ch 36 Lto a
eeS 7*E 7c'50 Lto rock at
ditch, thence-~on said ditch
19 ch45 Lto' ./rock on the line
No. 1, th S 3W 2to the
ea Cash on day of sale.
emust be complied with
thour or th~e premises will be
the risk of the former pur
Purchaser o, purchasers topay
papers and the recording of
A. J, Boggs,
Clerk of Court,
Pickens County S. C. -
South Cao~a
~jeestate o J. E. Tally, deceased,
Plaintif. .
. vs.,,
Nora V. Tally, et
By virtu of a decree made in the
above stated case the undersigned as
Judge of Probate frsaid County and
State, dated 4th daof December 1911,
and now on fflein yoffice, I will sell
to the highest ~ider on Salesday in
January, 1912. durg the legal hours of
-sale-the followingd d*rbed tract of landJ
All that piece, pac$or tract of land ]
lying and being iw~e in the county
and State aforesaid, joining lands of
Mrs. Elizabeth _hins, Dr. W.M.4
Ponder, W. D. Sutgerland, T. 0. Hook
er and others and pontaining fifty-four ]
(54) acres more br less. Terms cash:
Unless the termnsare complied with with
in one hour after the sale the premises .
will be resold at the risk of the former
purchaser to pay for papers and for re
g th sae.J. B. Newberry,
Judge of Probate.
Southwest Georgia Farm and Pe-.
can Lands for Sale.
Any size tract desired. Our lands are fer
tile, ndresults are satisfaCtory Farmers are
headed this way to gt on ie ground floor
Write for illustrated boket to-day.
F1oever-Pai*r Realty Company,
nov-2-3t Thomasv111e, Ga.
-For Infants and Children.
I - flW You||8e MAINjSiogilt
Bears the
Signature of
. Pickens, 8. C.
Office over-Fickeis bank.
* JbWork neatly exectued
in this office.
THERE are a v
TH that express
dictionary. We anti
attracts crowds and'
wonder that they i
in fact we did not lik
got busy and did it
leaving our store shc
are going to keep on
we are quoting in thi
Best grade Calicoes @d
Goodsheavy Checks @ -...-.--.-.
Best Hickory Shirtigs .--.
Best grade Outings .. ..-...-........-.
Indian Head-. ........ ..........
Best 4es-Gnhms @ -
,~...|ellafits and Waterproof regular 65c values @
Regular 25c value Undershirts- -----
Regular 6oc valued Shirt_.... -- - ---
Good value Ribbed underwear
Ladies 6oc Union Suits-........ - -----
Good grade Pearl Buttons at 2c per dozen.
Good Needles, regular price 5c at 1 c per paper.
i oc spool Silk at 6c.- -
5c spool silk at 3C
1.tocGood H6ili Combs 3c.
Genuine Joseph Rodgers Razors regular $3.0o ra
est 5c Thimbles 2c.
est x oc leather Shoe Strings at 2c per pair.
10 Per Cent. Discoun
opeOn all Chattanooga turn plows and repairs is ten
per entAll idde Buterplows, both steel and chil
EST make Kelley Registered Axes, regular $1
~handled 89 c. Kelley hand made Axes wortli
imond Edge Guaranteed Axes 69c.
DLLARS, Hames, Traces and all plain hardwa
Aknife in the same way as all other goods.
kes, Pitchforks and everything in the way of i
0 a
t Crowd A Great
Aarked the Ope
Teat many greats in that little heading above,
es just what the opening day of our Great C
ipated-a crowd, and nothing but natural that
ith the attention of such remarkable values f
ame in with a grand rnsh and whirl. This
,e the idea a little bit, but realizing the conditi
That is all. But the buying throngs were mi
wed very plainly, and right straight on until t]
popping values that will be readily worth the
- ---- -5 . -
.. .....I2C.
-9C- Lingering doubts to buy are
39c. crowds come. They saw,
vinced. We are turning the n
merchandising with the powerj
prices. Come and look. See
~~ 3~9c.
~-~~~-3c. THAT is all we have to say to you-come
-~~39c. now, if you ever intend to need them1
~~~~-~saving to you to come to this great sale.\
er attractions in merchandise and nowhere
!PR(ICES~. surroundian towns will you find valuesik e
go to work and try to tell you in many way
ages we have to offer you-but what is the
great sale, hundreds have already been her,
what it is doing. Remember we welcome<
surer of~pleasing than comparing our values
o98c. .Ever'ybody Sits Up anc
WIE are not in this sale for the mone'
VYprofit on one single piece of merchandi
t. the greater part of this stock between nos
* willing to make any sacrifice to accomplish <
percen dicout.we are making are necessarily ruinous to ar
e td ison. made, and we will take our loss with a smile
led. in our history when we can do so much f<
.lovale areay!tunity is here now and you had better ib
10 vluealradywith all its tremendous advantages. Chri
75c for only 633c. the big Christmas rush is still to come, hun
buying untill the last minute. We urge yoi
re wll eeltheas possible, as delay will not benefit you as
rShovelses, lower, and by doing youi trading early you
ardwre.lections, but we can give you much bett<
ardware.what to get for Christmas will be easily sol
any assistance our sales people can give yo:
eer the Date,
English language
i find it out in our
-day, too, business
aturday, it is no
>ught on our pprt,
be done and we
idreds of bundles
ecember 23rd, we
well the prices that
of Shoes in the house is marked way down.
tes you ever saw.
dress goods @ -~3~
dress goods @
dress goods @
dress [email protected] [email protected]
dress goods @ -3
c0 hose . ~ - - - -C
nders ~1c
ess Shirts
ess Shirts
ess hirs------------ - .-.--9c. .
on arer---------- -- 9e
~s oc ose---------------4
:>Gres --.--......----.---------1<
wool Ladies Hose - --- ............-----18c.
r 36 vales ...........- - - - --- 19c
Lf 50c values @ .--9
r 750 values @ ..........-------------43c.
r $.oo values @ .......----s0
iaven't got time to tell you about all the good things
at this great Cotton CarnivaL The printer is rush
d we can't ennunerate everything. But come and
Day A Greal
ning of Our
but if there is any other word in the
otton Carnival was, we have failed t<
we should. Our every day and Satui
is we popped open to the public on 5
great sale just at this time was not s
ons we knew that something had to
ghty tickled with the values, as the hi
is great sale closes Saturday night, I
reaping. As an evidence just note
- Every pail
- The best val
4ER MATCH THESE VALUES All 25C values it
banihed.TheAll 5oc values it
banihed.TheAll 65c values it
they were con- All 1.oo values i
ighty wheels of All 1.25 values i
ul lever of small
for yourself.
-Men's ioc hose~
Men's regular i
and look; if you need goods Men's 25c hose
it will mean a tremendous Men's 15~c susp
Ve are each day adding great- -Men's 25c susp
n Pickens, or in any of the Men's 35c susp
we are offering. We could Regular i .oo D
s just what splendid advant- Regular 75 Di
use? You have heard of this Regular 50c Dr
, so simply come in and see Men's Hats 332'
~omparisons and we are never Paris and Bi-ight
Swith others.
F Tak s Noice. Best grade Ladii
that is we do not expect to Best grade Chih
se; we sirr ply want to move Rg ulyallcq
r and Chi-istmas and we are Godqaiyl
ur purpose. Such prices as
y business, but they must be -SHA
.The time may never come
r the people, but the oppor- All Wool, reguh
ace it while it is before you -All Wool, regult
~tmas is only a few days off, All Wool, regul
reds of people have delayed All Wool, reguli
i to do your trading as early _________
the prices will not be any
will not only have better se- We just simply I
r service. The question of we have to offer you
ed wvhen you come here and ing us for this copy a
i wil be cheertully given, see and you will be c
Dec. 9th 19'

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