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Tli6 Pickos Scntinel
Tho s si sg Suniep
THURSDAY,YDEC. 28, 1911.
Good-bye, 1911.
How about that after feeling?
Howvisthattaste? Youshould
Aris it-ilone.
What Xave you written on the
pages of 1911 you would like to
ha7e %ased!
o the wail of the pes
~set peace and plenty still pre
IA n our favored land.
fMin to balance your ac
-1nis, and get ready to start
he Aw year-with a clean sheet.
The Ohristmas spirit was best
rh.ited by those who were
- A'st sto the Christmas Giver.
The march of progress goes
Mdily on. Large crops have
~een made, business is in fair
shape and our people are reason
abi happy.
-.e man who failed to do
me kindly deed or friendly act
week lost a great opportu
- andfell short of his duty
mii obligation to his fellow
~r the _ending June 30:
were 10,396 people
and 150,159 injured on
can railways. Of the
killed 356 were passen
employees and 6,438
good year is rn"'
t its
ll her
as been
ear. Es
New in
pon ev
.la have
of all our ilft
- ca) s and development,
ha great Wesn to rejoice over
3 5ucce~s i year. Never be
au the istry of our ination
-- Ke Soa thern farmer made
- onde fland record break
~rops. Enough ~cotton to
y- the ordand keep the
is of factories turning
another crop can be made.
n gh bead te supply our
-s, and sime to spare; and
produc sin as great pro
augh may have taken a
mnistic /view of conditions
count bfthe low price of
ae!we think there -is
-acourage and cause
to look on the better
Itudhave oeen worse;
.- ith properleffort will re
-' more to their good
.ional calamities have oc
,no scourges or serious,
a:~nces of any kinld. In a
:' tway, Providence has
1 about us and kept usin
health and prosperity.
~ys of the ~passing year,
*. has recorded rain, and
and sorrow,. are so over
'ed by the happier and
~uitfal and blessed things
v -e come to us that they
not leave an impress on1
ic~.with cherishied thoughts
~assing year, let us take
corae and with renewed
ad optimistic visions wel
irty Pardoned in One Day.
The daily papers last Sunday
norning announced that on the
lay before, Gov. Blease granted
yardons and paroles (which
neans pardoned on condition)
o thirty prisoners in the peni
ntiarv and jails of the State.
From The State, of the 24th,
;he following is taken:
"Briefly stated, there were 11
Life prisoners freed. Nine of
hese prisoners were convicted
Af murder. One was convicted
on the charge of burglary and
arceny, and the other on the
charge of arson. Seven were
convicted on the charge of man
slaughter, the sentences ranging
from 5 to 26years. Several had
been convicted on minor charg
es, and one was pardoned to re
store citizenship.
Of the eleven lifetime prison
ers, Samuel Reep, the Chester
county wife slayer. is the most
known. He was convicted in
November, 1899, for killing iis
young wife while she slept in
his home. The case at that
time attracted a great deal of
attention, and public sentiment
was against the man. He has
served twelve years of a life
term. The parole was granted
during good behavior.
The governor assumed office
January 17, and si.ace that time
he has granted clemency in 318
cases-137 pardons and 131 pa
Taking the estimate of statis
ticians of $500 for a conviction,
this means that the feature of
the clemency record has cost
South Carolina $158,500.
The governor, soon after en
tering office, dispensed with the
pardon board, and announced
that in the future he would- de
cide all cases of clemency."
Among those pardoned were
two from this county-Frank
Bailey and W. L. Manly.
Frank Bailey was convicted
September,, 1886, before Judge
Hudson, of burglary and larce
ny. .The original record in the
Clerk's office could not be found
and it is not known whether he
is white or colored, or whose
house he was charged with hav
S urglarized. The Sessions
al gives his name, the of
charged, the witnesses
- ie jury. The witnesses
him were, Richmiond
Ov. .Mrs. Anna Owens, I. N.
Coo~k :Ad W. C. Owens; and he
w a tried -the follo wing jury:
M. A. Boggs, foreman; T. H.
McWhorter, R A. Hester, Sea
b'rn Keith, A. J. H. Day, S. P.
Freeman,-,J . Clayton, T.
~i~e~~.Norrs,' William
~. endricks and Si
las Hinkle.
.Bailey was sentenced for life.
Manly was convicted at the
February term, this year, before
Judge Gage, for breaking jail,
injurmng public property, and
sentenced to 18 months in the
penitentiary. He was paroled
during good behavior.
Reduce the Acreage.
The plan which seems to be
most popular and feasible to
help the farmer out of his pres
nt predicament and to prevent
a repetition next year, is to re
10''e'~i6 acreage. This plan
was adopted a few days ago by
a large representative gathering
f farmers and business men in
New Orleans.
Tzie plan, briefly stated is that
Earmers all over the South be'
asked to reduce their cotton
acreage by at least 25 per cent.
A pledge to this effect is signed
by each farmer. It is proposed
to have a county organization
in each county which shall take
active and immediate steps to
ecure the signature of every
Earmer to stich a pledge.
This is a good plan for present
relief, but it will not accomplish
permanent benefits unless ad
bered to year after year- If the
Earmers will reduce their acre
age 25 per cent. next year, it
will help the price of the present
rop, very little of which, how
ver, we fear, is in the hands of
~armers. It is certain that
)lan will not help those who
help most, for they have
- The reduction in acreage
also help prices next viear,.
what about the year. aftfer?
she next crop be reduced and
prices advance 12 to 14 cents
aet fall, will it not stimulate
he farmers to increase the fol
owing year, and, with reasona
ble conditions, bring about the
same state of affairs that now
The thing for the farmers to
lo, it seems to us, islT3\begin
low not 'nly to reduce their
creage, but to settle upon som
rise and definite plan &f which
;hey can hoi< cotton,
arehoused o ., and
ave a centr gency
Ld a business pt
' i~n the 2
- |
Our Printing Will HELP
Every Kind of Commercial.
Law and Social Printing In
Up to Date Styles......
When In jVeed of Jobhvork
Call at This Office
Auditor's Notice
The time for taking return's will op
January 1st and close February 20 19
without penalty. The .Auditor or his
debuty will be at the following places
to take returns.
Calhoun, Monday, Jan. 15 1912 (after
Central, Tuesday and Wednesday,
Jan. 16th and 17th 1912.
Cateechee, Thursday, Jan. 18th 1912
Norris, Thursday, Jan. 19th 1912 (af
Liberty. Friday and Saturday, Jan.
19th and 20th 1912 (noon.)
Easley, Monday and Tuesday, Jna,
22nd and 25rd 1912.
Easley Cotton Mills, We/nrsday, Jan.
24th 1812 (forenoon.)
Glenwood Cott.on Mils, Wednesday
Jan. 24th 1912 (afternoon.
M. W. Hester's Store, Thursday. J an
25th 1912 (forenoon.)
- Lceper's Gin, Thursday,Ja-n. 25th 1912
Daccsville, Friday, Jan, 2'th 1912
Peters Creek. Fi iday, Jan. 20th 1912
Pumpkintown. Saturday, Jan. 27 1912
Holly Springs, Saturday, Jan, 27 1912
Mile Creek, Tuesday, Jan. 30 1912
Six Mile, Wednesday, San 31 1912
Praters, Wednesday, Jan. 31 1912
Eastatoe, Saturday. Feb. 3 1912
Returns will be taken : .'~r5 ;
the whole time,
Audit'or, Pi
Land Sak
Ry agreement among t~ - -
late Sarah' A. Alexander
saleday in January 1912 6
H., 5, 0. during the lege: --
the following described 2
All that piece, parcel . e
lying and being in the cc~z
ens, and State of SoutL.
Big Eastatoe, adjoining L
P. Folger and Mr s. M. E
north and east, and Dan' -
on the east,lands of the(
on the South. and west b. . '
and others aed containin. -:. . -
dred and twenty acr'es inm
kiown ass the Sara A. A iexander i-tome
Pace. Terms of sile: One third cash
on day of sale, the balance on a credit
of three years in * qua! annual instal
m.nts with interes.t from day of sale at
the rate of S per cent per annum, with
leave to the purchase~r to pay more or
all cash. Tim. e'rthr pr ruon to be se
cured by a bond 'f the purchaser and a
mortgage of the~ premises. Purchaser
to pay for all pape-rs and recording
A good and stifficient title in fee will
be made and delivered to the purchaser
on (lay of ia'e uipin compliance with
these terms by the undersigned as the
heirs at law of David Alexander and
Sarah A Alexander.
F. P. Folger,
Addie Hester,
Sallie Newton,
M. E. Boggs,
Elliott M. Kennemore.
". Talie
Pain Pili,
~~ Talke
1 asy.
Dr. Miles'
Anti-Pain PillsI
will help you, as they
have helped others.
Good for all kinds of r-in.
Used to relieve Neuralgia. Hea~d
ache, Nervousness, Rheumatism.
Sci:tica. Kiduoy Pains, Lumba;,o,
Locomotor Ataxia, Backache,
Stomachache, Carsickness, Irri
tab!ity and for pain in any part
of the body.
"I have always been subject to
neuralgia and have suffered from
it for ya:s. While visiting my son
and e!ffte'in~ from on-' of the old
attacks. he brought me a box of
Dr. Miles' A::ti-Pain Pills. I used
.'mas ee'ted and after tauing
tm :was the first time in years
.: :tu .ia censed from the use of
medicine-" MRS. E. C. HOWARD,
402 Greene St., Dowagiac, Mich.
At all druggists. 25 doses 25c.
MIE EIA O. lhrId
~: ~
~'1 ~
Big Slaughter
Df the Bankrupt Stock of the Keowee Supply
Company. We,
have purchased the above -ock and
put the knife to the price of goods.
So now you can buy ger:m us
cheaper than anwhr .he in the 4
county or suirounding country.
We bought this STOCK of GOODS
at the RIGHT PRICE and can af
ford to sell them to you CHEAP
ER than our com pe4 it ors. We ex
pect to sell everything in the store
within the.next
You can get unheard of
Bargains in Shoes
All sizes, styles to sui and fit all.
- Come quick and get the pick of suits~
Clothmg. and overcoats.
Dry Goods and Notions.4
Price cheaper thani dirt--No Cotton.
Crockery and Glassware.4
Most anything in this line that you are looking for.
Groceries, Hardware, Overalls, and Quilts.
In fact most anything carried in a general line of merchandise.
You have one of the best, cleanest and up-to-date BankruptStocks
to select from in the whole State. We certainly want to handle
Expecting a big trade from you and wish
ing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy NewI
Year, we are Yours for Business,
I. E. Parsons and J. R. Ashmore.
Catalogues, Handbills, Folders and
Commercial Forms Our Specialty
.al 'at 8is Office For' Jobevork...
Mitchell "30" 5 Vi
The Wonderful Re
You 'have probaiy heard a lot of talk
well cars in the Glidden Tour which was re
ville, Fla. The facts of the matter are that
all were driven by professionals with factor
prepared for this trip and in tact went thro
start oifhe-Glidde Tour.
The Mitchell was the on c at hac
classes. The Mitchell 4-4 in division .,
Division No. 5 car from $200I to $3000 wa
It was the only car in its class that came tht
Brown, of Athens, Ga., who drove the No.
with 3 %X5 cylinders, is an amateur. . He r
run started in New York. It was delivere
Branch and when you think that he had. no
an amateur driver and brought the car thro
class, it reflects some credit on Dr. Brown -
No. 26 which won in division No. 2 was als<
mechanician, Taking it all in allthe perfor
den Tour was the most wonderful of iny of
We have a stock of these Automobiles
call and see them and let us give you a deri
what the MI' CHELL is.
Mitchell "25," 2 Pa
"The Car You Ought' to
at the Pr
Silent as thse I
Foler, Thor
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gent
Sole agents for Walk-Over Shoes, Haw
Sewing Machines, Chase City Buggies, Mitch
'Io be appreciated should Meshii l
have good looks as well g p
as lasting qualities and Birn
S usefulness. Our aim is Ci ars, Purses, I
to handle only the best Perfumes, in:
) and you will find noth- Packages; ToilE
ing trashy in our
Ask to see our ca
Holiday Line. Nunnally's
such as in Fancy Boxes.
ets and let us h
Ladies' Hand Bas wgen
ManiureSets in None Like Nur
Fcy Leather_____
SCases,. Fountain
Pens, 'Stationery KE 0 N
in oliayPack- PHAIMA
55 acres three and a half miles.
ist of Pickens, 25 acres in cul- Ifit D
'oodland; splendid neighbood;leKn YuHr
>Od 7-room 2-story house. LetThKndYsHe
e show you this place for I can ses te
ake a price that will interest
>u. ImmTfediate Possession if
>U want it. See H. M. HEs -_____
:R, Pickens, S. C.
DR. R. E.\
ssengers $1,350.
cord Made by the
about the wonderful record of the Max
:ently run from New York to Jackson
all Maxwell cars that made any record at
V mechanicians. They were all specially
igh a rigid coulse of e
the distinction of
from $8oi to $1200
s won by L. C. Brown
ough with a. perfect s
19 Mitchell which was a 5
ever saw his car till two da
I to him in New York by our Ne
mechanician and that he was absolutel
igh with a clean score, the only one in his
nd a whole lot on the Mitchell. Mitchell
driven by an amateur driver with no
nance of the Mitchell cars in the last Glid
those afmong the entries.
on hand and will be glad to have you
ionstration. This will prove' conclusively
iceYouOught to Pay."
ibot of 7Time.
nIey & Co.'
' Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
es Hats, Iron King Stoves, 'Nw Home
11l Wagons and Mitchell Automob.
of / Invented1 Piiting,
l Frecch
es. - *
~il Books,
ulk and
~aogue of
nd Bask
ve your
sed any
world's advancement
a Lii~J o .Your ?rini
NGOLDtax ae. e

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