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dPies Sentinel
4 uosegse uisspeapv~
c . R EOBUMON, Erroa.
TUSDAY, 112.
This wilkbeelection year from
president down to coroner, and
the prospective servants of
the people may begin now to
-shape for the
race. Warm times are expected
in national, state and county
politics, and the fellows who
constitute the rank and file - of
votermare expecting some fun.
In county politics. if past prece
dents are folowed, there will be
a good crop of good naturedcan
didates. and everything will
pass off quietly. To those who
have the bee buzzing in their
bonnets, we suggest that you
Study carefully the fellow now
in office whom you will endeav
-or to defeat; study his strong
points and his weak ones. too,
and consider seriously whether
or not you can defeaftrhim hon
orably. One of the main things
to control a'man in deciding for
what office he will be a candi
date is the salary. This is the
most important feature, for 'not
many men mll run just for the
fum of it.
For the benefit of the boys in
Pickens county who have the
office fever, we give below a
statement of the salary and
emoluments of each office as
fixed by law: Clerk of Court,
$50, and in addition, the fees,
C st-afn commissions in civil
cases, and for recording deeds,
mortgages and liens.
Sheriff, $900, and in addition,
m5 cents per day for dieting pris
oners, and costs, fees and com
missions in civil cases.
Superintendent of- Education,
Probate Judge, $200, and in
adtofees, costs and commis
th settlement of estates
'Supervisor, $800.
County Commissioner,
County Auditoer, $1080.
County Treasurer, $1080.
Supervisor of .Rigistration $100
-pryear for election years and
-$50 per year for off years.
Magistrate at Easley, $400; at
Liberty, S2S5; at Pickens, $225;
at Cectrai, $150; at Cateechee,
$75; at .Dacusv~I!!e 850; at Pump
kintown, $40; at Eastatoe, $40;
~~ilbe no vacancy in the offices
of County Superyisor and Pro
bate Judge this year, and there
fore no one can enter the cam
paign for these offices.
The Board of Registration
wilhave to beelected this year.
Heretofore they have been am
pointed by the Governor, upon
the recommendation of the coun
ty delega but under an act
passed ~session of the
- i end
ens county by in
e following provision
e general law as to the
mbers of the board of regis
tion: "Provided, That in the
County of Pickens the said
board of registration shall be
elected at the general election of
1912, and every two years there
This law, while not requiring
those who desire to be on the
board of registration to go' into
the primary to be nominated,
~t,byimplicationit means that,
d~r~te names 'fs those to be
voted farin the general election
,can only be suggested in this
- .Pick out the office you would
and bulge in.
Our Slogan, "Pull for Pickens."
SWith the opening of the new
year, we call upon every man,
woman and child to renew their
energies and redouble- their ef
forts to make this a better town
during 1912. It is already the
best town we know in the Pied
mont section, but there is room
for growth and improvement. It
natural advantages
in the county; is
rclimate, health
e Rome, all
need more
for them,
em. We
ens to
e peo
and more business houses to dc
business 'in. We desire that
more people trade at Pickens.
No complaint is made about the
trade already coming here-oul
business men. are very much
pleased with what they have
had in the past, but more stores
and more bus'ness enterprise.
call for more patrons, and w(
must have them.. We need z
wagon and buggy factory here
An enterprise of this kind wouli
prove a paying proposition, foi
the reason that we are near th<
mountains where hard wooi
abounds, and can be had cheap
Another cotton mill mus1
come. Several ideal location
within or without the town lim
its can be had. Other townc
are feeling the good results fron
such enterprises: why not Pick
Some of the minor things tha
could be installed and inaugu
rated in town this year are:
telegrah office, water works
paved streets, (especially Mai
street), a Confederate monu
ment on the court house squar(
(this must be done) and many
other things whicb would con.
sume too much time and spac(
to mention.
We ntter this warning to the
croaker and kicker: Shut up oi
get out. We have no room foi
a man who lives in the object
ive case and is always findine
fault. Pull for Pickens, and if
you cannot do this, pull out.
Get out of the way of those who
will do something for the best
town on earth, and watch her
A Happy New Year
We extend hearty good wish
es and happy greetings to all our
readers. May this New Year
bring joy and peace:.nd prosper
ity to every heart and to every
liome in all this sunny land and
the wide, wide world.
To eOch of our advertisers we
wish a successful business year.
May your patronage increase
and your business grow from
day to day.
May health and happiness and
peace and prosperity come to al]
the people during the year.
Griumblers and croakers not
wanted in Pickens.
Let every fellow keep his
traces tight and he will pull out
The man who announcedhi
candidacy last wel49r Mk of
coft- 'lhoun county evi
dently believes in the early bird
It is refreshing to think that
all social life, business coopera
tion, commerce, inventions, re
sources, wealth, education and
gifts are conspiring and working
in conjunction for the better
men of man-but are they?
China is to be a republic. Del
egates from 18 provinces assem
b'ed at Nanking a few days ago
and elected Dr. Sun Yat Sen
president. Troops have been
ordered to lay down their arms,
and it is thought peace will soon
be restored.
"If you make another trip out
of the State without my permis
sion, an official order, declaring
your office vacant, will be made
and your successor appointed,"
wrote Gov. Blease to Commis
sioner Watson. Say, boys, you
must ask the "boss" when you
want to step out a while.
Auditor's Notice
The time for taking returns will open
January 1st and close February 20 194h
without penalty. The Auditor or his
debuty will be at the following places
to take returPs.
Calhoun, Monday, Jan. 15 1912 (aft~r
entral, Tuiesday and Wednesday,
Jan. 16th and 17th 1912.
Cateechee, Thursday, Jan. 18th 1912
Norris. Thursday, Jan. 19th 1912 (af.
Liberty. Friday and Saturday, Jan.
lth and 20th 1912 (noon.)
Easley. Monday and Tuesday. Ja
22nd and 23rd 1912.
Easley Cotton Mills, we-nesday, Jan.
24th 112 (f.orenoon.)
Glenwood C ion~ Mais. ws dnes !ay
Jan. 24th 1912 (afternoon.
1. W. Hester's Store, Thursday, Jan
23th 19'2 (forenoon.)
Loope's'Gin. ThuirsdayJan. 25th 1912
Dacesville~, Friday. Jan. 26th 1912
Peters Creek. Friday. Jan. 26th 1912
Pumpkitowr., Saturd ty, Jan. 27 191:
Holly Springs. saturday, Jan. 27 1912
Mile Creek, Tuesday. Jan. S" 191:1
Six Mile, Wednesday, San 81 1915
Prater, Wednesday, Jan. 31 191~
Eastatoe, Saturday. Feb. 3 1912
Beturns will be taken in office during
the whole time,
Anditor. Piekens County.
Pickens, Route 2 News.
Mrs. Sallie Garrett, who has
been been ill with pneumonia
for the past six weeks, is im
proving slowly.
Mr. John Bearden gave a mu
sical Monday night, Many of
the young society attended.
The Six Mile school is in a
flourishing condition. Rev. J.
E. Crim is principal.
Come on, correspondents, and
make The Sentinel go.
News of Dacusville
Mr. Editor: Please again allov
me space in your paper for a fevi
All the far.aers have enjoyed
Christmas, and are now read3
for the new year.
Look out, girls! This year is
yours, remember. We boys wil
haire to primp the parlor this
time instead of the girls.
Mr. Johnnie Jones gave a de
lightful reception to the young
people Saturday night. More
than fifty attended, and a mosi
enjoyable time was had.
Mrs. L. P. Price, of Six Mile,
spent Christmas with her pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Suth
Messrs. 0. V. and C. F. Hogs
ed, of Reeves, Ga., spent a few
of the holidays with relatives
and friends in Dacusville. - Mr.
C. F. Hogsed was accompanied
home by his uncle, Mr. W. D.
Miss Irene Thomas spent
Christmas with relatives and
friends in Spartanburg.
Born to Mr. and. Mrs. W. N.
Jones, a bouncing boy,-"Watch
Dacusville grow."
Mr. John D. Chastain spent a
few of the holidays with rela
tives in Dacusville.
Mr. John E. Hill had the mis
fortune to lose one of his mules
Black Eyes.
From Six Mile
The New Year is upon us.
This is a happy way t1 begin
and end the year. Be contented
with what you have and learn
that a contented heart and a will
with plenty of grit well ground
in will carry you through. Don't
indulge in trouble, .The world
has trouble enough without ad
ding to it. -Sorrow belongs- -to
time; then keep the rev~rse side
of the i~ g~Tdwing. Do to
a gu would have them
do to you. Laugh and the world
laughs with you.
Mr. Cleo Mann spent the holi
days at home, returning to the
University this week.
Mr. L. E. Smith has returned
to his home in Whittier, Califor
nia, after spending some time
with relatives and friends in the
Miss Lois Davis was one of
the welcome visitors in town last
Miss Carrie Kennemore visit
ed Miss Katie Parrott last week.
Miss Louisa Mauldin, of Gap
Hill, was a visitor here last
Mrs. D. H. Kennemore, of
Liberty, has been spending the
holidays in and around Six Mile
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Merck
spent Sunday night at Central.
Mr. Clarence Philips, of Cen
tral, spent Christmas with home
. Mrs. Crim and Miss Brett
spent last week in Ninety Six.
Mr. Doyle Dacus is with home
folk near Easley this week, aft
er which he will return home.
Prof. 3. Cantrell alkd' family
of Walhalla, have moved to Six
Mile. Mr. Cantrell is one of Oco
nee's efficient teachers.
Miss Ethel Eubanks, of Or
angeburg, is spending the week
end with Miss Mainda Baker.
We young people had a merry
good time at the home of Mr,
Anthony Baker on the night of
the 23d.
Theie (will be an entertain
ment at the schoolhouse some
time in January. Announce
nouncement later..
Happy New Year to all.
55 acres three and a half miles
east of Pickens, 25 acres in cul
tivation, balance in pasture and
woodland; splendid neighbood;
good 7-room 2-story house. Let
me show you this place for I can
make a price that will interest
you. Immediate possession if
you want it. See H. M. HEs
TER, Pickens, S. C.
Pickens, S. C.
Office over Pickens bank.
Subscribe for The Pickens
0h' 1912.1
_ _
1 And to show the people of Pickens county that we t
M are proud of the buisness they have giveh rs for the past )
Mt year we are going to offer for
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Best Premiums
LISTEN! With every CASH DOLLAR you )
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UR COUPONS !-For $1.00 A
this beautiful $27.50 Range
Free. f
er the Place.
SPickens dw. & Grocery Co.3
T. R. ALLEN, Manage.
Pickens Railorad Company'.
EFFECTIVE JUNE 15th, 1915.
No. 1No. 3No. 5 STATIONS: Wo 2 No. 4N3. 6
Mix'd Mix'd Mix'd ' Mix'diIMix'd Mix'd
A. M. A. M. P. M. Lv. Ar. A. M.P. M. P. M.
7.30 11.00 3.15 PICKENS 9.10~ 1.50 4.35
7.35 11.-05 3.20 *FERGUSoN 9 05 1.45 4.30
7.45 11.15 3.30 *PARsoNs 8-5 1.35 4.20
7.50 11.20' 3-35~ *ARIAIL 8-55 T-041
I 7.55 1-.55 3.401 *uMALLN 8.45 1.25 4.10
8.oo 11-30 3-4 EASLEY 8.4011.20 4.05
____ Ar. Lv. -
*Flag Stations-No Agents.
No. 1 connects with Southiern Ri'y train No. 42
No. 3 connects with Southern R'y train No.3
No. 3 connects with Southern l H -y iin No:. 39
No. 3 connects with Souither iicy tiain No). 12
No. 4 connects with Southeicy tral~i- N;. 12
No. 4 connects with Southerni I y trai:1 No.:i
No. 5 connects with Sou he : .2: No. jl
For any further inforunation a pply t o
Her ,Declaration. CASTO R P A
"aeyuanything to declarer'" f nfns n C hin
asked the customs inspector,.a e h o nat ni hlrn
"Yes," replied the lady who KwasouHveAre- ouh
turning from Europe. "I unhesitating
ly declare that it is an outrage the~ Bears the
way this governmrent permits things Signature of
to be mussed up in one's trunk."-ChiF
cago Rtecord-Herald.____
Let those who complain of having to R'
work undertake to do nothing. If this -_~ IASAM
does not convert them nothing will. ~ ~
Never used J~ ie'Ati-Pain Pill ci .se &hi hig
or headche? Bette sart now-.o~nsma rgs
Subscribe for The Sentinel solwen you can smile after
tnaserenOThe 8f119 akn Dr Mie'_aaiv abes
WE wish to thank our friends and customers for t
us in 1911, and for making it a very prospere
talk of hard times, but you will always find that wher
that handles the best quality of merchandise will alw
Quality in merchandise is what counts, and our .nott
always been in the past, "Honest Goods at Honest
We wish for you all a Happy and Prosperous 1S
Folger, Thornk
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents' Furnish
Sole agents for Walk-Over Shoes, Hawes Hats,
Sewing Machines, Chase City Buggies, Mitchell Wagoz
And Don't Forget Mifthell
The car you ought to have, at the price you oug
Ashmore & F
Goodis still Going
tremely Low Price
WAE tank our friends and customers
TVfor their business during 1911 and
wsh them a Prosperious New Year.
There Are Melons and Melons
but the rich, sweet, juicy ones are
those that had plenty of available}
to insure normal ripening with rapid sgar f
Theright kind of fertiizer is e. good invaennt
to bear melons qaf fin t eai
/ Supplement the
SPJ'2Wpound: or %.s-ro
te very libdral patro.r;-: en
us year. We have heo:d se
i hard times come, that the
iys get its share of the business.
> will be in the future, as it has
ew Year.
y& Co.
ing Goods a Specialty.
Iron King' Stoves, New Home
Ls and Mitchell Automobiles.
rht to pay. Silent asthe foot of
1 2.
&SOflS.. .4
at Ex
There's Nothing Like It
And WHEN you get
- inaried let us ggnt
your wedding invI
tations -: ---
We Simply Dote on Help
Ing Along the Good
I anid call oni

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