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pa: of the - Madison
Attention is called to
Year greetings of Mr. A. E
Park, of Gieenville, in his a
in this issue.
Miss Nettie ?orter, wi ha
+ finished a business cours ija Cc
lumbia, is now at home wit
her Parents.
Craig Bros. come to th fro
again this week with some i
teresting information to th
travelling public.
Fop" - -_Tfi,.bak~s f Pickens pai
their usual semi -anihhtdviden
of 4 per c:ent. to their stodkholk
ers on January 1.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. McDaniel
of Rutherfordton, N. C.,I arrive
in town Saturday to spend
few days with relativet.
* Married, on Dec. 27, by Juda
Newberry, in his oftice, Mis
Lila Anthony and Mr. J. IE
Ferguson. Congratulations.
Rev.. J... E. Crithi has 'bYe
called to the pastorateof Libert
-Baptist church for this year, an
will begin his work next Sur
The new Methodist churc
grows more beautiful as it neai
completion. It will be an orns
ment to the town, and one C
* which this congregation ma
feel proud.
Miss Nannie Hunnicutt an
Mr. Oscar Garrett were happil
married at the residence c
Judge. Newberry on -The 28t1
uIt. They have the hearty goc
wishes of a number of friend
Several friends dropped in i
see us Monday and called attei
tion to the fact that the mu
hole which we have iu Picker
extends to and beyond Easle:
and Dacusville, and Pumpkii
town and other places in i
~It is stated in the daily pape>
that so far there are thr<
t avowed candidates for solicit<
of this circuit. They are M. (
Long, of Walhalla, J. M. Dax
iels, of Greenville, and the pre:
- ent solicitor, P. A. Bonhan
There may be others before i
campaign begins.
~ There was a very quiet bi
beautiful marriage at the hoir
of Mr. Anthony Baker, on D4
cember 31. The happy contrac
ing parties were Miss Malind
Baker and Mr. R. B. Hunnicut1
-~ N May peace and happiness atten
hem through life. Rev. B. I
Murphree officiated.
There will be a special teack
amintionin the Comn
never bise on Jan. 12. This exan
tend ~on is held for the purpos
I believ ving to those teachers wh
seted ithertificate a chance t
sficiently for is unlawful for an
ofny fellow ees to employ
correct such a - no certificati
ing-" ofOcone
Commissioner Watson, a n34f
4ber of the committee that held a
conference with Col. Robert M.P
Thompson and other New York E
bankers relative to thelonf
$50,000,000, has received no of e
ficial notice from the syndsil as
as to what bourse will basant an
4 sued. Mr. Watson 'econversatiot
president of th-arkable woman
ton congress. acts.
-Aarsn.r iliy accident
Sis that
laud H
Ae w
Mr. E. R. Porter route 3, killed
six-months-old hog Dec. 29
t weighed 240 pounds net.
Married, Mr. J. B. McKee, of
ekens county, and Miss Stella
exander, of Oconee county,
Dec. 24, J. S. Bowen, N. P., offi
ciating. Their many friends ex
tend hearty congratulations.
The peaceful repose of Pick
en, Weo- srwsailifully dis
turbed Wednesday morning, at
2 o'clock, by the' blowinA of the
cotton mill and lumber mill
* 1 Prxnvdyvknew fire
as somdwhere, and it was soon
cated at the lumber plant. The
iler room and a belt and pul
were burned. Loss $75 to $100
he Supervisor and County
missioners are reqiested to
something to improve and
tify the court house square.
e shade tress are needed; the
unds need leveling and sod
with grass. Some nice
alks should be laid out. It
ould not require much money
or. labor, and during the winter
months, why not let Capt. Rags
dale bring the convicts and fix
up the grounds nicely? What
say you, gentlemen? It will not
require more than a week's
v labor.
The Moore-Hardy wedding,
which occurred Thursday after
noon, December 28, at 2:30,.
at the Baptist church, was one
of the prettiest weddings ever
witnessed in Pickens. Potted
t plants and mountain evergreen
L used in abundance beautified
e the church, transforming the
altar into a fascinating bower
d of green and white, mellowed
d by the softened rays of electric
I- lights.
A short musical program was
given by Mrs. Earnest Folger
d just before Mendelssohn's wed
ding march announced the arri
val of the bridal party.
Mr. West Hardy, an
ive young business me:
SHawkinsville, Ga., cor
one of Edgefield county
families, and is not only~~
aman of promise, but hE
won honors as a studer -
dma iversity, of wh.
La grad1uate, and also in:
univeisity, where he
Spost grad~dege& -
Miss Madolon Moore
Stiful young woman of:
Sand mentality. She --
travelling suit of dark
hat and gloves matc -
carried an armful of IL -
Svalley and maiden hai'.
SPreceeded by the usLe -
fL. L. Rushton, of p:~
1and Mr. J. M. Daniels, -
d ville, and the maid c o
. Miss Viola Moore, the 'r- '1
o vanced to the altar on
. of her brother, Mr. Da '. .2
d the groom and best tw.ir
3 Essie Inman, of G :
, meeting them under mop
.~ of green and white, ed 2
be small white heart n
where Rev. C. A. Wa a
nounced the solemn ar.s -:
~sive Augustinian
with the ring symbol.
~A special train car th
-bridal party to Easley, .
nection with the Soutie ti
happy couple expectintL t
Stend a reception in th. Pro
bat tho home of the gro ; '
rents, Mr. and Mrs. J. 11
t dy, of Johnston.
e Many beautiful an: -r
- presents were received
- host of friends over t
a and elsewhere.
. The out of town gue -s
d Mr. and Mrs. J. W
. and Mr. L. L. Rushtor: I
ston; Miss Willie Gen;r a
.Nell Beam, Misses Eva e
- ia Russell, iMiss Mary r
Miss Zoe Rankin and &:
eElliston, Greenville;
SMrs. C. P.Gentry.Mr.
SL. A. Boggs, Mrs. J. 1-:
Sand Mr. and Mrs. Z. I
ablin, Liberty; Mr. and
~H. Brown, Central; 1
Daniels, Greenville.
2 RTcrowd was i
rt Mtwithsta
her. ni
sold br p)- -~
every a
off by
Married, on December t
the residence of Mr. Henry ).
Lesley, Mr. Walter Trotter and
Miss Dora Leeley, M. F. Hester,
N. P., officiating. Delightful
refreshments were served after
the ceremony.
Mr. Lesley is one of the best
farmers in Pickens county, and
owns one of the best farms.
The happy couple will enjoy
their honeymoon at Asheville
and other North Carolina points
Death of Boone Franklin Bowie.
On December 26, the death
angel visited the home of E. C.
and Japie Bowie and carried
away their oldest child. Boone
Franklin, age nine 3 ears and
one day.
Boone was a bright boy, a fa
vorite with the children, and
loved by all who knew him.
His death was indeed a crushing
blow, br+ we tow to the will of
Him that doeth all things well,
and hope to meet Boone again
where parting never comes.
Death of Mr. M. L. Emmerson
Mr.. M. L. Emmerson died at
his home in Oconee county on
29th ult., aged 64 years. He
was at one time a citizen of this
county, but moved to Oconee
several years ago.
Two days before his death he
joined the church, and gave
beautiful testimony and every
assurance of his salvation.
He leaves five children, as fol
lows: Mrs. M. L. Tippett, Mrs.
M. L. Land, Mrs. Rillie Walker
Miss Vannie Emmerson, all of
Oconee county, and 4rs. J. E.
Medlin, wife of Coroner Medlin,
of this county. He was the fa
ther of R. C. Emmerson, who
was killed at Walhalla two
years ago, and for which crime
Cantrell, Gaines and Angel were
convicted and sent to the peni
yie, in the .-,
tion. Both a ar3on
people, and h &* d wish
es of numnerou
Week o
The week of pr
Baptist church, wilt
evening with an
"China," by Rev. V
ins, of Greenville, se
the Baptist Lavmer
ent in South Carolin
n earnest, enthusiastic
**g speaker, and it i
t many will be pnesa
u~w ~tiLEMAlONEY!
W ill not buy a Dependable Piano.
Too Much Money
Does Nct Necessarily Gu-rara Cr'.
Strike; a happy medium in Price-and insures the
maximum intrinsic value.
This Piano is built according to strict specifica
tions in one of New York's most modern Piano Fac
tories. and contains every feature possible in a sci
entifically bu:It instrument.
The ('ne Artistic Piano
in which you do not pay for name.
Guaranteed for a life time. Sold Direct From Fac
tory only by
John H. Williams
Phone 682, GREENVILLE, S. C.
Victor Talking M~achines and Supplies.
Christmas -:-Goods I
for Pickens county. Call and see and decide for your
We have the goods for the little folks. Santa Claus
can find a full supply for the Xmas stockings, such as
A Dolls and Toys.
-pz~r the growni-ups and near groWn-Ups: ChinaWare,
utf 1 as Toilet Sets, Xmas Candy in Fancy Baskets
~ o saun e.s. Stationery in Beautiful Packages, Foun- '
e uttfl '1$s Sha ving Sets, Ladies' Hand Bags,~ Desk
'oaudytigars in Small Boxes, Meerschaum Pipes, Ko
232 10 ~sDolar atches, Razors, Pencil Sets.
are ver proud of, you will find the fol
IRings, Bracelets; Lockets, Locket Chains,
~Brooches, Tie Clasps, Cuff Buttons, Pen-I
~ ets, Belt Pins. Fobs-both Ladies and
Pins. Collar Pins, solid gold and gold
d. In golufia~ gohlR;W Chans
lar Bontons, etc., etc.
poons, Forks, Knives, Ladles, Carving Sets, Spoon
ders, Sugar Dishes, Syrup Pitchers, etc.. Manyd
hese articles are Sterling. Our silverware corn-~
ed of Community, Rodgers, Wallace and Reliableq
nds, all known and guaranteed by us and the man
cturer, and not the .peddler's kind. We can not)
ae all we have. Just come and see.
M- 'a Anthony Wins Doll TA N.1
antest for the beautiful
Craig Bros., before and
ae holidays, closed last Hsmd tpsil o vr
* , and when the votes ~rsc saebs utdt
nted, little Miss Eva hieeneswtoursk
,; daughter of .\ir. J. anR. h mn~
, had the largest num- one rdtetonfo
tes to her credit and V0
*rded the prize.FTTN GASE A
itvhantade awiythenocupa
tio oftheeyelasifairayn
IL I DL'I~U hat mae fitn poflssibes ir avr
scencon rquiring gtases utos
~ivente Printiuskill patinc and bestrauitex-t
-a Since his DayiD neye snesed withouts isk,
Bues n t Otinimu
* Sce.c
tiOfDOeeMasfi, PRen
that thesfiting Oom lsetrista
Grel ptenvie, and C.uadx
I, nd~~erity. Eeray
I ~Doanet ae a be satif id t bessla
as utheraenct.Tetre
fo Biesadles r hOp tica t
~~M2<~~ iiZucans Eveyh ithis damp
freinCoint.n OTmerstca
Underground Epoerngy.l
- -.a- ,tast fut~ereand ity. The.tre
*0bottles of allibend n qai
"~hsdn oefrthe ig slgtd nyb ptei
oterthng Orte throee Row EtNoLad t
Vfreezingrpointih gst ca
pagr~1 n e auatrr nEenyo
than______ _ Lot-ie rtys and hodnC.0
00 bttes at Cetaei enei
" ubcrb hs done Poren th
t nye r thig.Ourtye cR.b fR. E ninL.
'want to show yefl.
our eader R
makes cooking a
We are prepared to meet sur
wants in all lines.
ik our friends and customues s
:nd patronage duiingjo
he best yearIn orbusi,
r to miake -~
~earof Them AU,
watch our space for
sit our store often.
s find many good val
n we thant>you onte
Bros. Coa
ash MerchantsR
-A! Notice of Town Electin.
n- Notice is hereby given thata
[as election will be held on Febr
of ry 3rd, 1912, to elect a mayor
htfill the unexpired term of S..
'in Craig, resigned. Mng
"Aelection: D. B. Finney,
be Griffin andJ. L. Thon
ting place: Ci
e.der of the To
)se edt
1 ta
ut 15
. n,
1pring- 0
Friday and Saturday,
January 12th and 13th,
Isaac Htamberger & Sons
S Cutter and Fitter will be
S here for two days and
S will show you the correct
thing in Clothes for the.
Spring ot 1912.
Come in and look at the line..
- s -
Heah -ce
I- Cri rs.C.wn 30 bs
--For landdanwhineLon Pick
Ashmore.3"Te Lanhtoah.
els white-w u uilgons, at ehv a
W.pe buhlPi d. STWARTWemen o
-Fr an nyhe nPicken.
ens contyfserortwrterJ
Pickns. . C.and want you to
dec7 R. F. D. 1, new "ads" and i
If you desire anything in the _________
jewelry line, I have the best
watches in solid gold and gold- ~U O ilaw
filled that are made. Prices that
will pay any one to call and see. us.Aa
H. SNIDER, Easley, S. C. and all
If you need anything in the (
Ijewelry line for Christmas prest Z
ents I have it. Bracelets,iockets,~
Ifountain pens of various styles a g
and designs, cuff buttons, silver
ware of many and all kinds- i
H. SNIDEn, Easley, S. . One-price C
FOR SALE.-I offer for sale the
house and lots known as the A.
SB. Cameron property, in the STRAYED OR STOLEN
town of Pickens, and in a good brown female setter dog.
locality. Reasonable terms can swers to the name of Della.
be had. T. J. MAULDIN- a small tumor, about the si2
ts dec14-3t a quarter of a dollar, on r
SAll toys, vases, etc.. at and hbip. Any information lea<
s. below cost. ito discovery of this dog wil
LII Pickens Drug Co. 'duly rewarded.
' FOR RENT-A desirable lot 32 J. R. Ashmoi
zand dwelliaig in town; conven- -
Siently loca ted. Notice to Pensioners
*35-4t J. M. Stewart.
WAN D-Iteligen yong'I w i! be in the court hi
WANTD-Inellient oungevery day during January,
men and women to take up Cor
-respondent work and Mail-Order for i ih purpCo of making
business. After you have corn- appu(n;tions for old soldiers
pleted our course you can take it widows who are not get
up as a mail order business. A' pensions and v ish to apply
good energetic, hustling man or Isame. All now drawing
woman ought-to make from $12 continue to receive pens
to $50 aweek. Parsons' Bureau .
Y9 of Corresponding and Mail-Order without further application.
-Business, Williamsville, fIl. J. B. Newberry,
dec28-2t. 4-:3t Pension Coi

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