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.The Pickenis Sentinel,
Advertismig Bates Reasonable
THURSDAY, JAN. 11, 1912.
The tobacco crop of 1911, for
this State, aggregates a total
value of $1,388,000.
Tie total taxable property of
this county is $4,015,596, which
yields to the State. from the
leyy for State purposes, $23,089
Will-the members of the legis
latutre be expected to ask leave
of absence from the governor
when they wish to go in out of
the State duringthe present ses
Col. J. H. Wharton, senator
from Laurens county, will in
troduce a bill providing for .bi
enniAl sessions ot the legislature
Good! That is one step toward
e onomy, and we trust it will
have a safe and successful land
Reports from the fertilizer
manufacturers indicate that
they are: very, ;verv blue. The
farmer has learned from sad ex
perience that they must protect
themselves, and they will do
that this year by reducing their
cotton acreage and fertilizer
bill. And may they prosper by
so doing.
Picture a scene like this, if
ypu can: A man enaraged in re
likious work, in the church Sun
day morning pith a long, pious
looking face;at the Lord's table,
passing the collection plate and
joining in the worship, and yet
fresh from a 13 nching, with his
hends stained with the blood of
a human being. It is enough
* -H. H. Evans, form:er Cis
man of the old State dispensary,
was indicted in the courts of
Richland bounty last week, and
a true bill.Iound against him for
accepting rebates and for con
spiracy to receive rebates. Mr.
Evans, it will be remembered,
is the man whom, it was al
leged. Tom Felder triedi'to bribe,
and for which Felder was tried
in Newberry, and no bill found.
Under the provisions of an act
passed by the last legislature,
no ch-ld under the a,(e of twelve
years can be employed in any
mine, factory or textile .estab
lishment in this State. No ex
ceptions are made. It does not
matter-what the condition of
the parent or parents, or the
*child, or the exigences of the
may be employed. This act
took effect J'anuary 1. 1912.
,,-'4would be a good idea to con
sideriisely and well the choice
of a mayor for our town. We
need aman who is willing to
give some earnest thought and
much time to help improve our
streets. In winter, we have too
many mud holes; in summer,
toomuch dust and too many
weeds. We cannot afford, and
do not expect, to have all things
lovely, but we might have bet.
ter civic government.
Judge Ira B. Jones.
'-Last Tuesday, the 9th, Chief
,onei~of the state
couit retired from the
Several months ago he
resignation to Governor
eato take effect on that
date, and it was announced that
he would enter the race for gov
ernor in the coming primary
jerection. He is a free man now
so fai- as public duties are con
cerned, and.has the right to run
for anf office he may wish. He
has made an enviable reputation
as a awyer and as a judge of
the state supre'mie court. His
& opinions have been eminently
fair and very strong. He has
s hown an ability in judicial
equalled, and
y importanIt
therity for
years. It
politics which led to the electikn it
f Gov. Tillman. But for sev- h
eral years he has been on the le
bench, which ne-essarily re- i1
moved him from politics and d
from contact with the people. n
Since he has been out of politics c
a large part of the voters have s1
arrived at the age to exercise e
their franchise. Hundreds of c
young men haye who ~have be- P
come 21 years of age and have
qualified themselves to vote, do s
not know Judge Jones, and pos- i.
sibly some of them 'have never h
heard of him. His strength is i,
unknown. I
He would make an excellent t
governor. and we do not think t
the people would make a mis- t
take to elect him, but one thing 1:
is sure-if he hopes to win, he t
will have to hustle, avd hustle 1
in a h'1rrv
for Our Representatives
Your attention is directed to
certain changes and modifica
tions needed in some of our laws
The marriage license law
should be changed so as to. give
the officer issuing the license at
least $1.00 for his trouble,
The school law needs -many
changes, but one in particular t
should have speedy attention.
and that is, to so amend it that
transfers of pupils from one dis
trict to another cannot be made
without the concurrence of a
majority of both sets of trustees
Our. road IawV should be
changed so as to req.ire the
payment of $2 a year by each
person subject to road duty.
There should not be any altern
ative, but should be levied and
collected: just like the poll tax.
Our country schools should be
better provided for. We need a
compulsory educ'ational system
with certain restrictions and lim
itations, and sufficient funds' to
keep every school open at ledst
eight months in the year.
Hold the reins tight over the
institutions of higher learning.
We are already top-heavy with
them, and if they should be giv
enf fut a way, would drain the
taxes can-be redu.ced. With~ 2U~
Uresent Drice Of cctin andi a~
gloomy outlockfoir the fames
we need to practice economy.
ut expenses a~nd reduce, the
taxes, and the- people ivill calld
you blessed.
Democratic Prospects. I
The present outlook for a
Democratic president in the ap
proaching election is very en
couraging. The leaders of the
party have held the reins very ~
steady arid made some telling a
political strokes during the past ~
eighteen months. The most
prominently spoken of in the
Democratic ranks are Goy. Jud
son Harmon, of Ohio; Gov. Wil
son,'of New Jersey; Speaker v
Champ Clark, of Missouri; Con- .
gressman Underwood, of Ala- c
bama; and Col. W. J. Bryan, of a
Nebraska. Of these five. Har- b
mon and Wilson seem to be the d
favorites at present. Both of L
these are strong men, and eith- v
er would make a good Demo- s
cratic executive.s
Gov. Harmon is very popular i
in. Ohio, and, between he and t.
Pres. Taf t, would very likely .
carry 'that state, Ohio being the a
home of both. Since the has a
been governor he has made a
some very striking changes in
the administration of the public t
afairydf that state, and has t
brought about reforms which a
have astonished his foes and de- a
lighted his friends. He isai
strong man, and would proba- t
bly be elected by a larger vote i.
than any man the Democrats a
could nominate, yet he has some i
things against him that are s
not compatible with a certain a
element of the party. It has y
been hinted that he is in sympa- t
thy with the liquor interests. t
and is being backed and pushed f
and heartily supported by the y~
distillers and brewers organiza
tions. This statement is not
given with knowledge of facts,
but is only a matter of rumor.
How much truth there is in it, ,
we do not know and do not pre- c
tend to say, but this should be e
one of the vital principles of the
pa ry. . c
Gov. Wilson seems to be the Ic
choice of the South. While now I
governor of a Northern state, he u
is a Southern man by birth and. h
training; knows conditions here a
will'be in hearty accord with ci
eyery movement for our ad
vandement, He did what few T~
men could have done when he 1
carried the rock-rib.>ed Republi- n
can state of New Jersey against a
a neswerful. well organIized
Gov. Wilson has proven
mself to be a'man capable of
adership and worthy of trust
public affairs. His only ban
cap is that 'he is a Southern
an. This may weaken his
aances in some of the Northern
ates, but we believe he can be
ected unless there is a great
lange in ths political atmos
here before the election.
As to Speaker Clarke, the
ime objection confronts him,
e., he is too far South. He
as proven that in statecraft he
equal to any of them. But it
as been suggested that he -is
:o friendly with the corpoia
ons. It-should not be objec
onable for a man to be friend
r with the corporations, :.nd
Lis should not weigh against
im nn!es L34. so wrapped up
a them that he iv'ould submit to
2eir control. This 1z where the
ub comes. It'is impo"sible for
he people to know how a man
ill be influenced by coiporate
ealth, and therefore not many
Lre willing to vote for~ a man
onnected with corporations.
NMr. UnCerwood will not be se
iously considered. While he is
brilliant man and would fill
he office with distinction, he is
o mcch of a Southerri gentle
an to be president.
Col. Bryan is being mentioned
Ls a probable candidate, and'no
enial is made that, he is not
trong intellectually, morally
and politically, but as we do not
ielieve he can win, we hope he
ill not enter the race, He has
aet defeat three times, and it
ould be party suicide to put
rim forward again.
But whoever maybe the Dem
icratic standard bearer this
ear, we confidentially expect a
weeping v.ctory.
To Our Subscribers.
Last week and this we had to
ut off about 200 subscribe:rs
rhichi we regretted to do very
auch. We were forced to do
his to comply with the require
2ents of the post office depart
ent. -The books turned orPm
a r anyazie has been
ut off who is not in arrears and
gill let us know4 the fact we
vill r~st ore his or her name to
e list with pleasure. We do
ot want to lose a single sub
:riber, but wish to increase our
ist, but we subject ourselves t~o
fine by Uncle Sam if we c 'rry
bscribers who are more than
year in arrears. Don't get
ad but come or send us word
bout it and we- will straighten
A Farmers' Warehouse.
The Question of building a
areouse at Pickens for the
rmers to store their future
tton crops, or so much thereof
they may desire to store, is
eing agitated. Mr J. F. Hen
ricks, of Liberty, was in town
ist week and stated that he
'as heartily in favor of such a
heme, and that he would in a
ort while make a canvass of
e county to that end. He
inks that withi warehouses all
ver the South properly man
ged the farmers cm control
ch situations as they are up
gainst now.
Of co irse Pickens is the place
build the warehouse. It is
ie central point in the county
nd can be reached easier than
ny other town in the county.
n ould be most convenient for
1 greater number of farmers
many respects. We have
ople railroad facilties for haul
ig all the cotton that might be
ipped to or from this place,
nd- we believe our business
en would give substantial aid
such an enterprise. Here is
ie SentInel, farmers. to be used
r you and by you in any way
ou may wish to help you.
Gen. Lee's Birthday.
On the 19th of this month,
hich is the anniversary of
en.Lee's birthday, a15propriate
ercises will be held at the
hool Auditorium by the school
iildren. At this time the local
~iapter of the Daughters of the
onfederacy will bestow crosses
pon all the old soldiers who
ave made applications. These
e requeted to be present to re
ive their crosses and to partici
3tte in the exercises of the day.
he exercises will begin prompt
-at 1:30 o'clock in the after
oon and the public is invited to
;ten . . . . .
(Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Potassium)
Prompt Powerful Permanent
P ~ p Its benficia. cf-Su~br c:.sos Goad results are
f*cts are u..3J y.. I :o P. 1'. P. lzsuag-it curCS
felt very qiuckly s'l.n o- hcra~ed : you to sta y cured
cizcs arc vuseiess
Makes rich, red, pure blood-cleanses -the entire
system -clears the brain - strengthenas digestion and nerves.
A positive specific for Blood Poison and skin diseases.
Drives out Rheumatism and Stops the Pain; ends Malaria;
is a wonderful tonic and body-builder. Thousands endorsc it.
Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
10h 191203
And to show the people of Pickens county that we
are proud of the buisness they have given us for the past.
year welarefgoing to offer for
The First 60 Days of 1912
Best Premim
IST With every CASH DOLLAR you
LISTEN , spend with us during the. first
60 days of this year we will give you a chance at one of )
the best~
.........STEEL -:- RANGES.........
on the market.
When we say Cash we mean that you have, the goods
and we have the dollar. We have one of the best lines
Sof goods to select from, such as
SGroceries, Flour, Choiest Mc{ Br
)t Shorts. C to Seed Mera and _
SOur sme~1k of goods is always comnplete and Prices Right )(
2 We have one of the best lines of Hardware to selct 4
i from to be found anywhere. Hames, Collars, Cola
1 Pads, Back Bands, Traces, Harness, Bridles, Plows, Plow M
1t Stocks, (single and double stocks.) DON'T FAIL tosee '
1us about one of our One and TwvogHorse Perfection )Z
1 Stocks. There is no stock to equal it. Try one.
~COne and Two Horse, the best that money can buy.
~Ask anyowner..
SSewing Machines, Cooking Stoves, Ranges, Mill Supplies,
S Builders' Supplies, Lubricating Oils, Roofing (both Gal
vanized and Rubber.) The best Rubber Roofing on
the market for $1.45 per square.
worth of coupons may get this beautiful $27.50 Range
Rember' the Place.
i Pickens Hdw. & Grocery Co.9
T. R. ALLEN, Manager. M
otice of Final Settlement and Auditor's Notice
Discharge. The time for taking returns will open
NOTICE is hen tv gin r, tint I wil January 1st and close February 20 19jh
ake application to .1. B. Newberry without penalty. The Auditor or his
sq., Judge of Probatte for Pickens coun.. debuty will be at the followirg places
, in the State of South Carolina. on Ito take returns.
the 15th day of Jan. 1911. at il Calhoun, Monday, Jun. 13 1912 (after
o'clock in the forenoon, or as s(on there- noon.)
after as said applicati, n can be heard, Central. Tuesday and Wednesday,
for leave to make finai settlement of Jan. 16th and 17th 1912.
he estate of David B. Sloan. deceased Carcechee. Thursay, J:In. 18th 1912
nd obtain discharge as Admmiistratrix (Forenoon.)
f said estate. Norris. Thurtrduy. Jan. 19h 1912 (af
ec 14t4 Nainnie P. Sloan, ternoon.)
Ad'ministratrix. Liberty. Friday and saturday, Jan.
_________ 19th and 20th 1912 (noon.)
IEasley, Monday 'and Tuesday, Jna,
- STR AYED OR STOLESN-A 22nd and 2Srd 1912.
Easley Cotton Mills, we-'nesaay, Jan.
rown female setter dog. An- j2th 1812 (fo'renoon.>
wers to the name of Della. Has leno Cotron Miis, wednesday
small tumor, about the size of M. w. lJster-s S:ore, Thursday, Jan
quarter of a dollar, on right 25th 19:2 (forenoon.)
ip. Any information leading Looper's Gin, Thur sday,Jan. 25th 1912
o discovery of this dog will b te rn u)!e rd y a ,2t 11
uly rewarded. (fore. oonl
2 J. R. Ashmore. I'-ters Creek. Friday. .Aan. 26th 1912
Notice o Pensinersi. tor, saturday, an. 27 1912
I will be in the court house HOi-' Springs. Saturday, Jan, 27 1932
very day during January, 1912 (a I< e, T) edy an 011
Eor the purpose of making out ('trz'c)n
pplications for olisoldiers and: s x' - ie. W-anesday, San 31 1912
idows who are not getting (frter > Wd Jn 111
ensions and wish to apply for b 113111
ame. All now drawing will; Rennius wd!l be taken in office during
antinue to receive pensions te en,i..ime,
r vithout further application , P .cfui To HER
J. B. -Newberry, :Auwitor. Pickens countr.
-3t Pension Corn.
.E. BoGGS W. E. FINDLEY For Infants and Children.
BOGGS & FIN DLEY The iild You hare Alwlays Bought
W E wish' to thank our friends
us in 1911, and for makin
talk of hard times, but you will a]
that handles the best quality of rr
Quality in merchandise is what c<
always been in the past,. "Honesi
We wish for )ou all a Happ
IFolger, 1
Clothing, Shoes, Hats
Sole agents for Walk-Over E
Sewing Machines, Chase City Bu
And Don't Forget fl
The car you ought to have,
.*Goods s
I have rece
. oflgoeds of the
at Pickens, and
carry at this st;
Merchiandise. ]
tails an assort:
am going to die
' livered Cost.]
ues that I do n,
outside of the J
around and ha
To be inter
who has the ca
,ly loW prices o:
tions, Hats, Ca
' same lines.
To Sentine
Easley, I a'n of
on the Cantrel
merchandise w
D~ e
Lnd customers for the very liberal patronage given
; it a very prosperous year. We have heard sorre
ways find that when hard times come, that the store
erchandise will always get its share of the business.
>u1ts, and our .notto will b! in the future, as. it has
Goods at Honest Prices."
y and Prosperous New Year.
Ours truly,
aIdGn ley 0.
and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
hoes, Hawes Hats, Iron King Stoves, New Home
gies, Mitchell Wpgons and Mitchell Automobiles.
itchell Automoile&.
7t the price you ought to pay. Silent as the foot pf
& Parsonse
till Going at Ex
Low Prices.. .. .
~ntly purchased the stock
Parrish-Sloan Company
I ror the pr1es t year will
and a full line o - enfal'
: find that this stock 'on
aient of clothing~ that?
spose of at Less than ,e
In this lot are some val
t think can be mnatch~ed
obber's Salesroornt Coine
ve a Fit.
esting to the customer
sh, I will make extreme
ai Dry Goods, (Shoes, No
ps and other goods in the
1 Readers who trad6 *at
fering Close out Prices
t and-Gillespie stockgof
hich I have'just hought.

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