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The Tbin s-~uKowadSm
Some ThiR$d..0.o Know and Some
You Doni Know About Our
Towns, onty & People y
An nd Mrs. C, P. Gentry
were in last Saturday.
Ou' frien( L. Morgan
pai a :,sat. last Satuir-.t
Un anuary11 3rd, M t. Eva
married to L.
Ige Newberry.
Married January 1st. at the
residence of Judge Newbery
Miss Dolly Steamy and Mr.1
Viletus Galloway.
Mr. Jno. F. Harris went to r
Rutherdfordton N. C. last Sat- J
urday to attend the ifneral of I
the late Mrs. McDaniel.
Mrs. Vascoe Loehr joined her I
hu d at Hendersonville -last I]
Saturda He is engaged there i
in a newspape contest. t
The friends- of Mrs. J. L.
Thornley, sr.d will regret to hear I
of her illnessind will wish her
a speedy restoration to health.
Mr. B. C. Robinson is now in
the western market purchasing
a carload of fine mules. He is
expected to arrive with then I
this week.
nrnley received a
phew. Mrs.
vi, at Wash
jhad by call
nel office. If
-r postage is sent
the ~mailed to the1
Judge J. H. Newton, who has
been at home during the holi
days, left last Monday for Flori
da, where he will continue ap
- -~ pointing agents for a large book
concern. -
..pie have been able to
et to town this week on ac
. count of the sleet. snow and ice.
The mud hole we mentioned
last week has been covered up
for several days.
The Pickens chapter, ,U. D.
C., will meet with Mrs, Bruce I
at 3:30 p. m. ~This will be a
very important meeting, and it
is hoped that all the members
will attend.
From the Greenville News we
take the announcement of the
marriage in that city last S3un
day of Miss Bertha Fortner of
Greenville and Mr. A. W. Mas
ters of the Pleasant Grove sec
tion this County.
The subject used by Rev G. F.
Kirby for discourse last Sabbath
was that of prayor. Among
the many good thoughts pre
sented was one admonishing to
universal prayer for conversions
during the present year.
Rev. G. H. Waddell, who is
well known and has many
friends here and who for a num
ber of years was connected with
the Southern Christian Advo
te as editor, was in town last
tur and Suhday.
. M. C. Smith thinks there
a vast diffirence in the cli
Smatip conditions here and in
Panaia, where he lived several
years.\ He has recently had a
furnace and hot air pipes put -in
his h/>me and now expects to
keep wyarm.
In a'rivate letter to the editor
. not long since Hon. Matthew
Hendricks spoke very compli
mentary about the Sentinel and
stated that/the people appreci
ated the efforts we are mnaking
to give them the best paper in
the county. We are here to
-serve and please the people.
-Auditor Christopher says thatK
V he will be required under the
present law in taking returns;
this year, to take a return from
every person liable to road duty.
This is required in order that the
commutation road tax may be
charged up on the auditor's
books and collected as other
xes. e
The cold wave struck us last
Friday in full force, and Satur
day was the coldest day we
have experienced this winter.
On Sundays morning t :e earth
:heir stock of gou -
3pearman for a stock of .
it Easler. Mr. Spearman will
:ont inue business here which
--ill be L-1 charge of competent
uen. Mr. A. E. Mull who has
iad charge of the store here for
?arrish, Sloan & Co. has ac
:epted a position with the Big
store and began work .there this
An event of considerable in
erest was the marriage last Sun
lay, the 7th inst. at the home
> the bride's parents, Mr. and
drs. Mark Bolding of Miss Julia
solding and Mr. Doyle Porter.
fter the ceremony the gue3ts,
Lumbering about fifty, were in
ited into the spacious dining
oom where a bountiful wedding
[inner was served. The cere
nony was performed by the Rev
. E. Foster in his usual im
ressive style.
Mrs. Tom Lynch, nee Miss
3essie Li.on, whose home is in
daho. was visiting her relatives
n this state when she received
he sad news that her husband
Lad been found dead in his room.
he left for, home immediately
ipon receipt. of the telegram, ac
ompanied by her two little
hildren. The cause of Mr.
vnch's death has not yet been
)eath of 'Mrs. C. H. McDaniel.
After a lingering and painful
liness, irs. Courtie Hayden
VcDaniel died on the moining
)f the fifth inst. She was the
econd wife of Ex-Sheriff Mc
)aniel, they having been inar
-igd.six years. She was a wo
nan of many admirable traits
)f char.acter, a high toned -lady
>f the old school. Her body
vas carried to her former home.
t Rutherfordi on N. C., and in
erred in the Episcopal cemetery
eside her parents.
Mr. Mclaniel and other rela
ives have the sympathy of
The friends of Mr. Bertrand
'hornley will be inter.-sted to
Enolv that he was married to
siss Martha Westmoreland of
3renville on the 31st of De
:ember iaa4. May they be hap
>V anei prosperous..
Married at the homei of the
>ride's parents on January 3rd,
[912. Mr. Vardy Garrett and
Niss Peari Waldrop. Rev. W.
I. Walker oficiating. Immied
.ately safter the ceremony the
guests were ushered into the
lining roor. where a well filled
able of good things awaited
:hem. The recast was greatly
njoyed by all. The day fol-~
owing another feast of good
:hings was heartily enjoyed at
:he hospitable home of the
~room. Mr. Garrett is a- son of
Mir. W. R. Garrett of Six Miles
and the bride a daughter of
Robert Waldrop near Mountain
View, all of this county. The
aany friends of the happy
:ouple wish them a long and
prosperous life.
Rev. S. E. Borroughtof New
on, Ala., and Miss Jennie Johns
ton,tof Central S. C., were mar
ried at Clemson, on Jan. .3rd.
They will make their home in
Rev. Mr. Borroughs was pastor
>f the Baptist church at Central.
luring 1911, and won his bride
luring his pastorate. Miss
Johnston has many friends who
ri'h them much happiness.
Miss Bessie Hardin, of Atlanta,
3a., and Mr. Garland Wynn, of
2xford, Ga., were married Dec.
Mth. The~ will make their
1ome in Atlanta.
Miss Hardin is the charming
tranddaughter of Mr. J. T.
Werner, of Central, and has a
reat many friends there who
ire interested in her welfare.
Wyatt A Jennings Promoted.
The follogving taken from a
North Carolina paper will be of
nterest to Pitckens neople who
vill be glad to know of Wyatt's
Mr. Stephen D). Lucus, dis
rict commerc-ial manager of
the Southern Bell Telephone
ompany. with headquarters in
Lhis city. yesterday announced
that Mr. W. H. Blair, who has
een cashier at the local office
Mr. Blair andL.
He will leave some un
week to assume his new duties.
He is a native of Wilmington
and has been with the telephone
comnany about 18 -nonths.
Mr. Blair will be succeeded by
Mr. W. A, Jennings, who is at
present bookkeeper in the loa]
office, and is a most capa~le
young man. The position of
bookkeepe- has been given to
Mr. John H, Tedards. who ar
rived last night from Charlotte,
and will enter upon his new
duties tomorrow.
Expenses For 1912.
At the annual meeting of the
Board of County Commissioners
held last Thursday, the 4th inst.
the following budget estimating
the expenses of -the - county for
the present year was made up
and forwarded to the Com ptroll
er General, also the levy which
the Commissioners think will i
be necessary to be made in order
to raise funds to meet these ex
For County Auditor S 360,00
For Co. Commissioner's
and Clerk's Salaries 150,00
For Co. Treasurer's Sal. 360,0
For Co. Board of
Equalization :00,00
For Jury, Witness and
Coustables' Tickets 2250,00
For Clerk of Court 500,00
For Sheriff . 900,00
For Magistrates and
Constables 2750,00
For Coroner 100 00
ForPoorHouse and Poor 1.500,00
For Repairs on Roads
and Bridges 15.750,00
For Repairs on Public
Buildings 250.C0
For Books Stationary
and Printing 600,C0
For Contingent Ex
penses 300.C0
For Public Offices 100.00
For Post Mortem. Ex
amining & Conveying 900,00
For Jury Commission-I
ers and Insurance 120',00f
For Physician and At
torney's Fees 275,00
For Past Indebtedness 2250,00
Roads and Chain
Ga1ag 15,e00,00
Total 8 45,93i5,00
Less Estimated Revenues for
1912, Other than Taxes:
Fines & Costs for
Magistrates $ 350.00
Fines & Licen
ses Fronm Clk. -
of Court 800,00
Road Tax 3000,00
Other Sources $ 14,150,00
Amount to be Raised
by Taxation $ 41.815,00
The levy recommen )ed is:
For ordinary county
purposes G6 mills
For Chaingang 29 "
" Past Indebtedness 3."
" Sinking Fund
"Constabulary ~ i"
Total for.Co. pm poses 91
The Constituticnal
School tax 3 "
The State tax 51 "
Total 18 mills
Then the levy for the Pickens
Railroad in Pickens, Eastatoe
and Hurricane townships, and
the special levies for school pur
poses in the various districts of
the county will be in addlition to
the above. The levy for State
and County purposes will be the
same as for last year.
Killed By Train.
A yery sad accident occured
at Central last Saturday. Fromi
the accounts received here Mr's.
J. H. Smith had been in Central
and was ! eturning home. She
was in a buggy and had two
small boys with her, one her
own child and a nephew. She
was crossing the Southern Rail
road and as she reached the
track a heavy freight train
rounded out of a cut and struck
her buggy. Her little nephe~w
leaped from the buggy and sav
ed himself from injury but Mrs.
Smith and her son was badly in
She and her child were carried.
to Greenville that night for
treatment at a hospital but she
died from the effects of her in
juries Sunday morning. The~
boy was not so badly injured
and, at last accounts he was
doing fairly well.
The accident is deplored by all
and the sympathy of many
friends go out to the bem<
- uendable Piano.
jA Strikes a ha! py medium in Price-.
maximum intriv
T. Piano i ecifica
. ai Piano Fac
. and co. possible in a sci
he Cr A Artistic Piano
ir: which you do not pay for name.
Guaran.eid for a life time. Sold Direct From Fac.
tory only by
John H. Williams
Phone 682. GREENVILLE, S. C.
Victor Talking Machines and Supplies.
'e e
Christmas -:-Goo ds
for Pickens county. Call and see and decide for your
- We have the goods for the little folks. Santa Claus
can find a fuill supply for the Xmas stockings, such as
SDolls and Toys.
Forv ihe grown-ups and near crown-ups: Chinaware.
Cut (lass, Toilet Sets, Xmas Candy in Fancy Baskets
anBi B>.x:.. Stationery in Beautiful Packages, Foun
ta;ini Pes , Shaving Sets, Ladies' Hand Bags. Desk
- S5.t-. Cients: in Small Boxes, Meerschaum Pipes. Ko
dak1. ilar WVatches, Razors. Pencil Sets.
Whichi we are very proud of, you wvill find the fola
lowi:::Rins, B3racelets; Lockets, Locket Chains.
Stic lb, BoacesTie Clasps, Cuff Buttons, Pen
*(tlhus. W aint S.ts, Belt Pins. Fobs-both Ladies and
Ge's--- anuv Pins, Collar Pinst solid gold and gold+
filled. in ,.:.i file~d groods, we have Watch Chains.
Sp--s F rks, Knrives, Ladles, Carving Sets, Spoon
Holer-, Suar D)ishes, Syrup Pitchers, etc.. Many
( of these* ariclees are Sterling. Our silverware corn
nowed of ( mmunity, Rodgers. Wallace and Reliable
br a . 1 known and guaranteed by us and the man
ircurv.r and not too peddler's kind. We can not
n on c w hae. Just come and see.
Sthank our friends and customers
for their business during 1911 and
wish them a Prosperious New Year.
(Keo wee Pharmacy.
Wouldn't Your Ad
Lonok Good
~riday and audy
January 12th and 13th,
)Isaac Hamberger & Sons
Cutter and Fitter will be
here for two days 'and
will show you the correct
thing in Clothes for the
Spring 6t 1912.
Come iia and look at the line.
eadrsin Low Phrici
Uulymeans eye neglect.
'ercist. harmed by strain. * *
Remove the Strain E
With suitable glases and For the I
Sthe, use of the eyes be- E
comes a pleasure. Fail- have heei
nr odo this in time oting stock,
emeans mntold misery. through,
~ ~: nothing to
Don't let the small cost M waiting oi
of a good pair of glasses a ers. We
jstand between you and serve you
happiness. Get them at t o coning
Ml. make it toi
I. MoncTpl.N N Consulting Optometrist,
K Greenville, S. C.1
Wam:111-Intelligent young
me nn and women to take up Cor
respondent work and Mail-Order BUSINESS LOALl
business. Af ter you have com
pleted our course you can take it
up as a mail order business. A Craig Bros. Co. want 30 bu
good energetic, hustlimg man or els white'multiplying onions
* woman ought to make from $12 $1 per bushel, in trade.
to $50 a week. Parsons' Bureau.
of Corresponding and Mail-Order' --For land anywhere in Pi
Business.Williamsville, Ill ens county see or write J.
(IeC2~t.Ashmore, "The Land Man."
Underground Epernay.
Epernazy, in France. where cham-feTw ulsa
pague is made. may be said to be a 7yasod
vast subterranean city. The streets vPSTWR
for miles and miles are hewn out ofPien.S
the solid chalk, flanked with pile.e of
bottles of all blends and qualities. e7RF.DI
This labyrinth of streets, crossings and
fturnings is lighted only by sputterin- fvndsr nth
candles. Everywhere it is dam p. with n i
the thermometer down toward th ewryln.Iheteb
Ifreezing point. ...The largest chni a tcem-sld odad~
~ Tniufa~uorFo-r Sfe- T -omlea
\ IIj
We want to showy~
our leader Range.
It has no equal. ..It
makes cooking a
We are prepared to meet you
wants in all lines.
rhe I~ay3~
mst. week, we
but are now
and there is
hinder us in )
our customa. -
are anxious to
,and want ya
e to do yourg
here. We wiN|
yous_ advan
op at our store
If you need anything in the
.jewelry line for Christmas pres!
ents I hie it. Bracelets,lockets,
sgfountain pens of various styles
at~ and designs, cuf
Iware of many
Tut1 tow
~he be

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