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of~BteberriJan2 iCilEoNOR PULL
Enter& Aprll Z.1. j:)03 at Pica:t: , 4. C. a .econd elass mall %nagter, Under act ofCongress of March 2, 1879
PICKENS, S. C.. JANUARY 18, 1912. NUMBER 34.
h From Time:. to Time ti
Will Publi
Interest From ti
Latest News
Senate and the Ho o
Columbia.-The general assembl:
of South Carolina convened for it
annual session of 40 days. Tb
halls of the senate and house of rel
resentatives had been placed in col
tion for receiving the members C
e legislature.
annual message of the go
was read to boLh the senat
the, house soon after they wez
to order.
e following Is the annual me
in part ot C. L. Blease, govern<
u& Carolina, read before t
and house:
a the Honorable, the Members of t1
General Assembly of the state <
South Carolina:
Gontlemen-Once again you hai
together and It becomes my dut
governor, to make recommend
which are for the best intere
the people of our state.
This having been a very busy ye
In the executive department, it is I'
possible to embody the various ma
ters into one message without ma
Ing it entirely too lengthy. Ther
fore, whatever may have been tl
usual-custom. I will communica
with- you by several 'messages I
stead of one.
I have given close attention
financial interests and find .extrav
gance in many places, and that us
less offices have been created; ax
that it is possible to run the gover
ment on less mhoney. which would r
lieve our -people from their heavy t
The joint assembly unanimous
elected Eugene B. Gary of Abbevill
now an associate justice, to the poa
tion of chief justice of the supre:
court of South Carolina. Associa
Justice Gary was the only nomin<
and succeeds Ira B. Jones, resigned
Richard C. Watts, former circt
judge from the Fourth circuit, w
sworn in as, an associde justiae.
the supreme court, following b
Associate Justice Watts address(
-the following letter to the governc
which was sent to the gene"'al assei
bly In a special mnessage:
"Having ualified as associate jxn
tice of the supreme court, I have .t]
honor to Inform you that a vacant
exists In the office of judge of ti
Fourth circuit."
The message was received by tU
legislature as information. A date fi
the election of the successor will 1
set by the house and senate.
A .well deftned rumor in legislati,
circles was to the effect that ti
house and senate will be asked
make thorough investigation of ti
details of the loan of $500,000 made
the state"'or running expenses. Rf
olutions are expected to be inti
duced simultaneously in the sena
and house calling upon the legislatu:
topoint a commission to make tl
in tgation and report on the m2
ter at earliest possible date.
The Senate.
The following appointments we
announced by C. A. Smith, preside
of the senate: Journal clerk, G.
Moore, Anderson; bill clerk, E.
Terry, Sajuda; secretary to tl
president, g L. M. Green, Sumte
pages, Jag Mulligan, Columbia, al
E3dwin Futer, Laurens; mail clerk,
0. Pyle*. Columbia; doorkeepei
Jonas Ar'mstrong, Anderson; Rt.]
Floyd, hatanburg, and John Bru
- onl, ~gfield; laborers, Aibe
Wanc ewbrry;Calhoun Butle
Abbevile; John Floyd, Florence.
Etoe measure providing fi
.- 2(ce for Newberry coun
sed by the senate over tU
.0 of the governor by a vote of
I Case" Date Is Not Yet Fixedi
ime set for the trial of tl
es" was not set by the cou
2n expected. Attorney Ge
when asked about tl
ed that Mr. W. F. Ste
7BL. be associated wi
ution was out of the cit
would be after a conferent
that they would be reat
when, the cases would 1
W. Boykin, J. B. Towill ax
.tumn are charged with havix
high a price for a shipme:
ix Holds An Election.
:.ion held at Honea Path
cers for the town resulti
lection of J. F. McKenzi
and J. H-. Callahamn, wardt
Ward 1; L. 2!. Wilfen, Ward:
i2. Allen. Ward -3: A. Y. Hughc
ard 1, J. D. Becacham. Ward
.Bolt, Ward Z. Fo- maycr,
cKenzie received 51 votes. P. 3
-'a1, the for:,.cr no::r. 44, a
'right 5. ':.'hsre n:e no at
(!cction pased -if u t!
County Probably.
vant Jasper" is t1
t significient sloga
in red on large whi
. .oons worn by a number<
the visitors at the opening of ti
general assembly Tuesday. TI
reference, of course, is to i
nrcounty of this name, T I
se~on was held durin a t
1&ttr part of last year,- and r,
suited in a victory for the Ja
per county advocates.
Tt is now "up o" the -anr:
to 2. The measure viill be sent to I
th' house for a vote.
The measure provided -that rural
policemen be appointed by the sher
iff of Newberry county and not by
the governor. The chief executive
sent in a message giving his reason h
for vetoing the measure. Among the
reasons assigned for vetoing the
measure was that the title did not
state clearly the meaning of the act.
Senator Johnstone of Newberry cham
pioned the measure and stated that
any one acquainted with conditions
in Newberry county knew that the
S measure was necessary. p
The act providing for the investi
gation of the governor, the attorney
general and the winding-up ccmmis
e sion of the old state dispensary, thati y
the governor vetoed, was passed over
s his veto in the senate by a vote cf
36 to 3, and was sent to the house for -
further consideration. _ There was t
uch acrimonious and caustic debate
what one senator termed_ "a slap
in t e face of every merwb'er on the
s floor of the senate
H H. Carlislea senator from Spar
- tanburg gutity, opened the debate on
the bill. stated that the bill was
introduced t the instance of the gov- C
ernor to e the stain off the char- S
acter of tho whom he accused. Af
e tor its passage the governor saw fit
to veto it. ,
The House of Rep sentatives. c
Speaker Smith announc hese ap
pointments: R. E. Carlisle, A., urnal
r clerk; 3. R. Arnold, bill clerk; W. S.
Bonner, general desk clerk; W. N e
Tillinglast, secretary to speaker;
doorkeepers, J. . Kay, W. S. Turner,
C. W. Teal; pages, Thomas Trussell,
Clifton McCain, Andrew McGill. d(
Many were, of course disappointed,
as there are not suflicient places to
go around for all who want positions.
;t The shoe-string county bill, about
which there has been much said, was
reported as becoming law without the
approval of the governor. This bill E
is directed against what are called
"ill-shaped" counties.
The bill as to the rural police in rE
te Cherokee was "left over" and the C(
e Spartanburg county rural police bill,
that has been vetoed, will provoke a
rucus. S
0 The senate notified the house of R
the passage o! the act reopening the
dispensary investigation over the veto
d of the governor. On motion of Mr. g
Sawyer the message was considered ir
immediately after third reading bills.
x On K. P. Smith's motion the message
and the act to which it relates were
ordered printed in the house journal. V
The house took up a few second
e prescribe a mileage base for making
te pescribe a mileage base for making
te freight rates, and to fix penalty with
. in this state." Mr. Dixon spoke ii h
favor of the passage of the bill. The
it railroad commission has already
Ls made a ruling covering the provisions n
)f of thH.-bill On motion cflr. MeriH.
S the enacting words were stricken
Bills Before House.
r, The following third rcadin~g bilis"
- and joint resolutions carried over en
the calendar from last year were pass- C!
s ed by the house and ordered ratified: e
te To require the use of electric head
y lights on certain locomotive engines
te owned or operated by any company.
corporation, lessee, manager or re0- S
te ceiver, and to provide a penalty for
yra ,failure to use same. -0
>e To require all municipal corpora-0
tions of more than 200 poulation to a:
r keep an itemized acciount of nll re
e ceipts and disbursements and to pub
Sish same.
ie A joint resolution to authorize the I
to county supervisor of Ba; nwell county y
s~ to borrow money.
o- To amend an act entitled 'An act to
te declare the law in reference to and C.
e to regulate the manufacture, sale. use, h
ie consumption, possession, transporta
Lt- tion, and disposition of alcoholic li
quors and beverages within the state, 1h
and to police the same, approved the a~
e 16th day of February, A. D. 1907, In
aso far as the same applies to coun-a
- ties of Charleston and Georgetown," fl
- approved the 25th day of February, w
e A. D. 1908, in so far as the same
;applies to Charleston county, ap
d proved March 3, 1909, exempting
SRichiland county from the provisions
s, thereof.
d- A bill relating to the place of trial
n- of mutual fire and life insurance corn- a
rt panies. (Sent to senate with amend- o
r, ment.)
To authorize tbg school trustees of Ce
yr Gannt school district No. 34, in AU- f(
ty derson county, to c':arge and oollect si
le a matriculation fee of pupis attend1
15 ing schools in said district. 0
~ SI
-License Law Wanted in Charleston. L
te The abolition of the dispensary
t law and the substitution of the 11
n- cense system for the regulation of f
t the liquor traffic formed the subjecta
v- of a two hours' session of city coun
th oil of Charleston as a committee of
y, the whole in conference with Char- O:
e leston county legislators at which w~
1 Mayor Grace argued at length declar- I
e ing that the dispensary is the root of
td all evil, that it is not suitable for a
e seaport and that if the matter is
l properly presented the desired 10g
islation will be provided.
Injured While Attending His Duties.
k Capt. I. P. Gregoie, conductor en
d Charleston & Western Carolina trains
C, No. 43 and 44, running between Pcrt ni
In Royal and Yemassee, was painfully f.
; inured while attending to his duties.
lie was standing on the rear platform 0
:>f his train signaling to the engineer!c
3. when he was knock'ed off by a stand
. Spe as the train was passing it. He
w wrs rendered unconscious and receiy
r, dl painful injuries. Hie Is now at his
riime recuperating. Capt. Der Black a
assembly to declare th~e section
of land a County, and authorize
c the setting up of County govern- "
n ment, providing also room in the s
e house and senate for legislative i
f representatives.
e The newr co mnty is to hav
e Ridgeland as a County seat. an c
Le will be located in the 3outhern f
e corner of the state, bordering n
e upon Beaufort county. Thef
advocates of the new county are j
eager to have the matter go
through and to have their por'
tion of the stato declared a e:
I mnnty.
pproach Quarter of a Million
Number of 11provements
Made During the Year
The sales at the local beer and
-hiskey dispensaries during the
ast year approached a mill'on
allars, the exact figures being
'0,274.54. For the preceeding
ear the sales ran up to $698,
)7.13, the increase being $102,
)7.41. The net profits for the
velve months just ended were
129,751.05; the year preceeding
195,992-62, the increase being
The profits of 1911 were divid
1 as follows: Cii.y $114,875.51;
)unty $68,925.*0; school fund
The persons connected with
i1 dispensary in Richland
)unty were given a raise in
ilarv during the year and a
ew whiskey dispensary was
stablished. These and other
provements were met with
k earnings from the sales and
>n, t appear in the profits as
von i the statement.
"Hub" Es ans Gives Bond.
Columbia, Jan. .-H. H.
vans, of Neviberry, who was
st week indictied for receiving
bates and for cotaspiracy to re
ive rebates while a member of
e board of the etate dispen
iry in 1900, appeAred in the
ichland county court, acconi
utied by his attornek Mr. Eu
me S. Blease, and gave bond
the sum of $1,000, fpr his ap
arance for trial. The bond
'as signed by L. W. Floyd, C.
7. Fant, E. M. Evans, ignd C.
. Purcell. Mr. Evans hated
iat he was ready for trial.
Mr. Evans is charged w\ith
aving accepted a rebate froim
. A. Goodman, a liquor drums,
er in the sum of $50. It is
t known whethes the- case
ill be tried this term or not.
The time for the trial of the
Label cases was not set by the
>urt this morning as had bemr
pected. Attorney General
yon, when a edI about the,
iatter, stated t.' t Mr. W. F.
tevenson, v. Le will be associat
I with the prosecution, was out
the city, and it would be
ter a conference with him
at they would be ready to say
hen the cases would be0 tried.
.W. Boykin, J. P. Towill and
V. O. Tatum a~r under indict
ent in this case, and they are
arged with having paid too
igh a price for a shipment of
ebes while connected with the
te state dispensary. The time
ill probably be set, tomorrow
ad it is thought that some day
xt week probably Monday
-ili be decided on
For County Clerk.
The Leader is authorised to
anounce as a candidate for the
Tice of county clerk of Grayson
>uty, Miss Nova B3owen, who
r four years has been an as
stant in the office and is thor
.ghly familiar with theg-espon
ble duties of the position. The
eader takes pleasure in placing
te candidacy of Miss Bowen he
>re the people of the county,
ad it is through no feeling of
rtiality but from a knowledge
'conditions we state that she
ill be splendidly supported in
is part of the county.
Miss Bowen is the grand
mghter of Thos. H.Bowen who
as a nioneer of this sectionu and
prominenit mill man, who mov
1 to Griavsen county over' a half
nturv a~zo and settled three
les ast of Yan Aistyne. '1Her
d~er was John 1B. Bowen, oe
the leadinu citizens of the
>unr and a brave Confedernie
iddier who served thlrouhiout
oc war. Hier brothers are WVill.
m, JoeJohn and Reese Bo weni
I well known and worthy citi
nsof the county, arnd she is a
ece ofR. L. Bowen of this city.
ifailv eonnection Miss Bowen
cupis and e-nviable position, as
le belong to a family noted for
Sintegrity and moral wvorth.
Le was born and reared in this
Tfmmunty and has scores of
1ndIs in \an Alstyne and El
ot who will work heartily
)r her namination. Miss Bowen
w ell qualified for the office she
eks, as she had four years of
Eperience, is entirely familiar
:ork. She is bri-ght, energetic
and desering and will appreci
ate anything ann in behalf
of her candiacy. The question
las to her eligibility to hold the,
office of Coun ty Clerk was sub
mitte:d to the Attorney General'(
departmIent., and the following
is Ihe lepIv:
"In reply to your favor of theI
6th, inst, I beg to advise that!
this department has unifornlv
held that a single woman-is
eligible to hold the Office of
County Clerk. The law doesj
not require that a oerson must:
he a qualified voter to be eligible
to this office and any person not
otherwise qualified, who can
niake a legal bond, is eligible to:
hold the office."-Grayson (Tex)
C. E. Mead.
Assistani AJ liey Ge.neral
Jones Mow Active Candidate.
Mr. Ira B. Jones, until today
chief justice of the South Caro
lina supreme court, is now an
active candidate for governor,
according lo his statement sev
eral weeks ago, when his resig
nation was nnounctd. Mr.
Jones said this mor. ing that he
had no formal statement to
na.e as yet as to his race for
governor. His successor will be
elected at the present session of
the legislature.
A Pickens' 7oy in California i
To ihe Edilt-r:
I have yeceived two copies
of The Sentinel. You have no
idea how much Pleasuse I derive
from reading your paper. Gee!
But it makes me Ifome sick to
read the news of dear old Pick
ens County. I see names in the
paper that I am well acquainted
with. It seeis if they were
just across the bay.
The Sent inel brings us nearer
together. W hen I get homesick
Igoto "Marphy's InokeHouse"
and listen to "Carolina" advis.
i.ng the boys to go South, to
'oiVs CUmatrv as he termiLt.
To say JDNything against the
South, especially South Caro
lina, means an argument or
anythin else, Knock South
Carolina in hiis presenice and you
have invited a s;crao,
He muifst be somec scrapper as
none of the boys ever mention
the matter the secondO time.
"Murphy's Smioke House" is
a billiard and1 pool parlor, soda
fountain, ice cream, cigars, etc.
"Carolina" is manager of the
place and conmmamds a good
patronage. H-e is an old Green
ville boy, attended school at
Pickens in the old days. Many
of your readers kno w himi well,
Charles F. JBurbage. He has
been all over the wvest and knows
the country thoroughly. I have
often heard him say -
with the golden plated wvest. 1
South Carolina for him where
decent white folks an'd negroes1
live. Out here asiatics, slavs,
square heads and what not.1
You cannot tell the nationality
of one out of ten of the people
you meet. Here on the Island
we have lumber yards, National
and Southern Callifornia Cres
cent WarAhouse and Storage
Company employin g about 850
men, with wages from $22.'70 to
4. 50 per (lay, which is fairly
good pay, but it is harder to
savxe money at these wage's than
it is down home at 81. 25.
This is the largest lumber
port in the world. Sometimes
boats will unload at our Corn
pany's wharf (000.000 fr et of red3
wood and Dine, All the hard
wood cornes from Japan, Mexi
o and Gonth America. We
have the world heat in the way
of climiate. You Ca' ao in your
shirt sceens the year round. If
one could be come satisficd with
the c:o~npolit an order of things,
sit at the table and eat 31exican
shale on one side and the Lord
onj'. ly kows whlat ('n the other
Can' 1.t use 1to 1 it. Good old
Sout ~h .arolina for me.
An~fybodiy c'an make a living
out here.
"Carol in a" (Burbage) sends
his best regards to vou and all
the Pickens folks, and further
says that he had rather be ai
milie post het weenI Pickens and I
Greenville than Gov., of Cali-<
fornia if he had to stick here.
Hoping you will have success
with the Sentinel and otheri
I ami Yours,
H. B. Durham, <
Terminal, Calif.I
Formerlyof Six Mile,
Will Meet in Maryland City on e
June 25. "Permissive Pri- a
mary Rule." f
Washington, Jan. 9,--The
Democratic national commlttee f
completed its work here today a
with the selection of Baltimore tj
as the convention city. June u
25 was fixed as the date of the ti
Nathering when candidates - for
president and vice president will
be selected. The Republican
national convention is to be held
in Chicago June 18. The Dem- 1
)cratic committde issued a per- p:
missive primary rule, and such fC
tates as have laws on the sub- P
ject and desire to do so can se- h,
ect their representatives in the a
iational convention by direct 0
v6te. tr
Harmony marked today's sit- d(
in, of the committee, which h
wvas given over almost entirely 0(
o arguments of representatives q1
f the various cities bidding for st
:he convention. William Jen- Qi
2ing Bryan did not attend. He of
mad not finished his speech at H
:he Jackson day banquot until m
6vell aster 3 o'clock this morn- re
ng. M
There was brief conteroversy E
>ver the preposed recognation-of h.
he Progres'ine League of Clubs, B
in organization said to have st
,rown out of the Independence L
eague movement, started by m
William R. Hearst. When ob- w
ec Iion was made, the question pi
)f recognition was deferred for st
our years. fr
Norman E. Mack, national b(
,hairman, was named to head tl
he subcommitte on arrange- fc
vents for the convention. Vice ti
Jhairman Hall of Nebraska and H
3ecretary Urey Woodson of cl
Kentucky will be , ex-officio al
nembers of this subcommittee, w
md there will be seven addi- hi
onal member. o .- nanw -
ater by Mr. Mack. M
The primary resolution adopt- T.
!d was a modification of one L
>ropose by Senator Chamberlin th
>f Oregon. It was framed by a M
ubcommittee headed by Clark SM
Eowell, and was as follows: ar
"That in the choice of dele
Kates and altornates to the nat- di
onal Democratic convention of- af
[912 the Democratic States or of
erritorial committees may, if te
10t otherwise directed by laws ce
>f snch States or territories, pro- pi
ride for the direct election of fl
iuch delegates or olternates if in B
he opinion of the respective B:
:ommittees it is desirable and
>ossible to do so with proper and M
:ufficient safeguards. Where er
;uch provision is not made by as
he respective committees for te
he choice of delegates and al- u1
ernates, and where the State of
ows do not provide specifically w,
he manner of proceeding, then ti
he delegates and alternates to B
he said national convention to
hball be chosen in the manner te
hat governed the choice of del
gates from the iespective State di
Lnd territories during the last o1
jational convention. at
Baltimore led in the fight for
he convention from the very h<
irst, but two ballots were re- m
iuired before St. Louis suc- k:
:umbed. Then the vote was h<
nade unanimous. The Balti- h<
nore bid was accompanie by a hi
:ertified check for $100,000. The
late of the convention, June 25, er
;uggested by F. B. Lynch of G
dinnesota, was unanimously at
iccepted. A
The first ballot on the conven- si
ion gave Baltimore 25 votes and w
St. Louis 17. H
On the second ballot, Balti- se
nore had 29 votes, a majority,
md St. Louis 22.
lease to Address Conference rj
Rev. Richard Carroll asks C:
ublicationl of the following: el
Five years ago. Richarc Car- Gi
roll organized the South Caroli- d4
a Colored Race conference. He
ias been and is now its presi
lent. This confe rence will hold
ts annual session this year in et
.olumbia, beginning Wednes- ti
lay, January 24. and closing on
anuary 26.
Heretofore, among the prom- m
nent white speakers to appear y<
efore the conferene was the yi
~overnor of the State. On ac- T
~ount of certain- utterances al
eged to have been made by the
moenone it was a debatable S
uestion whetherhe would, a:
overnor, address the confer
nce. Anyway, upon th.' re
uest of certain leading negroes
ichard Carroll appointed I
ammittee to yisit Gov. Bleas
nd ask him to address the con.
rence it its opening session ai
ethel A. M. E. church, Wed
esday, Jan. 24, at 10.30 a. m.
The committee on its return
-om the State house, brought
5surances from the governor
iat it would afford him pleas
re to address the conference at
ie time and place mentioned.
From Liberty.
Last Saturday morning, the
Ith inst. God, in his allwise
ovidence seht his death angel
ir the gentle spirit of Mr. T. H.
arsons. Quite peacefully he
id lived and likewise passed
vay. He had been sick for
1ly a few weeks with heart
ouble and his unexpected
ath was a great blow. Many
)arts were made sad, for he
Punted his friends by his ac
iaintances, Although a great
ifferer he bore it patiently.
iietly submitting to the will
his God.
e was 46 years old the 26th of
ay 1911. He was born and
ared near here, b'it in younz
anhood left this county for
Iberton, Ga., where he was
ippily married to Miss Susie
utchinson. After a few years
ay in Georgia he returned to
iberty and engaged in the
erchantile business. He al
ays seemed cheerful and hap
r, and will be missed at his
ore, at home and by many
ienls. May the hearts of the
,reated ones be softened by
teir sore affliction and com
irted with the thought "whom
te Lord loveth he chasteneth."
e united with the Baptist
murch in early life and was ever
ter a consistent member. A
idow and four children survive
m, the children bein., Mrs. R.
COheneef Elberton, Ga.,
isses Bes.ie and Jimmie and
homas Herbert Parons of
iberty. He is als-1 .wrived )v
iree sisters and thnL. t~ Ih.-is.
rs. W. T. O'Dell, Mrs. J. T1.
rillis and Mrs. B. H. Burton,
id Messrs B. F. Parsons.
The funeral services were con
icted at the home Sunday
~ternoon by Rev. D. W. Riott
Greenvilie after which they
nderly laid him awi y in the
metery at this place. The
ill bearers were: Messrs. J.
.Brown, J. F. Banister, G,
.ivrd, J. A. Allgoc d, P. J.
rown and Dr. W. M. Long.
Next week the Woman's
issionar'r Society of the Lib
ty Baptist church will observe
Sa week of prayer. Each af
rnoon, except Friday and Sat
'day, will be spent in the home
some member. Though ithis
eek of prayer is intended par
~ularly for the women of the
aptist church, all others in the
wn are cordially inyited to at
nd and take part.
Mrs. A. L. Johnson and chil
'en, Kinard and Harold, are
an extended visit to relatives
Ninety Six.
Miss Annie Bell Brown is at
>mie from winthrop. Her
any friends are pained to
iow her health w ill not permit
ir to continue her studies, but
>pe her vocation may prove
ir speedy restoration,
Miss Eliza Major, has been
igaged in teaching in the
raded School here has resigne d
id returned to -her home in
nderson. She won the friend
tip a nd confidence of many
ho regret to see her leave.
er departue is heart rending to
veral of our young men.
Notice of Town Election.
Notice is hereby given that an
ection will be held on Februs
3rd, 1912, to elect a mayor to
.the unexpired term of S. B.
raig, resigned. Managers of
ection: D. B, Finney, W. T.
riffin and J. L. Thornley. Vo
rig place: City Hall. By or
er of the Town Council.
55 acres three and a half miles
est of Pickens, 25 acres in dul
vation, balance in pasture and
oodland; splendid neighbood;
xxd 7-room 2-story house. Let
e show you this place for I can
ake a price that will interest
>u. Immediate possession if
>u want it. See H. M. HEs
ER, Pickens, S. C.
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Senior Associate Justice Succeeds
Ira B. Jones, Resigned
Sketch ~of New Chief
Columbia Jan. 10.-Eugene
B. Gary of Abbeville, senior as
sociate justice, today was unani
mously elected chief justice of
the South Carolina Supieme
Court at a joint session of the
General Assembly held at 12:30
p. n.
Mr. Gary's name was the only
one proposed for the place and
out of the 153 votes cast he polled
the entire number. Mr. Gary
sacceeds Mr. tra B. Jones, who
resigned his pcsiticn as Chief
Justice to enter race for Govern
or this year, the resignation
having taken effect yesterda1y.
The term is really the unexpired
term of Y. J. Pope, former chief
justice, who resigned a few
years ago, being succeeded by
Mr. Jones, who was at that time
associate justice. Mr. Pope's
term would have expired -in
1914 had he retained the place
and lived, and that year would
also-of course have marked the
expiration of Mr. Jones' term
as chief justice and will there
fore be the termination of the
term of which Mr. Gary was
today elected.
Mr. Gary's name was propos
ed by Senator J. Moore Mars of
Abbeville, and the nomination
received hearty seconds- from
all parts of the house, both
senators and representatives ris
ingttrexpress themselves in
favor of thei senior associate
justice of the.State's higher trib
R. C. Watts Elected Justice.
By a vote of 85 to 55, Richard
C. Watts of Chesterfield. judgle
of the Fourth circuit, was elect
ed fourth associate justiceof the
South Carolfia supremie court
over Thomas B. Fraser of Sum
ter, the only other nom.iinee.
Judge W\aits wi- as ihinated
by W. F. Stevenson. Hlis nomi
nation was seconded by Senator
Wharton, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Mc
Gill, Mr. Miller and the Marl
boro delegation.
Mr Fraser was i ominated by
Senator Johnstone. H's nomi
nation was seconded by Mr.
Dick, Jr. Fultz, Mr. Richardson,
Mr. Chandler and Mr Wingard.
The election of Judge Watts
fills the place provided for by
the constitutional amendment
voted on favorably by the quai
fledt electors of the Stato and
adopted by the general assembly
at a later session.
Considerable laughter was
caused by a "split" in the dele
gation from Union county.
Mr. Browning rose arnd seconded
the nomination of Mr. Fraser
on behalf of the Union delega
t ion. A moment later Senator
Young of Union seco-ided the
nomination of Judge Watts in
behalf of the Union delegation.
A little later Mr. H imnilton,
also of Union, seconded the
nomination of Judge Watts on
his own behalf.
Fraser is Elected.
Columbia, Jan. 11.-Thomnas
B. Fraser, of Sumter, was this
at tern ooni elected associate jus
tice of the supreme court, suc
ceeding Eugene B. Gary, who
was yesterday elected chief
Judge Fraser was elected on
the second ballot, defeating
circuit Judges Gage and Prince.
The name of S. W. G. Hart of
Yorkville, who was nominated
on the first ballot was with
drawn. The final vote was
total numnbcr of votes cast, 160;
necessary to choice. 81; Fraser
received 93; Gage 58; Prince, 9.
C, A. Woods of Marion was re
elected assoc:iate justice of the
supreme court without opposi
Atlanta Letter.
Editor Sentinel:
The city of Atlanta is covered
this morning with a mantle of
white. It is the first snow this
year and the first ot the season.
It is about an inch deep.
Mr. aid Mrs. W. D. Fricks
are going to make their home in
Jacksonville, Fla. We hate to
lose Daver and his .estimable
The business done by Tuc~
A Column of General State News Tiat
Has Been Gotten From Many
Towns and Counties.
BarnwelL-The members of the
Barnwell bar association have ada
ed resolution endorsing the candidaer
of George H. Bates, a member of-the
Barnwell bar for judge of the second
judicial circuit to succeed the. late
Robert Aldrich. The association asksi <
the support of the members of-th
general assembly.
Lexington.-Charlie Warren te
self-confessed horse thief, pleaded
guilty In the general sesslows court
and was sentenced by Judge, Prince
to serve twelve months on the- coun-,
ty chaingang and pay a fine of $
Warren stole the horse of W
Weed of this -town on- the nigh o
December 29, and was captured at
Blythwood two days later.
dolumbia.-A number of importknt -
recommendations are contan
the annual report of E. . Watsbn"'
commissioner of agriculture, cor
merce and Industes to be sent tothe
general assembly. early. in the
ifon. The recommendations cover
broad scope of. work and affect
the departments of .the state
ment of agriculture.
Conway.-Dr. J. T. Howell, th
hookworm physician sent out. by
state board of health to treat the 415'
ease alrived in Conway and is work- _
fng in Horry county in the interest
V the health of the people. ' r
Howell will establish offices at di
Cerent sections of the county so that
the people can easily get to him.
These ofilces, will be kept open for
limited time.
Columbia.-Polnting out that'"the
enrollment of the institution was 70
lor last yeer, and that the gradna
:lass In June was the largest the
history of the institution, Dr. 1W.- M.
Riggs, president of Clemson College,
as sent his report to the state su
perintendent of education, to be trans
nitted to the general assembly. He
reviews the work of the school In.
the report.
Columbia.-The !annuai meeting o!
he-_NXntal,..Guard Association of
Sou, - -"'aWill be held here In
ui~ da~~the offic f th
Fer wil be -
tons to be submitted v. the general
issembly will be discussed. W. B
WIoore of Yorkville is the president
mnd A. E. Legare of Columbia.secr
;ary. Several Interesting addresses
>n the National Guard affairs will be
iscussed. .
Columba.-The supreme court In a
lecision by Associate Justice -Gary
ifrirmed the verdI4t-QLftbe C
ounty court in the case. of Anice
Bennett against the Charlestbn Union
tation Company and the Atlantic
Coast Line Railway Company for
$,750 on account of' damages. recelv
ed while employed as a car .cleaner.
& motion for a'new trial was denied,
mnd the case was 'appealed to the 9ti.
preme court by the deftendants
Bennettsville.-The first county it
arary and athletic contest ever' held
n Marlboro county took"A place in
Bennettsville a few days ag o'n .the
grounds of the graded schoo .- The
>bject of the exercises was the.:. g
Eng into closer touch the diff -
schools of the county and the deve
>pment of... an interest among .the
students In oratory and athletics. A
umber of the schools were repre
Saluda.-A few days ago an -elec
ion was held for a bond issue for
town .Improvements. There was very
ittle opposition. -The summer vist
ar will see grttfying results from
his election next summer. The
eague gave a t the-w -
ficals at whi many p were
sggested fo eImprovement of the
:own. A mass meeting was held tc
lscuss the interest of the town.
Newberry.-Col. E. B. Aull has .as
sumed the duties of county saperin
endent cof education, to which he was
elected by the state board of educa
tion. The transfer of the offiee was
made when Superintendent -J~ S.
Wheeter turned over the records .of
he oece 'to Mr, Aull. Acting- under
he provisions of he Constitution of
South Carolina ast holding two e
lees. fr A~i tendered. - Goerner.
Bease hjs rag tion- as a membery
, the state hospitl commission. -
Newberry. - Fire origfnatng
some nknown way In'the base
of ue pves room oftthe Po
festroyed te e
machihery and a
!eal cake. By hard
was kept from spreadinga
aery, with its three gins, thie
and boiler, the seed -housead a ~
hull house were saved. The loss CU ~
not be accurately estimated-noW -~
Ls sozmewhere from $10,000 to. $30,O004 -
and is fully covered by insuranc --
The president of the mill is ~V.I.
Smith. The capital stock is [email protected],[email protected]
nwned chiefly $y Pomaria ~peopk '
Columbia.-The supreme court re
!used to grant the petition for an i
Junction against the Columbia RachS
A~ssocation, It being held that'tb
racng had ended andf it had cost~
tute'd a nuisance, It had been abite
by discontinuance. -
Columibia.-The sales atuthe- io0s
beer and whiskey dispenaies-' .
the past year approached- $10
the exact figures' being $80.7 -
Por the preceding y
*p to $698,007.13, t
$102267.41. The
1.2 %gnths :Just
751.05; they

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