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Advertsing Bates Resonable
TMUESDAY, JAN. It, 1912.
Does Gov. Blease employ an
extra force to carry his mess
ages to the senate and house?
No, contemporaries, it is not
7ot..ought that the frequent and
thy messages will increase
Ine price of paper perseptibly
uor affect the paper trust ma
eraly in view of the fact the
3iois for only forty days.
Atfanta would not be Atlanta
:nIess she was trying tt create
notoriety. One the latest
scaemes by one . of her mer
iants to attract customers to
his store was to secure and place
in one of his windows a bottle
Mied with common old maggots
and advertise them as hook
Gov. Wilson was. the favorite
n1 Washington last week when
.o National committee met to
sect the place for the next con
iation, and it was stated freely
at had the conveiition. been
Id then he would most .cer
-nly have received the nomi
.tion for president on the
*emocratic ticket.
What Sha We Do?
The perplexing question with
ewspaper fraternity of the
Sta how to deal with public
officials 'and public questions.
The editors should be privileged
to publish the official acts of
public men, and to call attention
to their mistakes and to point
ou errors; if any, as well as to
commend their gooa deeds, with
Gut being branded "liars," "as
sassins," "thieves," and "slan
auge a&public~oi
cer dislikes one or two newspa
per men isino reason why all
tiewspapers and editors should
be classed "dirty" "untruth
ful," and "bmalicious."~ And
yet these are the tactics which
have been employed in this
-- - - ,+ate in one or two notable in
stances. And the strange part
of it is it seems to be popular
with a large element of the peo
ple. It has come to the point
where the winning card in poli
tics is to abuse the newspapers.
The fellow who can use th'e
most adjectives and inectivein
pouringout his venom and spleen
against t1/ newspapers is the
one mos loudly applauded and
genero ly whdoped up. The
mnea est things, the basest
S'gs, the dirtiest things that
ecan call them tickle the fancY
/and brings forth many a hur
/rah for the man who does it.
Why is it? Surely the news.
pae men as a whole are not
all such awful scoundrels, liars
d.~pcrits as sonie politicianls
p:icture them - '~are citi
zens, taxpayers, and. '* and
*'ingle with their fellowmen
the same as other men. If they
w-ere such a tough set their comn- 1
panionship should be shunnedi
b;v all the people. They publish
ws about many anid various
matters of public and private
,erests and their statements t
aenot questioned. People are i
ev er ready and eager to get the a
paper to know what the news E
o the world is and no corn- c
.plaint is made that the matter
.published day by day and -week a
by week is a-fabrioation. But
!Tician cries out that e
t~ y sheuts are made up of t
set of liars and slanderers
ma.~ny people 'will accept the
se tement as the literal truth.
ejan the :9people believe that e
th newspapers, conspire togeth- f
Sto magnify the virtues and a
-rise the worthy deeds of one ,
an,and at the same- time corn- r
sct themselves to criticise the s
~ rtcoming of another .just for c
the. sake of creating a disturb- v
'e or raising a howl among
SSurely they do not 4
:h a set of miis-=
:cept as true statements by W
ewspaper men upon various
ad, sundry other questions why
ot in political matters? A
eewspaper man is presumed to a
le posted upon every question of to
)bllic interest. It is his busi- m
less to keep informed and a
bro-agh his paper Iform the lil
But how lamentable it is to g
hink one man can say they are a]
i set of dirty liars and his kword a
will be taken as true and ap
plauded in preference to that of c4
many newspaper men. Truly I
these are strange ti'mes we have
come to. b
Presbyterian Campaign.
The Presbyterians of South
Carolina are engaged in a cam
paign for the purpose of raising
$200,000 for their educational in
titutions, viz., the Presbyterian
College of South Carolina, at
Clinton; Chicora College at
Greenville and the Theological
eminary of Columbia. A joint
committee on endowment has
been appointed to manage the
campaign. This cornmitte con
sists of nine, three representa- f
tives from each of the schools,
the president being one of the
three. The personel of the com
mittee is as follows: Rev. E.
E. Gillespie of Yorkville, chair
man: Rev. H. A. Knox, of
Mayesville, recording secretary;
Mr. John McSween, Timmons
ville, treasurer; Rev. B. P. Ried,
Reidville, Mr. Wm. P. Anderson
of Westminister, President D,
M. Douglas of Clinton, Presi
dent S. C. Byrd, of Chicora and
President Thornton Whaling
of the Seminary. The financial
secretary of the committee is
Rev. A. C. Bridgeman, who has
headquarters in Columbia. The
plan adopted to raise this amount
is what is known as the short
term simultaneous campaign,
that has been used so success
ful by the Young Men's Chris
tian Association all over this
country. The campaign is con
ducted_ by Presbyteries. As
there are seven Presbyteries of
the Presbyterian church in
South Carolina, there will be
seven campaigns, one to be held ~
in Enoree Presbytery. Enoree
Presbytery comprises the Pres
bterian churches of Greenville,
Laurens, Spartanburg, Union
and Cherokee (wvest of Broad ~
river) countiEs. This Presby-. ~
tery now has 58 churches with
a total membership, according i
to last reports of 5,413. These
chur'ches will be asked to raise a
sum of $55,000 and each church ~
will have a definite part of this C
amount apportioned to it, which k
it is expected to raise in a can
vass to last eight days and to be
condcted hv picked men of the
particular church.
Here's hoping that each
church in Enoree Pre sbyteryv
will do its part cheerfully, ener- 1
geticaly, promptly enthusiasti- -
ally and successfully. 1
For Sale. U
I will sell to the highest bid
ler at Pickens, S. C. on Sales
ay in February 1912 imnmedi
itely after public sales the fol
owing described lots; All that
iece or parcel of land in the
own of Central, S. C., consist- st
ng of four lots but all adjoining ti,
ach other, botinded on the westf
y 5th street and on the south t
y third street and a branch on
he north, the lot is 160 fe .et deep p(
nd lies near the Cotton Mill or
,nd convenient to Graded
chool. The four lots contdins ar
ne acre. sa
Ters: One half cash, bal- ce
.nce on credit to suit purchaser. of
These lots will go to the high- ba
st bidder as there will be no by- to
idding. W. L. Vickery. po
Notice to Pensioners
I will be in the cour-t house Hi
very day during January, 1912 W3
r the purpose of making out in
pplications for old soldiers and g
~-idows who are not getting of
ensions and wish to apply for g
ue. All now drawing will w
mntinue to receive pensions th
ithout further application, -
J. B. Newberry,
3t Pension Comn. gi
WANTED-Intelligent young .
ien and wvomen to take up Cor- sti
?spondent work and Mail-Order re
usiness. After you have corn- rn
leted our course you can take it su
p as a mail order business. A an
ood energetic, hustling man or ed
oman ought to make from $12 an
) $50 a week. Parsons' Bureau sei
! Corresponding and Mail-Order
usiness, Williamsville, Ill.
Por Infants and Chidren. er<
ie Kind You Have Alwayp Bought e*,'
hy The South Should Be. -Thej S1
Real "Corn Belt."
The scientists tell us it takes
:ertain number of heat units iA
produce a corn crop. This
eans that corn does its best in
warm climate. Of course, a
)eral amount of moisture and
rich soil, well fiilled with or
mic matter or humus, are
so needed. In short, there are 01
out four important factors
hich go to make up suitable
>nditions for the growing of
aximum corn crops: C
1. Warm weather, iricluding P
moderately high temperature F
oth day and night. d
2, A comparatively long S
3ason of warm weather, or a C
)ng growing period.
3. Abundant moisture main
%ined without too great varia- s
ons. An excess tef-,moistre 8
nd drouth are equally antagon a
tic to large corn yields.
4. A deep, loose, fertile soil,
vell filled with decaying organic 3
aatter or humus.
It will be seen that three of P
hese four essentials of a corn
ountry are naturally ours. The
ourth alone is lacking, but by
o means impossible of
ttainment. The expeiiences
f recent years have opened the
yves of Southern farmers as to J
he possibilities of corn growiig, v
Ld the rapid increase in our t
tverage production per acre is
he result. A few years more
>f this work of the Boy's Corn
31ubs, will, sure enough, put (
he South in the "Corn Belt."- t
rhe Progrescive Farmer.
To Pave Sidewalks.
Nothing like agitation espec
ally when questions of public
mprovements are at stake.
he recent bad weather has
lemonstrated the necessity for
etter streets and sidewalks in
?ickens and this condition has
rought about a movement on
he part of the City Council
vith the co-operation of pr per
y owners to pave the sidewalks
long main street. It is propos
d that the city bear one-third
he expense and the property (
wners two-thirds. This begins
o sound like business and is an
ndication that there are some
Lere who *are willing to '-pull
or Pickens." Keep pulling ~
:entlemen and when you have
ucceeded with this undertaking
legin on something else for the
ermanent impre rement of the
wn. Beautify it, and make
as attractive and inviting asj
is possible to do. This is
ne way to bring more people
ere and build up the town.
eep pushing and pulling for
The Governor's Message.
The first general message by
'ov. Blease to a South Carolina
~nislature was sent in and read
iboth houses the first day of
1 session. It was not an un
sually long document, nor was
a very brilliant one. As a
ate paper it was dissapointing,
>r many subjects of great im
>rtance to the people and tax
wers was not touched upon at
. It had the style of political
'gument rather than a lucid
atement of~ affairs and condi
ms affecting the public wel
re. It leaves the impression
at the governor is using h~is
ecutive functions to make a
litical speech. The first rec
amendation he makes is to
olish the office- of bank ex
airier. To do so would not -
ye to the taxpayers a sing~e s
nt, for the salary and expenses
this officer is paid by the
nks, and is a great protection
people who have stock or de
sits in banks.
The bureau of Agriculture is "
o on the list to be abolished? ~
e would destrp~oy theog ,
erest of the farmers of the
ate tha'n any other to get rid
the officer. The office, of
at Geoglogist and Game
arden are likewise stated for
e knife.
Ele charges extravagance in
m.y of the state institutions
iich is doubtless true. His 0
tement that "Our higher
te institutions of learning are
eiving entirely too much
ne" has many evidences to *
tain it, especially when the
iount expended for higher
acation is compared to the
lount spent in the common5
Ee recommends a two cent
.e on all railroads, and an
ctric chair in the penitentiary
the execution of the death
l'hese are among the most
portant of the subjects cov
~d by the message. The treat
art, however, is taken un-in
Ltements and arguments of
economy of his administra
n. -
County of Al-.beville.
In Probata Court
Mplaint to qa:1 lands to pay debts.
land A. Stephene, Administrator of
the estate of N. G. Stephens, deceas
ed. Plaintiff,
rs. Mary E. Stephens. W. T. Stephens,
W. 3. Stephens. and Rodney 0 Steph
ens, Defeudants.
Lelant A. Stepheus, Administrator
the et:-.te of W. G. Stephens, deceas
1. plain d.f, nguinst Mrs. Mary E.
ephen. t a].
Complaint to sell land to pay debts.
Fursuarti to an order of the Probate
ourt, 1 wl sJil t publc outcry at
ickens (o..t House on Salesday in
bruary trxr., for the payment of
b:s, th., f.llowing described real estate
Aonfibig to tie estate of W. G.
tephei, dcceased. situated in the said
ounty ad State, to wit: "All that
act or parcil of land 13 ing and being
tuated, on Scouth side by Airline R. R.,
djoinin lunds o4,tr west by 31. E
uith, on the south by said W. G.
tephens, on the east by X. M. Madden
ud others, and on the north by Broad
treet, this tract beinfi a part of Arm
rong lot also lot purchased by W. G
tephens from Mary E. Smith and E. K.
Vatkins. Right is r s rved to use 40
et between mill house and shop for
:-ssing to and fro. Terms cash, pur
huser to pay for paperp.
Judge of Prooate Abbeville Co.
Auditor's Notice
The time for taking returns will open
anuary 1st and close February 20 194h
rithout penalty. The Auditor or his
ebuty will be at the following plac -s
o take returns.
Calhoun, Monday, Jan. 15 1912 (after
Central, Tuesday and Wednesday,
an. 16th and 17th 1912.
Catt echee, Thursday, Jan. 18th 1912
Norris, Thuredsy, Jan. 19th 1912 (af
Liberty. Friday and Saturday, Jan.
9th and 2".h 1912 (noon.)
Easley, Monday and Tuesday, Jna,
2nd and 25rd 1912.
Eadley Cotton Mills. Wenesday, Jan.
4th 1812 (torenoon.)
Glenwood Cotton Miils, We dnes-las
an. 24th 1912 (afternoon.
1. W. H, ster's Store, Thursday. Jan
5th 1912 (forenoon.)
Looper's Gin, Thursday,Jan. 2-th 1912
&I ternoon)
Daci,':i-, Friday, Jan, 25th 1012
Peters Creek. Friday, Jan. 26th 191~2
Pumpkintowr., Saturd-ty, Jan. 27 1912
Holly Spi ings, Satuiday, Jan, 27 1912
aft--rnooT )
Mile C a ek, Tuesday, Jani. 30 1912
iterno. z)
Six Mile, Wednesday, San 31 1912
:orhn: onf)
Fraters, Wednesday, Jan. 31 1912
Eastatoe, iSaturday. Feb. 3 1912
Returns will be ta'ken in office during
e a hoi.. time,
N A. CamtsropHERi.
Auditor,' Pidketns County.
Brains and Pains
A great pain ter was
once ask ed with what
he miixedl his colors.
"With BRAINS," he
Fitting Glasses
Requires both brains
and pains. Perhaps
you have already
learned by experience I
If SO, you will appre
ciate the pains--taking
conscientious service
Consulting Optometrist,
Masonic Temple,
Greenville, S. C. J
* that we are sel
money iry the p
to get rid! f sc
To the Coun
You had better
the goods, at tl
can shoot our g
can buy elsewi
paper knives, i
We can fit y
fact we still has
peas, chickens,
J. E. Parsori
Bargam House
Havirg purchased two stocks of Merchan
dise at greatly reduced prices, we have decid
ed to give to the reople who trade in Easley
bargains never before offered.
Beginning Thur. Jan. 18
we will sell all:
50c Shirts- for----..------39c
$1.00 Shirts for----....-----79c
10c Hosiery. ----...__....- 7c
25c Hosiery-------------17c
$i.00 Overalls ----.-------79c
Men's and Boys' 15c Collars--7c
One loi Boys' Clothing and work
Pants at your own price.
50c and 75c Gloves--------39c
Hats for Euerybody
$c-.00 Hats...-------------69c
$i.50 Hats .----._---------98c
$2.00 Hats _------------$1.19
I )
Dry GoOds
7c Calicoes----------- 41-2
Dress Giughams 10-12 1-2..-_7c )
8c Ginghams ---------- 5 1-2c
Percales, 10-12 l-2.--..---..7c
Owing, 10-12 i-2c to go at---_7c
10 and 12 1-2c Flannel-. -7c
50c Dress Goods.-.-....--39c
95c Gress Goods-. - 19C
One lot Dress Lining, all colors,
to go at - .
We have a few Sweaters, and if /
the size fits you, take it alon
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes
I have more shoes than I an
ever wear ouit. If my price ill
not sell them, your price till
buy them. All sizes and st les.
Watch the Bargain Co nter
Specials every day A con lete
line of Staple and Fancy Gfocer
ies at all times.
Yours for Businiss
Easley .
Bargairi House
Next toP.O0 E ASLEY. S. C. W. D. Spearman
Ecels|i ittingills
Union, South Crolina
nHundred Experienced or Inexperienced Persons to Top, Knit
o, Mend and to do Press Room, Finishing Room and General
oery Mill Work. Good Wages. See or Writn to::
F. . AULT, Treas. & Manager
* 4 Ahmore i
by Low Prices*
ig our Entire Stock of Coods at certainly means5
chaser's pocker. We are not running a special sale
e dead stock, but you can buy anthing in our store
ry Merchants*
oad your stock-gun with our ammunition, for we have
right price, and can save you money. We know you
ods to your customers with a better profit than you3
Lee. W'e have a full line of fixtures, show cases, scales
-gallon self-measuring 3il tanks, etc., etc.
ou in Shoes, Hats, Overcoats, Suits and in
n~ ost anything you are looking for. Bring us your
tter, eggs, etc.
rs to SAVE you MONEY,
.J s smoeii
P (Prickly Am
.0 Prompt
Its beneficial ef
fects are usuallY
felt very quickly
* P.
Makes rich, red, put
sptmem -clears the brain-str<
A positive specific for Bloc
Drives otit Rheumatism and,
- is a wonderfu tonic =d body
Sold by Picken
I And to show the le o
I are proud of the buisn they I
I year welarelgoing to over for
,The Firs 0jiO I
Best Pa
LISTEN! Wis:eni
a 60 days of this year we will giv
X the best
.........STEEL -:- I
on the mai
SWhen we say Cash we mean th
Sand we have the dollar. We ha
Sof goods to select from, such as
SGroceries, Flour, Choi
i Shorts, Cotton See<
S Oats, Corn, Sugar,
Skinds of Canned G<
SOur stock of goods is always co
We ard.
i ehave one of the best line:
[ from to be found anywhere.
{ Pads, Back Bands, Traces, Harnm
[ Stocks, (single and double stock:
( us about one of our One and
( Stocks. There is no stock to eq
SOne and Two Horse, the besi
SAsk any owner.
SSewing Machines, Cooking Stovi
Builders' Supplies, Lubricating
vanized and Rubber.) The bi
the market for $1.45 per squa
worth of coupons may get thisi
Rember the
Pickens Hdw. &
I HAVE decided to close
of goeds at this place,
will sell
My object in doing this
room for Shoes and Dry Goi
all times a complete line of
Hats and Notions.
Begitning February I,I
the most complete line o! G
ried in Piclens. Anything 3
be found here at lower pric'
been paying elsewhere.3
Bring us all your prode
butter, corn, peas, oats, foi
you have to sell, and I will
If you need a Feather B
left, at reduced prices.
W0 D. Sp(
h, Poke
yied to P.
whe other
cines are ue
e blood--cleanses
mgthens digestion
d Poison and skin di
stops the Pain; endsMlai
builder. Thousands endorse
s Drug Co.
f Pickens county that we
save given us for the past
)ays of 1912
rery CASH DOLLAR you )
I with us during the first
e you a chance at one of (
at you have the goods
ive one of the best lines
icest Meats, Bran,
I Meal and Huis
Coffee and ali M
mplete and Prices Right. A
of Hardware to .select
flames, Collars, Collar )(
ess, Bridles, Plows, Plow )M
L.) DON'T FAIL toisee )M
TwoCliorse Perfection N~
uaal it. Try one.
: that money can buy.
as, Ranges, Mill Supplies,
Oils, Roofing (both Gal
ret Rubber Roofing on
OUPONS !--For $1.00
beautiful $27.50 Range ~
Grocery Co.''
R. ALLEN, Manager.
ant my entire stoc
and until Feb. 1,
is to have more
ads. I will carry at
Dry Goods, Shoes,
expect to put in
raceries ever car
'ou want to eat will
as than you have
ce, chickRens, eggs,
Ider, or anythin
alwaps pay highest
ed, we have a few

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