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Some Thing You Know and Some
You Doth Know About Our
Towns, County & People
Mr. E. B. Richardson, of Lib
erty, was here last week.
The Pickens mill installed
fourteen new looms lastwcek.
Dr. J. M. Crenshaw braved
the mud and came to town Sat
The recent bad weather has
delayed the work on the new
Methodist church.
Miss Gussie Cureton of Green
ille made her mother a visit
Mrs.Melanee Thornley White
visiting her mother Mrs.- N.
Miss Lucile Jones of Easley
was the pretty young lady visit
ing Mrs. T. R. Allen last week.
Messrs. Robert Moseley and
John Chapman, from upper Ke
owee, were in town Saturday
on business.
Homer Sutherland and Paul
Boggs left last Monday for At
lanta where they have accepted
Miss Vesta Ashmore enter
tained several of the boys and
girls at a sumptous supper. last
Friday evening.
Misses Maud Moss of Walhalla
and Buffie Moss of Greenville
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. B.
Lewis last Sunday.
Mrs. B. 0. Williams of
Gainesville. Ga. is with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A.
Richey for a few days.
Representative W. G. Maul
din has introduced a bill in the
House to provide for the election
of a cotton weigher at Norris.
After the storm .comes the
calm, and. after the rain the
sunshine- the weather man was
good to us this week.
EAny person or person is or are
hereby forbidden to give any
employment whatsoever to Fos
ter Griffin.
Ben P. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs.L. .Loehr, en
route from Hendersonv.ille N..C..
to IMississippi,their future home,
topped over in P!ckens for a
w 'days.
.0 . Alexander is step
g high and wearing a broad
ebecause the stork present
him with a bouncing baby
Ion the 19th inst.
The stork has been busy
around Pickens again as is edii
denced by the sprightlh walk
and Runny face of Mr. A, C.
Gravely. A chubby baby girl
was left at his home on the 21st.
The stock of goods recently
purchased by Mr. W. D. Spear
man of Messrs. Parrish, Sloan
j" & Co., at this place, has been re
sold to the latter firm, who will
continue the business.
Miss Licia Folger is visiting
her sister, Miss Marie Folger,
who is teaching near Laurens.
She will also visit in Charleston
and G.reenwood before return
Ving homie.
Mr. Josh. W. Adcox, who
lived here some years ago and
carried a star mail route, has
moved back to this county fromi
Oconee, and will run a shoe shop
in town.
Watch the auditor's notice
and meet him at his appoint
ments. By so doing you will
-save yourself much inconven
ience and that officer some trou
Mr. J. F. rris is hereby an
nounced by. his friends as a
candidate for Mayor of Pickens
subject to the action of the
qualified voters in the election
to be held February 3, 1912.
Mr. Sam Robertson of Spar
tanburg, representing the Vir
ginia Carolina Chemical Com
pany was in town this week ar
ranging with local dealers for
the sale of his fertilizers.
Dr. R. B. Jarrett of Central
has decided to do hospital work
in Petersburg, Va. and will re
move at an early day, He has
made many friends in Central
who regret to have him and his
estimable wife leave.
LOST-Betweeni my home
and the plaining mill or be
tween my home and Mr. M. C.
Smith's residence in Pickens
about two weeks ago one gold
bar breast pin about 2 inches
inng, plain except a little carv
ing Iiki leaves. Reward if
finder.wilj return to
Ms. T. R ivens,
FOR SALE-One Bay Horsi
buggy and wagon, 20 bales hai
300 cans beans and tomatoes,an
other articles. Terms, cash.
Carlos Gantt,
Liberty, S. C
Hon. T. J. Mauldin spi:
Saturday and Sunday at hon
returning to Columbia Monda
Mrs. Mauldin accompanied hir
and will remain in Columbi
and Charleston untill the clos
f>f the general assembly.
Hon. W. G. Mauldin came u
from Columbia last Friday an,
ret 1ined Monday. In convei
sation with the Sentinel reprE
sentative he expressed hi
doubts about being a candidat
this year for re-election.
Senator T. J. Mauldin has
bill in'the Senate for an electio:
on the question of issuing bond
in Liberty township to be usei
in road -building and improvc
ment. The provisions of th
bill are not known, but we hop
to publish it in full if it passer
Capt. "Billy" Smith, the old
est conductor in the State ani
possibly in the South, has re
tired from the service. He ha
been conductor for 53 years, th
greater part of this time bein
spent on the C. & G. division.
Mr. R. T. Hallum attended,
meeting of the County Superin
tendendents of Education ii
Columbia last week and fron
this meeting some importan
recommendations affecting th
school laws were made.
Mr. M. . F. Hester made
bbusiness trip out of town Mon
day, returning Wednesday
When he is called away, evei
though his stay be short
"Tup's" genial disposition prc
motes a feeling of loneliness a
home and among his friends i:
Mr. H. J. McGee, cashier c
the Farmers Bank of Centra
has resigned, and has been sut
eeded by Mr. J. H. Ramsemn
Mi-. McGee goes to Anderson t
take charge.of Anderson, 0cc
nee and Pickens counties for th
Southeastern Life Insurance Cc
Rev. W. R. Corder, the nei
pastor at Griffin, failed to mee
his appointment the last secon
Sunday on account of the ba
weather. To make up for tha
day he will preach there nex
Sunday at 11 O'clock a. m.
Mr. Jpet Brock, of Central
was lin tfown last Tuesday ani
reported that three head c
horses belonging to a loca
dealer were; run over an
killed by a Southern train las
Sunday night. The horses wer
loose and ran on the track jmn
in time to be struck by a pass
ing engine.
It is regretted that on accoumi
of other pressing matters c
news the clipping giving an at
count of the banquet by th
Bttler Guards in Greenville o
the night of the 19th cannot Ii
published. The thoughtfulnes
of the friend sending it is ar
preciated however.
Mr. J. L. 0.:Thompson, wh
recently purchased the Cami
bell County News, of Fairburr
a., was in town Saturday
Mr. Thompson was, until a fes
months ago, owner of The Ser
tinel, but sold out to the presen
company. He is an adept i:
newspaper work, having give:
his entire life to it. and will n
doubt make good in his nos
field. We wish him success.
Senator T. J. Mauldin ha
introduced a bill in the senat
to require all railroad companie
operating trains in this State t
stop all passenger trains at comn
house points and junctiom
points for court houses. Thi
would be of great benefit to th
Pickens county people and iti
hoped it will become law.
Mr. J. L. Young, our very it
dustrious townsman, wishes t
iemind the people of Picken
County that his mill is turnin
out the best meal ever. Hei
supplying the towns of Easley
Liberty and others. His cotto
gin is also running every day i
the week. Tell him your want
Mr. J. D. Bailey, representin
the Draper Mfg. Co., of Hopf
dale, Mass., after an absenc
of four years, is again payin
his respects to the people c
Pickens. -Mr. Bailev 's una!
suming and quiet manners gair
ed many friends for him upo
his first visit, and a royal we
come was accorded him upo
his second return.
Mr Albert F. Riser, of Libe
ty, wants the name and addres
of the superintendent and seer,
tary of each Sunday Schooli
the Count y. This is importa2
and it is hoped that each seer
ary will write him a card;
Mrs. Sara i Henderson, wife
. of W. E. Henderso-, died at her
d home five miles west of here
.ast Tuesday morning at the
advanced age of 81 years. She
had been in feeble health for
tsome time. Her remains were
interred at Mountain View
church the day following her
Two of the oldest and most
highly respected citizens of the
county have bein reported quite
ill. They are Col. Richard Len
Iiardt, who lives near Easley,
and Mr. Aaron Boags, of near
Calhoun. These two men are
now above the So mark, and
are highly esteemed by their
fellow citizens. Ma.;y will re
gret to hear of their sickness
and wish then) a speedy recov
Hughes Bros. are preparing to
install a corn mill in town to be
operated by a gasoline engine.
It will be located on the lot
where they have a blacksmith
shop near Folger, Thornley &
Co's and will soon be ready to
operate it. They will grind
your corn and do your black
snithing while you do your
shopping. Watch Pickens
The annual meeting of the
Bank of Central was held on
- the 17th instant. The former
officers were all re-elected for
the present year; J. N. Morgan,
president; C. B. Smith, vice
presidenti F. B. Morgan, cashier;
J. R. Falls, assistant cashier.
This bank had a prosperous
business last year and the direc
tors were much pleased with
the year's work. The dirzctors
,, were all re-elected.
A member of the Pickens
t M'll church in a letter to the
2 Sentinel calls attention to some
errors in the minutes. of the
f Pickens Association which were
,printed in this office. The errors
-complained of was in giving the
.name of two men, Reys. C. A.
5 Waters and B. C. Atkinson,
.as pastor, when only the name
of Rev. Mr. Waters should have
.been given as he is the pastor
The other error was in giving
the wrong figures as contribu
tions by this church for several
objects. We assure our friend
that these errors were not made
in this office, but were on the
copy sent in.
From Six Mile.
There will be an entertain
ment given at the Six Mile
Academy next Friday Night
Jan. 26th, An interesting pro
e ramme will be rendered.
Th .Y. P. U. continues t
meet i.t 7:30 every Sabbath
Prof. V.. E.. Rector formor
t president of the school here but
fwho is now employed in the
-government school work in the
Phillippine Islands sends some
1 interesting papers to be read at
the next meeting of the society,
i January 28th.
-Evangelist, W. M. Walker
has been' spending a short while
> in this hamlet.
-Messrs N. R. Merck and
,Clarence Phillips left Thu'sday,
.last for Toccoa. Ga. and other
r towns.
-Mr. W. A. Satterfield is much
t improved af ter having been sick
i some length of time.
i Miss Berta Jones accompanied
> by her friend Miss Bessie Dalton
r spent Friday and Saturday
with homefolk.
Miss Eula Baker spent Satur
day in Pickens. Torp
Mr. J. P. Hyde is hereby an
nounced as a candidate for
Mayor of Pickens at the ap
s proaching election.- tf
We, the friends of G. R. Hen
-dricks, hereby announce him as
a candidate for Mayor of Pick
ens. the election to be held on
3d day of Feoruary, 1912.
1 -For land anywhere in Pick
ia ens county see or write J. R3
;. Ashmore. "The Land Man."
SFOR SALE.-I offer for sale the
house and lots known as the A.
e B. Cameron property, in the
Stown of Pickens, and in a good
,f locality. Reasonable terms can
- . be had. T. J. MAULDIN.
1 FOR SALE:-A good young
- horse. Cash or acceptable
T. D. Harris
For nats ad Clde.
0 %Will not buy a Dependable Piano.
3 Too Much Money .
Does N- f Necessarily Gi r r: r C <
10 Strikes a happy medium in Price-and insures the
maximum intrinsic value.
This Piano is built according to strict specifica
tions in one of New York's most modern Piano Fac
tories, and contains every feature possible in a sci
entificallv built instrument.
The One Artistic Piano
p in which you do not pay for name.
Guaranteed for a life time. Sold Direct From Fac
tory only by
John H. Williams
Phone 682, GREENVILLE, S. C.
Victor Talking Machines and Supplies. 1
Cabbage Plants
We have the Sale of the Famoas Carolina
"Frost-Proof" Cabbage Plants
These plants are grown in open air, near
salt water, by the Geo. L. Sands Co., of Ran
towles, S. C., under the special supervision of
a skilled plant grower, and it is solely on ac
rcou nt of the climatic location of their farm and A
'continuous wind blowing in from the, ocean,
preventing heavy white frost from forming in
the winter, that they are able to produce a
We have contracted with the Sandt' peo
ple for a large quantity of these plants, and
ywill be in position to supply your demands.
We solicit the patronage of market garde
ners and others desiring large quantitities. Get.7
our prices before ordering from elsewhere.
LWe make a specialty of supplying the gen
eral public with p~lants for home gardening.
rDrop in and see us when in -need of plants.*g
NTothing iu
.. TheUMtayv
3 Fr 1thbI wk, w
hav b nwyry busytak
ing st ck, but ar nw
tirujyh, and th 1is
nothing to hinder us In
waiting on our custom- M
1 ers. We are anxious to
serve you, and want you
to continue to do your
shopping here. We will
make it to yous advan
tag. to shop at our store
SCraig Bros Co.
We are new in the Mercantile business but are here to
merit your patronage, and we will do so if fair dealing, good
goods and right prices count for anything. We carry a full
ine of
Dry Goods, lNotionls, Rats, Shoes and Groceries,
And will make you prices to suit 9 cent cotton.
We pay highest cash price for all kinds of
Make us a visit and be convinced that we will treat you4
right. Yours for businessI
Youngblood & Brezeale.
We have just finished taking <
culled out some lots of Depen4
sold as they should. We will
over, but, right in the middle <
Men's Suits and Exti
Ladies' Shoes, Ladie
and Coat Suits for 4
selling price.
Big Lot Crossett Shoes
One lot, Assorted Leathers, 4
former price 3.50. now.. -----. -8
Big lot Bay State and WoE
in-a-Walk Shoes, $3.50val., at .19
One lot Assorted Leathers,
same brand, $4 val., now---- $315
One lot Men's Shoes that
sold for $4.50, now - -
One lotfMen's Shoes, $2.25 -$.
to $3 values, for.--------- *
One lot Men's 25,5075150
Men's and Boys' Suits
One Ice Men's Suits value 18 00, to100
go fr - - - - .. - - -- -- - -- -
One lot of Men's Suits, that sold for 80
16.50, now
One lot Meu's Clothing, sold for 60
12.50. goingt----------- -------
Oelot Men's HeavySSuits. vold 'or40
8.50 price
Any Youth's Long Pants Suit in the
house at:Actual Cost.
One lot Men's Pass. ! 5) t' 2 2.O 1.50
values, ror- --------------------
One lot Men's Pants, 1.50 to 2 50.9
v ales. far-- - - - - - - - - -
<ne lot Men's Pants, sold for' 3.50 1.75
going at- . . - - - - - - - - - -
O..e lot Men's Pants, value 4.50, to 19
go at.. .- - - - -- - - - - - - - -
Heath- cele
Leaders i
January aE
Sand by this we do not mean "ce
we are going to offer certain lii
20 Per Cent
This discount will apply to Coal
CosMen's and Boys' OverL~
Woolen Dress Goods. This wil
Good, Clean Merchandise at clo
show you the Largest and best
I House Furnishings in the Coun
Furniture of every description
SArt Squares, Sewing Machins,
Call on us for anything. We n
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and G4
Sole agents fo .?~iiver Shoes, H
PSewing Machines, Vbase City Buggies, Mit
0 seemdoemssabeea
>ur Annual Inventory, and
lable Merchandise that have not-* >
not wait until the season is
)f the season, we areo
a Pants, Men's an
s and Misses' Coat
Dne-halt their
Ladies Coat Suits50,&
5 Suits, sold for $22.50
this Sale
4 Suits, sold for $25.00
this Sale.-.
8 Suits, sold for $20.00
now -- - - -- - - -- -0
7 Suits, valued at $15.00
to go in this.Sale for.
One lot $12.50 grade to
go..at $7-.---.----7 5
One tot valued at $8.5 25
togo r-... .-. .
Queen Quality Shoes *
The kind that sold for 3.00 to go -
for -.-...--------- ..-----------------*
One lot same bra~nd, formerly 3 50 ? _
now.----.--.--..----- ---------ot
One lot Queen Quality 4.00 grade 29
going at-- .....-----..
One lot Boston Favorite Ladies'
ne lot Southern Girl and Au- 1.50 i
graph Shoes. value 2.60, for...-...
One lot Southland Bells, value 1.50
'ogoaf.--...---..-- .
Wash GoodsI
1llot Pink and Tan Chambry, 81-3 at 5c5
1 lot Percal, Striped and Checked Ging
ham, value 10-12 1-2c_--_---7 1-2c
1 lot Percals, Ginghams, 12-15c..-....9c
Blanket and Comfort Steck to go atU Cost
1 lot Black Crow Hose 25c val.,..--5
Low Prices.- -
s sale" or "old stocE sale" hetl
es of the best wnter god t
s Suits, Ladies' and Children
ats, Heavy Clothing and HfeavY
be a good opportunity to get
se figures.
LE, wewish to say that we Canl
selected stock of Furniture and
nd at all prices, Rugs, Miattinl
Stores and Cooking Utensils.
eed, want, appreciate your trade
s truly,
ornley4 Co
nts' Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
chell Wagons andMthl tcO3l

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