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Will Give to the People of the Sta
the Latest News of the General A
sembly of the State of South Cai
Celumbia.-The railroad committ
of the senate and the house will hc
.a joint session In the senate chamb
to hear and consider disccssion
pending and proposed railroad legis
tion. The neeting is open to t
7. A message from the governor, cc
demnng the conditions he alleges
exist in the hosiery mill of the stU
penitentiary, desiring its abolitic
advocating the tearing down of <
buildings and the erecting of n4
ones, was received by the senate a
house. He advocates the erection
a hospital for tubercuiorls on t
farm in Lexington gorcy; reco
mends that prisoners be allowed
talk to each otlier, read, hear sermo
and desires that whipping of we
and physically disabled convicts, th
by inference, he alleges Is prevale
in the penitentIary, be discontinul
-He also wishes-convicts to be work
on the new asylum buildings so th
can get plenty of fresh air.
The governor wants action, a
says: "I desire no friction, no rc
and no unpleasantness, but actio
and it must be had by your or n
A~ter some do * on motion
Senator S r, of Charleston, t
e referred to the comm
nitentiary for consideratil
The governor of South Caroli
sent a special message to the genei
assembly In which he defended his I
sition on the appofntment of spec
Judges. He reviews the conflict wi
the supreme court and tells why
refused to appoint upon the reco
miendations of the chief justice.
T'he 'jdint assembly of the t,
houses mnade the following electio
-of circuit judges':
For the 2nd circuit, Hayne F. Ri<
of Alken, to succeed the late Rob<
For theb ujriit, Thomas
Spain, of Darlington, to succeed
sociate Justice R. C. Watts.
For- the 8th circuit, Frank B. Gal
of Abbeville, to succeed the la
Judge J. C. Kiugh.
S For the 11th circuit, Judge J.
DeVore, of Edgefteld, re-elected.
-For -the 12th circuit, Judge S.
GShipp, of Florence, re-elected.
The first two elections were il
c-of spirit and vim and the contest1
tween 'Mr. Edward Mclver and a
Spain, to succeed Judge Watts,
the, unexpired term, was one of t
~aist' and most spirited conte:
Sthat has been seen in many years.
The Senate.
What Is known as the "Rock IH
--- la"for -reducing the cotton acrea
~was endorsed by the senate, ic
.current resolution introduced by Si
for Stewart, of York county. T
plan provides for a 25 per .cent redi
tionrIa cotton acreage throughout t
South, and commends the plan to t
farmers,- business men and peop
generally, and urges those In char
of the campaign in ea'ch county
push the work.
Dr. L. W. Page, of the United Stat
department of good roads buildli
delivered an address to the-senate, t
subject being good roads, with pa
ticular reference to the bill for
~state highway commission now per
ilngl efor~e the general assembly. T
aenat eardhis talk with interi
~any visitors in t
New Senate ills.
Mr. Weston-To amend an act
establish the Insurance departme
of South Carolina.
Mr. Lide-To provide for writs
error in criminal cases.
Mr. Sullivan-To provide for th
establishment and maintenance of
rural, police system in Anderso
Mr. Sinkler-To amend an act t
incorporate the Medical CollegeC
Soua Carolina.
Mr. CarlisleTo incorporate th
Lockbar't Power Company and defir
its. duties and powers.
Mr. Crosson-to regulate the worl
ing of the chaingang in Lexlngtc
*Mr. Crosson-To provide for wori
in lg on the highway of .Lexingtc
county by contracts.
Mr. Carlisle-To incorporate Piel
mont Power Company.
Mr. Weston-TO regulate the ele
ion of the eleetive members of ti
board of trustees of the public schoo:
of the city of Columbia.
Mr. ]ipps-To amend an act to pr
vide a .county government for W
Hlamsharg county.
Mr. IEarle-To prevent the placi
- of carcasses on the premises of a
other. -
Mr. Laney-To create a state cr<
pest commIssIon.
* Mr. Mars-TO amend an act to r
quire marriage licenses and regula
their issuance.
The House of Representativyes.
Mr. Woodward W. Dixon. a me~
her of the house from Fairfield cou
a~-ks announced that he will rt
in the ~primary for lieutenant go
ernor. His candidacyi s entirely u
aMfhated with any candidate for go
Permission was granted for the ui
of the hall of the house of represent
tives for the state Democratic co
vention next May. There was no o:
position, of course, to the resolutic
offere'd by Mr. Rembert..
-Mr. Safley withdrew his bill to r
quire all steam railroads in this sta
to use E!astern time.
A hearing was arranged for on Se:
atrSlia' ilt eur e
phonr compianis bilto frnqih tone
lin otersbsrbr ihu
phoner comanestogrnshcon
Thens to thr sscribersitou be
mebr.Ascat:utc hS
t raer charge. vtin o hes
Thee r.' -ile hasost stw in tbe
members. Associate Justice Thos.
Fraser, by his elevation to the s
m... onet will not sit in the houg
He will begin his service alt once.
Mr. Frank B. Gary will no longer
serve as a member. He will qualify
at once, and his first term of court
will be in Charleston, early in Febru
. ary. Both seats will remain vacant
for the session.
The house acted favorably upon a:
concurrent resolution, already passed
- by the senate, endorsing the "Roch
Hill plan" for curtailing the acreage
of cotton. The concurrent resolution
Was introduced in the senate by Sena
tor Stewart.
The judiciary committee of the
house has made reports on the libel
act and on the special mesage of the
governor in ference to it. The first
tO report of the committee, made by
four of its members, which it ap
t pointed a subcommittee, recommends
that all the governor's libel act mes
sage, except his specific objections
to the act which the constitution re
quires printed in the Journal, be ex
punged from the record, since "the
e style and language in which the same
d is couched are such that self-respect
er forbids that a- dignified legislative
body should permit it to become part
of the records of its acts."
The second report of the judiciary
e committee, read recommends that
the libel act pass in spite of the gov
n. ernor's veto.
to Now House Bills.
te Mr. Jones-To provide for the es
w, tablishment and maintenance of a
ld rural police system in Lancaster
w county. ,
ad Mr. Bowman-To require the coun
o ty treasurer of Orangeburg county to
e publish quarterly a list of fines paid
m. him by the magistrates of the county,
to Mr. Scott-To amend section 2 of
s an act entitled "An act to provide for
the organization and regulation of
t, mutual protection asociations," ap
t proved February 4, 1910, by repealing
d. restriction as to territory."
ed B. C. Edwards-To amend section
ey 14 of an act approved March 1, 1909,
and as further amended by an act ap
d proved March 8, 1910, amending an
act entitled "An act to establish the
.; Insurance Department of South Caro
e. lize and to provide for the conduct
of the same," approved February 24,
of 1908, by adding to said section 14 a
te proviso regulating the additional li
t, cense .ee to be paid by foreign life
. insurance companies licensed to dc
= business in this state.
h Heart to Heart
r TaAs.
Do you remember in Vicror Hugo'
story of "Les Miserables" bow foi
s-years Inspector Javert pursued JIeac
SVaijean, who had stolen a loaf o:
ebread~ for a starving sister?
Well, here is a modern instance.
V. Javert put Jean Valjean into th<
galleys and pursued him bec-ause 0:
V. his stern sense of official duty, but ti
persecutor In this modern story had n<
11 such excuse.
e- Wllliaim F. Delmege, a New Yori
[r. butcher, is the Javert of the tale, an
oJ.acob F. Heintz Is the poor delinquen
ewhom Delmoge hounded.
s The story runs thus:
Years ago Hleintz pleaded guilty ta
il steallng'somne meat from his emnployer
e Since that time be has not only live<
. an honest life, but has worked hard t<
-support his own family and also fou:
ie children of a dead brother.
c Wherever Hleintz went Delmege fol
he owed. sooner or 'later told thout thi
etheft and secured the discharge of the
eunfortunate man.
,Discouraged by his struggle agains
ge these odds. Helntz- had Delmege ar
to rested for breach of the peace. Th<
latter admitted to the judge he ha'
s cred the discharge of Heintz threa
' different times.
e He said he thought It was "his duty
tr- to tel.
a "Did you know this man was lead
ng an honest life?" asked the magis
lie trate.
St "NO." said Delmege.
li Whereupon the court grew indig
nant "Is there then no such thing al
penance or merey? Must the door o
to oportunity be everywhere slamme<
at In this poor man's face? I will Pu
*you under bonds of $1,000 to keep the
fpeace as to this matter."
In default of ball Delmege went t<
- Oh. just judge!
Hentz. like JTean Valjean. was re
deeming his life. And every time be
tried to get his bead above water Del
mege pushed him under.
~"The quality of merey is no1
The pitiless Javert of Hlugo's story
etorn in his desire between the call o1
duty and the enll of merey. had the
grace to drown hims'elf.
Iest of our o:
th. nc. M
Sod 3y Rli&
The Legislature's Work.
Wilmington Star.
A contemporary calls atten
tion to the fact that "the South
CarolinA legislature is now sit
tin." If it is sitting on Gov
ernor Blease it will do good
work for South Carolina.
Blease's Message.
If Go-r rior Cole L. Hiease
hadn't been a "dead one" al-11
ready, his message to the South a
Carolina Legislature this week 1<
vetoing the libel law passed up s
to him would have killed him. t
I he message is the most scurri- 1
ious document we have ever C
lcnown to issue from the govern- n
or of the state.-Albany Herald. '
If Blease Has a Grouch.
If Governor l'lease has a
grouch against the Columbia
State, there is no reason why
he should lambast the entire
press in order to vent his spleen.
Some of the papers have treated
him rather decently in spite of
his short-comings. It's our:
lopinion tha1, a large majority of
the new.- vapers in South Caro-.
lina are edited by better men 1
than the Govt.rnor.- Gaff ney
Evil of Hook Worm
A y oun' fellow about twenty, t
dwarfed and yellow, took tLe
treatment for hookworm disease
a few weeks ago and now has
roses in his cheeks for the first:
time in years and finds a keener
ijoy in living than he has ever1
I known before. But unfortun->
ately he took the treatment too:
late for him ever to rearch normal
size. He wvill alway be stunted~
in body. That is itself a trag- I
edy, and it seems somehow as9
if he ought to have a chance'
Pickens Railor;
INo. 1 No. 3No. 5 STATI(
Mix'd Mix'd Mix'd
4A. M.A. M.P. M. Lv.
7.30- 1 .oo3-5 PICKE
7-3~5 11.05 3.20 *FERGU
i 7.45 111-15 3.30 *~s
7-50 11.20 3-3 *^RIA
7.55 11.-55 3.40; *M^UL
8.oo 11.301 3-451 EASLI
____ Ar.
*Flag Stations-No Ag<
No. 1 connects with:
Nd. 3 connects with:
No. 3 connects with.
No. 3 connects wvith
No. 4 connects witl
.No. 4 connects with:
No. 5 connects with
For any further infoi
is shlIe;Efleya
ie 'Dealers Everywhere
Off ices
..Columrbia S.C.
,omeiAla. Sprtanbu.rp fC~
ColiIabus Ga.
Norfol: Virginia-Pilot.
Even if we did not regularly
ee the majority of the news
apers publishe i in South Caro
na, We Would know they were
ood from the way Blease talks
,bout them~n.
"Co-partnership Resolved."
A West Virginia darkey, a
lacksruith, recently announced
change in his business, as fol
>ws: Notice-De co-parder
hip heretofore resist'ng be
ween me and Mose Skinner is
ereby resolved. Deni what
we de flirm will settle wi.' me,
nd dei what do firm owes will
ettle wid Mose.".
Blease's Prospective Staff.
It is "rumored" that Blease
s to have a newspaper in Spar
anburg. We assume there
vill be no "infamous liars" on
be editorial staff. These will
)e employed only in the circu
ation department.-Spartan
)urg Journal.
The Whole Way.
acksonville Times-Union.
But how much better it would
)e if they coujd expunge Blease
rom the record of South Care
ow to start life without such
, handicap. And yet he siezed
he first opportunity that came
o him, and his tragedy is not
o deep as that of affected chil
ren whose parents might have
heni treated but are kept from
oing so through some foolish
)rejudice.-The Progressive
All persons indebted to me
vill call and settle by Feb. 1,
id relieve me of collecting.
R. B. Waldrop
dc Company,
E No 12.
)S.\o. 21No. 4 No. 6
)NS \lix'c Mix'd Mix'd
Ar. A. M. P. M. P. M.
NS 9.10 1-50 4.35
SON 90o5 1-45 4.30
Ns :8.5 -3 4.20
8.55 1-30 5
IN 8.45 1.25 4-10
Y 8.4o 1.20 4.05
Southern No. 42
Southern No. 39
Southern No. 39
Southern No. 12
Southern No. 12
Southern No. 39
Southern No. 11
ation apl)ly to
J. T. TrYLOR,.
General Manager.
Over 2,000 Acres of Land Have Beei
Purchased in Two Years For Nev
Site-Names of Members of Con
mission Given Below.
Columbia.-"The commission ha
oeen working this year under the in
pression that it is the policy of thi
state eventually to transfer the entiri
plant of the State Hospital for the It
sane to State Park." This statemen
is made in the annual report of thi
asylum commission to be sent to th
general assembly on the work of re
lieving the congested conditions a
the asylum. It Is pointed out that th4
commission recognizes that it will b4
a process of seferal years before thi
can be accomplished, "but the com
mission had endeavored to lay thi
foundation and make the plans s<
that the plant may be enlarged a,
demands for this enlargement cor
to care for the unfortunate wards i
the state .for years to come and Doi
destroy the symmetry of the pla'is.
The report showed that sinco th
work was begun that the commission
during two years have purchased 2,16:
acres of land for $61,027.93.
The members of the commissiox
are: Dr. J. W. Babcock of Columbia
Dr. Robert Wilson, Jr., of Charleston
H. Aull of Newberry, John F
Flcyd of Spartanburg and James M
Payne of Anderson.
The first several pages of the re
port are devoted to the joint resolu
tion of the last general assembly giv
ing the commission the right to bor
row as much as $200,000 to carry oi
the work. The resolution is given if
full and contains the powers of th(
South Carolina New Enterprises.
Columbia.-The secretary of stat
has issued a commission to the Ham
Realty and Insurance agency of Co
lumbla, with a capital- stock of $5,
000. The petitioners are J. W. Dunn
C. N. English and D. M. Ellen. A com
mission has been issued to the D. K
Gannt company of WVagener, in Aike:
county, with a capital stocik of $25,
000. The petitioners are D. K. Gan
and A. L. Corbett. A general mercan
tile business will be conducted.
commission has be.en issued to th'
Bar Drug company of Ninety-Six~
with a capital stock of $2,500. Th<
petitioners are J. H. Barr and W. O
York County Ready For Plan.
Rock Hill.-The organization o:
York county in the interert of th'
Rock Hill plan for securing reductiot
of cotton acreage has been completed
The county committee within a fei
minutes secured sufficient funds t<
provide for the canvass for pledge:
to be made under the general direc
tion of J. G. Anderson. Mr. Ander
son, who fathered the Rock Hill plar
and secured its adoption at the meet
ing of the executive committee of th<
Southern Cotton congress in New Or
leans, has already taken up hIs worn
as stite superintendent for Sout
Found "Not Guilty" of Murder.
Lexington.-H. E. Avant, the
wrell known lumberman of Cayec, wh<
on October 7 shot and killed Ton
Bynum, a notorious negro, was trie<
for murder in the general sezsicni
court, Judge George E. Prince presid
ing, and was found not guilty, the sc
licitor agreeing to a verdict of no
guilty as to murder, and the jury re
turning a verdict of not guilty as t'
carrying concealed weapons.
Has No Patience With Blind Tigers,
Lexingtun.-Judge George E. Princa
has no patience with blind tigers, thii
being shown when he sentenced S
A. Corley, a negro, who pleaded guilt:
to the charge of selling liquor,. t<
six months on the county chaingan,
without the alternative al! paying
industrIal School Board Meeting.
Florence.-A meeting, of the boar'
of directors ef the South Carolini
Industrial School, which is locate'
at this place, was held in the office
of the governor at Columbia. Those
in attendance were the president
Governor Cole L. Blease; Vice-presi
dent Dr. D. D. Wallace, Spartanburg
Secretary and Treasurer William I,
Barringer, Florence; the Rev. A. TI
Jamison, of Greenwood; the Hon. J
E. Swearingen, Columbia; the Rev
K. 0. Finley, Columbia, and the Hot
J. Willard Ragsdale, Florence.
To Have Hospital At Early Date.
Camden. - The Kershr~w Ccu~nt:
Medical association met he-re an<
elected officers for the year. All o
the officers were re-elected. Thei
are: Dr. S. C. Zemp, president; Dr
S. F. Brasington, vice-president; Dr
W. J. Burdell, secretary and treasu
rer. The association agreed to do a]
n their power to assist in having th<
John Burdell hospital for the allevi
don of the poor of Kershaw county
.'t at an early date, and to trea
lv.tients free of charge, when th'
-. is completed.
For Sa!e.
I will se!! t o the hihest hid
der at Pickens. S. C. on Sales
day in February 1912 imnmedi
ately after public sales the fol
lowing described lots; All thaa
piece or parcel of land in th<
town of Central, S. C., consist
ing of four lots but all adjoin ing
each other, bounded on the wvesi
by 5th street and on the souti
by third street and a branch or
the north, the lot is 160 feet deej
and lies near the Cotton Mil
and convenient to Gradei
School. The four lots contaim
one acre.
Terms: One half cash, bal
ance on credit to suit purchaser
These lots will go to thehidt
est bidder as there will be no by
idding. W. L. Vickery.
Pickens, S. C.
Liberty, S. C.
Practice; at Central < e Wednedais
J. A McC ,llough B. F. Martin
E.1M. B'yt-he
Mc0llog1 Martil & Blythe
a Ias0uic Temlple . Grenville, S. C.
t Assoczate firm
3 Anderson, I. C.
Practice in all Courts.
Notice of Final Settlement and
t Notice is hereby given that I wil
mak iep: pication tv J. B. Newberry,
Esq Jul :--,f Proba.e for Pickens conn
IV .- Siate of South Carolina. on the
I' day of Ft-bruarv 1912 at 11 o'clock
L in e frrenoe'n or as soo.
b- r as .i-i application can b
heard, for leave to ma:;ke final settl-ment
of the e.-tate of N. A. Keith decased
and obtaii: discharge a.4 admirt of said
esltate. W. C. Keith,
Notice of Final Settlement and
NOTI: E is hereby given that I wil
make sljplication to J. B. Newberry
Esq, Ju.ge of Probate for Pickcins
cout tv. -n the State of south Carolina.
on thle '1 day of Jan. 1912, at 11 o'clock
m1 the forei.oon, or as soon thereafter 2
;.id -pplicAtion can be heard, for leavi
ro make finel settlem-ent of the estate
Of C M. .0uler deceased, and oblain diF
charge* as admrt. of Paid estate.
E. U. Miller.
-Southwest Georgia Farm and Pe
can Lands for Sale.
Any size tract desired. Our lands are fer
tile, arid results are satisfactory. Farmers are
headed this way to get on the ground floor
Vn rite for idl.strated booklet to-day.
-Flowers-Parteer Realty Conmpany,
nov-c-St Thomasvllle. Ga.
1The county board has extend
ed the payment of the commu
>tation road tax for 1912 to March
15. As the law now stands,
school trustees are not exempt.
The board desires that all may
make an effort to pay this tax
before the extended time is out.
James B. Craig,
-~ . Tak~e
-Pain Pill,
To Head-Off
a Headache
Nothing is Better than
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills
They Give Relief Without
Bad After-Effects.
"It gives me great pleasure to
offer a word of recommendation
for Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills,
as there are thousands suffering
unnecessarily from headache. I
-was afflicted intermittently for
.years with headache and after
.other remedies failed, I t* d
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills. or
the past ten years I have carried
them constantly with -me, getting
instant relief by usig one or
two on the approach of headache.
They are also effective for neu
ralgia, giving immediate relief."
IC. M. BROWN, Estherville, Ia.
For Sale by All Druggists.
r25 Doses, 25 Cents.
MILES MEDICAL CO.', Elkhart, Ind.
You Won't Get ''Stuck"
10 ii .u -'tzk" t.. us. Ourf iuieSi is to
.. td n:ot 'stick'' you. WhIen we of!'er
Pins c f All
we ma~ke r. bold ibid for your tmde, by offer
lag you best selection we could get of
remrtkable in beauty, yariety anti lowness ef
price. liuy somec.
- ailey s.t C
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
*For Dye
Thirty Years
be 45
:tling Works,
2,OZ YongesrsZanZk. c~72.l
IsS~wish orvnyo u wu Aa
: to~ remi'be nd y i wtoo.
ld YstIsand uring
rythin eethin
ybl and hpos
tri nd ou
shal always bei
ob ndlhppy
mineall lay s a -
dintsmer so.
es betwee freuokith
Opium.Morphine norMineral
Apen _Y fOr~!
Worms, olis.?er
FacSami&e Siaue Or
Eact Copy of Wrapper.
PCkens B01
R. L. Davis
Z*asLY AZWrtfl. Ase.faozzTr,B
- TAOg rMARK cc
&* Estabrished 1868. PadinC:
customoz. a vegrand ao moe cabbs
that sell for the most moneiy.
We smthee oofCabbageS
andvgtablegrowin. Pce oncabbage PIan~
t4,000 50 ethousa.nd;5.000 to9, 25O perthe
Win. c. Geraty c.., Box Z
ND i
Then I want
that I wvill still
ness at the "o]
1912 with eve
in .DRY SC
home comforta
The iowest
teous attention
given my cust<
A. K.
West End
There is a different
yet most of the directions for f
for producing rapid wood growth
This means coming into bearing
- account of lack of enough available:
crop of fruit and to set strong fruit bu
Toyasbefore the trees are expec
annual application of minerals shiot
pounds Muriate of Potash and 160 te
Sphosphate or basic slag per acre
Poash improes the flavor s
formnulas ad diectil

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