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. 4LI-that
Just a countryman-that
al," is the way the grower <
this remarkable ear of corn, M
Fred C. Palin, styles himsel
7 Though h6 is admitted to be01
of the leading corn experts
the country-one whose servic
are greatly in demand as
-7'Udge of corn exhibits, Mr. Pal
asks ro greater honor or d
tction than to be known as
plain Hosier farmer, and wh
he openly professes a reasonal
pride in the achievement
growing the famous ear of co
-which was adjudged the mc
periect ever grown, it is witho
a shadow of ostentation.
The World's Gi
Variety-Paln's Corn Fake
Dimensions-Length, 10 14
No. ofrows, 20. Length of I
3-8 in. Thickness kernels, 1
The champion ear-af corn w
not an accident. There can I
neagreater lesson in the value
careful study and paintaking s
lection of seed and breeding thE
the experiences of this san
Palin. The farmer who thinl
he stands a chance fo go in
his corn field and by a piece
luck pick out an ear which N'
~-~'re "hioned even mo
~,perfectly and with it wrest tl
>honors from this Indiana ma:
cannotido better to disabuse h
~ iind of this fallac-ious notic
than to reid the story of Pali
~and his champion ear.
Fred C. Palin
In- the first place, Palin knov
corn. If there werp no proof<
this fact than the bare story<
the.development and discovej
of the champion ear, it wou]
be enough. And in proof .<
thislact, here is the story as I
"It was in November, 1911
and we were just harvestin
our crop. The weather ha
been good, but we were a littl
late with the harvest. Th
men were going through th
fields with the wagon in th
usual way gathering the corr
~and the harvest was a promisin
"We haye a sort of corn sho'
at my farm all the time, an
there is always an award fc
exceptionally good ents of cor
-ear'sufficiently true to typ
to permit of their being exhibit
ed. There is a small box c:
every corn wagon in which th
most. perfect ears are thror
These, when properly lseket
constitute the seed corn, en
among these more perfect ear
-.we occasionly find an ear the
we re illngto exhibit in
"On the day the champioi
ear was found, I was at th
house and at dinner time one o
the men brought it in and lais
it, with a number of other ear~
upon the window' eill in the rel
room for me to take and pu
away in the seed house.
*"Well,' I said, do you thini
you've good ear there?
"'It looks to me like a goot
ear,' he said. 'What do vot
think of it?'
"I picked it up a.nd looked i
over. 'Well,' I said finally, 'J
think it is the most perfect em
of corn I ever saw. It's good
enough to win the W. K.
Kellogg f1,000 troph y tiSs yTC
at Omaha.'
"nd I swatcond u t H m
oertt I hi, ant-he it
over ina In hend. the troUh
soihanner n I hand. o Omuch
th. when T tert for Omaha
. .an e<
of cO
ryfis Discve I Nati
OM7 OMW plau
TMED I~ t X fmuc
's to exhibit the ear, I took it out held
>f of my grip and showed it to the u
r. station agent with the word, buil
f 'That's the ear I'm going to win buil
3e the $1,000 troihy with.' " sho
in So there's the story of the chai- stat
es pion ear as Palin told it himself stal
a And on the strength (f it who pro
in will say that Fred C. Palin
is- doesn't justly merit the title, pro
a '"The Man who Knows Corn?"' her
le But that's not all of Palin's ma
le-story. He tells it willingly, est
of though modestly, for he knows
rn that his story whenever told is
st a source of great encourage- 1
ut ient of the thousands of farm- der
ers who never had a better day
-eatest Ear of Corn low
Yellow. to,"
inches. Circumference, 7 3-4 in. ing
ernels, 3-4 in. Width of knernels eac
6 in. Weight, 20 ounces. by
Champion Ear - est
is chance than he had himself.
ye Palin was born and brought up
>f on a farm near New town, Iod.
e- He has never owned a foot of L
a farm land in his life, and the de
3e 360-acre farm on which the fi
Es champion ear of corn which Cra
to won the Kellogg Trophy was elec
f grown is a rented farm. Gri:
a- Mr. Palin's real experience as n~l
re a farmer began about sixteendr
e years ago. He had been on the
, road as a grocery specialty sales
is man, when he took a notion tiva
n that he would rather be an agri- woc
n culturist, so he took a few short goo
courses at Purdue University me
and rented-a portion of the farm ma
he now occupies. Nine years you
ago he began carefully breeding TER
this new variety of corn. For
two years he planted two rows sTs
of Reid's Yellow Dent, then two
of Alexander's Gold Standard,
detasseling the Gold Standard. corn
From the detasseled rows he Lelai
picked for seed only the ears th<
Scarrying the characteristics he e
wanted to reproduce, planting .
these in breeding plots and main- w.
taining careful selection, so that era
in nine years' time he had de- . Le
veloped a well settled type. of th
s The Palin champion ear was Se
f the first winner of the W. K- Co
f Kellogg National Corn Trophy, 1u
y a handsome silve r and enamel cour
d cup made by Tiffany of New Pc
f York at a cost of $1,000. Mr- debte
e Kellogg originator and manu- belor
facturer of Toasted Corn.Flakes Step]
). naturally has a deep interest in ' o
g the development of the higher tract
d grades of corn, for the company aja
e of which he is president, the s sme
e Kellogg Toasted Corn Flake Step!
e Co., requires ten thousand bush- and
e els of corn a day for the making
, of its product. The Kellogg Stepi
trophy was offered to be award- Wath
ed in annual competition for the feet.
r' best single ear of corn until won ps
twice by the same producer.ch'
r The fact that the Kellog product
1 is made only from selected
w hite corn, while the winning
- was of the prononneed yellow
i typte, was a pecuiiar feature.j
Tw~ice Awarded. To be Cornm
peted for again at the next
Corn Show atCOLUMDIA,5.C
Theb Kelors trophy was won
-in 1910 at Colum bus, Ohio. by 2
IR. A. Jarnes, of Charlesi&n. I..
wit a manifient ear- of Riid's
1; Dent, but not so perfect
ir as that which originally
the trophy and which has
,ne known 9s "the best ear
rn ever grown."
,e next award of this tro
will be made at the next
onal iCorn Exposition,
:h will be held in February,
at Colvmbia, S. C. It is
ned to make this exposition
;h broadei in scope than any
. in the past, and conse
Atly a longer time will be re
ed forspreparation. Special
ding to be 400 by 166 feet,
Ind measurements. The
w will last ten days. The
e of South Carolina has ap
priated $40,000 for the ex
ses of the exposition and the
spect is that Dixie will "dc
elf proud" in an effort tc
ke this exposition the great
of its kind ever held.
For Sale.
will sell to the highest bid.
at Pickens, S. C. on SalesA
in February 1912 immedi
y after public sales the fol
ing described lots; All that
e or parcel of land in the
n of Central, S. C., consist
of four lots but all adioining
h other, bounded on the west
5th street and on the south
:hird street and a branch on
north, the lot is 160 feet deer
lies near the Cotton Mill
convenient to Graded
ool. The four lots contains
erms: One half casb, bal
e oi credit to suit purchaser.
hese lots will go to the high.
bidder as there will be no by
ing. W. L. Vickery.
Notice of Town Election.
otice is hereby given that an
tion will be held on Februa
rd, 1912, to elect a mayor to
he unexpired term of S. B.
ig, resigned. Managers of
ti>: D. B, Finney, W. T.
fin and-J. L. Thornley. Vo
:place: City Hall. By or
of tho Town Council.
iacres three and a half miles
:of Pickens, 25 acres in cul
tion, balance in pasture and
diand; splendid neighbood;
i 7-room 2-story house. Let
show you this place for.[ can
e a price that will interest
.Immediate possession if
want it. See H. M. His
,Pickens, S. C.
:n Probate Court
plaint to se'lladtopyet.
dA.Steph-eno, Administrator of
estate of W. G. Mteph' ne, dcceas -
Mary E. Step~hers. W. T. stophens,
M. Stephens, and Rodneyr O Stephi
[and A. Stepher.s, Adn:iniirtrator
e estate of W. 0. Stepher~s, deceas
plaintiff, against Mrs. Mary E.
ses et al.
mplaint to sell land to pay debts.
ruant to an order of the Probate
t, I will s'll at pnhb~lc ontery at
ms Coot Uouse on 8.rleeday in
ary next, f. 'r the payment of
the following described real estate
ging to the estate of WV. G.
ens, deceased, situated in the said
ty and State, to wit: "All that
or parcel of land lying and being
:d, on South side by Airline R. R.,
ling lands on the wres~t by M. B.
5 on the south by said rV. G.
ens, on the set by rT. M. Madden
:>thers, 'and on the north by Broad
t, this tract being a part of Arm
g lot also los purcha-~d by W. G
ens from Mary E. Smith and B. K.
ins. Right is rewrred to es4
between mill house and shop for
g to and fro. Terms cash, pnz
r to pay for papers.
Judge of Probate A bbevi~le Goc,
T~e eXplaniatwor
rndexi thea.
~et of/our on
SodUEy Reha~bi
.'Sae (
\or fk Va. Tarbt
ltimore Md. Montgo
-Ilacrm Ga.
To Subpriena T. B. Felder?
Columb a, January 24:- ThE
committen of the Senate and
House, c.)sisting of Senators
Charlisle, Clifton and Sullivan,
land Repoesontatives Cary,Evan
and W, L. Daniel, which wil]
investigate the old dispens-ary
and everything In connectioro
there with, will probably meel
kand organize to-morrow. I
is said the committe will prob
ably Ru )poenar T. B. Felder tc
appear and tell of the charges
he has made against the Go
The committee is expected tc
get down -to work at once and
proceed to make a thorough in
vestigation. W. F. C.
Auditor's Notice
'he time for Making retrns will oper
January 1st and close February 2D 191
without -nFaty. The Auditr or hif
debuty yil be at the follor ..g placev
to take returns.
Calhoun, Mnday, Jan. 15 1912 (after
Central, Tuesday and Wednesday,
Jan. 16th and 17th 1912.
Citeehee. Thursday, Jan. 18th 191
Noris. Thnrday, Ja. 19th 1913 (af
Liberty.-Friday and Saturday. Jan.
19th and 20th 1912 (noon.)'
Easley, Monday and Tuesday, Jan,
92nd and 2rvoi 1912.
E1ley C'on Mills, Wedneaiay, Jan.
2,.h 1812 (f.-:vOnoon)
Glenwood Cotton Milla, We dnesmay
Jan. 24th 1912 (afternoon.
M. W. 1Hster's Sore, Thursday. Jan
25th 1912 (forceoon.)
Looper's Gin. Thursday,Jan. 25th 1912
Dacusvill, Friday, Jan, 95th 1512
1Mnr Creek. Fridair, Ja. 21.i 1912
Pumipkinbown. Saturday, Jan. 27 1912
Tol Springs, aturday, Jan, 27 1912
.)me OmtA, Tuetday, Jan. 30 1912
(afterin-n) . *0
Six Mile, Wedneeday, Man 81 1912
Praters, Wednesday, Jan. S1 1912
Eastatoe, Saturday. Feb. 8 1912
Returns will be taken in office doring
the whole timie.
. BeectfL1l,
r A' CniTortm.
Aeditor, Pikons Conaty.
-savwse eocese as -r. ... e
see suece.sTaau"st ema fenew, i t
does't yst'l meerww M
*Pickens Railo
No. 1iNo. 31No-5 TA
Mix'dMix'd Mix'd T
A. M. A. M.P. M. Lv.
7-30 11.00 3-15 PICE~
7.35 [1.05 3.20 *FER(
7-45 11-15 3.30 *PAR
7.50 11.20 3-35~ *AR'
7.55 11.-55 3.40 *MAUY
8.oo II-30 3-45KrEAS!
*Fiag Stations-No Al
No. 1 conniects wii
No. 3 eontnecs wil
No. 8 eonnectis wii
No. 3 eonnects 'vii
No. 4 eonneeta wil
No. 4 connects 'mi1
No 5 eon~nee's wi'
For any fuxrtr info:
0. 0
is simpfie;ttheys
restest care ai
7ths to pass th
3n GUAN~O Cc
nroN.C, Co1 mb1 S.
Lnery Ala. Spa rt&ux
onmhum Gan
tte of Souith C !lin:.
County of hek'.
P' J. B. Newbery. l'r b:w . .
Fr i- hinrc: . t . i it 1 ' t) Til 7:; l t
tersof Adonn;isr:ation oif Ho 'at-anid
tActs ofT. If l'or ns
'These are theitfore. io cii and ad
m'ni6. all and singula:r Ihe ki-dred .nd
-n diors < f the z-aid T. 11 i t: -S -s
devceasd.%!1- flmt !the 2: aippevr hwfore
ue. in the CUurt of Piohr-tn- it be d
at Pickens on tih - I day ii. Feb
1912 next. aft-r pub'icntion herecf. at 11
o'clock in the ivtrtimeon. to-show cause,
if any they have. wh, the said adiminis
tration should not ba granted.
Given under my hard this 27 d Ly of
Jan. Anno Domiri 1911.
Feb. 1t2 J B. Newi'ery.
J. P. r. C.
Summons for Relief.
State of South Carolina.
Picken' Count,.
Court of Courmon Plea&
Summons for Relief (Complaint not
E. E. Kennei-re Plaintiff
Elliot MI. Kei.new ire Def.-ndant
You are Hereby Summoned and re.
quired to-answer ie con;-laint in this
action, which is fil1 in the office of the Pr
clerk of court for Pckens county on
this date and to s' rve a copy of your
answer to the said Complaint on the
subscribers at their ofileC at Picktns 8S
U. within twen y- days after the service
hereof. exclusive of the Car of Puch
service; and if , ou fail to answer.th^
complaint with;.i Ah:- itie afore-ani. the
Plaintiff in this re! ion will apply to the he
Court for the rel'.f de:zanded in rh.
DatLd Jan. 2 A. D. 1912
A. J. Boggs (Eal)
. C C. P. Carey & Carey.
PlaI in.nfTv. A tto raey.
T,. the deftndant al-.ve named:
Please tzke nt,.i'e, th- suanions of
which the fortgoir.g is a copy. a:d the ed
conplm.nt ir. th,e a1bove sAed action ta
V as9 nid j: the o e of the clerk of
co'urt for said eunuty. a!d 'ate on the 2
d:y of January !'T2. sr.-iA now on file sC
in said office.
J.n.. 2, :i0!2 r are~ & Ct.ey m
i'iffl. Attys. LK
Frenzied Finance.
Little Jack Horner got a good
On all the wheat supply;
But the price of it fell before he -
could sell,
And he said, "What a thick
S head am I!"e
rad Company,
ILE No 12.
JNE 15th, 1911.
ix'd Mix'd Mixd
Ar. A. M.. . M. P. M. t
ENS 9.10 1.50 4-35 b
utsoN 9.05 1.45 4.30 h
~obs 8.55 1.35 4.20 i
Al. 8.55 1.30 4.15 a'
LDIN 8.45 1.25 4.10
EY 8.40 1.20~ 4.05
Lv. -~
~h Southern No. 42
h Southern No. 39
h Southern No. 39
:h Southern No. 12
ih Southern No. 12
h Southern No. 39
h Southern No. 11
-mnation apliy to
J. T. TAYL&rR,
Genecral Managcer.
Pickus, S. C.
Liberty, S. C.
ractiee at Ce'tral evey WahaedayP
A. McC21ough U. F. Martin
E. M. Blythe
o 0ulloag 1 Martin & Blytie
Isonic Temple kGeenille, S. C.
Assoiate IErm
Anderson, S. 0.
actio- in all Courss.
iuthest Georgia Farm ad P.
can Leds for Se.
,iv -Ize traet desirre-. Oar lands ari for
, rciu ;s are sai factn'ry. Farmen are
L4'el this way to get on the gronnd floor
ite for li!uqtrated booklet to-day.
overs-Parker Rezsty Compsy,
The county board has extend
. the payment of the commu
tion road tax for 1912 to March
. As the law now etands,
hool trustees are not emempt.
ic board desircs that all may
ake an effort to pay this tax
fore the extended time is out.
James B. Craig,
irs [email protected] for Ep~epay
ifter Years 1 Sdfesiag
"My daughter ~as rtited w~is
sileptic Las for Vee~ yee no. ati~Ss
>asing ev-ery few weete. W'e snleQe
rrtz1 4et heard ofme
wed g-. is e
om ttck of hepie tr- a
ho wuldie el sin ts esa ere
:alth to the euderee.
Dr. Mot' 19erds
one of tie best reies' het
r this * ~qRlie
id those
ie greta -
'0n "tl~k~~ ti . Our b ..ammmm.. -g t
*gWon't Oto weStac k
IL7s15 f All llS
markable in beaug, varie# Ie hea'so
ee. Buy somne.)
w -:ns tpro:~ peacea A~ tru
t"p im rp engs
:2-e r.&cas2 i es ag:cr e
<>A md .seOque eswn wi
er 'It e3 Iq 'veO::- ?iae
d~rwgag ~utaste ms'dt; e o
r oaa*.1Ks UgAan ans ena s
at, itnt er, er~~. es he wase
of wra, stos beo~ro a Rewsc3tl
stere erii rod a piacard with
;re re comes ::.0031 titt &nat
'ro :adartig."
Lt (pointing~ to p~oe-r)-4t's &e
n in Agypt ru ~ter.
The Kind You Have Always nwghto md
in use for ever 8 yrs, has bege I
sad hm been amd
A..w e uer3O~eR
Afl cOmseit, r m OA
p.,.mts. ... .ao w .A..
= m - - a a p !
What is CAST
ase Is a armlsen embetite9 ftr 0
geie, Dmep and Semg agups. It
eemabams sme., OEW Xphow 0 now
bm Ila age Is ift saw "
C:~a it ie~se Weei Wto'abIs, ca
and mit -o.aft =m It OM
eM aM hedtlr 2 am'
as meVSe uamE'- Xnnereli N
Th 1l4 -TOR Rafe AIm
S In We For Over 8o I
,.e...o.....--...s.... ,.,.
Ph ne
14O T T4
Pickens Botting~
R. L. Davis Propriek
etabH The n 1. Pant Os ,cmh
that setI for the mest mener
hom cofo~aboe aeverya
Th~we ioetpe a
esatperousm Newl i
given my want o emin
that I il tllb do&i1
ThreAr Mlnas and theosnd"d
but ich, s weet e y nes
thosoe thc lyomfortaiable d
to insure nooestlpripeigwthrpd s and a
to bar mlo o us altmted fedngion ly ah
giv en y oto c u ale
W StppEn a tGraemee
TheeAee manelyfomg
bu te ic, wetd, y oe e r e~
The right ~~kindffriie s anod investmntTh
to earmelns f irs qulit istad fe yeld ig fenly o fe
leme n the c ompos
i ~ ~ ~ U~blood, takae aske ee
This i equal god o
w A bwbe
be do*ame of
a cdWr hs pes.
echo yea tm M&,
P-me"0''we be$
pw m a" et
W*n 0 Isana 2
*esa -'t W0
S. nemsse me
*me. me eiin
** - e
wit a-o to~ rEo
3o ass\ni -ob
- 4
smit tne LI
3 4
otasla says
)RIS. Eu..
~Mi~ A 4

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