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u d::m*.C~ 40&a-ongh'
P'1e\77;. TC.:
T HUSMY FEB22,1912.
Staitics sow that there is'
In the U moni-, ' ates an average
oi one docr for every 460 per
If it' that the liberal
sou h hmade fat there
m. ban onies in this
hth LIap y"ear is the cause
or no' w n know, but it is
a faI ievrthe-ss that many
P are bemg mated
off. A ch the local colums of
The Sntn and see.
How amytJple in Piclkens
ecu;n11 wi: duce their cotton
acreae no' year? We would
b 1 glad Zl ;u11 a nlmn or two
in this r and publish the
nm-rv man who will
If Mr. W i; n should be placed
at the ned oi n'avigation on the
r t, (10 you really
think 111". WoOdrow?-Kevowee
he would if
the Wmer (r *-~ did lot become
hn:e-s iiportant thing for
ThS ,2 mr tO considcr' just now
~is o upply for next
year. I. is v necess:ary that
ever'x' n wh tilis the soil plant
Nks wil produce
enn ih r 1d for hVimself and
Do : voc ;, m arm ers.
Vfr thI ie 13 i orie of cot
4" N"
ton .) i ' it Zthe speculat~oi
18: ,' n ocuse 'Vou
to ) fl 2'i:e '1y this year.
Rue y.)~~o h'r8e as you in
tended dn. dwhmat you lack
in qnantBl ' i be ade up in
this ". b;vor'th ag nmech
Exper bthe )pit log
drag in a h' counties to
improve h prve
very: mI s. er su"st inat
our con( ~ -sionier tr'y it.
It wil eU -rltilie and mdy
be the ry i to r'Un over the
road mime '' hm srnooth
after' :.h wi~i:i' and tear'.
It is dier'n hand and pain
of :nui' e o overI sev'eral
mih-s ::a i y n greatly im
ps -sa They have been
used umsoii y in Greenville,
I n4* . aru~re recededL from
, busine Sa i until Wed
ourn rpseof this is to give
the veo tr-ee d1ays.. the
con1 itiona time~to approve or'
veta he mesure passed at the
present sesim If the veto power
is as free~ l usd as at the last
Sssso)n, he will have an oppor
tunity of* cnsidering them be
fore ifinal adjomurnmet.
It is piobable that another re
ceSS il be taken until some
-time in. .May to pass upon the
Code :md to hear reports of cer
tain inv'esttiing' 'T~commflittees.
MuLrder Will Out.
in Juay100, more than
twelve y'ers ago, kentuck v was
stire fmom 'enter to circum
erneover one of the most
-foul :mnd dastardly murder ever
co0mmi' te"KTh state had just
passt' d ~ ihmu'h a mvost strmenu
had w*:1 a ire b"t attle and
wrete th sate from the
misrie ::3 enijzion of the
Repule~e F1ds a'nd 'i,:
sention had" -ang up among
the pecople mV the *~ state in~
many- "lacs was in a stati' of
caught aise.Bloodyduls
r'amnpan. - 1i5inl is this~ tru
of BN:i i( ''n ity.
It wV. sig his period of
ly' ime elec.l :overnmr by the
Democra"' :ir * whik on his
way toth aia, that a gun
w8:, fin a imon of the oif
he fell mor .li w'1OiUmled.
some fiedO he~ state, but the
crime 'e*Mld no~t be proven on
anvcone, and so the guilty has
(Prickdy Ash,
Prompt P
f eetsarc '.L3:d17
P r ~ befcale
A non rcific f- ic
'S a V;ondd: t!I :d57
Sold by Pick
gone U Unpunished. But murder
will out and it is known now
w to killed Goebel.
In a disuatch to the press from
Helena, Ark. dated 15th inst.
we clip the following:
James Gilbert, formerly of
Breathitt County,Ky., who said
he had been a member ot the
Hargis feud faction, was fatally
wounded in a revolver duel
with a bartender here today,
but before he died he declared
he was the man wh> fircd the
shot that killed Governor Wil
liam Goebe: at Frankfort in
January, 1900,
Realizing that the end had
come, Gilbertsmiled faintly and
after making an attempt to joke
about the dying in his boots, de
clared that he fired the shot that
caused the death of G vernor
Goebel. Whether he would have
given details of his alleged kill
ing of Goebel can never be
known, for Gilbert died within
an hour after making the state
ment. which he repe ted over
and over again, with the asser
tion that he "could never get
over it."
Here is proof of the sayinv
that murder will out. -Very
few. if any, who have stained
their hands in their fellow man's
blood and endeavored to hide it
will go to their graves with the
secret in their bosoms. When
men face the last foe-death
ther want to make right the
past, There are many'
have ihe same bitter experience
and like Gilbert the thing will
haunt thenm to their gr-aves and
will som: e day say "I can never
get over it.''
The Liberty Cotton Mill.
The stockholders of this mill
held a rueeting at Liberty last
Friday at which meeting it was
decided to sell the property at
public sale on April 15th next.
This mill was closed down early
last summer and has not been
operated since. It is said that
the mill has never paid a p~rofit
but on the contrary has been
operated year after year at a
lOSS. The reason for this is not
known, some attribute it ft
the insufficiency of the plant,
some to the grade of goods man
ufactured, and others to the
heavy operating expenses. Cer*
tain it is that it has not been
profitable and many, if not all,
the original stockholders lost
What the future of the mill
wvill be has not been given out,
if dletermnined. It it is probable,
however, that after the sale the
company wvillI be reo;rganfized or
a new company formed and
it wvill be opera ted.
A Forme~r Pickens Man Writes.
Please allow me space in your
paper to let the people of my na
tive home land know that I am
still up in The Land of the Sky.
I can do about as much wvork
as I ever could. Can still sing~
tenor for the Sunday school and
church services, and have not
missed a Sunday all this snowy
weather. So that is good for a
62 years young. I am still tight
ing the world, the flesh and the
devil, and its a hard fight over
here with a devided people in
many- ways.
There are many who do not
like to be rebuked for using to
bacco and str-ong drink and cof
fee. but we are looking for a
day when total abstinence will
Prevail, and a great r-eformation
will take plac-e and when men
will votLe as they pray.
Mr'. FEditor, I aml proud1 to
know that you have got in hand
the old PickenIs Sentinel. I
have a so n near- .vou who madeU
it pussible for- me to get to read
it and in this way- we come~ in
touc~h with earh other. 1 hope
-o wil hae r.at SUcce in
ll yoUr undi~ertakinlgs and give
s ai great paper. I will help
sone o th 1)is side.
Your tr-ulv,
M. L. Jon~s.
A Profitable Business.
Mr. J. T. Lathem a citizen of
his city is today shipping a car
Poke Root and Potassium)
Dw erful Permanent
..1.)m : C ; C'0 c. - a-C
-te entire
, igesta and rerveS.
os-amiskin diseases
vs te Pan ; ends Malaria;
. endorse it.
ens Drug Co.
miond to be used as 'heef cattle.
Some time ago Mr. Lathem built
a large modern barn on his farm
for the purpose of raising beef
cattle for the various markets.
This is his first shipment and it
is one to be proud of. They are
beautiful and meet the demands
of the purchasers but will sur
pass those of other markets.
The above was taken from
the Anderson Daily Mail and
was written by its correspondent
at Easley. Mr. J. T. Lathem is
well known in this county. He
is a leader in enterprises for the
best interest and development
of the county. A public spirited
man and one whose good judge
ment and examples might be
followed by many others with
As has often been remarked
in these colunis this is a corn,
cattle and hog county, and it is
surprising to us that more of
our prominent farmers are not
engaged in stock raising. We
have made no inquiry but
believe upon investigation
it will be found tkat themanure
from the cattle will pay for theii
feed. This can be applied to
the land and in just a few years
will more than double in pro
ductiveness. 0
Death of W. S. Blaokstone.
Mr. WV. Silas Blackstone diedi
at his home near Holly Springs
chuirch on the -17th inst. and his:
remains were interred in the
cemetery of this church the af
ternoon of the same day, He1
was about 65 years old and had
been in bad health for so~me
,months. He was widely kn~owr
in the county, hav'ng for aln:
time lived at Pickens and served
as deputy sheriff under the late
Sheriff Joab Mauldin and also
as a court balif. For the~ last
ten years or more he has been
in charge of the store of Mr. W.
R. Price at Holly Springs. In
every 1elation of life he was
true and faithful and made
friends of all with whom he
came in contact. He had ro
Rev. 0. L. DuRant Dead.
There are many people in
Pickens county who will regret
to receive this news, He was
known a'nd called here "Judge
Durant" and numbered his
friends by his acquaintan~ces.
He died at Lake City on the
night of January 31st at the
home of one of his sons. He
had retired from active work in
the ministry on account of his
health some years ago, land for
the past year rapidly declined.
He was (i8 years old and is sur
vived by his wife arnd nine chil
dren, four boys and five girls. .
Judge Durant first came to
this County about 1870 or 1872
as pastor of the Easley and
Pickens and others churches,
which then constituted his cir
cuit. After serving this field
awhile he was elected probate
judge of this county and
served one term. Later he was
twice elected to the office of
county school commissioner
and after retiring from this of
fice became assistant county
treasurer dmine the terms of
Capt. John Hi. Howen and Mr.
J. Tyler Hill. He also served a
number of years as clerk for the
county commissioners.
In all these public trusts as
well as in his ministerial duties
he performed his tasks with fi
delity to the people and in the
fear of God.
He was a man of sterling
qualities: simple and unassum
ing in his manners, yet earnest,
faithful and true to every duty.
Truly a good man has gone to
his reward.
The county board has extend
ed the payment of the commu
tation road tax for 1912 to' March
15- As the law now stands.
school trustees are not exempt.
The board desires that all may
make an effort to pay this tax
before the extendled time is out.
James B. Craig,
It wilLl ay you you
(,alI onl [s f'or aur1th]
Stiuares,()us, -Mat
Odd Beds -.
Washstand. -
Sideboards, Wardi'
Tables, Kitchen Saf
be' matched. We ai
All we ask is a look.
get4 it.
We appreeiate' .om
Q)ility count s i:: h:
Clothing, Shoes
Sole agents for Walk
Sewing Machines, Chase Cit
To Those Who Wish to Get
Near a Christian School
At Six Mile, Pickens -county,
[ have about 300 acres of land,
part inside the incorporated lim
its of the town of Six Mile. all
in less than one mile of Six Mile
Baptist Academy. which I will
cut in tracts to suit purchaser:
will build houses on some if de
sired. Will sell the entire tract
of 300 acres, over half in fine
state of cultivation, has plnty
good pastures, one good 2-story
11-room dwelling, furnishued
with gas lights, out buildings,
one large 60x70 ft. barn, three
splendid tenant houses, also an
almost new ginnery, consisting
of 3-70 sawv ginnimr~ section, dou
ble box press. etc., all complete
and in a good cotton system.
Apply to A. 1). Mann,
tf Pickens, S. C. R. 2.
Notice of Final Settlement and
NOTICE is hereby given th:..t I wil
make application to Jf. B. Newherry
iaq., Judge of Probate for Pickens coun~?
ty, in the State of South Onroluim, on
the 7th day of March 1912, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, or as wnon ther
after rs said applicatio.n can be heard,
for leave to make fin:i settlemment of
thme estat9 of W L. E!lis. (Ie-P
an obtain diecharge as Admi a::Urix
of saidl estate.
Fe b St Mr-. Dslla Elli,
Admridstratrix .
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
ALL Persons holing claiims ein~t
the estate of the late W. IL .\X er
mOust present the s une1 duly pron-: I
Cr before the 15 aay of .'arch 113. or
be debarred piarment: and all poseriS
indebted to saidi estate, must m:s ke jasy
meut on or before the aboive~ d~st, to
the undersigned
Feb 8t3 - J. P. Anders,
Admins-r- t'r
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
ALL Persons holding clumnm egia
the estate Sof Lhe la'e T. ?d. Pw-m o's
musit pr's-nt the samne dIuIlrov :e
or before the 1 'iar of A1, pl 9t1-X.-ri
delarr-i p-i m. it; a:: n!! p'r'm::< i:
debted to said esta' e, must~ zm:tk.. v
ment 'n or hef--re the abov-e iate, 7o th.
unersgoea . wV. S. Pa:s..r..--.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
A LL Persons l.()ldingi m. ag.is
:he esitmte of the late W. ,L. EY'5. c.a I
present t he sre duljy prexen on e-r be
fore the 7 day~ of March 1912. or bei de'
har ed 'ayrm-r*: aml all p'*-s ma indebt
ed to saim'I est;: e. n mst mr :k' patyiment
oin or before the aboye da~te. )> the ini -
Feb M;3 Mm.. Della Ellis.
Adr' :rx.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
A LL Perwnrs holding elaims :m;;ainst
the estate of I he late (7e'mhius Griltim~
muet present s-ime dniy pre.en on2 or
before the 15i day of iarek !ieor b
debarred paymen'; and all peinso--s iiu
debted te said estate, men~s make p::y
mnent en or before the a.hamve dai to. to the~
undersigm fd J. R. J. Aintheny.
eh 83:3 Ad min'stra or r.
We have just gotten in a car
of Tennesee mules and horses.
Our prices are right and we can
save you money. See us before
you buy. Will sell for cash o
good papers. Come and look
the stock over and see for your
self. .
Gaines & Gassaway's Mdse C'.
Central, S. C.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears thle
Smg-nntnre of , r
Stock Furniture S
and House Furnishings
nmaied people, and, in fact, everybodv, to
in the i'i. nritare or. House Funishing line.
s heh-est, stock of Fnrniture, St'Oves, Al-t
tings and Sewing Machines in tho county.
--- -from $2.00 to $10.00
-fom 5.00 to 25.00
...................from 3.00 to 10.00
from 15.00 to 75.00
bes, Ia il Raks, Chairs, Springs, NI a ittees
eS anHi Tahh, I styles aid prices, that can't
P pre;-e ~t 1 p e \ very siatemen(it we' make.
('all on ns for allythIllg; if we havellt it, wo'll
trade, anal([ will ti'eat yon right. Remember that
,hojrntley Co
Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
Over Shoes, Hawes Hats, Iron King Stoves, New Home
y Buggies, Mitchell Wagons and Mitch611 Automobiles.
Buster Brown' 3
u4 A
u4 We have pu1t in a line of HIosiery M
'4 that we want everybody to see---the u4
u4 BUST ER BR OWN L4INI E--ook u4
'4 better and( wear11 lonlgest. Comel) and '4
-see us. '4
L CabbagePlants
SAWe hav th ile Sale of the Fam ous Carolina
p ~"FroSt-Proof"? Cabbage Plants j
ese ~jsi~aae tE:-o\v]n 1n open ' gj, g
sal wair by 7hY Geo. 1.,. Saunis (Co., of Ran
towles.~ S. ( ., noai:r the special Supis .ioni of
a ! ied plnirze, and( it is sollyX Oin a(e
* collr of tIliP (lin::tC i ctIin of tie'r farm arnl
' Cliinii ~~S wVind hllowillg in froml the 0Cean,
0 the v.in:ce., Yi t they are able to pr oduce a
Wec have conitracted wxith the Sandt' pea
ple fr a. ha-ge un~:mtity 'of these plants, and
wXii! bin p)osito L 6, .;Ujpliy your demiands. )I
We solicit the pat ronagHe oJifi mark'iet gadc- e
no::;s ui oth'ers (desiig larga*nmilitiei~s (e .i
lu piees bor on (i(:i ingi fiomn else where.
\e luPuke a spcai of suip inilg the ~i
L al juliej wVit h plants.- for hiomie garden n .
I have used your fertilizer for
several years and have been
pleased with them.
L. W. Harris
Anderson Phosphate Co.,
-Anderson, S. C.
Yours of the 25th at hand,
and will say in reply that I have
used your fertilizer for two yrs.,
and it has given me perfect sat
isfaction, especially your 8-4-4.
It suits my soil better than any
thing I have ever used.
Yours truly,
Jno. T. Milford
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
I have sold your fertilizers for
three years with good results.
Yours truly,
J. R. Glenn
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson. S. C.
Dear Sirs:
I have been using your fertili
zers for many years, but for the
past two years I have used your
H. G. 8-4-4, and it gives me sat
isfaction in every way. Have
made better crops since using it
than ever before.
Yours truly,
J. A. Hall
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
We have been selling and us
ing your goods for some time
and have always found them to
give good results. Our custom
ers seem to be very much pleas
ed with them. We are satisfied
that in quality crop-producing
power they are the best, and we
commend them to all farmers
as a fertilizer of the highest
Yours truly,
J. T. McCown Sons
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
Four years ago my farm pro
duced forty bales of cotton, its
full capacity at that time. The
year 1910 we produced on the
same number of acres 65 bales,
and 1911, last year, we raised its
production to 100 bales, besides
making 1,000 bubhes of corn,
with oats and hay in propotion.
We used your fertilizers exclu
sively and expect to continue to
use them.
Yours truly,
J. M. Richardlson
Anderson Phos. -and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
We have handled your ferti
lizers for several years and can
say- they have given general sat
isf actionl: in fact we have some
c istomers who won't have any
other. They seem to be gaining
in nopularity every year, judg
ing from our increased sales
from year to year.
Very respectfully,
J. P. & A. L. Crowther
Anderson Phos. & Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have been selling your ferti
lizer for two seasons and have
sold it to 100 or more customers,
who express entire satisfaction
and say the?~ will use it another
Yours truly, 1
Geee: D. Burford
Anderson Fertilizer has sever
il friends among my customers.
I think the managers are try
ng to build a fertilizer business
mn honest principles.4
Yours truly.
J. W. Byrd
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have sold your goods for the
past two years and have heard
ao complaints. My sales the
past year n ere larger than the
year before to the parties who
bad used your goods before. I
wvill have a good trade this sea
Your-s truly,
J. B. Dowthit'
Anderson Plios. av d Oil Co..
Anderson. S. C.
I have handled your fertilizer
~or several years to the satisfac
:ion of all my customers, who,
n many instances say they will
lave no other if they can get
four goods.
-Yours truly,
M. .4L Hunter
Xnderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
ientlem en:.
We have sold your fertilizers
or some years and our custom
-rs sem to be well pleased with
'esults as our sales are on the in
:rease. As for ourselves w-e con-1
ider your goods equal to. and
nl some respects better than, the
he fet~zr made by your
Yours truly,.
Pendieton Mfg."Co.,
B. M. Aull, Mgr.
W\ould say that I have used
nany kinds of fertilizer, but1
tone superior to yours.
W. L. Anderson
Have used your goods for sev
~ral years with sat isfaction.
L. WV. Harris
.T'he following are well pleased
vit~h your goods: J. C. Cook
~Vylie Beard, Luther Dominick,
~rosperit y: Irvin Dominick,
\ewhen v.
Qunatt11lbaum n and Lnfr
~resperity, S. C. Lnfr
\nderson Phos. anid Oil Co.,
An derson, S. C.
.R. Vandiver, Pres. Andersor
Dear Sirs:
Yours to hand. I can truth
fully say your goods have given
perfect satisfaction. Don't think
I have ever used better goods.
In fact I know they are ahead
of anything I have ever used.
All sustomers I sold last year
want to buy again. .
Yours truly,
M. W. Hunter
I am pleased to advise that
my customers are well pleased
with your fertilizers. Entirely
satisfactory and the conditions
of the goods are fine.
Yours truly,
J. R. Gptiserr
Denver, S. C.
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
It gives me pleasure to recom
mend your goods, I have used
your goods for the last two or
three years and find them to
equal or excel any I have ever
tried. Your goods give entire
satisfaction to my customers
who will gladly testify as to its
Yours truly,
E. Z. Seymour
Greenwood, S C.. O
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have used your 8-3-3 and
8-4-4 gocds and consider shem
as good as the best, especially
the 8-4-4 for side dressing.
Yours truly,
H. M. Hbolad
Anderson, S. C.
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
-Dear Sirs:
Since you installed a drying
plant in your factory, I must
say your goods give perfect sat
Yours truly.
B. J. Smith
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have been using your fertili
zer for the past three years and
am perfectly satisfied with it.
Yours truly,
J. S. McConnell
I used Anderson 8-3-3 fertiliz
er and Peruvian guano iside by
side in the same field, putting
in the same amount of each.
Aftei the crop was matured, I.
with some of my neighbors, ex
amined the crop and could not
tell any difference in the results
of the two fertilizers. The An
derson 8-3-3 is $16 per ton cheap
er than Perus ian guano.
Yours truly,
J. T. Lang
Anderson, S. C,
I suppose your goods have
given satisfaction in this comi
munity, as my tonnage has in
creased from 400 to 1,500 touis
in the last four years, ,and Pvye
never sold any but yours, and
have never had a kick.
Very truly,
C. E. Jones
Starr, S. C.
Anderson Phosphate Co.,
Anderson, S. (G.
Have used your fertilizer sev
aral years with perfect satisfac
ion. One-sixth of my cotton
paid my fertilizer bill for 1911,
wvhich I consider a good record.
T. W. McCarley
Anderson, R.-8.
Anderson Phos. and.Oil Co.,
Jlentlemen: Anderson, S. C.
I have used your goods almost
~xclusively since your factory
vas built and have no reason to
egret it. Will continue to use
;hem as long as they maintain
heir present high standard of
Blo,.C L. E. Campbell
A.nderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
Your fertilizers have given
general satisfaction'in this comn
Yours truly.
Nt. Carmel S.C A. 0. Grant
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co..
entlmen:Anderson, S. C.
I have used your goodsf
~everal years and find there
ood as any on the marke
A. F. McCurry
Anderson, R. 6
Mr. J. R. Vandiver
Dear Sir:
I used nearly 100 tons of your
3-3-3 goods on my farm last yr.
A~m satisfied with results and
Lnhesitatingly say I believe no .
better goods are on the market.
H. G. Anderson
Anderson, S. C.
Anderson Phos. arnd Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
I have used your goods con
;inuously for the past ten years
mnd it is as good as any on the
Yours trulyT,
~ T. A. Dorotin
r'roy, S. C.
Kvr. J. R2, Vaudiver,
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sir:
We have been selling your
goods since the organization of
rour company, with satisfacto
wy results. Our customers have
>et n well pleased and some hv
ised it every year since we be
ran to sell it.
Yours trulv.
R. C. Brovvni'. & Co.
Due West,S. C.
,S. C. D. S. Vadi'nr. Mgr. :

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