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TC Mck s Sentinel
T TUR:1;17 1y,. FEP>l. 29, 1912.
Legni Notc. i:!t i;crtion per inch $1.00
For eargu e.t"",
Com-er'!.G r.wn! other advertising for three
M ton ths or in:imr wiil be made at reduce rates
and t- . cain ie h::d on appiation
A blue pencil mark across this
mneans that your subscription to
this paper has expired.
i .s*c flc E, Secand(iA
'Nal Y atter
Subscription Price 'One Dollar a Yt ar
I.I Advance.
Is it True?
A certain element in Charles
ton is in all its ;ory-horse rac
ing, gambling, prize fights, blind
tigers. et id omne. This element
is a la' e majority and is abso
luteV indifferent to the laws of
the State, Jury trials there are
a farce. And the money and
influence of this element is suffi
cien t to control our present legis
The above is from last week's
Southern Christian Advocate,
and is a terrible arraignment of
Charleston. her city officials. the
State and county officials and
the laws of the State. It is brief,
only a few vord3. and if these
things arse true, it is enough to
make all -outh Carolina blush
11sQhaine. Look at the charge
here nde: A certain element
is in full swin, They race hors
es, anibie, prize fight, blind ti
ger, and many and various oth
er things.
This element of course is not
the law abid n element; it is
not the elemeint that want law
and order: nr theoelement which
constitute the bet ter citizenship,.
for thiey are said to be "absolutt
' t, the laws of the
State." 'os* '"indifference"
riohtly describe the conduct of
this "element in Charleston?"
If they do these things, are they
not the worse elemert the State
and city has, 'orto be found any
wvhere? Are they not corrup
tionists: flad.rant and fierce law
7 breake'rs ai society destroyers?
And to think they are in a
large majority and ha ve money
and influence sufficient to con
trol the legislatu' e (f this State,
is horrifying and humil ating in
the extreme! All this is going
on and being enacted in the city
of Charuleston, in the proud State
'of South Camolina. Where is
Mayor.Grace. wiuth his many
policeman, the sheriff and his
deonties, the State constables
and all the otlicers of the law?
Are they in sympathy with such
'- openhanded and outrageous vio
lations t.s these, or do they fear
this element ? Where is Govern
or Blease, that he ( oesnt take a
hand and break it up jor know
the reason- why? If these things
a tench in the nos
tril of every man, wvoman and
child, and al cry:ing shame that
it be toleraWed.
T im legIilature of this State
owets iteif the duty of purging
itself o)f these chart'es, and can
(do s-o by so~ amending the laws
that the so!!etor andi prosecut
ing otticels shall have the r'ght
to achanz - or venire in every
case bi'on ht against this ele
ment of criminals to another
county where jury trials are not
a farce.
If~ the ofme' tS of Charleston
andl of the Skaie whose duties
it is to enforce the laws have
not the bach1bon to deal with
this eLment. they should inmme
d1iately resign and no longer cor
rupt themnselves and violate their
oaths of office.
A Tempjerence Lecture
Mrs. Florence E. Atkins, of
Nashivli!! Tenn., spent two
dayvs in' Picken~U:s last week, and
delived ( addresses at the Pick
ens Mil church and the Metho
dis t church in the interest of
temipere nce, She is working
under the a ie of the Na
nai W. (. T. U.. and has sev
~mems in this State.
er aat the Methodistj
chrc wastearat by a good au
dtienc ma I). -up of the
repesntiie' people of the
::.:.ons. For more
tha "n. h1~u t he held their
closest attention and in a pathet
-ic, ret 'loquent, manner uttered
some i'-rnin ' trnths about the~
n2u drink. At- the
close -' l;a: a- r she took a
.c'le ion in~o the interest of the
temVperance~ work which amount
w~as i40.
rim ranfaturbofth
- j?(l n feat irbv'ts
3alling attention to the bill now
before congress which is intend
ed to prevent the shipment of
whiskey into prohibition terri
tory. If this is enacted into
:aw it will be a long step for
ward, as it will abolish the abom
inable jug trade now so preva
lent in many places. After call
ina attention to this bill and ur
ging those present to write their
congressmen and senators to use
their influence in support of the
bill, Mr. Kirby stated that he
would like to have an expression
from those present as to wheth
er or not they would like for
this bill to pass. All who fa
vored its passage were asked to
stand and every one stood.
Yonah Land.
The famo;us Piedmont ,,ection. North
East Georgia. The land of opportunty
Special inducement to fruit growers.
dairymen, stockneu and paultryinen
A great demand !or diversified farming.
Some products to sell every month,
clo!e to market and best prices. Twen- i
tf odd Tourist hotels in Habeisham
County. (both sunier and winter re
sorts), o: ly 7s miles from Atlanta on
main line of Southern Railway to Wash
ingtor, D. C. Ten acres 'ipple archard
wrodnced 30o buhels of apples netting
$3900.(0. Equally Ds good for penehes
pecans.zi apes etc. The I est of farming
lands will produce from 1 to 2 balEs of
cotton, CO to 100 bushels of corn per
acre, besides large crops of small grain
and hay. Pure water, fine climate. no
mosquitoes. splendid scerery. fin.e
schools -ind churobes, 1,00 feet elsva
tion. Prices range from $5 00 to"2->.00
per aere. Send for descriptive Pamph
let and pice list.
oh, Hfow i itehed I
What long nerve-racking days of con
stant torture-what sleepless nights of
terriblo agony-itch-itch--itch, con
stant itch, until it seemed that I must
tear off my very skin-then
Instant relief-my skin cooled, soothed
and healed!
The very first drops of D.D.D. Pre
scmription for Eczema stopped that awful
itch instantly: yes, the very moment
D.D.D. touched the burning skin the tor
ture ceaded. A 25c bottle proves it.
D.D.D. has been known for years as
the only absolutely reliable eczema
remedy, for it washes away the disease
germs and leaves the skin as clear and
healthy as that of a child.
All other dr'.ggists have D.D.D. Pre
scription-go to them it you can't come
to us-but don't accept some big profit
But if you come to our store. we are
so certain of what D.D.D. will do for youz
that we offer you a full size bottle on
this guarantge:-lf you do not find that
it ta!tes away the itch AT ONCE, it
osts :Vou not a cent.
Bank of Norris,
located at Norris, S. C., .
at the ('lose of btzsiness Feb. 20, 1912.
Loans t.nd Diszounts. .. '6,746 .13
Overdrafts,......... ........ 3851 63
Bonds and stocks owned by
the bank................. 1,000.00
Furniture anid Fixtures. 2,065 09
Banking House............1,363.41
Due from Banks and Bankers 8, 142 :80
Currency...............- 990.00
Silver anid other Coin... 153 87
Total,............. ....54,112.43~
Capital Stock Paid In.... $20,000.00,
Surpl hs fund 200.00'
Undivided Profits, less
Current Exprns s and
Tax Paid........ .... 1,013.43w
Due t" Bank,: andI Bankers 60.5 0
Individual Deposits subje ct
to Cck............. 13,7734
Time Certificates of Deposit .3,195.55
Casier's ('heckts............87.11
Bills payable, including Ger
tificates for money borrowed 15,000 00
Statement of th
The Farlier B
Located at Central, S. C., at the <
Los and Discounts..... ..... .....8.934 7!
Overdrafts ............. ..........'1 52
Furniture and Fixtures...,.... 1.99" 35
lankiu. House, 1.- 756
Other Recal Estate owned. ... 3.503.05
Due from Bank's and Rlanxkers .405 84
Currency.'......... .... .... ... .......0 (Sd
old................... ........... ....I
Siver,.nd other Coin .........045
Uhecks and Cash Items... .. .... 3 36
Totael...... ...... .............. -.762 87
hefore me came .1. H. Rai~seur, Cashier of the
:hat the above and foregoing statement is a tiue
>f said band.
Sworn to before me this 27th day of Feb. 191i.
Statement of the
Located at Pickens, S. C.. at the
Loans and Disc'ounts,. ..' . . .. 51 ,183.23
rverrafts...................... .... 19.0
Frnitu re and Fixtures.... .0.0
ue from ianks and Hankers... 19.O$0.85
Gold .................. ......... 100
siver andi other N inor Coin.... 3.3.43
efore mec came ..'C. Smith. Cashier of
savs the above and.' foregoimg statement is a tru e
of said Hank.
Swo'rn to and. subhscrib..d before :ne this Yath da
l l. C~.';*EY. 1)j c.r
Located at Libertv, S. C., at thi
Dod n stock owned by bank . ,
unrniture aind !ixtures. .
lankin:g Ihu-e .. .......
une from~ Hanks aini ihmkers
urrency..---........---.. *11
iver 2nd other Coin.....
.:hecks and Cash item'. ...
cot NTY OF l'ICE ENS-.
Uefore me came C. E .. Hush. Cashier of the ali
hat the above and foregoing statement is a true e
aid Bank.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 26th. d:
Corret-A ttest:
J. F. H AN ISTER~ o'
. H.30RG3AN Drco<
Rat- of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Before me came E. W. Tate, Cash
er of the above name- bank, who
ping duly sworn, says that the above
ind foregoing statement is a true cor
lition of said bank, as shown by the
books of said bank.
E. W. Tate.
Sworn to and subscribei before me
this 2ith (jay of Feb. 1912.
Notary Public.
E. W. TATE, -Directors.
Statement of the Condition of
The ramr ani Morchautsa nk,
located at Liberty, S. C.,
at the atose of business Feb. "20 1911
Loans and Discounts........ $49,022.47
Overdraft...... 1,201.30
Furnitute and Fixtures,...... 1,62011
Banking House............. 1,79 1.79
Due from Banks and Bankers 8,637.36
Currency ............---.--. 2130.0
Gold.............. 100-- -
Silver and other Coin........ 477.97
Checks and Cash Items 161.63
TotA................. $65,142.61
Capital Stock Paid Inu.... .... 01,000 00
Surplus Fund.............. .10.t0
Undivided profits less Current
Expenses and Taxes Paid 776.28
Divicends unpaid 12 00
Individual ! )posits Subject to
Check................. 29,627.99
Time Certificates of Deposit 6.287.26
Cashier's Checks............ 439.08
Bills payable. including Certi
ticates for Money Borrowed 12,500.00
Total............. .... $65,142.61
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Before 'me v.-ime W. H. Chapman
Cashier of above named bank, who, be
ing duly sworn, says that the above and
foregoing statenent is a true cnditio:i
of said bank, a:s shown by the books oi
said bank W. H. Chapman.
Sworn to and subscribed before mc
this 26th day of Feb 1912.
Notary Public
T. N. HUNTER, '-Directors
Statement of the Condition o
The Pickens Bank
Located at Pickens, S. C.,
at th close of business Feb, Wth 1912
Loans and Discounts.. 183,84.28
Overdrafts................ 3,694.81
Bonds and Stocks owned
By Bank................ 3,200.00
Furniture and F ixtures. .~ 2,324 28
lanking House ........... 10,87.63
Due f rom Ban rts and Bankers 10, 56:15
Currency.................. 7,040.00
Gold................... 145.00
Silver and otber Coin..... 7 *u
Checks and Cash Items.... 1 019.74
Total................. 22,404.6.9
Capital Stock Paid In. S 20,500.00
Surplus Fund............ 29,500.00
Undivided Protits, less Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid..............-..6, 08.66
Due to Banks and Bankers 2 652.83
Individual Deposits subject
to Check...............2,47.05
Savings Deposits.......... 7044.0O:
Casier's Checks.......... 1,312. 12
Total............... $22,404.69
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickene.
Before me came I. M. Mauldin, cashi
ar of the above named bank, wnbo,
bing duly sworn, says that the above
and foregoing statement is a trne con
dition of said bank, as shown by tho
books of said bang.
Sworn to and subscribed before me,]
this th day of Feb.24 1912.
FR~ANK M'FALL, (seal.)
Notary Public for South Carolina.
J. M'D. BRUGE, Directors.
e Condition of
lik of GoRir],
1ose of business Feb. 20th, 1912.
tapit'ai Stock Paid In, ..............25.00000
urplus Fund.............. ... ..... 100000
Und ivided Profits, less Current Ex
penses and TVaxes. P'aid...... ......342818
Due to Bianks and Bankers 684.19
Individual Deposits subject to Cheek. 41.498.60
Time ertificates of Deposit,.........3.967.25
rasniers Checks,.................... 184.65 r
Bills Payable. Incbding .crtiticates(
for alonev Borrowed.............10000.00
Total..................... ........ .7rd2
above named bank, who being duly sworn. sas
~oditionI of said bank, as shown, by the books
J1. ii. RA3.ISEUR,
Hi. J1. 3eGEE Notary Pubfllic.
ondition of the
close of business Feb. 20th 1912. f
:~pital stock I. id In........ ...... ..00 00 d
turpus iFunds.--.. -.---..........500 00
'mtivided P'ronits. le~s Cu rrent Expen.
ses andc Taxes P'aid... ......... ....2.10 79
D)ue to Hianks and Ilankers ...........3.9 09
ndividual D)eposits Subject to Check 34.377 32
aving IDeposits............ ....... 11,022 00
~ashie's Checks...... ............. g 11
Tot:'J.... ... .... .... ...........7.87 31
the above named Bank, who being duly sworn ~
condition of said Bank. as shown by the booksd
M. C. SM.ITII. d
7of Feb. 1912.
JNO C. C \R EY, Notary Pubic.
'lose of business Feb. 20, 1912
u't strwk Paid In --.-.-... ......335A%00
n.r!...... 300 oo
'nditi o sa1id Tak. as 4shown2
Jf Feb 1911. -
'oenanJ.l BANISTER Nho tar!y Pu: ie . 5a.
Stoves C
It will pay you yom
call on us for anythi:
We carry at all tiie:(
Squares, Rugs, Mlat1
Odd Beds --
Dressgrs ---
Sideboards, Wardrc
Tables, Kitchen Saf
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All we ask is a look.
get it.
We appreciate your
Quality counts in it
Clothing, Shoes
Sole agents for Walk
Sewing Machines, Chae Cit
Ll .-~-gi
fo Those Who Wish to Get
Near a Christian School
At Six Mile, Pickens county,
[ have about 300 acres of land,
part inside the incorporated lini
its of the tow'n of .Six Mile. all
in less than one mile of Six Mile
Baptist Academy. which I will
out in tracts to suit purcha'ser;
will build houses on some if de
sired. Will sell the entire- tract
of 300 acres, over- half in fine
state of cultivation, has plenty
good pastures, one good 2-story
ll-room dwelling, furnished
with gas lights, out buildings,
me large 60x70 ft. barn, three
splendid tenant houses, also an'
almost new ginnery, consisting.
f 3-70 saw ginning- section, dou
ble box press. etc., all complete.
and in a good cotton system.
Apply to A. D. Mann,
f Pickens, S. C. R. 2.
Notice of Final Settlement and:
NOTICE is hereby given that I wil
nake application to J. B. Newberry
sq.. Judge of Probate for Pickens cou
:y, in the State of South Carolmna, on
he 7ih day of March 1912. as 11
>'clock in the forenoon, or as soon there
Lfter as said application can be heard.
*or leave to make final settlemnent of
.be estate of W. L. Ellis, deceased
mfd obtain discharge as Administratrix
>f said estate.
f'eb st Mr-. Della Ellis,
MJotice to Debtors and Creditors
ALL Persons holding claims against
be estate of the late W. R. Anders
nust present the same duly proven orn
,r before the 15 day of Miarch 1912, or
e debarred payment; and all persons'
ndebted to said estate, must make pay
neut on or before the above date, to
he undersigned
~eb 8t3 J. P. Anders, i
fotice to Debtors and Creditors
ALL Persons holding claims against
he estate Sof .the late T. 11. Pare'ors
rmnst present the same duly proven en
r before the 1 day of A pril 1912, or be
ebarre~d pay mlent; and all persons in
ebted to said estate, mus: miake py
rient on or befo're the above date, to the
ndersigned. W. s. Parsons.
Sura A. Parsonis,
fotice to Debtors and Creditors
A LL Persons holding claims against
he estate of the late W. ,L. I1lis us
resent the same duly proven on or be
are the 7 day of March 1912. or be dle
ar ed paymieni; and all pr-s >ns indebs
d to said estate, must m-ike payment
n or before the above date, to th~e ur
eb %.3 Mis. Della Ellis,
fotice/to Debtors an~d Creditors
A LL Persons holding claims against
de estate of the late Columbus Griffin
inst present same duly preven on or
efore the 1.5 day of March 1912, or be
ebarred payment; and all perseas in
ebted to said estate, must make pay
ie-nt on or before the above date, to the 1
ndersigned J. R,'J. Anthony,
b 8:3 Administratorr.
We have just gotten in a car:
f Tennesee mules and horses.
~ur prices are right and we can
ave you money. See us before!
ou buy. Will sell for cash o4
ood papers. Come and lookf
1e stock over and see for your-1
aines & Gassaway's Mdse Co.
Central, S. C. -
For Infat and Childrea~
he KInd You Hanm Alvajy Iaught
Bears tnie
ignatune of
Stock Furniture Si
nd House Furnishings
mrried people. and, in fact, everybody, to
r in the Furniture or House Furnishing line.
the largest stock of Futrniture, Stoves, Art
ings and SewNig Machines in the county.
. $2.00 to $10.00
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from 3.00 to 10.00
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Sbe tter ai id wvear long~est~. Come and M
Cral Bros Co.
r inu nuuu uuu
y.~ i~i-~J. McD Bruce, President.
I. M. Mauldin, Cashier.
0NMAIN sti
I have r< scently added to my Blacksmith and~
Wood Shi >pa
Gen uji e Rock Burr4
C oorn Mill.4
and am pr' spa edi to do your grinding in a first
class miam 1er and can give you as good meal as
0ou ever & kuck a tooth in. While having your
blaksmiit a or woodwork done, or doing your
trading in.tow n, let me grind for you. I Will
tr.eat you righ- ;. Yours to please
I ickens, S. C.
SHare YC iua Cr idng Done while you Wait
on~ ! 'ollar A Year
I have used your fertilizer for E
3veral years and have been
leased with them. f
Respectfully. 9
L. W. Harris
uderson Phosphate Co., I
Anderson, S. C. 0
Yours of the 25th at hand, '
nd will say in reply that I have
sed your fertilizer for two yrs
nd it has giyen me perfect sat- (
sfaction, especially your 8-4-4.
t suits my soil better than any- I
hing I have ever used.
Yours truly,
Jno. T. Milford
knderson{ Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
)ear Sirs:
I have sold your fertilizers for
hree years with good results.
Yours truly,
J. R. Glenn
knderson Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
I have been using your fertili
:ers for many years, but for the
past two years I have used your
E. G. 8-4-4, and it gives me sat
isfaction in every way. Have
nade better crops since using it
than ever before.
Yours truly,
J. A. Hall
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
We have been selling and us
ing your goods for some time
and have always found them to
give good results. Our custom
ers seem to be very much pleas
ed with them. We aretatisfied
that in quality crop-producing
power they are the best, and we
tnmend them to all farmers
as a fertilizer of the highest
Yours truly,
J. T. McCown Sons
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
Four years ago my farm pro
duced forty bales of cotton, its
full capacity at that time. -The
year 1910 we produced on the
same number of acres 65 bales,
and 1911, last year. we raised its
production to 100 bales, besides
making 1,000 bubhes of corn,
with oats and hay in propotion.
We used your fertilizers exclu
sively and expect to continue to
use them.
Yours truly.
J. M. Richardson
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
We have handled your ferti
lizers for several years and can
say they have given general sat
is actionl; in fact we have some
c stoners who won't have any
other. They seem to be gaining
in oopularity every year, Judg.
ing from our increased sales
from year to year.
Very respectfully,
J. P. & A. L. Crowther
Anderson Phos. & Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
Gentlemen: .
I have been selling y'our ferty
lizer for two seasons and have
sold it to 100 or more customers,
who express entire satisfaction
and say they will use it another
ya. Yours truly,.
D. Burford
Anderson Fertilizer has sever
al friends among my customers.
I think the managers are try
ing to build a fertilizer business
on honest principles.
Yours truly.
J. W.Byrd
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have sold your goods for th<
past two years and have hear<
no complaints. My sales th<
past year were larger than the
year before to the parties wh<
had used your goods before..
willhave a good trade this sea
Yours truly,
J. B. Dowthit
SAnderson Phos. an~d Oil Co.,
Anderson, S.,C
I have handled your fertilize
for several years to the satisfa<
ttion of all my customers, whc
in many instances say they wi
4 have no other if they can ge
Syour goods..
Yours trulv,
Mvi. Hunter
Anderson Phos. adOil Co.,
4 Anderson, S. C.
4 We have sold your fertilize
,for some years and our custon
ers seem to be well pleased wit
Sresults as our sales are on the il
Screase. As for ourselves we col
sider your goods equal to. at
in some respects better than, i
the fertilizers made by yoi
Yours truly,
Pendleton Mfg. Co.,
B. M. Aull, Mgr.
Would say that I have usi
many kinds of fertilizer, b
Snone superior to yours.
I W. L. Anderson
Have used your goodyfor1
eral years with satisfaction.
L. W. Harris
SThe following are well pleas
7with your goods: J. C. Coc
'Wylie Beard, Luther Dominic
3Prosperity: Irvin Dominic
Quattlebaum and Langfor.
- Proserity. S. C.
Ane~son Phos. and Oil Co..
Anderson, S. C.
1. R. Vandiver, Pres. Ande
ear Sirs:
Yours to hand. I can truth
lly say your goods have given
erfect satisfaction. Don't think
have ever used better goods.
n fact I know they are ahead
f anything I have ever used.
11 sustomers I sold last year
rant to buy again.
Yours truly,
M. W. Hunter
I am ple tsed to advise that
a customers are well pleased
ith your fertilizers.' Entirely
atisfactory-and the conditions
f the goods are fine.
Yours truly,
J. R. Garrison
)enver, S. C.
Lnderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
It gives me pleasure to recoin
nend your goods. I have used
rour goods for the last two or
bree years and find them to
3qual or excel any I have ever
ried. Your goods give entire
atisfaction to ny customers
who will gladly testify as to its
Yours truly,
E. Z. Seffiar
Greenwood, S C.
Anderson Phos. and Oil-Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have used your 8-3-3 and
8.4.4 gocds and consider shem
as good as the best, especially
the 8-4-4 for side dressing.
Yours truly,
H. M. Holland
Anderson, S. C.
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
' Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
Since you installed a drying
plant in your factory, I must
say your goods give perfect sat
Yours truly,
. B. J. Smith
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have been using your fertili
zer fo? the past three years and
am perfectly satisfied wioh it.
Yours truly,
J. S. McConnell
I used Anderson 8-3-3 fertiliz
er and Peruvian guano side by
side in the same field, putting
in the same amount of each.
Aftei the crop was matured, I.
with some of my neighbors, ex-'
amined the crop and could not
tell any difference in the results
of the two fertilizers. The An
derson 8-3-3 is $16 per ton cheap
er than Peruv ian guano.
Yours truly,
J. T. Lang'
Anderson, S. C,
I suppose your goods have
given satisfaction in this com
munity, as my tonnage has in
creased from 400 to 1,500 tonis
in the last four years, and I've
never sold any but yours, and
have never had a kick.
.Very truly,
C. E. Jones
Starr, S. C.
Anderson Phosphate Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
Have used your fertilizer sev
eral years with perfect satisfac
tion. One-sixth of my cotton
paid my fertilizer bill for 1911,
which I consider a good record.
T. W. McCarrev
Anderson, R. 8.
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have used your goods almost
exclusively since your factory
was built and have no reason to
regret it. Will continue to use
them as long as they maintain
Itheir present high standard of
L. E. Campbell
Belton, S. C.
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
- Anderson. S. C.
Dear Sirs:
Your fertilizers have 'given
general satisfaction in this com
Mt-ane Yours truly.*
Mt.Carel5.0 A. 0. 'Grant
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co..
Anderson, S.'C.
1 I have used your goods for
t several years and. find them as
good as any on the market.
A. F. McCurry
Anderson, R. 6
Mr. J. R. Vandiver
Dear Sir:
.e I used nearly 100 tons of your
t 8-3-3 goods on my farm last
Am satisfied with resu an'iid
- unhesitatingly say aieve no
. better goods are on the market.
d -- H. G. Anderson
e -Anerson, S. C.
ir Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
I have used your goods cen
tinuously for the past ten years
d and itis asgood as any on 11'
t market.
-Yours truly,
. T. A. Dorotin
Troy, S. C.
kMr. J. R, Vaudiver,
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sir:
d We..have been selling your
, goods since the organization of
k' your company, with satisfacto
k ry results. Our customers haveL
'be i n well pleased and some have
used it every ye'ar since webe
gan to sell i
Due WestS. C.
rson, S. C. D. S. Y~di~'e~. Mgr.

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