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.~'-~ ns eintinel
Some Thingsou Know and Some
You Doit Kow About Our
Towns, County & People
Court opened with the usual
court week weather-rain.
S. M. Wolf, Esq., of Ander
son, was on a visit here last
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. H. C. Hunt, one of the
best known citizens of the
county, died very suddenly at
his home near Croswell on the
night of 22nd of February, He
was 67 years old and is survived
by his wife and nine children.
All boys who are going to
enter the Boys- Corn Club are
requested to send their names
to the County Supt. of Educa
tion or to J. A. Williams, Da
cusville, S. C. the farm demon
strator for this county.
Mrs. K. L. Curston, who has
been confined to her room since
Christmas, went to Greenville
last Friday.
The birthdav of Washington
was celebrated by the school.
Songs, recitations and speeches
appropriate to the occasion were
well rendered.
Mr. Larkin Hughes, one of
the oldest citizens of the county,
is reported quite ill. It -is said
there is little hope for his recov
The friends of Mr. H. L ang
Clayton, of- Liberty, will be
pleased to know he is recovering
from a very severe attack of
Mr. Ernest Folger returned
Sunday from the North; where
he had been to purchase spring'
goods, and soon after his arrival
the stork arrived and presented
him with a daughter.
The genial and familiar face
of Hon. J. E. Boggs was greatly
missed in court this week.
Many solicitous .inquiries were
made of him. His many friends
regret that his health has not
been sufficiently recoverc d as to
permit him to be at his accus
tomed place during court.
Mr. J. P. Smith, a substantial
citizen of our county, dropped
into our office Monday and ad
vanced his subscription a
Hon. 5. E. Brezeale of
son, is attending cou
Mr. J. Frank Epnes,
Greenville bar, was one
court visitors this week.
Mr. P. H. Boggs, fori
Pickens but now of Pi
is i-eported quite ill.
Mrs. W, L. Jenkins of
'tille, Ga., is visiting het
ter, Mrs. Hubert Edens.
Mr. J. H. Seaborn, res
ing the Cornelia Real Es
Investment Co., of (
Ga., paid us a call
and gave The Sent~
ad. for his company .
Mr. C. R. D. Burns, t
.halla, is assisting Clerk
Boggs in court this we
Burns is very popular i1
county and he is being
make the race for the S-.
ate. Should he decide t
will make a formidabbi
-On February 22nd ull
home of Mr. Odis Yates
County, Mrs. Sallie E
was happily married
Isaac Seaborn, Rev. B.
kinson performing the c
The happy couple has t
wishes of many frien
long, happy and prospe-.
Mrs. J. M. Aiken, of Pied
mont, has been visiting her
.daughter, Mrs. F. L. Finley, re
turning home Thursday.
Mr. A. M. Morris has been re
appointed postmaster at this
place by President Taft.
Mr. Sidney Bruce, of David
ser college, visited at home Sa r
urday and Sunday.
Mr. A. P. Alexander,. of- th
Keowee side, made us a pleasaut
call Friday and moved up his
subscription two VeaiH.
' ilnmade a~ b)u...
nestrip to Atlanta last week.
Hon. T. J. Mauldin reiurned
umbia last Sunday to
r the opening of court
The Legislature has
rned and it is undecid
Then they will adjourn.
several hitches on ac
the Governor vetoing
in g up many impor
tant measures. It is pro
however, that they will ad.jourl
today (Thursdav.)
Mr. John Lewis Youn vi-it
his uncle, Mr. Gum Cooley Sun
For Aidermnh1
We, the friends r W. E.
Finley, hereby announ1ce him as
a candidate for Alderman to f"1l.
the unexpired terl of R. F.
Hendricks, said election to be
held March 6.
Abercrombie Sunbeam Band j
On Sunday night an interest
ing meeting was held at the
Pickens Mill church. It was
conducted by the Abercrombie
sunbeam band and reflected C
much credit on the children as
well as their leaders, Misses Per
la and Edna Hester. The reci- r
tations, dialogues and songs '
were well rendered. May they 4
continue to shine through life. t
Death of Judge Philpot I
Judge I. H. Philpot died at
his home at Dacusvflle on the
23d ult., after a lingering illness
of Bri'ht's disease. He was 74
years old, and leaves one son,
five daughters and many friends
and relatives.
He was one of thebest known
citizens of the county. In the
early 70's he was probate judge I
of this county. In every rela
tion of life he has been true and S
faithful: He was a consistent
member of the Dacusville Meth
odist church and he was buried
there Saturday.
Mr. George H. Magill Dead f
Mr. Geo ge I. Magill (lied at s
his home near Easley; Sunday, c
after several months' illness and t
interment took place at Peters
Creek church the day following. r
He was 58 years old and is' sur
vived by his wife and five chil-'
Mr. Magill was one of the e
county s best citizens. (
Col. Wt ers Dead
News has been received of the c
death of "Col." Mart Waters, ~
the venerable printer whg served
so many years on The Sentinel ~
force. The particulars of his
death are not known, but it is
reported that.he died of heart c
trouble. He was over 70 yearsa
~.r. and Mr~s- Warren I
D. Hendricks. Miss Janie Hen- Is
dricks and Mr. J. Forest Wel-Is
born, both of this county. P r.Ilh
V. C.. Seaoorn officiated. Thk b
was a very beautiful and uii; il
home wedding, only a few of a.
he near relatives being present.
Th parlor was decorated with t.
hlyx and ferns, and at 1:30 P. a
M., the happy couple presented 0
themselves at the marriage al
ar where the solemn nuptials ji
were duly perform'!ed.
oon after thet (ceremony we ni
weere invited int- th' dining (1
rom. where thb nad r
d (1to its ca~p8(cit :y 'u........ I
lhe day- folko'win h brh
prty werie tendered
a t the hom'e of t'e groi
rets, Mr. anid MrJs.
WeL orn.
These young people si ad hb b~
in society and are loved by a i
w wo know them. The ar
eemed fr- thei many ('hni
iun~~~ %i:' O\eare sure theii
ni rAlds will join thiwrit
hing them a long, pros
tviro a!nod happy life.
Notwithstanding the very in
l:ment weather all of th<
,rand jurors answered to theil
iAmes Monday morning whe1
our. convened except one, Mr
. P. Field, who -as sick an(
iv order of~Court anothEr was
rawn to serve in his stead, Mr
I. Callaham. All the petil
urors answered. After th<
rand jury was sworn the cour
pt down to business.
The J udge delivered a ver
omprehensive charge to th(
rind iury. calling their atten
ion first as to their duty witl:
eference to county affairs
'hey were charged that it wa
heir duty to see that the coun
y officers were properly dis
aring their duties; that th
ooks were properly kept; tha1
he prisoners and paupers 'wer
rell cared for and treated. H(
>ld them in the consideratior
f indictments they should care
illy investigate and cousidei
11 the evidence, and if in an
ase they were satisfied that th<
rosecution was of a petty na
are, or brought for unworthN
urposes;that if it was not found
d in truth and for the good o0
ciety; that witnesses ha(
worn folsly, then it would Ni
heir duty to find no bill an(
ve the expense of trying sucl
ase. He also stated that if ir
heir judgement, any witnes
ad sworn falsely, either in f
riminal or civil case, the)
hould take such steps as they
ould to ferret it out and bring
le guilty to justice.
The following true bills wer
eturned by the Lrand jury:
State v. Andrew Masters, fo
jolation of the dispensary law
he State v. M. H. Lewis, sam
arge: The State v. Alfred
arren, same charge: The State
. Andrew Masters and Josepi
cJunkin same charge; The
tate v. Dock Burts. same
arge; The Stase v. Thomas
;lrod, murder.
The trial of the case of the
tate v. Thomnas Jackson and
ob Hunter for operating an
icit distillery in 1910 was con
uded bet ore the noon hour and
verdict of guilty was returnled.
hey had no council and wvere
*ied in their absence.
3urt was also tried ir
ice for vic lat ion of dis
law and a verdict of
.11 was found in the case
tate v. John H~ughes
*Lt and battery with in
* l, and no bill against
rkson for forgery.
)citOr nol prossed the
Scases: The State v.
~ewis upon his paying
3tate v, Andrew Mas
Joseph McJunkin upor
ing the sum of 850.
se of the State v. John
for assault and. battery
tent to kill was next
* . W. E. Findley, Esq.,
:ed the defendent. The
*v was to the effect that
Nov. 1908, at Liberty,
ndant had gotton inte
uble with some one and
he house of his sister,
nter. who lived a block~
way to get a pistol. Mr.
*Hunter was at dinne
Hughes camne into the
>dl reached up) on the
to get the pistol Mr.
jumped up) from the
id grabbed Hughes as
going out the door and
iim back in the room.u
Iled him back Hughes
pistol and the ball went
fire place. Huniter still
eld him from the rear and
[uhes turned the pistol to one
de and fired again the ball
.riking Mrs. Hunter in the foi e.
d( and range(d through th.
rain and came out about six
ehes from where it eteredu
utd i the back of the head.
Tle thevory of the (lefense wa
.t the shooting was accident
I. The jury returned a verdict
Fnot guilty.
With this case the court ad
The trial of Thmas Elrod foi
nrder was entes ed upon Tues
17 but for lack of space a fuli
mot of it and othe proceed
6fcurt will have to be car
ed oer till next week.
U'ck Burts was senltence'd t(
. nnle of 8100. which was
''and J. R. Howaid for as
mtand bilat ter y of a high and
T . 1L1 nure.rne
sault and Uatti with uinen
to kill: Laihem ;, 'senpvcrt sam<
charge and Paul Davis sam(
charge. No bill u-as ret:rnet
against Thadv Balle uager and J
D. Bolding same charge.
A Delightful Reurion
We had a v\ry uensant day
a. iie reun1ion of h family of
Mr. S. P. Brez)a on Tuesday.
February 20(. It was the 76th
birthday of this sturdy man and
a happy one it was. Rev. D- P.
Hutson, of Easley, was p: -sent
and sang for us. The service
began with "The Life Boat,"
then prayer by Mr.-D. A. Par
rott. Mr. S. P. Brezeale gave
each and all a hearty welcome
in a short talk, followed by an
other song.
Rev. W. H. Lewis then ad
dressed 'us on the subject of
"Friendship.' Rev, D, P. Hut
son presented a good theme on
"United Efforts," after which
was a song.
An intermission was then ta
ken in which general conversa
tion and good fellowship was
enjoyed until dinner was an
nounced, and we 'were ushered
out into the yard, where a table
of good things awaited our con
suming appetites. The splen
did boiled ham and fried chick
en. the delightful pies and cakes
and the many other good things
were heartily enjoyed and were
more than sufficient to satisfy
the guests present.
After dinner Mr. J. L. Steph
ens made a talk and a isong fol
Rev. E. L. Thomason then
made an,address on "The Web
of Life we Weave," followed by
a song. Mr. D. A. Parrott talk
d Xon Love.
An address by Mr. S. P. Bra
zeale, after which we sung "God
be with you till we meet again,"
marked the closing exercises of
the day, and then we departed.
with the wish that the host be
spared to see several more birth
All who have not paid their
State and County taxes are urg
ed to do so before the 15th of
March and thereby save the
treasurer the unpleasant duty
of issuing an execution. On the
1st day of March a penalty of 7
per cent. will be adde~d anid col
lected un to the 15th, when the
books will close, after which
time execution will be issued
and placed in the hands of t he
The re are many receipts on
the books w ;ich should come
off before the 15th of March,
and money will be saved those
who settle now.
The time for paying commu
tation roadl tax also expires the.
15th of March.. It wvill be to
vour interest to bear these things
in mind.
'J. T. Richey,
Co. Treas.
-For land anyw'here in Pick
ens county see or write J. R
Ashmore. 'The L and Man.".
FOR RENT-One five room
house, outbuilings, orchard etc
and two acres of land with it in
the edAe of town. Convenient
to church and school. Apply to
2t Craig Bros.
You had better get your Cole
Cotton and Corn Planter before
the stock is exhausted
Heath-Bruce-Morro w Co.
For Sale-Eggs from the pure
an1 best strain of White Or
pington chickens. Prize winners
at the Pickenis Poultry show.
1911. Price, $3 and $5 setting.
B. Lewis,
tf ' Pickens, S. C.
Higest market price paid for
:hickens and Eggs at
Heat h-Bruce-Morr w Cio's.
FORl Terra Cotta see Jno. A.
.obnison, Easley, or Dr. L. F.
Robinson. Phckens. S. C.
5.0 Bushels Ear Cor1n want
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
FOR SAmoill stc~- exchianle,
dunce lots, in tile city of Easley.
D). T. Golightiey.
Easier. S. C.
H ighest mar~ket pr-ice paid for
\ur produce.
D), von nieed a first c'la-s brand
t~ie e t terms ever offetredl? If
-o Ce the proposition offur:'ed
hr F. E. CUX
If you really want a good sack
of Flour try Coppv Wright at
W E are now entering upon our 13th business year ii
well equipped to supply the needs of our friend
We have for your inspection one of the largest
retail store in South Carolina.
The purchasing of the merchandise for each dep'
est-has been given the advantage of our long experieni
us by buying in large quantities for our chain of stores I
tial savings on dependable merchandise in all our depai
Perhaps we can show you a larger and more var
age store, but each article has merit according to the pri
saving if you make your purchases here.
We say it without fear of a successful contradicti
I ents, Stoves and Ranges, than any two stores in the c<
I entire room in our main building, 30x100 ft.. and ware.
are filled to their capacity with Shelf and Heavy Hardwa
all of the most dependable makes. In Saws, Edge Too.
the Famous "Keen Kutter," every article bearing the tr;
anteed to be th~e best of its kind in workmanship anid ma
ence in price of Kc~en Kutter makes from the ordinary k~
Stoves and
We handle everything from. the cheapest depend:
every stove and Range that leaves our store is guarant4
ence Automatic Oil Cooking Stoves-just the thing for s
and have it demonstrated.
Pittsburg Per
"The Weld that Held"- -a solid carload of all styl
that a good garden furnishes half our living. Protect ti
burg Poultry and Garden Fence.
We don't sell automobiles, but we can show you1
of Buggies, Surreys and Wagons to be found in upper(
gies, fitted with Brass -Boxes. To appreciate the beauty
will have to own one. We have also a full line of Piedi
market for the money. Try the "Rock Hill Plan."
When it comes to Wagons, we carry a complete
%fully equipped with Bed, Brake and Breast Chains; and 1
need..of a Buggy or Wagon. We will make you easy tei
We will a.gain sell Swif t's, Armour's, l<oyster's a
Acid Phosphates, Cotton Seed Meal, Kanit, Nitrate of
our prices will be right. Come to the Big Store to do
will be to your interest to trade here.
If you really want a sack of Go
1 Pickens, and never before have we been so
s and customers as we are at this time.
stocks of General Merchandise carried by any
irtment--the smallest article as well as the larg
:e. together with the purchasing power given
or spot cash, enabling us to offer you substan
ied assortment than is usually kept in the aver
ce we ask for it. You will find a substantial
on, that we carry more Hardware, Farm Imple
>unty. We have given to this department one
louse in rear of main store, 4o2xioo ft., and both
.re, Farm Implements, Stoves and Ranges a
s Cutlery, Hoes, Forks and Shovels, de handle
ide mark. "Keen Kutter" is absolutely guar
,terial. And you wvill scarcely notice the differ
ible Stove and Rar;ge to tihe higest priced, and
red to give satisfaction. We handle the- Flor
aimmer time and light housekeeping. Call in
'fect Fence
es Poultry, Hog and Lawn. It has beed said
at half by enclosing your garden with Pitts
he largest stock and the most reliable makes
.arolina. A full line or Tyson and Jones Bug
and DURA BILITY of these Buggies, you
nont and Rock Hills--the Best Baggies on the
tssortment of the genuine Geo. E. Nissen Co's
he old reliable Studebaker. See. us when in
-d other good brands, and also a fulI line of
Soda, Bone Meal and Agricultural Lime, and
our trading. We appreciate your trade and it

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