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nMar.y Bills Were Passed On By the
Sent-te and House of Representa
tivCS of the Palmetto State During
the Week Just Closed.
Cclumbia.-The senate passed t
rezeciuticn to adjcurn sine die Thurs
d3ay. February 2S. A resolution pre
:siy adopzcd by the house would
have .beh bodies take a recess unti
May 2S. This would be for the pur
pose of adopting the 1912 Code, and
to hear a report from the recently ap
Pointed committee to investigate the
dispensary commissions, etc. The
house fs prac*tie.iy zure to resist the
'Torts of the senaze to quit Thursday
The seiate car-not adjourn without thE
con.cent of the house, but the house
c::.nt recede from business for long
r:aiii throe days without the con
sert of .e senate. In the event of i
deabt.. the two bodies could stay
re until the second Tuesday in Jan
, 1', when a new session would
- to begin.
Dcth the house and senate adopted
e repo. c. the committee of free
Conlferenace on the appropriatioi bill
The bil v-il be ratified and sen
D the governer.
FcCsibly the most importan
nge mrdce by the committee o:
conference was giving the Uni
versity cf Seutl Carclina $25,000 this
302r for :;ianznt inprovements, t<
- 3 spent as the bcard of trustees see!
The general assembly of South Car
c na has pro3:ded an appropriation
c f$5,C00 to erect a suitable monumeni
Jamcs ".lIrion Sims, on the
--tate hcuse grcunds. The amount
was given by the general assembly
on th conditian that the medical pro
~Kan' of Scth Carolina raise an
dtional .CK, making - the total
rLont $19,000. It is .t.hought that
t ousticn cr raising the fund will
brought b-'ore the next rneeting 'o
tio South Ct'rcl~na medical society
T'he secretary of state has commis.
sionedi C. E. Spencer of Yorkville
At;~fnst Kohn of Columbia and W. T
~ae. _Bates of St Mathews as trustees
fo te ne *v of Southt Ce
They wvere reent gected by the
* general assembly.
J. W. McCcwn, state senator from
Florence, was, eleceted by the general
assen:bly char:aan of the board ol
com missioners which is to have'charge
ofthe. state cotton warehouse sys
temn, should the aet which recently
passed vtnd the tsst of the courts as
to:is contutionnlity. The othex
t o coImissioners elected by the
genr0 a ec.bly were Maj. John S.
Hcr ibeck of Chirrleston county and
----Clinkscales of Anderson county
A i hrio cof the comm~issioners 'choser
The gen-i :ssemnbly passed the
Erownin Uli .... raviding for refund.
ngthe brosa~' s--ek and bonds in
1913 over the V. raer-s veto. The
vote in :-e . .als v:-as decisive. In
th'e acue 76i ;umbers voted to pass
- th l'i2 cicr the veto and 10 to sus
tain the veto. ;:hile in the senate thi
v-ic v:as -:i fore passing the bill ani
4 to .sustain the veto.
G cv. Eic:.re ser.t to the house an(
-e"ate a sp'ccial message containin;
-some mnfonnaicn about the act to es
tablish a sate system of cottor
V;'archeuses which he has approved.
The repcrts of the committee on
free eenference on the county supply
bill vwas adoepted by both the house
and cenate. The m:essage was ordereC
enrolled for ratification.
The Senate.
thehef'ate- W. L. Mauldin, pres
dent ,/ Um Qf the senate and
chaiw:: c:N~sfrinnce committee
v~a:3pre-ta wth a large silver fruil
- 'danby h~sfellow members on the fi
:c om:atte, attesting their es
Ref'sed Vercset Untir Paid Off.
The ca:;e af Shere versus Aver
buck, u bich was heard before Mag
istrat' Play'. in Shiich, resulted in
a verdit in invor of the defendant,
th*u.r'--:::'- the verdict in fa
vor 'f2 r::n te e: cut only
a few irin and ~r( after they had re
fused ona a ':'diat until they
had been ':d- off. The itary agreed
upn vil <h:::::terev re
tsired, but' the* .o deO cided that they
r il th:~ y. :::t thir 35centr
C;;rnten To Ha .e *ic:-e Comners' Week
The er.: eC -en illnext June
have a' he e ' sek. Tic
pre1 - f- -5u T will insure the
- ~. ~icr c itizen whc
- - e date se
- .. of whiol
* *.o's of the
et nrsay. The
/ :ontracts for
a rati~ ill up the
n 1 in pub
- Ysfo a lonlg
- e ten::nt gov
- , bjchection.:
u -ea:Mh~m ~a ~edup in the
nate e os e-lo since the
first of ie - ia ..olc
The jcit n opaebelore
~he people -'d - imary the issu
neeC of $1.z n is.. to remfov(
he 0: : 1c .re a isane to
srated1in the senate
com re- to t':--d reading. The
bill wa ateetm indefinitely post
penedU, ,pj v~**agan placed on the
- calendar.
Senator tsenaers moved to call
from the engrcssing department the
il.paethe election of the
- a afcommissone o agriculture,
-,ommerce and Immigration in tue pri
mary in order to amend the title. I
This was carried. e
Senator W. L. Mauldin's bill to re- fi
quire one-half of the net profits from
the dispensaries to be paid into the s
state treasury was indefinitely post- v
poned by the -senate by a vote of. 21 v
to 10 It was debated for quite a j
while, many senators from dispensary a
counties opposing it and several from n
-'dry" counties.favorin'.
The joint resolution to submit to a
the people of the state.the proposition 3
to vote $1,000,000 for improvements
at the Asylum was first taken up wher
the senate convened. Senator W. J. 1
Joknson argued against the proposition
and stated he believed the people
of the state would overwhelmingly de
feat it at the polls.
. On a resolution passed by Senator
Carlisle, the clerk, assistant clerk
and other employes of the senate were
allowed to be paid per diem out of th(
sinking fund for extra work done.
A resolution was proposed to in
crease the salary of the reading clerk
from $300 to $400, the pay to com
mence with this session of the genera!
assembly. Both of these resolutions
were adopted.
The House of Representatives.
Governor Blease returned to the
house, with his veto, the act provid
ing for the refunding of the Brown
stocks and bonds, a very considerable
portion of the -state debt. The ve
toed act was referred to the commit
tee on ways and means, which is ex
pected to report in a few days.
After a debate on the amendments
offered by the house judiciary com
mittee, the house passed to third
reading the bill empowering the Co
lumbia Railway Gas and Electric
Company to construct a power dan
across the Congaree river near the
confluence of the Broad and Salud?
rivers. The. bill passed the senate
after several amendments were added
to it by the upper house.
Mr. Sinkler's bill creating a dock
and warehouse commission in th:
county of Charleston came up for
third reading in the house.
Mr. Dick opposed the bill and Mr.
Vander Horst advocated its passage.
Mr. Diok moved to recommit the
bill. The bill was called, and thc
house refused to recommit the bili
by a vote of 47 to 30.
The bill -passed its third reading
and was sent back to the senate with
The house sustained the governor'I
veto of the act providing for the med
ical inspection of children in the pub
lie schools by two votes. The vetoed
act was taken up and 60 members
voted to pass the bill over the execu
tive veto while 33 meinbers voted tc
sustain the governor. It required a
vote of two-thirds of the members tc
pass the act over the veto.
The following bills passed thir(
reading to the house:
--Mr. gontgom'ery-To require all
persons in Marion county liable tc
road duty to pay a commutation ox.
road tax in lieu of working upon pub
lic highways in said colinty, to pro
vide a penalty, to provide for listing
persons so liable, and to provide for
collecting said tax. ,
Mr. Young--To fix the term of of
fice of the county treasurers.
Mr. Mitchum-A .joint resolution tc
direct the attorney general to file suit
to annul and set aside the alleged as
sessments fixed for certain bardts.
Political Pot Begins To Boil. 1
The political pot is beginning tc
boil in Marion county,'and one car
alread'y see two or three men in a lit.
te batch on the streets with theix
heads close together. This means that
the bee is beginning to buzz and this
man or the other is feeling of his 1
neighbor. There is one avowed can
didate for the sheriff's office-his ani
nouncement having been made aboutj
a year ago. This is J. M. Dcesier, a
popular grocer. It is understood that
W. A. Wall and 3. T. Dozier, the pres
ent deputy sheriff, are in the running.]
ope A Farmers' Institute.
Mr. T. F. Jackson and Mr. C. B.
Haddon, of the extension division of
Clemson College, opened a farmers'
institute or short course at Simpson
vile. Mr. T. 3. Jackson gave a very
interesting and instructive talk on thei
breeding, raising and feeding of
horses and mules in this state and a
showed very conclusively how and
why the farmers should raise more
mules on the farmss. -,.Mr. Jackson
gave a most practical and useful dem-.
onstration of horse and mule judging
and how to select a~nd buy farm stock. I
A Column of Short Paragraphs That
Were Collected with Very Much
Care by the Editor.
Charleston.-Advices have been re
ceived her-e that at least two large
schooners laden with hard coal have
gotten out of the ice of Chesapeake
bay and are in open sea en route tc
Charleston, ending the present famn
e, the like of which has not occur
-d in many years.
Edgefield.-The indications are at
-esent that the consumption of fer
tilizers in thit county will be at least
25 per cent. less tt-in~ last year. Up
to this time a year ago, more than
1000 tonis h-i bozn delivered. The
-ery naked d-are:.e i-; duie both to
the bad roads antd the ecaision cf the
I arers to curtail the- conlsumlption.
Cheste.--A cnrefu! rearch for the
robbrs that effectedi an entrance into
the Seaboard Air Line rzI'ad depot
at Edgemiocre has proved ntiUle. Thel~re
is no clue to work upjca. .'oreov-er, so
uch vwhiske 13c ilad in-b
worthless negroes inta etota
iisalmost beyoind questcn of discov
cring who stole the 11 gallons of whis
Grenville.John ur:-, an aged
vhte man, who was inju: in being
struck by a box car vihile crossing
the s-outhrern railway yards. died at
the Greenville city hrospital. Br. Burke
v;-as crossing a track w~hen a shifting
engine pushed a car down in am di-.
retcn. and for some reaison he did
Inot see. The coroner will later hold
an inquest.
Edgefeld.-Charles Copeland and
Wiliiamx Reardon, both white. becaen
involved in a difiiculty, which resulted
in Copeland's shooting Rear-don. They
reside about ten ruiles from here in
the Pleasant Lane section and it is
impossible to learn the particulars of
the trouble. The wound is not regard
ed as serious- Copeland gave boind for
his appearance.
Chester. - William Henry Hardin,
former mayor of Chester and member
of the state pension' board, died of
the infirmities of age. He was 86
years of age. He distinguished him
self greatly in the War Between tho
LL'eS, aria was ~ '.aa
alker Gaston camp, Unit. :
-ate veterans. He was a con:aucsu:
gure at all veteran gatherings.
Orangeburg.-The court c g2rerad
assions in session in this city is now
'ell under way, and is dispensin
ith justice in good order. The grardi
iry finished its work in the mati.
f passing upon bills and making. the
ecessary visits and inqiuries. The
ourt will be in session a whole week
nd many true bills have been found.
iaking a heavy docket for the court.
Greenwood.-The arrest of two vhite
aen at Grendel mill No. 1, supposed:
o be a daring safe cracker and his
>al, has developed into another case
>f "not wanted." The local, officers
ere led into the affair by a man nam
d Peace who said he was a Pinker
on detective. After landing the
nen in jail Peace decided they were
iot the men wanted. Both have since
)een released.
Rock Hill.-A report received 'here
from the United Stats Postofflice De
partment, made by Inspector Drowr,
efuses an, application made by Post
mnaster E. E. Poag fcr an extra car
rier, made necessary by the rapid
growth of Rock Hill within the pan
ear. It is said there are about three
Lundred families living within the in
:rporate limits 1 -- not enjoying
the benifits of free delivery.
St. Matthews. -- i Iurg
hrown into a mild spasm c.f s
prise over the raid of a room over D..
L. M. Able's- store, where. it is a lc!.(,
some white men were gambling. Soon
fterwards Mr. Ben F. Anley. a fo
mer chief of police, and the preser t
chief of police, W. C. Dcwie, gct in
some words over the raid, which re
sulted in a fistic cuff, adding additiou
l interest to matters.
Greenville.-A model dairy farm.
stocked with the finest bred Holstein
cows, and conducted on the most ap
proved government plan, is the late.,t
enterprise in Greenville. Th& barn:
ror the farm have been built, most1:
)f .cement construction and the lir,
;teins have arrived and it will only L,
i few days before Greenville will ha:
a milk supply equal to that of an:
3ity in the country. The invesiment.
t is understood, represents quite an
yutlay of money. It is owned by local
Edgefield.-The spring term of the
ourt of general sessions will conven:
)n March 4. George E. Prince wil
preside. The criminal docket is corn
paratively light, and will be disposed
)f in elss than a week. There are on!y
our prisoners in jail at this time.
Columbia.-A charter was issued by
he secretary of state to the Caldwell
Arnette Co., of Winasboro with. a
apital stock of $18,000. James P..
,aldwell is president, W. C. Peay, vic_
resident, ,R. . Caldwell, seretar;
tnd R. E. Arnette, .treasurer. The
:ompany will do a general merchan
lse business.
Greenville.--The Boys' tCorn Ciu;
ontest this year will be the biggo:
ret, there being 'more than sixty~
ames already on the list. Thto
ads represent every sectica t
~ounty--from the Dark C.- rno:r
3rushy Creek.
Spartanburg.-R. T. Wih-en of ILau
ens, will represent ,W~offord Colle 'c
n the Grec-nec-cd inatereel
orical contest. He is them
ive cf the Preston Liter-ry - "'
Is subject was "The future of Dem
~crccy in South Carciina. The1
ernate is L. P. Wannanrakter, of Cl c
..3asurer Jenkins Will Retire.
Columbia.-Capt. Robert HI. J":
iings,. for twleve years treasurer c
he state of South Carolina, announe
d that he would not seek re-electier
n the primary this year. Followin':
he announcement by Captain Je::
kings, S. T. Carter, who has been con
iected with the state treasurer's of
le for fourteen years, announced that
te would enter the race for the posi
ion. Mr. Carter has be.en the chief
:lerk in the department for five years
taving previously held the position of
Failed to Make Ginners' Report.
Camden.-T. B. Blyther of the Anti
ch section of this' county has been
>ound over to the United States c-our
n Florence, charged with refusing tc
urnish a representative of the gov
rnment with a ginners' report. Mr
flyther, srho operates a gin, has beer
aking reports promptly tip until the
irst of the year, and has ginned little
otton since then, arnd'was moving in
o his new home and neglected to re
ort, as he kept little account of the
ales ginned, as his customers paid
Helping Along.
Church-It 'is said a tea made of the
eaves of the "laughing plant" of
rabia puts the partaker into a hilari
ms humor for an hour or so.
Gotham-I only wish we could get
iome for our club dinner tomorrow
"You'r~e going to make bit WS oui
'uni apeeches, aren't 76u?'9
?1ie explanation
madeifl the(b
lest of our om
Sold,By Reliabi
Zoffolk Va. Tha
j altimore Md. M a
IMacon Ga.
CHi.R ;! ;sA Fe
BY cs.UrT.
A Stock and Sond Dealer -is Convictel
on a Chrzrgc of F.iudu!ent Breac.:
of Trust-There Whlere Severa! Ex
ce'pti*ns in th C c.
Columbia.-Charles H. Barber, the
spartanburg stock and bon1d dealer,
must serve two years in the state pen
itentia!r? on tbe charge of fraur:ient
breach of L:trst. Th'3. supreame c3ur
affirmed the scntence of the Sparta
burg ecuar:: court ad Barber wil u
very probbly :e bcrought to te lieli
tentiary v:thin the *:t tsn day.:. Tih
opinions : Asc-i-te .usice WVcodIs.]
er,"a the dcisi, ppeas from
thb conlviction and,, ioie-n-e on a
indieraent charging 0h. I he did N1!
fully commit a brea:h c trust in tint
he received from c-a Sally Iarr:son.
the z:m of $l00. goo an.aful mon
ev of the Unite! Statcs .: amr
the denuomintinca:- :3 nn
thereof being ta th:- ;;aad jurors
aforesaid tknowin, for and upona e:
special trust thut he would paysai
$100 in se9ttl 2menft and saitisfaction of~
comnmn it.,d crime which, hadl been:
imposed by ti- ecut o ssiOns IuI
on one lirlbari Harrison. and wilfl'
lV and fraudulently rf.used to pay
said lite. v:hen comiuted to the sum
of $1 V* by the rgover:mer. wi:'uil nad
i;i:trunt ly mi 3ppopr~it.:-d satid
$10), a trust fund, to his own use.
There are sevcral except;ns. but
the single point pressed in argument
was that the circuit judges should
have direted a v:-1et of acqulttai
on the hrounld tha: ro evidnace vas
intrcdueed tending to prove the
chairg;e made in the indictmelnt.
Disper.sary SFkz For -Januay.
Columbia.-The total sales from
the d spensaries in the six "wet" couu
ties Curing tie mouth of Janu.ry werc
.$212,!u1.3f, nd the total operatina
experses fcr the sane ronta were
$,11'.42, acording tIo~ annual
monthly sunement ji.st ,suod by Dis
pjet.ary Auditor .' 1 v v.hley.
itic-Ytnd county Ieadn sale-, n
.47t2::.25 to its cdi n
ton onies second. v ith :.912.4. The
totals by counties inol'w thvs
group of f'gures beintt t' 4:s fel
iowed by th e op::r:: t ing e'~en e. A
311.% . tfand Sfi.;. >: ' rston
Pickens R<aihi
o. ! o.
7-3 i105 3.20!
7.-o I1.2 ( . *,,
A r.
[It S t i
N (
is impdhe
~I ( a
estestcare -
/eales q esmer
('inoho a
Firr Reoort.
o of en:.
tion Tld;as n e GekIt 1i; h -
;ade thir.
1 .f.3l 1 phaer eined f.or arunin
There vwere ..- 'aeresC p112nted la
cotton in 111. T-. will he but
(:S acres year, o red
tion of 7:2:1 - r I per ce>nt. The
rason why : ' of 25 per cs-n;
r tn n pledged was b;
cause ci the lrg mirmber of smal
farmers (IrpprsI in this county who
plant- from tv\- to ten acres, who
have to pay tl'-r rent in cotton and
could not reduce thcir already small
Mcdici! .cc-cty Has Adjourned.
Columbi.-With the election of c
ers -.nd ib- seletir-n of Norfolk.
Va.. as' the mxt meeting -place, ille
Tri-State Medical Society adjourrl..
after a two-days' session. The follow'
ing officers were elected: President.
A. E. Biker, Charleston. S. C.: fln.t
vice presid.ent, 1. B. Kno:!ton. Co
Sumbi, S. C.: se-ondl vic president
. L. Cr Ity. f Rcmnti. Va.: secretary
'.. sa n e!-h of Narfolk. V.
?.f. . Way. of W::*nesvil, N. '..
re .ned as menibers of the exe:
-tive council.
Picken:s, F. C.
ATT riv. S. C.
.. S.n. 10. i
asoi Te e Srre S. C.
e2tie' :n at*
aci ]-rn an '
IE 15th, 1911.
\.2 No. .ji. 6
-3!* liXN i X u .Il G
Ar 9A011 . . . M
9.05 1.45 43
1 8-55 -30; 4.15
* 8.45 -.25 4 'o
S.. o 1.20. 4.05
- N. 12
S*m -\
.' L -
T b'iME~8
.. l 1. -L2
aifr ~
-4 ,..
-h. I
/ I,1
o C
r r L
yea'e L.r :Lh'i
"Now yo On"e~
generl. VWeran wasg a
Seboo!, andI at tI .
rpet becaus.e of tzhe retn o '
father. I vwat .ivneer
to drink, aitcdI did diiadnc
0 gt oldecr anud ulxd C-. ith ; a.:,.3
Iscarrecd vet!erans whox oghtwih
ither would cne up an2., for I
sake of old times, ask to l
with.th the glory r pa2 e"C
and I did-some.
"'Fen when I was mrA' n'A
to Austria the customs of the c'
and n-y official pesition' ml.r co:
polled mie ao dritik, always. id:
d'inr- with extr' 'Io .
cause I rnew that a
poiso-1 a uan co.:ld te in
ten ;:t I ?ouni out i
sibility to drink n'er ' .
"I could not s:::', v bc drin
placed bc n
in the iiiornig,' r
The fact t
pelled ne to d .' 1 'c" ("
('iaXU.g is 'i t you
I be""n~ -..n.
e1 \: 1 . vo 1 -
can -a.'mnve
to Or: i r - r
thateis at x
phrt'e coa e'r"" :-1
poin ti' e p'v":crn t le
p"ri'' ' rm :ei
prco' c' i ' n
An cystcr may bne c ssed e.
Sherid aii.
It is good to lo-;e tie umnov n.
Charles L:mib.
The sw-eetest ij'. and w iUst vnt
is !ovc.-Taiiey.
.l13 ;;a I
T -- - --
1' r
sce;y'd.-' s' rY- :
To Chllos's treast -:' C' '" :
Put he crNpt in at Mv
What will not womn:m.
When strong aft'ccti:a ;: r-; S
"Clean Un the Bc-wi and
KetiTheix: Q a t~
-"IE '1 A A.~.-.Id
i s. - .
i l l 9e
-----n ---x ----to
Easlc, S.
__ * k
;f~ts and Children.
~4 ~ TOUII ave
Aiways Bough;
~ 2VS the
-~c--~ -~
A Use
~ki yYe ars
-~ CETAUN [email protected] OJTV.
* - ~ ---
* . fif~~ ThE SPOT
* ~ Works,
~s ~rc~ri~tor
- . . .* ~. d***
* j ~
* ~Enfe HAS BEEN
- ~c~I~r Pike. ~
~ Sluies
- '~ i~~%~W
'~""&~~~ ~jNT GROWERS
k .~4~th
- *.-. .- I
* . ;-'?*~ WmioUT
~ ~ POT~LS~I
...d~cs t 'acco.
* .., (~ ~
;c~! by properly
~ f~rtn of
* * . . :~ ::: ptunds
L53 pounds
~:c n~cr~.y
- cofltir;fl
t~i:~ir.g 10 to 12
c n:anure with
a~d 200 to 250
- $* -....,.
............... .. ...~ ri.r.;.~ ~.s .j1 dzrxt~zs.
. ~N ~3i WORKS, Inc.
c~CcL~r:iBan~c~Idg I~ewOrIeaz~g
- ..~;.. ..,&Lrnoc
- A

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