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n.3. I'\ ~ IGI
Ur ttlC
S -e 3 mark across this
Ubs5cription to
- nS (L.e. a .ccon-: c:as
81) -e M!ar a Y ar1
Yu -.y i :2- YO AR
-X -I s .\ VNA -:i - 'H MEICINE
~e are so po-iuvo that our
renndv w!!!; manentlv relieve
co i n no matr how
C(m: U m .at we offer
to iFl! e sie at our
exmfi o produce
t ess to at
at~io with
:Lixatives or
C auLY i ulh harm. They
caux.e n-e nirritate, and
s and tend to
mak ..:: * imorechoi
n. 15::'. ecomiies a ha
M Cs~i.i is causal by a
w n urves and mus
cio i (n etestines or de
s m e:.2 expect per
n r u s there
Ce ........:md tren0 then
n a to try Rexall
on ... ecmmend a
ti'n. Te.) aM:r. very pleasant to
take,;*~ b*in )aten like candy,
~.1ad' are ida for children, deli
ca~te per-sons. and okl folks, as
well as fr ih.- robst Te act
dirctfly on~ ''m ' neVes and mnus
cles of theb.ses They have
anparemnU .2ema actionl On
k sive- *)osnes' or creaite aux in
conven~enc '~aevr They
may b take dayor nighft. -
Tha~e vAllptvevreiv ha
Diulor chronie (const ip'ationi
not of surgical var~i '-. and the
myu~ aas of as i or enronic
ailmn~ts, i...ak.nregularly for
a reasonabl length of time. 12
taie . c:: * 36 kablets, 25c.
SO tz !:-tb *t. 5. Sold in Pickens
only a tour sL ore-Tihe iRexall
Store. iiciens Drag Company.
A p~it i u anaualde
sire for o. Less of appetite
or stomam si af ter eating
mflt. n --e aa or dyspepsia
Over-ering' & aiait very dan
gerous i'o a .* rson s good gener
al heaith.
It is not 'hat y ou~ eat but
whlat you Ci~gs anod assimilate
that dIoeS ye gonod. Some of
the stron&'.t an he Walthiest per
* sons are01 onl oue.ra.e eaters.
Thero is nothing that will
cause more1 t o~ule than a disor
dered <tomach,. and people daily
th- u::hdirear or abuse of
the s.Uma. We urge all in
Picenswhosuder from any
stomu'Th mo mensft, indige s
tion or dykpeza1iC whether acute
or car C i Rxall Dys
pe'ps Taba,' wih the distinct
t1inC C Vraiy ilQ after ra
- :iRid with re
nu n thoem to
WL.hone .y Ceiv t hem to be
without egi .Thygv very
prompt re'ief aidi'n; to neutral
ize the astric juices, strengthen
the digs~ve >r ns to regulate
be imv.f. a i hu's to promote
pefc nuiion an~d erailicate
all unhe1althyV symp'tomls.
ur Va 'o o try a 25c. box
Disnp jla Tiablets,1
time, your
r. *ar v' to you
afrOi n' P atisfied. Of
course, m wbonc as length
uni u Fr sucd1
ases. we have tw o larger sizes,
-hich sell fo: 50c and $1.00. Re
aember, you can obtain Rexall
temedies in Pickens only at our
tore- Pickens Drug Company.
All who have not paid their
tate and County taxes are ure
d to do so before the 15th of
4arch an". thereby sav te
reasuirer i he unpleas ur u
)f i.suinl an execuIo. ..I the
st Uay of March a pen 1 v of 7
)er cent. will b add,-(, 0I M
)ooks wiil elo" aft(r which
:ime ec will be issued
md paced in the ha nds of the
- Th re are nany receipts on
he books w ich should come
>ff before the 15th of March,
,nd money will be saved those
who settle now.
The time for paying comnu
bation road tax also expires the
15th of March. It will be to
vour interest to bear these thirnrs
in mind.
J. T. Richey,
Co. Treas.
Yonah Land.
The famous Piedm .nt (cion. North
Eau G ;eorgia. T- 1 nd <-f Up~turi ty
Speci -! it- cement. t o :wm rees
dairymen, stockmen and plulrymen.
A great demand for diversified farming.
Some products 'o sell %4 rm
lo m:;iket and best prici s. Twen
odd Tourist hotels in ilabersham
County. (both summer and winter re
.) o 1v 743 mile-: from Atlanta on
-ni lIn -f S'ci sutrn Raihvay to Wash
inston, 1 ). Ten acres .appj. archard
oroidueVd -Vo0 buhe's . rapp'es netting
S350.00. E-pd 1 - :: t wi for prmeh")
I ecans,a i '.i 1 ]e I ; st of farm, g
t1.1" %Vi I . r, d uce froml I to 2 blso
ot ,r..0 to 101 bushels of corn per
cre. Lesid- large crop, of small grain
an' ha'v. Puie water. fne climarte no
)i!. W! s rangt. frim j 00 1 i25.00
::er are. Sead fo' (l-er prive P:mwih
For Pimples, B<
Diseases and o
Dike's Blood and Skini Rem
suits in numerous castes.
the hundreds of blood remeJ
lieve this is the best. Its u~
pleasing and satisfactory re
up and disappear: the skin I
stead of hard and scaly. T
blood enriched, and soon th
beneficial action. Sometim<
ifestations of imyure blood.
of Ianguor: is in a run-dowr
tite. If in this condition, Di:
is almost certain to help yot
Ti: is the only store in towai
We are agreeably sur
r onage we have reei
the miercantile field.
4 W'\e now offer our cus
Special Prices on
SHats. We close 1
We wvill devote our tra
Icipally, and can make
j Bring us Yo,
Stands for Qi
Navas GuO ~iano has stoodl
has made a life study of P
dlifferent crop)s requ itre an<
-Navassa Quali
.are b~es-t for all crops. All
avilable, and1( of the big
Phosphoric Acid, Amoi
and Potash
are the best plant foods kri
binied in the right proport
4 ive it a trial. Results wv
you of the truth of our sta
with you on yonr Spring (
Folger, Tho
Naassa Gui
et a : pr iist.
Notice of Final Settlement and
N )TIC'E is herehrv ,. en i
mn'I aple.)Iation)f to .J. I'. N.'d"4Tl
C i a .i' s ~eo of sai - s :a.i).
~~~~~~~~ 1., .r ~Ih r':r~
rnW.: B.Gen
fE 1 nor I .
* r ,:en l :Ihe e~ta:4v
dand o'ilio di,.
as (ctcak. of Fa'd
W. B
If you want a thing done
promptly, go to a BUSY
man, the idle man HAS
Ii you want it done
well, go to the successful
man. A ne'er to do well
cannot be expected to ac
complish for anoter some
thing he has never suc
ceeded in doing for him
For our success is the best
eyidence that we can and
will do for you all that
skill, brains and pains can
Yours for Clear and
Comfortable sight,
Consulting Optometrist,
Masonic Temple,
Greenville, S. C.
>ils, Sores, Skin
th er symptoms Z
?ay We have watched re
\e can recommend it. Of
lies on our shelves, we be
e is followed by the most ~
ults. Boils and pimples heal
ecomes soft and smooth, in
he liver is stimulated, the
e whole system shows its
s there are no outward man
but instead one has a feeling
condition and has no appe
e's Blood and Skin Remedy
. Pice, One Dollar,
ithat sells Dike's Preparations
S -
pised with the pat
r-ed since we entered1
Dry Goods and
hem out at cost
ide to Gr oceries prin
you close p)rices on
r, Coffee and Lard.
r ProduceI
t he 4.est. The company
lant Foods and~ what the
1 :1
plant food is soluble and
hest agricultural valuie.
lon, and1 they- are comn
1n in Navassa Cuvno
ill moure than convince
temen~fts. Let us figure
rnley &Co.
its ..
no Company
OW-A-DAYS the fi
Farmer's trade" (
you -wear just as
as the luan onl the
tar wo wants a gcool oi
to go where you're goin,4
mnade the Mitchell farm
to last and give service.
city or country car.
Four Cylinder, Five
Four Cylinder, Fou
Four Cylinder, Two
They are all MitcheIs
Clothing, Shoes
Sole agents for Walk
Sewing Machines, Chase Ci1
To Those Who Wish to Get
Near a Christian School
At Six Mile, Pickens county,
I have about 300 acres of land,
part inside the incorporated lin
its of the town of Six Mile, all
in less than one mile of Six Mile
Baptist Academy. which I will
cut in tracts to suit purchaser:
will build houses on some if de
sired. Will sell the entire tr-act
of 300 acres, over half ini fine
state of cultivation, has plenty
good pastures, one good 2-story
11-room dwelling, furnished
wIth gas lights, out buildings,
one large 60x70 ft. barn, three
splen(did tenant houses, also an
almo~st new ginnery, consisting
of 3-70 saw ginning section, dou
ble box press. etc., all complete
and ini a good cotton system.
Apply to A. D. Mann,
tf Pickens, S. C. R. 2.
Notice of Final Settlernent and
NOrICE is hereby given that I wil
mak aispl!ication to J1. B. Newlberry
Esq.. Judge of Probate for Pickens coun
t v. in the~ State of south C'arolw'a, on
dwe 7th day of March 1912i. at 11
o'cOCk in the forenoon, or as soon thlerP
af:er as said application can be heard.
for ientve to miake final settlement of
the (s:ate of W. L. Elis, decease l*
and: htainl d i charge es A-!mindstratrix
of said estate.
Feb StI Mrs. Delia Ellis,
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
ALL Persons holding Claims against
the estate of the late W. R. And2ers
must present the same duly prov-en onl
or before the 1.5 day of Miarchi 1912, or
be debarred parment; and all persor.s
indebted to saiid estate, must make pay
meut on or before the above date, to
the undersigned
Feb st3 J. P. Anders.
A dmins'reto-r
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
ALL Persons holding claims against
the estate Sof the late T. d. Parson~s
must present the same duly proven en
or before the 1 day of Apnil 1912?. or he
debarred payment; and all persons in
debted to said estate, must make paiy
ment on or before the above date, to the
undersigne '1 W. S. Parsons.
Suea A. Parsors.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
ALL Persons holdint cihtimns against
the estate of the late W. :L. Ellis must
present the sr-me duly proven on or be
fore the 7 day of March 1912, or be de
bar ed paynm -; and all I: .- oi indebt
ed to said es'ote, must mn dw- payment,
on or before the aboye ': te. t:the ui.
dersi ned
SF--b M Della Ellis,
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
ALL Persons holding claims against
the estate of the late Co'"-2lbus Grifln
must present same duly prev.'n on or
before the 15 day a f March 1912, or be
debarred payment; snd all persons in
debted to said estate, unt r, onak. py
ment on or before the .h.ove date,. to the
undersigu-i J. R,~J. At theny,
eb 8t3 Admninstratorr.
We have just gotten in a car
1of Tennesee mules and horses.
Our prices are right and we. can
save you money. See us before
you buy. Will sell for ca sho
good papers. Come and look
tihe stock over and see for your
Gaines & Gassawav's Mdse Co.
Central, S. C.
the Kind You Have Alway Bought
riner wants the best in everything ie buys; "the
toesn't re(uire anything dI'l!ent from the city trade
rood clothes, and drive just as good an automobile
city boulevard.
L Car is the farmer's car just because it's any man's
ie. It is built TO STAND "THE ROAD"-any roa(d
r; and keep on going as long as you want it to.
Atomobile is wade by the same people who have
wagon for 77 years; made in the same thorough way
The New Six Cylinder 48-Horse Power is a great
Passenger, 30 H. P. Mitchell $1,350.00
r Passenger, 30 H. P. Mitchell $1,150.00
Passenger, 30 H. P. Mitchell $1,000.00
m1 thLey = -c!a All fully equipped.
Lae as hi- demonstraion
Yours truly,
,Thorey I
Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
Over Shoes, IIawes Hats, Iron King Stoves, New Home
y Buggies, Mitchell Wagons and Mitchell Automobiles.
a v
n MEL WOMEN *. -,ND . MK RN v
n ehu u i n a line of Uni(ery )M
u1 suee wateerbd t e--h.
PuC.,,S. C
J.raigBrrce Prsien.
blacsmit orwoodoJ. McDrue, rsident.ou
trI. M. MauldinnCashier.
tONt a rgt MIN St.l~p,
have srecndyde ton whil ylackmt ai
Woo SShiTI E
One oiRock Yearr
I have used your fertilizer for
several years and have been
pleased with them.
L. W. Harris
Anderson Phosphate Co..
Anderson, S. C.
Gentle nen:
Yours of the 25th at hand,
and will say in reply that I have
used your fertilizer for two yrs..
and it hIs given me perfect sat
isfaction. especially your 8-4-4.
It suit s my soil better than any
thing I have ever used.
Yours truly,
Jno. T. Milford
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
I have sold your fertilizers for
three years with good results.
Yours truly,
J. R. Glenn
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
I have been using your fertili
zers for many vears, -but for the
past two years I have used your
H. G. 8-4-4, and it gives me sat
isfaction in every way. Have
made better crops since using it
than ever before.
Yours truly,
J. A. Hall
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
We have been slling and us
ing your goods for some time
and have always found them to
give good results. Our custom
ers seem to be very much pleas
ed with them. We are satisfied
that in quality crop-producing
power they are the best, and we
commend them to all farmers
as a fertilizer of the highest
Yours truly,
J. T. McCown Sons
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
Four years ago my farm pro
duced forty bales of cotton, its
full capacity at that time. The
year 1910 we produced on the
same number of acres 65 bales,
and 1911, last year, we raised its
production to 100 bales, besides
making 1,000 bushes of corn,
with oats and hay in propotion.
We used your fertilizers exclu
sively and expect to continue to
use them.
Yours truly.
J. M. Richardson
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
We have handled your ferti
lizers for several years and can
say they have given general sat
isfaictioni: in fact we have some
e istomers who won't have any
otheor. They seem to be gaining
in popularity every year, judg
ing from our increased sales
from year to year.
Very respectfully,
J. P. & A. L. Crowther
Anderson Phos, & Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have been selling your ferti
lizer for two seasons and have
sold1 it to 100 or more customers,
who express entire satisfaction
and say they will use it another
Yours truly,
D. Burford
Anderson Fertilizer has sever
al friends among my customers.
I think the managers are try
ing to build a fertilizer business
on honest principles.
Yours truly.
J. W. Byrd
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have sold your goods for the
past two years and have heard
no complaints. My sales, the
past year w ere larger than' the
year before to the parties who
had used your goods before. I
will have a good trade this sea
Yours truly,
J. B. Dowthit
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have handled your fertilizer
for several years to the satisfac
tion of all my customers, who,
in many instances say they will
have no other if they can . et
your goods.
.Yours truly,
M 4. Hunter
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
We have sold your fertilizers
for some years and our custom
ers seemi to be well pleased with
results as our sales are on the in
crease. As for ourselves we con
sider your goods equal to. and
in some respects better than, the
the fertilizers made by your
Yours truly,
Pendleton Mfg. Co.,
B. M. Aull, Mgr.
Would sayV that I have used
many kinds of fertilizer, but
none superior to yours.
W. L. Anderson
Have used your goods for sev
eral years with satisfaction.
L. 'W. Harris.
.The following are well pleased
with Your goods: J. C. Cook,
Wylie Beard, Luther Domuinick,
Prosperity: Irvin D~omin ick,
Quattlebaumn and Langford
Prosperity, S. C7.
Anderson Phos. and O'il Co.,
Anderson. S. C.
J. R. Vandiver, Pres. Andersoi
Dear Sirs:
Yours to hand. I can truth
fully say your goods have given
perfect satisfaction. Don't think
I have ever used better goods.
In fact I know they are ahead
of anything I have ever used.
All sustomers I sold last year
want to buy again.
Yours truly,
M. W. Hunter
I am ple sed to advise that
my customers are well pleased
with your fertilizers. Entirely
satisfactory and the conditions
of the goods are fine.
Yours truly,
J. R.Ga
Denver. S. C.
Anderson Phos. ana Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
It gives me pleasure to recom
mend your goods. I have used
your goods for the last two or
three years and find them to
equal or excel any I have ever
tried. Your goods give entire
satisfaction to mny customers
who will gladly testify as to its
Yours truly,
E. Z. Seymour
Greenwood, S C.
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have used your 8-3-3 and
8-4-4 goc ds and. consider shem
as good as the best, especially
the 8-4-4 for side dressing.
Yours truly,
H. M. Holland
Anderson, S. C.
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
Since you installed a drying
plant in your factory, I mist
say your goods give perfect sat
Yours truly,
B. J. Smith
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
I have been using your fertili
zer for the past three years and
am perfectly satisfied with it.
Yours truly,
J. S. McConnell
I used Anderson 8-3-3 fertiliz
er and Peruvian guano side by
side in the same field, putting
in the same amount of each.
Aftei the crop was matured, I.
with some of my neighbors, ex
amined the crop and could not
tell any difference' in the results
of the two fertilizers. The An
derson 8-3-3 is $16 per ton cheap
er than Perus. ian guano.
Yours truly,
J. T. Lang
Anderson, S. C,
I suppose your goods have
given satisfaction - in this com
munity, as my tonnage has in
creased from 400 to 1,500 tons
in the last four years, and I've
never sold any but yours, and
have never had a kick.
Very truly,
C. E. Jones
Starr, S. C.
Anderson Phosphate Co.,
Gentlmen:Anderson, S. C.
Have used your fertilizer sev
eral years with perfect satisfac
tioli. One-sixth of my cotton
paid my fertilizer bill for 1911,
which I consider a good record.
T. W. McCarlev
Anderson, R. 8.
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Gentlemen: Anderson, S. C.
I have used your goods almost
exclusively since your factory
was built and have no reason to
regret it. Will continue to. use
them as long as they maintain
their present high standard of
Belon S.C.L. E. Campbell
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
Dear Sirs:
Your fertilizers have given
general satisfaction in this com
Yours truly,
Mt. Carmel S.C A. 0. Grant
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co..
Gentlmen:Anderson, S. C.
I have used your goods. for
several years and find them as
good as any on the market.
A. F. McCurry
Anderson, R. 6
Mr. J. R. Vandiver
Dear Sir:
I used nearly 100 tons of your
8-3-3 goods on my farm last yr.
Am satisfied with results and
unhesitatingly say I believe no
better goods are on the market.
H. G. Anderson
Anderson, 8. 0.
Anderson Phos. and Oil Co..
Dear Sirs: Anderson, S. C.
I have used your goods cen
tinuously for the past ten years
and it isas good as any on t-e
Yours truly,
T. A. Dorotin
Tioy, S. C.
Mr. J. R, Vaudiver,
DearSir: Anderson, S. C.
We have been selling your
goods since the organization of.
your company, with satisfacto
ry results. Our customers have
bei n well pleased and some have~
used it every year since we be
gan to sell it..
Yours truly.
-R. C. Brownlen & Co.
Due West, S. C.
3, S. C. D. S. Vandiver, Mgr.

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