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The Pickens Sentinel
Some Thin. You Know ad Some
You Dont Know About Our
Towns, County & People
On February 29th Mr. F. M.
M6rris, a former resedent of thi
place but now living in FlOrida,
was happily married to -irs. D.
Dean of Piedmon-t.
The following attorneys were
iattendance upon court last
week: Messrs. Cothran. B. A.
organ. J. F. Eppes andil Steph
en mn Nettles of Greenville:1 r.
J. E. Brazeale, of Anderson and
Messrs J. R. Earle and R. T.
Jaynes, Walhalla.
Mr. J. F. Keown who ived
here some years ago but now
practicing law at Anderson will
soon come to this place to. prae
tice his profession.
Married March 3rd, Miss Ollue
Estell Riggins to Mr, -Julin
Simmons. A. A. Jones. Es1.,
notary public oficiated.
Married Sunday 25th ult. at the
residen6e of the bride's paints
Mr. And Mrs. J. C. Gravelev.
Miss Maggie Graveley and Ir.
W. A. Stewart of Dillon, Mont.
Mr. W. H. Chastain notary
public performed the ceremony.
All the farmers will have an
even start this year.
We call attention to the ad
vertisement of Heath, Bruce,
Morrow Co. in this issue. This
advertisement is frighted with
valuable information to the
trading public. This progressive
firm believes in using printers
ink for they know the good re
turns to be had from it. This
paper goes into the hands of
more than fif teen hundred peo
ple every week and of course
they read it. and the advertise
ments too.
Mr. J. E. Bridges of Central
was among the visitors to the
city Tuesday.
Capt. 5. T. Thylor attended
the Bible Conference in Atlanta
last Sunday.
The many friends of Mrs. K.
L. Cureton will regret t~o know
of her illness and wish for her
an ea'rly recovery.
Hon. Joel H. Miller wg in
town Monday and' paid 'us a
very pleasant call.
Last Monday was saleday but
nothing was sold.
The County Comnmissionels
- had a very busy day last Tues
day. 'We want to remind them
that the court house ground still
need attention.
Sheriff Roark 'left last Mon
day with Thomas Elrod to com
mit him to the State Penitenti
arv, where he will spend thle re
mainder of his life unless par
doned. He also carried Lewis
Ragsdale to the State Refoi nm
tory at Florence.
It looks like Providence is tak
inz -a hand in the acreage re
duction this year. Farm work
is later. than for several years
.past. Very little land has been
prenared for planting.
The Pickens Band is practic
for an entertainment inithe near
future. A play of entransing
rapture entitled "Down in Dix
ie" will be rendered by local but
select talent. The fun lovers
cannot afford to miss this
charming play. Ther.' w'11 be
twelve characters, and from
start to finish will be entertain
ing and instructive.
Mr. D. M. Hayes was /h, -w in
ner of the ~splendid ste 'range
at the Pickens Hardware &
Grocery Company. Coupon No.
J91 won.
There are thirty candidates
annoineed for office in the new
County of Jasper. Their first
primary election will take place
* March 12.
The ladies who worked so
hard to keep the cemetery (lean
last year will meet at an early
date and plan for plan ting some
fioweis on the mound and for
further work in the comning
spring and summer.
Mrs. W. H. (Johnson has re
turned to Pickens to live. She
has rooms at the Methodist par
soaeand is engaged in dress
>er, the little nine-year-old
accidentally stuck the
.f a pair of scisssors in one
eyes. She was immedi
~.arried to a specialist in
Gremille who reported the sad
ft hat the sight was destroy
Uneotl e sons o
Foster of IDaen .i -
cut off all the o
feet last Thurh: -
ping wood. Tr. F
servin on the inI
knmV of Ths
Fri d a - aftero
late in even n'
( IIve ('1 itn n . -
G . S. ' A. i r 1
yv given at her lhon' 8
on Avenue last Sa
prs. . A-lin
yille spent Sunda" W
A Serious Acen
Quitl' a
thme of .'Ar A:
hollA t~ Of _ 1 A 11, i 111 )"-w-. il "
CLedar Rock last w k
Jones' sister a L 1out
had gone to p t .
vith him vhen an1 141
,im Ir. Jones lItLet -' S
-ear-old son i)ke1 up hIs 1: -
rs double larrel gun whi-b
was sitting behind a (or an
in sonie unaccotuntable wa- I
wvent oft and immicted a Ye:\
painful and serious wound (0
the young :ady. Jn litLe u e
low was so frightened that h1
dropped the gun on the f1w'r
and the second barrel dih:r:
d, the load going into t ne
A Piece of DetectiveW o:.
Sheriiff Rar- La -z c : -
lished a elevt.er 1i ce f; !; * -
ive work. In -n
ewis Y ork, wit, n n
been convicted of adul erv t we
nonths beore iscap''l om me
ounty chain;smg. Hie onbt
less thought he had ma'de c
iis escape but the sheriff in a
quiet way bean to 2et on rc
f himl. lHe irawd himl thro)uh
orih Caiolina, 1TnneseC and
into Alabama. Occasimil~i.v he
vouldi lose the trail but !a t
pick it up again, until 1inally heC
located him in Huntsville, A.'~
1ecessary legal dlocunn~is j:.
left Pickens Saturday 2 weeks
ago on the last train amni lam le
n Huntsville next mornn. Lv
York ii his toils. ok : :
mfni~shed sente&ne of ab.ut .i
nonths or a fine. Ho didtf n*t
ant to come back and Thi th
roads again and did not har
noney enough to pay hi. fn
His friends soon go b4 va
raised the money to p isi
and all expenses and t She
released him and bmu::L h
12. wich he turne :into ib
county- tresury. Hie I'rvt
red at Cateechi e and oe~ ei
wife No. 1 went to Ataa n
married again and bruht
No. 2 to Central. Thn
arrested and later t'onvie
above sated. Latrth
ia autnormes nau lu n
cver tried orj !1d is HMN.n
t theilme ofis Ien
it is said he was !!x ing whe
wife No. 8 under the ii:o
To The Boys of Pickeris Congt
The Boys' (orn Club is now~
being organized, and the follow
ing rules have been agreed to:
1. Boys joining the conlit K
must be under eighteen :vem's
of age.
2. No boy shal conies: f' r
prize unless he beconw's a mAn,8
ber of the club.
3. The memnbers of(1h C
must agree to read irul
of the demnonstrationl won
4. Each boy muI la!
own crop and di. his own a
xcept in preparng he i
nd then to char'e for o' e
help according to rul 1E
5.Exhibits must be al U
eto the Counlty Superinone1t
t Ed~ucation at the date l
ag ,eebb- tI ienemu's of th
. The Inn TP.
and the methoa
must be certifiedi
and attested by at l
interested winesses
be satisfactory to th
7. Each boy must e
at least one acre of !and. and
ait of that acre shall beV
than 100 feet in its narro;P> -t
8ach bo must enarge
n e i an hoar
. 4
- IPemiums wI k he
a yonl- desirin- to
CIh shoh w .011v-r Ife 10
ni I t hatI th pa! n 1 s .1+,o
"! -t l 1) 0 vh boy in th1II
n In in jil.
he' Club.
S C.
J .o A . Will am
Darusvip~'lle S. C.
court mt
the nir se taken up
J- Vrd was the case of thec
0 ate vs. .omas Elrod, chI4ar
hrr The fEn
i *n wi: epresen tdbyMr. J
I.Cnv Jrx~i.8..
-,:'()I jor. m t Tj ;dav6'
'-..i. L.o folt wase tahen urs
wus. : t e.h e testifiedthe
va :Ie s Thor s Alexo crhamg
t:r h1 mhadeen hot aefn
IC 6 -tfirs"
-.~ ~ 1 r-4 - let t Ifid h
a~I him~*~7 ..ufjfering f*rm a1 gunI
nt ouind in the ri, ht thigh,
\\hijh \'a~s suin4i>cin ana (ala
muehis djeath.
I. a~t Kihe saw\ the [iffitv. She
ai GUaam was at hieri hou~lse
hal't dar un .vil 12 o'clock, when
w stcd a home for dinner. Aft
-dimwr. she and othelis propos
.6 o iel hm uli ''orn. After
in- he': rked awvhile E1rod's
on,~ Gust' came'. to the field. Gra
-u ojete to hiU peseneo in
he ilid a:';d some short and ug
K vrn fo!!owedU. About this
meTomas E'd appeared
th his gun and ::sked who it
ha- naa i;en t :'liing lies on him
and raham engaged in a
cas psd several timens. Elrod
1.1t (;rahamn not to repeat the
i.:d Gr'aham did, whereupon
. '*Ifire. Shei saw G3;ahIam
i a0 ro. fr'omv his p)cket and
Pi i inhs h:md~ v. hen Eirod
n at homei the day
jl iv. That El red
, o came to their house.
at t thefLeldtoul
*n ec haimg a gun and
a the slai a wok when the
unadibe. boy. G3rahami
a(d Gar Ehiod ('ould not
s*m' field together
ori th~e other toted a
n .Vn he this mlsp)ute
n'(2 he olderCI E~rod appear
h h*. gu .a. d asked who
0d beA , eni!ing li's. G'raham'
;eIa ulmes and( Eirod told him
to.. repe .at it and he did andi
i' *'* fied. She saw no rock
'1a'' h:tna. iNever sawx
1 '
Iiorn testjiied tnat lio
pariu and.' sa the r
:0hy. D a in the fiei
I (i who,&i toidl i on
eup nith his gun anda
. o had4 bei 1~en telling lies
u a said you w ith a:n
1I a .. and whe Grha
Stcd it. ) rod sh't- il.f
Ii Graha with1 arc.
Atnis point the State rested
T ' 'efr ndanit. Thom'as El
he siuna
id huntin andI
- bee I wvill
-i -s n me.il I aisk
Sho old lies on him,
nd he said "you." with an
oath. Hie said he tried to reas
wjh him but could not, and1
.'1~~ -. - -an O mt. msl
thetn h mn
LA I ~ ( ( .~Liagainl.
L l~ii~~ ~-!i''~b7.. ater
1l was
r, W
1111 A ~~1IA reu a
hvi n any. her Aiui hS
Th ii SonC inthe evideni
Tinebils. trheun against
Jo~Siz n, frt urnedativerdihe
myv~ih rcom endtion1c
di~~~p'1 LT'ar ha() at Ja S l
h:1~tr.~ nuic hai~. A.true
mercN\-,.- was zl senteced to
eL imp~risZonmen112t inl the peni
tent iary.
TrueLI bills were found against
Joe imso for vio~ating the
<Uiisp nsary la,.., and Jam43es El
lougsamec charge. A true
!: found against La
Sh1m Daven pj i for assault and
battery with intent to kill. This
i.s the case in which young
Cantrell camne near losing his
life at Mr. A. B. Tally'sjust be
lore Christnias, by being shot
in the head by D) ,-2inport. The
ezise was continued until the
next tt3rm of court on account*
of Cantrells condilon.
The case of the State vs. Al
feed G arren was nol prossed up
on his paying .50.
A true bill was also returned
against Coleman Caudle and
Lwvjs Ra4dale for housebreak
ing and larceny. These were
the two white boys who broke
into Smith's Diug store and the
hardware store of Mr. A. L.
ampbell. at Easley, a short
time ago. The young men plead
guilty, and Candle ; as sentenc
ed to 18 mnontis on the chain
gang, while Ragsdale was gi ven
six nwnths ia ihe State Refor
matory, at Fiorence.
D~ave Hunter and Tomi Jack
So,. colored, were convicted of
making mloonsine whiskey and
sentencd to pay 8100 or serve
three mionths; on the chaingang.
James Elleunrg was convict
ed of violating the dispensary
law in his absence and a sealed
sentence for him.
This ended ihe coart of ses
WXednesday morninug the court
of conmmon pleas was openedI
and that day was devoted to
e:uit v matters. There being no
case ready for t rial, the jury
was excused until Thursday
moning.; The first case for
trali was that of Merck v Merck
for the recovery of a tract of
land at Six Mile. This case has
been Vried tiee imie previous
and twice it has onGfe to the su
prme couri. 1. has been a very
inleresting(~ case ('n account of
the manny intriente legal ques
tons ivolved. TIwo d1ays were
consumed~ in the trial, and Fri
ay e'.ening, about i o'clocF:,
theo juryV retuatedt a verdict in
favor of the defendar t, W. B.
Mann,!I who hadi preciously
bought :.e land.
This was ih conly civil jury .case
tried, 1 bough t here were several
Curt8'( adournd Saturdiay
morning, about 11 o'clock.
-For land any wherce in Pick
els county see or write J. R
Ashmnore, The Land Man."
FOR RENT-One five room
hon se, out buildings, orchar d etc
and two acres of land with it in
the edgze of town. Convenient
to church and school. Apply to
t hdittrCraig Bros.
You ha e e .et your Cole
Ctn jand ConPlanter before
IIeath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
ior Sale-Eggs from the pure
and best strain of White Or
in r ton chickens. Prize winners
a. the Pickens Poultry show.
i. Pie, 8-3 and 853 setting.
B3. Le wis,
tf Pickens, S. C.
Iiiihest market price paid for
Chickens anld Eggs at
hecath -Bruce-Morr >w Co's,
5.000 Bushieis Ear Corn want
ed See
Hleath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
FOR SALE. or will exchange,
fr mill stock~ -: beantiful resi
d hnce lots, in the city of Easl.
. Easi..;, S. C.
H ighiest market price paidl for
your produice.
Hecath-Bruce-Morriow Co.
WANTED-The public to
know that I have a thorouah
bred Berkshire boor hog. reaayr
for service at the Hlollingsworth
home place. als) two Berkshire
sows, Pigs on hand April 1.
W E are now entering upon our t3th business year ir
well equipped to supply the needs of our friend
We have for ) our inspection one of the largest
retail store in South Carolina.
The purchasing of the merchandise for each depa
est---has been given the advantage of our long experien<
us by buying in large quantities for our chain of stores I
tial savings on dependable merchandise in all our depar
Perhaps we can show you a larger and more var
age store, but each article has merit according to the pri
saving if you make your purchases here.
We say it without fear of a successful contradicti
r ents, Stoves and Ranges, than any -two stores in the cc
entire room in our main building, 30xico ft.. and warel
are filled to their capacity with Shelf and H eavy Hardwva
all of the most dependable makes. In Saws, Edge Tool
the Famous "Keen Kutter," every article bearing the tre
anteed to be the best of its kind in workmanship and ma
ence in price ol Keen Kutter makes from the ordinary k
Stoves' and
We handle everything from the cheapest depend~
every stove and Range that leaves our store is guarant
ence Automatic Oil Cooking Stoves-just the thing for s
and have it demonstrated.
Pittsburg Per
4 ~ "The Weld that Held"--a solid carload of all styli
that a good garden furnishes half our living. Protect tl~
burg Poultry and Garden Fence.
We don't sell automobiles, but we can show you
of Buggies, Surreys and Wagons to be found in upper
gies, fitted with Brass Boxes. To appreciate the beauty
will have to own one. We have also a full line of Pied'
market for the money. Try the "Rock Hill Plan."
When it comes to Wagons, we carry a complete
fully equipped with Bed, Brake and Breast Chains; and
need of a Buggy or Wagon. We will make you easy te
We will a.gain sell Swift's, Armour's, R(oyster's ai
Acid Phosphates, Cotton Seed Meal, Kanit, Nitrate of
our prices will be right. Come to the Big Store to do
will be to your interest to trade here.
Pickens, and never before have we been so
5 and customers as we are at this time.
tocks of General Merchandise carried by any
rtment---the smallest article as well as the larg
e, together with the purchasing power given
r spot cash, enabling us to offer you substan
ied assortment than is usually kept in the aver
:e we ask for it. You will find a substantial
)n, that we carry more Hardware, Farm Imple
unty. We have given to this department one
~ouse in rear of main store. 40x1oo ft., and both
e, Farm Implements, Stoves and Ranges and
Cutlery, Hoes, Ferks and Shovels, we handleI I
de mark. "Keen Kutter"~ is absolutely guar
erial. And you will scarcely notice the differ
ble Stove and Range to the higest priced, and
ed to give satisfaction. We handle the Flor-F
mmer time and light housekeeping. Call in
fect Fence
s Poultry. Hog and Lawn. It has beed said
t half by enclosing your garden with Pitts
e largest stock and the most reliable makes
aroina. A full line or Tyson and Jones Bug
and DURABILITYT of these Buggies, you
ont and Rock Hills--the Best Baggies on the
ssortment of the genuine Geo. E. Nissen Co's
he old reliable Studebaker. See us when in
d other good brands, and also a full line of
Soda, Bone Meal and Agricultural Linme, and
our trading.- We appreciate your trade and it

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