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P U B L IS H E D W E E K L Y _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
____~~ NU B R 4
The commission appi
the last general aessely t
vestigate the late State Disi
sarr and all the scandak
charges of corruptiol un graI
on the part of any and all w
have ever been connected wi;
it including tho presnt 4over
nor and other State' o leals anI
previous windin,"-up commis
sions. held a meeting in Colum
bia Thursday 7th instant, and
began their investigation. From
press dispatches of the procee'd
ings we take the following:
Onopening the investiatiou
Chairman Carliske stated that
Govern'dr Blease had been noti
fied by the marshal that the
committee ,would It. at noon
Thursday and that it would be
glad to hear anything that he
would care to tell concening
the late dispensary's afairs.
governor Blease zent baci the
answer that he had made all
communications that he desired
to make to the committee in
his message last year and that
he did not car.- to be bothered
any more about the nIatter. -
Two witnesses were sworn
Former Governor John Gary
Evans and Attorney General
Lyon. The principal tes-ivtiony
of general interest was to the ef
fect that Governor Bltase's
charge that an agreenient had
been made between John Gary
Evans, H. H. Evans, Thos. B.
Felder and Attorney General
Lyon was false. It was branded
by both witnesses as absolutelv
without truth.
Mr. John Gary Evans of Spar
tartburg, former governor of the
State, was thz first witness he
fore the investigating commit
tee. He was asked by Senator
Clifton if he knew anything of
any agreement made in Atlanta
between J. G. Evans, H. H1.
Evans, Attorney General Lvou.
T. B. Felder, and Evans r eplied
that there was no founda
tion in. fact for the statement
that an agreement of such a
nature and been m'ade. H'
branded as false any such state
ment. Governor Blease had
said that such an agrement h:..i
been made.
Mr. Evans said he hai neve
seen any of those O lme
outside of the~ State and that
none of these genitle~men had
ever talked n ith him as to their
connection with the former
State dispensary. He had never
had any conference with oelder
and he did not know what Gov
ernor Blease's intention was in
making a statdment or such na
ture as that conmcerning the al
leged areement
Mr. Evans stated that he had
had a conversation with Felder
on a passenger train and th 3t
Velder had said he conid give
Attorney General L yon evide ne
that would lead to the con>ie-~
tion of whiskey men and othkis
who had grafted on the State
dispensary. Mr. Evans said
that he had later told Mr. Lyon
of Fead~r' atenunV and that
Such commnunuIa:. Mr a
Attorney General tyon \Vm
tenext w-itness. c
-rnied Governor Blease's :-ccus>
tien in reg.ard to the ai!ged ..
G. Evans-H. H.iEvans-Fear
Lien agreemen. Hesad
"Thrre i ro truth or
ha.d evidecelC thl
the convictionl of
gaf in condection h he di
Mr. Ly-on stated that h u
beenf inl .u laaot2i
said that H. H. Evan- hL.
him 1ha 'he ,ui 'ieer
that would ha t'' the~ oui
tion of rs in Wnai
with the dispensry fle~r
.' than told Mr. Lyon that he
1 L I .
h he saw 11.
Withthu (i1.C-:i'
hovevi-1% thai he ((
av,(t htrn to geeral
Attornc' (eni
the (OlY , i :~ A IL:
ted l .l 'l J
Lk} o I; k Lmv I;:.
1Mindl of n it
ItPv ~vvir;~- AU
v venvhtWM:'iC''
statement as t; a& il *L
ni oney in such conurn-c'
M-vr. Lyon said tht'.4 if U
nor B1lease- ha-4d an-v c viue;
against any wemb-er nd
dispens,,arv bclard ilJ
p ro,duce i t!,]I" h% wouh1i. taiz
tbwAV rd the -(1 4;(-l r k '1
I gernerla Il-r
S 1te, suceli11 iri- bciu 11 1
glad to kilov i t.
The Jlcz -i- %-i
sos b fort, theni. sen',- v
Dr-.vents us gIM-PliC ;,i '
totimonv. but f( "Ii
1Of our re(ersNM
ill ~ ~
i*'' (
'.4 ..~
1 l-'1L
'-~11 ' 7.z
''~ 1" it*
I rn''...j''
-. . t
'.1'~' ~*
* \~ i(p
.7 ).
** Ii'.'
\* I'
*...\V *
iTi ji \t :'.
~ 'LAcy of :'.:imtai
1 P
t)' i~
t'~~j' ?Q
- .1
. ' U 1,'.d
1' i31
(. Al (i1 1'ad
j}'. {"v'fl~V
7 OW't 02;. mmtl.
LI: cm
*':~( 7Cfl 7 hcru';r :j.nd
'I t..~ '.Y
r md ?r~in IUI'1 'c''r mA
r ~3
1" ~ ('1"'
31 .~I I
'1' '1
N C' Nare~ ~
~ 3 (1
I lar.i'n"r>,
~ (
I yin"'11 1
.(LQ. Q~ ..3
- 1') F
* Cu. '1.1.
'1 '~
,3.CJ ,
fjr~ i
'''~. I 1""
'1 '
t'3 ''V
* -r
t lnvc as lb
- 7'..,-' is
) 1 I t tIC'
7 *. . .~. --
14 twn
..................., '3 . . ....
.3 ..*'..t *'31
~V. kCV.
C u - t on
(J - 1' 110Lcr
- in.- c- 0 -
c. Z;o. '1JA:
(1.1 'l v - A(?
Oi er )-L- -t 12; S
t I
fal Is Sia UlVei on.
forni i ie 0 ry i it aig
aliZd t0 t'U ls t13:
nn Ier. ulinid:
edohers fur * xe '*ea is as
x 'sident \V. . he4
V . I t' e S j. S. iall .I
C11 t- ch v -, 2a. --. (-n ed Aleio
T at o +: AI L
daines i. T. S ay, J. .I)
a lS anc u . . c,' . c N . t..1
progri~L icr Smalay inrning
W\a5 U eXC lii1 Oneh end Wv: s
'arried out to the letr. everi
spewaker resp)Oili'n; in Ordc and
WithaUt introdtionl. The
Weatler W S er 'nfa Woradle,
linu' the Church xcas ta ed --lo
haialwh ich goe.' to sh o -v the
inter st Or peopl are taking in
thi., great~ i nid :gloriouc s work for
tile iiA'.
wanite~d the me~etings~ hekl of ten
If we~ are to reach every man,
wimjm and child in Pickens
n Z!
* rh I:he Sunday school
~ L - 1
i* 1
1''b 11~
e .10 01 lU
* IT
3. Iu L That at leas
- J h p jceSd and turiS oplet
t WU :;ais> (e:Or.
- -. '~' - - ' - fo
n . W 'l'ralGlaU
.1... a.. t..: V . tu .11 1 ablifl
lhe rC R ' Irv1iFl U
them~ha and cuaon. f-i
I.a L. .a.. .
o- pcial Court at Anderson.
A special term of the coui 0:
e-nerai sessions has been order
ed hr G'v. Blease for the tria
d Wilim 1Reed, the negro hel
in jail here on the charge o
having attempted to commi
criminal assault upon the wif<
f a weil-known farmer living
bout eight miles south of tht
citv. The court will con ene or
the 1st of April, and continue ir
SeSs !sflor so long a time as is
neccessary.-Daily Mail.
I'ants Negroes to Have A Part,
The Light, a negro newspaper
edited and published in Colum
bia by negroes says: '"We are
lad to note that Governor
Biease agrees with our position
as to the tax fertilizer money,
that part of it should go to the
negro schools, since negroes use
the greater part of the fertili
ze.'' So Governor Jlease
wants to let the negroes have
part of the Clemson fund. This
will be news to many of his
f riends.-Greer News Leader.
"Old Ten Per Cent."
An exchange, referring to a
certain deceased citizen, said in
the obituary notice: "We knew
him as old Ten Per Cent, the
more he had the less he spent;
the more he got the more he lent.
le's dead: we don't know where
he went: but if his soul to heav
en was sent, he'll own the harps
and charge them rent."
The Southern pine beetle kill
ed an enormous amount of pine
throughout the South last sum
mer, and measures for its con
trol are being carried on by a
large number of timber owners
in the South.
It will, in all probabillty, kill
much more pine this summer i i
localities where measures are
not being taken for its control
There are no beetles in the
dead trcas from which the nee
dies have fallen.
The beetles are now spending
a:4 wmsin the bark of the
d., ing trees from which the nee
dies have niot vet fallen.
This 31ak must be destroyed
by: Burning as cord wood, or
savin~g up the trees as lumber
and burning the slabs with bark
on. or strip~pinlg the bark from
me main trunks of the trees andl
burning it. Tops and lapwood
:any l~e disregarded. The work
should be completed becfore May
1, unis otherwise recommend
D il : OW and save the pine!
H~e'd Keep Away.
(Fromn the National Monthly.)
It was ash day. Pat and Mike
were obliged to halt their he-avi
ly loaded cart to make way for
a funeral. Gazing at the proces
sin, Pat suddenly remarked:
"'ike. I wish I knew wvhere I
was going to die. I'd give a
thouanma dollars; to know the
piar.e where Pm going to die.''
"Well, Pat, what good would
it doX if vou knew,'
"os"saidi Pat. "sue'd
ne've-r go near that place.",
The county board has extend
ed the payment of the commu
tation road tax for 1912 to March
15. As the law now stands,
school trustees are not exempt.
The noard desires that all may
make an effort to pay this tax
before the extended time is out.
-James B. Craig,
Superviso r
.! who im- not paid their
M~~a :n i u 'y axes are ure
, - to <o befor the 151h of
' ar ma threv save te
tr':aiurer iho* untphasant duty
ofis*' .in Tn ex'eution. On the
..d:..of Mrc aI penalty of 7
.rcet will bet adided and col
!ail unt :o the 15th. when-l the
l.~time excutionl will be issued
and- placed in the hands of the
Th. re are many receipts on
iho books wv -ich should come
off before the 15th of March,
and money will be saved those
The time for paying conmmu
tat ion roadl tax ail.o expires the
1.~.i h f 3.arch. It will b~e to
v a r interest to bear these things
FB epecifui!y,
J. 'T. Rlichev,
Co. Treaz..
Your Money Back if You Are
Not Satisfied
We pay for all the, medicine
used durin g the trial, if our re.
edy fails to completely liev
you of constipation. We "ak
all the risk. You are not _b6
gated to us in any way wh
er, if you accept our -offer.- A
mighty broad statement,
we mean every word of it.
anything be more fair to youU-'
A most scientific, comnin
sense treatment is Rexall Orde.
lies. which are eaten like candy
Their active principle isa recent
scientific discovery that is
less, colorlcss and tastele
very pronounced, yet gentle
pleasant in action, and particu
larly agreeable in every- way
They do not cause diarrhoea
nausea, flatulence, gnping,:
any inconvenience whatever
Rexall Orderlies are particularl
good for children, aged and den
cate persons.
If you suffer from chronic _
habitual constipation, or the as
sociate or dependent chronic al
ments, we urge you to try Rex- -
all Orderlies at our risk. e
member, you can get themi
Pickens only at our store. 12
tablets 10c: 36 tablets -25c; 80
tablets 50c. Soll only by our"
store-the Rexa1I Store. Th&
Pickens Drug Co.
Shorn of Her Crown of Beauty,
Loses in Love and Marriage
Hair is certainly most neces
sary to woman. Who could love
and marry a bald-headed wom
an? What charms could one
array to offset such a disfig
A woman's goal is usually
love and.marriage. Her crown
ing glory is her hair. The loss
of her hair mars her beauty,
happiness and success. Yet,
right here in Pickens, there are
hundreds of women who are,
neglecting or injuring their hair
to such an extent that: it is only
a matter of time when it will
be uttetly ruined.
Many women destroy the
beauty of their hair through
thoughtlessness or ignorance of -
certain facts. They use curling &
irons over-heated, or- to excess,
which destroys the natural oil
of the'hair, causing it to split, 4
break, and come out. They do
not shampoo their hair often
enough, or too ofteni. They use
soaps or Dreparations which con
tain ingredients positively harm- '
ful to the scalp and hair.
As a result of such treatment,
dandruff is created, the hair
loosens. loses color, falls out, and
baldness commences, unle'-s
proper and p'ompt pre ' s~
are taken in time.- enagain, .
microbes and certain dineases.
bring about unhealthy scalp and <
hair conditions.
Almost any woman may ri&
herself of dandruff and diseased><
scalp and hair if she will but use
the right ~remed y. We hae
that remedy, and we will ~~
tively guarantee that it WH
cure dandruff and baldness e
it will not cost the user any
That's a pretty broad stae
ment, but wve will back itadf
prove it with our own moiney
We will return your monet f
you do not find that Rexall3"
Hair Tonic is an entirelysai
factory remedy that will pr
mote hair growth and OeyXeIe
scalp and hair troubles; thatg~
will grow hair even on
heads, unless all life in the hair
roots has been extinguibd(
the follicles closed, and thescarip
'is glazed and shiny.- It ges t
name from the fact that it grew
hair in 93 out of 100 cases, where
it received a thoroughly hard,
imartial, and practical test.
Wie want you to try Rexal
"9"Hair Tonic at our risk -
Yu surely cannot lose anything
by doing so, while you have
everything to gain. You had
better think this over, aid.then'
come in and see us about this
offer. You will be v~ell repaid
for your visit to our store. Re
member, you can getRea
Remedies in this commumflWy
only at our store-The Rexa&-u
Store. Pickens Drug Co.
In courtship many a manfaiS
to land on his feet until he has ~
falen on his knees. -

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