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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, March 14, 1912, Image 3

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Co lum n
With the opensng ofspring
the candidates should begin
to bud. Five dollars for
each Announcement, strict
ly cash in advance. Who
will be the first?
Yonah Land.
The famous Piedmont section, North
est Georgia The land of opportznty.
Special inducement to r:unit growers.
. dairymes, stcckmen and poultrymen.
A gret demand for dive.rsified fnrming.
Some products to sell ver moh
Clo market and beet price. Twen
tw 4d Tourizt hotels in H1abersham
Conty, (both summer and winter rc
st), only 78 miles from Atlanta on
mi Un. of Southern Railway to Wash
ington, D. C. Ten aeres ;appie archard
*odueed 300 bathels of apples netting
$pa0.06. Eqally as good for neachea
pecause.rapee etc. The test of nrning
land will produce from 1 to .2 balvs of
cotaa,- 00. to 100 bushels of corn per
&ee, besides large crops of small grain
and ay. Pare water, fine climate. no
mosquitoes. aplendid scenery, fine
sehools and churches, 100 feet eleva
wiea. Prices rango from $5.00 1) $23.0
pe acrue. Bead for decrA pve Pamcph
1ae and price list.
C')RNsLI. G A.
Notice of Final Settlement and
NOTICE is hereby given that I wrii
- mk. applientfrn to J. B. New berry
ihq., Judge of Fa'be.te~ for Pickens
ouRnty, in the stat, of South < arolin~a.
*en t4day of A pr. 1912 at 11C'cc
m the forenoon, er as soon thereafter as
sad applicatIen can be heard, fe-r leave
to make final settlement of the estate
et T. s. Glenn, deceased, and obtain dis
hr ez eecutor of said estate.
W. B Glenn.
--For land anywhere in Pick
ens counlty see or write J. R
Ashmore. 'The Land Man."
FOR RENT-One five room
houses outbuildings, orchard etc
and two acres of land with it'mn
&e edge of town. Convenient
to church and school. Apply to
St Craig Bros.
You had better get your Cole
Ootton and Corn Planter before
me stock is exhausted
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
For Sale-Eggs from the pure
ad best strain of White Or
pington chickens. Prize winners
at the Pickens Poultry show,
1911. Price, $3 and $5 setting.
B. Lewis,
Pickens, S. C.
Highest market price paid for
hiekens and Eggs at
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co's.
1,000 Bushels Ear Corn want
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
FOR SALE, or will exchange,
for mill stocks 4 beautiful resi
dence lots, in the city of Easley.
D. T. Golightley,
Easley, S. C.
Highest market price paid for
your produce.
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
WANTED-The public to
thtI have a thorough
-boor hog, ready
service'kt-the Hollingsworth
home place, also two Berkshire
snows, Pigs on hand April 1.
Section 2555 of the Code of
Laws 1902 require all Executors
and Administrators to render to
the Judge of Probate upon oath
a just and true account~ of all re
ceipts and expenditures of es
tates for the preceding year.
The law says: "If any Ex
ecutor or Administrator should
neglect to render such annual
accounts he shall not be entitled
to any commissions for his
trouble in the management of
said estate, and shall morever
be liable to be sued for damages
by any person or persons inter.
tors and Adminis
asked to heed this
ake returns.
J. B. Newberry,
Probate Judge.
0~ IN
8 A VEt .0
Asa speciai inc' ng ou (110
stration week on!, :
Sold (prices ai-.vays the saa w wl gv FREE
one handsome se o ' r . : uie h
Every ->iocQ (f : a t b of its'
kind. Not a piee t ''4is eee oivev
kitchen. it cannot ii be boupiht for less
tha1 $8. Tis w'a' on' o 'e.
D't fail t see RZ
All dur1'ine this wee n i a-d:tor
irect fro!n hn t.
howv you .i abou ra.~ .& '. - a ~, \~ te
Educa s .
, he vn v o -- - %V
iaestic k
S uae VO- -
o know .VC '>':.. . 1:
Don't Over ok the
3 TL
The guano has b unea
Mrs.O Dr. '2. 1G. f ~ LC 0~
TlivesLt -here.r T
Therf Roaro cpured2 [ 1o' 0' i
dO,. ..
Gooeenille w a con
, - '? s n1'K4
ealed weapon at Iun lb.:,
Miss N~elie GriandyI' whoha
been teaching at \t Cr mi is*
ow at home. The' (:m :
MissAlie Mse : ai o
T. Ha mom' W1'1., ,
Frda te i~ i u. f y mto le i
do not payoeur ozxvouon
eleced oe ofthee' 1a
to succeed Mr. C%
was in treme:covon
br. a'sera ri
frieds now c i a ~4.414n n ; we rS C)
M'n is Alice Moe nd (L 1.t~ inB. oe~lv
ing. i B. N wber. '
roday he Ig is up. If y
aopotp:ay your aL y
heif w ile clk. r a
W. E. inaler Esq.,'a.7e
o r Fuce r . . &2. >. ' ,i- Vlte
_ I
MC t4t
~t t;
MommniMhR mmE-!N-RLL-54ZEF9--YLE9
COFE-7T ~~- - CR-. L0
P7CKE.S, 5 C._
. . TFE a: ! join usn
I ~ ~~ M._____
ft'TL <. _ .rj-tP' v~~ r% I I
2'J - -/,'
j - K95
'nIt'h ns~~nerce by th audymrin oldit Ms aes
m v ateC Ii.. . P:!~sV~l Unvic ihdnie .13. Suanh Jsablc i-sga
* trea i i*' r y*' e:iSad y fter-slk twnitro11.~r"Srn
ne.....b..i ..:.i ' !.enA m si T he mn~e~to hsete-Ms atn h
by m a s:fohi~ camupisi alodi ob oga- Duig teeeigmsc si
to h :.i Daie Th f Gre.il de-' forgo iien ih ~ ialamiso e ilb .C
1 lio; red ( h m . forvu he oc- pie uh n mrv-- ~ ~--Ml
~ ) o 13 ilb aduplo ons
Afwl mnofthe ('1Pickens Pcen soca~o il r
Asc~ia :.. Don n ixethboeCuPhthiFftkunensoh
Wi r k . (o L::v e u' ,an Stecarbfoe
1v arv, De .~j .I cMcc'naK'('r-is~he ~ iu ha2dv AUDA:L
rD o~ 1s i xionib edrdi h odutdb .M opr src
lo oo Auitr.u. 0.30-rgnirbyrs
ilim S~~n o th most n sceo hesee o .B Fn~
hesixtis.e1-Th kidTofevagelimpvryr
h oa i M sn
Easle. T.oaylordgran
- Prineuhe -lataio.s130-TehunamntlsofOer
anal Fuo ivrssrved Tethr saCofdrt
i . a anmapostolicdchorche
hat (e duf half-hdourfuthcrre.u ev . 3 Cre
a. I.bek againtoPtheoldnplatation
teta n'~rfi... h:1ve els edrlofie, dan ane f nditr
onvSaturday moring oled in
rye o- te mos ckensg whhengtn n gse.113E2.rnd
S i Jtamok li es Ewin ste. t l1 1 0 .mDv3inlsrie
~ ~'* I ~ wil wjt- Mjrin raleyi toobefconrate- yJ . oisn
55 La f~i:2httT ofaterd 10.30-The enterprisingr
j~~.pirit Fh.- ae showin. elto tote una Sc o.
Thf xc .~.. ,,. ~ > I pmfit 4c ake fe 10essons osnn heSuda
enterpris' l~' ewish Stond Scoo.prove-E Fstr
'~~~rnmc- ~ ~ ~ ~mnt fr i "h o m..C Dth eroa pep.C. 1-rbesi th SudyE .
L~1x CSW' ~ '. '~ d Noh 113 Juius bolaid upfrrscho.Ht o ov hm
'4, ( , .. Q}; ~~.~ nst1v.-thanee 11.30Therndilayal"Down- in*
IjDixie will be rendered inathe
Thi .i a. walayhan. no ion addtodnmntoa
tb1sho'h ~', ji~) ud falv to ithfu satedneet.C o~sn
--'"5..............the. ixti. M.M ri Altecu hsaeakd to
) i~~~Wasingt, onf ert p18t61sn.dleaes
I e ~ ''~': us people Deodyce aksto Comtte [ aNy
t1'.: ~ ~ ty pi c SoTreir pan Staon.___________
iJ' t p Miss and tt e forhGri es us
t"'~t Alt .~) add'st iback a tin , thelen' platain. IPeu ea h edr f
~uothr b~cm liv~ to he Tho f M~iss Millter ca T heSnielaegadfr
~ Wi~1 1 'n *c~- ~'~J rs Duener'. bsinsstim i Ms. ae . ing"~ W I~ a
-w, - . .
Which Shall It
Do you intend to continue laboring, burning valuable fuel and de!
stroying high price food with that old worn-out cook stov ?
You know that old store cats up a lot of fuel eachyear.
You know you have trouble in getting it to bake jett xgM
spo.il a batch of bread every once in a while-ya Kiow -
erable for yearly repairs,
Stop and think and figure i
Wouldn't it pay you to buy v good range-a vg, -. iti r.
Great Majestic MaI1eablwe
and Charcoal Iron Range
You nmake no mistake in buying the great maijestic-it's the r
wih ti'ev r;utation -ask your neighbors. Then', too. it's made as
right anud of the right kind or material-nialleable an:d charcall
riveted together practicaly nir tight-lin-ti with pure tshstos -
-pats be(i;7 malleable ovn': Threak-has a movAle rescrvrair an
oven ilat doesn't warp--1t' why the McjesiC useS S-) ittle -
bakes just r;it evory y in the yrsar (hruwr.s b.i ju ri
cevr wvi-hmi'' urnins). h. ti . s ':f wn' w0l..S br a
er': k 'ng --;.roperly hVai d s:.1s a lierime ::'l d c-.: s rf'ui.
r'ou and your rCrLen
e dove was heard "co Value of Fertilizers.. -
nd it is said this isth notice in the bulletin sent
for the approach ofout from Clemson that did -1
ig nicely under thei super- $.0prui.A hsrt
of the new principal,
Woodard.of shvi~e.per cent acid is valued at $1'
and 10-4 acid (that is 10 per
e a number of the Sixvaudt$1.0a
eOple attended Court at
Rufus Durham and Miss ca lersl104frr r
Durham with their,.hnte1 e et
r have moved to ouragntodm104wsw
e Harold Garrett whogodadtecumcilV
ied a most serious acci-gie tob $10ls.Xii
~om powder burn recentlysoeaettlwhitss& f
vering. 1ostsatr xlnto t
James Durham has been gvn tapa om .a
11 but is improving. Ifreshdbte u h cd '
Pink Willimon has been adpts n oterc
Lck with measles. mxn ahrta a ?1
Etta Mae Merck has beenatotohvitmxd
ng several days with her MthwHnrcs
parntsMr n Ms. . And allote aentfsetyar3
antof coee ouny. than imposibl percn . ho
Tora . moprobtal e 1 ercn
g~ieoke$1 en ss o~i
andpotsh nd o eir on
a tonto.hie it ixed
GaENE Br n . AD. S Insmegae fsety -
ant of conee Cony thim ibe personY hoi

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