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En'e(red Apol 23. 1903*8
I Q'7 VnhMP 4
The Democratic Candidates for th
and Ch
Special to The Sentinel.
Washington, D. C--Thc!
Democratic party in the House
of Representatives has put the
Republicans in a hole and soap
ed the sides and pulled up the l
ladder. Their latest move has
astounded the Republicans and t
made their eyes bulge out like I
buck eyes on a mud wall. This (
consummation devoutly to te'
wished has been brought about
by the move the Democrats
haveim'ade in bringing a bill in I
for free sugar and an amend
ment to the Excise Law which I
will produce the same amount
of revenue cut off by free sugar.-i
This proposition means by tak
ing the tax off of raw sugar
will cut down revenues of the
government about $50,000,000.
00 per annum. By $5,000.00 a!
year one percent, mean; thati1
$60,000,000.00 a year will be add- t
ed to the reveaues, thus adding
not less than $10,000,000. 00 per
annum more than was received
by the sugar tax and saving the]
consumers of this country' no
less than $100,000,000.00 a year
in taxes, and compelling the
rich people of this country to
pay that tax. This is what I t
call constructive statesmanship
and Champ Clark and the lead- C
ers in the Democratic House of
Representatives are responsible I
for this piece of legislation that t
will make a new issue in the ]
coming campaign.
The Democrats were very
secretive concerning the sugar
schedule until the night of the
caucus where the whole thing
was sprung as a surprise and
unanimously adopted by the
Democrats in caucus as a Demo
cratic measure with the excep
tion of the Democrats from
Lousiana and Colorado. the two
big producing sugar States, one
cane sugar- and the othE beet
It is claimed by some that if
this bill becomes a law it will
ruin the sugar industries of
those two States and put nearly
a half a million people out of
business. In the first place it
will do no such thing. it will
cut down their pr-ofts, perhaps,
a cent and a half a pound on1
sugar, which will go into tne
pockets of the consumers of this
country and which the conseum
ers of this country ought to be
pleased at. Even if it did put
that many people out of buisi
ness what is 500,000 people com
pared to the interest of 90,000
000 people who use sugar every
day on their tables?
As I have said previously, this
will save the people of this coun
a. try not less than $100,000,000.00
per annum. Now, if the duties
on raw sugar place only $650, -
000,000.00 in revenue into the
Treasury. where' does the other
$50,00,000.00 com from that
will be saved to the cons umers
of this countryi Simplpy fr-om
the pockets of the sug~ar trud
and that's all the-re is to it. If
this move~ on the~ part o h
D~emocrats is not nppliar with
the people, savin:g them all iz
mnyeveiy year in livimr ex
penses andl comnpelg the 11eb
who I' afe incomes of over 85,
000.00 a year to make up the i
difference in th ' Treasury, t hen
1 cannot conceive of anything
that would be popular with thei
people- of thi- co u nt ry.
TIhere is noe doul 't thait thei
Q DI emocratie louise of Rpr esen- '
t~atives will M"'V*ly \pass this<
bill for free suo :.a heEx
cise ('r ineamfl% \n 'A I h
Supreme ('on
States has a
atad declared
sent it over~
Jenate. I1 am fran~~t
I dont believe the p
Senate w~ill P pas i K I
not, the people of this mum
will know where to plato h
blame for. their failure to save
$10.000.,000.00 in taxes ea'-h
4 year.
T'he Repn blicans in the Sena te
were Lot only sur'prise-d and
chagrined at this sudden tink
movement on the part of the
Democrats, but arec already shy
ing at the proposition like a
'on-eyed horse at a black
I Presidency and their Boomers
The Repubicans know h
'el1 what it means to them.
ither to fail to pass this preo
ition or have a RIpublican
resident to veto it if it should
)e pass-d.
The Democrats are m -t- I
ing in the rocking chair ad
vill soon pass this propo.4 inn
ver to a Repablicaln Senat
vhere it will he their next m:)e.
If the people of s connry
[on't think that the tm m:ts
iave their interst a her t
hem reflect upon the hon e
>roposition and -oti ccn
y in the next campi
It may be intere>s'io
-eaders of this correspon'
o know just exactIv how th:
)OOmlers of the diffiereun cm
lates are booming their favor
tes and the arguments they are
ising to convince the people
hat their man is the man to
Among the Denocratic candA
ates, the Wilson boemiers are
)oosting their man a; the scholar
n politics; the fact that he re
leemed the State of New Jersey
Lmd made it a Democratic 'tate
md his record as Governor m:0
he speeches that he h:. niu; I
L1 over the couitry &nle i I
lection to that high
ng the first politicial in
te ever nfiled. They als elninv.
hat Wilson is a progresive
)emocrat of the proe.ives
Aid that he will diraw -I
aigely from the progresi-:e
lepublican vote in the com ing
ection if nominated.
The Harmon people are mak
ng much of the fact that their
andidate has redeemed te
tate of Ohio. a rock-ribl (d le
ublican Stite herctof'oc. 'Ly
ng twice been elected Govinor
or that great Sh T"
:laimr that he ha: ' dti
ax-pavers of Ubio no es a
:25,000,000O since he haho
-overnor by icrea-ing th U
ate of corporations, and < C
eling the railroads aml1( ('thers
o pay their portion of the as
*hih they have hithe:m a0:
lodging. They ciaim that h
s conservative and wi!l 8ppeal
:o he conservative (lmoB n-i
lie business nmn of the comry'
md, therefore, makze the. rne
ligible candidate the Democras
'oud name.
;aying the samte thing, a',u
s a sane and satfe < *ns\er vv
dement of the bu1si nes n-a.s
>f the country: that he has hi
reat experience as a. !t-sl
md . ould nmke an. bl zu E --:
I tive. Fulrthermor'e, t* he Ilah
hat coming from 1 h' So: h. h.I
voul ceient all sec'tim of 'h
ountry and th n No\brn
LIfeelings.a had be)n ir
mdl~ elect him on isun
-nstutiive statosmn na
Inn wvho haiS been a for .',iial
actori ini w\eiling thI prlli
hr in therediat ( :enhi
ha he ho' n'' -1
e right nri th h 's:
ie anid neeyI
rtc camaig 111 h 1
Iugh in th ltti.i
latform: Ni a
ndi( th Dnuiil r l -
act in the part 1.hI:
The claimdhat heo has' '
neord t exin a that e~; i
in . man Ste lome loacn
Sa of State priU'. m ar lme
i nrabl th: second choice
i v sction of this.; (ounitry
saf~-hodfmm They clalim
Ivat whiIe he wo( uld make a
ma.ileet: resiIent of this
country, 'V hati he wVOnhi make
~te. .t canidate the Demo
er cd possibly nrninate
thev would be absolute
..n the offeInsive from the be
-ilimning to the end of the cam
pi and haive no expla ations
I ke and no defense for any
i bing that Champ Clark has
V.r s.id or done They are
not 1aing war upon any other
andidate, but ire urging him
L. t choice the people can
make. simply because they be
lie"ve that his honesty, his loyal
i Y, his brilliant attainments and
)ure Democracy will win a sig
nal vliory.
S aI as the Rep)ublicans are
&-n! !A. the fight between
':ft ami Roosevelt is growing,
ht ter and hotter ever d ay. The.
'att people have now got Col.
hsevelt en the tender hooks
:nd have got him to explaining
this and that every day. The
t(osevelt people are howling
now about the Taft methods of
using Federal patronage and
the steam roller to elect Taft
Ieiegates. forgetting that Roose
veit did the same thing in 1908
when he was fighting the so
ealled allies in the Republican
n:ntv and nominating Taft for
the Presidency as his own mar
ticular and peculiar candidate.
It miakes the Democrats laugh
see ibis war in the Republi
can r,anks, because' it means a
pa-ty split wide open and a
) ocrat ic President elected
n0ext November.
Chas. A. Edwards.
Bristol, Va., March 14.-Four
persens were killed in the court
rool at Hillsville, Va., by
moobirlcs aronsed by the
mvict ion of one of their num
moonshining. and re
. a ofheer.
- COII, Comn IwealthC At
SWi:-. D. Foster, Deputy
heraf Webb.
in seriously v'.unided. The
menF wVho did4 the shooting were
Jack :tnd Sidney Allen. brothers
of~ Fiord Alen, whlo hlad just
befn sentenc'ed to one year's
impr~ionmlent. As soon as his
f de was annonl ced from the
bench, the brothers rushed into
he court m'~om, anid opened fire
wiih di'adly effect. The judge
andihest rney were the first
fol. Gtms were then tulrnedi
SIral1 Leside Blackenship
wre wounde(I. The clerk of
e ct('l was also hit:
F 1'?'or~t 10'apit ur the Allen
br*hr were made, but they
l' i he midst of' a hail of'
b~t.One wa hit. Floyd
.\ln :snniable to get away.
!mi 2!ssie is one of the
b. k~a.-; n jdge in Virinia.
iil ileis one( of the w'ildest
They Did Nothing. ,
Iaar comm]f 1)15 Jiss , whIich co'st
lin 'u of -iouth Carosl;i ap)
- aboiiwbd within thet
'o "rii wr'ks as ai resrult
ru\d into* the Ra5 lif nn
n~ the .gr(?un I
nal rport i i h madr
Th moIe.4o h ''
h~.J. Yj WAallace, F. H.
pn'nik. Thos. F. BIrantley
-' \t. Thomson.
jmbLrs of the Ansel
on were Dri. -X J
SJo'hn Th'eween. Aver'1yI
nF. Sicele Brice~ and A.
T meh to think abont your fish
Two Promi-nti Easley FRmers
Engage in Dispme, rind
Killiing Follows.
Friday a-Ifternoon, about six
o'cloc1, a dilcultv occurred be
twc-en R. A..Aunt and John El
lison, two prominent farmers
residing about three miles below
Easley, the result of which was
that Hunt was shot and killed
by Ellison. Details of the un
fortunate affair are not obtaina
ble, but it is reported that the
two men, who had formerly been
friands, met at Ellison's store,
where a dispute arose over some
trivial matter. Hot words fol
lowed when, it,. is said, Hunt
struck Ellison with something,
and Ellison fired, killing Hunt.
Ellison gave himself up to the
authorities, was carried to An
derson'and committ-nd to jail, as
the tragedy ocer just over
the line in that county. Ellison
has retained Hon. J. P. Carey,
of Pickens, to represent him.
Attempted To Kill Judge.
Ne:w York, March 16.-An
at.,empt to kill Judge Otto A.
Rosalskv of the court of general
sessions with a bomb came
within a hair's breadth of being
successful ton ight. It was only
a lefect-said to be a small ac
c i nilation of dirt-in the me
ch anism of the infernal machine
which the judge had unsuspect
ingly opened that saved him
from nrobable death or certain
The bomb later exploded
wh'il.e buin- examined by In
specto Owen Egan of the
bur 8ma of the combustibles,
srious'y wounding him about
the face and arms.
Hog Cholera.
Iog choh-a i-; the greatest ob
stacle to succssfpl hog raising.
Lack of feed may cause more
losses in the South than cholera
but an abundance of feed can
be produced cheaply by any one
who wants 't, while even the
most i ntelligent management
will not ah vays protect against
cholera. If cholera is in your
neighbor's herd do not wait un
ti'it breaks Out in yours before
having your hogs treated with
the anti-cholera serum. Or if it
breaks out in your own herd
take the well ones to new quar
ters wh~ere no hogs have b)eenl
kept recently and treat with
seu as soon as possile. Few
o our St ates have provided the
necessry means for the manu
factml!e Of sufficient serum to
supply the dlemands --a short
sihtedl poljiy of false economy.
lbut yOu r local vetenarian may
be able to secu:re the serum from
some comne -reial house which
makes it.-Prorsivye Farmer.
Shatters Noise Nuisance.
Unnecessary nc ise has b)een
practically elin inated in Chica
go The results of the passage
of the automobile ordinance last
)ecmiber as annou~nced by the
pilice~ de)par t mrnt,show that the
mufier cut-out is rarely used.
and that the automnobile warn
ing signal is seldom heard except
as an azctulP~ ; wrning of danger.
The1u fact that the mietropoli
tan poilieecos'CI(show oily ac
'lden s4 r1 epOrtedl in the metropol
ian district, anid that the park
police records do not. classify ac
ciIentis in detailed divisions
(inders it in'possibh4 to make
acuteC~~~~ sa! menits as to the
ofi et of the )rdlinanlce of last
j -)mr.ylq so tar as accidents
memu fr tho :IW by the police
has mffde inb careless chauffeur
Ten Stills Destroyed
In a four days' raid, made in
the Riverview section of Gree*n
ville county and the Saluda riv
er section of Pickens, the Unit
ed States revenue officers found
and destroyed ten stills and
poured out something like 6,000
gallons of beer. No arrests were
Pickens Railroad In Fine Shap(
Columbia, S. C.. March 1st 191
Mr. B. L. Caugbman, Chm.
Railroad Commission of S. C.
Columbia, S, C.
Dear Sir:
On February 29th, 1912 I in
spected the Pickens Railroad of
South Carolina from Easley tc
Pickens, S. C.
Generally speaki'g, I found
this road in good condition.
Fifty pound rails are in use and
while the grades are very heavy
still the roadbed is otherwise in
good .condition. The drainage
is good and the cross-ties are ex
ceptionally fine, as they are en
tirely of oak. The roadbed is
ballasted nearly its entire length
of more than nine miles with
fine gravel, which makes a sub
stantial roadbed. The railroad
company has recently erected a
new depot at the town of Pick
ens, that is in every way ade
quate and is a credit both to the
railroad and to the town.
There are a great many trestles
on this short line but the timbers
have been recently repaired and
are in good condition. The
management of this road has
recently purchased currugated
iron pipes sufficient to carry the
water under these trestles and
I am informed that they will
oon begin to fill in all trestles
in compliance with instructions
of the Railroad Commission in
ts Circular No. 158 fixing a
limited number of years in
which to complete this work.
I feel that it is well to empha
ize the fact that this road has
he distinction of being one of
he few in the country that does
not operate its trains on the
Sabbath day.
Respectfully submitted,
J, G. Richards,
Prospector at Anderson.
Plans are on foot for the study
or development of the fine min
ral section lying between Ab
beville and Anderson. along
Rocky river. Mr. J. R. Dendu
rant, a practical miner of Idaho
who has been at work down
there for some time, reports
Tuesday that he has signed a
prospedtor's bond for a lease
and will remain there for a year.
The property on which he has
engaged to work belongs to
Messrs. A, R. and R. M. Mc
Mr. Dendurant has been pros
pecting in the gold fields of the
West for 20 years, and says he
knows gold quartz wvhen he sees
it. Specimens sent him from
Rocky river before he came here
assayed fairly well-$4 to $15
per ton. This appears to be
free milliag gold, and he thinks
there is a large deposit. The
free milling gold does not re
quire the use of a stamp mill,
and therefore can be handled
more readily and more profit
Mr. Dendurant reports that
there are also la-rge deposits of
tungsten' a metal from which
guins are made, in that same
section? The point at which
he is working is on the line of
the proposed rail way from An
erson to Abbeville, and is also
on the ledge running diagonally
across the State, showing out
croppings of. gold all the way
from Dorn's mine at McCor
mfick, to the Hale mine in Lan
castor and the Brewer mine in
Chesterfield. He thinks there
is a large sect ion of the county
in Anderson and Abbeville
counties which could be mined
with great profit. He predicts
the success of Capt. P. K. Mc
Cully's copper minifig interests
near Donalds. He is not a
placer miner, but is a quartz
Fine Farm For Sale.
Contains :300 acres. Half in
-ultivation. Good bottom land.
Plenty water and wood. Three
i welling houses. Good pastures
Three miles from Pickens and
ive miles from Easley on main
public road and near Pickens
Convenient to churches and
school. Will sell as a whole or
cut into tracts. Terms reason
R. A. Bowen,
Pickens, S. C.
17 5t
After the showers comes the
nhin-Gentle Annie.
Will You Help to Make It So'
A town or city is iudged by strangers by its apppear
ance. The thrift and enterprise of the people are known
by the same sign and surrounding conditions. The farm
er who never cleans off his ditch banks, repairs his ter
races and ditches will soon have no land to cultivate.
When he lets his tools and farm implements be scattered
over tho field, here and 3onder, he will soon have no tools
The progressive spirit of a town can be shown in
many ways. The business houses can be made attract
ive by keeping the goods in their proper place and deco
rating windows, though in a simple way. A town can
be made inviting at little cost by keeping the streets re
paired and clean. When rubbish and mud, and this and
that are allowed to accumulate on the streets, it shows
carelessness and indifference.
The fences, gates and lots testify strongly to the en
terprise and spirit of the people of a town. To see these
dilapidated, sometimes swinging on one hinge, the lots I
full of weeds, grass and trash-it is unsightly and unin
The time has come for the people of Pickens to clean
up. Spring is here, and every citizen should begin to
bestir himself for a City Beautiful. There is no reason
why this town should not be the prettiest in the upper
part of the State. Main street should be paved as early
as possible. The other streets should be put in apple pie
order. All the lots and private yards should be early
cleaued and made nice and healthy. A coat of paint on
some of the residences and business houbes would help
the cause, without much expense. There are several
places where lime and whitewash could be used to ad
-vantage. Last, but not least, the court house groands
should be made to look better. It occupies the central.
place in the town and could be made beautiful by the ex
penditure of a little money. The lower half of the lot
should have trees on it. The entire lot should be laid out
in walks and sodded with grass and flowers and a neat
fence placed around it.
Ho, for a beautiful Pickens! Will you join us, fel
low citizens? 'f not, pull ont?
Executive Committee to Meet. Silk Culture.
Columbie, March 15.-The ex- Na prabr sacln
ecutive committee of the demo-*oSyinegadintecl
cratic party of South Carolinatueosikorsadhea
has been called to meet in Co- igo ik r ,Gbil
lumbia on April 10, at noon. bsns a fSatnug
The call for the meeting was is- rentyrienoCo.E
sued yesterday by Gen. Wilie J asn omsinro
Jones, the state chairman. Aagiutrcmeeanin
number of matters of impor- dsreakn i o ept
tance will be discussed at thebefrihdtseSiasn
The state conventions of the rfre r are oMs
democratic party wvill be heldHertaAKlywofrsv
here on May 5. The countyealyrswsithemoyf
conventions will be held on Maythferagorn ntsa
6 when delegates will be named seilaeti ikclue
to the state convention. TheShmaeeeritpsoIal1
clubs will meet in all of the i h oreo e ok
counties on April 27 to elect ~Klywoet r a
delegates to the county conven-bre.ofinhmfrectng
delgats t thnaionlcnv N ert Sparitheburgian coony
tio tobehel iBatimreinofn wyihnskwr eng gg i therue
June. wre ofsilk worms food nearmak
____ingcoulfb s. Miss EGael, ha
offierest furnis any Sothebrger
Pla Elctrcuton enientaryhSos recetly eggstend touCler E.
Stae enieniay wllmee iJb atsor mmssingner at11 of
C'lmbi Stuay he th ageicutre, Combicandin
of hepushseofap fuised ateseriasi
theieserculnre. r return
crimnal as rovded yter"atyersw in hlesto f i
genra asemly il bedicus-he ofteeautifulernme mul
ed. t isexpeted hat nor e ciarr trent on whih ctre. i1
for te eqipmet wilbegive madem thrvea ris toetly ad
and hatit illbe nstll n ath1e cuure of silk wok. fo
an erly ate. The lecocM-ith Chreston wroteu lra-t I
tio ofprionrs illbe d ri. andpaerin hin free museumg I
thietion of whitaePel e era hudrerrly inds alo frourm
dlateto th0et (30teonalaccoTheeea
Th t e rhed tonb Baltoe- toinitiuedt esn o
twoanEecrosution Crenten tr poie uh esn
and boar of H detors o avialthe upl o h
county penitetiary whi meet in r~s
darasetene fdes for elcrouin of__
rimas ase providebyth
genra Assmlyl Rote Fritcuss-e Bc frth skn
forcth eupmlren fit uer gvene otin
atht it win l bur italledur itt eaes ofdn htw
fan ry rotte. ri Thaelectroninaddu-pi ha epo
theo pchonr ppl tre orndter1mstouplthmeiiefe
frut res ad tea thm n t aldoznsto teer. one alo uses
alwas habor illins osp re to efeclysisfwih the Syin oo
whic wil caseourextcr y resutsl w r exa gs n f p roie
The rogrssiv Farer.ertiosl waor. foodrely ntht
ncould b ~ fer. Mis rell has
Haye youthought bou addressmt her whret l'iveol
your Eater hatyetran reeuas on should te sfilk
wom hiv.Ms>Klymd
Mrs. Addie Daniel
Whereas God. in His infinite
wisdom has seen best to take
unto Himself the soul of -ouY
loved friend and co-worker,
Mrs. Addie Daniel Wyatt, and
while we deplore the loss of *a
faithful friend and consecrated
worker, yet we bow in humble
submission to Him who doeth
all things well, and resolved:
First. That in her death the
Sunday School Association of
Pickens County, has sustained
a great loss, and while our sor
row is great, we feel that she
has he ird the "well done" of
her Fat:ier and thank God for
her lfe.
Second. That as recently ap
pointed Superintendent of the
Home Department our Associa
ion has lost a most -7'i1ling and
-apable leader.
Third. That we extend ,to
'he bereaved husband and little
sons our h.eart felt sympathy
md commend them to the care,
)f Him who is all tenderness
md compassion.
Fourth. That a copy of these
esolutions be sent to the family,
o The Sentinel, Easley Pro. cs
mnd Pickens County Messenger.
Mrs. F. B. Morgan, Chm.
Mrs. L. G. Clayton
Mrs. Frank Smith
Mrs. J. T. Gassaway.
Mr. Boggs is Quite Sick.. -
Friends here of Hon. J. E.
Boggs of Pickens will regret to
earn that his condition * has -re
ently grown worse- He is suf
-ering from a kind of paralysis
md is unable to get out at all.
-Anderson Mail.
mnt assurance of the genuine
aess of our offer.
We want everypae o is
zoubled with indiccstion or
lyspepsia in any form to come
o our store and buy a -box of.
Rexall Dyspepsia-Tableis. Take
;hem home, and give them a
reasonable trial accordin.- to
lirections. If they don't f.e.,e
Fou, tell us and we will quickly
return your money. They ha1 e
% very mild but positive acticn
ipon the organs with. which
.hey come in contact, apparent
y acting as a regulative tonic
pn the-relaxed muscular coat
>f the bowel, thus overcoming
weakness, and aiding to restore
~he bowels to nmore vigorous and
1ealthy activity. Three sizes,
~5c., 50c., and $1.00. Remember
you can obtain Rexall Remedies
ynly at our store-The Rexall
tore. Pickens Drug Co.
3rdinary Cathartics and Pills and
larsh Physic Cause Complaints
You cannot be too careful in
;he selection of medicine for
:hildren. Only the A
est bowel medicine~should ever
ye given,-except in emergenc~y
:ases. Ordinary pills, eathart
es and purgatives are apt toidd
nore harm than~ good.' They
nay ca~ise frriving, nausea land
ther distressing after-effects
hat are frequently health-de
We personally recommendk
Ld guarantee Rexall Orderlies
s the safestand most dependa
>le remedy, which we know,
or constipation~ and .associate
>owel disorders. WTe have sunh~
Lbsolute faith in the viitues of
he remedy that w'e sbil it on.
ur guirantee of money .back
n every instance -that it failis to
give entire satisfaction, and 'we -
irge all in need of such medi
:ine to try it at our risk.
Rexall Orderlies-are eaten jgst..
iko c-.ndy, are particulgrlY
>)mpt and agreeable in action, *
nay be taken day or night; do
lot cause diarrhoea, nausea,e
:essive looseness, or other un'de
irable effects. They. have a
ery mild but positive action nW'
n the organs withi which they
~eme in contact, apparentc
ng as a regulative tonic. upon
he relaxed muscular coat of the
>owel, thus overcoming weak
iess, and aidJing .the bower .to
nore vigorous and .healthy ac
ivityV .
Rexall Orderlies commonly
~opetely relieve constipation,
~xcept of course when-of- a suir
ical character. They also tend
o overcome the necessity of
onstantly taking laxatives /to
eep the bowels in normal con
lition. Three sizes of packages
0c, 25c and 50c. Remember,
rou can obtain Rexall Remedies
.n Pickens only at our stores
rhe Rmcall Store. Pickens Drug

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