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The Pen~s Sentim
Some Thing, 1ou Know and Some
You Don, Know About Our
Towns, County & People
Mumps are in Pickens in
reticent way.
Be sure to see "Down i
Dixie" Friday night.
Auditor Christopher is :id u
with an attack of grip.
Jas. P. Carey jr. has ,one on
visit to Washington, ). C.
Mr. adA Mis. J. E. ilagood,
Easley, was in town Monday.
Mrs. J. L. Vlley has returne
from a visit to relatives at Spai
The tax books closed la
Friday the 15th. There ai
sevetal delingenients.
If it remains dry and goo
weather next week we tow
folks can go fishing.
Messrs J. H. G. McDaniel an
John F. Harris attended com
at Walhalla last week.
Miss Inez Morris of Chicor
spent Sunday with her parent
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Morris.
Mr. J. K. Lathem. one of t.
leading citizens of the Mt. Cai
mel section, was in town Tue
Millinery openingas at 1-eatl
Bruce, Norrow &. Co's Frida
and Saturday March, 29th an
City Fathers, how atout iul
lishing in The Sentinel a finar
cial statement of the City's reN
Mr, Sidney Bruce is at hom
from Davidson College on a vz
cation caused by an attack o
Rev. Leo. D. Gillespie ha
been spending awhile with hi:
parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Y
Marricd on the 12th inst. b:
Judge J. B. Newberry Mis
Nora Hayes and Mr. Leonan
T. Jones.
Miss Gussie Cureton cam:
over Saturday from G3reenvi~l
to see her mother who is stil
quite feeble.
We know May-ir Hendrick
is going to get busy on th
streets during this pretty sn:
shiney weather.
Chief Nealy is busy collectin
the municipal license tax whici
means the streets are going t
receive attention.
Many of our housekeepers ar
on nettles to get to gardenir.gz
Not a vegetable seed of any kin<
has yet been planted.
Mr. B. D. Mauldin one of th
best citizens of the County wa
in town Saturday and advan
ced his subscription.
Miss Leona Bugg will be chie
milliner at Heath, Bruce, Moi
row & Co's., this Spring. Sh
will be assisted by Miss Marth:
Miss Brett, who until recentl:
was one of the teachers at th
Six Mtle Academny has accepte
a school near Mr. J. R. Meece
on Little Eastatoe.
Parrish, Sloan & Co. wh
have been engaged in the meI
cantile business here for th
past two years have move
their stock of goods to Easley
'We regret to lose this entei
prising firm
Hon. T. J. Mauldin is one c
the members of a legislativ
committee to index and arrang
for the printer the new Code (1
Laws which will be publishe
soon. His duties as a menmbe
of this committee will reqmir
several trips to Columbia.
We call attention to the ad
vertisenment of Messrs McAliste
& Beattie of Greenville. Thes
gentlemen are going out of busi
ness and sellingu th('ir immens
stock of dry gol's at sacrific
.An advertisemfent of ihe Lil
erty Automobile Emi oriuw a
pears in this issue' of The ng
nel. Mr. G. M- Smith.
charge and carries a sonle u
of the Ford miachime which
among the best on the mnarke
-liss Maggie Lewis has o:
rid in Pickens and wil hze
charge of the mhilin1 v ~p
ment this season at Fuige
Thonly Co's. ie niili
ery openlig will take place o
the 29th ami :mth imst. ,
Apologies are due the reade:
of The Sentinel for the po~
print of last week's issue.
was caused by one of the rollei
of the press giving out whic
had to be sent to Atlanta to
The firm of Moome :\":!
& Co., made an as iannonft Ia
Monday for the benetit of the
creditors. It is not known ho'
their assets and liabilities stan
but it is thought that matte
'will be adjusted satisfactoril
when the creditors meet.
Married Sunday the 1ith ins
Missidattie Cantrell and Mr.
R. Simmons. Mr. A. A. Jone
')lic. in his usu
*performed the cer
- e happy .you
- ..the congzratulatnor
new advertiseme!C
-' of The Sentinel
ht Metal Shmugl
~ AI~j2~.
FNtL ~'~'
a slievi j
,01d (l1iQe'~ ;~V~ ~\ S
V UIIC ha I ;uiAe .-d.
iKIIP t . ~K~t I
~ kitchen. Ii ~n.'i ''t ~
Li A~
S!IOV. VOII 8 i n
I ~lcfl( she US~'
- t kno'.: I::,>;
COIN 1 v.
IJon't '~ ~
S ____ __________ - -
This splendid shin2.V i-. ('fl
o eral hou~s iii PYk'm~ ;YIP'i
them the N~~v M1th~
e church.
ci Uncle G~orAc h. jjfl:~~
one of the Im]niari~-~
county. cailt~d jI This oflK
day and renewed his sub:
f t.i0fl to TJ'c ~~nt~' I fo i1~(t~:~
year. Mo I -v, b~ n I ~ I:
e J~aper ev'Ar~ VC'~" ~'v V
f IfOuude(t ~ort~ (Tho ~'
All the Sund iv '~ I
r '~ountv ~-hc.uId Ip' o
at th~ St:ite SuEO iv -'ob, r,1
- x ention which fliP~'- ILl ( 1 .a.fl.
ri v ~ April li;tli ~ IS:n. '
C C\ el ~ sunday Sc1 ~1 ~i t
or ]IWYI C d&e~ates
nith Ark., sert a
1c2 j';K:L:., ~j;t
foc hi-. SflbS(TiPtiOfl 111 ~iv~ wjei
had l)'Nfl f )1. l~. ii
~ I
tli&i' 1
I d -4- V )fl j~
Box~ .. ITI Lm' -
I huorthi-. .
I al inn mh.~rpii.rit tIll I
[t Mon(1a~
h Thur'-.da '~ nii.,h~ I i~4 w'
ilw h'TIrl -. I Ufl 101' ]1'iIlV \:ii
'1 1 *lV the C()1'PtV *'r~ ~o I
~ t ''~ veral
1 2 v~
ii. ~ lV' \'
i~ ha~ i,~ *n In * . *. I V t.
' t'ike advanta-c
come to town ~
t. nes the stove Lit'
[. the ig Store. b
in~ firm makes
offer au(l if :-IITIV
are in need of a
& sove h~ OppOPtU'~1~'
tO Z&t one
The inre-sant rims
tIHUOd bad w: *~t 'IIM 1- -
is interfcrii~ with favm ;.Pa
e. tions. o far practicail\ ~~th
~ A~
* 2'4'" Oi~1
C ) \';Q \';:j~ ive FI1EI~
* ~2 ~
b4'st ot ii s
~~w: tIl ~I*
* *' *4' 'all' sloVC.
~ \'U \vn\: the
2., )\'~ he \V~;
l-.\\7!\ ihe
2 r: ~ i
.4 i i(*Q
5\'* ~
7" C~
~ the
% -~ ~ '~
z~V Ui-'L~
I he'.'n (lone in this count'
~ ~waiO another crop. No plow
1w'- ~e~n done this year am
* 22 '~D'~'< 081 S have been sown
ke P~ovidenee is tak
111 the a reage re
22.2 1
*~4t'~' IZ. 4j* liallum. of th
k i~ COllIltV sehools. seldon
~n ('dIwat jonal gather
Je is ~~l1 ways on hand
* I u 2 and iii a good humor
It being occupied with th
'2[i.h2V' ment of the pfibli
- )l ne is also an activ
Y 'n the Sunday schools o
.~n4im~nit'. Hehasrecent
44, O2!.l1i~('l one with black
-~outhein School News
(2 1 - ihoruley k Co. hay
i~ 'de new innovation in thei
hnsness. They have .installe'
H mcii' clothing departrnen
-oDIC handsome metal clothe
im'ks where their ready mad
(lotning is kept. These kee
I hI' clothng shape and al-c at
that they can be ea~
'~~~l\ en jen t lv eXamine
1 Tlw'v invit
'a1] 8'.HI n';.ik
221 lii
h~c'd it) hay
I V V ~ ladies pa
K'4. 2 xi-lt Ilst Saturda\
12 x \~ oie \iIsses Elsie and 01
? (X i~tr'i Pont" 2. We ver
mr~e i~te the visit o
~ '~ rung ladies and the nic
44'2i212* tncx bald about th
Our doors are open 3
- 12. ~lvpe to these and othc
I elies wlwn they wish t
tins C)trice.
'4, 4)~ h'2J44'l one of the oh
* 4.1 l/2'ii> 0, 2 IIC ctunL\. tfl
4~41' ~ i)d~ 1 iK 111 eacher in th
42 nil zI nIl j;i'rhaps ifl the Stat'
in 'dli' o1Th'e 2a~t* ~aturda~
~ 'in' reeble oUt is Sti
* 24 ' 2' 1 bi~ *2''e 11k' iccenti
* ' 01 -l '2. isit to some C
1' an'l ('ontemplah
'H r~ ~'.' 'ii. He sai
' ' \ t 8i~ Ad Oil t1
* ~. ;iH~ that many s-em
!a'2 8.~'21~t~~~d tile a(lmol
V.'!-t ]U111 X\'h211 12
in 11112 days of th
24 hUt It :~.nd ~vas lIOXV findir
ate. This is
much comnfor't inl it.
-Mrs. Eliza J. Whitmire who
has beeni living with Mr, Vickory
at the Pickens MEll became in
sane last week and has made
several aimt od esl
personalin jury. A toplcto
was5 mad(e to Judge iNewberry
to commit her to the hospItalj
for the insane at Columbia but
he could not do so as she hadj
not been ai r.ident of this State !
long enough. She came here
from Nor th Car olina about a,
year ago anid before anyone canl
be commnitte d t o the asylumi in
this state t hey mst reside here
for at least two rears. She'
will hare to be sent to a N orth
Carolina institution.
SMr. J. P. Carey in the City.|
Mr. J. P. Carey of Pickens
wais in the city today on legal
buiess. Hie said tlfat there
w'as nothing of especial interest
inl cnnect ion wit h his visit here;
1that he was Jod.v passm1g~
d e Jonres To Speak Here.
T 1he local Chapter U. D. C.
hasi e\xtended an invitation to
J udge Ira B. Jones to beC present
and~ addr(Ss the old veterans at
heir annuniJ reuniion onl tne :3rd
Iof June and the invitation has
been acecej ted.
T hese ainnu.d gatherings of
the old soldiers at Pickens is al
wars an occasion for large
cr owds~ and good fellowship.
The ol(d veterans and the public
enerally looik forward to the
day withb anticipation of a good
ine which everybody generally
has It isth expectation of
te Dau~1)ighiters of the Confeder
aev to make next 8rd of June
the 1)annerh day of all preceding
jereunions. A.~ iarger crowd is
expected U to be present than at
any former reunion. And theC
ne' ni' will have the pleasure of
heann one' of South Carolina :,
mostdisingishd sndiHon.
Ia B. Jones, who is*-(-in.tih~ aoi candidat
f or ''\v~uro.
FoIr Octazon >oap and Wash
inr Powder go to Folger. Thorn-|
ley & Co.
, ON
CH 25th-30th
I- W
- - RQRl7TER
and a prepred t do yur indin in)a)irst
classeear s$ckan n eJ mel a
R I~ackmit orwooivor doe, r dingyou
avSecurindln Ineittieyon Wat
Flack anud ShickensaN,
G uenune..o. Burr.. e n
Which Shall It
Do vou intend to continue laboring, burning valuable fuel ah4 "
stroying high price food with that old worn-out cook stove? .>
You know that ol stove c::ts up a lot of fuel each year.
You know you have trouble in getting it to bake just right;
spoil a hatch of bread every once in a while-you khow iL coses dan
erable for yearly repairs,
Stop and thirk and figure 9
Wouldn't it pay you to buy a good range-a range with a r
Great Majestic Ma
. and Charcoal Iron Ra
You make no mistake in buying the great majestic-it's the -
witi the reputation-ask your neighbors.: Then, too. it's made
right and of the right kind of material-nialleable and charcol
riveted together practicaly Air tight-lined with pure asbestos
-parts heing malleable cun't break-has a movable reservoir -and an
oven that doesn't warp-that's why the Majestic uses so little fuel,
bakes jast right every day in the year (browns bread just--fight ai -
over without turning), heats 15 gallons of water while breakfnt is-3 ---
cooking-properly hanwdled lat is a lifetime, and costs practical1'
iug for repaiir. .: iA-"
TDon't buy the range you sx pect to last a hifeti;pf'un~sight nrseen:"p
you'd be su:re to be disappoin'a . Come to 'our stome during demon
straiti. ek, see lho :reat M .j -stie-have its many exchisQive feat ures
,,qplained-fia i out why the Majjestic is :W0O per, cenrt stror er than-~
other t;migs v. here wmst ranges are weak'st.
>you and your Friends
'larch 29th anld S3t4
First Spring Show a
Thursday and Friday
March 29th and 30th
Grand New Sp'
..Millinery Dspl
The Season's Smartest Models
in the Most Beautiful Styles
Miss Sallie Lewis
in charge
The MiIlinery Shop
Pickens, S. C. -
One Doliar A Year

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