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VThe Pikens Senltinld
Avzrtisir g R Realonab~le
LURSDAY, EB 9, 19:2
Le:zz. btices first insertion per inc7l
C.. i and other advertisilg for three
M - longer wiA be made at reduce rate-,I
a,*. can be had on application.
Coattail Swingers.
i 2s been suggested in some
of L' newspapers of the State
a -n some of the counties
c'.!dbl.ates for county office will
b . Ad up and forced to take
a e QI in the gui ernatorial race
by >aring on the stump for
B>Ni or Jones.
T is not fair to the public
-)r the candidate. It is not
fair to tho public for it some
results in putting incom
in ::: men in office. It is not
'air o the candidates for it
take away from them their in
',:_ lence and destroys confi
For these and many
other reasons the voters should
pect it nor require it. And
man offering for office
4;i 19 it will win him favor and
6 t~e- 6y swinging to Blease or
Jtnes we advise that he be
eateni. The fellow who does
so c nfesses that he hasno merit
but is willing to win on another
mans strength. We hooe that
their will not be a recurrence
t! time of 1890 and 1892 in
c-campaign this year. Some
.7 :emember those strenuous
.- when, in many instances,
thf-.:v qualifica;tion and fitness
ce was measured by. the
cry for Tillman. Some
s scall in Pickens County
. ntegrity, fitness and abili
ute for nothing unless
:;Llow said "I'm for Till
Tman wj o will swing to
~~-llto win an of
ce oneseshi akess, his
a c of ability, and his want of
manrhood. He says in effect
that 1 have no mirit of my own
Ibut~ want the office bad er ough
to hope to be pulled in on the
coattail of an.>ther.
j.. r :e men wno run for of
wice have independence and char
~acter. Stand in your own shoes
jad n your own merits. Be
men and not puppies. The peo
* pie will respect you more
honor you for your manhood.
As result of the growing
scarcity of labor, many farmers
are finding it necessary to con
fine their efforts to small areas.
This searcity of labor, with a
consequent concurrence of high
prices, has been a stimulus to
ward theluse of improved labor
saving machinery, which is be
inig increased annually.
Many of the best farmers are
now operating their farms on a
r ~. basis, but while
the nihods now used are in
m an ycases very good, they are
of'tern Dot the best that could
bemployed. Within the
.ast few years more atten
ion has been given to the study
o adaptation of soils to the
different crops than formerly,
cease' wently improvement of
v :ilds are noted.
We apologise to our readers
fo the scarcity of reading mat
ter in The Sentinel last week.
Our advertisers have their space 1
and when Ithey send in their
coyit must be put in. We
2x I~ d of the patronage we
are receiving and do our best to
please readers and advertisers.
* The fa* t is we are receiving
more avertising than we can
proerly handle.
Still King Winter lingers! A
>w days the sun shines bright
y and gentle Spring shyly dares
a rrrach. But soon the dark
- hut out the light, rain,
d snow comes pouring
md the sharp blasts of
inds drive lher back. We
not mourn, but rememi
the wise Ruler directs:
id he may be perpariun
ai for a year of glorious
f Final Settleme'nt and~
N .iK~ is hereby given tihrn I wil
? :ication to J. B. New berry
-eof Probate for Pik ens 'onnl
~State of Sonth Caroima, on~
iar of Aprf 19:. at 1 C
h- 'e forenoon, or. as soon tee
n id application een he' heard.
o make ninal settlement of
tc -ith my wards E. N. & J
D~~:, nd obtain discharge asrur
Mrs. E, F. obin~.on
*ER *1 (S0
OCE -10$MT
mis stock has been placed in the
ands of C. W. Perry, who is under
ontract to dispose of same. Prof
ts have been eliminated, and prices
ut to the bone. Perry don't care
las always been our Watchword.
We have CNever hndled Jsuk or
Shoddy Goods. Only a few items
can be nameiod hee. A vs will
learly show that right here is a rae
hance to get GOOD GOODS at
doney-Saving Prcs
Otton Oolgg Up GOffS
I& T
- Yd wide ALL WOOL Srge
Hae Tabe Ol Cloth b e. Bjk anid all o rre c
ll C'alicoe-- - Lnen Depatm ent
2e Yard-wide, Fru; O Best selectedo ck in Gree
f ~the hoom Beae n 'ville. Table Damask in~ new
and beaut-iful deigns, all at
0 (Galate_------- creal saving prices.
---e------alathieeoas E
~olos, withS Spi~ 'i~ieLc
oers all linures.e m beap~'
Spools Best Cotto 25c axI ircc SptOe.
owels Undeewes
Prom the cheapest to zW tth.d rdToi
inest. Supply yoLUdur ( 4 m
osiery, Xll Kind
From the .De qu:ality to the,
inest ilk $.5Squados
ioey-aving prices. t
dusin Underwear e' n os
__rg arinety, at ptge
siks-sortlengthis Dr>.SI
Ian a s of *'hort ;ineg hs i'~ta. ~hfr
.ook thhn !co\'is.
bridris -L aces
- Unewa
Wea*at 1S#1'24 c t
Pvc~ itrices yaienti
A::_ s )e:'g SOIL;, W :
C S at Haf h - u
N 4
OW-A -'S the kr
on war., u :-!W
a - wh wnsa n
0)%V \
The a C JA A a
made thelitcellV am
Four Cylinder, FiveI
Four Cylinder, Four
Four Cyin, Tw o
Theyae Mamdal
Clothin~g, Shoes,"7
Sole agents for Walk-0O
Sewing Machines, Chase City
'o Those Who Wish to Get
Near a Christi&n School
At S ixMile, Pickens county,
have about ,)00 acies of land,
*art inside the incorporated lim
ts of the town of Six Jile. al
esks than one mTile( of Six \%ilI
artist Academy. which I will
ut in tracts to suit purchaser:
\ill bufildl houses on sornm if d
red. Will se! I the entire toc1 I
ft 300 acres, over half iin
tat' of cultivation, has plenty
:ood); rastur112*s, one good 2-story '
rth~ (a 1 lihs.ou buli1. 1
nel& large 60x70 f t. barn. thiree
dI most n eW' MInniery, ConsIst in
f :3-70 saw ginnimr section. dou -
le box press. etc.. all con :plee
md' in a .cood cnttoni systel'.
Apply to' A. D1. Mann~z. *
I Pickens. S. C. R. -.
otice of IF inld Sttlement andO
D)ischa1 re.
Notie is he'relv giveni ihnt 1 will,
e.i:e n~plientin T J. . Newberry.
eq Ju:!:n of Prh'e for Pickens com-i
y mi the S'ata of South 4 arolin-t. oni thI
1 lay ci AprI 1912 at I' 'cloc
n t ie inr&Bor n or nso
here'r ats . i apli;catji'n enn
teard, for b:~vei to mvake finial tiulemnit
f the e ram of S:2 uenel fG. B'ige i- (*s
d and obtin discharge as adort ofsd
state. Walter 1.. no-i.y:
Cotice ;o Debi ors and Creditors
ALL Pe:-sons hoIlin; eliafi aginst?
he estate 7fo ;t he lawe T. :E Pa:3ons~
nut present the same duily provn en
r before the 1 day .of .\ pri I1. I he
eared p)ayment: -and all persons in -
ebted to said csta'e, must make-.ar
ent en? or before tho ah~o-:e 'ah-, to n
4der:ledf . w. S. P'at sos5.
We have just gotten in a car
f Tennesee mules and horses.'
)ur prices are right and we can
are you moneiy. So' us: before
on buy. W ill sell for ermh 0
Od pape'rs. Come and look ~
he stock over anid see for'your
iaines & G-ass:iIar's ElseC.
Central. S. C.
(lerk's -ale.
Coua:y of P .:ens.
n~ C:ont of omon) Pl. :4:.
. E. Day..P:..
rt b o r <!L o at2I M , .2 . r - '- d
": th.- le,:n bour <lH f l 'e In 21ah . I
v~ -.' Piv r - r In of S' t ?j. 4rli
Pr with the to tr-o hs leVkd
n. --:;ued:s a' t h . i fi t i& 1' ri 1
~erding thei .nm.
Cle rk ofT Con r:.
oInt n hid.
,I am;i vest :a it 20 plco
43. ...
IS i eiBa* d ere:i eN:H ile et
'ud oihe ::it drive iust as goot ai au!oUUiii J
C r - n . ar .9.s hee: use w I s any mni I -
."0i ul USAND T ROUAD -.3!1 ;:4
and kepon grIn a s long" aZy1an t o
agon ?iw 7-7 yeW8 ;-; m~ e' in the .ame wuomugh.J wa
l'he Ne w Si~ Cyl:::ler 48-H orxse P/oer is agra
ae g 3 R P. Mh1 $ ,0
PassengMitchel $ , 0 a
.asseger, 30 H. P. Mitchell $i,000.00
-ornle -- a0
als and Gets' Furnishing Goads a Seciaity.
.or Shoes. Haw-s H{ats. Iron King Stores, N'. HJomue
Buggies, Mi1tchel Wagons and MitchLll Automobiles.
J. McD Brnce, P'resident.
T. M. Mauldin, Cashier.
that(fl th cuntye ot -5
AIAEgg P roduin~ -.1L
that C RA1G6
BROS. made
DID YOUi KNOW Pickens fam=
ous for Chick=
tnadgs :
~ ~rues and Egs?~( n~
. K
- - i'
,, : . . 1ii'.n.
I, ~~' j ~ .. t a rineonal po- 1
1 ~ ~ V O!'J
(CCC - thaunhere h
aI.-s as 80 e
- --.~.......- '~-n
thingto sll scium
- .3-~ ~ n
n**:1h av d b
hagig ve hm I)
~ S
ti gg '
fur Goods This Year
wu ow our goods anlyze this year:
r il -n tci analyzes............ 17.41
-~ ~~~~ -' ---- 09.425
-. a niyzes............. ...- ------- 9.52-4.24-3-78
Th 03 ar ..yze....... --.. 10.68-3.40-3.78
- ~ ~~~~~~ :0tzs -.-. - - - - - 7 -5-4- 34-4-44
ialss of our 8-44 at hand but anyon~e who
P C h-Crops mad, where our 8-4-4 is used would
, >k nbout an analysis. The crops speak for them
-tI s a man s soil and the earth yields up her
. is lik buying an Ames shovel, or a Disston
R1 r- knife,'or a Renington type-writer, or deal
h ,mrsn':r and Merchants Bank at Andrson-you
(. I eil istake. You run no risk and take no chances
eca'u ' o ar- etting the very best in the respective lines.
Th nah of frtilizer does not mean anything until you
nov t ourci of ammonia in the fertilizer. The di7erence
P the ihophric lacid and in the potash of the different man
Sa1t. - 1 eriize r does not cut much figjure, because it is
-1 p :cay ihe s-ame. One is about as good as another.
The diferenicn lertilizer depends upon the ammonia used.
e use a little of nitrate of soda to make the crop start off
Isceb:. and then we use blood, tankage, fish, cotton seed meal
S uphate of arnmonia. This makes the best goods put in
-sacks and it makes a groods that will analyze well
A manufacturer can get ammonia from hoof meal, horn
-nea, and ieather meal, and make a fertilezer that will analyze
'igner than ours, and can make so that it will sell for $3 a ton
ess than we can sell ours and make more profit per ton than
xe make on oirs. This may account for some of the low
'rices you hear of. But the goods wor't make the crops that
ur goods will make, for the reason that hoof meal and horn
?neal and leather meal are available as plant food. They are
act available as plant food. They are not available as plant
ood. They are not available for the simple reason that they
ire not soluble in water. Hoof meal, and horn meal and leath
r meal are hoofs and horne and leather ground finely, just as
7orn meal is corn ground finely. You can take hoof meal and
iorn meal and leather meal and put it in water and let it stay
or a year and go back to it and the hoof meal and hain meal
md leather meal are not dissolved. They can't possibly be
-ome Iplant food until they do dissolve.
Now sorn and cotton are planted and get their growth and
naturity within seven month. If hoof meal and horn meal
mnd leather meal cah't be dissolved in water in a year, they
:an't become plant food in seven months.
Now frankly, we don't suppose any fertilizer mauufacturer
Yets his ammonia sokely from hoof meal and horn meal and
eather meal. Ve don't doubt that those who use it mix if
vith tankage; for very few manufacturers use blood and fish.
'hey mix it with tankageor cotton seed meal, but the amonia
a their fertilizer is unavailable just to the extent that they use
he hoof meal, horn meal and leather meal.
WVhen you rememqer that ouly about 1-30th of an ounce of.
immonia gets to each plant, yo~u can see that it will be neces
ary for all of this 1 -30th of an ounce to be available.
ocan inuke but one crop year and as cotton in this country
s the money crop, it would seem to be desirable to get the
lest fertilizer for it.
We don't use hoof meal or horn meal or leather meal in
ur factory. We don't suppose that anytmanufacturer in cre
tion would admit the use~ of it if he did use it, but you are at
ei-rty. : a anyone else is at liberty to visit our factory at
uch times as he~ Vwishes. with or without notice to us of your
su ~yas long as you please, go through the buildings,
:.ae s:unples of any and everything you see and have it analy
.ecd for your own satisfaction. You may have an analysis made
en suspicion at auy time or any where you wish. We run an
?apen shop al the year 'round.
T'he law requires the fertilizer manufacturers to put th e
sourc vio ammonmate used in his fertilizer on a tr~g to be at
ached to each sack. The tags on our fertslizers show that we
get the ammonia from blood, tankage, cotto.n seed meal, sul
pJhate of ammonia, and fish. The tags on most other fertili
sers give the source of ammania as "organic" and mineral."
Mineral sources are sulphate of ammonia and nitrate of s'da.
Drganic mnay mean anything, you cant tell what it means from
:he tag. When you buy fertilizer with a tag on it you are
iuying. a pig in a poke. This may also account for some low
>rices you bea~r of. WVhen a man has a thing to sell he usually
'ives the: best descrip.tion of it that it will stand.
>onoi pe'ople everw year mi x their fertilizer. They buy acid,
Otton seed meal, kainit and muriate and mix their awn goods.
1Their only. source of ammonma im this goods is cotton seed meal,
which; is very good1 whie it lasts. It gives out about the time
:hP co tton begins to fruit and that cause it to shed.
Nixw. if b'lood,. tankage, sulphate of ammonit and fish are
iXort any~'~thing in fertilizer, our goods must be better than your
"nome mixes gotods, where you use none of these anmmoniates.
By usin'g (crtonl sed meal only a~s an amumoniate, you may
nlak a 3- for es a ton less than we ask for it.
1hatii-2 a ton represent a difference of from from 40 to sixty
'en :m acre on younr fertilizer bilL. We don't think there is any
'onbt r~at S-3-:- ammnoniated as we ammoniate it will make 100
)2unds of lini c-otton to the acre more than a hame mixed fertili
with retton seed umal as the only source of ammonia. This
. pond of Iinft (cotton is now worth about 810.50. We don't
n:ow what it wvill be worth next fall- off hand we should say
e -E ! dosn't mcem likely that cotton will bring over 12c
-ex< fl!l. real e sincerely horit won't bring less than Sc.
Where foirines have beeni using the best fertilizers and using
i fr'eely wvi wish to su;:2Est to them impropriety of using an in
Trior' goods, andi using it less frely'. as if they do their lands will
hcm runii& d11(own.
Mlost farming lands in this section are in a good state of
:ultivation. It will be cheaper to keep them that way than to
et the land run down and then bring it UD. If you have a fat
iorse it wi take less corn to keep him fat than it will to let
iim get poor and then fatten him up again.
It is the same way in fertiLizing your land, and besides you
vill lose the extra crop that you failed to make while your
and is run down. Our 10-4 and 1o-6 are good fertilizers to
:se where your lands are fiat or where cotton grows very rank
md some of the bolls fail to open. This extra percentage of
hosphoric acid in the 10-4 and 1o-6 will give the cotton boll
m early maturity. And when a cotton boll is grown it opens,
ust as when a water-melon will ripen when it is grown and it
mont riien until it gets its growth.
\\~e w'.nt to urge you to use on your ordinary lands our
3-4. 9-3-3. 8-4-4, 10-4-4 and 10-3-3. You will get more
minonia and less filler and you wvill get more fish in these
eruinzes taainm any others, We can make any analysis you
iant. .iaking fertilizer is like making clothes. You can
?jke a Loit of cloth to a taylor and from that bolt he can make
sut of clothes to fit a 10 year old boy, and by using more
om h can make a suit of clothes to fit a man weighing~ 250
II no0w a last word to the home mixers. If you use the same
ma~i~t es We use your goods will cost you more than we ask
fr ours, and vour goods won't be as well miade as ours be
*. ou .(' are not eqjuip!)ed for it. If you don't use the amimoni
P use V0our goodIs w\ii not be as .good as ours, nor as well
:t "I' j'e f o V' kS the same niaterial for making barnd 1
ah n l.-tbna than the other. The more exper
'Xk l l mae t'. ar'mid- And the fertilizer man who aim' hV
mie on!t thonuhrto 70 an7 d has the equipmient. is lbound t'- mi' ii
ior iihani th~ e man wh, only mixes a few' davs in the sp;s
W yor w' thnne 4equipm'ent
R.Vnier rs -Aderson, ANC. D O.VnIver M.
R. ~andiver. Pres. Anderson. S. C. D. S. Vandiver. ~ ~'
W. B. FREEMAN, agt.

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